AWD #600: Surgery Recovery
Surgery Recovery
Summary: After the elective Arpay surgeries, the Four begin to wake up to their recovery. They find all of them made it through but to varying degrees of success. Some experience sensory overload.
Date: 11/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Recovery Ward, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
Tue Aug 29 16:50:54 2006

The Recovery Ward has been cleared of any patients that aren't volunteers. Open access has been given to loved ones and those close on the command chain, however. Most people can come up with an easy excuse and the Doctors and Nurses don't mind as long as people keep their voices down and do not stress the patients. Within the ward, the lights are kept low. The only lights in the ward are small desk lamps at either end with a white sheet thrown over them. It provides enough light to see-by for the Colonials without causing stress on the eyes of the volunteers — though nobody knows just how well those surgeries have gone for the volunteers. They're all kept close, however. The four beds are set up like pips on a dice so they can see each other without having to go far. All are still in scrubs and there are orders to remain in bed for twenty-four hours no matter how good they feel.

At the moment, the newly operated-upon can see things clear as day. Those who are not can only really see the people they are within five or six feet of. Beyond that, its just shapes and shadows. The Four can see that Knox is sitting on Angelis' bed. Angelis has been snoozing on Knox's shoulder. He has his arm around her waist and is holding her hand with the other. The guy looks like he hasn't moved in awhile but seems fine for it, rocking her gently in comfort, but is awake and looking at folder in his lap. Randy has been snoozing on Miri's bed and is imitating a koala bear on her. Bennett is out cold but looks like she's already been awake. Kelsey and the CAG must have already been here and gone. But owing to Lleu's discussion with Jimenez, his bed has been moved closer to Lleufer's. It is a /touch/ obvious, but they are left close enough that if they outstretch their arms they can easily reach each other's hands without having to stretch or adjust pillows. No real distance in between. Otherwise, the place is silent. Just the sound of people breathing.

Lleufer has been a little in and out of it. His surgery was somewhat rougher than the others due to his grafts not taking as well, nor as seamlessly healed. May be that he had a harder time of it after as well in the nerve induction, due to that scarring. Hard to say though visually his grafts aren't quite as clean. Off and on he's opened his eyes and been restless, turning over and away from Bennett's bed. At the moment he has his eyes covered with an up thrown arm, dozing again. His breathing has been regular, restful, though his eye lids have often been active with REM. He finally shifts his arm and turns onto his back and crackes his eyes open a little, slowly adjusting to the light in the direction of Angelis and Knox.

Knox's eyes have well adjusted to the near darkness, but he still can't really make out details. The light is only enough for a new arrival navigate by without falling over themselves or equipment. He does notice the movement, though, and can hear the arm fall away. The quiet helps immensely with that. He looks over towards where he thinks Lleu's head is at. "Hey," he whispers very quietly. "How you feelin?" Probably not the first time he asked. Probably just didn't get a reply before. He's still rocking Angelis gently, though.

"I'm … not sure." Lleu offers that back just as low. He lifts a hand to very carefully rub sleepie grit out of the corners of his eyes but is careful not to rub the eyes themselves. He -almost- reaches a hand up to feel his ears but stops himself. No, that might not be a good idea. He refocuses on Knox with the Lance, "Is Angelis all right?" Baritone very soft, then Ynyr shifts his head slightly to see if he can see Miri in a bed, then looks for Bennett. Lying there, Lleu watches the Raptor pilot a long moment. But she seems to be resting quietly. His attention slips back to Knox.

Cooper nods slowly with Lleu's lack of surety. He can't really see the Sergeant but he likely assumes Lleufer can see him. Coop isn't trying to raise a raucous in here and have a dance party with loud or unnecessary conversation. "She's having a tough time. Started whispering in her sleep. She does it when she's under stress. Helps to rock her. She'll be okay. Doc said this stuff will be pretty tough for about twenty-four to forty-eight hours. After that, it should ease while the body adjusts." He can't see the guy look to Bennett, but he can tell their beds were close. But the guy isn't going to question it.

"It's … really freaky weird. Like I can feel Bennett's heart beating." That is said very, very low as he lies there looking up at details in the Recovery Ward ceiling panels he never noticed before. Damn, Samtara needs to do some serious dusting up there. It's filthy. How can she let it get so nasty up there? Lleufer frowns, "Is that a spider over my bed?" Not alarmed but a little surprised to pick it out up there. So tiny. An elbow is used and carefully, Ynyr levers himself to sit up. He looks around, then studies Angelis, "She likes your cot in berthings, too." His best friend gets eyed and Lleu lifts a brow at the Six.

Cooper nods again to Lleufer. "Angelis said as much about us as well. That's… weird. I guess it's something I expected they would have told us." he keeps his voice very quiet. It isn't a high pitched whisper so much as just keeping the normal male deepness of his vocal chords. The remark about his cot gets a very small, forced quiet laugh. "Shit I hope so. Otherwise I'm doing it wrong." He can actually pick out the guy looking to Bennett, though. There's enough movement. "Noticed you two were moved close. You two involved?" Its not like divulging it puts Lleu at risk. Randy is in bed with Miri and everyone on the enlisted side knows Coop has Angelis in his bunk most of the week.

Lleufer didn't know that Angelis and Knox were …. well now. He blinks slowly, "But … you are in her CoC if you were on missions together. Aren't you the same platoon? Don't you worry about Amos bringing charges of Frat?" Yeah, his voice is /really/ low now. Otherwise, Angelis there with Knox actually … well, kind of warms Ynyr's heart. "Gods damn it, Knox. If anybody deserves to be happy, it's you." They are a very adorable couple. How could Lleu have missed that? Had his own worries, is what.

The MP Sergeant sighs and rubs a hand over his face before he looks at Bennett sleeping there. Lleu frowns and keeps his voice just as low, barely a whisper, "I asked her to marry me, Coop. She said yes." His now dark eyed gaze comes back to his friend, "I dunno if Amos will go through the roof or what, but … I don't even care. Except that I don't want to see her punished. I've filled out the paperwork to ask permission."

Bennett looks to be sleeping rather peacefully. Her hair is free from its usual sleek braid or neatly coiled bun, and partly obscures her face (and the drool on her cheek, no doubt). Heck, this is probably more sleep than she's gotten in the last few months, what with pulling extra shifts for the current dearth of raptor pilots.

Ynyr lays himself back flat on his bed to rest more comfortably than being up on his elbow. Lleu adds really low, "We've been seeing each other off and on almost since the war started." Talk about discreet. He closes his eyes a moment.

"Ayep. I'm her Platoon Sergeant." Lleufer doesn't need to know that, but it is Coop's affirmation of understanding. "She does her thing, I do mine. The fact that you didn't know says everything about the relationship that it deserves. Yeah, I'm concerned about the Major." no but's given initially. he stays quiet for a moment. "We both deserve it, bud. Not just me. And if we don't make it a point and it doesn't effect anything? Well. I'll take my chances. We've been through hell. Especially you and I." The part about Bennett is heard and nobody else in the room can see it but Lleu and Bennett, but he smiles. "Frakkin good on you, bud. I'm not even going to ask questions about the volunteering but Hell Yes. I hope you get it. I love this girl. Just.. we don't have that freedom you two do. We can soap-party the Major if he says No," he jokes, grinning.

Lleufer rolls over on his side to better see Knox and Angelis, tucking a folded arm beneath his pillow. His ears ache but he hasn't seen the note yet with the water and pills. "I hoped … because she's Airwing … but she -is- an officer and I'm not. It's not like we actually get to see each other but once in a blue moon." A look confirms that Bennett still looks to be asleep. Lleu lets out a breath slowly as he studies poor Angelis's face, "I think you two are good for each other. I'm glad, but I'm also worried. I don't want to see you two catch all kinds of shit."

"Same boat, brother." Cooper seems to understand it well. "If someone finds out, we're roasted. Or not. I mean." He looks to the others. Everyone else is asleep. He lets out a long breath, assuming they are alone. "We've been at this a long time. I don't deserve anything more than anyone else here in this room. We've all been to Hades, across the Styx, and reinvaded our own side." Its a helluva mental image. "We've all earned it. We're all brothers and sisters until we aren't. And if we can be professional, then…" he lets it go. But the future is unwritten. Someone else could ruin it. The whole situation is like reaching into a bag of cats and hoping to not get scratched as it and the relationship comes out. "Make it happen, Lleu. I'm not your platoon sergeant but I'll give my endorsement if I possibly could. At the risk of sounding shitty, we all need a little magic in our lives. Yanno?"

Ynyr is quiet a long moment. Reflecting but also resting his eyes briefly. Everything feels inside out, too much input. No desire yet to get up out of the bed. After a long moment, he says very low, "I'm an MP. I think I'm supposed to watch for and report such things, Coop." He frowns, "I don't want to. I don't know if that … violates my Oath of Service as an MP or not." Ugh, thinking about that make his heart beat harder, stress.

Lleufer adds low, "I don't -think- what St. Clair and I have been doing constitutes frat. But … it's a grey area."

Cooper hears that from Lleu and thinks on it, still gently rocking his girl. It keeps her from whispering in her sleep. "Well, no what you guys did and do was absolutely frat," he chuckles. "Shit, bud, you're a cop and committing a crime. But Lleu?" Coop just looks at the other Sergeant. "Think about what we've been through. You can't wish me luck and not yourself. Do yourself a favor and stop being a cop for twenty minutes and be a person on it." Coop adjusts his position to lean a bit forward. "Gods. Colonies. Corps. That's our oath. We follow that line of belief to guide us for what is right and wrong. these codes were written in peacetime for a war they could never imagine." he chuckles quietly. "Hell man, you can bust yourself and half the people in the platoon. We live in the gray, brother. When we frak up a mission, then we've got a problem."

Still he frowns, "But we aren't even in the same service branches. No shared CoC between us. And we are allowed on certain occasions to see one another, like on Saturnalia." Lleu has clearly been tormented, worrying about this a long time, not sure. Ynyr looks at Knox and is stressing, breathing more irregularly. He lifts a hand to rub his brow at the start of one of his head aches, "Maybe I shouldn't be an MP anymore. Not if I'm breaking my Oath, and become a hypocrite." A few breathes and he adds, "I can't afford to frak up anymore, Knox. I've already been derailed twice now. Badly."

Angelis shifts, the sounds of voices - while kept very low - penetrating her fog of sleep and pulling her back into the land of wakefulness with a yawn. "I'm hungry." Are the first words that pop out of her mouth, before her eyes have even opened. She rubs her cheek against Knox' shoulder and yawns again. "Mmm… and thirsty."

Knox shakes his head ever so slightly. "Doesn't matter, Lleu. Officer and enlisted is still illegal. Same as dating someone in your own chain. Sure there's little points but essentially the same charge. Frat." Coop shrugs the unoccupied shoulder. But the shrug says enough. "Hey, bud, quit your shit." It's still said quietly. He can't even really see his friend. "You want to marry her? Do it. Its not your job to police yourself on that end. You're in it. Stop thinking on the Colony level. Gods. Colony. Corps. You have a lot of duties, Sergeant. And now one of them is to the Major, as a man, not a Marine. Follow that. You're talking to Honor here. Don't get your own ass lost behind itself. Do the right thing."

As Angelis starts to stir, Coop looks to her and then reaches to the sidetable. A sipee cup with a straw is grabbed and brought over. "Hey welcome back."

He is upset. Lleu shifts his arm back over his face to block the light from his eyes. "We haven't really 'dated' per say." Breathing uneven and rough, he doesn't say anything else for a long moment. Try to think, try to chill out. He finally nods but keeps his arm over his face, "I already requested the meet with Amos. I'm not back'n out." Whatever shit falls. Might get his rank stripped or worse. Gods only know. But what about Bennett? -She- is his worry.

Knox continues to feed Angelis the drink, letting her sip some water. He isn't still holding her hand, but he's still holding her about the waist and rocking her. Might be weird for her, but he's been on autopilot for the last several hours with her. "Don't be so dramatic, Lleu. Submit the application. Get your permission. Nobody that I know has seen an indication of a problem." He let's that settle. The guy keeps his voice quiet and level, "Keep your cool. Get married. Deal with the fallout. Who you love doesn't change who you are to the people that matter. Worst case scenario, you get demoted. We just promote you back in a few months with proving you can do the job. This war isn't about laws, man. We're fighting to live. You're living. Just keep it legit and don't frak up."

Mmmm… water… Tabi reaches for the offered cup with her free hand, and sips on the water. Her eyes are still closed and her head is still on Coop's shoulder. "Um…" Wait… what? She blinks her eyes open and shifts a bit so that she can look over at the MP without actually leaving the comforting circle of Knox' arm. "Ooooh…. I /knew/ it." She whispers, and wriggles a bit, obviously happy. But aside from that, she just keeps quiet, sipping on the water and slowly waking herself up more. Careful not to look around the sickbay, too much.

Lleufer shifts his jaw and removes his arm from his face, "Ever since Santos, I seem to be good at frak'n up, or had you not noticed? I didn't want to disappoint Amos, but I did." Calmer, he pushes himself to sit up and slips his feet out of the bed. That's when he sees the note with the glass of water and the pain meds. A quick read, then he takes the pills and drinks some of the water. Ynyr tries to give Angelis a slight if thin smile, "Hey, you."

"Lleu, the only difference between you and I is that you feel guilty about something." He continues to help Angelis get back onto her proverbial feet. Water. "I've had a new body since then, but I'm the same guy. Keep this up, from what I hear, you get the same thing. So Lleu, I want you to remember something." Knox makes sure Angelis is steady before he walks over to Lleufer. He reaches and grabs the guy's hand in a solid grip. "We've been through shit." He looks right down to the guy in the bed. "Frak them all. Do your job, keep running a rifle, ain't nobody got a problem with you brother. How many Marines in this company care about who you love if you keep doing what you've been doing?" The fist gets regrabbed and tightly grabbed. "As a Platoon Sergeant, I'm ordering you to marry that woman. Get it done. We're going to be here. Someone has a frakking problem with it, they can talk to me. Clear?"

Bennett chooses this moment, naturally, to stir. And the first person her bleary eyes manage to snag, is Knox. Talking about.. marrying someone. To Lleufer. Maybe it's best she pretend she's still sleeping. So she does.. sort of. It's not terribly convincing.

Lleufer sits on the edge of his bed, his bare feet touching the floor. He looks up at Knox and squeezes his friend's hand back hard and firmly. "We'll manage, whatever happens. I just don't want to see her hurt." Ynyr gets up from the bed and it's just as well that Knox is standing there so he's got something to steady him. Whoa. Things are so weird. Lleu blinks a few times, "I gotta take a piss." Yep, still a Marine. Do they have something set up he can get to to use or is he going to have to find a bed pan and a screen? Because that's what he'll do if he has to.

Angelis makes a small murmur of complaint when Knox gets up and heads over to Lleu. She was comfortable! But aside from that she just shifts herself backwards until she can prop herself upward. Going back to closing her eyes against the visual overload, but still sipping on her water. Her stomach makes a loud sound of complaint, yelling its emptiness for the world to hear, just about.

Knox seems to have steadied Lleufer, who is less anxious now. Ynyr lightly slaps the Staff Sergeant on the shoulder and goes to take care of his own need while the Six slips off to go and arrange a meal to be sent from the mess for them. Probably double portions for Angelis! Ynyr comes back after he found where he could wash his hands, having momentarily even been stunned at staring at the water as if seeing it flying out of the tap like liquid crystal. Everything is so sharp, so overloaded with information and detail.

A couple of minutes later he makes his way carefully back to his bed and sits down on it. Lleu looks to Angelis, "Knox'll see food is sent. You doing all right?"

Miri grumbles and sighs, grasping for Randy's hand. Wait. Randy's hand? The corpsman cracks her eyes open, wincing. But she knows Randy is in her bed. What the frak? She does feel a person in there with her, now that she realizes it, and… she gasps loudly, sitting up in wide-eyed terror and confusion, which she IMMEDIATELY REGRETS and she throws one forearm over her rich emerald green eyes, kicking Randy out of her bed. Literally.

Bennett has been stealthily going about rousing herself, and sitting up in her bed while Lleufer's been away taking a piss, and Knox abandons them to fetch food. She blinks a couple of times as her eyes re-adjust to the light, and the razor sharp details assaulting her from every which way; her fingertips press into her temples, then absently seek out the religious icon she normally wears in her left ear. "Ow," is murmured softly. She'd forgotten how sensitive they were. The earring, of course, isn't there. Her attention's drawn to the forceful evicting of a marine from Miri's bed, and she arches a brow slightly.

Randy gets a knee to the torso and suddenly wakes, but it's not fast enough for her to catch herself before she scramble falls out of Miri's bed, landing with a resounding thump.

Oh boy, that is HILARIOUS! Lleufer almost laughs at Miri, then remembers to keep his voice down with an effort. "You all right, Specialist?" Wait, isn't /Flynn/ married to Elena? Not Miri. Ynyr blinks several times and well, he's confused. Or maybe Randy is randy and just gets around a whole lot more than he needs to know. Good Gods, who's -not- sleeping with whom? He rubs his eyes carefully, gently, then looks at Bennett and at once leans over closer to her. Nothing is said but he watches her closely and offers a soft, hopefully encouraging smile. No matter his own worries, always trying to encourage others.

"Oh, gods," Miri grumbles, experimenting with her eyes. She blinks. She looks at Randy. "What. The frak."

Bennett does not comment on the enlisted shenanigans. There's merely a little turn of her lips like she might smile, but it fades when she turns to find Lleufer watching her. She clears her throat lightly, and attempts to sound polite with a hint of casual: "How are you feeling, Ynyr?" His face is studied closely. His eyes. His thin smile. She doesn't need Arpayan enhanced empathy to tell there's something up. Softer, "You looked like you had a bit of a rough time of things."

Randy reaches up to rub the back of her shaggy head and props herself up on her elbow. "What did I do?" thinking she must have done something in her sleep no doubt. She pushes up into a seated position, slumped over and looks up at Miri over the edge of the bed. "Sorry. I was so tired and-" she stops herself short, realizing she was about to pass blame to Knox…who didn't order her to do anything…and is lower in rank. She sighs instead.

Damn. Bennett's amazing silvery eyes are gone, now replaced with inky black pools. His must look the same, except that Lleu opted to keep his original eye color, what remains of it. But hers… he stares, studying her face. "You eyes are … golden, like pure coins." It surprises him. He blinks, not used to his own changed vision, "I'm all right. Trying to adjust. Go slowly." His own ear grafts somewhat still look like grafts that haven't finished healing yet. "You look pretty damn good."

Oh wait. There /are/ others in here. Ynyr sits back up on his bed and glances over, "Flynn, I -thought- you were a married woman, now."

"You didn't…" Miri scrunches her face up, wiggling her nose. "Weird sedation dream. Sorry about that." She looks mortified when Lleufer comments. "It's not like that…" she sputters.

"I /am/ married and I'd like to stay that way," Randy reaches to pull herself up onto her feet. There are still some bags under her eyes. It'll probably take her another full night of rest to fully recover from sleeping at such an odd time. She slips into her former chair in between Miri and Angelis' beds and reaches to rub her own shoulder. "I was sleepy. There was room on the bed. I took it." It's useless…she was snuggling up to Miri like she was her favorite body pillow.

"I was surprised," Miri grumbles defensively, snuggling down into her hospital bed.

Poor Angelis, waiting on something to eat, seems to have curled back up into her bed and fallen asleep while Knox is out. That is just as well.

Lleufer watches the Lance Corporal to see she's doing all right, then looks back to Randy and Miri. He twists his mouth, "I'm just giving you shit. You're fine." He rubs his brow, "My head hurts and my ears ache, but I took some pain meds. Everything is so … sharp. And I can /feel/ when people are near to me. Heart beats." A slow breath to keep himself steady and a glance back to Bennett, "When Knox touched me, it was as iff our heart beats synchronized. Then I was perfectly calm. If that's us, not /him/ doing something, then …. maybe it gives a whole lot more depth to the Arpay heart tap. Doesn't it?" He lays his own fist over his heart, his baritone still kept very soft and low.

"How does it feel to have your heart beat finally as one," Randy mock-swoons to Lleufer, not skipping a beat to rib him right back, now that she knows the score. Randy then turns her head to Miri and nods, "Yeah. Sorry about that. I tried to be mindful of your ears. If I knew you were such a violent sleeper-…well actually I would have anyways. I got some good sleep time out of that. And I needed it."

your hearts*

"Same with Randy, but it was more than that. I could feel /her/." Miri fiddles with the position of the hospital bed, then fiddles some more.

"I feels like this." Lleufer gives Randy the bird and then makes an obscene back and forth movement while still flipping her off with the erect member. "-Now- you know why Knox and I are best buds." His eyes squint and he grins with humor.

Bennett looks like she wants to say something to the marine sergeant next to her, but she too is perfectly aware they're in a crowded ward. "I wanted something different," she tells him absently, holding his gaze until he looks away, and then looking down at her splayed fingers. She smirks at the comraderie, if one calls it that, between he and Randy. "The heartbeat thing is.. unexpected," she confides to no-one in particular. And, "I think I am developing a migraine."

Marine humor -will- give pilots migraines. True fact.

Randy's mouth just hangs open in affected abject horror at Lleufer. "I could probably sell footage of that….whatever that is." Randy suddenly looks over to Miri and arches a brow, enunciating carefully, "What do you mean?"

"I can't tell if it was that weird dream or not," Miri grumbles, finally getting comfortable. "It was all… stories. Stories swirling everywhere. Mostly true, some not, many conflicting and contradicting. It was weird as frak."

"Too late." Lleufer tells Randy. It was an escaped Kodak moment lost forever but burned into her mind to last. Ynyr lays back onto his own bed, easily tired yet. He watches Bennett, "Doc Becks left me this note and some pain meds." He shows it to the Major, "I bet we can ask for some for you, too."

Weird as frak pretty much describes the past few days, as far as Bennett's concerned. She grimaces faintly at Miri's summary of her dreams, but offers no commentary on her own - if she's had any. The blanket covering her lower body is pulled off after some hesitation, and she swings her long legs over, bare feet touching the floor with an electric shock of contact. There's a little yelp! before she tries again. "Hmm?" The note is glanced at cursorily.

"That's not the footage I was thinking of," Randy quips easily enough to Lleufer, but mostly her attention is on Miri. Her crinkles into a look of concern. "Weird." At Bennett's yelp, Randy looks over to the pilot, just a glance. Then she lifts her palm to her mouth to cover a yawn. "Anything else weird or scary you noticed?" she asks Miri gently, trying not to be too loud.

Cooper returns. The guys steps back through the hatch and see's people up and mobile despite the low light. "Hey!" Its spoken at normal volume which means the volunteers hear it louder. "Back in your beds. That's the orders." He closes the hatch behind but he has a tray. The guy left on a mission and returned with something else. "All of you need to eat. Take a reuben. All of you." The tray has plates for each sandwich. "Dont care if you like it, just eat it." He moves around to each before stopping by Angelis.

The note from Doctor Jimenez says that Lleu may have ibuprofen if his ears ach and it's signed B Jimi with a little heart drawn on it, all cute. Bennett is aware that Doctor Nadir proscribes Ynyr a much stronger pain killer for his headaches.

Lleufer doesn't dignify Randy's wished for footage comments any further. His attention is on the Squadron Commander to make sure Bennett is all right if she gets up and tries to move around, "Go slow." Back to Randy, he glances up at the ceiling, "I noticed … details I hadn't before. Like how filthy the ceiling is and there are spiders. Samtara needs to know." She might have a heart attack. Poor Sam. Ynyr will accept a sandwich from Knox's tray, "Thanks, Mom."

"That woman should never get these procedures done," Randy comments offhand about Sam with a labored nod. "Hmm. Interesting." She turns when Knox re-enters and lifts her hand in a lazy wave. "I got kicked out of bed."

"Not gonna give a shit if you call me 'Mom', Sergeant, but you get your ass back in bed." Cooper delivers the food and moves back around. The guy moves back around to offer up food and settles the tray at the end of Angelis' bed. She's out and passed out. He looks back at the others. Everyone else in the room looks so able to accent anything of their problems. But Knox? He sits at the edge of the bed and looks at them all. The Platoon Sergeant waits.

Bennett notes the heart with a bemused little smile. "I think she likes you," is noted with a wink, and something softer is murmured to the marine before she gains her feet and pads off toward the water cooler with her empty glass.

Bennett whispers: I am glad to see some colour in you. I was worried.

Bennett isn't sure whether Knox is joking about getting their asses back in bed, but he doesn't have the power to boss her around, so hah.

Even as they all talk, the door at the far end opens and closes. The individual does take their time to make sure there is little light involved. But the tablet she carries gives her a red-orange glow to the lit part of her face and chest. She steps inside and stops at the end of the bed. She cannot see them, but each of the volunteers can see her. "I am Doctor Becks Jimenez. I performed the lead on your operations. I just need to check vitals and run quick scans on your heads." She smiles to each before moving to Bennett.

See how St. Clair hops to follow Knox's orders? Ynyr lifts a brow, "I am in bed." Well, sitting on it. He pushes the button to raise the bed so he can sit up in it, then draws his feet back up under the covers while he eats his sandwich. His eyes, the same color they were before the surgery and still pale blue-grey rimmed now but with a lot more dark pupil, follow Bennett's saunter. /Her/ eyes on the other hand are beautiful. Ynyr finishes the sandwich Knox brought and then sips his water. There's a glance towards the hatch as Jimenez arrives.

Jimenez stops by Bennett and reaches for her hand. She takes it and hold it while she removes something from her bag. She scans Bennett's wrist during the hold. But towards the end, she looks back to Bennett and smile. "Welcome to the Arpay, Major. We should talk. Thank you." She lets go of the hand and steps back, moving to Lleu and looks to hold his hand shile she scan his arm.

Bennett pauses when the Arpayan doctor takes her hand, and goes quite still. Her eyes lock with the woman's for a few moments, smile hesitant, perhaps only there for politesse. There's a slight nod, though it doesn't seem to be in response to what the woman said; her fingers reflexively try to prolong the contact, but then release a moment later. "Of course, doctor. Thank you." She watches, still holding her empty glass, as Lleufer is tended to.

Jimenez's progress is watched by Ynyr and Lleu lets her take his hand, "Why do you scan my arm, Doctor?" He's still blinking too much but mostly he's relaxed, "Everything is … weird. Like, how I can feel your heart beat even before you touched me, when you got close." Lleu keeps his voice low, then looks to Bennett, "Did we all come through as well as hoped?" She had said something about examining their heads too but she didn't look at St. Clair's.

Miri doesn't answer Randy's question, and is quickly distracted by the sandwiches. "I woke up to find an extra person in my bed. It was super weird."

Jimenez works through the group with her quick scans to arms. Assuming everyone can give over their elbow, of course. A simple scan of a laser line. She steps back to the head of the group and blinks, her eyes adjusted. "You've all come through the surgery just fine. Sergeant Ynyr, you had the only complication. All I did was measure the level of interaction of your blood pressure with what has happened. I want to thank you all for doing this. The Colonials were a new race to come across. Please just stay here for your twenty-four hours and we will get you out." She takes a long breath. "Major Doctor Nadir will be leaving in a week. If you have any questions, please deliver them to me. I'm sure Colonial Intel will have questions."

Lleufer watches Jimenez closely, "How exactly do you mean, we Colonials were a new race to come across? Do you mean … we are so different from other human colonies you have rediscovered before? I thought we weren't so unique, aside from our fighting our machines with some limited success." Ynyr stays in his bed and slightly frowns, "Also, what if Doctor Nadir … isn't ready to go? I think I'd like to speak with you and her about her training so far. I have some serious concerns, Doctor. I really think she needs more time."

Bennett still hasn't filled up her glass of water from the cooler. She's watching Jimenez a bit oddly, and pivots soundlessly on the ball of her bare foot to take a step closer, when Lleufer addresses her. "I am curious about this, too," she offers quietly.

Jimenez looks to Lleufer and nods. "Most of the people we have run across are very behind where you are. You all have space travel across planets which mean you have a certain immunity level for many diseases. But we've also never run across a group that has multiple colonies before." Jimenez smiles. "You're an excellent group for this." She looks to her pad. "Everything says we have a good start with you all here for these operations. Maybe even an excessive point with two of you. Very interesting."

"Excessive?" Miri asks, confused. "What do you mean, excessive?"

Well, something in this conversation definitely has perked Lleufer's interest. "So, two of us…" he glances at Bennett because Jimenez had said she'd wanted to talk to the Raptor pilot further, "May have exceeded your expectations with the surgical procedures?" Not so much wary as curious, by his tone.

Bennett returns to her bed, sets the empty glass down on the nightstand, and calmly reaches across to press the 'nurse' button. Maybe she's suffering from a case of being incapable of getting her own drink of water. When the harried looking enlisted fellow arrives, she murmurs something softly to him. His eyes go immediately to Jimenez, then back to the pilot with a cautious nod. He does a quick visual check on the others, then moves off to the CMO's office.

"Well, like yourself Specialist Zahav. You did well and your abilities may be beyond what we expected." She holds her place. "If you feel something other than expected than I would ask that you-" She see's Bennett get up and move. "Major! Get back in your bed or I will have you placed there!" The hatch is sealed to the Reco Ward. She just looks to Bennett, but does not move. There are MP's outside.

Bennett winces slightly when Jimenez raises her voice. The slight increase in volume is enough to overwhelm her still-adjusting ears, and she turns to focus on the woman with a slight fading of her smile. "I believe this is still Major Nadir's ward for another week. Please lower your voice, and answer Sergeant Ynyr's question, if you would?" Only someone perceptive would notice the slightest waver in her soft, even tone.

Lleufer doesn't look interested in pushing it here and now, "We can discuss it later, privately." His own altered gaze slips past Bennett to the other two, then back to Jimenez to try and get a read on just what the subtle change might be that set them every so slightly on edge. Because he can't pinpoint it himself. "Everything is fine. We are listening."

Jimenez nods slowly to Bennett. "It is, yes, Doctor Nadir's ward. For now. But her orders are my own. You will stay in these beds for twenty-four hours. We need the ensure that the operations and growth-fields have taken properly. So please, I am asking you as a request, remain in your beds. We will evaluate and Doctor Nadir will review this all before she leaves."

There's still no answer to the question Lleufer posed, but Bennett seems disinclined to make a scene about it at the moment. She watches Jimenez for a long moment, then simply nods. Her smile is brief and perfectly pleasant. "Of course. I was only wanting to stretch my legs." Which, speaking of, she tucks back under the blanket and smooths it out over her lap. She looks a little bothered still, but it's subtle. Lleufer might notice.

Nope, not really bothered if Jimenez doesn't want to discuss Samtara's readiness in here, right now. Ynyr eyes Bennett briefly, then lowers his bed somewhat to a more comfortable level for resting. "Knox brought us sandwiches. And Doctor Jimenez, Thank you." A hand tugs his blanket up and he is content to rest, watching and listening to whatever the others might say or do. Lleu is likely to doze more.

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