AWD #270: Supply Run Gone Wrong
Supply Run Gone Wrong
Summary: Bennett and a bunch of marines are kept busy when a sniper turns what should have been a simple supply drop into a med-evac situation.
Date: 03/Oct/2013
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Aircraft Apron - Crandall
The heavily creased and cragged tarmac has seen better days but there is plenty of room for any number of aircraft that need to find ready station and waiting room on the base. The apron spreads out, further away from the runway to the West, but in the immediate vicinity are a few buildings. To the North across a large taxing area are the hangars, spread out in a line that leads away from the central buildings and towards the runway. To the East are the buildings in question, the closest being Operations which is a stark, well built brick building with the heavily reinforced munitions bunker attached. The two buildings are ensconced by an extra chain link fence collapsing at one side and likely no longer worth its weight.
AWD #270

Finally, Ynyr got a real meal and 5.5 hours of rack time. And he managed to find a way to strip down and wash up even if soap is hard to come by out here and there's no hot water at the 33rd's Hanger where he's currently bunked for patrols under Ensign Kostas's watch. Lleufer doesn't have his shaving kit as he left most of his stuff back at the Operations offices along with his electronic tablet, but he sharpened his Kabar and scraped off enough stubble to keep from being overcome with a reddish golden beard. Man almost feels human again. Changed into his only other set of clothes and put his battle kit back on and once he's double checked his weapons and put on his helmet, Ynyr steps on out to head for his next patrol. Only he checks his watch and has a few minutes yet so he starts walking down the shadow of the building's overhang, cautious of snipers out there.

Kostas stalks out of the Operations building, her rifle shouldered, still wearing her armor of the morning. At least she's scrubbed the blood from her fingernails. The upjumped officer from Canceron eyes the area warily before making her way towards the hanger, and remains on high alert. So much writing. And rewriting. It may be potentially sniper laden air right now, but it's fresh-ish. And boy howdy does she need that right now.

Amos slept last night, almost the sleep of the dead, would have got a full 8 hours to if it hadn't been for that pesky Six this morning. Still, he's only looking a bit tired round the edges and similarly seems to have found time to shave, so it can't be too bad surely. Armed and armoured he's out on the apron having a quick discussion with a raptor pilot who's about to make the trip back up into orbit.

Up above, the low whine of an aircraft's engines begins to infiltrate the crisp, early evening air. The raptor is a glitter on the horizon at first, but strafes in with a goodly amount of speed. It comes in for an ungraceful touchdown as gusting crosswinds create a last-minute updraft, thrusters reversing to slow its controlled skid along the tarmac. Once it's come to a halt near the already present bus, and the dust has settled somewhat, the ramp is shoved open. Supply run, it looks like, by the crates and boxes waiting to be unloaded by a the accompanying deck crew.

Whether it's a good idea, or not, likely not, Dr. Nadir has managed to get herself sent planet side with the next batch of personnel dispatched to Picon. Laden with a backpack crammed full of as many medical supplies as she can carry, toting a bag that's carrying as much more as she could justify, Nadir is making her way along the tarmac while slowly looking around at what can be seen from here, most importantly; looking at Picon.

Whatever he was going to do, Lleufer slows his step as he sees the Raptor come in for a landing and people starting to unload. He checks his watch again and slips his rifle strap off of his shoulder and looks for a good place he can keep an eye on things and still have cover. Those crates over there should do, a little distance free of the buildings but at an angle to let him get closer. He jogs on out and ducks down, eyes alert - only occasionally glancing to those who might disembark, but more, watchful of the Marlin City fenceline and points south as well. The Perimeter. Somewhere out there they still have at least one, and probably more than one, sniper. He sets his rifle up and waits, keeping lookout until it's time for him to go patrol - which is not long.

Kostas is aware of the raptor coming in, but it's not there that she heads. Instead she pauses briefly to speak to one of the ground crew, quietly, though those dark eyes keep moving constantly, pulling a packet out from underneath her vest and giving it to her. She offers a salute, which the Ensign returns, finally turning enough to take a look at the new arrivals.

Bennett and her crew must have gotten the memo about the sniper, as nobody - nobody except Samtara - disembarks immediately. In fact, the ECO aboard leans across the ramp and cups his hands around his mouth to holler at her, "Hey, doc! Mind yourself out there, yeah?" The pilot emerges a few moments later, sidearm drawn, helmet off, to meet with the marine guard that's already approaching. She remains in the raptor's shadow where she's somewhat less likely to be shot, her eyes skimming the shadows furtively as she waits.

Amos gives a nod to the departing raptor crew, then turns to head for the newly landed one. He's not running, but nor is he daudling as he spots Sam out and about on the tarmac already. As he approaches he spots Kostas and gestures her towards the Doc, a silent order to make sure she gets where she needs to go unharmed. Lleufer is not spotted but Bennett is and he gives her a quick nod in greeting as he rounds the side of her raptor.

Nadir nods once, then remembers that the nod doesn't really do much, and instead turns back toward the raptor to wave to the ECO, whether it's 'yes I'll be careful' or 'yes, I heard you', it's enough acknowledgement as she gives without shouting back like some sort of cattle barker on market day. She starts to adjust the fit of the helmet, one hand lifting in fact to do that before the sight of everyone ELSE wearing the blasted things reminds her that the damned things can stop bullets. Not ALL of them. But. . she leaves the helmet on all the same.

"Captain. Good evening." A smile from the raptor squadron commander, and her eyes quickly sketch across the area before she indicates the cabin of her bus. "We have a few things for your men. Replacement parts for airframes, too." She leans inside for a moment and retrieves a clipboard, which she holds out to him. "Would you like to sign off for me?" The burly deck crew who came with her are already busying themselves unloading the crates, under the marine guard's watchful eyes.

Kostas glances up as Amos draws near, snapping to and offering a salute, before moving closer to the newly landed bird and the pilot and doctor. She in turn will put a call out for an escort of 3 from the pool of waiting as-needed folks on her way over.

<COMBAT> Sniper takes careful aim at Amos.

Lleufer hears the call over his radio ear bud from Kostas calling a few not yet out on patrol to come in and lend escort here at the apron. As he's close by already, Ynyr says something low over his radio to acknowledge and then eases off from the crates to come walking out to join those who are gathering. Woodsman that he used to be, Lleu'd have prefered to keep to his cover but he slings his rife by the strap and snaps off a salute when he shows up, to Kostas and Ommanney, "Sirs, Ynyr reporting for escort." To those who haven't seen him in a while Lleufer's not so filthy tired, and doesn't appear to be wounded.

Amos glances inside the raptor as Bennett speaks then turns back to her offering another nod. Words are few on planet it would seem. Eyeing the clipboard a moment he scans the attached paperwork than finds a pen from somewhere and signs in. "All quiet up top?" he asks flicking his eyes skywards for a moment, then back down to ground level again. Kostas' salute is returned quickly as he makes a mental note to have a word with her about sign-posting officers in sniper-zones.

Once she's had a chance to literally breathe in the air, Nadir uses one hand to adjust the weight of the backpack she's carrying before turning back to where the current marine huddle is being held. "Where are medical supplies being dropped off and who's in charge of med-evac down here?"

Bennett looks briefly toward the Sergeant who approaches. A crisp nod, blue eyes unemotive as she turns back to Amos. "Hardly." The word's accompanied by a wry smile, and her sidearm is, for the moment, slid into the thigh holster strapped to her flight suit. "It has been a busy day for medevac, and an even busier day for tactical, judging by how many bodies they've been packing into the map room and CIC." She glances skyward again, then favours the arriving Kostas with an appraising glance and a smile.

Kostas nods to Bennett once she gets up close enough. "Sir." And then to Samtara, "You takin' a walk 'round th' base, Sir? Escort detail's on it's way. Triage hanger an' medical's next place over, there's a presiding, but we pretty short handed with that kinda thing. Officer on duty calls when needed, Sir." Her gravelly voice is all Canceron slums.

With a nod, Nadir adjusts the weight of the backpack once more and, with a glance toward the hangar to make sure she has the right one that Kostas indicates, heads in that direction to drop off the supplies.

Lleufer isn't about to let the Doctor go run off by herself site seeing. No one's given him specific orders but he glances to Bennett and makes all too brief eye contact, then turns to head after the Doctor. The Sergeant would offer to carry kit for her but, well, he's got to keep his hands free for his rifle incase anything goes foul. Ynyr can also show her the way, open the door for her and indicate where she's to go so Nadir won't have to blunder around lost. Lleu tells her to have someone call back over the radio when she's ready to come back so she'll have escort again. After that, he turns and starts to walk back, watchful.

There's Jax, where there wasn't one before. He's grubby and tired, gray eyes sunken but gleaming with that nervous energy, wearing one of those camo-patterned cloaks designed to help him blend in, long rifle over his shoulder. Smoke besmirched face, smudges both deliberate and accidental, and now he's looking around for an officer to report to.

<COMBAT> Sniper attacks Amos with Lmg Ap - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Amos has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Amos has been KO'd!

Amos listens to Bennett's reply and offer a wry smile of his own. "You heard about our antics down here?" he asks, almost conversationally, "we had a Six sneak in pretending to be Sergeant Knox." A ballsy move, he'll give them that, but perhaps less so if death isn't actually death. A quick glance inside the raptor again and he asks, "you sticking around long or just dump and run?" before turning to check over by the hangers to ensure that Captain Nadir made it safely inside. Seemingly satisfied he's turning back to Bennett once more when there's the faint sound of a bullet smacking into armour and then flesh, and he's dropping like a stone to the ground.

"Sniper, hit in th' bird hangar!" Kostas barks into her radio, hopefully setting off a series of alerts for people even outside the hangar to start looking. "Need prep for medivac immediately, we got a bird, get somebody to stabilize!" She's diving to try to shield both Amos and Bennet in the meantime.

Bennett hadn't, if the slight uptic of her brows when Amos mentions the incident with the Six is any indication. She accepts the clipboard back when he's done with it, and leans back into the raptor to toss it onto the unused copilot's seat. Her ECO is somewhere in the back, helping to clear out the last of the miscellaneous supplies. "Just a dump and—" And then there's that telltale -thwack- of something impacting armour and flesh at high speed, blood spraying her cheek, and Bennett is moving. Not away, but toward the marine captain, trying to get her arms under the bigger man before he hits the ground. She stumbles, and goes down to her knees with him, but she's got him. "Medkit's in the bus," she tells Kostas. "Think you can grab it for me?"

Varis is going for cover with knee-jerk speed, fast enough that he doesn't get a good look at the source of the fire. It's enough to have Jax gritting his teeth on the blasphemies that want to escape. "Anyone get a bead on the source of that fire?" He doesn't dare go out and scuttle around if he's only going to get shot himself.

Kostas is on the radio shouting and Lleufer runs for cover. He raises his baritone to shout as well, "GET DOWN OR BEHIND COVER!" Or you know, into the Raptor might due. Ynyr has a /very/ vague idea of the direction the sniper shot from but nothing definite. He looks carefully and at once moves to dash again for another piece of cover starting to make the labourous trek to head in that general direction towards the perimeter. Marine MP has enough sense though to stay low, move fast and even if it will take him out of his way, head from cover to cover. But first, just one dash to get a bit wide of the Raptor and hopefully a better view. There he pauses to try and look carefully for any sign of anything, and also think about his next movement before he is going to show himself again to move.

As Amos goes down, Kostas' eyes look the other direction for a moment. She's probably not going to see anything without IR, but she shouts "WEST! Look WEST! Ynyr!" Then it's a quieter "Aye, Sir," to Bennett and she's moving towards the bird, to snatch the promised medkit and make it back as quickly as possible, prepared to be a meatshield again until they can drag Amos to cover.

Mercifully, Amos is already unconcious by the time he's grabbed. It's a gut wound, and not a pretty one, although Bennett's actions probably does a lot to stop any dirt getting in there from the off.
Off to the west, for those looking, is a long, long stretch of runway, some scattered buildings and an awful lot of dark.

And as they drag Bennett to shelter, Jax is frankly turkey-peeking, in hopes of the sniper trying another shot. If he can get muzzleflash, or some other sign…..well, maybe he can countersnipe.

Bennett keeps her arms under Amos's, steels herself a moment, and attempts to haul him behind cover of the east side of the raptor. She isn't a big woman, despite her height, so it's a somewhat laborious task. Once they're relatively shielded by the bus's flank, she begins checking for signs of where the captain might have been hit. Chest, sides, gut.. there it is. Her hand comes away bloody, and she places both palms atop the wound in the most basic tenet of first aid— applying pressure. "Stay with me, Captain," she murmurs to the man, with a smile he can't see. "It is not such a bad hit. We'll have you safe on Orion in no time."

Kostas finds the kit, and sets up a position in front of Bennett and Ommanney as the former works on the latter. She's not exactly making herself a target, but she does pop up enough to act as the completion of the shield from the raptor. Her eyes are towards where the shot initially came from, her rifle out and ready.

Well, as Kostas knows, Ynyr does infact have his low light and IR optics on him - they had just discussed it yesterday seeing as he's been doing patrols precisely to deal with snipers and the like. Lleufer doesn't get it out yet as he's going to work his way over that way first and get away from the flood lights here on the Apron. He darts off to make a run southwards more or less, working his way down with a quick sprint to another piece of cover as fast as his legs will take him. South, not west. South gets him off the runway way faster and into darkness and some scrubb for cover. From there he'll start making his way west. As soon as he can get away from the bright lights, he will be able to see what his optics show him.

Bennett reaches for the first aid kit once Kostas drops it off for her, and flickers a smile in thanks to the marine. Keeping one hand on Amos, she flips open the box and digs around for a pair of scissors. She's nowhere near on the ball as a medic would be; but then again, she isn't a medic. "Haven't had to patch someone up since I was on Tauron," she confides in the unconscious marine with a grin.

Off goes Jax, hoping native skill'll keep him from being spotted. Good luck with that, Marine. Or maybe a blessing from some observant god. The first stretch goes well, and Jax is no more than a moving shadow, a trick of the light as he darts from cover to cover, rifle tucked under the edge of the cloak.

Lleufer may not have Jax's formal Scout-Sniper training but he did a lot of hunting back on Aerilon, stalking game. That, and he always wanted to go sniper though things never did turn out right to go that direction. It takes him some doing to get out of the brightly lit zone and out into the scrubb off the edge of the runway. It sure as frak isn't much cover but Ynyr's doing the best he can with what he's got to work with - and not nearly enough time to do a proper, slow stalk. Needs to get his ass down that way and then he can slow up and start looking /real/ carefully. His optics can help in the darkness but there is no telling if the sniper is on their side of the fence or just past it. It takes time but bit by bit Lleufer makes his way west and there is no telling if he was able to keep track of Jax's progress, or Jax keep tabs on his own.

And it's likely that Lleufer spots Jax, towards the middle of the trip. Since he's got optics, after all. The sniper might well've noticed him - if he has, he's assumed Ynyr's an ally, or at least, not one of the infiltrators.

Yes, there could always be more than one sniper working out there.

Kostas continues to watch the general directions she believes the shots were fired frombut for the moment the Ensign keeps to her post, rifle at the readyeyes scanning the area as she keeps an eye out for any of the medivac team that might be trying to make their way there too, as Bennett works.

As Jax and Lleufer near the end of the runway, the former towers and buildings clustered there become clearer. There's what appears to have been a garage for emergency vehicles, a couple of pillboxes (one on either side of the tarmac) and futher off towards the fence a small collection of maintaince huts. There is however, neither sight nor sound of anyone else in the vacinity, bar the marine parimeter patrol a disance off towards the fence.

The medical team, along with some marines as shields/lookouts, finally reach the hangar and Bennett's waiting raptor. They go to work under Kostas and the patrol's watchful eyes around, forming a shield wall around the medics and the captain and for a moment Bennett too as she sprints into her bird to get her started up and starts the checks. As soon as Amos is stabilized, it's into the bird—one of the medical folks going up with him, and then the marines are fanning out to provide clearance to get the raptor up and out ASAP.

Gone. It's enough to make him spit in annoyance. He doesn't drop out of stealth mode, as it were, lest there still be enemy observers. But it's clear - whomever fire that shot is gone. And disappointed, Jax begins the long trek back to relative safety.

Ynyr and Jax meet up at a pill box on one side of the end of the runway and find signs of where the sniper had been, but alas, yes. Gone. Ynyr tries to track the fellow but it is dark out there and his optics aren't much use. He goes a little ways, speaks low into his radio about the possible location of a breach in the line for the patrol coming down to check out, and update on the sniper. Much as he'd like to push to go track that frakker, Jax has already turned back. A Marine should not go on by himself without team mates and Lleufer's got orders not to leave the base. So, reluctantly after sending their findings over the radio, he heads back as well. Carefully.
And to the sound and lights of the med-evac Raptor heading up to the Orion with their Captain. Lleu swears under his breath, "Gods damn them."

Kostas unnecessarily tidies up after the raptor moves out, picking up Amos' left-behind helmet and tucking it under one arm as the ground crews clear the runway, and the marine patrols cover them. There's a moment she takes there. A breath. And then it's back to her patrols and rotations, and doubling up of them and setting up the first groups of the best people she can find to try and find any other tracks come morning.

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