ALT #308: Supply Run
Rats, Roaches and Canners
Summary: Another easy supply run holds a few unexpected surprises.
Date: 10/11/2013
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Medical Supply Warehouse on Picon
A partially destroyed medical supply warehouse.
Wed Nov 10 2005

With the influx of more and more survivors, civilian and otherwise, the press and need for medical supplies is growing at a rather alarming rate, at least according to the available vs rapidly dwindling list of on-hand supplies as recorded and tracked by medical command. While they're not down to the last skinny bottle of aspirin or vial of penicillin as of yet more supplies are needed to off-set what's being used before the point of no return is reached. This being agreed upon and the OK having been granted, and in light of current conditions (i.e. no ships are falling out of the skies, nothing is blowing up at present etc) this mission to Picon has been approved. The town of Edington, the site of one of the last remaining medical supply shipping centers has been located and, after what amounts to rather exhaustive aerial recon of the region, has finally been flagged as the best location to attempt to acquire supplies from. Those volunteers, or not volunteers but instead assigned personnel, are gathered at the time designated and the Raptor is loaded, all possible cargo room emptied for use, and the Raptor is cleared for takeoff.

After adjusting the various things in his combat gear so that it's not poking him and there, Corporal Reed Cassidy takes hold of the belts, locks them in place and tightens them down. Last minute checks of his gear were performed right before boarding, so if he's forgetting something then it ain't coming. A quick glance at those in the back of the bus with him is given before he settles back, legs stretched out, head back, rifle held between his legs.

Doing last checkups on his gear and weapons, as per his usual, Stone let his eyes study each inch of his gear. When he's finally ready he does look around and studying everyone around, always being his usual observative self. Staying rather quiet at the moment though.

With one hand holding to the folded map, another one holding just as tightly to the belt holding her to the seat, Dr. Nadir is eyeing the last aerial photograph taken of the shipping facility that this mission is aimed at. That and tapping one foot against the floor of the Raptor after having popped another dose of dramamine before getting into the Raptor. Her gear, what there is of it, is as much swapped out for medical supplies and other useful items in lieu of more bullets or . . well what ever else would normally be carried. Suture kits, back up first aid kit, batteries and spare bulbs for the flashlight she's carrying, a spare one of THOSE too, and gloves. Lots of disposable gloves.

Maia and her ECO are jumping to Picon, there's a happy banter back and forth to disguise her stress from the last mission she had gone on that didn't end so well. Superficial cuts, she had been told, she'd been very lucky and she knew it. The best thing was for her to get behind the stick again and get her confidence back. "Three minutes to LZ." The words relayed throughout the Raptor and she gives a smile to the doctor. "The DRADIS is clear, looks like we're good to go so far."

In his seat and quiet, Fischer is not looking at anything in particular for the moment. Expression a bit distant as his hands absently moves over his rifle, to check that it's in order.

Opening his eyes as they get the three minute warning, Reed draws his legs in "So, all we are to do is go in and snatch a bunch of medical stuff and get out, right?" He asks as he looks from one to the next till all those in the back are covered.

Clear skies over Picon for this late autumn day, the sky having that shade of gray that is both cold and clear promising a steady wind but no snow - as yet, at least, no snow falling at this precise moment. A glance at the surrounding terrain shows long dead vegetation that had grown through and around the rubble with no city crews to clear it or keep such strips of pavement, concrete and other throughfares clear of the usual greenery that tries to grow upward toward the sun at any given moment. As the Raptor approaches the designated LZ the rubble of the surrounding city is more and more apparent, the city itself having been reduced to nothing but rubble in fact, many sections entirely destroyed by fire and only scorch marks and blackened gutted buildings remaining, the empty carcasses of all manner of vehicles littering the streets. What bodies had once littered the street are as much reduced to ruin as everything else. Edington, Picon, once a population of some ten thousand souls is empty save for what wild animals, carrion birds and other creatures - read 'Rats, roaches, etc' - make a home of what's left of the city. The shipping facility, once one of the largest in the region, is the size of one of those massive super warehouse structures, three levels made of concrete walls and floors, poured concrete columns with a flat roof and stairs connecting each level along with a number of freight elevators to facilitate the movement of cargo containers throughout the complex. One end of the structure, the east end to be precise, is utterly destroyed by fire and has collapsed inward, the shipping/receiving area on that end of the complex utter ruin. Several flat bed trucks are still docked around the building, several of which look to have been stripped of useful parts and supplies, notably fuel or anything that could be swapped out to make other vehicles work. The parking lot is equally strewn with abandoned vehicles in one state or another of disrepair, damage, etc. The cold November wind is tugging the last bit of snow from the most recent storm across the parking lot, snow sifting into every crevasse and open doorway.

Sam aims a smile forward at Lt. Kane while, at the same time, trying to equally NOT look through the windows, "Good to hear it. I know that there's supposed to be a storm front moving this way in the next 24, so we'll want to be in and back out before it hits, but the best forecast we had said one full day before it hits." She eyes the photo clipped to the map while nodding at Cassidy, "As much as we can carry, yes. Priority for antibiotics and prescription medicines, anything still sealed and not warped by temperature or other environmental contaminants. If a box even looks warped move to the next," she advises.

As the skids hit the parking lot, Maia looks back from her position in the front seat. "Be careful so far there's nothing on the DRADIS still. Want me to wait here for you guys?" She turns in her seat and watches the others.

Stone does nod to Reed, "Something like that." He offers after Sam already explained, just wanting the last word clearly. Rising to his feet as they are closing in he does move to be on the ready, would it be needed. Standing ready and overlooking all as he holds on with his free hand.

Fischer shrugs a little as he listens, but doesn't say anything at the moment. Reaching for a spot on his body armor, he pats it a bit gently, waiting for things to start now.

Once the dust, and snow, settles outside the Raptor and the hatch is open, the cold wind doesn't just drift along it slices through the warm air that was inside the Raptor and leaving a balmy 40F (or 4.44C) temperature in it's wake. The docking slips on this side of the building, while not destroyed by fire, are blocked by several cargo containers that would normally be hooked up to the semi-rigs before departing the shipping facility. With no Semi-rigs to pull the containers away, wheeled though they are, there's nothing immediately within sight to move these large (and not exactly very light) cargo haulers out of the way. With these entrances blocked a short flight of steps leads up to a set of massive double doors over which a light fixture has long since ceased functioning.

A nod "Aye, Sir," Reed says to Samtara as she gives instructions as to what to gather. "Though might need some help in figuring out what's what." As soon as the Raptor settles on the ground Reed has hit the release on his straps and stands, his rifle held easily with in his hands. He looks to Stone "Got it. Where you want me, Sargent?" He asks before heading out the hatch, a smile given to Maia "Smooth ride, Sir," he says before the rifle is brought up to his shoulder and he ducks his head slightly to head out into the cold.

Once the Raptor is landed, Sam unbuckles and unfastens the belt holding her in place and rises to her feet, settles the helmet she's wearing a bit more securely in place and pauses to unfold another large piece of paper - a floor plan, or, rather, a building schematic. "That all depends on what we find inside. From what the intel guys have given us to work with, we know the east side of the building is a no-go, both for entering the warehouse or anything else, it's easier to presume that everything on the east side of the building is damaged beyond the point of use as well. There's several freight elevators but there isn't likely any power to speak of within the building itself, somehow i doubt there's a generator that would be fueled and ready to go as well. This being said," she spreads the schematics and eyes the multi-level floor plan, "These docking slips are arranged for the different types of cargo to be pulled from," she draws one gloved fingertip across the map, "and the center of the warehouse is one large open area, sort of like a hangar bay I guess," she looks up - glances around - then back to Maia. "The more hands in this the better, as far as I'm concerned, and we may need to get creative when it comes to how we're going to get any supplies out in something resembling efficient manner."

Maia shuts down the DRADIS and the Raptor so it wouldn't be able to be traced by Cylons and their Raiders. With everything powered down, Maia returns the smile Reed gives her. "Thank you," she says quietly, identifying him quickly as the man she had danced with at the party on Piraeus. So she even offers a playful wink. She rises then, hearing Samtara, checking her own weapon at her side. Her sidearm. "Sure, count me in."

After stepping out and moving a bit to the side he does gesture for the other marines to be on their guard, just in case. At the question from Reed he nods, "KEep your eyes open. Spread out a bit just to be able to secure this area just in case." He offers. "Make sure no one is around to ambush. Don't stray too far from one another. We keep eye contact with one another, then we'll escort back and forth to where we need to go." He offers before looking to Sam. Nodding to her as well. "Sounds good, we will just need to take it easy and be careful as we go I'd say." Then letting the others deal with things for now. Just starting to make sure the area is clear, as soon as the other marines are ready. It's nothing too much most likely. Once they have secured he will gesture that his area is clear before moving to the door, which is of course locked. Then he geestures to Fischer. "Think you can safely get us inside without causing too trouble? Perhaps detonation. Else I might be able to try something else, but think that would be safest, if you think you can do it." Then to Reed. "Or do you have another suggestion?" He asks.

Reed moves to the side of the Raptor after getting his orders. He uses the 4x scope to scan the area, first high, the, what's left of, roof tops and then low. Once satisfied that his sector is clear he keys his mic.

[Into the Wireless] "Dog 3 clear." there is a pause "Shoot the lock, Sarge?"

Fischer shrugs as he hears Stone's words, before he offers a brief nod. Moving over to try getting something done with the explosives at the moment. Not saying anything, but looking rather concentrated at the moment as he starts placing the explosives near the hinges and lock of the door. He's no expert at this, after all.

Sam folds the map again, tucks it into one of the many pockets of the vest she's wearing, and remembers to check her sidearm as well, though the backpack she's carrying is more weighted with what they might have a use for than spare clips, but she probably has one of those as well. A quick pocket pat-down ensures that she did remember to do that and somewhere, she fishes out one of those multi-tool utility knife things that has everything - who knows when a corkscrew might come in handy - and eyes it for a moment before shrugging and returning that to the pocket it was retrieved from in the first place. "Glad to have you with us, Lieutenant," she says quietly to Maia before stepping out into the cold and eyeing the side of the massive warehouse that the raptor is parked beside. "I used to call these people at least once a month and order supplies," she says in the same quiet voice, listening to the comm while speaking, "never planned to come here in person, that's for sure."

[Into the Wireless] Stone says, "Yeah, that works. Although a safe and quiet detonation might be safer as to not draw attention to us if there are people present. Though yeah, if there is no other option that is the way to go. ((For those that didn't see it on the other chan))"

Maia remains with the Marines not crazy enough to take the front, preferring to follow the more experienced warriors. The Raptor secured, she feels confident in leaving it, her sidearm drawn and the safety off. "Thank you, Sir, I'm honored to be with you. Hope we can find everything you need."

Sam eyes Maia, sidelong, for a moment and looks surprised and then a touch amused. "Well," a breath of a pause, "I appreciate that, Lieutenant, most of my staff will tell you i have the bedside manner of a centurion and the friendly nature of a hat rack. Or something of equal but not really warm and fuzzy nature. That being said, I hope we find everything we need and as much as we can carry. One of these days I'm going to have to find out what the weight limit is on these Raptor's to determine how much cargo we can actually secure and still lift off."

There is a bit of a nod then, trusting Fischer. "Give it a go. Careful though. Cause too large of a ruckus and we could have a lot of trouble coming our way." Then to Reed again, "Stand ready just in case." Leaving things to Fischer. Looking over to the two women as well, "Hey, you seem friendly enough doc." He offers before focusing on the door, eyes always active.

<FS3> Fischer rolls Demolitions: Success.

Looking about to say something, Fischer decides just to shrug, before he readies himself to detonating the explosive. Making sure everybody's out of the blast radius, before he actually detonates the thing. Hopefully that'll take care of the hinges and lock and the door can be removed.

Maia chuckles at the self description from the doctor. "I think we should just fill it as full as we can," her lips quirk in a cocky smile. "You guys can be holding as many boxes as you need, we'll get what we can. Salvage all we can." As Fischer prepares the detonation, she steps back, preparing for the blast.

Reed just gives Stone a thumbs up, but does check on Maia and Samtara, making sure they haven't wondered off or some such thing. Once he is satisfied that they are where they should be, he goes back to watching his sector, waiting for the outcome of the demo set. But when he hears about holding onto boxes he cuts his eyes to Maia "Didn't know when I joined the CMC I was going to be a package delivery boy," he says good humoredly.

The explosive that Fischer rigs to the door, which is not at all a door of inconsequential size or weight, being a massive affair of solid steel resting on hinges that would have (at one time) been well oiled to make the use of these doors as easy as possible. Once the detonation goes off, and the smoke clears, the metal around the doors themselves is warped, bent in interesting ways and the door gives a rather ominous sounding creak.

Moving forward as soon as the smoke starts clearing, Fischer readies his rifle as well, before he moves to give that door a soid kick now, to aid in a swift collapse inwards. Looking behind it to see if there's anything on the other side of the doorway, he waits for any further orders there.

Stone moves to follow along, with his weapon ready. Gesturing for Reed as well. Trying to make sure it's clear. Gesturing for Reed to take the rear to escort while he moves inside with Fischer. Just to get everyone inside safely before doing too much more. Once everyone is inside Reed won't need to cover their rear as much perhaps. "Good job." He offers to Fischer as well.

Samtara pages Reed, Stone, and Fischer: Ok, first obstacle over come! door lands inward. Someone gets to take point. Inside the doors there's no electricity of course, that would be TO EASY. flight of stairs leading upward to a door that looks like it's wedged partway open, the ceiling has fallen down around it. The drop panels have crumbled to the floor, pipes are leaking moisture - probably just water - onto the floor. slippery footing.

"But a charming package delivery boy all the same." Maia grins, amused as she relays the teasing words to Reed. As the door blows though, she remains a safe distance away, only moving forward as the other Marine's and the doctor do, behind Stone mostly.

Sam winces a little at the sound as the explosion goes off, again when the door crashes inward then hastily steps back as rats come pouring out of the opening in a wave of sleek looking brown furred bodies with beady eyes, whiskers and naked tails. "Rats, why is it always rats?" She shudders then exhales a breath before nodding at Maia, "We'll grab what as much as we can," before shaking her head at Cassidy. "Better than newspaper delivery boy, I imagine, job wise."

Reed barely dips his head in a gesture of a duck as the blast goes off. A quick glance to the door he smiles "Good going, Fischer," he says right after the door falls away. "Now that's a *real* universal key." He stands from his crouch position and backs up towards the others and the now open doorway. "Got is Sarge," he tells Stone when the gesture is seen. He can't help but chuckle at Maia "You think so?" He asks as there comes a smug look. As the rats escape he gives a look to Samtara "Want I catch some for you Sir, use them at laboratory specimens?"

<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Stone rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Reed rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Maia rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Once the tide of rats, scurrying rats, subsides, silence settles once more save for the discordant sound of wind whistling through the building, a scuttling sound from further inside and other quieter noises that aren't as easily tagged as any one thing or another. The interior of the building looms as dark and as cold as the exterior, what ever emergency lighting might have existed in the building planning has not survived this long on little or no power reserves this long into the war. A double bank of freight elevators stand open, both looking easily large enough to hold several tons of shipping cargo's . . and quite handily as well. . save for the fact that there's no electricity or power to speak of. In the event of fire or power outage use the stairs, after all, right? Thus. . a flight of stairs leading upward to a door that looks like it's wedged partway open, drop-panel ceiling has fallen down around it to litter the floor - before, surrounding and likely further on - with crumbled bits of particle board and insulation. The drop panels that have crumbled to the floor are squishy underfoot, the pipes that are webbed throughout the building are leaking, having burst at some point due to the dropping temperature and, of course, fire and explosions that have rocked this sector of the city to cause further damage.

Fischer just steps a bit aside as the rats want to get out. Shrugging a bit as he hears the words from the others, but still not speaking, he steps inside. Shaking his head a little at the state of the place, he starts moving up the stairs a bit slowly. Coming to a stop near that partway open door, he turns on his flashlight, trying to see what's beyond it.

Stone gestures for Fischer to take the front as they are to move along. Stone keeping an eye on their surroundings as they will move along. Since Fischer is their door breacher it makes sense to keep him in front. Just in case. Eyes turning to the partly open dodor as well. "What can you see?" He asks in a lower voice. Looking back over to the others as well.

Once she's to the door with the others, Maia peers inside, the darkness more dominant. She doesn't draw a light to see better, but what she can smell and hear is an entirely different matter as she follows the others. Rats, but that was obvious, the roaches and bats fleeing were more than likely visible to the others. A wafting smell of stagnant water is prominent and she winces. "Whew, swamplike smells," she sniffs, frowns and sniffs again. "Is that fuel I smell? Some sort of petrol?" Seeking reassurance from the others of what she is identifying in it. "Anyone else smell that?"

Taking up the covering position, Reed waits for Maia and Samtara to enter the building before he does. "Some one ring the bell and get some service here," he says jokingly before he turns to Maia and then sniffs at the air "Don't smell it but if you do, well we should be careful about sparks or other explosions I would say." He flashes a white smile in the dark "Or we can just say it's probably to contaminated to do any real harm." He gives a shrug, his form outlined by the light spilling in from the open doorway.

Fischer comes to a stop as he hears Maia's words, turning to look towards the pilot now. He shakes his head a little as he steps away from the door, to indicate he's not identifying any such smell, and lets Stone get a chance to look through the door as well now.

"I don't smell it either, other than the mold and the standing water," Sam remarks as she switches on the lamp that's attached to the top of her helmet, fishes another one out of the many pockets of the vest she's wearing and pans it at the floor as she follows along with what she feels is logical wariness. Squishy footing. Roaches scuttling under foot. Dangling bits of ceiling, and there's thick layers of dust and webs moving slowly from the cold air that is being funneled through the door into the warehouse. Maybe she just doesn't want to smell more, the human nose IS smart enough to shut down when it's had enough before it goes to sensory overload, perhaps.

<FS3> Fischer rolls Reaction: Good Success.
<FS3> Stone rolls Reaction: Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Reaction: Success.
<FS3> Reed rolls Reaction: Success.
<FS3> Maia rolls Reaction: Success.

Moving after Fischer it does take Stone slightly by surprise as cockroaches fall down on him, reacting to them as they start crawling on him. Trying to get them off without causing too much of a scene. Being a rather calm marine after all, got to keep up appearances and whatnot. "Careful there." He offers. Still a couple of them on him, crawling around as he tries his best to get rid of them, probably getting a bite or so from them as well. At least a lot of sound as they came down on him. Trying to shake them off. "Gah." He let out in a low sound.

Reed is just far enough back to not be under the cascading flow of falling cockroaches. A visible shiver, well it would be if he wasn't so much in the dark, would have been seen. His flashlight, attached to his riffle, dances about as he sweeps the building, then to the floor where the roaches have recovered from their aerial deployment and scurry out of the way "Nice," he mutters.

At least there's an advantage to being first through the door, as the roaches fall down behind him. As Fischer turns to look at Stone now, there's a brief hint of some vague amusement in his expression, before he turns to look out from the catwalk the door lead them to. Moving a bit down it, so the others can get out there too.

"I'm so used to smelling fuel in the bay.." Maia gives a half-assed explanation. She may be wrong but she smelled something that smelled of fuel. When Fischer hesitates, she does too, lifting a shoulder. "It does smell bad." When the cockroaches fall, she screams, unable to help herself as they crawl over Stone. She takes a few of the steps, hopefully not running into Samtara.

Now would be the time for a serious germ freakout, if ever there was a time and a place for it. Cue the theme music. Sam has enough time to see the reflection of the flashlight off of the falling bodies, takes a step back before the roaches actually scuttle down to the floor - swarming down the sides of the door frame, down the walls, crunching and squishing under foot - and narrowly avoids having them fall in her face. She does not, to her credit, surrender to the instinct to shriek: GET IT OFF ME in a unhinged tone of voice that would have made great point-and-laugh fodder once the mission is completed. Her eyes ARE very wide and she breathes in a shallow manner, swatting away any of the insects that land on her shoulders or try to scuttle in unauthorized areas - namely a perimeter a full foot surrounding her personal space. Maia's steps backward nearly bring Sam into a collision course with Maia and it's a careful sidestep as well paired with reaching out to snag the sleeve of Maia to help maintain footing on the slippery squishy steps. Steps that are briefly over run by scuttling roaches. Each step that's taken is accompanied by the scuttling, the crunching, squishing and. . more of the same. "It's ok," no she does NOT sound at all convincing, helping brush the nasty creatures off of Maia - yay to the OCD need to wear gloves AT ALL TIMES - as she sends them flying in all directions.

Once the gauntlet of cockroach strewn stairs is traversed and the catwalk is reached the sound of wings moving through the airs is the only warning as bats take flight as well from somewhere deep within the building and, for those that glance upward, the sight of those silent bodies moving through the air in the central area of the warehouse is also glimpsed. Here, at last, remains some residual lighting. Whether it's from nearly dead batter backup or something along the lines, but the light is dim - just enough to illuminate the walls that surround the central storage space but that dim light is also just enough to give th vague shape to how massive the central structure really is. Aisle after aisle of stacked cargo containers recedes into the depths and darkness of the warehouse. The lingering scent of of smoke, burnt and crisped metal and other even more unpleasant odors are thick in the cold air that is stirred by the wind moving through the building.

The catwalk stretches to the left and right, heavy iron work plating that is secure under foot, yes, but a touch slippery as well with condensation that's built up over the months of exposure to the elements. A door to the far end of the catwalk to the left is secured as was the exterior door, as is the door to the right, the metal grilled lift stands equally silent and a single flight of stairs leads downward . . part way. The bottom half of the stairs are twisted and utterly destroyed, creating a drop of at least fifteen feet from the last stair to the warehouse floor below. The smell of fuel is heavier in here, the fumes mingling with the cold air, whether from oil drums or some other logical source, it's clear that what Maia had caught the scent of first is even stronger in here. The No Smoking lamp is now on.

Reed puts up a hand to stop the two, Maia and Samtara, from backing up to far. "Easy, Sirs, ain't nothing but a few bugs. Actually in survival school they showed how to cook them, if you can have a fire, or eat them raw. A great source of protein. If we get stranded here, we wont go hungry, that's for sure," he tells them deadpan. Save for that little smirk of his. He shines, by pointing his weapon, his light out across the vastness of the warehouse "Seems we hit the mother lode, no?" He then can smell the fuel fumes in the air "You were right," he says to Maia "Sir, there is the fuel smell."

"I know how to eat bugs," Maia says grudgingly to Reed. "But it's not cockroaches, it's grasshoppers, crickets, wasp larva, grubs, locusts and caterpillars that are safe to eat in a pinch. Not cockroaches, the filthiest insect ever." Disgust shades her voice. She stomps her foot, not out of impatience, but to get the bugs off her boots. Seeing the dilemma ahead, she frowns, looking at the Doctor. "Bugs.." shaking her head.

Fischer keeps quiet as he listens to the others, shrugging as he awaits further instructions about what they should do now.

"No power, Corporal Cassidy, no power in this life time or any other would make me hungry enough to eat bugs let along roaches. I have ration bars and I'm positive I can make those last a LONG long time before we have to break down and eat bugs," she says in a low voice, dusting a few more of the disgusting things off of Maia. Thanks to Reed neither she nor Maia ended up taking a tumble down the stairs. Once they're out on the catwalk, and safely away from the shower of roaches, the creepy sound of bats in the darkness, and everything else, she paces slowly forward to rest her hands on the thick railing along the edge of the catwalk. The floor below is just out of reach of the beam of the flashlight she's holding, though she can guess just how far it is. "Alright, we need to get to the warehouse floor. Short of flying… Ideas?"

Reed grins at both Maia and Sam about the eating of said bugs. Was he really serious? As they tread along the catwalk and thee comes an end he peers down. "I have rope, if you feel up to a little climbing," or would that be sliding down? And thus Reed is reaching into his fanny pack, and there is a very tightly coiled rope with which to use. He holds it in the weak light, like showing everyone 'Look what I brought'.

Maia lifts a hand tentatively.. "I can jump." She winks at the doctor, but quickly shudders when she realizes the brushing motion was the doctor getting roaches off her. "Thank you," she murmurs gratefully. "I don't mean really jump, but I can repel down there. I've climbed from higher places before, much higher." Cliffs, bridges, buildings, antenna. AKA B.(buildings) A.(antenna) S.(spans/bridges) E.(earth/cliffs) Jumping. "And look at you, you have just what I need." Offering Reed a grin.

Fischer just shakes his head a little bit as he listens now. Offering a brief nod to Maia as he hears her words, before he goes back to looking at the area in quiet. Did he take a vow of silence today, or something?

Once the gauntlet of cockroach strewn stairs is traversed and the catwalk is reached the sound of wings moving through the airs is the only warning as bats take flight as well from somewhere deep within the building and, for those that glance upward, the sight of those silent bodies moving through the air in the central area of the warehouse is also glimpsed. Here, at last, remains some residual lighting. Whether it's from nearly dead batter backup or something along the lines, but the light is dim - just enough to illuminate the walls that surround the central storage space but that dim light is also just enough to give th vague shape to how massive the central structure really is. Aisle after aisle of stacked cargo containers recedes into the depths and darkness of the warehouse. The lingering scent of of smoke, burnt and crisped metal and other even more unpleasant odors are thick in the cold air that is stirred by the wind moving through the building.

The catwalk stretches to the left and right, heavy iron work plating that is secure under foot, yes, but a touch slippery as well with condensation that's built up over the months of exposure to the elements. A door to the far end of the catwalk to the left is secured as was the exterior door, as is the door to the right, the metal grilled lift stands equally silent and a single flight of stairs leads downward . . part way. The bottom half of the stairs are twisted and utterly destroyed, creating a drop of at least fifteen feet from the last stair to the warehouse floor below. The smell of fuel is heavier in here, the fumes mingling with the cold air, whether from oil drums or some other logical source, it's clear that what Maia had caught the scent of first is even stronger in here. The No Smoking lamp is now on.

After securing the rope to a stout stanchion, Reed picks up the coils, looking over the edge and then drops it. When he hears the bulk of it smack the floor he turns to the others "The rope is clearly long enough. Let me go down first and will radio back when to come down," he says to the others. With that he swings a leg over the railing, looks at the others and smiles in the semi-darkness "First stop, ladies lingerie." And with that he pushes off and allows the rope to slips through the ring, dropping into the gloom below as he repels down into the gloom of the warehouse floor.

Reed's boots strike the floor, this is true, but he doesn't land on solid pavement. It's solid enough, sure, once his boot treads get through the layer of squish, nasty water that's accumulated after months and months of rain and everything else that's swept through this warehouse. The scuttle and squeak, again, of rats underfoot is perhaps not surprising nor is the crunch of what is likely cockroaches. After all, they need someplace warm to stay out of the cold. Our friends, the cockroaches.

Fischer stays quiet, watching as Reed goes down. Looking around to see if there might be something else around here somewhere as well.

Standing at the railing with Maia, and picking another cockroach out of Maia's hair before it can climb higher, Sam is pretty sure she's gotten the last of them off of the pilot, at least neither she nor Maia have screamed again since getting this far. To Sam's credit, it's not that she didn't scream (she didn't) it's not knowing what else is zipping around in the air inside this huge dark building that keeps her from doing anything like sucking in a deep breath - enough to get a good scream going, at any rate. She leans slightly forward, aiming the beam of the flashlight that she's holding in Reed's direction, "Do you see anything?" she calls down into the darkness.

Carmine Heard screams. And there went a semi peaceful afternoon of watching the car in a warm dry environment out the window. Slipping out of the Raptor, The staff Sergeant takes a bit off his quid of chewing tobacco and heads for the door moving at a good pace but surprisingly quiet for such a heavily kitted man. His LMG at combat ready as he slips into the building.

If only Sam could see the look that Reed shoots up when she yells down to him. Oh yea, he seems lots. mucky water, crates of supplies, rats, more roaches. And then yelling on top of that? Why not put up neon signs and say 'Here we are.' No, maybe it's better she doesn't see it. Instead he unhooks from the rope, steps back while bringing up his firearm. A hand goes to the push to talk button on the radio.

[Into the Wireless] With a soft voice "Dog 3 here, lots of crates stacked all nice and neatly. Hope you brought your waders. Come on down, one at a time."

Fischer shakes his head a bit as he looks around now, hearing the words on the radio. Looking to see who goes next now.

[Into the Wireless] Samtara says, "Waders?"

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Doc, Dog 3, Never mind, just come on down."

Sam voices that question, lowers her hand from the comm unit and stares rather intently into the darkness then sighs. Quietly. But it's a sigh all the same. "Of course. Waders. Right. Of course." She tugs at the rope, not once but twice, as though Reed's field testing OF the climbing apparatus wasn't sufficient. One more tug and then she's climbing over the railing, balances for a moment, flexes both hands - glad to be wearing gloves, and not just the usual disposable medical gloves - and with a serious lack of grace even remotely resembling the sort of skill displayed by Reed she makes her way down the rope. Her feet land in the muck, "What . . am I standing in?"

Making his way up the stairs, Carmine grimaces as a foot slips, whacking his shin and grinding his chin into a step further up. Screwing up his face as he gets a close up view of a Rat's hind end, he spits a mouthful of blood at it from a bitten tongue and begins climbing once more. touching a buttin on the side of his chin strap twice, turning in the LED headlights mounted in his helmet. Switching from Bright white flood to Night-vision saving Red, he continues up the stairs once more. Keying his mic as he goes.

Maia shudders when another cockroach is picked off of her and idle smashes it with the toe of her boot. Sickening… she grinds it in with a crunch. "Thank you," she mutters to Samtara. "Careful Doctor.." she tells her, watching until she lands then going over herself.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, " Dog 6 Joining group. Remaining in support"

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Dog 3 copies. Glad to have you with us, Dog 6."

Reed keeps his rifle mounted flashlight from actually shining on the 'floor'. "You really don't want to know, Sir," comes his reply, softly spoken. He moves out just a bit, and yes, takes a knee in the muck. The rifle shinning down the long line of crates and shelves and everything else. Keeping vigilant, his duty to provide guard while the other's come down the rope to join him.

Sam actually closes her eyes for a moment, "Now I have to know," in a resigned tone of voice as she moves a few feet away from the rope, keeping the flashlight level for the moment as she locates the nearest crate, scans the barcode on the side of it and - with this as her reference point - slowly pans the flashlight beam toward the floor. She can feel the cold slosh of fluid around her boots and reluctantly looks down. . in time to see a dead rat drifting over her boots. She makes a sound that's part choked part gagging and puts SERIOUS effort into not contributing to the mess by throwing up in it.

Fischer waits until Maia's gone down the rope, before he starts making his way down it as well. Moving a bit slow now, until he's down where it's about twice his length left or so, before he simply drops down, not wanting to risk the rope anymore. Shaking his head as he looks at whatever it is they've landed in, he waits for further instructions now.

Splat. Her boots land in something that splatters on her boots and lower part of her flight suit. Roaches to her ankles. She gags, you know that sound where you almost throw up? Yeah.. that. "It.. really smells down here.." The word here makes the same sound. Attractive, yeah? She hurries to get out of the way for the upcoming Fischer, trying hard to maintain.

<FS3> Fischer rolls Reaction: Success.

Once Maia lands in the muck and the roaches that thankfully are dead, at least this group that swirls by in the cold muck that IS muck, the slimy gunk swirls thickly underfoot and promises to be just as generally disgusting as imaginable. When Fischer lands, having let go of the rope to drop the rest of the into the dark that is only illuminated by the various flashlights shining here and there, the marine lands on his feet with a splash that sends dead roaches and other slimy detrius skidding outward in the wake of his landing. Thank you, Fischer, for wave of muck.

Moving along the Steel catwalk, Carmine Sniffs the air, regrettig it as he does it, the Sergeant continues on, boots ringing faintly on the metal of the catwalk as he moves to catch up with the others.

A very quick glance over his shoulder to Sam as he hears the sound of her gag before he goes back keeping watch "Told you Sir." And yes, those three words held that ever present tone of 'I told you so but would you listen to me?'. He doesn't look back as he hears the other's coming down the rope and feet making the splash as they hit the muck that covers the floor. "So, Sir," he starts "all these crates look pretty much the same to me, any clue that you can give us to find what we are looking for?" As each member comes down the rope, he counts to make sure they are all down. "Be nice to have some NVGs." He mutters mostly to himself. A bitching Marine is a happy Marine, right?

Once under control, Maia gives the others an apologetic look but she wades with the others, trying not to slip on that slippery muck beneath their boots. The crates gain her attention, and she looks over them curiously. "Are any of them numbered or marked?" Looking for a packing list or any papers on the wall that indicates how they usually sort them.

It's a moment later that Camrine is coming down the Rope. Boots squelching in the "Mud" as he lands, he unslings the LMg one more, Nodding to those there. Carmine Looks to Reed. "You take me to the nicest places Dog 3." Despite the Surroundings, Carmine actually seems chipper.

"Yes but they all have a specific prefix," Sam explains as she looks away from the muck, determinedly looks away from the muck, and eyes the nearest crate again and pans the flashlight beam over the bar code then the abbreviations on the crate itself before working her way around the crate to peel the shipping manifest off of the create itself. "Why is this always done the hard way?" she mutters. "Ok, look for these," she says, holding the shipping manifest aloft. "Just call out the manufacturer names as you go, I'll know what company makes what," she explains, "that'll help narrow down the boxes. Just," she turns in a slow circle, playing the flashlight beam along the aisle she's nearest, "pick a row and start," she advises.

Even though it can't be seen by the others Reed grins "Always, Staff, always." He too sounds a bit chipper as well. Nothing better than to be on the ground and in the muck, right? He is out, a good 7 yards, one knee in the muck, his rifle up to his shoulder as he scans down the rows. "How we doing, Centerfold? Can't get much better than this, right? Stick with us and you will want to get out of flying those machines of yours and join up with us." He listens to Sam give directions yet he doesn't move right away "Staff?" He asks seeking direction.

Maia heads off in another direction. She begins calling out names. "Aztechnology?" Smirking at the name. How futuristic it sounded. She waits by the crate to see if it's anything they are going to need. Hearing Reed, she looks over and grins. "Much better thanks. You know, I'll need another dance after this, right?" Laughing, she offers a thumbs up. "Sure, but I just got cross qualified to fly Vipers too now. Let me do that first, then I'll go full on Marine." Course, she loves flying too much to ever leave it, but the banter was fun.

<FS3> Reed rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Reed rolls Stealth: Failure.
<FS3> Maia rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Maia rolls Stealth: Failure.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Carmine rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Carmine rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Samtara rolls Stealth: Success.

Fischer just shrugs as he sees the splash from his landing. Sighing as he hears what's being said at the moment, but he moves for one of the rows, shrugging a little bit now. Moving over to one of the crates, he takes a few moments to locate the shipping manifest, which of course seems to be located where it takes quite a bit of time to find it.

Nodding to Reed, Carmine chuckles "Stay in radio contact, and Don't be the fat kid in the Horror movies. you ehar a sound you don;t recognize…do NOT go look without backup." As he turns to head down another Aisle, he makes the Ch-ch-ch-ch..Ah-ah-ah-ah sounds. Moving to a crate in his aisle, he checks the manifest and calls out. "Fukitol Anti depressants?"

In the darkness and the gloom the individual beams of the flashlights illuminate one crate after another, Maia's words making Sam shake her head, "Pace makers and and replacement components," and falls silent to hear Carmine's remarks. She actually chuckles, though it's quietly, "Mark that one please, we'll take some of those if we have room." The echo of voices and movements isn't really all that loud but . . it's loud enough. The arrival of the raptor was really what sent the balloon up, so to speak. Quiet though they are, and they ARE quiet, the gleam of metal in the darkness isn't all that noticeable at first until the centurions reach the edge of the railing that edges the balcony around the warehouse floor.

Reed has moved off one row, looking at the bar codes. That is till he hears something, not a rat, not the others. He crouches, rifle up. And then as he spots the canner he is also spotted. Damn flashlight. We really do need NVGs. As he switches the selector switch to three round burst and removes the safety he is also keying his mic.

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Dog 3 canners! Engaging."

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, " Copy 3, Dog 6 is Slipping the leash.""

Fischer hasn't finished finding the shipping crate yet. Pausing as he hears the part about the enemies, he hurries to climb a bit on the crates, so he can find one of the Centurions, firing off a quick burst from where he is now.

Maia can hear really well, so when the Centurion makes itself known, she just turns where she is standing and draws her pistol, shooting towards one near her.

Looking up from a box of Straight-Streams Urethral splints, Carmine Spits a stream of Tobacco juice into the muck around his ankles, keys his mic and racks the bolt on his LMG.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Carmine fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod - Light wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod - Moderate wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc4 attacks Maia with Rifle - Moderate wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Cc2 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Samtara attacks Cc2 with Pistol and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reed fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Cc4 with Pistol Ap - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Cc1 attacks Reed with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc2 passes.
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

"Well that worked well," Sam mutters as she remembers to take the safety off of the pistol, remembers the last round of lessons regarding all of this and does not actually hit anything useful but doesn't shoot herself, anyone else that is down in the muck and of course misses the centurion she's aiming at entirely. That's one round down, nineteen more to go. Another dead rat drifts over her boots and she kicks it lightly to send it spiraling away from her . . only to be followed by a swirl of swimming cockroaches. Lovely.

Splashes go up0 all around him as Reed squeezes the trigger. Muck flies every which way, crates get hole in them. One round smacks the crate right next to his head. "Frack," he says as he dives into the sludge that covers the floor. As soon as he hits the deck, his riffle is up, aimed at the canner. Another three round burst is on it's way.

The noise has caught the attention of another canner, not to mention the rounds smacking into him. This one turns it's rifle onto Carmine, how can one miss all that stream of rounds flashing out of that SAW.

Unloading a 5 second burst of Fire, Carmine Calls out. "OI! over here! Your Mother was a Frakking Waffle Iron you big Frakking Wizard of Oz reject!" He wasn't about to let another MEdical type get shot up,so he goes about getting as much of their attention as possible before keying his mic.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, " if anyone has a grenade handy. Now would be a good time."

Fischer grimaces a bit as his shots doesn't do too much. Firing off another burst from his vantage point on top of a few crates, he grimaces a little now.

Opening fire on the Centurion Maia never really took cover, unfortunately. So used to her Raptor being her armor, she just shoots.. and unfortunately misses as a bullet slams into her arm. Lookout Marines, Maia's got a gun.

<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod - Serious wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reed fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Cc4 with Pistol Ap but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc1 attacks Reed with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Cc2 with Rifle Ap - ARMOR on Left Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Samtara attacks Cc2 with Pistol - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Cc4 attacks Maia with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc2 attacks Carmine with Rifle and MISSES!

The incoming bullets are insult to injury as the centurions take return fire and give as good as they get, more or less. Sparks fly as bullets hit home, each centurion taking several well aimed bullets that ping off of metal, chew through in some places and in general mar the shiny spiffy finish on all that gleaming. . well, metal. The hail of bullets that strike home seems to throw off the return fire as the three centurions on the balcony fire into the gloom and hit crates, they hit muck, there's even a rat or two that gets well and truly dead.

Still more splashes as rounds kick up near him. Though the withering fire that Carmine is putting out keeps him low. He does key his mic before he squeezes off another volley of rounds at his target. Shell casings from his rifle fly and make little splashes as well, the sound in the room is near deafening as the gunfire reverberates off the walls and crates. He does see many rounds smacking into the canner that has him targeted. "Frak, go down you bastard," he mutters as he spits out a mouth full of the water he is laying in.

There's an 'OOMPH' sound as that bullet strikes Maia's arm, ripping through her flight suit. Her shoulder is thrown back, her aim is off. Switching her gun to her left hand while her arm is still kind of numb, she takes another shot before lowering her weapon. "Bitch!" she calls to the Centurion. "Frakkin' shot me." Grumble. Grumble.

Feeling rounds whipping past him, Carmine Hunkers a little lower behind the LMG for a second, letting a bit of a grin cross his lips as the rounds go Wide, He's back to shouting and Shooting. "OVER HERE! Follow the tracers you Goggle eyed Glorified Toaster Ovens!"

Fischer just keeps silent, as he fires off another burst. No need to talk, or do anything else than aim and fire again, shaking his head a little bit now.

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Dog 6, Dog 3, have gernades but can't get to them. Everyone report status."

Hearing Maia's words, Sam runs through a check list that starts with: Position 1- Safety. Step two: Holster. Step three: Locate Maia. Step four: assist. She's moving through the muck, kicks another dead rat out of her path and sends it bouncing off of another crate. "On my way," she calls out to Maia and reaches Maia's side after a few moments of slogging, briefly aiming her flashlight at Maia to discern the location of the injury before narrowing the beam to the lowest possible usable setting and starting to work.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, " Dog 6 Still have a full belt of ammo and unscathed so far."

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Status? Shot in the blasted arm. Frak."

[Into the Wireless] Samtara says, "Working on the Lieutenant's blasted arm, give me a moment gentlemen, busy."

<COMBAT> Maia passes.
<COMBAT> Stone fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Cc4 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Cc4 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Cc4 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reed fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Samtara treats Maia:
<COMBAT> Carmine fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc4 attacks Fischer with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc1 attacks Reed with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc2 attacks Carmine with Rifle and MISSES!

Still making as much of a racket as he can to get the Cylon's attention, Carmine gives his barrel a few seconds to cool down before pulling the trigger again.c

The sound in the warehouse, even with it's side, is non-stop now as the fire fight goes full force. Tracers from Carmine's SAW leaps out as little streaks of light, shell casings fall to the water in a flood. The Canners are moving, trying to get some kind of advantage under the onslaught of fire power now unleased at them.

Reed still lays in the muck, his rifle aimed, steam comes off the now hot barrel, he lines up his shot, squeezes the trigger. Though the words from Centerfold do cause him to grimace as well as those from the CMO. But he fights off the urge to ask for more information as well as going himself to see. That can be taken care of after the canners go down.

The round that takes Maia in the arm slices through the sleeve of her flight suit and cuts a channel along the edge of her arm. "Antibiotics, a serious lot of antibiotics," she says in a low voice to the Lieutenant, wiping the wound down with a antiseptic wound wipe, applies a folded pad of bandages to slow the bleeding as she works then peels it up to inspect the damage. "You'll need stitches," she informs the LT before slapping a different type of bandage in place, one that's designed to expand to fill the surface of the wound and thereby applying uniform pressure. While the bandage does it's work she's winding a length of gauze around Maia's arm and tying it in place. "Do NOT fall down do NOT get muck into this wound. There are so many dead things in this water - -" the surgeon is briefly moved to incoherent muttering as she ties the bandage in place and remembers to tug Maia's sleeve up over the bullet wound before drawing the sidearm she's carrying and taking up a position near the Pilot. Ah, yes, position TWO safety Off.

Did he hear the words over the radio, or has he simply decided he needed to let the rifle do the answering? Because Fischer fires off another burst, after having ducked down a bit as the shot from the Centurion comes in.

As soon as the Doctor gets to her, she lowers her left arm and waits patiently while she is mended. Flashing Sam a pained smile, Maia nods. "I promise I won't.. imagine roach feces or something.." Another shudder. Rat guts, yuck. Vivid imagination? Definitely. "Thank you doctor.." She reaches for her weapon again, ready to shoot.

<COMBAT> Stone fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Cc4 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Cc4 with Rifle Ap - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Stone attacks Cc4 with Rifle Ap - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc1 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Cc2 with Pistol Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Samtara takes careful aim at Cc2.
<COMBAT> Cc4 attacks Fischer with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc2 attacks Carmine with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc1 attacks Reed with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc1 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod - Moderate wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP - Critical wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc4 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc1 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Cc4 has been KO'd!

Not one but two of the centurions that had taken aim at the humans - standing, kneeling and or crouching in the muck - tumble down over the edge of the railing to land with a resounding thud and a backwash fo brackish disgusting water that slops and laps against the crates. One Centurion half lands on a sturdy looking cargo container before smashing through it and sinking slowly through the crate. The impact spills the contents of the crate - tongue depressors of all things - into the muck to float like sad little life rafts for the roaches to climb aboard and paddle to safety. The other one simply lands in the muck, no crate to break it's fall, and never once twitches once it does it's metal belly flop.

As the canner falls than had him laying in the dead rat infested water, mostly due to the fire power laid down by Carmine, Reed is up from the muck in one swift move. His rifles is held tight to his shoulder as he advances on the canner. He keys his mic before he squeezes the trigger.

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Dog 3 moving."

Seeing one left, carmine keys his mic once more and opens fire again.

When her shots ring out, but miss the canners, Maia friends, frustrated. She couldn't hit the broad side of a warehouse at this point. Give her a bomb any day. "Curse this worthless gun." Sure blame the gun!

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, " One more On the catwalk. Stay Low. round incoming downrange."

Standing up on his vantage point on the crates, Fischer empties the rest of his magazine into the remaining Centurion, growling a bit to himself at the moment.

<COMBAT> Carmine fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine attacks Cc2 with LMG Tripod - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc2 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Cc2 with Pistol Ap - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Samtara attacks Cc2 with Pistol and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer fires fullauto!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc2 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc2 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc2 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc2 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc2 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Cc2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Fischer's weapon clicks empty.
<COMBAT> Cc2 attacks Carmine with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc2 has been KO'd!

Sam braces her right hand against the side of the crate that she's taking cover beside, eyeing the spill of perfectly good tongue depressors spinning lazily in the muck and the unmoving form of the centurion sprawled in the remains of the crate. "Destructive to the last," she mutters before tilting her head back, squinting through the gloom, trying to locate the remaining centurion on the balcony. The words from Carmine have her falling silent again, rolling her left shoulder slightly and taking a two handed grip on the pistol instead to try to improve her aim and actually fire off a shot this time, not just think about firing off a shot. Screwing up her math, this firefight is. Course… she still misses, but she remembers to fire this time around.

The last of the centurions staggers backward, if a machine can stagger that is, then pitches forward in a nasty ear hurting screech of metal against metal as it screeches it's way down the railing to land in a twitching heap on the catwalk before it stops moving entirely. Maybe if they'd had some string to tie between the tin can on the balcony and the one in the crate they could've used it to play telephone.

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Everyone, Dog 3, report status."

She'd shot a canner. With a gun. When it hits, Maia looks at the weapon with a look of pride. She didn't get chances like this too often. She hurriedly goes about reloading.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Reloading, then I can go back to looking at the crates."

Reed lets the bullets fly past him as he moves towards the target. For the Marines he doesn't worry so much about their aim. But the Pilot and the Doc, well that's a bit of another story. For we all know friendly fire isn't so friendly. But the canner has gone down. He has no holes, all is right with the world. Save for that gawd awful taste in his mouth. Once he is sure that canner is in fact dead he turns back to the others, "Cease fire, all done."

"Not so fast," Sam remarks as she goes through a reverse sort of process, back to position 1 and the gun back into it's holster before she sloshes through the muck again to Maia. "Antibiotics and then crates," she changes Maia's order of business. "Ok, reload and then antibiotics and then crates, but antibiotics are not a joke." Roach feces, for real. Shudder.

Checking his weapon, Carmine checks the feed belt quickly, then grunts and nods, slipping the used belt out, he hooks the new one wrapped around him into the block. Slamming the loading door home, the Staff Sergeant keys his mic once more.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, " Dog 6 here. Unscathed, reloaded, and Hungry. I dropped my protein bar in the water."

[Into the Wireless] Samtara says, "I have several ration bars sealed in a pack. I'll share what we have once we get out of this muck and see about some more lights in here."

Fischer just grunts something into the microphone in answer, before he just remains where he is for the moment, shaking his head a bit.

As night feel outside one would not have thought that it could have gotten any darker on the inside. But it has. The group were forced to find a safe place, and that being relative really, in which to wait out the night. A search turned up a small office, one that was raised high enough that at least the floor was dry. And so now, the small 'shopping' party finds them selves, a bit battered in the case of Maia, and a lot wet. After the current residents were cleared, namely rats, had been kicked out of their dry home, the party now lays claim. A single emergency light has been set in the center to provide at least some light for them to see and ration bars are collected to provide a meal.

Either way, it's chilly or downright cold, and with her flightsuit compromised, Maia is feeling it. She's got her back against the wall and her knees bent, arms wrapped around herself. Her head leans back against the wall, eyes closed, but awake and shivering.

He's kept quiet so far, and at the moment, that's continuing for Fischer. Seated along one of the walls as well, eyes closed for the moment as he takes a few deep breaths.

Looking over to the shivering pilot, Reed thinks for a time. Then he stands, looks at all the others "Right, I'll be right back. Surely there is something out there that we can use to keep us warm." He pulls back the slide of his weapon, chambering a round before he ducks out the door and into the muck. He can be heard sloshing around, even a crate or two falls into the water further off. Till at last it sounds like he is returning.

Morning light, once it begins to filter through the heavy clouds that promise snow - and rather significant amounts of it to be falling by mid day - begins to bathe the warehouse in gray hues that promise more cold weather and nothing sunny, warm or balmy any time soon. The darkness is eased back, one shade at a time, and the warehouse - weathered and partly destroyed by fire, open to the elements, further augmented by the fire fight within - is more open to the cold air than it was before. Weak light filters through one end of the warehouse, the eastern wall having collapsed in a pile of cement blocks, bricks, jagged edges, broken and bent rebar and water pipes that weap fluid into the mess that was the eastern wall. At some point in the night the bat colony had swooped through, finding roosting space throughout the building. Rats are a constant sound, in the walls and everywhere else. Not exactly the most desired neighbors, to say the least.

The office that the team has taken refuge in must have, at one time, been the office that handled the shipping manifests - probably payroll as well. The empty bottle of scotch found in the bottom left hand drawer along side a dusty looking glass smudged with fingerprints speaks to long hours pouring over numbers. Math is beautiful. Output matches input every time. Math never lies. Only humans. And maybe centurions.

Slogging his way back towards the office, Reed calls out in a low voice "Friendly, don't be shooting." He waits outside the door, off to the side, just incase someone gets a bit anxious and shoots.

Chuckling, Carmine calls out quietly. "Come ahead Marine. Finger is off the trigger.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Research: Good Success.

Fischer has found him a corner to pace around a bit at the moment, shrugging a little as he does. Looking between the others every now and then, before he goes back to his pacing now.

Seated at the desk, and possibly the only one in the room not lamenting the fact that the scotch bottle is empty, Sam has been sorting through the remains of the shipping manifests left in scattered heaps. At some point someone used this office as a place to hole up and a good number of the paperwork that had once filled these filing cabinets was used as tinder. The whole shelf of accounting books and tax law books was burned to the last one at some point as well - and good riddance, some would say. She spares a glance up from the shipping receipts, "You're wearing a hole in the floor," aimed at Fischer before she selects the receipts that prove to be the most promising. "If these items are still here, these are the containers that we need. And this," she aims her flashlight at the very large and very user friendly map of the warehouse that's tacked up on the wall behind the desk, "tells us where these crates should be."

Reed opens the door, his head peers around the corner and once he sees that no one has a weapon pointed his way he steps on in. One hand he holds his rifle, the other, jackpot. A few of those hospital blankets and some pale green scrubs. "Found some things, a bit drier I would say." He Makes his way to Maia and dumps a top "Put it over your gear, will help," then he shakes one of the blankets out and drapes it over her knees "And that should help a bit," He looks into her eyes "You doing ok, Sir?" While he waits for the answer he looks to where Samtara has her light shinning "So you think that's where we need to go, Sir?" To the Marines he gets a nod and to Carmine "Didn't see anything out there in my forging, Sarge, I think we are all clear."

Nodding slightly, Carmine watches Reed for a moment, then looks to Fisher. "Next time, we send you to do the foraging. You really suck at sitting still." Searching for the third time for his cigarettes, he blinks, stands and reaches for the Poncho he dropped on Maia earlier. going through the pockets, he comes out with a crushed pack. Wincing as he pulls a cigarette with an S bend in it, he places them back in his pocket and fishes for his chewing tobbacco.

When she wakes, Maia finds a pancho over her. No wonder she had slept so hard. She sits up and looks up at Reed, offering him a smile as he offers the top. "Thanks." Though as Carmine takes his pancho, she gives it up to him, not having known whose it was. "Thank you, also. It sure got colder."

Shaking his head a little bit as he hears Carmine's words, Fischer shrugs a little bit. "Not the only thing I suck at," he replies, a bit quietly, before he shakes his head again, going back to his pacing now.

"Petrol fumes," Sam says in a mild tone of voice to remind Carmine that lighting up could mean. . lighting up. "Potentially, yes," she answers Reed's question as she eyes the map long enough to fix the relevant portions in her mind. "There's several locations to try," turning around and away from the map as she speaks, "lets make this worth it. Take what we can carry, what we can load, and get out of here. IF this place is still standing in a month we can always come back."

<FS3> Reed rolls Land Navigation: Good Success.

Seeing that Maia is well taken care of, he moves to the map and looks with Samtara. A filthy finger (which matches the rest of him, for he was laying in the stuff and has been out in it a lot) goes to the map. It moves around a bit, as he pictures what he has seen to what the map shows. "Right," he stays as his finger zero's in on a spot "We are here." he taps a few times for emphasis "I went as far out as here to here to here," three distant places have been tapped as well, fairly making a triangle with one point back at the office. "Where do you think these crates are at?" He asks as he looks at Sam "And we still have one problem, that being getting out of here once we get what we came for."

Seeing that Maia is well taken care of, Reed moves to the map and looks with Samtara. A filthy finger (which matches the rest of him, for he was laying in the stuff and has been out in it a lot) goes to the map. It moves around a bit, as he pictures what he has seen to what the map shows. "Right," he stays as his finger zero's in on a spot "We are here." he taps a few times for emphasis "I went as far out as here to here to here," three distant places have been tapped as well, fairly making a triangle with one point back at the office. "Where do you think these crates are at?" He asks as he looks at Sam "And we still have one problem, that being getting out of here once we get what we came for." <fixes>

Chuckling as he takes a bite of his Tobacco plug, Carmine nods to Samtara. "My Second greatest dream. Go out in a blaze of glory." Looking at Fisher, he raises an eyebrow. "You good to continue Marine?"

Matching the manifests with the list and then using push pins that are handily located on the edge of the map, Sam marks the locations where the containers are (in theory) shelved. "One problem at a time, Corporal, one problem at a time," she says as she marks the last location. "I'm rather positive," she aims this over her shoulder at Beckwith, "that I don't want to know your greatest dream." This said as she divides up the receipts, "Lets not linger then. Two each," she passes out the receipts, "do your best to avoid damaging the contents of each crate. That's the only way to ensure that we don't spoil what we're after."

Maia tugs the top on over everything before reaching down to tie her boot. She stands up, holding the pancho. "Back to searching the crates?" She stretches, forgetting about that damned arm and winces. "Did anyone else get any sleep?" She checks her sidearm, doing the whole waking up stuff routine. Except.. "Anyone discover a bathroom?" Just keeping it real.

"As long as we can get off this frakking excuse for a planet," Fischer replies, with a bit of a sigh. As for the part about getting out of there, he shrugs, "Build a stair of the crates we're not going to bring with us?"

Reed studies the push pins, his mouth twists up a bit as he is lost in thought "So you are saying we should split up and get this, Sir?" He asks as he takes one of the receipts. He turns to Fischer and grins "A bitching Marine is a happy Marine, right? But," he seems to still be thinking "How much of that explosive do you still have? Making stairs would work, be timing consuming though." To Maia he grins "No Sir, really wasn't looking for one." He then turns to Carmine, waiting his orders.

Looking around Carmine grins. "There's gas…I've got a grenade and a half pound of plastic….there's water, containers, and 3 marines. If we can't make ourselves an exit out of here, then we don't deserve to leave." Looking around, carmine nods. "Alright Reed, since you've already done a sweep of the interior, you and The Doc Stick together, go get your items. Corporal Fisher, You're in charge of our Exit Strategy. Lieutenant, I'm with you. Reed, you and I will Split Fischer's load while He scouts for an exit for us. We get our gear, get out. Tea and cakes for everybody back at the Raptor. Oorah?"

Sam glances over at Maia and actually gives a rueful smile, "That'd be nice wouldn't it. Should be one on every level, though, even if this entire warehouse was staffed only by men eventually they'd need to make use of one. That is unless they were peeing out the windows of the warehouse onto the ground," she actually pauses to cast a measured glance at the men in the room, "which I don't imagine was the most economical way to handle it. Plus, there's all these pipes, I doubt it was to feed only water bubblers." The map is looked at one more time, having already memorized the locations anyway then turns back toward the door, "Ready when you guys are then."

Maia smiles and excuses herself, "I'll go find one and meet you all back here and then we can get everything in order?" She looks near the office areas, surely that would be an obvious place for a restroom.

Reed nods "Oorah, Sargent," he replies and moves to Fischer to take some of his load. As he waits for it he looks back to Samtara "Looks like it's me and you, Sir." As for where to go pee, he doesn't comment. "Oh, I also have one of the shot up canners for Captain West. Though I have to say that it's pretty shot up, that saw of your's Did a number on it, Sargent."

Grinning at Reed, Carmine nods. "It's supposed to Corporal. Sometimes the only thing these Canners will really respond to is being cut in half by AP rounds. Going through his Pack Carmine fishes for the Half pound of malleable explosive in there. Tossing it across the room to Fischer, he pulls out a detonator and remote in a waterproof, shockproof case. Tossing those to the Corporal as well, he grunts. "They taught you the fundamentals of making a shaped charge I assume?"

Fischer's fist clenches for a few moments as he listens, shrugging a little bit. "I still think building that stair to the catwalk would be the most practical way. Would lead us straight out to the Raptor," he points out, before he shrugs once more, shaking his head a little bit now. Catching the things tossed to him. "Enough to get that entrance door opened for us."

Sam makes some adjustments, mental math wise, to their cargo capacity. "How much of it is undamaged enough to take back? Either of you have any mechanical skills? It'd be easier to dismantle it without damaging it beyond what we can't use," she muses. "There's a freight elevator, not enough power to run it of course, but if there's a elevator maybe there's doors," she shrugs, not one to suggest to any marine that they don't set something (anything) on fire or use explosives. "Ready then," she tucks the rest of the receipts into one of the front pockets of her vest and checks her flashlight once again before starting for the door.

Reed looks at Sam as if she grew two heads when she asks about taking the thing apart. His brows rise a bit "Sir, I can shoot them for you, I can drag them around for you, but I sure can't take one apart for you." He sweeps his hand out to the door "After you sir," he gives Fischer and Carmine a wink as he waits for the Doc to lead the way. Well at least show the way for he will be going before her as protection.

as Fischer mentions making the crate stairs, Carmine shrugs. "You're in charge of getting us out Marine. you want stairs. make stairs. you want to make a big hole in the wall…Make a big hole in the wall. Hell, if you have the time and the inclination, feel free to build a Catapult to launch us through a sky-light. Just do it right and make sure we survive it. this is your baby…I will say one thing about your Stairs plan though Fischer. It is probably Safer, less likely to set off the gas fumes the Doc seems so concerned about, and possibly a wiser choice. you know. Boring." As he speaks, he moves to grab some of the other unnecessary things Fischer might deem unnecessary.

Sam is hitching the backpack she's carrying just a bit higher on her shoulders as she walks, "So. Corporal Cassidy is on the list of Not Mechanics, so noted for future use," she remarks as she walks out of the office and pauses a few inches away from the edge of the cement stairs that lead down from the slight rise to the muck that swirls around the bottom stairs. "I hate this," said quite calmly and with the gray morning light filtering in it's at least not quite the oppressive gloom. She pans the beam of the flashlight upward to read the row marking, "Alright, midway down the row, center shelving section," reading the bar code again off of the receipt and starting to wade into the muck.

Catching a question from Sam Earlier, Carmine calls out. "I can jury rig some things Doc."

Aww, no boom. Oh well, can't have everything. Reed gets ready to move and as he is behind Samtara he smiles a bit "Just think of it as a cool clear creek, Sir." He tells her in an attempt to get her to forget what is all in the water. He brings his rifle to the front, the tactical sling allowing such a move with ease. Not one for the average sling that has to slip over an arm and shoulder, the tactical one allows it to be ready at any time. As Carmine speaks up about his mechanical skills he nods "I have the canner pulled where we came down from the catwalk. I guess we can do that there."

Sam pauses, mid stride, the muck swirling around her ankles, and turns back to Beckwith. "If we can find you some tools, Staff Sergeant, do you think you can see about dismantling the undamaged pieces and we'll take back what we can carry?" she wonders. She turns slightly back toward Cassidy, "My powers of imagination, Corporal, are not up to speed for that kind of self delusion."

"Boring is good. Some of us have a few things we need to take care of," Fischer remarks, before he looks around again, very briefly, and then moves out to start buliding up some stairs now, trying to get the stairs not too steep, since they'll have to bring a few things with them, after all.

Nodding Carmine Grins. "Taking apart a Canner? find me a blowtorch, a hammer, and a set of Bolt Cutters. Don't necessarily need a blowtorch." Nodding to Fischer, Carmine grins. "good luck."

Reed is right behind Sam with no hesitation at all. There is no thought of what swirls about them, just put it aside and move one seems to be his mind set. He points into a direction, "That way and then up a few rows, Sir?" He has already moved in front of the CMO, his rifle up on his shoulder while the barrel is slightly down. "Oh, Sargent, take care of our pilot, it's a long walk back to friendly lines." He says grinning.

<FS3> Carmine rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Carmine rolls Jury-Rigging: Success.

"I'd love to see what a blow torch could do to a centurion," Sam admits, not quietly either, as she slogs forward still. She pans the beam of the flashlight over the boxes that are on shelves out of the muck, notes ample evidence that they are not the first people to come through looking for useful drugs. Though, with a war on, all drugs are useful but it's usually the narcotics that are looted first followed by antibiotics and everything else. The box they're after is, actually. on the shelf. But the box is empty, the side of the box ripped off and lost somewhere in the muck. "Alright, one down, nine to go." She sets the receipt inside the remains of the empty box and slogs to the end of the row again, takes her bearings and starts for the next potential location.

As Reed has been moving his eyes are always watching. Not so much for the right container, the Doc can handle that. He's providing security. When Samtara finds the right box he shines his light on it "That's gone," he states the obvious. "So where to next, Sir?" He has been trying to be fairly quiet, as his training kicks in. But the Doc, yea, well, what more to say.

Once Maia returns, Carmine heads out, whistling as he goes about gathering tools for disassembling the Cylon. in the end, his 'Toolkit' consists of a Fire axe, a Paper cleaver, His own Home made knife made of Cylon Armor, and a small toolkit with a couple of screwdrivers and a wrench. It's a few minutes of extremely messy work as Carmine re-enacts some of his favorite horror movie scenes (not entirely intentionally, but hey. when the opportunity arises, who WOULDN'T mutter "Look at me, I'm Leatherface! Muahahahahahaha!| under their breath?) the head was a writeoff. But the Right arm and the left leg looked to be in pretty good shape. moving with the precision of someone used t skinning animals, Carmine slips a screwdriver into the shoulder joint, and wrenches until something inside makes a popping noise.

"Four rows over, due east, nearer to this end of the row than not. ." Sam replies and eyes the rubble that IS the east end of the warehouse. "Everything in the east end of the warehouse is a total wash," she says and continues slogging. Four rows over, as she said, and due east, toward the morning light - and the cold wind. "Mm, smells like snow," she adds, no one said SHE couldn't talk.

Four rows over it is and Reed heads that way. Each time they come to an intersection he checks both ways before going on. His light shines to the east and yep, the whole part of that end is collapsed "I hope what we are looking for isn't under that." He sniffs the air "I can think of a lot of things it smells like, Sir, but snow wasn't the first to come to mind."

Still working on building that stairway to heaven, or at least to the catwalk, Fischer is humming to himself now. Shaking his head a little bit as he works.

there's a moment of consideration as Carmine disassembles the Cylon before he stands quietly. Humming softly as he carefully replaces the tools in their pouch and drops them in his pack, The Staff sergeant continues to humm as he picks up the axe. Checking it over casually, he continues to Humm before he turns and severs the useless arm from the Torso. another couple of swings have the legs neatly severed at the joints in a flurry of motion. Calmly setting the axe aside once more, he goes back tohumming as he bundles the Salvagable pieces together.

"Scent, like music, is about elements, and snow is the new element coming in with the air," Sam explains. Yes, Reed pauses and does the left/right sweep and she? Well she keeps walking without pause. "I do have enough sense to not pull any shipping receipts from that end of the warehouse. WHich is a shame, we could've used some of the items that were shelved there. Ahh," and she spots the crate they're looking for, finds THIS one intact and pulls the multi-tool from one of her pockets and proceeds directly from 'locating' to 'prying it open'. "Excellent," she says, sounding quite pleased, "now this entire thing is not a waste of ammo or time. We have centurion parts AND we have some of the medicine that we're looking for."

Reed watches, both the area and the Doc "Well if you are satisfied, I say we go join the other's and get the heck out of here, Sir." To much time, in Reed's mind. Three canners, would they be missed? Are more coming? "You can carry that, Sir?" Hard to work a rifle and carry what ever it is in that box that has made Samtara so happy. As for the snow, he had just given a shrug "Speaking of sense Sir, would you be so kind as to stay behind me? I really do not look forward to telling my Ensign why I shot the CMO of the Orion as he moved in front of me."

Finishing up his job, Carmine looks around, wondering Idly if he should be going to look for Maia. 2 options cross his mind. 1) she eats a lot of chese, in which case, the Doc should probably look for her and offer assistance, or she got lost, in which case….Reed and Sam will likely find her, or she's fallen into a toilet…in which case Carmine doesn't want to know. so he sits, setting up an overwatch station to cover the warehouse as he waits.

Only a few more crates now, until the first obstacle is taken care of now. Fischer gets those last crates in place, before moving up onto the catwalk to try getting the door a bit further open. Trying to clear away whatever kept the door from being fully opened now.

Shrugging out of the backpack that she's carrying, Sam extracts a nylon duffel bag and proceeds to fill it with the contents of the crate, one shrink wrapped flat after another of glass vials capped with metal lids the center of which is a small circle of plastic. "Hmm? Of course I can," she says as she does the mental math (again) but this time to maximize the amount of space available in the duffel bag vs the number of flats that she can try take back with. "Broad spectrum antibiotics, usually going for the cost of one months rent, for a decent flat at least, per vial," and she seals up the duffel bag once she's emptied the box. "Eight more crates to go, Corporal," she settles her backpack into place again, leaves the receipt in the now-empty box and takes hold of the duffel bag once more. "And shooting me would be a very inefficient ways to ensure that I'm able to tend to any wounded that come through," she reaches for the next receipt and says: "Two rows over, mid section," before eyeing Reed. "east again then north that is."

So… no, it wasn't the former, no cheese, Maia had mazed her way through cubicles or something, really! And then there was the issue of no toilet paper or something. Asking the Cylon in the next stall for some, she'd managed just fine. Now that she's back, and found, she weaves her way towards Carmine, his pancho safe and sound and clean. Heh. "Here I am." Cough. "Got lost."

Oh the temptations, but the paperwork. Reed watches as Samtara fills her bags and is about to head back to the catwalk when the CMO mentions eight more "Really, Sir? Don't you have what we needed?" But he has learned that tone and is already heading in the direction she has indicated.

Nodding to Maia, Carmine offers a slight smile. "I had faith in ya El-Tee." Reaching into his pocket, he offers his Tobacco plug. "Chew?"

"No, not yet," Sam replies while continuing toward the box that's number three on her list. "I've pulled duplicates of the five top items that we have need for. First two were broad spectrum antibiotics. Next two are anti psychotics, I've a theory that if we can surpress the centurion parasite that's over riding the host mind of the humans that have been taken over we can speak to the host. Glean some useful knowledge. But only if we can . ." box number three is empty and she is silent for a moment, staring at the empty box then sets - patiently - the receipt into the empty box. "North three more rows then due west," she doesn't actually wait for Reed to agree to keep walking pace with her but she goes for the next crate without really slowing down.

Reed lets Sam prattle on about - stuff. He seems to nod at the right places and even a "Yes Sir," is tossed in there. When she gives directions to another after finding the last one empty "Aye, Sir," and off he goes.

"Ahh, no thanks.. rots your teeth." Maia smirks, moving along side him. "So what's our assignment, exactly? Still crates? What did I miss?"

The crate that Sam sets course for is as promised, meaning: exactly where listed, exactly as advertised, and intact. Also . . not exactly a small crate. She pans the beam of the flashlight across the shipping label and reads the intended designation: Picon University. "We need this. It's not just one medicine, it's several different types, all ordered from a family - -" right, stop talking. She turns toward Reed. "I need this entire crate," which is a good 4'x4' cube and by the type of shelf it's resting on it's not a light weight thing either.

"Way out is clear," Fischer calls out now, leaning against the railing for a few moments to study the people below.

Reed looks at the crate and then at the Doc, at the crate again. As if waiting for her to get it down and carry it. He lifts his rifle hang by it's sling and shifts it a bit more back "This is it, right Sir. I can't provide protection and carry to many," he grunts as he pulls the crate off the shelf "correction, I will only be able to carry this one." He keys his mic right before he takes the handles and lifts the crate.

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Dog 6, Dog 3, we are headed your way. Coming from the north."

Pocketing his Tobbacco once more, Carmine grins, showing surprisingly white teeth. "Not an issue for me anymore. And our mission, since I chose to accept, El-Tee, was to disassemble the Cylon and make him into a nice neat, carrying package…like so." motioning to the bundle, he grunts. "Should probably wrap that in my Poncho if you're done with it." Hearing talk on the radio, he keys his mic to respond.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "Roger Dog 3. We're here and Tin man is ready to travel. How's the exit strategy coming Fish?""

"Then it's a good thing that my shopping list isn't all that extensive," Sam remarks and, seeing that Reed has the crate - she'd planned to carry one end of it once he got the box off of the shelf - drops the receipt into the empty space and retraces their steps. "I know, pause at the end of the row, look left and right to make sure traffic isn't about to stampede us, then continue," she adjusts her hold on the duffle bag she's carrying - switching it to her right hand instead of left, and actually rests her left hand on the pistol at her side. Just in case. They emerge from the stacks, adjust course accordingly, and head toward the south wall and their point of entrance.

[Into the Wireless] Fischer says, "All done. Ready to go whenever you folks are."

[Into the Wireless] Samtara says, "Please load the Tin man on the Raptor. Dog 3 has a crate that needs to be loaded next. Lt. Kane, will you begin your pre-flight?"

Reed carries the crate, not to happy about it, but he dies. "Actually, Sir, it's to look for canners. I doubt they would be stampeding. More than likely trying to put holes in us." Slosh, slosh, splash. One of the handles on the crate slipped from his hands and Reed looks like he is about to let of well learned obscenities fly. But at the very last minute he bites his tongue, gets a better grip and continues forward.

Maia laughs when he shows his teeth. "Oh are they falsies?" Of course she's teasing him, but falls silent when he mentions the mission. Both brows arch and she grins, pulling out her multi-purpose tool, five-in-one pliers, screwdriver, knife, fork, spoon, vibrator. Oops, drop the latter. She removes the pancho, offering it to him as she nods. "Got a lot of stuff here, we should come back again for more."

Taking his radio off to look at his headset with an 'Are you serious~?' look, Carmine replaces the headset and goes about lugging the Tin man towards the Crate steps, he keys his mic and replis before looking to Maia "Got this one disassembled already. we'll see if we can find more on the way out."

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, " Roger Dragging Tin man to the Raptor."

The end of the row is reached and Sam can see the balcony and, from there, the stairs that Fischer has built are easily seen from here and she nods to Reed. "I'm going for the next crate," she announces and since Reed's hands are full she moves off at as swift a pace as possible. Considering the muck.

Maia assists in the lugging of said Cylon parts towards the crate, but she does key up her mic and respond back to the Captain over the com. Once she relays the message, she looks back at Carmine, "You been on the Orion long

Moving with Maia, Carmine shakes his head. "Less than a month actually…about 2 weeks. As to your other question. yes. they're false teeth. No I didn't Lose them to Chewing tobacco, Got the crap beat out of me by a skinjob. Kicked thge teeth right out of my head." Getting closer to Fischer, Carmine nods. "Corporal Fischer. I am impressed."

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Captain? Centerfold here, I'll be ready for pre-flight soon as I get to the Raptor, Sir."

Fischer keeps on looking around from up on the catwalk, keeping watch just in case something will be around here. One can never be too careful, after all. Shrugging a bit as he hears Carmine. "Would have built it far better, with the right tools."

Wait! "Sir!" Reed calls out as Samtara takes off. "Bloody hell," he mutters as he begins to move up the stairs, stairs well built as they take the weight of not only Reed and his kit but the crate as well. As he nears the top of the 'stairs' he sets the crate down with a thud, takes up his rifle and looks through the scope searching for the CMO.

Having trekked south with Reed, most of the way at least, Sam now heads west several rows and due north again along that aisle. This crate, too, luck of the draw wise, is also empty. Sam doesn't swear, only because it's rude really, and drops the receipt into that empty box and continues to the end of this section. She pans the beam of the flashlight across the end of the row marking, takes her bearing and heads west again another two rows the further north once more. The flicker of light as she moves is probably what Reed can see through the scope as she sets course again and this time finds another full crate to work with. She eases the crate toward her from the shelf it's parked on, checks the packing slip and the destination marking before speaking into the comm. THEN she hauls it up, makes a low sound at the weight of the crate, and starts slogging south and then east again, toward the stairs.

[Into the Wireless] Samtara says, "Crate located, heading for the stairs, cargo intact."

"Welcome to Orion. And Picon." Lips quirk into a half smile as Maia remains at his side, helping him. When he confirms about his teeth, blue eyes flicker over him in surprise. "Yeah? Bet that hurt. Glad you were able to get you more." They arrive at Fischer and she nods. "Corporal. Looks great."

Grinning, Carmine calls up to Fischer. "It's a compliment from a Staff Sergent Fischer. The correct response is 'Thank you Staff Sergeant.' Saying you could do it better with the right tools is liable to get you sent to find proper tools before coming back to rebuild." Nodding to Maia as h pats Reed on the shoulder in passing, Carmine grins, "I was stationed here on Warday. My boys ad I were in the field on exercise. Spent the whole time from the time the bombs dropped until I transferred here as a member of an impromptu Raiding Squad. Spook and Nuke on the Enemy locations and supplies." There's a moment's pause before he's lugging at the Cylon package again. "Now I know the tin men don't actually have facial expressions, but you could almost swear there's a sort of 'Why me?' look on their face as they realize their ammo cache is about to explode in their grill."

Reed takes off. That is the best way to describe his running through the muck once he located the CMO. Once he catches up with her, his brows are knitted together "Sir, what the hell were you thinking?" He blurts out as he reaches for the crate to take it. "If anything had happened to you," the rest of the words are left unspoken. But the crate is hosted up "This way, Sir," which are almost a command.

"Expediency, Corporal, and efficiency," Sam replies as he takes the crate off of her hands. "Good things to aim for, Corporal, and words that I like to live by. You're right, and you didnt have to say it, this is taking to long. We've been here to long, I know. I have four more crates to hunt down, I only need half of what's left on my list but I need it. I'd appreciate if you'd take that to the stairs and see that Corporal Fischer gets it to the Raptor. We split up again, I'll locate the next crate and by the time you meet up with me again and we'll repeat the process. Or you can escort me there and back again and it'll take twice as long." She speaks as she walks, reaching the end of the row once more and taking her bearings to locate the next one on her list.

Fischer just shrugs now, looking between the others, shaking his head a little bit. He doesn't say anything at the moment, just shaking his head a little bit as he looks between Maia and Carmine for a few moments. "Shall we make sure the way out is secure, then?"

The frustration is apparent on Reed's face. "Yes Sir," he replies, hurrying as fast as he can to get the crate to the stairs. Once he dumps it off he keys his mic as he makes his way towards the direction that the CMO had gone.

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "Dog 6, Dog 3. Doc wants more crates of, well stuff. I have put two at the stairs, they need to get to the Raptor."

"Yes, I need to check the Raptor and do pre-flight if we're going to be getting out of here soon. And those crates need to be loaded." Maia tells Fischer. "Let's go."

West, again, but only two rows this time before she heads north along the aisle and finds - - "Nothing." She crumples the receipt in one gloved hand, evidence that the good doctor does have a fuse and or a temper, likely both. She drops the crumpled slip of paper into the empty shelving section and walks to the end of the section and heads west two more rows and further north again.

Reed tracks Samtara down, grabs the last crate "Now lets get out of here, Sir." And he doesn't wait for a response as he begins to make his way back tot he stairs.

Nodding to Fischer, Carmine moves with the pair. stowing the Cylon, Carmine keys his mic before heading back in with his SAW to grab another crate

Fischer brings a crate on the first trip, although he looks ready to drop it, in case there's more enemies out and about.

Sam grabs the crate right next to the one that Reed lifts, "Pharmacy fill," she says, which sounds logical to her but may not be to anyone else. The crate she drags off the shelf is nearly equal in size to the one that Reed has and she follows him on the slog through the muck to the stairs. One slow look around the warehouse is cast, so much more that would be of use to so many. Just not enough time. "May this place still be here when we have need of it," she says in a low voice before continuing on, eyeing the stairs that Fischer has created and follows Reed up those stairs - crate proving unwieldy and a danger to what is normally a perfectly good center of balance. The door that had once been wedged partly open is now propped all the way open, thanks to Fischer, and then the stairs back down and it's even colder NOW than it was before.

Maia makes it up and already there is snow out there but blissfully, the Raptor is untouched. She goes into pre-flight checks, being very thorough. Once she's cleared it, she smiles and looks to the others. "Looking good."

Lugging one of the crates out, Carmine does his best to keep from breaking things inside, though that doesn't stop him from dragging one end across flat surfaces so he can keep an eye and more importantly, an LMG on his surroundings.

Fischer has moved to one of the other crates as well. Moving it back towards the Raptor now, as fast as he can.

Carrying the last crate to the Raptor, Reed has had to squint due to coming out of the darkness to the light of day. "This is the last one," he tells everyone in general. Once it's on the ship, he moves out, taking a scan of the out lying area.

Maia is finished with preflight and she watches the others, walking to meet them and help assist in loading the crates.

<FS3> Reed rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Maia rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Carmine rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Reed rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Carmine rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Maia rolls Stealth: Success.>
<FS3> Fischer rolls Stealth: Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Failure.

Sam lugs her crate down the slippery steps inside the building and as far as the door that was exploded inward to form their entrance point that began all this fun. She lowers the crate to the cement just outside the door and turns back without word and runs back inside. Well, moves at a clip as fast as she can while trying to keep her footing. One more, blast it, one more. She has a list, and lists are VERY important to the doctor, pre-op check lists, post-op check lists, lists to make sure that nothing is left inside the patient, etc. etc. and so on. The surgeon ducks back into the building and up the stairs only to go over the railing and down the crate stairs once again.

Meanwhile . . the location of the Raptor did not go unnoticed. The absence of three centurions from their patrol did not go unnoticed. But the centurions had, have, a decent grasp of tactical planning - or show evidence of same - and had let the humans spend the night in the warehouse. Had kept an eye on the Raptor and as the humans begin moving crates out of the warehouse and the Raptor is beginning to power up and Maia's pre-flight check is being made, completed, the raptor is being loaded with boxes, the first Centurion then second move into position and the weak morning sunlight is enough - barely enough - to gleam off of all that cold metal. Reed and Maia are the first to catch the signs of movement, the signs that they are not the only ones in the neighborhood, so to speak. Maia, in the raptor, presents a lovely target, or rather the Raptor presents a lovely target. Fischer and Carmine are simply aimed the wrong way, attention wise, to spot the Centurions and, call it luck or just chance, they aren't immediately in the cross hairs either.

As he scans the area, there is something, there! Reed drops to his knee, his rifle coming up as he keys his mic.

[Into the Wireless] Reed says, "This is Dog3, I have canners coming up from the south."

Turning at Reed's comment, Carmine drops, Rolling away from his crate into what cover can be found, he takes a moment to acquire targets

<COMBAT> Maia fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Cc6 with Rifle Ap and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Cc6 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Cc6 with Rifle Ap - Moderate wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Samtara passes.
<COMBAT> Reed fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc5 with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc5 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc5 with Rifle AP - ARMOR on Right Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Carmine passes.
<COMBAT> Fischer passes.
<COMBAT> Cc6 attacks Maia with Rifle - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Cc5 attacks Reed with Rifle - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

Sam can hear the com chatter as she's dragging the last box up the stairs and . . then down the stairs again. By the time she's at the door again she can hear the exchange of weapons fire and sets the crate down just inside the doorway and takes the handgun out of the holster she's carrying it in and realizes that the Centurions must be on the roof of the building, as the weapons fire appears to be aimed upward and - conversely - downward.

The centurion that is taking aim at Reed demonstrates the remarkable craftsmanship of the current product line and in a move that is deceptively simple in appearance simply leaps off of the roof, lands on the ground in a shower of dust and particulate detrius. The second one continues to shift fire from target to target while the first centurion straightens from the landing and takes aim again almost immediately, having landed in front of the door to the warehouse that the humans had just been making use of.

Pulling a Frag from his pocket, Carmine yanks the pin and Fastball pitches it at the oncoming Cylons, Ducking low again, he hits the mic and shouts into his headset.

Now that Maia catches sight of the centurion, she calls back to the others, "Cylons!" Before grabbing that rifle and aiming it at the enemy, pulling the trigger in a burst. She manages to hit it, but it shoots back, the bullet grazing her head and knocking her backwards. She manages to get back up and take aim again, moving so that her Raptor isn't a target.

The rounds he shot strike, but one of the canner's does as well. Thank the manufacture's of the armor as, though it does bleed, but it's not life threatening. "Frak!" The hand he put to his neck comes away bloody. Reed drops flat on the ground. His rifle still up. He takes aim and squeezes the trigger.

[Into the Wireless] Carmine says, "FRAG OUT FRAG OUT!"

<COMBAT> Maia passes.
<COMBAT> Cc6 attacks Carmine with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Carmine uses a Handgrenade Frag!
<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Close To Cc5 - Light wound to Head.
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc5 - Light wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> EXPLOSION! Right Next To Cc6 - Serious wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc6 - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc6 - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc6 - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc6 - ARMOR on Right Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc6 - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc6 - ARMOR on Right Leg stops the attack!
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc6 - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc6 - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc6 - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> SHRAPNEL! Cc6 - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Samtara passes.
<COMBAT> Fischer passes.
<COMBAT> Cc5 attacks Reed with Rifle - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Reed fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc5 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc5 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Reed attacks Cc5 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Cc5 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Cc6 has been KO'd!

The grenade Flies straight and true, Striking the Centurion and bouncing off. Rolling about a foot away before the air seems to be filled with Hammers wrapped in Pillows. the concussion being enough to rattle a couple of skulls, it knocks the Centurion off his feet. At first the damage not seeming too severe until a person realizes that the thing is riddld with High veliocity Shrapnel holes. Cervo fluids Leaking from literally hundreds of holes as Sparks intermittently eminate from the Cylon. Fused circuits inside causing the thing to twitch

Straightening up, Carmine grunts, rolling his tongue along the inside of his bottom lip, he makes a face, reaches up and quietly removes his teeth. banging them lightly against his boot to dislodge a bit of blood and tobacco from them, he places them back in his mouth and works his jaw for a moment, getting them back in place.

Ducking as Reed hears Carmine calling frag Reed looks up after the dust settles and both canners are down. More than down, destroyed. He gets up to his knees, a hand to the side where his neck meets the neck. Trying to keep his own fluid in. "Frak, that ended that." He says as he gets to his feet.

Leaping off of the roof was probably a good idea, at least in theory. But like many things that are great in theory (like certain names for cars, for example) but utterly fail in practice (like some political campaigns or book burning campaigns) some things just flat out don't work. The centurion that's caught in the cross fire of Reed, Fischer and Maia gets riddled full of holes until it has the structural integrity of a wedge of swiss cheese. Which is to say… not much. It topples to the ground in a slow motion heap, ending up twitching for a few moments on the steps just outside the warehouse.

Sam, having forgotten to take her pistol off of position one (Safety, that is) eyes the centurion from a proximity that is entirely to close for comfort and has the time to watch the eyes on the centurion (are those eyes or merely light receptions?) fade before it gives off a few more sparks and then goes dark. Whether the things generate any heat signature is another good question but not one that she has the time to actually reflect upon. Instead? Well, gun back into it's carrying case, crate hauled up off of the floor and she's carrying it down the steps, making a WIDE path around the centurion as she carries it to the Raptor to be loaded. "It's been lovely, but I'd like to leave now," she announces upon arrival. Calmly. Very calmly. Surgeons are supposed to be calm.

Lugging his own crate back towards the Raptor, Carmine grunts as he sees Maia and Reed. "You better not die from that wound Corporal. That is an order."

Watching as the Centurions get plowed, Maia lifts a hand to her head. Blood, but it's not that bad. She heads to the front of her Raptor and wraps a bandana around it for now. Good enough. Fired up, she calls out. "Taking off in one minute. Load em up!"

"Roger that, Sargent," Reed says as he continues to hold the side of his neck, his fighting gloves getting more soaked. He gets on board the Raptor, pulls the straps down and leans his head back. Ready to get the frak out of here and get back to the ship.

Ahh, note to self: Marines who are bleeding aren't yelling, good data to have on hand. Sam seats herself alongside Reed, chiefly because she intends to start working on stopping the bleeding once he's buckled in and not in a 'fight with the doctor' mind set. First aid kit is opened, marine gloved hands are moved out of the way and she sets to work. to busy to be queasy, hopefully.. but just to be on the safe side: "I'll try not to throw up on you," she promises. "Ready to go, Lieutenant."

Wincing as he hears the shots, Fischer doesn't manage to get the crate down and the rifle up in time. So as he sees the enemies down, he gets the crate into the Raptor, following after it now. "Let's go. I've got important business back on Piraeus…" he mutters, as he sinks down into a seat now.

"I'm ok, Sir, go see to the LT," he says, not really ready for her poking and prodding it would seem. While his belts hold him in place it's hard to try to get away. So he sits, grumpily.

"Una alla volta, Corporal," is Sam's only remark on it. One at a time.

Settling in beside Reed, Carmine nods to the Doc. "I'll see to Reed, Sir. We would all feel much safer if you ensured our pilot's brain wasn't about to leak out of her ears.

Sam hands over the bandages to Beckwith, "Stop the bleeding, looks like a laceration that bisected without doing further tissue damage, that is, no arterial damage. Use this," and she hands tape to Carmine, "to tape the bandage into place." That said, and because Carmine has a point, she heads forward, to join Maia. Whom she also does not want to throw up on.

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