AWD #466: Supply Round Up
AWD #466: Supply Round Up
Summary: Mina & Ariadne help Sam organize for the work that will need to be done on Piraeus to secure and protect the tomb on Piraeus.
Date: Fri 30/Sep/2016 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
Mon 17/Apr/2006

The usual meticulous efficiency of Sickbay is, temporarily, a slice of moderate to mild organized chaos. Chaos that is, at the moment, not the result of an influx of wounded or a call to the ship turning to battle stations but a supply and gear order that has not, before, been accomplished. NOr needed to be accomplished. Standing in the center of the open space that is the main treatment room, Nadir is overseeing the inspection of the contents of several very large crates while another team is pouring over hazmat suits and accompanying gear.

Wilhelmina is here, helping with the inventory, her arms full of items to be stocked in one of the cabinets, "Here's ten suture kits.. and another five here.." The words are called out likely to someone who's checking a list somewhere's. The nurse is dressed in scrubs, hair pulled back from her face, and seems to be in a good mood - who wouldn't be when things are … let's not say the Q-word, hmm?

The organization of Sickbay is like Ariadne's Sam-thermometer for when things are really off kilter. Today? The fates are misaligned, the environment has responded with its own season. Season of the Sam and there's a weather watch on. Ariadne strolls in and sees the crates and general chaos. "Wow." She slips up somewhere off to the side, certainly within Sam's peripheral vision. It's like she's tested it before. "Need any help?"

"Excellent, I knew those had been misplaced in the original packing order," Nadir calls in return, flipping several pages to check off the suture kits from the 'missing list' and moves them to the 'found list'. She glances up as Ariadne joins the chaos and shares a serious nod, a brief curve of a smile, "Many hands make light work. We have to make sure that every piece of hazmat equipment is fully functional before I have it carted to planet. And the hazmat seals, also, are being checked to make sure that a fully contained biohazard lock can be established on site."

The suture kits are put into place, leaving Wilhelmina with empty hands now. "What's next?" She questions, listening to what is said about the nearby suits that are being checked out by others. A slight nod is given at what is said about them.

Ariadne peeks over Sam's shoulder, still trying to give her as much personal spaces as possible while trying to get an idea of overall, where they are in the process. It's a habit of hers, the need/desire to see the big picture. "Ah. I take it this is for the bunker they found. Excellent. Glad to see the departments working together effectively." She then slots herself in next to Wilhelmina and rolls up her sleeves.

Exhaling a mild breath, Nadir looks up from the list and eyes the boxes, "Filters," she decides after a moment. "We've checked the actual seals itself, the walls that we'll be framing up, and the frame system. We have all the components and the back up components inspected and flagged to be hauled to the hangar deck. We're on to the filters, the backup components, and then we'll move on to the test kits and the packing of same." She exhales another of those slow breaths, "The Admiral has ordered me to take charge of this little excursion, personally, on planet. He's assigned Specialist Mercier as our liaison between the entities on planet. A Lt Petropolous is our liaison with the marines who'll be in charge of security and, I would imagine, any chaos or mayhem that may arise on planet. Deck and engineering from several branches who seem keen to volunteer are going to be building a permanent airlock around the entrance to this tomb, proper."

"Filters.." The nurse hmms, turning then to go find them, "How many did you want to go?" Question raised, she does pause to offer Ariadne a quiet introduction, "I'm Wilhelmina.. or Mina, if you prefer." Friendly is she, her accent painting her from Virgon, if one was to guess. Hearing one name mentioned, she turns to peer towards the doctor, lips curling into a smile, "I guess Lt. Petropolous got his checkup…"

"Ah, interesting. Would you like me to clean Sickbay for you? Once you've gone? I've taken pictures," Ariadne offers as she grabs a pair of gloves from her pocket and puts them on. Then she pulls the first filter and begins to inspect it. Yes…yes she did take pictures of how Sam arranges and cleans, though she has the most strangely nonchalant way of relating the information, as if it were nothing to be concerned about. When Wilhelmina introduces herself, Ariadne smiles warmly and responds, "Ariadne. Or Ari. It's nice to meet you." Her accent is distinctly Gemenonese, though she looks like a cross between Leonese and something else.

Nadir literally flicks herself on the forehead, "My apologies. I'm getting better at this, I swear. Lt. Streatfeild, Mina, this is Lt. Forrester, Ariadne, or Ari. I'm the chaos organizer for the moment, call me Sam or Nadir or," and she flaps one hand briefly, exhaling and rubbing briefly at the back of her neck with one hand. "Fully half the supply," she finally decides. "Factoring in the time that would elapse if we have to hot foot something from surface to ship and back, or even just make a priority call and have someone on board grab another box of spares, it could be 45 minutes before we have a replacement set up and working properly. I want redundancy upon redundancy in this," and she looks very relieved at Ari's offer. "That would be fantastic. Thank you. I don't know how long I'm actually going to be on planet, but until this is squared away to the Admiral's satisfaction, I do think I'll be spending more time there than here."

"Got it." Wilhelmina says with a bob of her head, ponytail swaying behind her head as she does so. While Ari starts checking the filters, she finds the store of them, and starts counting them to prepare pulling half the number to go planet side. "Are you going to need me down there, or do you want me to stay here?" Curious is the nurse, prepared to go either way, it would seem, whatever the head doc decides!

"I think now that we have a few extra hands we can manage in your absence, however long that turns out to be," and of course, knowing Ari by now, Sam can expect she'd be keeping her eye on the big picture if they need to shift temporary measures to different tactics. She continues checking filters, setting them to the side in a pile like she's a part of an assembly line. She aptly only takes from what Wilhelmina is counting though when she notices what the nurse is up to.

Nadir exhales a small sound that is almost, but not, quite a laugh. "Personally, I'd rather remain here. Have you been briefed on the conditions and current activities on Piraeus, Mina?" she wonders as she takes a seat on one of the empty and unpacked crates, setting the clip board aside as she reaches for one of the hazmat helmets and begins to inspect the seals again, a minor OCD twitch here as she nods at Ari. "Dr Robert is drawing up a schedule on how to efficiently test the marines and air wing members that have potentially been introduced to any new and exotic contaminates picked up from within the tomb and possibly transmitted to everyone they've been in contact with."

Wilhelmina pauses, then shakes her head, "I haven't, no, Nadir. What's going on?" Questions asked before going back to counting and pulling out the filters to set aside for Ari as she begins to pull the filters out of the suits. Quiet is she, listening to what else is said, a nod given here and there to show she is listening.

"Excellent. Are there any day to day duties that can be picked up without your clearance level? That way things aren't as clogged up as they would be?" Ariadne asks before keeping her eyes trained on what she's doing. No room for error. She looks over to Nadir and grins, "That's wonderful." THERE ARE MORE THAN TWO OF THEM! Ariadne's enthusiasm is, however, contained. "How many do we suspect have been exposed?"

Setting the helmet in her lap, Nadir pauses for a moment to consider how to best answer Mina's question then settles for. "The planet is not as uninhabited as was originally thought. The skinjobs that we have long though to be cylons are not actually cylons, they're Piraeans, to use the term loosely. They are either the creation of the original inhabitants or the descendants of, I don't rightly know the way of that actual relationship tree. Whether the original inhabitants, save for the skinjob models we are aware of, are actually all - entirely - deceased is also an unknown. That said, the original inhabitants do not appear to have entirely . . quit this . ." she frowns, glancing to Ari then back to Mina, "well. Perhaps the dead are dead. Perhaps they aren't. Perhaps they're images locked in some sort of hologram feedback loop and component of highly evolved AI programming that interacts with inhabitants as they encroach on their designated areas. I have no religious persuasions, personally, so the colloquial term is 'ghost'."

Sam pauses for a moment before focusing again, "A forward element of marines and air crew uncovered a tomb where a large number of bodies have been roughly interred after a rather massive fire fight of some sort. This unit was not properly kitted with hazmat gear so they've returned with the potential for spreading who knows what after breaking the hermetic seal on that tomb." She rubs both hands carefully across the hazmat helmet, clearing her throat before she continues. "We're erecting a hazmat seal over the entrance to the tomb, commencing air, soil, ground water tests, etc. in the attempt to discern if there's any actual hazmat situation. A permanent air lock is being erected as a full measure to protect the tomb." She shifts a glance back to Ari, "Did I miss anything?" before she nods, "Push forward on the plans to triage and recon the mental conditions of the various elements that have been exposed to the entities on planet, and work up a plan to cycle personnel through more regular screening to filter out more violent forms of PTSD, which is an on-going battle trauma at this point. To be honest, I'd just like to see where your thinking is in how to roll that agenda out before i start pissing off individual commanders."

Wilhelmina listens, and then ohs softly. "Intriguing.." Curious is she, that is no doubt! "How many went in and need to be checked?" Filters are put near Ari, extra taken to be packed in one of the waiting boxes. "How long do you think we're going to stay here?"

"Everyone is evaluated when they come into the fleet. People need to be tested periodically, and especially in times of war. This should be part and parcel. We can present the extra flagging of individuals as a way to provide data to command. I'm sure they want to know who is having troubles and who isn't," Ariadne shrugs and then grins over at Sam. "Now that we have someone qualified on board, we can actually start trying to follow some of the mental health protocols that were put in place for a reason."

"Five, I believe, maybe six," Nadir answers after a moment of consideration, "I'll get an exact number. And," she huffs out a laugh, "until the war is over? Maybe forever? I don't know." She rubs both hands on the helmet again, nodding at Ari. "Which is good. Because eventually we're going to all have to take a turn sitting on the therapy couch, or bean bag. I think a therapy bean bag would make a good number of our crew complement a little less tense."

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