Chief Petty Officer Sunshine Aurora Fairfax
Fairfax.jpg Fairfax, Sunshine A.
CPO Navy
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Engineering M&R
Age Sex
31 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


Born a priviledged member of the Caprican Fairfax family - her life was far more interesting than that might indicated. From hippy loving parents to strict hopeful grandparents.

Rebels, the newest generations of Fairfax family members, including herself. But only in the fact she didn't want to be a peace loving beatnik or likewise a rule bending lawyer. Sunshine is of the mind that her name was given in a fit of chamalla created deliriousness and refuses to acknowledge it. She goes by Rory, her middle name but prefers first and foremost using her last name, Fairfax.

What's your first name?


She is nothing if not a hard worker and a quick study. Her job is her life and if you are going to do something, better do it right. Because it can blow up in not only your face but others as well.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1992 Recruit Bootcamp Training
1993-1994 Crewman - Specialist Heavy Cruiser Keres (CHC-1374) EVA, M&R
1995-1996 PO3 CFAB Anchorage, Leonis ET - A & C School
1996-2000 PO2 Seventh Fleet Anchorage Engines, Life Support
2001-2004 PO1 & CPO Battlestar Solaria (BS-88) Electronics, Life Support
2004 - Present CPO Battlestar Orion (BS-114) Life Support


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Extra Info

  • Work — If there is one thing that has stayed constant since warday, it's her focus on work. Always working, constantly.
  • Rich Family — Are you from Caprica? You may know her family as they are one of those with old money. Also big philanthropists you may have been a recipient of some of their charities.
  • Sunshine — She likes the sun, just not the fact she was named for it. Barely anyone knows her first name and if they do, they don't say it in front of her.
  • Rebel — She is one. Just not the normal definition of it.

Recent Logs


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