MD #001: Suicide Bomber on Orion



FR: CMDR Marcus Petra
TO: ADM Robin Io, Arpay Fleet Command
CC: Orion Department Heads
RE: Orion Suicide Bomber Attack


On the evening of Oct 25, a large portion of Orion's crew along with several senior command officers from both CSG-19 and Picon's defense forces were attending an event in the starboard hangar bay of the Orion. An individual currently not identified, wearing a CMC uniform with Major's pins, approached the stage from behind Major General Ommanney, screamed 'TYRANTS!" and detonated an improvised explosive device he had on his person.

The resulting explosion instantly killed retired Commander Carolyn Spree and Major General Amos Ommanney, as well as the bomber himself. Eight total personnel have been accounted for as dead from the attack, either killed instantly or died shortly thereafter from their injuries sustained. Damage Control confirmed the structural damage to the Hangar Bay was repairable and would not impact flight operations. Command made the decision to remove the fleet from Piraeus orbit to avoid further follow up strikes, and both BSG-114 and CSG-19 have relocated to an ancient CSF ship graveyard temporarily while the situation is evaluated. The Orion is currently set to Condition 2.


  • Too many in attendance to list


  • CMDR Adam Sibley, Executive Officer, BS-114 Orion, KIA
  • Executive Officer, CSG-19, KIA
  • CMDR Carolyn Spree, retired, CMC command officer
  • Major General Amos Ommanney, Commandant of the CMC
  • 5 other fatalities
  • LT Adeliza Wynn, JTACCO, BS-114 Orion, WIA
  • 25 other incapacitating injuries


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