AWD #280: Suffering Loss
Suffering Loss
Summary: Something along the lines of twenty questions with a different goal.
Date: 13/October/2013 (OOC Date)
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Leightner Jena 
Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #280

Leightner is moving about the Ward, checking on patients, changing bandages, normal sickbay grunt work.

Jena's been moved to the recovery ward since she's about to be released. One more overnight observation and then she's free to go! She's sitting up in bed, still a bandage on her right leg. She looks more chipper, she's showered and her hair is brushed to a shine.. but she's still wearing that blasted hospital gown.

Leightner moves to Jenas bed, smirking, "Aye thars our Jena." He smirks. "How're ya feelin?" He asks, looking at the chart. Ah, observational hell." He smiles to her, "Ya look ready fer duty. more than. jus gotta be good fer a little longer. Alright?"

As soon as he moves over to her, Jena sits up and smiles at his smirk. "I'm feeling great! Ready to go.. but yeah.. here I am. I get to play patient for awhile longer. Just know that I'd never wish this on you, my friend." Lifting a hand she tucks her hair behind her ears and grins. "What are your plans for tomorrow?"

Leightner smirks, "It's happened ta me, likely will again." He shrugs, "No plans fer tomorrow really. Dunno what we're doing other than havin you back on the floor, why?"

"Oh I just wondered.. maybe that firing range thing we had planned. Only if you're interested though." Jena nods a little solemnly. "Hopefully if you're ever in here again, then you have better bedside manners than I do."

Leightner smiles, nodding, "Range time sounds good." He says, pulling a chair to sit. "Ah yer not tha bad. I just need me meedlepoint kit. Wot I do NOT keep under some frilly knickers thank ye."

"Frilly Knickers, hmm?" Reaching for her music device, Jena grins. "Aww, I had fun teasing you. I'm glad you found it for me." There's laughter in her expression then. "Would you like me to keep your needlepoint kit underneath my knickers then?"

Leightner snorts, "Never get any rest, I use it too much." He says, "Radiologist asked me about embroidery fer her. Why not? Lords know when inspection time comes an all these Marines pull out their dress colors, I get tapped fer buttons an whotnot." He chuckles. Guess theys right about it helpin."

"Sounds like she's found a new friend, the Radiologist, I mean." Jena grins, reaching for the deck of cards and shuffling those absently. "So you do fabric repairs too? A nice side business."

Leightner smirks, "Aye. Marines gotta shine too sometimes an I got a full box o 49-J buttons jus waitin fer desperate corporals an privates. Usually they tap me, though I have offered a berthing before. Might do tha here." He grins, "Not tha I ever thought o it before warday."

Still shuffling, Jena glances up, albeit briefly. "So, you sew, you play piano, you shoot, you doctor, you teach poor unsuspecting PJs how to use a real rifle that fits them better… What else do you do, Corpsman?"

Leightner smirks, "I…" He thinks, "Can find the right wine pairing with about anything." He chuckles, shrugging, "Dunno. I have several useless skills. Raised on a Vineyard. Make a barrel?"

"A vineyard?" That captures her interest and the cards are set aside. "Tell me about it. What was it like growing up in a vineyard? Did you have to work from an early age?" Jena definitely looks captivated.

Leightner leans forward, taking the deck of cards. "Leightner vineyards had been making wine fer more than eight hundred years, we weren't in need o labor that much." The cards seem to come alive, splitting themselves three times and resettling in his hand before shuffling to his other hand. He's doing this idily. "But as kids, we'd run through the fields, runnin along the vines an rows." The cards keep moving, top card spinning slowly on the deck, till they flip in his hands. "Entire valley full o grape vines. All colors, all flavors." He smiles, "Ya never saw a valley like tha, Jena. Couldn't take more'n a few steps without seein a heavy bunch o grapes, ready." He grins, looking off into the past, "Five kids, all with stained mouths. Tha was us."

The story has her smiling, the images it creates. Just as she would have asked a question, Leightner answers it. "Tall vines, grapes, juice dripping down your chin. It sounds so ideal. It's how every childhood should be. Happy. I wish every kid had that sort of ideal lifestyle in their more formative years.." Either speaking for others or herself, it's not clear. "Why did you leave?"

Leightner looks at Jena, "Medicine. Caught me more than Wine. Tha others had paths, some were continuing tha tradition, an I left ta take up Service." That capital S is pronounced. "Became a Medic, met a few Marines.." He nods, "Took on fer tha Corps. Family all proud, me Ariadne, be a Corpsmans wife. Expecting, she's in her second month when I took a month survival training off Virgon. I was gonna be back in a month."

An understanding look crosses her features. "Medicine.. I know the pull, the attraction." Though as he continues, Jena listens.. shivering just a little. "Ariadne.. your wife." A month away, a pregnant wife. "And your child." For a moment, she remains silent, telling herself to shut up, to hold her tongue, to.. and then it comes anyway. "Where are they now?"

Leightner looks straight ahead. "I made sure they were safe. Me mate, Ruddy got a deploy ad Deep Base Three. Got me family evacuation positions." He nods. "Don't get into a flimsy ship if ya have ta leave. Go down. Titan class Fallout refuge. Thas where they hid. You'd haveta tear half tha planet apart ta get ta it." He looks at the cards, and sets them back on the table, slowly, "Thas where they died. Because I sent them there."

Jena had known she would regret asking.. she'd known it and still she had asked. Her hands clench into fists and she forces air into her lungs. "Virgon." The planet that was ripped in half. It wasn't his fault. She doesn't voice this immediately because she knows he wouldn't listen. Instead, she lifts her fists and wipes at her eyes. "I'm sorry.." her voice is husky.. "Gods.." Lifting a hand, she settles it on his shoulder. Finally, she forces another breath and says it anyway. "It's not your fault." Useless words, she's sure, but said all the same. "How could you know? How could anyone know they would blow the whole colony apart?"

Leightner nods, "Aye, now ya sound like tha Psychs." He grins. "An thas why I'm doin needlepoint." He chuckles. "Survivors Guilt." He waves a hand as if there were a lot more to say, BUT, "An since Warday I been in forward combat action, Bullets, blood, scrap metal. Then one day this man approaches me an tells me about tha Orion." He makes a gesture, "POOF!"

"I don't mean to sound like the Psychs." Jena moves her legs to sit cross legged on the bed and covers them for modesty. She still looks troubled. "I can't pretend to understand what you went through, but.. I'm sorry you had to go through it." Still are going through it. She removes her hand from his shoulder suddenly, having forgot it was there.

Leightner shakes his head. "It was a lot simpler in tha field. Battle's consumed so much of me attention for so long. Lost their coins somewhere. Fate o tha gods. Gone now." Not that their burdens aren't upon him. He takes a breath. "All I have of Virgon is.." He shakes his head, "Five chocolate protein bars. Really. Virgonese Marine chocolate."

"When you work solidly for so long, it becomes all you think about. Only when you stop to slow down do the thoughts come tumbling back in." After a moment of silence, Jena smiles. "You have more than that. You also have your accent and your memories. Nothing can take that."

Leightner laughs, "Aye, me accent, tha high pinnacle o Virgonese culture." He snorts, "I'm common, The Chap, she can claim ta be of Virgon proper." He looks at Jena, "But no ones untouched. Wha about ye? A more Caprican girl I can't imagine, but ya have a story."

"Everyone has a story, mine isn't so tragic. I like your accent so when I hear it, it cheers me up. I was born to a woman who wasn't ready to be a parent and who didn't know or didn't name my father. My grandmother took me in.. she was very stern, very cold. I stayed gone as much as I could, got into trouble repeatedly… then I was involved in a fight club, got busted in it and had a choice. Enlist or Jail." A slightly longer version of what she had said and still condensed considerably, but it touches all the finer points. "That's it. That's me in a nutshell. Nothing sad, nothing terrible or dramatic. Just me."

Leightner smiles, "Don't say tha like yer ashamed o it. Sounds like tha Navy was perfect fer ya. Structure, somethin ta believe in, an a Fight club whenever ya wanna go ta tha ring." He grins. "Now yer savin lives in tha second Cylon war counteroffensive." He tilts his head, "Thas sumthin."

"Not bad for some odd named kid from Caprica whose mother never wanted her hm?" Jena doesn't say it with malice, just a statement mixed with amusement. "And look at you. Saving lives day after day after day."

Leightner shrugs, leaning back in the chair, "Jena aint tha odd." He says, "Guess we both doin ta good work." He scratches behind his ear. "Still don't know what happens now past patchin tha wounded. Guess we take tha a day at a time, eh?"

"I wasn't born as Jena. I think my mother truly hated me. I got my name legally changed." With a grin, she nods, "I don't think I want to do surgery. I know some from assisting so long, but I wouldn't want to be accountable."

Leightner lifts a hand, palm to her, "Won't ask if ya won't say." He smiles, "Oh, Aye. Never wanted to get me Masters, I'm proper on Triage an first responce." He shakes his head, "I can assist, an my sewings good, but tha big stuff, no thankee."

"I'm really glad you didn't ask. It's not a pretty name at all. I much prefer this one. My grandmother gave me this one." Jena nods thoughtfully. "You know, I think you have the right of it. When you know more, the Navy makes you /do/ more."

Leightner makes a fist, closes his other hand around it, and leans forward slightly, elbows going to the arms of the chair, he presses his lips against his knuckles, wincing as he thinks. He looks at Jena and lifts his face, saying over his knuckles, "Eh, sorta? I mean Last few days I been desperate ta be down thar witcha, knowin it weren't nuthin but that no one thought it'd go bad that I weren't there. I'm doin what I know needs doin now. I don't want ta do another job, ya know?" He gestures around, "These Marines, I depend on them so much. They're here, out of their element. Weakened, ya know. Sumone thar fer them ta pull them through it. So important fer it. I can't be anything else now."

Her expression softens at his confession and Jena looks down at her own bandaged leg. "It's kind of like the Air Wing coming in here last night to see me. You have no idea what it meant to me for them to come.. And you, staying by my side most all the time when you could take off time and have a hot meal or get some pillow time. We're all on the same team and I've never seen it moreso than since I came to the Orion."

Leightner smiles, "Esprit de Corps, Jena. It happens in more than the Marines. I know exactly what ya mean. Once ya have it, it kicks in in others whut have it." He snaps his fingers crisply. "Happened tha second a sniper took a piece outta Kostas first time I got here. Went from me an Tha Ensign an Tha skinjob I recognized from tha pictures inta a three man unit in tha flash of a bullet. Why I pulled Knox out over me shoulder, still ain't talked ta him, cause Man, machine, Cylon, Skinjob, he has Espirit de Corps. That I know."

"I just like how protective everyone is over each other. Never leaving a man behind, never backing down and defending even in the line of fire. You know, you have the makings of a PJ.." Jena teases with a playful wink. "So, what's your favorite song to play on the piano?"

Leightner sniffs, eyes widening, "Well, depends on how much I've had, really." He grins, "I'm good accompanyment, follow along, open form, songs, I know a few." He shrugs, "Nuthin worth screamin about."

"Do you have a favorite song? I liked the one Hobo sang last night, the second one was the best of them, but I just love music. Even writing things.. You know," she asks after a brief hesitation. "Writing is also therapeutic. Have you ever considered putting your feelings into words?"

Leightner makes a face, "Psychs told me tha too, gimme a sealed logbook. Tried coupla times, I dunno Creative expression feels a little alien after this time. I played here and there fer fun, playing by ear. I like music, used ta have a lot." He scratches his chin.
Jena has been writing on something, she reaches for the pad of paper and pen. Holding it, she smiles. "So, tell me something.." Trying a different tactic. "Give me one word when you think of home, of her or of your family. A single word."

"Dream." Leightner turns to the side, as if looking for the source of that voice, though it's him. He just let that fly and now is thinking about it. "Tha frak?"

Jena writes that down, wearing a smile, albeit a soft and quiet one. "That's a good word. It brings to mind a lot of things and it means different things to different people. I like words for that reason alone. What's another?"

Leightner smiles suddenly, "Before." He lifts a finger. There are things that make us think different about time. Everthing becomes 'Before This' or 'After This'." He nods, "Thas Warday fer me." He nods, "Thasit."

Before.. It could be so many meanings. Jena pens it down too. "How about a happy word now?" Though it's a harder one possibly, she asks it all the same.

Leightner opens his mouth, pauses, "Huh." He shakes his head, "I dunno, nuthin came. Can't really think o much, er I'm thinkin too much an thats not tha idea, hm?"

"Yeah, it's okay. You don't have to think about it. Something simple like.. laughter, if you love the way she laughed. Or if she was a great cook, or had a lovely smile.. or if her hair was a vivid red or a gorgeous black or even a shiny brown. If her eyes were green or gray or brown, those could all be happy words." Jena says with a smile.

Leightner pauses for a moment, eyes unfocusing off into the middle distance, before snapping back, ten fingers flexing as the deck of cards vanishes from the tableside and begin dancing in his fingers energetically. "Well, all of that could be quite happy." He agrees, looking to the clock, then around the ward, doing a visual of everyone, monitors, alarms, nope nope. No one needs attention. He looks back to Jena, "What was Caprica like? I mean, I'm from valley Virgon. Caprica, Capitol world. You know. Yokel, me."

Yeah.. taking the hint, Jena stops and sets the paper and pen aside. She doesn't push. "Caprica is like.. there is a lot of water, a lot of politics a lot of people. Well, it was. I don't really know so much now. There was a lot of different trouble you could find there very easily. And I was looking.." Lifting her hands she tucks her hair back behind both ears again before plucking up a few strands and absently braiding them. Finally, she can't stand not asking another question. "What's it like?" She whispers this time. "Being in love and stuff?"

Leightner thinks, but only for an instant. "Falling." He says, "Ya fall in love fer a reason. An in a way ya never really stop. Look at their face an there's always something new an wonderful there. An ya never feel worthy of it. Ever." He stops and swallows, then focuses on her, "Right daft, eh?"

Jena shrugs in a non-committal manner. "Maybe." Though as she thinks about it further, falling.. she imagines the LALO over the hot zone the other day, when they had fell in on the action. "Sounds dangerous." Yeah, no thanks.
Leightner grins, "Well, different fer everyone, really." He chuckles. By the time I make sense, it's too laate." He says spookily.

"I guess so," Jena says, refusing to even contemplate the whole thing. "It's not for me, anyway. I have too much work to do." Dismissing it all the way now. She does grin though. "What's your favorite color and why?"

Leightner smiles to Jena, "Light blue because it doesnt appear in tha naval or marine palatte." He grins, "Next."

Jena laughs at his response.. "That's funny.. and a good reason." Without really thinking, just blurting out the questions, she asks another. "What would you do if the war was over?'

Leightner chuckles, "Dunno, no clue. Idea of the war being over is too alien." He grins, "Ask me later." He's liking this, "Next?"

"Before you came to the Orion, what was the last thing you did?" Jena questions, keeping it up, enjoying his answers. She uncrosses her legs and extends them, wincing just a little and rubbing that right one. Stiff. She hated being down.

Leightner thinks, and grins, "Dislocated shoulder. Private. First dislocation. Put it back in and brought him back to Med fer tha day. then got orders." He nods, smirking, "Next?"

The day I met you in sick bay and you had the blood on the papers.. you had just arrived and I gave you the tour. What did you do once I left you in the berthing?" Jena questions.

Leightner smirks, "Threw down me spike. Claimed a bunk, an went ta the armory, did paperwork, went ta tha Quartermaster, did paperwork, got a kit of Orion clothes set, went back, an unpacked." He smirks, shrugging. "Next."

Leading the questions, Jena is having fun, so she goes on with another one. "What was your first meal on the Orion?" Definitely off the wall questions.

Leightner looks at Jena, and levelly replies, "I don't know." The look on his face is honest, "Some sorta stew. Thing. But exactly, I couldn't tellya. And a cuppa somethin red." He shrugs. "Next?"

Jena laughs, genuinely amused. "Now.. name something you absolutely couldn't live without? Or you thought you couldn't live without before the war started."

Leightner thinks a moment, a card flipping up and being caught between deft fingers, then another. The cards turn and slip away as the rest of the cards buzz with shuffling, "Not sure, really."

The cards again.. when he messes with the cards he was thinking about his past, Jena puts that together. "What card are you holding right now?"

Leightners eyes track to Jena and he looks at the card, "Oh, I'm not counting them, just shuffling." He grins. "S'why I don't play Triad, just deal." He grins, "Thas a side racket, Jena. No matter who wins, I get a cut. And tha game gets a show." The cards fan in his hands, and flash back, sliding into a line on the bedside table and he takes a single card, turning the pile, running the cards down the length of their line before they vanish. "An no one says I cheat, cause I'm not playing."

Jena looks from the card to him, then back down again as he plays with them, doing his tricks. "Not a player.. So, what day of the whole year is your favorite?"

Leightner laughs suddenly, cutting the deck idily, "I dunno, me birthday?" He lifts his face, "Second month of the Tenth day. I know yer ta ask." He says, admitting to Feb 10 as a birthday.

"How long were you married?" Jena notices he didn't ask the whole 'next' question last time, but she asks it anyway.

Leightner says, "Eighteen months." He replies, the slight buzzing of the cards shuffling coming, "Next?"

"If you could travel in time to any day in the past, what day would it be and why?" Jena asks, a thoughtful expression on her features as if she is also considering that one.

Leightner smiles, "Day on me honeymoon. No real shock why. Put everything aside an had all I really wanted." He nods, "Next?"

Jena wasn't expecting that one and Jena looks at him in surprise, reaching for the paper again and begins writing stuff, just idly writing. "What did you name your baby?" Though she knows it wasn't born, she wonders if he had named it.

Leightner fans the cards, and splits the fan, "Never did. We were ta quarrel about it when I got back." He looks at Jena. "We never really quarreled. Thas tha joke. We were gonna after I got back an we knew a sex. Nothin definite."

With a solemn nod, Jena looks from the paper to him. "What's your biggest regret?"

Leightner thinks for a moment, "Dunno, not getting me wife out? Different emergency plan?" He shrugs. It's such a deep thing it makes sense to him.

"What's your biggest fear?" Jena quickly asks just after. She looks back down at her paper and doodles a little, then looks back directly at him.

Leightner tilts his head, "Helplessly watching others suffering loss." He blinks. "Ugh. Clunky."

Jena continues writing, doodling… whatever it was she was doing and finally, she looks up and smiles. "Are you okay?"

Leightner shrugs, "As much as ever. Ya got enough outta me?" He asks, with a smile. "Ya had quite a run there."

"Actually.. yeah." Jena tears off the top paper and offers it to him. Written on it are the answers he had given, in poem form.

Suffering Loss

I used to be able to dream
but that was before the war
Here lately I've been thinkin' too much
Sittin' here staring at the door

I feel like I'm fallin'
but I'm never good enough
The sky is still blue
and I'm still takin' it rough

The enemy came in
wearin' a disguise
Just walked right in
and tore apart our lives

I wish it would end
but then what would I do?
The idea of the war being over
is too alien, but I need you

Please, don't ask me that
I'm livin' somewhere new
New CO, new bunk
Eatin' some sorta stew

I'm really not sure…
I'm not countin' the cards
I'm not here to play
I'm always on my guard

Nothin' distracts me
It won't get in the way
Not the eighteen months
Nor the second month, tenth day

I think about our honeymoon
It's no real shock why
I had (all) I really wanted
How can I say… goodbye?

Leightner takes the paper looking at it, and looks to her, "Poem?" Then he read reads it. He focuses on it directly, and tilts his head, smiling at places, "Ya jus do tha naturally?" He asks, looking at the paper like he can't believe it.

Jena just lifts a shoulder and begins doodling. "There was a point to the questions.." She looks at the paper and smiles. "There's supposed to be the word 'all' there, in between had and I, so it reads I had all I really wanted.."

Leightner shakes his head, "It's amazin. So ya do this on people." He tilts his head, slightly, looking it over. "Ys have a book o these sumwhere don'tcha?" He grins at Jena now.

Biting her lip, Jena shakes her head. "I've never wrote for anyone except myself before. I've never done that whole question thing with anyone either. I just wanted to try and help you." When he grins, she smiles in response. "I don't have a book, and I don't even have that one. I just gave it to you."

Leightner looks back to the paper, and grins, then looks back, "Well, thankya Jena. I know where I'll keep this." He looks at her, "Whotcha think it says o me?" He's curious now.

"That you can't let go. I don't blame you either, I wouldn't want to. Just hold on if you want to, no matter what the psyche's say and live the way that makes you happy." Jena offers. "Just.. be happy."

Leightners brows go up, "Happy?" Another concept he's relegated to the dream of before. He shrugs, "Too much happening too fast now. Happy can come sometime later."

"I didn't mean like.. war-over-happy. Just do something that makes you happy. Save a life, make a new friend. Something to make you smile again." Oh sure, she knows he smiles, but the happy sort of smile?

Leightner looks off into the distance, then back to Jena. His expression is tired, emotionally drained, uncertain. "Oh, I don't know." He scratches his cheek. "Maybe. Not sure. Perhaps after I see this place Pireas." He shrugs, "Still looks like tha end o tha world from here."

His expression is so similar to so many others on the Orion, so many who have even seen Piraeus. Jena puts aside her paper and pen again and offers another smile, a real, genuine smile that even reaches her eyes. "I think Piraeus won't make you happy. I think it needs to come from inside you. Find something worth salvaging and run with it. Hold it tight and never let it go."

Leightner smiles, "Find something worth salvaging." He nods, "Aye, alright. See if I can." He smiles, rubbing his face, and the paper seems to fold in on itself and vanish, poof. He grins to her "Well, fer now what about yerself, Yer gonna be lookin at tha marines from yer feet soon. Ready ta help me babysit?"

Giving him a quick salute, Jena laughs. "I am so ready to be out of this bed. Even if I have to take care of the grumpiest, meanest, most foul of the patients, I will still be glad to be back at work and being useful again. Never, not since I was young, have I felt so useless."

Leightner waves a hand, "Acht, ya won't have tha worst patients, you'll be up." He gets out of the chair before he's kicked, grinning. Now, no being violent to yer medical care worker!"

"Ha. Ha." Jena takes a mock swing at him, having no intention of connecting, laughing when he moves out of the way. "You're a funny guy, Leightner. Hilarious even." After a brief pause, she tips her head to the side. "Why do you call me 'our Jena'?

Leightner pauses, "Kinda thing ya say, proud o yer family spose." He shrugs, "Have I been?" He sets the cards down once more, considering.

Jena nods hesitantly at the explanation, looking up at him quietly before another smile is given to him. "Thanks, then." Deciding to just let it go there.

Leightner smirks, "Aye. If ya mind it, let me know, I mean, ya do rank me after all."

"Oh, no.. I don't mind at all.. I kinda thought it was cute." Jena shrugs a little, "Enlisted is enlisted, I guess."

Leightner nods, tilting his head from side to side. "Aye, ya know We're NCOs." He chuckles, "Funny how it's shaping up." He observes. "Still, I can't wait to see what's next in this war. I got no news, really."

"Yeah, got my schooling in after enlisting. Training and then more training." Another smile tugs at her lips. "I guess I can't really say anything bad about how this whole invasion thing is going. I had serious doubts, but it's looking better."

Leightner nods, "Seems theres progress. Long road, but that's a road weren't there before." He nods, "Be worth seeing where that road goes."

"I don't mind a long road, I never have. It's the hills, the curves and the unknown along the way that gets to me sometimes. I feel better though, I'm glad you were here. Thanks for being my friend, new or otherwise." Jena grins.

Leightner chuckles, "Well, yer welcome. An thanks fer being a friend ta me. Even if I have a bloody miserable story." He grins. That inoffensive thing. "Just down ta hurry up an wait now. Least I got rotated here after yesterday. Still busy, but quieter."

"Sure, Ian. But your story isn't miserable, I mean look at you. You're alive, right? Long as you live, they're right there." If Jena can reach, she'll gently press her hand to his chest. Very briefly. "And right there." Lifting the same hand and tapping his forehead once, playfully. "So I bet there's tons of room in both places for more. Maybe your patients or friends, or something. You're good, Ian. You know that long road we just talked about? You just took a left turn but if you go right again, you're on maybe a different road than you were on, but the same destination. May not be the same journey you intended, but just take the time to look at the scenery along the way."

Leightner tilts his head, "Sounds like I need a map." He chuckles, "Alright. Looking forward to getting some range time in. Actually shooting an not being shot at. that'll be new."

Jena laughs, kind of realizing how she sounded. "So.. yeah." Shifting a little, Jena looks anywhere but him. "Me too, bright and early then?"

Leightner nods, "Not that sometimes I know there's a lot of empty space in me head." He grins at her warmly, with real warmth. "Aye. bright an early, after ya get a release from here."

Jena could just about facepalm at his comment but she just rolls her eyes because he was being playful and he was being funny. Looking back at him, she smiles in return, warmed by his grin. "Perfect." His smile or the meeting time? "I guess I'll get my sleep in then while I can."

Leightner nods, "Aye. I'll go look in on tha children an give a report from tha Ward." He looks at Jena sternly, "Do you need a cup of water or the loo before bedtime young lady?"

Blue eyes sparkle with amusement. "If I do, I'm capable of taking care of it myself." Jena laughs. "Yes, check on the kids and update me in the morning. Thanks for spending time with me today."

Leightner shakes his head, "Of course." He nods, "Bye, Jena." He turns, heading for Sickbay proper.

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