AWD #462: Sucking the Air From the Room
Sucking the Air From the Room
Summary: Samtara gets various parties together to plan securing the Piraean bunker tomb. Workplace tension.
Date: 26/09/2016
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Hangar Bay - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.

In the middle of the second shift, Alex has hunkered down in her office to get some paperwork done. The room, if it can be called that, is cramped with a hefty metal desk, two chairs that look as uncomfortable as and eerily similiar to the Mess chairs, a metal filing cabinet in the back corner, a whiteboard behind the desk full of equations and snippets of random things like to-do list item here, a future date reserving the corner, and there's an old crummy looking console parke d on the desk. Parked in the ratty looking chair behind that desk, Alex types. The keyboard emits mechanical clacks galore.

Rapping on the door, LTJG Petropoulos actually waits to be acknowledged this time as he stands at the side of Alex's door. "Hey, Chief. So I was told there was a pow-wow going on down here?" he asks her as the CMC Engineer waits for the others on the order slip to arrive.

In the middle of the second shift, Alex has hunkered down in her office to get some paperwork done. The room, if it can be called that, is cramped with a hefty metal desk, two chairs that look as uncomfortable as and eerily similiar to the Mess chairs, a metal filing cabinet in the back corner, a whiteboard behind the desk full of equations and snippets of random things like to-do list item here, a future date reserving the corner, and there's an old crummy looking console parke d on the desk. Parked in the ratty looking chair behind that desk, Alex types. The keyboard emits mechanical clacks galore.

Rapping on the door, LTJG Petropoulos actually waits to be acknowledged this time as he stands at the side of Alex's door. "Hey, Chief. So I was told there was a pow-wow going on down here?" he asks her as the CMC Engineer waits for the others on the order slip to arrive.

Marching orders in hand, metaphorically and not actually printed orders, Dr. Nadir moves through the ship to the hangar, having sent both a memo and a runner to Marine country and another call out to general medical staff before steps into the hangar and takes a slow look around. She carries a clipboard and a binder tucked against her side, one arm pressing it in place while the other is holding a fact sheet that she's extracted from the binder before stopping the nearest crewman on the deck and getting directions to the chiefs office. Keeping an eye on the marked lanes that indicate safe walking and NOT safe walking, she has glanced down at the fact sheet again and, in the doing, almost doesn't see the marine standing in the doorway of the chief's office, rocking to a stop a half pace from mowing the marine over. There's a pause and then a tactful clearing of her throat, "Pardon. But you're impeding the flow of foot traffic. Is the chief in there?"

Lise was off-shift and quite asleep before being summoned, hence a rush to get into appropriate attire and presentable. Then a bleary eyed rush to get around the station, having to refer more than a few times to a map taped inside the cover of a moleskine book of black. Wound up into her hair is a pen, a streak of blue evident against her cheek and ear, and those brown eyes of hers are scouring the lanes of the hangar bay as she recites some rhyme to help her remember where to go and not to go. A few personnel are bothered, the woman asking to be pointed to the right direction, and soon enough she's in behind Samtara, "Dr. Nadir, watch your six-" There are still lines of sleep from her pillowcase lined in her face, though she's in her uniform and jacket, sneakers on her feet, "Got your message, uh .." Peer, in behind her shoulder into the office, "The chief here?"

"Yeah," Alex finishes up what she's working on with an 'enter' and pushes up to her feet. "Take a seat. It's going to get cramped." And she doesn't even know about all of the people that really are coming, even if she thinks she does. She turns and starts to begin erasing the whiteboard. There are some rogue markers on her desk which presumably are for the whiteboard. After she's done with that task, Alex simply sits in the corner on the filing cabinet, leaning back while she waits for all of the people to arrive. "Keep the hatch closed people. Regulations. No loitering." It keeps her close to the action, but there are rules that must be followed for safety reasons. "Find a seat, create a seat," she gestures to the stack of small plastic crates like one uses for children's toys in the corner. "This one here is reserved," she kicks lightly at the seat that was hers behind the desk.

"Sorry, Doctor, you don't want to enter the office before the Chief gives permission - she gets grumpy." With Alex giving permission, Marcus enters the room and drops down on one of the crates. His ribs don't want him standing for very long as he gets out his own dog-eared notebook to write in as he glances around before he nods to the others. "Doctors." he greets as he glances at the slip of paper that Amos passed along to him.

"Excellent timing, Dr. Robert," Nadir replies with a glance sent over her shoulder paired with a nod to Lise, a brief almost smile on her face. "Sorry to wake you. Had to get the ball rolling on this before anything else happens," she adds before looking past the marine and nodding at the chief, waiting as the marine in the doorway clears the doorway. She pauses just inside, moving carefully around the cramped office itself and remaining on her feet as seats are claimed. She fixes a subtly narrow eyed look at Marcus, "Lt. Petropoulos, I presume?" she wonders, one eyebrow arching subtly before she shifts the same measure of a glance paired with a nod at the chief. "Chief Ferrell, I should have introduced myself weeks ago. My apologies. Chief, Lieutenant, this is Dr. Robert," she gestures to Lise, "I'm Dr. Nadir, CMO and newly minted head of this particular project. At some point we'll be joined by specialist Mercier and other personnel that will be named at a later date. Not to much later, mind, but this will need to be run smart, fast and agile. Chief, have you been made privy to the parameters of this request? Or should I give a brief overview?"

"Oh, no, this is the most exciting thing to happen to me in a week since arriving. Don't mind me." Lise murmurs with a lopsided smile, sliding on in to claim a crate, her labcoat closed in tight around her as she crouches down and pops a squat. Her book is held firmly in against her chest in that coated hug, and she'll allow herself the luxury of checking everyone out, more than happy to allow Samtara to handle the introductions. Lise will give her most serious sort of nod, trying to look as official as she is. For however brief their time was together on the Kildare, Samtara seems to know, or at least sense, that Lise isn't one who would do the intro herself. Hell, she's met dozens of folks aboard the ship who probably still don't know her name. The sleepy look on her face betwixed she will wait, gaining her bearings and placing names to faces, while she waits for the games to begin.

Niamh is late. Or she thinks that maybe she's late. She practically ricochets off every stable object on her rush through the Hangar Bay and into the Chief's office, arriving slightly out of breath and sporting a bruise on one cheek, and a grease smudge on the other. And a bundle tucked under one arm that somehow made it safely all the way from the Mess. The wild red hair is coming loose from her already messy ponytail. "Chief! Sorry I'm late…" The Tauran trails off, only just now realizing there's other folks in here. There's a flush of embaressment and gloved hands do a triple check of her pockets and utility belt, making sure they're all squared away, before lifting those hands to at least attempt to push the wayward hair back into something resembling less than a bird's nest. Green eyes take a quick scan of the room, noticing all these Officer's present and her shoulders stiffen, "Sirs," She greets them collectively with an equally stiff nod before moving forward to deposit the bundle on the Chief's desk, opening it up to reveal a variety of fruits and bottles of water and /even/ a flask of coffee with some of those nifty disposable cups and packets of sugar and cream. Then the wirey Deckie removes herself as best she can, tucking into a corner of the office so's not to take up too much space.

"Lieutenant," Alex greets the Marine engineer and then nods in response to Sam's introduction. "I don't think it would be appropriate for me to make your job any harder than it is so forgive me for not offering a hand," she says as she lifts her hands all mucked up with grease from today's work. Even as an avionics specialty, she still has work that puts her in contact, and that grease gets everywhere. "I read your memo, but I would appreciate a brief overview for those involved. It's nice to meet you both, doctors." When Niamh comes through the hatch in her very Niamh-esque way, Alex has the reaction of a statue. A nod and a warm smile is afforded Niamh. "It's okay, we're just starting…nope," she says as Niamh moves to the corner. She kicks her empty desk chair with her foot. "Sit."

"Yes'ir." Marcus responds to Nadir as he settles into place and nods to Alex's question, before yanking up his legs to avoiding getting bowled over by Speedball Niamh's arrival. He glances up at her with a nod before he lowers his leg back down to continue his note taken. "I'm Lieutenant Petropoulos, 3/8th Marines, Engineering Division." he offers. "And it seems that Captain Ommanery has seen fit to assign me to this project."

Someone mentioned they needed pictures of the entrance. Kelsey had the word passed to her since she has the memory cards in secure lock-up. She's in her flight suit when she appears at the doorway. Her helmet bag is in one hand and a red-stripped manilla folder in thee other, TS-SAP in red block letters. She looks to the assembled group and the brassy people here. "Uh, sirs. Chief." The folder is held up and then out as she steps forward, giving the folder to Alex. "These are photos of the main entrance to the bunker. I've included two shots of the outside tunnel entrance and half a dozen camera angles of the actual bunker door and interior security door - the one that was sealed." She steps back and hesitates at the door, getting ready to leave. Probably ha a flight to get to.

Fixing a mild look at Lise, Nadir essays a mild, "I believe we're going to have to discuss your thrill issues," a fine thread of humor shading her voice before she angles a nod at the newest arrival then shares another nod with the chief. "Much appreciated," she notes with a glance at the grease that smudges the chief is … smudged with. She angles another nod, this time at Petropoulos, "Excellent. You'll be our marine liaison then, good to have name to face." She pauses as Wescott arrives, delivers data, then departs again all in that no nonsense manner that the CMO so heartily approves of. "Excellent," she says this again, "Tack those up if you will, chief?"

She sets the binder, clipboard and fact sheet where ever it'll fit on the chiefs desk and rests her hands in her front pockets. "Short version, ladies and gent, we need to erect an airlock around the entrance to the tomb that was recently located and explored on planet. This is going to be a multi-staged effort. First and foremost we need to put in place a standard double chambered bio-hazard containment area around the hatch itself, thereby mitigating any additional contamination of the scene. Secondly," a nod to the chief and Niamh, "a permanent hatch must be built in place to avoid the tomb itself from being disturbed. In that same vein," now a nod to Petropoulos, "security must secure, triage and then - I would imagine - develop a long a term plan to secure the tomb itself in real time measures." She eyes the pictures once they're tacked up, "Once we get the biohazard containment structure in place we must, absolutely must, commence soil and air testing. The team that first explored the tomb itself were not," she places a not entirely mild emphasis on this word, "properly shielded, biohazard wise, with mask, gloves, etcetera."

Snortingly, Lise will let out a half-laugh, eyes rolling upwards as she lets her head roll to the side, "I will endeavor to come up with things that are more thrilling. As the others greet Lise will nod her head quickly, left hand raising to flicker long nimble surgeon fingers out in greeting, "Hello, hello." The Leonise woman then shifts her butt around on the crate, trying to gain some measure of comfort before giving up and simply standing up and curling a leg under her as she settles back down, "Now my foot can die .." A murmur to herself.
Book is unfurled from her chest and set down in her lap, pen that was holding up her hair is untucked and lengths of black fall in ragged kinks down unflatteringly down her face, "So. I'm going to assume we're going to be running the gamut of tests on those who were unfortunate - fortunate for us - to not have borne the appropriate attire, in order to ascertain any contaminates, bacteria, viruses ..oh - maybe prions. That'd be fun-" Said, her warm whiskied voice raising up easily, though the small space really allows for any sort of voice to carry, "I mean, in addition to the air and soil. They're amazing petri dishes and anything they were exposed to will absolutely riddle their bodies." A little toooooo excited at the prospect, Lise writing down still the requirements of the mission. Plus her own additions of questions.

"Sit?" Niamh blinks, so obviously confused as her gaze darts to the all-important Officers crowding onto crates, or standing. The Crewman shifts, then gives the Chief a slightly jerky nod before doing as she's told, sidling out of her corner and settling herself onto the chair, with no shortage of hesitation. She sort of perches there, ready to give it up to someone more important at just about no notice. From one pocket, she too pulls a battered, dog-eared notepad, gloved fingers flipping quickly through the pages to find herself a blank page, then pulls a pencil from her hair. Ready to start taking notes, or maybe drawing, whichever comes first. She tries to keep up with what the Doctors are talking about, Kelsey actually gets a slight smile, but then the Deckie's turning her attention back and trying to not look completely out of her depth. Her green eyes definitely glaze over when Lise starts talking about contaminates and prions. Feeling a little out of her depth, she throws a desperate look at the Chief.

Alex hops off the filing cabinet to retrieve the photographs. She sets them on the desk so she can pull out a drawer and root around for…tape. Then she goes about affixing them to one of the blank walls. The whiteboard would be swamped if she put them on it. Then where would they write? "I'd like to take Crewman Callaghan along if possible," she says as she finishes taping up the pictures. "She has excellent attention to detail I think will be useful."

Reaching for the reading glasses that are perpetually with her, Nadir pauses, glasses half extracted from the front pocket of her jacket, and eyes Lise for a silent moment that turns into a sort of reverent moment. "The Lieutenant, the one that delivered the pictures, is one of the marines that were on site for the initial insertion," sharing this bit of data with Lise, though only after Kelsey has escaped. That is. Headed back out to continue with her other duties that are not listed on 'human petri dish' assignment. "I gather that there were a handful of marines and some air crew involved in the exploratory of the tomb, proper. At this point they've likely spread any new contaminates or contagions among their individual units or wing assignments; though it does bear some consideration," she agrees, making a note to herself as she finally finishes putting on the reading glasses and shares another nod with the Chief. "Attention to detail is critical. What ever you decide will be best suited for the terrain, Chief, is what's going to need to be built. This cannot be some rude construct of metal, bolts and corrugated steel .." she waves one hand in a vague gesture. "This tomb, so I gather, is the resting place of hundreds of bodies. The exact number hasn't' been specified," she hedges that number with a frown then looks back to her notes. "I think it would behoove our efforts here to create something that speaks to the honor that should be bestowed upon the dead." Nadir gestures toward the pictures and moves out of the way, "Based on the images that we have of the terrain, are you two able to give even a rough guess as to the material that is going to be needed to accomplish this?"

"Oh sweet Artemis, think about the study of mut-" And it's there that Lise snaps her lips shut, teeth clicking together softly, as she realizes she is not only amongst her colleagues. She's a surgeon, she doesn't have the best bedside manner that othes who may have done other residencies possess. Instead she clicks the top of her pen, leaning back in against the wall on her crate, "Dr. Nadir, lets discuss later my specific role in this. I think we know the path it's going to take, for now bladder is about to burst and the specifics of an airlock are outside of my expertise. If you don't mind." Up she'll rise off her leg, pen tucked in behind her ear, the book under an arm.

"That's the most eloquent, 'I gotta pee' I ever heard." Marcus comments casually as he watches Lise all but do the peepee dance as she's trying to take off out the door. Grabbing one of the pictures, he frowns. "My expertise, admittedly, is in electronics engineering. Construction typically isn't my thing. But we should be able to get something up and going with the materials we already have on hand on Piraeus. There's plenty of airlocks that are no longer needed from the Jay-Pea, we can use one of those to see if we can get a close fit and build around it." he says finally as he makes a few notes in his notebook.

Niamh makes a few notes on her notepad, casting a slightly nervous look around at the Officers present. The Chief specifically requesting her presence planetside produces a blink and slightly wide-eyed stare, like, seriously? She rolls her shoulders forward, gloved fingers worrying the edges of her notepad, flicking the pages back and forth. The mention of not constructing a 'rude shelter', makes the Crewman scowl. Her shoulders stiffen and she straightens in her seat, looking for all the world like she's going to have an argument about that. But unlike most of her Tauran peers, she does actually manage to hold her tongue and instead subsides, easing back and throwing a look at Alex again.

Alex stares at the pictures, her hands folded at her chest. "Well, we'll find out," she replies to Sam's question about materials. As for Marcus' idea she nods while still examining the photos, "That's what I was thinking. See if we can cannibalize something. These pictures don't tell us dimensions really, but we can ask the people who got there first, test any airlock we pick out here if possible, then haul everything out to construct on site. It's going to be an extremely custom job, but we don't want to get out there, install the airlock, and then find there was a leak in the piece all along." She squints at the pictures on the wall and then turns to find Marcus with one. Then she walks over and holds her hand out, "Everyone needs to see." She doesn't catch Niamh's reaction, because most of the time her back is to her, so the look she finally gets she meets with a look of slight confusion that passes quickly.

Standing before the assembled group, Nadir focuses on each individual member of this handpicked team, one at a time, the look on her face conveying only a sense of careful focus and intensity. The exit of Dr. Robert had caused a look of surprised amusement on the surgeons face before she'd nodded then shifted her attention back to the Marine LT as he speaks. A frown forms, briefly, at his words. "Hauling down a recycled airlock may be an interim step but the reality is that we're staring down the rifle sights, I believe is the phrase, at some potentially tough customers to appease, respect wise. Lets not kid ourselves on this, command is going to be watching every step we make. On top of that, there's the entities upon planet as well that will have some manner of opinion to interject at some point. Specialist Mercier will be our liaison, in that respect. That said," and she does that slow glance around again, "everyone in this room needs to make sure that every single person that they assign to this task on hand understands the scope of this project. And the very real potential that they have of encountering one of these entities, with or without Specialist Mercier in place to liaise and communicate. Any of your personnel who have objections, violent or otherwise, to being in the presence of these entities needs to be sorted OUT of your personnel allocation before this happens."

"If command wants it done right, then it's best that we use what we already have on hand that we know can make a good seal, Doctor." Marcus offers quietly. "Yes, I know about being under the microscope, but short of having a titanium smelter, a steel foundry, and raw material, a custom fit airlock is /not/ going to happen." he points out diplomatically. "We cant even manufacture a new Raptor, much less a custom piece like that."

"We have a viper factory onboard. How do you think they are made? I had the last predator's tub put aside. It's titanium," Alex states plainly. "We'll make sure it's done right. You just worry about security," she says without any attitude in her tone. It sounds weird when delivered like that and the obvious ire from the brevity comes across like a light slapping from a big wet noodle.

"I think it would be a good idea to actually go there and see what's what before we decide what we need." Niamh comments, her slight annoyance thickening her Tauran accent quite dramatically and she's still scowling a little, though Marcus finds himself included in that scowl, too. "Pictures can only show us so much. We need actual measurements." She sits back, pencil doodling random pictures on the notepad in front of her. A look goes to Alex, this time questioning.

Zip. In and out. Lise is back in a jiffy, bladder emptied, hands washed, hair fixed a little once she realized in front of the mirror she literally looked like she had just climbed out of bed. Which she had. But no one needs to /look/ that way. With quietly mumbled apologies she will slip back into the room, squeezing in past people in a bid to get back to her crate. Back down she goes, book back in her lap, pages opened and pen plucked up from her ear so she can catch up on what she missed. Silently. She'll just absorb it from those around her and figure out what they're on now. 'Actual measurements' gets written on her page. And then her chin is tilting back up, gazing up once more to look at everyone. Hit her with info!

"Yes, Chief, I'm well aware of Orion's Viper factory. What I was referring to was the construction on the ground. I doubt that these ghosts or Jameson would be happy with us running a smelter planetside. So that's what we're going to have to work and deal with. Metalwork, refitting, and scavenging."

Nadir lifts her hands briefly and claps, just once, a stacatto sound. "Alright. Now that we're all on the same general page," she says after she lowers her hands. "Medical will have all the components for the biohazard airlock and frame unpacked from storage and hauled to the hangar deck. We need all the components lifted to the location of the tomb itself and set down OUTSIDE the tomb. I'd rather not be hauling this material cross country like a pack mule, to be blunt, so now we need someone from the Air Wing to liaise with," she flips open her own check list and jots that down. "Marines are in charge of security arrangements and any accompanying protocol and situations as they, if they, when they arise on planet. Engineering," she glances up to Alex and Niamh, "once you have eyes on, we'll start our material requisition list at that time. Everything else is in theory and spitballing until we're boots on the ground." She straightens then, "Dr. Robert and I are going to have the joy of explaining to the Air Wing and Marine command, respectively, that their units may have been exposed to potentially uncategorized biological contaminates. Which will, I'm sure, be a pleasure. Any questions before we start rolling?"

"Yes, Chief, I'm well aware of Orion's Viper factory. What I was referring to was the construction on the ground. I doubt that these ghosts or Jameson would be happy with us running a smelter planetside. So that's what we're going to have to work and deal with. Metalwork, refitting, and scavenging." Marcus starts to say, but when Samtara points out the Marine mission is security only, the Electrical Engineer lifts his brow and shrugs. Hey, she don't want his opinion. "I'll make sure to pass on the mission to the proper detail for security then." His jaw tightens slightly at the Doctor, as she takes away a bread and butter job from the ground engineers to give to the space jockies.

"Their units, all of us in this room by the very virtue of the entrance of one of the individuals who may have been exposed-" Lise will state as she lifts her pen up into the air to swoosh it through the air as she speaks, illustrating the path of contamination. At least in her head. A faint sigh of sound from her as she scribbles in her book a reminder to herself to begin tests on herself, "This week will be a /joy/."

"It's called molds. We do the smelting here." Alex sighs and then looks back to Sam. "We can talk to Wing about that. We'll need to coordinate with them on what birds could be taken so we know how much assembly could be done here ahead of time vs on site…As for the materials. Most of them will probably going right back through Deck channels. I'll make sure those we can fill are called out so you can report on that to command as you make the request. If me and mine could get a lift out to the site as soon as possible, we could start taking measurements. Command should decide whether they want something quick and recycled or not." Alex pulls out her orange memo-pad from the back of her tool belt and a pencil from behind her ear to scribble down some numbers. "This is a ballpark estimate for each in terms of ETA. That's /assuming/ we get and have a functioning airlock that can be retrofitted to this site." It's broken down into rough categories like construction, testing, etc. She tears the little paper out of her pad and leans to hand it to Nadir.

"Well, since you already have a practicing engineer and electrical group, I suppose as security, I'll hold onto the codes that access that place for now." Marcus says with a shrug. "Let me know if you need any wiring help, Chief." the Lieutenant offcers as he leans back in his chair.

Niamh doesn't offer anything further. She lets her shoulders drop and kind of curls in on herself a little, finding a blank spot on the wall to stare at while the decisions are made. Her pencil doesn't stop moving though, still all about the random doodling and sporadic note-taking.

Glancing from face to face again, Nadir says (bluntly) what anyone who knows her already knows, and anyone who doesn't, will shortly be made aware of. "Let me state, bluntly, before we set foot on the ground, some salient details that not everyone may be aware of. First, and foremost, there's no room for professional ego stroking. There is, if you'll all recall, a bit of a war on?" she arches one eyebrow subtly before continuing. "The dead, in that tomb, are the very people that the Piraean among us - those being Knox, Clara and the model Nine who also has the name Elle - are descendant from. This is their home," she emphasizes that last word. "And the dead, in that tomb? Those are either their ancestors, their makers, or some combination of the above that eludes me. We Need Them For The War Effort," bluntly, firmly, spoken. "We muck around and frak up this job, insult those entities, and who knows how things change, what switches are triggered or flipped. So we do this careful. And we work together. And for those of you who don't know me, my skill set is not all about holding hands or any particular emphasis on bedside manner. Like everyone else in this room, I'm very very good at the jobs to which I have both volunteered and been assigned." She accepts the little piece of paper from Alex as she speaks, skimming for a moment before she nods, "Excellent. And this," she holds the slip of paper up for a moment, "is why each of you has been assigned. Because you have specialized skills that we need for this task. Engineering, because you guys actually know what we have on hand that can make this job work. Everyone with a degree of some sort of background of some sort in engineering please raise a hand?" she is very clearly NOT raising a hand when she calls this question out to the room.

"If you have time to help and the resources to cover yourself," from removing himself, though Alex doesn't clarify, "I would love the help, but as we get closer to the end of the job, there's only going to be so much space to work on this thing, and I need to make sure everything is done perfectly personally. It's nothing personal meant to anyone else here. It's my job. Marcus already stated he had electrical engineering expertise which I'm well aware of. I'm assuming your good doctor here hasn't had a chance to study engineering things on top of engineering on bodies?"

Niamh does /not/ raise her hand. She's just a technician who pays obsessive attention to detail. She actually goes so far as to shake her head, finally blinking away from her pointless stare and looking down at her spidery notes.

Marcus lifts his hand. "The Chief is well aware of my abilities already as we are working together on another project." the Lieutenant offers as he gives a nod to Alex. "She gave it to you, it's yours. I'll provide support where you want it."

"I don't actually believe I'm involved in anything on the ground-" Lise will offer up with a frown, "I will assist in interviewing and testing those who have been potentially exposed but as for my feet leaving this station? No." Said in her whiskied voice, some annoyance evident in her tone "I understand some frustrations here, but slagging on others who obviously don't have the expertise you're illuminating is rude." Her brows lift up to accentuate her words, "There was a better way to frame what you just asked."

"Which may come in handy," Nadir notes with a nod angled at Lise. "If you haven't been to planet, as yet, then you haven't been exposed to anything specific or unique in the local environment. If you haven't had samples drawn, please be sure to do so before visiting Piraeus." This said she pauses and aims a mild look of amusement at Lise, "Yes. I'm quite sure there is a much better way of phrasing things. Which brings me to my next point. I'm not diplomatic enough to dance around delicate issues. This is no secret," something of an understatement. She notes the hands, glances from face to face again, then moves on. "Then that issue is settled. The chief is in charge of all things engineering and technical on this particular assignment, with the able assist of the LT and Callaghan. I will be supervising the erection of the biohazard dome and liaising on planet for the duration of this excursion. Dr Robert, if you would take on the task of drawing up a plan to test those potentially infected or contaminated groups, that would be a step in the right direction," she closes her notebook and glances from face to face once more. "At the very least, we're going to need to draw a new set of samples from members of both units and then anyone else the team members have interacted with in a more personal level since being in the tomb itself," and there goes the right to privacy. Notepad is tucked into the front pocket of her uniform jacket, "Thank you, everyone. We'll be reconvening on planet as soon as the supplies for the biohazard lock are ready for deployment."

A chance to escape! Niamh shoots to her feet, glancing to Alex, "Chief… I got things I need to make sure are completed before I go off shift… just let me know when you need me." She dips her head to Alex, then just sort of looks at the Officers before making a beeline for the door, pencil finding it's way into her ponytail, notepad getting stuffed into a pocket, free hand snagging a bottle of water off the desk as she passes.

"Sounds fantastic, Doctor." Marcus says as he rises to his feet before he heads out the hatch as well, to head back to the Marines barn.

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