PWD #04: Stupid and Coy
PWD #04: Stupid and Coy
Summary: Augie and Aios nearly come to blows when Aios finds out that he's seeing Ceres
Date: 02/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Augie Aios 
Observation Deck - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
Jan 02, 2005

Mid-rats and shift changes always are the best part of the day. When you're the damage control officer on shift, it means that you spend twenty-four hours on duty and then eight hours off. It is during one of these eight hour downtimes that Augustus is on one of the couches. A large mug sits next to him with the saying 'Being an Asshole is part of my Manly Essence'. Steam wafts from the top of it as Augie strums absently at the guitar in his lap. Five chords. Stop. Five chords again, and then another pause.

"Hey, while I'm down here, pilot? You wanna check that sugar and let me know if we're getting low. I'm feeling charitable and might pop the next one in the rote up onto the counter if I can find it." Simon asks, looking up to Jess.'

The door to the Observation Deck and Daniel Aios, also known as Talkshow, steps through. With a notebook under one arm and an empty mug in the other, he quietly makes his way over to prepare his tea. Eyes lowered while he works, he smiles and glances over to Augie, watching the man play. "Leftenant Garrido." He speaks quietly, but loud enough to be heard from the distance. "I never did get to thank you for the entertainment during Saturnalia. You're quite the talented musician."

"Eh. I ain't as good as some folks, just had years of pluckin' at the same stuff, Talkshow." Augie offers as he tips his guitar in greetings. "Ain't seen ya about in a while. This alert stuff's a ball-breaker though." He plucks at the chords again, a frown creasing his features. "Ever get one of those songs stuck in yer craw, and no matter how much you think ya might know it, it eludes ya?" he asks. "I'm havin one of those moments."

"Perhaps, but a little different. I'm not a musician, I'm a writer, so for me it happens with quotes or lines and as much as I try to remember who-said-what, it evades me." Talkshow replies, pouring a little bit of sugar into his tea. The spoon, as he stirs the mug, makes a light tinkling sound. Three taps later, the spoon is set aside and he moves to sit near Augie. "An Earworm, though, I think that's what it's called. If only we had access to the networks back home, you'd be able to look up the song in a second or two. Would you like some company? Perhaps I could help you figure it out."

"Eh, if I keep tryin' to pluck at it, it might make me crazy." Augie chuckles, and gestures to the chair nearby. "Grab a squat, el-tee. Wanna cigar?" he asks, setting aside his cigar to fish the case out of his pocket. "Earworm. I'll have to remember that." he comments. "And I don't know. I don't listen to a lot of music, but gods, even over the different radios that the kids play on board, I have yet to pick it up. But it seems to be infectious." He shrugs at that.

"Please, a cigar would be lovely. I received a few of them for Saturnalia and I've yet to get to them. I'll give you one in trade, friend." Talkshow replies, settling down into his chair and setting his tea aside. Rubbing his hands together, he massages away the left-over burn from the mug of tea and sits forward, resting his elbows just over his knees. "So, I sort-of separated from everyone during the bonfire portion of the evening. How did the rest of your Saturnalia go?"

Passing over the cigar, Augie taps out one for himself and chews off the end of it to pop into his mouth before fishing out a well-worn lighter with the crest of Impervious on it. He lights up and passes it over to Aios next. "It went pretty well. Played a few more tunes, missed out on the bonfire. Ain't really had nothin' to add to it though. I was mainly there to make sure to keep the flames under control if it got too crazy and close to a building."

"It's always nice to have fire control around, isn't it?" Talkshow laughs, whispering a word of thanks as he takes the cigar from him. Following the man's lead, he clears the end of the cigar and then lights it, taking the first few puffs before offering the lighter back to the man. Stretching his legs out, he mushes into a lazy slouch, eyes returning to the viewport and the orbiting, swirling mass of Piraeus below. "You know, I'm going to miss this place when I leave it. My transfer's been approved, but I will always maintain there's something perfect about this picture, here."

"Transfer? Hades, Talkshow, we just frakkin' got here." Augie actually looks surprised by the sudden idea of leaving. He drops the lighter back in his pocket. "Ya allergic to dirt or somethin'?" he asks with a small chuckle, and considers the pilot. "Ya can talk about it, if ya want. If ya don't, ya don't." He's always been pretty simple and straight-forward.

"Oh, I was here for the eighteen prior. I've been here nearly two years now." Talkshow pauses to puff on the end of the cigar. "I've an ex-wife back home making a custody play, so the JAG has approved that I head back to battle it out in court. A great deal of time and space has opened up for me as of late and everything's fallen into place." He looks to Augie. "A man's work to be done."

"Well, I knew that, Talkshow. I've been on this tub since she left dry dock." Augie points out and takes a draw off of his cigar. "Family shit." he says, sounding slightly sympathetic. "Ain't never had a wife to call an ex, so I can't sympathize, but I can empathize. Breaks are bad juju, or something." He blows out a casual puff of smoke. "Ain't never enough hours in a day for a man's work, el-tee."

"No, there never quite is, is it? Of course, the less I see you working the happier I think we all are, right?" Talkshow replies, giving a rather pointed nod towards Augie. "It's not that bad, really, Jamey's a good lad and he's worth fighting for. As a bonus, I'll get to see the folks and Caprica City's restaurants. What double-combat pay I've earned is going to be spent well, even though it's not a vacation. Speaking of…where are you from, Garrido?"

"Got a pic of the squirt?" Augie asks curiously. He may be the biggest bear on the ship, but he's got a heart underneath all of that. "Me?" he asks, and chuckles. "I'm shipyard trash, el-tee. Grew up in the shadow of the Scorpia Shipyards, worked there when I was old enough to do so, and took a job in the Fleet to stay with a ship." He puffs from his cigar casually.

Talkshow leans up from his chair to reach for his wallet. Pulling it out, he offers a small book of photos over to the man. The first is of Daniel with two elderly people, the second is a photo of a young boy no more than four with blonde hair and freckles across his face, posing with a pyramid ball and a wide cookie-eating smile. Other photos are in the booklet, including a more recent one with Daniel and a certain dark-haired Viper pilot in the woods on Piraeus. "Ah, the shipyards. I've heard that can be some really hard work. They make you Scorpion-folk out of wood and iron, don't they?"

"Cute kid." Augie says as he looks over the pictures. There is only the slightest pause at that picture of Ceres in his wallet, as he passes it back. "Looks like he's gonna be as much of a lady-killer as his dad." he comments, and draws in another long tendril of smoke before he lets it out slowly. "It's work that builds a man up, Talkshow." he points out. "Wood and iron, piss and vinegar, shit and steel." A proud grin at that, the blue eyes of the engineer flashing. "The gals don't mind it, that's fer sure."

"Lady Killer? Nooo…I don't think that he's going to have that problem. I'm more afraid of him learning all of those tender, little viper skills from his mother and her new lawyer husband, who, mind you, has been a treat to work with throughout the divorce." Talkshow replies, oblivious to any undertone carried through Augie's words in reference to Ceres. He slips the picture album back into his wallet and rests his cigar on the ashtray. Next comes his tea and a grin at Augie's enthusiasm. "I don't know, Augie. I've attracted more than a few girls in my day with my mind. Capture her mind, the rest falls into place until, well, she divorces you."

Setting aside his cigar to take a draw off of his coffee mug. "Hades, Dan, that's the bad end. Good end is that ya build a nice little house in the woods, have a couple of kids, and enjoy a good pot roast dinner now and again." He actually pauses at his own words, and hehs dryly. "Fer now, it seems that my life is filled with nothing but a single string." Drawing in that black gold, he sighs and sets it aside. "And that's a good thing at the moment."

"A single string, you say? Do tell. Does this single string have a name, or is that guitar?" Talkshow replies, motioning to the instrument while he sets down his mug of tea. "Myself, I was in the process of writing a new novel using Piraeus as inspiration, and they're not letting me take my pictures home with me, so I've been taking as much leave as possible down to surface to burn it into memory."

Augustus gives a shrug of his shoulders. "She's a sweet gal, once ya get to know her. She even puts up with my mistress." He pats the deck with his foot. "Orion is a cruel mistress. She's fickle, she doesn't put up with shit, and doesn't take no for an answer well. But she'll get you where yer going, and she sings like an angel." His smile quirks at that. But there is no name given to the string yet.

"Sounds like someone worth writing home about." Daniel replies, taking up the cigar once more. He slips the heavy, rolled paper between his lips and turns his eyes back to the planet, tracing the contours of a rather large cloud formation with his eyes. "I'm really going to miss this place, Leftenant. Truly. She's an amazing ship and I've made some rather compelling relationships while aboard. Though, I suppose that's another story in and of itself, isn't it?"

Setting aside his empty mug, Augie chuckles. "Hell, el-tee, I ain't got noone to write home to about Ducks." he comments casually, and nods. "Suppose that's why I keep puttin in to stay on this tub. She doesn't ask for anything that I can't give her, and she puts up with me. I'll look forward to seeing ya in some book store to get yer autograph once it's done."

"Ducks? And really, you don't strike me as the type to nose about a bookstore waiting to get a novel autographed by some twirpy little mole behind a desk, bobbing his head and smiling as people tell them what they thought about his book." Daniel replies, and then scratches the side of his head. "So, I do believe I heard a rumor about Ceres and you having a fight in the gym? I wasn't aware that the two of you knew each other."

"Me? I don't read much, but hey, why not visit someone ya know that's become famous." Augie grins. "Fine, just make sure ya send me a copy of ya book, and if I get a mention, make sure I'm still a badass." A chuckle at that as he considers the question posed to him. "Ceres? Yeah, we passed each other a few times during her first tour. She wanted some boxing trainin' so I gave it to her. She's spry for a stick jockey, she asked to be trained up, so ya know, gonna help her with that." The rest of it he doesn't really start addressing.

Daniel's mood darkens just a shade as he enjoys the cigar, using it as an implement to pay attention to while brushing the edges of something rather new and fragile. Sighing a cloud of smoke from his nose, he brushes a hand over the top of his head and turns to look back to Augie. For a second, he just watches the man, and then he leans out to cone the ashes of his cigar against the edge of the tray. "Is there something you're trying to tell me, Garrido?"

"Have you ever known me to play my cards close to my chest, el-tee?" It's a simple question that answers a question. Augustus draws off of his cigar, finishing it off and stubs it off in the ashtray. His blue eyes look up at the viper pilot, gauging him with a short little smirk.

"Leftenant Garrido." Daniel starts, leaving the cigar in the ashtray. He reaches out to his mug of tea and takes a long pull, and then sets it aside as well. Eyes to the smirk on the large man's cheek, the demeanor that crosses Talkshow's face turns into one of not being rather impressed. "Are you gloating?"

Augie just looks suddenly amused. "Frak no, Dan." he says simply. "Ceres is her own gal, what's the past is the past, what happens happens. Frankly, I don't give a rats ass about what was done in the past. Yer reading way too much into small talk."

The Viper pilot tilts his head just a little, suddenly uncomfortable with the amused look on the man's face. With a quaint tilt of his head, he stands in preparation to leave. "Small talk, is that what this is called? What happens happens. For her sake I truly hope you're a passing element. I don't appreciate this smug act of yours, and I don't appreciate the way you're being stupid and coy, Garrido."

"I'm neither stupid, or coy, Aios." Augie says with a roll of his shoulders as he rises to his feet. "I care for the gal. At least as much as I can fer her right now." His restraint is admirable, because gods knows, he knows of the damage he can cause. "It's rough, I get it. My own first heartbreak is stationed here and I still have to deal with that. Ceres is starting to mean somethin' to me, and I hope that.. well, whatever happens, happens."

"Go frak yourself. You're trash and she knows it, and so do you." Daniel says under his breath, turning to leave. Of course, he has to pass Garrido on his way out, which makes things difficult. "She deserves far better than some unwashed bummer that doesn't see a thing wrong with hint dropping and playing at smirks with this girl you care about's recent ex from whom she's currently still having trouble separating from. Frak you, I mean that. You're a piece of shit." Daniel ticks his head sharply, moving to crash his shoulder against Augie's as he passes.

That shoulder slams into the force of Augustus, and he lets it ripple through him, and absorbs it. He doesn't say a word to Aios as he has his temper fit and storms off. Once he's gone, Augie simply drops back into his seat. And picks up his guitar and starts to pluck again.

Brooding and surly, Daniel doesn't look back. When he gets to the door, he bares his teeth to it and tugs it open, disappearing out into the hallway. The time for anger and murder will come later. For now, he extracts himself from the situation.

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