AWD #002: Strings at the end of the Universe
Strings at the end of the Universe.
Summary: In the wake of the death of Daniel Aios and the Cylon attack, Augustus Garrido finally lays his cards on the table to Ceres Delacroix
Date: 07/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Observation Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
7 January 2005

Its quite the sight, Ceres stepping into the Obs Deck dressed in a sickbay gown and oversized sweatpants tied tightly by belt. At least they help keep the draft down. Eyes flicker up to the large man at her side, the man who's arm she has taken with her good right one, linking them together. Her other hand is bagged up, clear plastic showing some bandages that have been refreshed. Taking their time, she looks somewhat relieved to see the viewport on the obs deck, that inky black space a welcome sight compared to the tiles she had been counting.

"I'll get you a fresh pair of pants as soon as we're done." Augie comments down to Ceres as they walk, the touch warm against his arm as he leans against her just a little and they walk over to the Viewport and he leans over to look at the planet before. "Oh.. before I forget." Reaching into his pocket with his free hand, he fishes out a coin on a chain. True to his word, he didn't drill it, but a very shiny piece of metal has been welded to it as a clasp. "…found it in the wreckage on deck four. Ekho says it was probably Cylon, since she doesn't recognize it. Figured it was.. fitting." he shrugs, looking back towards the planet after offering the item. "I know how ya felt about him, Ceres. I'm not totally blind, and Sister Geni don't give these out lightly. I'm sorry fer it. I wish he'd actually gotten to know me. I wish I coulda called him a friend." he stares down at that planet. "But I'm here if you need me."

"I am fine with this, really. Its just nice to be out," Ceres says faintly and lets out a long breath. "It doesn't smell like the dead." Her voice is soft, trying not to interrupt the others who are up here in vary states of emotion. Its that coin that draws her attention versus Piraeus and she slowly loosens her hold on his arm in favor of taking it from him. There is a light smile, sad, but grateful. "Thanks.." SHe whispers and reaching out to take it. "Fitting yes.." Dreadfully so. Turning the coin about in her hand, feeling its weight again, she closes her eyes, then passively studies it once more. She is quiet, letting out a long breath as he speaks. "He was a good man, Augustus. He was…intelligent, enlightened, troubled and caring…he was…everything I am not." She tells him. "I pushed him away in order to save him from me. He deserved so much more and here he is, his soul for this coin and it feels…stupid. His death was not then…" Pause, "He pulled me aside before we lauched. Promised he wasn't going to give up on me." There is a fond smile on her lips as she smooths her thumb over the front of the coin. "I feel like there are so many things unanswered and that's not fair to you, Augie."

"Is this the part where you tell me you're not good enough fer me either, Ceres?" Augie leans over and kisses her on the side of her head, before looking back down to the planet. "Cause I don't think you get to make that decision. It's my decision to make. And it's hard, but I ain't giving up on ya, Ceres." he draws in a slow breath and lets it out. "I asked to be a part of yer life. And I ain't giving up on it."

"People would hit me, tell me not to look a gift horse in the mouth but I wonder, why hades are you even interested?" Her dark eyes seek his and then follow their gaze down to to the planet. That coin cuts into her palm and she finally lets out a breath. "I know what I am, at least the part that is clear enough. I am going to be the hell that rains down on those pieces of frakkin scrap metal. I am going to find my resolve and place amongst those that want blood for blood." Her fingers tighten again. "The River Styx overflows and threatnes to drown us all. But not without a fight, Augie."

"Damn right." Augie agrees, turning his blue pales up to her dark storm. "Every Cylon is gonna pay for every drop of blood they spilt. His, Sergeant Hauser, Corporal Rossi, the rest of my lost team on four - those on Caprica.. all the colonies that are no longer there, and those that still stand. We will be their judge.. we will be their hunter." he says, and reaches out to caress her cheek. "I'm gonna be at your side in that river, Ceres. And when ya need me to, I'll carry ya above the waves." And with that, he tilts down and kisses her fully and warmly.

A nod of agreement, her dark eyes lifting up to study him press her lips to a thin line when he names those lost from his own teams. "THis is not over, we still stand and that means others do as well." She lets out a breath to add something til he touches her cheek. Ceres clutches the coin a bit more tightly in her hand, feeling its presence like eyes watching. A sharp breath cause her nostrils to flare and that kiss, as loving as it is finds a portion lacking from her part as she allows him. Her eyes close before drawing her lips back and awkwardly looking down at Piraeus again. "Augie…look….I am not so ready for may be a long ride for you if you want to stick it out." But she doesn't pull away from him, staying at his side.

"We're still here." Augie offers the reminder as he pulls back. He studies her eyes, and looks past that as he lets out a breath. "I'm as stubborn as a chigger on a dog, hon. Until you decide to tell me to go away and mean it? I'm in fer the ride, as long and no matter where it may take you and I." he says, remaining at her side.

Finally, he starts to answer the question offered earlier. "Why do I stay around? Hell, I couldn't answer that question myself at first either. We both said no strings." he comments, as he waits for her decision. "Then we came up here afterwards and ya settled against me, and it just felt.. different. I mean, I've been around the block before and I've done the one and done dance before. But we got to talking, and it was nice to just be able to talk, to get to know ya. To find out about the woman in the uniform instead of just what's in the uniform." Augie comments gently, "When we agreed to that first string, nothing was supposed to change, but it did. I ain't asking ya to give ya a ring, Ceres. Ain't askin ya forever. Not until the ride's fully along." he says quietly. "But you've grown onto me enough that I see ya in my sleep from time to time. Yer a good woman. Yer strong. Ya speak yer mind. And when ya decide on something, ya see it through to the end. He may have been different than you, but I'm more complimentary to ya. At least that's what I think. Ya get to decide and figger that one out for yourself though. But I ain't gonna be easy to shake, Ceres Delacroix."

Finally he offers his hand to her for the necklace. "Let me slip that around your neck?"

"Cuddling…cuddling does it huh?" Ceres says, sort of shocked in a way as she watches him in half silence. "Of course I speak my mind…I don't know why more people don't." She says simply, as if this doesn't qualify her for some special position to him. There is sort of a long appreciative look, one that is accompanied by a faint smile at his last statement and she hesitates, looking down at that coin. "I am not so easy to follow…but you better not be as intent as that tin can was or I won't ever use my hand again." She bites her lip and then hands over the coin.

"So I am stuck with you?" She asks lowly as he gets near enough to put the coin aroun dher neck.

"Speakin yer mind is a talent these days. See more people dance around the shit then face it head on. Ya and I saw the same thing the other day. But we ain't pretending it's okay. We know it's in the shitter." Augie says as he releases the chain and moves to put it around her neck. "Afraid I'm on ya like a bad rash, Ducky." he says gently as he re-clasps the chain. "Are you wantin to be stuck with me?"

"People are afraid of being to abrasive…but sometimes its better to walk away with a nice little skid than a full out open wound," Ceres points out and then furrows her brows. Talk about speaking your mind. Poised with that last question, Ceres presses her good hand to the coin and traces the edge of it with her thumb. "I don't know..Augie." Pause. "But I am not complaining right now." She meets his gaze, "If that makes sense..?" It feels a bit weighty, the coin and the question both.

And the lady decides on the coin over the man. "Naw, I get it." he says, turning back to look towards the planet as Augie's shoulders sag, just a touch, before straightening back up. "It makes sense."

His reaction draws a furrow of her brow and Ceres closes her eyes and clearing her throat, she says faintly, "He told me he wasn't given up on me. I am not sure what else to do but carry his torch for him." Pausing, she clears her throat once more. "I think the sister gave me this coin for that purpose, to give life to him when he's gone." She considers Piraeus a moment and then hesitates, "Though Daniel never was a man to wish for anything more than happiness for others." There is another moment completely lost to thought. "It will take time…but thats up to you if its something you want to offer…though Gods know we may not have it."

"We have each other, Ceres. It depends on you, and how long you want to cling to your loss. To keep him trapped here. Or to let him go. To let him look for Jamey." Yes, he knows about the child, as Augie faces back towards Ceres. "Is your torch for him really what he would want right now from you? To watch you become a shell of what you are? To pine for him when you know someone is in turn pining for you? When it's my turn to go, will my coin go unclaimed because I'm not worthy of your heart?" he finally asks her, looking into her eyes, and reaches up to caress her chin and cheek. "I don't think that coin is his life. It's a constant reminder of his loss. You need to decide when to let it go. When he will be allowed to return to his home."

Guarded, Ceres suddenly feels that way as he returns her question back on her. Her choice. She's frightened by it, by what it means and it shows for one stark moment in that dark gaze of her's and how she stands. Meeting his gaze, she doens't back down, to turn away is to give in. "This coin is all I have left, Augie. All of it." But there is a sour realization of his words, letting him go. Tears start to well up in her eyes, that tough woman starting to crack before him. "I know its not him, but I damn well want it to be!" Her voice is a harsh whisper as she tries to harden herself and fails. "He's already gone, Daniel Aios is dead, I know this, I am no fool. I will never go to Caprica with him and I never will meet his son and the world will end in fire and death. Do I allow you to claim a part of me, see you die before me like him and then feel the loss once more?" She lets out a breath, "Do you think me so uncaring that I would not…carry you coin? You would never go unclaimed, Augustus."

"That's bullshit and ya know it Ceres. That coin is not all ya have left!" Augustus takes her good hand and places in on his heart. "You have this. And you have yerself! Is this what you think he wants? For you to stand here and cry and dream of what you think you wanted to have?" he asks her. "I had dreams too, ya know. Of building a house down there, settling down eventually, having a couple of kids - Imogen and Fayth." he says finally, eyes dancing as he studies her. "And I saw you get torn up in front of me, and yet I am still here. Do you think I am so uncaring and callous that I'd not be safe for a woman that I could be in love with?? If something were to happen to you, I would claim your coin, but I would make sure it got delivered back home. To wherever you asked me to take you, Ceres. Because that's what you do when you could be in love with someone."

Oh Gods damn! Ceres' world just tilts out of control - what little is left of it. Its like cold water just slammed her in the face and chest, leaving her to gasping for air. Everything just compounds, building with every word. Shocked is a light way of putting what the pilot is as she struggles to keep from losing herself. Brows loft, then furrow and loft again as emotions war. "Dear Gods…" She breathes. Not that she's religious by any means. Her dark eyes drink him in, the sentiments and his wants. "Augie…what are you saying exactly? Are you saying…" Breathe. Breathe woman. Her hand hurts like hell now, trying to keep composed through the pain and now this. It comes and goes, the waves of throbbing pain through her fuzzy focus on him.

"What in the name of Aphrodite's cum stained toga do you think I'm saying, Ceres? It's the end of the universe as we knew it, Ceres." Augie says, "And if you're gonna make me wait, with whatever ya decide to make me do, I'm gonna play with my hand on the table. Whether you like it or not, I've done the stupidest thing possible with no strings. I made strings. I fell for you like a ton of frakking bricks, and I'm fighting. Not just to survive. Not just for this ship. I'm fighting for us. I'm fighting to know that when we finally carve out peace that we can have that home, those kids, and act like gods frakkin damned civilized savages. What am I saying Ceres?"

"It's the end of the universe, and I love you." And with that, he lowers his hand from her and stands there.

If her mouth could get anymore dry it would. Ceres has been struck dumb and potentially speechless. A breath is finally drawn when she remembers she should do just that. "You have made more than strings Augie…I am not sure what to even call it." Her lips press into a thin line and she lets out a breath, eyes closing at his last. A sigh escapes her and she lets her hand fall away too. "Augie."

Her eyes open again and she takes a step back and turns. "I can't do this right now." The pilot tries to escape and make her way off the obs deck.

His hand starts to reach to stay her, as it does touch against her arm before she pulls away. She turns to leave and he stands there for a moment, watching as she makes that decision. Augie draws in a long breath, and when it comes out, it whistles five small chords before he turns back to the window, unable to watch her flee him. His head lowers, forehead pressing against the glass, and he reaches up to briefly rub the bridge of his nose and his eyes. It's Examplia all over again.

"Frak me."

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