PWD #05: Premonition - String of Flames
String of Flames
Summary: Augie revists the past, the present, and gets a glimpse of a possible future.
Date: 31/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Augie Meridianst 
Various Dreamscapes / Ceres' Billets
PWD #05

(OOC: Part 1 Music - True - Silent Hill 2 OST)

The mechanical whir is heard first as things are still blurry, hard to make out but each step taken in any direction will yield promising results. Like wiping sleep from your eyes after just waking. The creak and hiss of the shipyards of Scorpia, the smells, all things familiar to the damage control officer will be at the fore of what brings the scene into focus. Smells and sounds. Sounds that are organic and native to the heavy metallic surroundings. But then, amongst those sounds that play out are the fact that there are no voices. Nothing. It's empty save for him on that grated walkway, the dim lighting in the lower sections allowing the upper platforms to seem like distant plateaus, outlined in an eerie glow.

Nothing. Nothing but steel and machines all around. The inhuman creak and groans echo.

Clank. Clank. Clank. Augustus looks around. It all feels familiar, somehow. He cannot quite place his fingers on it, but the smells and sounds are old habit to him. A song nearly as sweet as the country music he plucks from the strings of his guitar.

Sharp blue eyes take in the surroundings, searching for a panel, marking, something that might tell him exactly where he is. "Ahoy!" he calls out, the voice echoing down the steely halls in a gravelly reverb as he works on regaining his bearings. With his boots falling heavily on the deck, he starts down the hallway, looking about him.

It's lonely, the way his voice echoes back to him - perhaps even a hint of sorrow edging along the metallic reply. The halls are abandoned, a few tools scattered here and there. The scene begins to pain itself as a place abandoned, left in a rush and the further he walks, he might begin to smell sulfur, smoke. The air grows hotter, possibly causing him to sweat and get beneath his scent.

There is a crosswalk ahead, another choice and if he were to go up the stairs, there is the feeling of increased heat, the roar of flames, the creak of pipes and warping metal. But then there, a single sound.
Its steel string plunked, echoing. It comes from ahead, but the feel of heat and flames encroaching will push him away from it if he lingers too long.

As he starts to get those first beads of sweat, Augie looks down. When did he get that axe in his hands. The smell of fire alerts his senses, tickling at that danger reflex part of his brain, and his voice takes on a more direct tone. He reaches the crosswalk and tries to gauge his directions and which way he needs to go. His head swivels towards the right and then up the stairs. "AHOY! AHOY! AHOY!" he calls out. "Damage control team on deck! Any souls alive, sound off!" As it echoes and warps in the cavernous room, the DCO draws in a breath, and his body tightens in readiness. "Come on.." he whispers. "..someone be alive down here." The calls up the stairs and to his right so far go unanswered.

There's another noise, though and it sends him twisting towards it. "AHOY!" he calls out into the left area. "Any souls alive, sound off!" The pluck of steel, the twang of it catches his ears. He hears it and the damage control officer swivels around towards it. Again he calls out for survivors as he draws in a breath. Even as he considers the options, he looks towards the bulkheads, looking for the fire door seals to drop something between him and that encroaching fire. He has a job to do. Clear the deck first, and then deal with the beast that is closing in on his position. "Frakkin' Hades Balls.." he rumbles to himself as his fingers fumble along the metallic surface, seeking and searching. His other hand reaches up to touch a radio, "This is Lieutenant Garrido, DCO Orion. Anyone on line, respond!"

Static greets his call out.

"Shit." he rumbles, bypassing the panels at the moment to bang the back of his axe against the nearest door. "Any souls alive in there?!"

Nothing. Nothing even answers remotely save that beast he has come to know. Living fire. A fire that is intent on spreading. The walk beneath him shudders, the sound of creaking metal sounding out so very loud and echoing just as his voice did to vacant life. The door bears his slamming into it, that axe causing an echo inside that seems to drift off far to distantly for it to be a small enclosure beyond.

The only response he gets is a few more chiming notes off steel strings. Its coming from the same direction near enough for him to go after. There is no call for help, but it is something amongst the chaos that is slowly starting to work its way down towards the eerie quiet.

A light. His godsdamned life for a light, he'd give. Why won't the flashlight on his suit work properly? The announcement of the metal against metal and then the empty echo that reverbs down the empty room catches his attention. Spinning the axe on it's vertical axis, he shoves the head wedge of the blade into the door's split, trying to force it open so he can take a deeper look within.

The fire, the cruel beast that she is, will devour all. He's perfectly aware of it. But there may be a chance, a way still. His muscles strain, sweat already starting to pool in the linings of his suit, and along the palms of his hands and balls of his feet as that combonation of adrenaline and fight-or-flight starts to build up within him. "Com'on, open ya frakkin' door." he curses at it, ready to yank the axe back and withdraw if he needs to.

Then comes those three metallic notes calling out their siren song to him again. Pulling his axe from the door, he gives up on trying to force it open and feeding Ares further fuel for his wrath on the ship, and he starts down the hallway, seeking out those melodious notes that call out to him. He doesn't call out for it this time, his body tensing in reptile-like fashion to respond to almost anything. His blue eyes peer into that darkness in caution and his fingers grip around the axe.

The heat is beginning to make the air heavy, hot to breathe and sweat begins to bead further, more so when he works at that door. It won't give but it squeals in complaint to the way he pries and shoves. There is another popping sound not far away, something catching in that hungry fire, curling and devouring its way closer, the heat the first signal and now the smoke beginning to fill the air near the ceiling. It leaves enough room to stay low and breathe yet.

That beckoning of notes fills out again, further and perhaps in a familiar song. Something he might even know how to play. It continues, coming tho him from the darkness and the further ahead he gets, the flashlight actually flickers to life, then on. It shoots its beam through the darkness and its then he will see the first body, half charred, looking like it dragged itself into position near a doorway. The first sign of anyone whatsoever, its hand hooked yet on the edge of the doorframe and then another chord is strummed. It's coming from the room.

Augustus lowers his frame down, escaping the heaving heat that suckles and grabs at his breath as he stands taller. He needs to get lower, but he refuses to take to his knees yet. The flashlight sparking to life gives his eyes a raise, and he murmurs a quick praise to Aphrodite, which is just as quickly lost on his voice as he notices the body. He picks up his pace, a cough from his throat as the heat and smoke wrap their sweet tendrils around his lungs as he lowers down to the body, feeling for a pulse. "Frak."

He could tell just by looking at the body that there is no hope for it. There is confusion. The fire is one direction, how did this body get here. He rolls it over onto it's back to try to recognize it as he hears the more familiar plucks of string dance in his head.

He glances up towards the notes. "AHOY!" he yells out again, a few more coughs filling his lungs. He pulls his hand back from the charred remains, ignoring the sticky, burned remains of skin, boiled blood, and charred bones that remains on the tips of his fingers. "If there is a soul in there, respond!" he yells out as he starts to pass through the frame and into the room.

The body gives, slumps back and skin cracks away, peeling. Flakes break off, fluttering to the ground as the expression is one of pain in its last moments. The face is unknown, someone who worked in the shipyards obviously. The frame seems slender, possibly feminine. But it makes no response, can not answer him as the spirited song continues again. It chimes out, calling again to him as he breaks past that threshold, as if bidding him into that circular room. A vent room it appears. A bundle of pipes at it's center with the valves steaming out. There is is rattling sound, as if pressure is building up inside.

But that warning, the heat baking the room, making it an oven is accented by another strum or two and it comes from just around the other side of the pipes. All he need do is step around, the corridor and room creaking again, shaking.

His ears perk. Between the siren's call, and the hiss of steam, Augie knows there is not much time before the pipes burst and scald. The heat from them will be able to scald and boil away flesh from bone, and he needs to get away. His feet settle against the shaking deck, threatening to knock him down. "Whoa, baby. Just hold together a little longer." he asks the ship. "Don't let it go yet."

Frak, it's too much like Impervious. He should find a way out, a way to escape from Ares and his mistress Fire that comes so tantalizingly closer to him. Instead, he moves through the door, trying to slam the access shut, seal the door and give him time. A little more time to find out where the music is coming from.

He doesn't speak this time, his eyes turning as his head swivels as he finds himself in the room. He's immediately looking for an escape route, but he still seeks. He still searches. The noise in the darkness. It calls for him - a familiarity to it. He must find it.

The roar of a fire back down the corridor he had come sounds out like a predator hunting its prey - cornering it. Heat rushes through the halls, channeled by the walls and blast him just as that door slides back into place and the pipes creak even further, rattling heavily together as a whistle sounds out, steam pouring free.

In that backroom, past the pipes, door closed, his light flickers again, but finds strength as he looks about. But just a head there is a dim light, like a dying torch much like the one he carries. It flickers, starts to fade further and then more chords are taken up, something haunting, sorrowful, sad, a wierd underscore that seems to bring a chilling peace to the blistering heat.

As he draws closer he will see the outlines of boots, legs in coveralls, the form slumped back and then a reflection off a scuffed laquered surface that is a guitar and then when he finally looks there is a twang. One string breaks free and the song echoes, dying as a last rasping breath is taken.

The face. The face is his, badly blistered, skin peeling.

Augie approaches the sitting person. "Hey, buddy, ya in shock..?" he starts to ask, and then turns it around in the chair as he finds himself.. facing himself. The large DCO's eyes widen and he backs quickly away from himself, the axe falling from his hands and clanging against the deck in a dull metallic thud. "…the frak." he says, the voice catching in his throat as he the scent of his own charred flesh and bone floods his nose.

He's seen the dead before. He's seen what fire can do to people. He remembers the bodies from Impervious. But now, as he himself dies in that seat, and his body slumps forward and to the ground, the well worn guitar coming with it, Augustus turns and runs. There's no rhyme or reason, just the fight-or-flee reflex kicking in as he puts his arms over his face to protect himself from the bursting pipes, even as they scald his skin and he tries to put distance between himself, the fire..

..and himself.

That guitar sounds out as it hits the ground, making a hollow, neglected sound as wood hits the metal flooring and it tumbles. As the flames begin to break inward, the heat warming the walls from the direction he came to a hellish heat, there is a light giggle, laughter. A child's laughter. "Da!" Comes the echoing call that seems to come from near the guitar, reverbing through the hollow inside and amplifying it. "Play something!" The child insists, another laugh follows.

The room shudders, the whole corridor quickly tilting and shifting, giving beneath the sudden creak and warping of the entire shipyward. Flame breaks throught he bottom of the door and shoots up through a grating in the floor even as the call for him to play something comes again. A child's voice, a girl's.

Augie's mind reels as he backpedals from the flames that come bursting in, warping, twisting the walls towards him. And the voice. That voice. His eyes widen and he backs towards the back wall. "…frak.." he murmurs as the child's voice echoes into his ears. Calling to him. His child.. his children? But how? He doesn't understand.

Augustus swallows a lungful of smoke and heat and his knees give out from under him as he drops to the deck ahd his eyes fall to the fire licking through the grates and he backs further, turning towards the wall. There's no door there, but damned if he's going to make his own door. His fist slams into the window, the wall, any purchase he can find. He's trapped, he has to get out of here. Away from himself, away from the fire.. but the children, they still call to him.

"Play us something…please." Comes the more firm request. The fire boils at its places, not coming closer, but growing hotter, burning. There is a cool air from near the guitar, an inviting one. "Play for us..I want to hear that song you played for ma!" Comes the voice and then there is a pattering of footsteps, as if the child is running just past him near the fire, towards it.

That little figure starts to take shape, a giggle lifting. "Play, play. I will sing!" She starts to chortle out a song as dark hair spills down her back, sways as she moves in that pair of pink pants and white shirt. She throws her arms up and twirls.

She twirls and it draws her closer to the fire, its going to swallow her, burn her. The creak of the door can be heard, like its going to break asunder and allow Ares and his fire through.

Augie slams his fist into the wall again. As he turns towards the voice, he sees the child standing there, dancing. "Sweetheart, get back from the fire.." somewhere inside, something snaps, and he's running forward to protect his child. He wraps his arms around her and pulls her back. "Where's your ma?" he chokes out, heat and smoke choking his words, causing him to cough up soot and heat. "Where is she?" he asks the child, with dark eyes like her mother's, looking back up and starts to pull the child back, intent on protecting her from the Hell that is coming.

"Open!" he demands, one hand going to smash into the window again. "Dammit, OPEN!" he yells, fist bloodying and bones cracking as his fingers slam into the window again.

The glass cracks, splinters, and as it webs outward, that very real girl in his arms, there is a sound of concern, "What's wrong?" A tremor in that voice, fear needing to find calm from him. Little hands grab at his shirt and then the glass shatters and he breathes in fresh air is rushes over them both.

There is a sharp gasp from the girl and she jumps as a vase falls to the floor and shatters at both their feet. "Pa…pa its okay." The voices is real but that roar of fire is gone. Its gone and he inside a house, wood floors, vaulted ceilings and warm light from the lamps set up in the room with floor to ceiling windows looking out over a rich pine forest.

(OOC: Part 2 Music - Promise - Silent Hill 2 OST)

There comes a wail from the other room, a child and there is a sound of a muffled woman's voice as she tries to soothe it.

The girl looks up at him. "Are you going to play?" She asks and there behind him, where his body had been in a chair is his chair, rocking still, the guitar upended and turned over just as it had fallen in the shipyards room. In the light now, he can see she is blue eyes, cool blue yes and dark hair. "I am sorry for knocking the vase over, I promise I won't twirl in the house again."

Augie looks down at his fist. The blood is gone, the pain is gone. The heat and flames are gone. He looks utterly confused for a moment. All that remains from that night is.. the girl.

"I.. it must have been a bad dream, sweetie." he rumbles to her, stroking the girl's dark hair. He takes in the new surroundings. The home he's always dreamed of getting once he retires. The child in front of him. Pictures on the wall. Some he recognizes, wedding pictures, service pictures.. but many more are just blank or blurred canvases that he can't place his fingers on. And his wife's face is blurred. "We should go check on yer ma and yer new baby sister, Fayth." he comments, pushing himself up off of his knees with another cough. Allergies?

With that, he puts his hand in Fayth's and walks out in the hall to head down to the nursery.

The house smells like pot roast, slow cooked and waiting to be served, the girl more than eager to move on from her destruction. Her smile warms as she gazes up at him and nods, reaching out to take his meaty paw, her small delicate hand curling about a few of his fingers. There is love in that gaze, utter and unfaltering as she skips ahead and leads him, knowing the way just as much as he seems to feel it inside.

She is humming that strange tune from the shipyard, the one that had come from his corpse and the guitar. Her dark hair sways, all those little details painting this as reality and that a horrid nightmare that could never encroach on something so natural as this. A family.

There is sound of a woman shushing a child, soothing her and then beginning to sing in some old tongue of the colonies. A flash of a figure in the illuminated doorway, arms laden with a small form that is moving and making little sounds as it slowly allows itself to be soothed.

Drawing closer, the little girl breaks away and pushes ahead. But there is that smell. The smell of something burning as Fayth hurries ahead. "Ma!" Calls the young girl, getting towards the door. She leaves him in wake even as the heat can start to be felt and he might see something now in her other hand. A string. A single string of white, flowing.

He wanders the house. He must have built it, or something. It feels like a home. His home. His family. "Shhh, Fayth, sweetie, quiet down. Ma just got Imogen to resting good." he quietly repramands. But he continues on to that door. The heat feels familiar. Not harsh, like the fire from the Impervious. This fire feels warm. Comforting. It wraps around him like a blanket, touches his heart and he actually smiles a little.

As he sees that string wafting from the hand of his wife, his eyes widen in surprise, and he asks gently, "Ceres?" he leans against the doorframe. His smile grows fond and warm. "Dinner smells delicious, sweetheart." he offers to the woman sitting in the chair as he starts to approach. He glances to the corner, and there's the guitar again. "Need me to play her a lullaby?"

But there's that smell again. His nose crinkles and he turns towards the front of the house, eyes narrowing as he tries to take in what it might be. "I'm gonna go check on the fireplace and oven." His eyes glance towards the window. Something just.. feels wrong, and it starts in the pit of his stomach.

Her face is unseen, but even as he names her there is a muddled response, as if muffled behind layers. There is a soft giggle from the room, Fayth playing with Imogen even as he begins to turn. That humming is taken up by the woman rocking the child, that eerie, sorrowful tune that was playing in his dream. It was a dream right? The smell of smoke starts to take over, overpowering the food that is meant for dinner.

The humming begins to echo softly though the house, as if it were hollow, empty, metal. Lights in the home darken, flicker and sputter as there is a low rumble that collects in the kitchen. There is a whir of wind, beating pines against the windos suddenly, the dark black of night pinpricked by stars that seem far too big to be as distant as they would be on any of the colonies.

He starts to leave the room. It's the birds that give away the first signs of trouble. Yes, there's the overpowering smell of smoke and flame - but the birds race in front of the smoke, trying to escape it, when there will be no escape for them.

A crash as the pictures fall from the wall from the shaking. Baby pictures, Fayth, Imogen, his wife, his family.. they crash, the glass shattering from the frames as they hit the ground.

The sudden darkening of the sky causes his eyes to race upwards, and he whispers hoarsely, "Aphrodite's tits.." Turning, he runs back in the nursery, a futile gesture in the light of the pines starting to smash through the windows. "Fayth, get close to Imogen and your momma!" he yells.

Running forward, he tries to throw his arms around his small family group to protect them from what's about to come..

Screams can be heard as a bright light fills the distant sky and a shockwave can be heard racing forward. Imogen is crying, wailing and Fayth is creaming for her Pa, the sound of rushing wind and hellfire heat building once more. There is a woman's cry, desperation as she calls out to Augie, says his name with one fleeting hope of help. As he flings himself into that room, the back wall is gone and they are torn from his grasp, as if pulled into the void of space pinpricked by stars. Fayth's hand barely touches his arm before its ripped away, sending her little body tumbling and soon out of sight before the world rocks and fire explodes, sending him flying back.

He hits something, but its not a wall in his house. No, he slumps to the ground onto metal grating again. Heat is very much so apparent again, blasts heard throughout the long hallways as he recovers, screams, shots from guns. He's on the Orion.

(OOC: Part 3 Music - The Lost Carol - Silent Hill 3 Sountrack)

He wraps his arms around his wife and children, just as he gets to them, and then they are suddenly ripped away from him. The shock wave shatters into his back and he shrieks in pain, just before he slams into the hard metal gratings of Orion. Augie pushes himself to his feet and grabs the axe on the ground next to him. Hitting his comm, he yells into it. "Fire! Fire! Fire! Damage control teams to the Hangar, AWAY!"

With that, he pushes himself to his feet and grips the ax. He knows there's a firefight ahead, but maybe he can help clear the way. As his fingers grip around that ax, he pauses. Twinned around that ax handle is a single white string, holding it together. He gives it a stare, before he starts to run forward, his feet pounding against the grates. "This way! Safe passage clear to the mess hall!"

That string is worn, soiled, but still there. The call outward is not responded to at first, but then there are other figures, faces truly undetermined as they fall in with him, carrying weapons, wounded, he is leading them onward, heading the charge to safety and a possible rallying point. There is a creak, moan, a shuddering of the ship and more fire, screaming as well.

The corridor bends, something is wrong ahead. Something is very wrong. Their group of survivors, of hunters is not the only one. Fire flashes ahead, nothing to jump at them but illuminates figures, tall, imposing but shadowed and they lift arms and fire. Those of his group fall, dead, corpses falling almost instantly.

The ship shouldn't be twisted and broken like this. As the bodies hit the floor, Augustus growls guturally and charges at the marching figures. He's intent to bury his axe into the first of the Hunters. "Get out of here!" he yells helplessly at the survivors, even after that first swing as he wrenches back his axe to try to turn and engage another one of those massive shadows.


What survivors? They are being cut off even as they turn to run. More of those tall hunters closing in on his fellows, screams sound and die instantly. From the openings of other halls, side rooms they filter in. The one he connects with falls, broken, crunching to the floor. They whisper his name, "Hunter, we will find you. We will burn you like the rest. We will end your existence." Their voices are a humming mess, a mixture as they close closer, encircling him.

He is outnumbered by far, the sounds of the dying distant and near are a background noise to the death that awaits him. They close in and then there is a shot fire and one drops at the end of the corridor. A small figure, slender. Hard to make out but the voice us commanding, distorted. "Come!"

"Trust me!"

(OOC: Part 4 Music - Shadow on the Sun - Audioslave)

The survivors fall. He can't save them. He can't do his gods damned duty. His eyes clench as he swings his blade into yet another figure, as he seems to be ready to die, if it means that he can save but one person.

"Frak all of you!" he yells at them all, a flurry of swings from his axe.. until that voice hits his ears.

It commands him. It demands of him. He pulls back his blade and growls, before he turns to run towards the figure, trusting it as he charges down the hallway to maybe.. help that one person. That one figure.

The swings keep them at bay but they are formless when the need arises, molding in and out of existence and then reforming. They advance. "Hunter, you shall hunt no more." The figures say, only with one voice, with one mind.

That figure steps towards him as well, striding confidently, wading into the mix of those figures and as a slender hand lifts they fall, break apart and fall away. They makes sounds of protest, cursing the figure that has asked him to trust it.

"I will show you the way. Come Hunter. Trust in me. It is the only way to show you. You must trust." The figure steps closer, offers its hand. Its nearly as unreadable as the others, but it is a woman. "They will find you again, they will kill more of you but you must not give up."

"Do you trust me?" She smells divine, sweetly scented. Aphrodite? Has his patron Goddess come to offer him a boone?

Twisting back to those that hunt the Hunter, Augustus turns to face them. "You need to go it's not safe here…" he trails off as the figure raises her hand and gestures towards the attackers and they just crumble. Now, now Augustus Garrido, he of faith and trust in his goddess turns to the figurine.

Augie looks utterly gobsmacked, truth be told. "…Aphrodite." he doesn't add the usual epitath that he attaches to her name, as he nearly falls to his knees in front her. "I trust." he says, a bow of his head to her. Maybe he's already dead. The thought crosses his mind as he waits. "I believe in you."

There is no voicing to being this Goddess, but she nods, accepting all the same as he falls to his knees before her. "I will protect you." Its a pledge, a promise and she steps closer, her hand brushing his head. "Trust." She says and a kiss is placed to the top of his head. "Before it is too late." It is a whisper and there is a whine, a creak of metal and the body of the woman before her jerks slightly, her scent soured by the smell of sulfur.

She slumps forward, grasping his shoulder as blood falls freely. Real, red blood. No divine light spills forth, no, in fact the woman says his name in an all too familiar voice and he will note that is a flight suit in front of him, a dark braid, dark eyes..tan skin.

That scent snaps his senses, the feel of the kiss on his head, just before he looks up. And.. the figure that is truly there comes into his mind's eye. "Ceres!" he yells, arms moving to catch her as she falls.

Cradling her close, he stares down at her, his hands soaked in her blood. "No.. no no no, you can't be.." he whispers in feverish prayer. "Please, gods, bring her back.." he draws in a harsh breath, focusing on her for the moment, the advancing figures forgotten.

The stench of death fills the air even as the pilot manages, "So many…they will keep coming…" Ceres warns him. "Purged by fire…" Yes, he knows fire. And likely he can feel it now as the ship shudders. Clasped in her hand are several strings, many, different lengths and colors, held onto with a death grip. They begin to become loose, to slide away. One hits the ground and goes to ash, another follows and does the same. It seems a process doomed to repeat itself as they fall, those that have not touched the floor remain, sliding free still.

Ceres is lifeless, deadweight in his arms as the ship rocks and the black figures move in, surrounding him. "Hunter shall hunt no more. We shall find you."

"…Ducky, you're gonna be fine." he demands of her. Those strings tumble from her fingers, turning into ash. He gives her one last kiss on the lips. "The gods will welcome you. I.. I love you." he says, then raises from his body.

Determination and rage fill his cold blue eyes and with a warcry, the unarmed man charges towards the first one that marches towards him, driving his fist towards the center of the creatures chest, determined to punch through it. "YOU WILL TAKE NO MORE FROM ME YA FRAKKIN' FRAKS!" he roars as he goes on that suicidal attack.

Darkness will not be denied, neither will fire. Strings slip as he attacks, continuing to crumble to ash. The one about the axe does not waver, it remains, blood patterned, but never failing as he slips in for battle. That song, its chords chime out, breaking through the figures around him, striking with that axe as they tear asunder and the ship gives beneath.

"Hunter. You shall fall." Its said with a finality as he cleaves through the figures, rending them, breaking them apart. A vengeful strike filled with all manner of human emotion. Spirit. Its devastating an the floor gives way beneath. Fire roars up, threatening to consume him.

But the next breath is fresh air, filtered still but not heated. The body next to his in the bunk is toasty, sweating and likely from close contact in confined quarters.

Augie's fingers rend against the darkness, ripped to sunder as his body falls, licked and devoured by the flames as he tumbles into that forever pit and he screams as the liquid in his eyeballs boil over and burst and…

He jerks straight awake in Ceres' bed, eyes wide, haunted. He's only dimly aware of the sharp pain in his left hand, blood spilling from his knuckles as he stares around wide-eyed. He immediately looks to the figure next to him, breathing harshly as he does so. "F-F-Frak.." he mutters, his very soul shuddering inside of him.

Ceres hands are at his shoulder and she has been speaking his name to get him to wake. "Hey…" her own eyes are wide, voice breathless in something of shock and perhaps a little fear. The wall is dented, punched in and a few others are whisper to each other as they glance at the curtain that Ceres started to drag open for help.

She pushes herself around and touches his cheek, checking his head for a fever quickly. "Augie, hey..its okay. Just a nightmare." Pause. "Are you okay?" She asks faintly, her dark brows furrowing as she studies him.

His cheek is soaked in sweat, as is the bed. He just stares at her in shock, and draws in a ragged breath. The sweat is freezing cold. If it was a nightmare, it was a petty damn bad one as he wraps his arms around her and squeezes. "Y-yeah. Just a nightmare. Think I smashed my hand up.." he murmurs, pushing himself up and studying those damaged and bloodied digits.

"I know…I woke up to you slamming your fist into the wall.." Ceres says, seeming to calm come herself, though its obvious when he hugs her close her pulse is still racing. A soft smile curls her lips. "It'll be okay. Perhaps hit the head and then go to medical to get your hand looked at. You did a number to the wall." Its no wonder she was battered the way she was. "Actually, I insist you go…and no telling me you are pregnant." She tries to tease him to help lighten the mood.

"Something bad is comin'." Augie looks at Ceres, and his expression is completely haunted. He only nods at her suggestion to go to medical, and numbly starts to try to push himself up.

That mirth all but fails her at his haunted look and she is careful, grabbing at the blanket to keep herself unexposed as they shift so she can allow him out. Even as he slips past, her hand reaches out to stop him, a gentle pressure. "Augie…what happened?" Its obvious his own reactions to the dream have her somewhat uneasy, dark eyes searching his. "Its just a dream."

"Yeah.. just a dream." He has to respond, drawing in a second ragged breath. Augie's eyes study hers, and he coughs, still feeling like he can taste that smoke in his throat. "I just had a nightmare. Happens when ya been in long as I have." Lie. But it's time to cover up. The pressure pushes him back down on the bed, and his fingers crack as he looks down at his busted hand. "Damn.. shit hurts. Remind me to wear gloves to bed next time." A wan smile at that.

A sigh of relief and Ceres can not help but smile. "Sure, though I can't say I have ever had someone wear gloves to bed with me." She smirks and gives him a gentle kiss to his cheek. "Go on then, get yourself washed up and head to medical. I will meet you at mess and we can grab something to eat. You can spill about your dream if you remember any of it by then." She slept great, that is until he punched the wall.

"Mmm. Come with me. I know it's a lot to ask, but I could use the company." Augie admits as he accepts that kiss on the cheek. He artfully dodges her suggestion about commenting on the dream. He just doesn't go talking about feelin's and shit like that.

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