AWD #034: Strikes
Summary: A day in the fitness center as various people go in and out. Matches include Augie v. Ceres, Holtz v. Agrippa, and Holtz v. Ygraine, who's got some lingering issues from Piraeus to work out.
Date: 10/02/2013
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Fitness Center
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
February 11, 2005

<scene in progress>

"All I care about is keeping her safe and protected. And yes, very happy." Augie says with a smile in his voice. "I want her to know that she can and will be loved for as long as I'm around, and if I do go before it's time.. then yes.." he says quietly. "I want her to be happy again. But can I be a little greedy and admit I'd like to be missed a little longer than a few weeks?" he comments teasingly as he hits the bag, tagging it around and then laying in a series of body blows.

Her walk from the pool has slowed with catching part of the conversation. A glance up and she catches Augie at the bag and as she moves Knox comes into view. She lifts the towel to work at her hair but goes still, listening as she draws closer to the two who are now speaking together. Her head tilts and she leans into one of the machines, trying to keep herself from view. But its Augie's most recently reply that draws her closer and up behind the DCO. She hovers there, a good six feet or so away before she comments. "You only want a few weeks?" She asks, standing in her swimsuit and shorts.

Coop is still lifting. Dude has stamina. At least he's sweating a little. "Nah, el-tee. You don't have to explain it to me. I get what you're saying. Afton and I are the same way. We have our struggles with it because we're both in high-risk MOS's, but its just what it is." He seems about to say more when Ceres walks around the machine all slow-like. Like she were listening. He smirks. "Frak. Busted, el-tee."

There aren't whole lot of women almost as tall as Kurt Holtz, but one of them waks in with him right now. Like him, Ygraine is carrying a gym bag, hers draped over her shoulder and held there by a couple of fingers curved over the loops. She's laughing as they talk, heading for the sparring mats, as she says, "And then he said, 'Well how was I supposed to know it was a banana in your pocket?'" She then cracks up at her own joke, noticing those already present and giving them a wave.

"Aww frak." That would be the only part of his heart's confession that Ceres will listen in on and question. Turning around slowly to Ceres, the large DCO is actually blushing. He draws in a breath and looks over his swimsuit clad pilot and it does not make things better. "…Captain Garrido." he offers, the inside joke between the two of them, or maybe they did sneak off and get married. He doesn't say. Instead, he coughs a little into his glove and meets her eyes. "I would admit to wishing you would pine fer me fer the rest of yer days, Duck, but you never know when you might find another devil like me out there." he says with a wink towards her, and closes the dustance between them as he flicks a hand towards the pilot and ECO inbound. But right now, more pressing issues await. "Hi." he finally offers to her.

Holtz has his own bag gripped by the hand, and he's shaking his head at Ygraine's joke, albeit with an amused grin on his face. Whatever he might have said in response falls away as the pair enters the room and he notices the others already there. "Hey, Redux," Storm offers to his fellow Viper pilot. The other two, less familiar, each get a comradely nod as he tosses his bag down next to the mats.

Coop just has to try and restrain himself from smirking at the suddenly awkward situation. He fails completely. The weights get settles on the mats and he flashes Augie a thumbs up behind Ceres' back. Milkshake and other pilot get a wave. "'Ey Milk."

Ygraine does the same, crouching down to pull the tape out to start wrapping her hands. "Hey, Knoxy." she calls out, shooting him a grin. "Sup, Augie. You and Redux set a date yet, or what?" Because it's Ygraine and she says stuff like that. Try not to kill her.

"I don't marry men and then only pine after them for just two weeks after they kick it." Ceres observes and then draws closer now that he isn't making mince meat out of the bag. Her smile grows and she can not help but reach out to touch his arm. Lots of people suddenly arriving and whatever she was about to say is lost as she offers a smile and nod to Shake and Storm. Her head tilts a moment and she starts to slip around to find a place to sit. "Though the sentiment is returned, Augustus."

As whatever she was about to say is lost, Augustus gives Ceres a total 'NOT FAIR' look and snorts. "Slip on some gloves, love. I'll try to go easy on ya again." he teases her as he touches his hand to hers as she passes by and murmurs quietly to her before glancing up. "I think we're aiming for when Geni gets her temple up?" he aims towards Ygraine and looks to Ceres for confirmation, before Holtz gets a lift of his head. "Sup." offers the large DCO. And then back to Cooper. "Is there not anyone on this ship you don't know?"

The first thing that Agrippa notices when he steps into the Fitness Center is that the place is a lot more packed than usual, some faces he recognizes, some he doesn't. He is in the typical military issued sweats, armed with towel and water bottle. Eyes look towards those present, then to the various workout stations that are perhaps unoccupied.

Holtz has been here just long enough to see what unfolds between Augie and Ceres after the latter's sudden appearance, and like Knox, he can't quite stifle a smirk. "Date? That big ox over there went and popped the question, did he, Redux?" The smirk widens. "Well, shit, I've seen stranger couples. You lot never met my ex." Then he crouches down, unzipping his bag and pulling out a pair of heavy sparring gloves before pulling off his own undershirts, revealing the veritable parade of ink covering his muscled frame.

Knox shrugs to Augie. He gestures to Holtz. "I don't know that guy. Yet. I'm gonna go change that, though, just to make you feel awkward about that statement." Coop nods a few times and nudges Ceres' leg with his shoe. "Perfect time to take him up on it. He's been pounding a bag for the last half hour. Kick his ass, Cap." He clicks his teeth at her with a wink and moves off towards Yiggy and Holtz, angling for the Captain. "Hey, think I've seen you around. You're one of the Viper sticks, right, sir?" Tack a sir on there just in case, yep. He takes off a glove to offer Holtz to shake. "Sergeant Cooper Knox," he introduces.

"He did, I just am not an overly exciteable woman, so I don't gush. Besides, the ring doesn't quite fit the left hand right anymore, two bouts of shrapnel and some burn damage later." She lifts that rough and worn hand before she smiles and glances up to Augustus for a moment, her smile growing. "The bag bore you already?" She teases him softly. A smirk to Coop. "I got him last time good, he's in for it this time as well, worn out or no. He keeps saying he's broke." She laughs softly and moves over to gather up a pair of gloves.

"Happy for that!" chirps Ygraine in a sing-song tone. She's keeping it light, just the wraps on her hands, with her new fashionable feature of claw scars on both bare arms. She does note to Holtz, "If you're hitting the bags with those, I'll find something else to do, but I ain't sparrin' ya with those things on. You'll turn me into catfood." She doesn't seem to have a problem with that, and actually starts to stretch out to get herself limbered up. A few days in bed and a lot of light duty have made her feel too soft, but she still has to take it slow to start.

Seeing most of the others by the sparring area, Agrippa looks tempted but he knows that he has to do a proper warm up first, not wanting to injure himself due to off-duty absent mindedness. Especially not after he just returned to active flight status. So the Ensign makes his way towards one of the treadmills in the back of the Fitness Center, getting ready to do a little bit of running to loosen his body up. When he reaches one of the unoccupied machines, Agrippa does a little bit of stretching and loosening up first.

"Arsehole." Augie offers towards Knox, but it doesn't lack affection as he smirks and returns his attention to Ceres. "May I remind you that you cheated last time by stradling me and suggesting we wander off to find a closet like we're a couple of horny Ensigns?" he says to her with a grin, a teasing grin sent at Ygraine as he waits for Ceres to finish getting ready. "Anytime, love. And I'll still take you to a closet afterwards so we can act like horny ensigns."

"Yeah, 'dux, I hear ya." Holtz nods at Ceres; her reserved nature is, by now, no mystery to the other Viper captain. It's followed by a skeptical look over at Ygraine. "Thought that was the whole point of these." A look at the gloves. "Last time I got in here with no gloves the other guy ended up in the infirmary." He chucks a thumb in Augie's direction. "You can ask him." Then, Knox gets his attention, and he accepts the other man's offered hand. "Captain Kurt Holtz," he echoes the introduction. As Storm breaks the handshake, a movement by the treadmills catches his eye. "Hey, Shakes," he says sidelong to Ygraine, "ain't that the new kid you were jawin' with in the ward a few days ago? The Viper stick?"

"I offered no such thing, Augustus. I am pretty sure it was you whispering things to me." She reminds him. Ceres tugs on her gloves and then laughs at his last. "Mmmmm, well you have to beat me to drag me off to a cave, Augustus." She says and straps the last glove on a little tighter. She nods her head to Holtz and lifts her gloves and slaps them together before she draws closer, making a motion for him to go first.

"Well-met, Cap," Knox tells the Viper pilot. "Just wanted to come introduce myself. I'm a JTAC. You'll probably hear my voice on the radio on and off. I'm 'Mike-Six-Four' on the Air-Ground freeqs. Wanted to find out if there's anything I can do for you guys or the squad. Also find out if you've got any word back about the pilot that went down." He slips his other glove off. "Major Shep dropped a team and I on the ground to get the intel on those Forge systems when he went down. Wish we'd know, sir. Helluva thing. Wish we coulda looked for him." Given the bandage on his head, looks like they had their own problems.

"Are they? I don't know, with your hands in those it just makes me feel like I'm gonna get punched by a pair of sledgehammers. You know better than me, don't you." Ygraine is either choosing not to ackowledge or didn't hear Augie's remarks about horny ensigns, though the corners of her mouth tighten briefly before she permits herself distraction. "Yeah, it is. Lemme get him." She raises her voice. "Hey, Grippy! C'mon over here a sec!" she calls out, cupping her moth to her hands.

"I like my version of the story better, Ceres." Augie points out, watching her advance around him, and he steadies himself, moving in a loose circle around her as well as they start to test out the other's defenses. "So, after we're done.. maybe some alone time? Talk?" he asks her as he glances towards the new guy. "Sup." he offers to Agrippa. "I'm Lieutenant Garrido, Damage Control Officer, and this is Captain Soon to be Garrido, better known as Redux. She's a Viper stick." Offered up as introductions, he finally tries to tag his fiancee.

The stretching and loostening of ankles and wrists is a simple affair and Agrippa was about to step onto the treadmill when he hears his name being called, well his name minus the capital 'A'. He knows pretty well who it is calling since Ygraine is so far the only one to transform his name to that but he doesn't appear to mind, turning his attention to the gathered group. The Viper pilot appears to be contemplating the decision for a half second and decides warm up could start later, sneakered feet walking over to join the group.

When he nears, Agrippa looks to Augie who he recognizes as one of the first faces he saw onboard at the Recovery Ward. "Lieutenant." He greets witha respectful nod first and then to a fellow Viper pilot, nodding the same way to Ceres, "Captain."

"Maybe, if you are able to get me down," Ceres teases and then lifts a glove to Agrippa. She shifts on her feet and focuses back on Augustus. "A point you like to make a lot." Her smile grows and she glances once more to the new face. However Augustus does tag her, catches her high on her cheekbone that turns her slightly. She makes a sound and steps back, forgoing for a moment before quickly stepping in to counteract. "The face, Augustus?"

There's a wince and a quick. "Shit, sorry hon, was aiming for your shoulder." Augustus offers quickly, because well, hitting her in the head is probably not the best thing to do to her.

"Yeah, I thought your voice sounded a little familiar," Holtz muses with a slow nod at Knox. "The former, nothin' that strikes me at the moment, but I'll keep the offer in mind. As for the latter?" His expression goes momentarily grim. "We're assumin' Captain Cole's alive, and Sheperd and Petra both're swearing up and down the wall we ain't gonna leave him behind. So I'm hopin…" He trails off, waving a hand at Knox' apology. "I read the report, Sarge. Don't think you could've done much without gettin' your own asses shot off, and who'd that've helped, yeah?"

That grim demeanor evaporates a moment later, though, as Yggy calls out. "Grippy?" he echoes with a snort. "Don't tell me the kid picked up a callsign already." Apparently he hasn't retained Agrippa's actual name yet. Suddenly, Holtz blinks and grimaces, as though something had just occured to him. "Oh, gods. Don't tell me someone busted 'im wanking in the frakkin' bunks," he mutters to the blonde woman at his side.

Ygraine lets out a delighted laugh. "Naw. Captain Kurt, 'Storm' Holtz, this is Ensign Alexander Agrippa. No callsign yet." She gestures between the two. "Now play nice, boys."

His guard down, Ceres snaps a strike inward but it catches along his wrist and lower arm. She laughs and then shakes her head. "Come on now, Augustus." She says and lifts her gloves quickly to try to block herself for an incoming blow.

The strike to his wrist wakes him up from his worry, and Augie smiles dangerously. "Alright, Ceres.. I'll try to watch for the face this time." he teases her as they start to circle again.

"You ask Petty Officer Saint James, Cap, and she'd say that's her job. I agree with her. For what its worth, if we'd known, I'd have put up a pretty heavy protest to extraction and probably planned things differently." Knox looks fairly serious about that. "I've worked with pilots the last five years, sir. You all ain't Marines but I've got a lot of respect. If we can get back there, I bet there's a few people who would love to get boots on the ground. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know, sir." He gives an affirmative nod and looks to Ceres and Augie and lifts a hand. "It ain't sparring til he's bleeding, Ceres!" he calls and heads for the hatch.

Agrippa didn't hear the murmured aside by Holtz or the Ensign would've defended himself by stating that his callsign isn't Rosy as someone else already had that honor for the very reason. As one more name is introduced to him, the young Viper pilot nods his head to Holtz, "Captain." Another simple greeting offered before his eyes looks towards the two already sparring for a moment. Then his gaze turns finally to Ygraine, "So what's up?" Asking since she was the one that called him over.

"Oh." Holtz looks relieved, and then he studies Agrippa with a measuring look. "Yeah, that's me" he affirms after Yggy introduces him. "Just got frocked to command the Strikes, as a matter of fact, so I guess that makes you one of mine." He offers a hand. "Welcome aboard." It's said dryly, with a slight quirk of the lips. He shrugs over at Knox. "Sentiment's appreciated, Sarge. We'd have all been happier if you coulda dragged his ass back here with you, but nobody blames you for not throwin' good money after bad." Storm starts pulling on his gloves as he nods to the departing marine. "If there's anything, believe me, you'll know," he calls out with a thin smile before turning his attention back to Ygraine and Agrippa.

"Well, the Captain here just wanted to meet ya, but now I'm thinking y'all need to get better acquainted. He's about to rough me up, but maybe you ought to give him a warm up first. I can watch. Where him down for me, yeah, Grippy?" Ygraine gives Agrippa the Big Blue Eyes. They're evil.

When Holtz adds the bit that he is now Agrippa's squadron leader, that earns the other man a longer and more measured look, as if he now warrants more of the Ensign's attention. "Thank you, Captain. I look forward to kicking some Cylon tin ass with you and the Strikes." No sir is tagged onto his words at the moment, presuming that it isn't necessary at a less than official setting but he knows it could easily be subject to change. Agrippa's eyes does eventually fall to the gloves that Holtz is putting on, making a mental note that his Squadron Leader doesn't just stick to only Vipers.
Of course, when Ygraine offers to throw him into the maw of the lion first, Agrippa gives those big blue eyes a 'Comon man…' look. But that's all as a smirk appears on the young pilot's face, not one to back down on the challenge, "I can give it a shot, Shake. That is if the Captain would allow it."

As Augie and Ceres continue to circle around each other, the big DCO pokes and prods at her defenses. "Mmm, so.. question." he says to her, voice quiet as he whispers to her, closing the distance between the two.

Agrippa's informality doesn't seem to faze Holtz in the slightest. He merely nods. "Well, you came to the right place. We're about the only going concern in the Fleet these days." His tone is still bone-dry, though not quite sarcastic. A predatory smile slowly stretches across his lips as Ygraine offers up the other pilot like a sacrificial lamb. "Don't care who steps in," he remarks with a throaty chuckle "As long as I don't have to spar with the godsdamn bag."

> <FS3> Opposed Roll — Augie=Melee Vs Ceres=Melee
> < Augie: Good Success Ceres: Failure
< Net Result: Augie wins - Solid Victory

Ygraine seems quite pleased with this arrangement. The only things that would make it better is if both men were shirtless and she had popcorn. Well okay, and if she got to oil them up first. She parks on the bench, and gives Agrippa a game-show style onward wave toward Holtz. "Have at." she invites, grinning.

Dell and Mia have just stepped through into the Fitness Room, close on one another's heels. Dell currently has a large white towel draped over her shoulders. She turns immediately and heads toward the treadmills- pausing midstride in order to turn her blue eyes on the ongoing spars. After a moment she glances back over her shoulder at the woman standing behind her. "If you were looking for a boxing match today's probably your lucky day. Might be a little rough."

Suddenly having a bad feeling about this, Agrippa moves to the lockers at the wall that holds the sparring gloves, knowing that without them the sparring match could get rather painful with injuries quickly. Selecting a pair that fits him tightly, he returns to the sparring area while slipping them on. And nope, Ygraine will not be getting everything she wants as the Ensign chooses to keep his shirt on for now, apparently still getting use to the warm water that is the crew of the Orion.
Stepping onto the sparring mat, Agrippa goes to one corner and begins stretching out a bit more, legs and arms as he looks over to his opponent who certainly looks more fearsome with his array of tattos. "Fists only or mixed, Captain?" The question called over to Holtz as the Ensign continues stretching.

Trailing Dell by a couple of steps, Mia slows down as well at the sight of a spar already in progress. Yeah, her undivided attention on the match clearly speaks of her interest. Shooting a lopsided grin at Dell, Mia moves to take up position at a workout bike; her own towel is draped over the front of the bike, but she's not getting on it just yet. Oh no, she wants to watch this bout first.

Well, Ygraine will get at least half of what she wants, anyway; Holtz never spars with a shirt on. He smirks across the mat at Agrippa as he does a few final warm-up stretches. "Fists only ain't my style, Ensign. You can do as you like." He touches his fingers to his lips and then to the tattoo of Athena on his arm before donning and tightening his gloves. The burly captain bashes his gloved fists together and settles into a ready position.

"Go on. He won't hurt you. Much." Ygranie beams at Agrippa, taking a set on the bench and laying one of her legs out before leaning down to get a good stretch. She notices the two lady marines and offers an easy wave, the direwolf claw scars on both arms and the bite scar on her neck now bare to the world.

A few final stretches for his legs and Agrippa rises to his feet, back to his full height again. Taking a few steps away from the corner of the map, the young Viper pilot shakes out his ankles and wrists a couple more time before nodding his head to Holtz. A glance is shot to one of the spectators, Ygraine, a thinning of lips as if the Ensign is giving her a silent and sarcastic 'Thanks' before returning his gaze back across the sparring mat. He then brings his own hands up to a defensive position, doing nothing to delay the sparring match as he knows that it will happen once he had accepted the challenge. Agrippa is now in his own defensive stance, ready to go, his feet already beginning to slowly bring him closer to his opponent.

Ceres is caught offguard by the question as Augie moves in and the pilot blinks, "Yes?" Frak! He gets a good shot on her shoulder and she mutters, rubbing at it. "If you hit me again when you want to know something, I am going to reset your jaw to a new level." She warns and then is shifting in, going for a slam to his chest.

"If you do decide you have to get into a fist fight with someone tonight, love, try not to break anything *too* important." Adelphi shakes her head slowly, her eyes drifting form Mia to the various combatants and then back. She steps up onto the treadmillthen, easing it into a swift walking gait as she begisn to move. Nice and easy, with long strides that evince a slight limp as the speed picks up. It does not appear to slow the blonde down and she's soon moving fairly swiftly. She does keep half an eye on what is going on around her, but apparently the treadmill is more interesting.

"Oh, I was just going to ask you what you were doing fer the rest of my life." There's an innocent smile as he waves her forward, and brings up his arms, ready to protect his chest from her. "…if you want my heart, Captain Garrido, you already have it." he says as he catches her arms against his chest and then suddenly twirls her in a sudden dance step and uses his foot to try to trip her up. They are one seriously weird couple sometimes.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Augie=Melee Vs Ceres=Melee
< Augie: Great Success Ceres: Great Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Catching her up, she manages to just barely be able to keep her feet. "Taking dance lessons lately?" She asks and then smirks a bit more, her foot nearly coming off the floor before she slugs at him again. "Going to need to try harder…and I should be asking what are you doing for the rest of mine as I think I may live longer."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ceres=melee Vs Augie=melee
< Ceres: Good Success Augie: Good Success
< Net Result: Ceres wins - Marginal Victory

Holtz examines the man across from him with a narrow-eyed, measuring stare. Agrippa is slowly closing in on Storm, but the slow pace of the man's advance isn't to Holtz' liking. With a shout, he charges forward, gloved fists leading the way. His left strikes out probingly to test the other man's defenses, but the real attack comes when he throws a heavy hook with his right.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Agrippa=melee
< Holtz: Good Success Agrippa: Good Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Marginal Victory

Mia looks away from Augie and Ceres' match, briefly as Dell walks past her line-of-sight towards the treadmill. "Don't worry. I'm not much in a face-smashing mood tonight." She assures the blonde marine, before properly straddling the bike. Let's get the posture right now - hands on the grips, hunched forward, feet on the pedals. Noticing Ygraine's wave, Mia inclines her head in return - followed by a curious look at the scars.

That time, Ceres gets a push off and Augie oofs, giving her a grin to beat the devil. "Sure have." he comments. "There's this awful gorgeous pilot that says I need to learn how to waltz with her when we marry." he comments as the large DCO brushes his hands over his chest. "As for what am I doing for the rest of your life? Well, meet me at the temple in a couple of weeks, and I'll let you know." he smiles warmly at her. "Or we can go find a nice closet now."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Augie=Melee Vs Ceres=Melee
< Augie: Good Success Ceres: Great Success
< Net Result: Ceres wins - Marginal Victory

The explosive movement from Holtz surprises Agrippa but the young Ensign is quick to react, just not quick enough. His defense in the first series of fist engagements is solid, pushing back the left probing strike and his hand comes up to block the incoming heavy hook. It was enough to deflect it so that instead of impacting fully, it ends up being a glancing blow, one that is still felt. The counter attack is equally swift though as the sparring match between Holtz and Agrippa is underway. Instead of a return exchange with fists, the young Viper pilot feints a punch in return before he lances out with his right foot, trying to catch his opponent's ankle.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Agrippa=Melee Vs Holtz=Melee
< Agrippa: Failure Holtz: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

There is a light laugh as Ceres manages to stave off his next attack. Her head tilts and she twists in as she speaks, sending a punch low and at his side. "We are not going to soil the new temple, Augustus. How crass." But its a grin that spreads across her lips, causing her to laugh as she shakes her head. "So eager…" She says.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ceres=melee Vs Augie=melee
< Ceres: Good Success Augie: Good Success
< Net Result: Augie wins - Marginal Victory

Augie traps her hand against his body, muttering to her as he offers a brief frown before he moves aside, backing up a little to welcome her to another attempt, or to see what effect his words have on her.

Dark eyes flicker over the man before as he steps back and Ceres inhales sharply. Her lips press to a line and then she steps in, going for his side again as she leans in to speak lowly to him as well, caught up in their sparring of fists and words she has forgotten the others.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ceres=melee Vs Augie=melee
< Ceres: Good Success Augie: Great Success
< Net Result: Augie wins - Solid Victory

"That has me more concerned than the alternative, really." Adelphi offers a slow nod, however, and then turns her head slightly. Her hair is down from its usual bun and drifts across her shoulders as she looks out toward the various sparring matches occurring. She starts to pick up the speed until she hits a heavy jog. it doesn't take long for rivulets perspiration to begin forming as she continues, moving faster. There's a very slight stumble as she breaks into an honest run, but it isn't enough to stop her from continuing. "I guess I just have to remember things've changed the last few years, hmm? Though either way I'm glad *I'm* not in the ring with those four. Proobably lose my arm."

Again, he's in defense, and Augustus grabs her swinging hand and traps it against his side, twirling her around in the dance/spar/talk that the DCO and pilot seem so desperatedly entwined in. Judging by the looks, it's a very serious talk.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Augie=Melee Vs Ceres=Melee
< Augie: Good Success Ceres: Good Success
< Net Result: Ceres wins - Marginal Victory

Ygraine notices the look. "Direwolf attack." she says oh-so-casually to Dell before turning back to the fight. She really can't root for one or the other, can she? So she claps for both. "Get 'em, Grippy! C'mon, Holtzy!" Apparently Yggy likes adding the -y to people's names. It's a thing.

One risk to Holtz' overly offensive style — when he's not being careful, he opens himself up to counterattacks like the one Agrippa just tried. It's a well-executed move, Agrippa managing to hook his foot behind Holtz', but there's just not enough force to bring the burly captain down. Storm stumbles, but stays on his feet; after regaining his footing, he's back in on the attack. This time his punches are aimed lower, down towards Agrippa's gut.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Agrippa=melee
< Holtz: Good Success Agrippa: Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Marginal Victory

Ceres manages to free herself, but she doesn't back down from the DCO. For a moment she stares at him and catches her breath, gloves resting against his chest. Her lips part and then close before she steps back and glancing around at the others. "Left hand is bugging me, Augustus. Will you walk me to the bunks?" She asks and starts to drag off her gloves, giving them a toss back onto the shelf.

"Of course." Comes the reply from Augustus to the pilot's request as he takes off his own gloves to set aside, and frees up their ring for whoever wants it next. He rubs a little at his arms, and frowns. "Still sore. I'll work that out."

A frustrated grunt can be heard from Agrippa as his opponent only stumbles a step or two, not falling onto his back. Arms are quickly brought together as Holtz advances with the intention of hitting his midsection, his defense once more decent but not enough to deflect all the punches away. More grazing hits are delivered to the side of his body but Agrippa is still very much in the fight, wanting to deliver a counter punch now as he maintains the distance between the two and fires off a left, then right straight punch aimed at Holtz's jaw.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Agrippa=Melee Vs Holtz=Melee
< Agrippa: Good Success Holtz: Success
< Net Result: Agrippa wins - Solid Victory

Ygraine beckons the two ladies over to come watch with her, but her eyes are, for the most part, on the fight. "Dibs on the winner!" she calls out, and what that means to either is subject to interpretation. But she did come here to fight, so presumably she means the next spar.

Overconfidence coupled with trying to be fancy is usually a very bad combination and Agrippa learns it the hard way. His gamble of a spinning backfist does not get anywhere near his intended target and it puts him at a disadvantage. When his failed spin attack finishes, the Ensign's eyes relocates his opponent but he did not give himself enough time to prepare for the incoming attack. He was expecting punches again and this time the snap kick nails him at the side of his head, causing the young pilot to stumble a couple of steps to the side. A 'Frak!' is growled out between gritting teeth and Agrippa returns to the fight without hesitation, whatever words may be coming from the spectators either not heard or ignored. Hands still held tight defensively, it is the legs that are used as weapons this time around. A left leg is raised slightly, a feint of a left roundhouse kick and when it returns to the mat as a step forward, it is the right leg that snaps out with the real roundhouse aimed at Holtz's side, a body shot.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Agrippa=Melee Vs Holtz=Melee
< Agrippa: Good Success Holtz: Good Success
< Net Result: Agrippa wins - Marginal Victory

"What did I tell you? No more Triad with you." Mia scowls at Dell, but distinctly lacking seriousness in it. All this talking during exercise is no good, so Mia pipes down and puts in a good minute of solid, fast-pedalling before slowing down again. Spotting Ygraine's beckon, she stops altogether and unstraddles the bike, picking up her towel and heading over to the latter. "Forgot to feel your pet, didn't you?" Mia offers by way of a greeting as she moves to stop before Ygraine.

Too fast, finally. Dell's feet slip and all she can do to avoid falling from the treadmill as the speed climbs is latch onto the bars tightly as she slides back. She raps the speed buttons sharply, soon moving down to an easy walk and then coming to a complete halt. Still coated in a sheen of sweat, Dell steps down from the treadmill. She takes a deep breath as she does, drying herself with her toel before settling it over one shoulder once more. She follows Mia toward Ygraine, giving her a slow nod. "Think they'll be at this awhile?" She jabs a thumb toward the two men currently engaged in beating eachother into the ground. Another, slower breath this time. "Mmm. I probably ought to work on my unarmed skills. Someday."

It's Holtz' turn to chuckle as Agrippa finds himself back on the defensive. He relaxes his guard for a moment, circling with that ghostly hint of a smirk remaining on his face. When Agrippa's leg snakes out in a kick, Holtz dances around the worst of the blow, although the ensign's foot does glance against his target. It doesn't disturb the older man's smirk, though, and his lips are still quirked as he switches back to his fists, throwing a quick one-two at Agrippa's jaw.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Agrippa=melee
< Holtz: Success Agrippa: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Ygraine snickers. "More like something decided I looked delicious." she explains. "It's frakking ironic really; I survived a Cylon ambush, bailing out on Piraeus, nearly 48 hours with minimal survival gear in the forest with an injured CO, but it's when we're just getting rescued that the direwolves decided to make their play." She continues to watch the men, offering, "The Tauron is Captain Holtz. The other is Ensign Agrippa." by way of commentary.

With his legs back under him, Agrippa is able to defend against the counter punches thrown by Holtz as his own arms are already up in guarded position. It does take a combination of ducking out of the way and his arms parrying the incoming blows for him to come out more or less unscathed. The Ensign's own feet are also on the move, having learned back at the Academy that to remain standing is to become an easy target, more or less a human punching bag. The circling orbit is mimic'd as if there was some sort of gravitational pull in between the two men who are sparring. Suddenly, Agrippa is in motion, switching up tactics as he rushes Holtz. Lowering his shoulders, he is attempting to slam them into the Captain's torso to bring the other man down and him on top in a favorable position.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Agrippa=Melee Vs Holtz=Melee
< Agrippa: Success Holtz: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Mia grins lopsidedly at Ygraine, but also looks towards the sparring men as names are helpfully given. "You don't say." She muses, eyeing Holtz first. "I used to know this bunch of Taurons back home." She notes - what significance it has is not immediately obvious - but Mia does tilt her head at Dell as the latter approaches. "Yes, they're going to be at it for a while. Don't bother me. I like to watch sweaty men pound each other." Deadpan.

Though Dell and Mia have likely never seen Holtz before, and vice versa, he isn't hard to identify. He's the one with all the tattoos. Taurons love the frakking things, and judging from the ink on his arms and chest, Holtz is no exception. The burly pilot's thin smile widens slightly as Agrippa rushes him, and he plants his feet and steels himself for the impact. Agrippa doesn't exactly bounce off of him; the force of the impact still drives Storm back a few steps, but he remains standing. Not a good thing for Agrippa either, as Holtz suddenly brings up a knee.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Agrippa=melee
< Holtz: Failure Agrippa: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

When Agrippa runs into what feels like a solid wall instead of bowling his opponent over, the young Ensign realizes that things are not going as planned but he doesn't let up or just stand there. Instead, he closes so that Holtz's knee is unable to nail him in the gut. Then the pair goes into a series of exchanges of blows. Some of Agrippa's may sneak by the other man's defense but not enough to find solid purchase. Eventually though, the young Viper pilot begins to find himself at a disadvantage, Holtz's experience winning through.

Agrippa is tougher than Holtz initially would have given him credit for. He's still standing throughout all the punishment Holtz hands out, and dealing out a fair amount of it himself, but as time passes and blows are exchanged, the exertion obviously starts taking its toll on the two men. Finally, after a series of brutal exchanges, Holtz ends it with a haymaker of sorts; it's kind of a clumsy blow that a rested Agrippa might have been able to block, but the situation being what it is, he can't quite put up a block before Holtz' fist catches him square in the face.

"I didn't know anyone from anywhere until I moved into Academy dorms." Ygraine admits, from her seat. And then, "Ooooh." she makes a face, "That's gotta hurt."

The sparring gloves that Agrippa is wearing is beginning to feel like heavy gloves and he is certainly perspirating like a person who had just gone through a rather intense workout. The blows he received also has the young pilot slightly stunned so his movements is becoming sluggish to the trained eye. Which the Ensign ends up paying for because after a couple of punches that was deflected by Holtz, Agrippa tries to bring his arms up to block the haymaker but is too late and the other man's padded glove nails him right on his jaw, sending him sprawling onto the mat.

Just because, Mia gives a loud woot as the fight finally comes to an end with that knockout blow. In fact, she throws her towel over one shoulder and lifts her arms to clap. It could be a cheer for the winner, but it's more likely a cheer for a good match. Girl loves a good fight!

Agrippa goes down hard, but Holtz isn't smirking any more. As the younger pilot falls to the mat, Holtz hunches over, resting his hands on his knees as he stops to catch his breath. He raises a gloved hand in Mia's direction to acknowledge the woman's cheer, whether for him or just the match in general, before ripping off the gloves. His chest is still heaving, his breathing labored as he steps over to Agrippa and offers him a hand getting up. "You all right down there? C'mon, get up." There's another of those thin smiles as, after Agrippa has risen to his feet, Holtz pounds him on the back. "Welcome to the Strikes, kid. You'll do." Coming from Holtz, it's higher praise than it might sound.

Ygraine rises from her seat and goes to offer a hand to Agrippa, presumably with the one that Holtz hasn't grabbed, but he's already up by the time he gets there. "You did real good." she tells Agrippa admiringly. Seriously, he landed some good blows. "My turn." She's smiling, but there's an edge to it. She would have blithely gone into a spar with Holtz just about any time prior to what happened on Piraeus; now there's a little something tiny in her that makes her less inclined to embrace potentially painful experiences. Doesn't stop her from fetching a set of gloves, though.

Things are a little fuzzy and unfocused for Agrippa as he lies on the mat, but he is stirring a bit after a few seconds. His hands are pawing for the mat, missing hilariously the first couple of times but soon they find purchase. Pressing his palms down, he rights himself a little before he finds Holtz standing over him. Shaking his head clear of a bit of the fuzziness, the hand is accepted, a firm grip that helps him back onto his feet. He is unsteady for the first couple of seconds but soon finds his legs again, "That was a hard hit, Captain. Thanks. I can see why Milkshake tossed me at your first." When Ygraine approaches, Agrippa gives her a nod and also a word of thanks.

Holtz emits a few sharp grunts that could almost be called laughter as Agrippa stands and speaks. "Yeah. Clever girl." He nods to the younger man, then eyes Ygraine as she grabs gloves of her own. After another moment's rest, he straps the gloves back on and steps back into the ring. Throwing his arms wide, he grins at the blonde woman. "Well? Think he wore me down enough to make it a fair fight?" This time, it's a full laugh that escapes his throat.

Mia eyes the blonde woman (not Dell, Ygraine) as she moves to straps gloves on, a brow quirking. "This should be fun." She muses quietly to Dell, then louder, she calls out to Ygraine. "Remember, no biting!" She also points to her own neck, to signal the scars on Ygraine's own. Wolf bites, see? She's clever.

Ygraine snaps her teeth at Holtz just as Mia says no biting. The hesitancy is squashed firmly, as she clearly trusts Holtz to back off if she asks him to stop. Getting into position, she takes a second to measure her ranges. Her first swing at Holtz doesn't come from her fist, but from her foot. She's going to do her best to keep him out of punching or grappling range for as long as she can.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ygraine=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Ygraine: Failure Holtz: Good Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Solid Victory

As it is Ygraine's turn to have a go at sparring against Holtz, Agrippa slowly walks off the mat and heads for the bench where he had left his towel and water bottle. First is his sparring gloves which he unfastens and tosses onto the bench, then the water as he takes a long and much needed drink before the other hand grabs at the towel and begins to rub it over his face, wiping away the remaining perspiration there before working on his arms.

Holtz grins as Mia calls out and Ygraine snaps her teeth; his response is another resounding bash of his gloved fists. He doesn't charge this time as he did Agrippa, though; still regaining his strength, he's content for the moment to remain defensive and see what Yggy's working with. As her foot snaps up, he uses his arm to block the leg while stepping aside, around the strike. Then comes the follow up; he steps in, leading with a right jab.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Ygraine=melee
< Holtz: Good Success Ygraine: Failure
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Solid Victory

She's solidly hit in the ribs, and staggers back from it with a grunt. Maybe that little niggle of fear of pain is effecting her more than she realizes. She's a little less cheerful and a little more determined, now as she tries again, trying to dance around Holtz and score another kick but from an angle more difficult for him to block.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ygraine=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Ygraine: Good Success Holtz: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Agrippa eventually finds a seat on the bench after he dries himself off a bit, still feeling exhausted and winded. Dumping the towel next to him on the bench, he picks up the water bottle again and takes a long drink, focused on the sparring match going on now, just in time to see Ygraine take a hit to the ribs, wincing for her. For the time being, he watches on silently, studying both fighters from the third person angle.

Ygraine is quick, and Holtz is tired. The sweat is starting to stream down his face again as he counters Ygraine's movements, but his reflexes are still good. Which is itself a good thing, because it saves him from taking a sharp-toed kick to the side. He adjusts his stance, and the kick instead bounces harmlessly — well, mostly harmlessly — off his hip. This time, he doesn't bother trying to close the distance again, instead lashing out with a high roundhouse kick of his own.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Ygraine=melee
< Holtz: Great Success Ygraine: Good Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Solid Victory

Ygraine literally spins with the force of the kick and hits the ground, bracing herself against her forearms and wincing hard on impact as she lands prone, leaving Holtz unable to see her face. She doesn't get up right away. She closes her eyes for a split second, like she's fighting back some inward reaction from making it onto her face, and then doggedly gets up, turning to face Holtz again. She looks at him, but the flinching reaction is now even more apparent. "Let's go." she says, clapping her gloves together briefly before getting into a defensive stance. She's not smiling now.

Agrippa continues to watch on in silence, not the loud cheering type anymore, or at least for the time being. When the high roundhouse connects and Ygraine ends up falling to the ground, the young Viper pilot can't help but once. Eyes focused on the farmgirl, they narrow slightly when she doesn't get back up immediately, choosing to study her a bit more now as she finally returns to a defensive position.

At the look on Ygraine's face, Holtz hesitates. He catches the flinch, and his brows furrow slightly, but at least for the moment he'll go along with her. He studies her with a hooded expression but says nothing before rushing back in, directing a few low probing punches in towards her abdomen before launching a heavy overhand strike her direction.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Ygraine=melee
< Holtz: Good Success Ygraine: Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ygraine=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Ygraine: Good Success Holtz: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

She manages to block the punches to her abdomen, but the overhand assault her her bringing her forearms up quickly to block the assault. He's got crazy powerful arms, and so while she manages to block the attack, it puts strain in turn on her arms, and it shows on her face. She makes the tiniest sound in the back of her throat as she goes down on one knee, and her attempt to punch him in the kidney is almost furtive. Nowhere near the kind of strength or control that Ygraine, even as an average fighter, is capable of. She flinches, more visibly, in expectation of Kurt's next blow.

Watching Holtz's onslaught continue, Agrippa can only sympathize for Ygraine as it looks like she is being battered by the stronger attacks from the Captain. He doesn't call out though, only watching on in silence. From time to time he would bring his water bottle to his lips for another drink, to stay hydrated. By now, his breathing has more or less returned to normal, his chest no longer rising and falling visibly though he is still hunched forward slightly in his posture as he remains seated on the bench.

"Fight like you mean it, godsdamnit," Holtz manages between breaths, the adrenaline clearly roaring in his veins as he presses in on her. At this point, he can tell something's not quite right with her, though the brawler in him doesn't seem to care. The other part of him, though, keeps enough control to stand in place rather than flatten the woman while she's still in a weak position. "Stand up!" he barks, pounding his gloves together. If she doesn't stand up, she'll likely fall down, as his right foot snakes out in a trip move.

The bark is what makes her stand up, the movement startled and abrupt, but also like a slap to the face in the wake of shock. Gritting her teeth, she commits to swinging at him, lips raised a snarl not unlike those of this wolves down on Piraeus.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ygraine=melee Vs Holtz=melee
< Ygraine: Success Holtz: Great Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Solid Victory

A slight frown does appear on Agrippa when Ygraine appears to be rather restrained and almost like she's cowering against any other incoming attacks. A brief glance is given towards Holtz who appears to be keeping himself in control during the sparring match so there is no need for intervention. The Ensign sees that the yelling does appear to work in shaking the farmgirl awake as his eyes return to her, seeing that some fight has returned.

Ygraine's up quick enough to escape Holtz' clumsy trip attempt. The ferocity of her attack actually rocks the burly captain back on his heels for a moment, but her sudden fury is making her sloppy, and Storm slaps aside her haymakers with quick, precise blocks. Finally able to set his feet, he goes back on the attack — a heavy right hook directed at her chin.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Holtz=melee Vs Ygraine=melee
< Holtz: Good Success Ygraine: Success
< Net Result: Holtz wins - Marginal Victory

Yeah, that fury? Comes to a stop when Holtz cracks across her chin, and she's knocked onto the floor again, palms slapping the floor to help break a floor. She's breathing heavy and it takes her a moment, but she wipes at her mouth and starts to get up again.

One more drink of water before Agrippa finally speaks, calling out to the two sparring though directed more at girl who hit the mat again, "C'mon Shake, you can do more than that! Smack him around!" There is a pause before he continues, "Remember you telling me how you're not some delicate flower afraid to bust your petals?" There is an added taunt to that, one that the Viper pilot is using to perhaps kickstart some more energy within Ygraine.

Holtz simply watches as Ygraine goes down. There's a long pause as he watches her slowly rise to her feet; his expression is dull as he processes what just happened. His posture slackens, and he shoots a dark look over at Agrippa. "Enough," he says shortly, stripping off his gloves, his breathing still labored as he strips off his gloves. He looks back at Ygraine, a measuring stare directed at the stricken young woman. "We're done here."

"I can keep going." she says, her expression tight. "I can. I'm okay, I promise." Ygraine doesn't have a problem with losing to Holtz. She loses to Holtz all the damn time. But it's clear that she feels like she's somehow defeated by something other than the large man from Tauron, and she doesn't like it.

The dark glare is noted by Agrippa and he does clamp down on his comments, even after Ygraine insists that she can continue, his gaze going from the farmgirl to their Squadron Leader, then back to the girl.

"No, you're not," Holtz says to the blonde woman with a furrowed brow. "Give me some credit for not being a total frakking idiot, Shakes," he adds, crosses his arms. He steps over to his bag, pulling out a towel to wipe the sweat from his face before gesturing to Ygraine and dumping his things back into his bag. "Come on. Let's find some place a little quieter, yeah?"

Ygraine takes a deep breath, looking at the mat under her feet, and then finally nods. "Okay." she says, and furtively starts pulling off her gloves, lifting her eyes only to look at Agrippa, and then back down again. He saw that little bit humiliation? Great. She bows her head, starting to walk off the mat. Sad Ygraine is just the worst.

With the sparring match officially called off, Agrippa slowly grabs his towel as the water bottle is already in hand. He does watch as Ygraine does submit to the decision and begins to leave the mat, catching her gaze for a moment. Then he himself rises from the bench and turns to head towards the back of the training facilities to finish his workout for the day, perhaps taking the hint when Holtz is moving their conversation elsewhere.

Once Holtz' things are dumped back into his bag, he steps over to Ygraine, a hand gently brushing against her back. He'll guide her to the hatch, but he isn't forcing her to move. Another glance is directed at Agrippa, but this time there's no malice or annoyance, simply a short nod. Then his attention is back to Yggy; he'll accompany her to the hatch whenever she feels like moving.

Observation Deck
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
Several minutes later

There's not much talking between Holtz and Ygraine make their way through the ship; what little traffic is in the halls at this hour is kept at bay by baleful glances from Storm. They simply walk for a few minutes, though it seems like it's been longer when they finally find themselves in the observation deck. Another one of those stares chases out the last few rubberneckers, and before long they have the deck completely to themselves. Holtz directs her towards one of the couches and sits himself down. "All right, Shakes," he sighs. "Talk to me."

Ygraine opens her mouth to deny anything's wrong, and then she looks at him a moment, at the expression on his face. Then she closes it, and says, "It's not…you're going to think it's stupid and weak." Holtz, in her mind is big and strong and tough, and the last thing she wants to do is appear weak to him.

"Oh, for frak's sake," Holtz mumbles as he slumps back against the couch cushion. "Why don't you let me make that decision, yeah?" He taps a foot restlessly against the deck. "Or is mindreading another neat little trick you picked up back in the sticks?" He points to the cushion next to him. "Now will you sit the frak down and leave the bullshit at the door?"

There's a flash of stubbornness, but she sits down and looks at her hands. "The wolves." she admits. "Everything was going to be okay, you know? Getting shot down, the bail out…being stuck forever with Pie." She smiles faintly at that. "And we were almost home and those frakking wolves." Her fingers curl. "I can sit in the middle of a firefight, see a raider or look at a centurion and I'm fine. But those wolves, they were…they tried to eat me, and it hurt." Oh, shit. Oh shit, she's crying. She's crying in front of the biggest badass in the air wing, and what's even worse, she can't stop. "It really hurt." Gods, it's not like a kicked puppy. It's like someone took a puppy, nailed it to a board, eviscerated it, and then used the innards to make a mosaic.

Holtz watches Ygraine as she speaks, nodding in understanding. But then she starts to cry, and for a moment, all Holtz can do is stare. A hand grips her leg near her knee. "Hey. Heyyyy." For a man who's had a daughter, he's probably not that good at dealing with crying girls, but in this case he's at least making the effort. He wraps his arms around her if she lets him, drawing her close and staying silent, letting her get it out. "You know," he murmurs after a minute, "it's one thing to hit the black in a spacesuit and helmet, wrapped up in a few tons of Raptor, Viper, whatever." Storm sighs, leaning back against the couch.

She actually was expecting anything but his sympathy and understanding. Which is really more her problem than his. But a good cry seems to be what she's needed, and Holtz's shirt and overtank are going to be quite damp before she's through. "I'm sorry." she says, apologizing both for her crying and for her crying on him.

"Would you quit frakking apologizing?" Holtz replies, a bit of that roughness creeping back into his tone. "For gods' sake, woman." He rolls his eyes, but he doesn't release his hold on her. "Look, I know you went through a fair bit down there, so I get it. Why the frak don't you? No, look at me." She's looking down at the deck, and Holtz guides her head to face his with a hand. "That'd be a lot for anyone to handle, all right? You think getting chewed on by the local wildlife is just another day? Oh, wait, I must have forgotten to mention, I just got eaten this morning. I'm not actually here. Ho-hum." No, no sarcasm there at all.

"So save the 'stupid and weak' macho shit for someone who gives a frak. I know none of that shit applies to you because you're here. On this ship. In that uniform. Alive. You had some bad shit happen and you're shook up. Ain't no shame in that. Anyone says otherwise, you punch 'em in the face and tell 'em it was a gift from me."

Ygraine's gaze is lifted to his, face blotchy from having had her cry on, and she can't help it, the sarcasm actually makes her laugh a little. The cap is of course, his suggestion that she clock people at his say-so, and even if her grin is a little weak, she is grinning. Apparently the man who doesn't know how to talk to women managed to say just the right thing. It's a charmed life he leads, because apparently Ygraine decides the appropriate response is push herself forward and kiss him. Because making out with him is an appropriately therapeutic behavior in her books.

Looking down into her eyes, Holtz' features soften somewhat, his perturbed expression fading as Yggy goes from crying to smiling and even laughing a bit. "Mmf." Whatever Holtz was about to say at this point is smothered and forgotten as she pushes her lips to his. Although he seems a bit taken off guard by the sudden change, he responds decorously, pulling her in close and returning the kiss with full force, a soft, contented noise coming from the back of his throat. His hands even start to roam a little bit as the kiss goes on.

"Sor - " she starts to say, and then stops, with a quiet chuckle. "I really do gotta stop apologizing." Clearly the best course of action is to start kissing him again. The fact that they're in the obs deck doesn't seem to bother her. "Don't know where it came from," she murmurs, "But you ain't nearly the brute I think you think you are."

It doesn't seem to bother Holtz much either, as he stretches out languidly and pulls her down on top of him. "Oh, I don't know about that," he murmurs between kisses with a throaty chuckle. "But I have my moments." But aside from that, he no longer seems terribly interested in talking, as those big groping hands of his start to focus at pulling away extraneous bits of clothing.

This seems to be more Ygraine's speed in terms of comfort. She does point out, "Y'know, anybody could walk in any second here." This is not her attempting to stop him, necessarily.

Holtz snorts. "Yeah? Let 'em. They can count all the fraks I give." Which appear to be precisely zero, as his lips slowly move from her mouth to her neck while she speaks. His hands continue their work, though it's a little clumsy. Trying to focus on two things at once will have that effect.

Ygraine stiffens a little, but doesn't make him stop. There's that scar on her neck, and she's still a little uncertain about it.

Feeling her tense up, Holtz slows down, looking up at her. He's momentarily confused, but then his eyes hone in on the scar on her neck where he'd been kissing a moment ago. He doesn't say anything, but instead brings his lips back to hers. After a few more seconds of that, he breaks contact long enough to tug her shirt off and toss it on the floor, followed a moment later by his own.

Ygraine considers him a moment, her hand moving to touch the scar a moment. Her lips quirk as she makes a decision. "Ya know what? Ya can kiss me anywhere ya want." Scarred spots included.

Holtz gives a salacious grin as he rolls over, reversing their positions. "Now you're talkin'." His lips start working their way back down to her neck… but don't linger long, as they continue to move even further down.

"Wait, what're you…" Ygraine's promptly distracted, and then a few minutes later, "Oh! Okay…"

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