MD #114: Strike Two And A Half
Strike Two And A Half
Summary: Toby discovers the Fleet's plan to leave the Cyrannus systems, and Piraeus. And he is not happy.
Date: 12/09/17 (Backscene)
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Toby Petra 
Battlestar Orion - Dec 2 - Ward Room
Its the Ward Room. Wheee!

It's not all that long since Petra gave his breifing speech, that one where he announced to all and sundry that they were leaving the colonies, leaving known space, leaving the survivors, leaving P. There's understandably a wide range of feelings throughout the ship, resignation, hope, fear, anger.. That last one is perhaps most clearly manifest in the person of Toby Shackleton, who is at this time, glaring death stares at the MPs guarding the wardroom. Apparently there are officers in there doing important officer stuff and he can't go in. The hallway outside has been paced back and forth between periods of glaring, but the door remains stubbornly closed, for now at least.

The briefing finally breaks up and the wardroom hatch opens to allow several sets of pins to leave. Once the CAG has left, the hatch is left open, leaving just the Commander seated at the large table rubbing his temples then nursing his mug of coffee. It takes him a moment to look up at the empty hatch and spy Toby looming outside, "Shackleton. You waiting for me, or just glaring at MPs for your health? C'mon in."

Toby does his best to keep his expression neutral as the brass file out, no point picking a fight out here and missing out on the one inside. Once they're clean away he starts to step forward but is beaten too action by the invitation, which does absolutely nothing for his mood. Nothing ruins a good barge in quicker than a polite invitation. "You," he replies tersely, there don't appear to be many spare words lying around at the moment. "Why the frak are we abandoning P? Whose dumb fraking idea was that?"

Petra arches one brow slightly at the challenge and sets his mug down, settling back in his chair and folding his arms across his chest, "Because if we stay here, the Skath will converge on us and murder us and then there wont be anyone LEFT to come back here and eventually liberate everyone from their occupation. This isn't the Second Cylon War all over again. We can't fight a hit and run and expect to find a sudden savior hiding in the rough to give us that final showdown edge."

"So we're just going to frak off, abandon everything, and hope we find somewhere where we can resupply before we run out of fuel and food?" Toby replies, his tone suggesting that Petra's logic has not convinced him in the slightest. "We're running away, like fraking Leonese cowards? There's frakking APF down there, running the show like they're decent people, not fraking traitorus collaborators. We need to land, kill 'em all, and sort that crap out." It may or may not be apparent, but he's only talking P here, the rest of the colonies haven't come into it.

Petra remains seated for the moment, but unfolds his arms so he can sit up a little from the chair. His tone stays even when he responds, "Fortunately we have cooler heads in charge that would not stay here and beat our heads against a wall until we are dead, because then we aren't any help to any of our people, CREWMAN. We have to find a way to beat an enemy that grossly outnumbers us and has ironclad control over all of our colonies, and has had two decades to prepare for our return."

Petra could be King of Virgon for all Toby cares about rank and position right now and invoking his rank does nothbing other than make him resent 'the brass' in general even more. "An enemy that thinks we're dead, so won't be expecting a strike. We put boots down on P, we kill any off the frakers who don't surrender immediately, free those who haven't turned, take what we need supply wise and get what info we can from those who did surrender before we shove 'em out of the nearest airlock. It's simple. What part of that is too hard for you to understand?"

Petra keeps his voice even, though he tilts his head, "And then what do we do when the Skath show up? You're deck, do the /gods damned math/, Shackleton. We can't fit everyone on P on this fleet, not even just for a few days, and that would assume we'd have somewhere to take them. What happens when the Skath show up and find we've 'cleaned' the planet and they come back in and kill everyone that resists? You've singlehandedly been responsible for MORE civilian deaths and accomplished freedom for the planet for what? A month? Two? Please…inform me of your well thought out plan."

"We fight them," Toby starts, his tone indicating that he thinks this is an obvious answer and that Petra is blind not to see it, "and we kill them. I don't recall anyone having any particular issue with killing canners and APF last war, so just what the frak amkes you think it'll be different with Skath and their collaborators? Also, while we on that point, stop, fraking, calling, them, loyalists! They're not, we are, those we left behind down there are, not them. They're collaborators, and any other word besides traitor just glosses over that fact. I'm sure even you know what you do with collaborators, and that's why I'm puzzelled that we're just going to leave those who need us to their mercy."

Petra pauses and just stares at Toby for a moment, "What makes me think this is any different? Are you FRAKKING STUPID, Shackleton? Do you honestly think this situation is the same as the Cylon invasion? Tell me with a straight face right now that you really think this is the same situation. I want to hear it come out of your mouth."

"Big scary machines have appeared out of nightmare and legend, frakked up the colonies, convinced some to go along with them, and had a go at killing those who won't," Toby replies, boiling the situation down to it's simplest elements. "Might not have some fancy bit of paper saying I spent years sat on my arse, but even I can see the similarities." He does at least, seem to have noticed that he's not really getting anywhere with the Commander so he squares up to his full height, then leans forwards towards the older man. "If you want time to think it over, then I can come back later, but if you and the rest of the brass are deadset on abandoning all we've worked for then give me a gun and let me get on with it myself. Sure, one man against many, chances are it'll be a short fight, but I'll take as many of those frakers with me as I can, and at least I'll've died doing something. Not sat behind a desk, hiding like a quivering wretch in the dark corners of space in the hope no one ever finds you."

Petra takes a deep breath and lets it go with a sigh, "Shacklton? I've given you several breaks in the past when you've been out of line. I was shot down on Picon because I took a hit intended for Jameson and spent a week sneaking around there with the entire resistance army hunting myself and a little Nugget, and I have scars over fifty percent of my body from that fight, and you're sitting here calling me a coward? We're done. MPs! In here, NOW. The Crewman is going to the brig for Insubordination."

Toby just stares straight back at Petra, ignoring the boots in the hall for now. "Yeha," he replies, perhaps a touch quieter, without the same anger "and where is that nugget now?" He knows the story it seems. "She's down on P, waiting for us to get our arses down there and sort it. She's relying on us, on you, on me, and we're just going to leave her there?" As he progresses, thinks on his last conversation with Kelsey, the anger bleeds away and is replaced by something else, something more like loss. "Better perhaps, if we'd not saved her yet, but could clutch her from that Raptor now, but we can't go back and change that. She was waiting for me you know. It was going to be two years, but now it's been twenty, and you want me to just calmly jump away?" By the time a loophole occurs to him he's rapidly approaching an anctual genuine emotion that isn't rage, cos frak it, if he's going to the brig then it's over, and he can never settle on P because of the deal he made, so whats the point in even trying any more… Or maybe, perhaps there's a way round. Straightening again, he looks Petra straight in the eye and says surprisingly calmly, although with perhaps just the faintest touch of despiration, "the deal with teh fleet said if I got in trouble they'd kick me out. You just clled the MPs, so I guess that counts. Kick me out. Give me a rifle, dump me on P, wash your hands of me. I'll take out as many of them as I can, and you don't have to worry about it, or me, or whatever while you do whatever it is you're planning on doing anyway."

Petra rises slowly from his chair and takes in a deep breath, and slightly shakes his head, "Nope. Insubordination. You're going to sit in the brig and cool off. And if you still want to be like this in a few days? No, we aren't going to give you what you want. You're going to be court martialed and /imprisoned/. Becuase I'm tired of cleaning up after the messes your attitude creates, Shackleton. You've burned through all the chances I could POSSIBLY owe you." He nods at the MPs, "Crewman Shackleton is relieved of duty and under arrest for Insubordination. Take him away."

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