AWD #389: Strapped Down
Strapped Down
Summary: Lleu starts to come out of sedation to find himself strapped down to a bed in medical. Claustrophobic, he starts to freak out while under Ariadne's watchful eye.
Date: 15/07/2016 (OOC Date)
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Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flat screens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
Mon Jan 30 18:26:33

Very early this morning Lleu Ynyr was sedated pretty hard and has been kept that way these past hours. He's groggy and still heavily sedated but starting to wake up. No injuries aside from the bruises on his face and a pair of small taser burn marks on his arm. Might have more of those on him but if so, they aren't visible.

Lleu's wrists are secured by padded straps to the frame of the medical bed. Someone has removed his boots and combat kit while he was out of it so he's in tanks and tags with a light sheet pulled up over him. His eyes are about half open, no one else close by his bed. There are two MP's stationed in the Recovery Ward but whether they are here to keep an eye on the Sergeant or for other reasons isn't obvious.

Bennett hasn't been seen around these parts since the night prior, when she showed up at that opportune moment in the CMO's office. She's busy, of course; she has a squadron to run and buses to keep in the air. But one can't help but wonder if she's also been spending some time processing what she saw, and what she heard through the grapevine, of the previous day's events. She's in her blues this evening, hair neatly braided, flight wings ever so slightly crooked where they sit at her left breast. She smells faintly of the clove she smoked before wandering in here, a fact not missed by the nurse she passes by on her way to Lleufer's bedside.

Unaware of Bennett's approach, Lleu looks around vaguely and is slowly becoming aware of his location. He starts to sit up, then finds his hands and chest are bound to the bed. "What the ..?" He tries the restraints, then submits to lying back down and turns his head to see one of the MP's standing on watch. He turns his head the other way and sees Bennett herself approaching. Oh shit-frak. His breathing kicks up a notch and he closes his eyes.

Bennett takes a seat next to Lleufer's bed, after turning the chair slightly to face him. She sits close enough for him to smell the soap she used not too long ago, beneath the spicy clove; her shampoo, too, something fruity. She doesn't touch him, doesn't smile, doesn't speak. Those blue eyes are especially pale like all her usual warmth has been siphoned out. She watches him quietly, and ruminates.

Lleufer doesn't say anything either. He watches her briefly but doesn't want to meet her eyes. So he looks off across the room at the rest of the Ward instead, lying in the bed. Signs of stress is in his irregular breathing briefly until it quiets somewhat when she doesn't say anything. He can't see Samtara's office from where he's bedded, no sign of her or Doctor Forrester. So he chills out a little. Only Marines in here are the two MP's and they aren't paying any attention. Ynyr is acutely aware of her but he stays silent.

The tension coming off St. Clair is palpable. Some people are loud when angry; others get quiet. Ever so quiet. "Good evening, Sergeant." The words are clipped and precise, drenched in that crisp Virgan accent that doesn't so much scream censure as whisper it. She's being eyed by the pair of MPs set to restrict visitors to Ynyr, but whatever sweet talking she attempted on her way in seems to have bought her a little time, at the least. The pilot is seated next to Lleufer's bedside, fresh from a shower and dressed in her blues, hair neatly braided.

Eyes are half lidded,Lleu is avoiding looking at Bennett. At least until she speaks low. His gaze slides over to her, his breathing shifting again a bit irregularly, displaying his stress. But he doesn't say anything. Ynyr is still too heavily sedated to focus too well and groggy as all hell. Hard to keep his eyes open.

Ariadne has been catching up on what should be on Dr. Nadir's plate this morning. She's made herself familiar with the various run of the mill things, spoken to some early shift doctors about her absence this morning, and checked up on morning rounds. Now she's finally able to return to the back corner of the ward they've tried to isolate Lleufer Ynyr in. She frowns lightly as she approaches the MPs, some huge file with lots of varying faded and non-faded red-marks in it. "Thank you sirs. Medical staff will be coming to-" she notices a visitor inside and says, "You are relieved of your duties now." It's only 5 minutes till the medic al staff she had contacted should report for duty.

Her lips spread into a thin line as she also notices a moving shape beyond. "Stick around," she says begrudgingly, followed by a sigh. Then she glides into the small space on the other side of his bed. "You shouldn't be here for this," the doctor says as she pulls her stethoscope from around her neck to listen to his heartbeat. She pauses just long enough to blow warm air on the device so it isn't as cold as space.

Presuming Ariadne is addressing her, Bennett smiles very slightly when informed that she 'shouldn't be here for this'. No, she probably shouldn't. Ynyr's an enlisted Marine, and she's an officer; it's really none of her business at all. "I just came by to see how he was doing. I am sure he deserves whatever manhandling is coming to him, Lieutenant." Her voice is soft; her tone, difficult to ascertain.

Lleu turns his head a little at the new voice and watches Ariadne come in. Doctor. Reflexively he pulls against his restraints but not hard, more like he wanted to try and sit up and shift his position, but can't. If his breathing in any indication, his heart rate is a little fast but he's still doped down. Lleu looks at Bennett, still half out of it. He closes his eyes and lays there, listening to them.

Ariadne's hair looks like it's been swept back hastily, she's wearing scrubs, and she has bags under her eyes. "Most people who visit have good intentions, but as much as seeing him would put you at ease, he's not allowed any visitors just yet. I'm afraid the MPs were ill-informed. I can make sure you're informed when he's allowed visitors…" She trails, fishing for a name. She's new here.

"Captain Saint Clair," the pilot supplies, still with that half-smile that's not a smile at all. Pale blue eyes drift from Lleufer to Ariadne, and fixate on her face for a long moment. "And those fine gentlemen over there had very little say in my being here, so please don't be too hard on them." She winks. "I do not think he's going anywhere, by the way, doctor. You ought to get some rest."

"Don't… want visitors." Lleu is in possession of enough of his wits to know he doesn't want anybody coming in to see him right now. There is shame, confusion. He doesn't look at the Captain. He looks tired, still drugged enough he's not real sharp, and keeps tensing his hands against the restraints. Not liking those at all.

"That's very considerate, but I couldn't sleep before this all happened anyways," Ariadne says without much bite, easing up a little. She still has one end in her ear and notices the elevation in heartrate. Then she withdraws her stethoscope and approaches the Captain to try and guide her out of the room. "It's alright. They shouldn't be on patient duty ve-" and indeed, the medical staff aforementioned appear, looking as if they'd hustled. "Gentleman, you are relieved. Thank you." She then murmurs to the medical staff. "You've been briefed. I'm going to rouse him now, but under no circumstances are we allowing visitors. I don't even want anyone in the ward for him. Please remain close in case I need assistence." This is said in a hushed voice.

Concerned she may be, but Bennett isn't one to become a nuisance if she can help it. "Please do let me know once he is feeling more social," she asides to Ariadne, somewhat wryly. Chances are, she has a shift to make, anyway, as she promptly gets to her feet and - after one last, brief glance at the partially sedated jarhead - turns to slip away for the hatch.

Somebody gets up and leaves his bedside. Then the other person too. Ynyr relaxes, still dazed. His eyelids are heavy and slip almost closed, resting. The sedative still has him in it's grip and if all were quiet, he would doze off. He forgets about the restraints and is content to lay there, vaguely aware of voices and stares idly at the privacy curtain that separates his bed from the rest of the ward. It's a lot like getting doped after getting shot - but without the blood. His mind wanders.

A nurse arrives with some dosage of something in a syringe. Probably already ordered by Ari before ever entering the ward. The nurse confers with one of the figures at the foot of his bed. Might be Ari, or was it the big guy that she was talking to earlier? Was he wearing a medical outfit or an MP? The figure is most certainly wearing scrubs. And the nurse comes closer to Lleufer's bedside to administer said something into his IV that should gently bring him round.

Ariadne puts her folder on bedside table and pulls a chair up as quietly as she can. "Lleu?" She says softly, "I'm going to bring you up now okay? You've been brought to the recovery ward. You're safe." She repeats the words over and over again but does not explicitly touch him. Instead she keeps a hand on his bed next to his within his reach even with the restraints.

The Lieutenant's busy. The lack of a response doesn't appear to bother Bennett; she'll undoubtedly be back, regardless.

"Go away." It's mumbled but heart felt. "Leave me alone." He tries to move an arm but he can't so he doesn't fight it. Wants to lay it over his face and block the light. So he turns his face away instead. Not going to be able to go back to sleep though. Not with what they put into his IV and with Doctor Forrester speaking to him. A minute or two is spent fighting fog, his head starting to clear that enveloping muzziness. Lleu finally shifts his head back to look at Ariadne and try focus on her. "Why am I in here?" He must have been shot again, that's it.

Ariadne is patient and doesn't take the words personally. She lets him rouse as the medication floods his bloodstream and gives him a little space, but not moving from his side. "You were in an altercation at Charlie's. Do you remember that?"

Takes a minute for him to try and think. "Yeah." That gets a frown, "Doc Nadir was there. Piss'n me off. Then that piece of shit Shackleton came in. Rat bastard." Ynyr's brows furrow. He speaks slowly, his words slurred. He probably shouldn't talk like that in front of a Doctor, especially an officer. But his mind isn't on her, it's on trying to remember last night. At the bar. "He sucker punched me. Last time. This time I wanted to bust his face up good. Son of a bitch." Pissed off Marine. Just thinking about it starts making him mad all over again.

This is the time to maintain her composure. Fortunately, a marine getting pissed about a Knuckledragger sucker punching him isn't very shocking. "What did you have in your pocket?" she almost cuts him off, her voice soft, but the words precise, scalpel thin.

Anger of course gets his heart beating faster and that's helping to clear his head. Remembering more. But he glances at the Doctor, "What?" No, it wasn't a ring in his pocket, my precious. What -did- he have in his pocket? Blink. What the frak is she talking about? He thinks about that and tries to move a hand to check his shirt pocket, only he can't move his hand. Ynyr lifts his head to see why. Then he looks at Ariadne and suddenly, he's startled. He's strapped down, can't move! Oh boy. Thinking, remembering. Lleu tenses right up. "I don't want to be in here. Let me up."

"I can't do that. You've been placed on watch. We'll remove these restraints as soon as possible, believe me. But if you become violent, I will have to sedate you." Ariadne gives the man time to process the things she says, but isn't saying them slowly as if he were dumb or anything. But she's also giving herself time, time to gather herself internally. "I'd like to talk to you about your note when you're ready." Then she sits back in her chair as if ready to sit it out. She reaches up to the bedside table where she pulls, yes. She brought tea.

He can feel the restraints at his wrists. Lleu's only now becoming aware of one across his knees and his ankles. He can't move! Like not just cuffed to the bed but he's completely strapped down. A touch of panic spikes, a sudden look at Ariadne and damn him if he's not suddenly scared. Ynyr's heart gets racing pretty fast there, involuntarily tests the restraints again, but it's no good. He can't move, can't even sit up. He tries to focus on what she's saying. "No." it comes right out. Lleu closes his eyes and tries really hard to chill the fuck out. Don't loose it man. There's a moment of real quiet, trying to calm himself but he can't help starting to sweat.

The doctor says nothing in response. She doesn't rifle through her papers or sip her tea. Ariadne will sit there by his side, and at some point, he's going to get hungry. Though she doubts he'll ask for anything, at some point, she'll be hungry too, so she'll get someone to bring her something. At least, this is all that is running through her head. She says, "I don't have anywhere to be but right here."

Lleufer isn't focused on Ariadne. He's way more focused on the fact that he's restrained, pinned down to this bed and completely immobile. It's stressing him. He's not paying her much attention but he's sure working his hands against those straps like he doesn't care if it rips the skin off or maybe even breaks a bone, he's focused on trying to get a hand out. Then he makes himself stop, tips his head back, try to slow the pounding of his heart. Keep his shit together. Breathe. Remember where he is.. swallow. Breathe. Then he tenses up again and can't help but start fighting those straps again, "Gotta let me out, doc." Lleu grimaces, "I don't take …. tight confinement real well." He looks up at the ceiling. Yep, not in a box. He's in a room, on the ship. Not trapped in a box. On the Orion. Ynyr presses his eyes closed again, fights himself not to fight the straps. Come on, Marine. It's just a bed.

"I can't, not while you're like this. Try to take deep breathes. Close your eyes." Ariadne manages to keep her tone even and warm. "If you like, I can give you something till we have a room setup for you and we can revisit talking later." She makes sure she keeps breathing deeply. It's easy for her to sublimate her feelings into held breaths and insidious tension.

Lleufer Ynyr tries closing his eyes, tries to relax and stop fighting the straps. He /can/ manage that for short periods. But he /knows/ he's confined, trapped, and it eats at him and makes him twitch, and then pull against the straps and it starts all over.

Ariadne can sit there for as long as she likes - for hours even if she wants, but Lleu doesn't want to talk to her yet. He's a stubborn son of a bitch. Nor is he giving up on getting his hands out of those straps. He sweats and tenses, and after a while starts getting muscle cramps. Yeah, he's pretty miserable. Eventually, if she leaves him be he'll exhaust himself enough to rest. Or he's going to at least work one of his hands free even if he has to rip it bloody to do it.

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