AWD #094: Storm Break
Storm Break
Summary: Storm and Redux are rescued by Team Raptorette.
Date: 10/04/2013
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A deserted town on Picon.
AWD #94

The plan was outlined in a briefing Ygraine gave prior to the jump to Picon. Two SAR Raptors would be deployed, and once they reached the colony, they would contact Spree and confirm if Holtz and Ceres had been located. If not, they would proceed with a search pattern that would radius out from the stronghold toward the prison camp, each raptor working at opposite ends and criss-crossing in the middle, proceeding outward further each time. It's a slow going plan, but it insures the best chance of them finding their lost personnel, and it keeps the chances that they'll come under fire from the saber system at minimum.

Another lovely day on Picon. Blasted cities, inhospitable roads, bugfrak insane resistance operators, and Centurions pinning down pilots. Its been, among the four so far, a pretty bad day overall. A raider spotted Holtz and Ceres earlier and its gone downhill since then. Lots of running, trying to lose closing Centurions, but it hasn't really worked out. Having traveled about 190 miles away from the crash site, it comes down to making their last stand at, of all places, a machine shop on the outskirts of a blasted and burned town. Out ahead of them, crossing a large field, is a squad of Cents and they, as always, seem rather bent on killing. They've already killed a few, but ammo is starting to run low.

Pressed against what is left of one edge of the wall in the shop, Ceres reloads her pistol with one of the last clips she has on her. Glancing over at Holtz, she considers. Above the roar of the fire, she calls over. "Got the middle." Its already damaged, smoking, better to conserve ammo. SHe swings out, quickly aiming and squeezing off a shot.

Holtz is taking cover behind a tree, a few feet away from Ceres. His eyebrows are knotted, with that now-familiar grimace of pain locked on his features; the running battle hasn't exactly been easy on his leg. He gives a jerky nod, still clutching the rifle he'd appropriated from the Six back in Mayer. "I'll take the fresh one," he barks in reply, aiming his rifle at the still-undamaged Centurion.

Counting on Ygraine completely for her skills to detect life and heat signatures on the planet surface, Maia pilots along, wishing for such awesomeness as an invisibility shield for the Raptor. She's quiet at first, concentrating on just flying while Milkshake does the real work in back. After awhile, she finally breaks her silence. "See anything promising?"

A very, very long time ago, Sera made a promise to her mother — that she would never join a combat unit after her enlistment. So finding herself here, on Picon, on any colony, for the first time since War Day is not really something which she was expecting. This is evidenced by the tension in her shoulders and the paleness of her usually tan face, which is fiercely lined with concentration. One eyebrow quirks towards Ygraine at Maia's question, but otherwise, she keeps her eyes where they belong.

Ygraine has been patient. She has been very, very patient and calm. She has endured the hours of slow searching and sat at her DRADIS and sensor console without complaint or inclination to stretch, and coincidentally, once that question is asked, she replies with a surprised air, "I'm gettin' flare ups on the infrared at six two five carom nine. Could be weapons fire bein' exchanged. Let's see what's goin' on. Sera, might want t'get yourself situated. Raptor four-six echo, this is Raptor two sierra sixteen. We're investigating some infrared flares and will signal if we find anything, do you copy?" Once she gets the confirmation, she calls out, "Let's go, Centerfold."

With the heavy fire, Ceres' shot goes wide in her effort to duck back behind cover. She curses beneath her breath and waits for the lull when she feels she can attempt another shot. "We have to find a way to get out of here. At this rate they are going to keep coming." She squeezes off a quick shot, narrowing her eyes as her hands lift to hold that gun together - steadying it.

Out ahead of the Raptor, as it turns to the directed course, the crew inside that bothers to look can see tracers flying across the terrain, the majority of them coming from shiny chrome bodies marching across the terrain. Beyond the Centurions is a windbreak of trees… and beyond that? A lot more Centurions. Dozens. Maybe more.

Holtz unleashes a burst from his rifle; his target jerks as one round pings off its hand, but the impact barely slows the thing down. Cursing, he ducks back behind the tree as a blast from a Centurion armgun tears through the air where he was standing a moment ago. "Well, no shit!" he snaps back at Ceres. "Wouldn't've figured that myself!" Growling, he ducks back out from cover just long enough to squeeze off another burst.

Something is going on. Something big.. Maia can see some of it through the front armored window. "Frak, it's live, Milkshake. Hot spot. They've gotta be shooting at something cause it isn't us!" Almost fearlessly, she continues piloting the Raptor towards the area indicated by Ygraine, "Get the gunner going, if it's our own then we're going to need it to happen in a hurry."

Sera mutters something under her breath — something thick and heavy in what may or may not be Standard. What's definite? She's swearing. A lot. There's no questioning that. "I'm on it!," she confirms, feeding the heavy belt into place. It's an all too ominous sound.

All her motions slow briefly and Ceres lets out a sound when one of the bullets slams into her chest. It causes her to stumble back a step, but she catches herself, ducking back into cover as a hand presses to the already bleeding wound. The tree she is near is splintered from the bullet passing against it. Catching her breath, she grits her teeth and comes back around, firing once more on on her target with a vengeance. "Frakking piece of metal!"

"Sonuva bitch!" Holtz screams in triumph as his next burst finds a soft spot, and a Centurion tumbles to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut. "You hear that?" Over the din of weapons fire, Holtz hears something else: a sharp, distant whine. For an experienced pilot, the sound of an approaching aircraft isn't difficult to identify. "Frak me. Inbound overhead." His voice drops down to a low mutter. "Shit just gets better an' better." He looks over just in time to see Ceres stumble back with a round in her chest. "Frak! You all right over there?"

There's no way Maia could refrain from going in, nothing would stop her now that she had seen what was going on, she's closing in for a landing, getting as near as she can to the targets that the Centurious seem to be shooting at. Gods, it looks about hopeless for them. "Shoot what you can, we've gotta get them out now!"

At this point, Ygraine is out of her seat, helping Sera if the deckhand requires it, and getting read to trigger the doors. "You say the word, Sera. I gotta be ready t'move in case they're injured when we land." "We're gonna have t'do this so fast, Centerfold. In an' out, like my prom date back in high school, but with much better results for all parties concerned."

One hand reaches up to yank her glasses down in the vain hope that maybe, just maybe, she won't be blinded by the light reflecting off all that frakking chrome. "Do it. Do it now," Sera says with a firm decisive nod. She swings the machine gun's mount around, fingers twitching over the trigger, waiting for the first crack of an opening. "I'll try to clear us a landin' zone."

Ping. Ping. Ping. Bullets are now hitting the armor of the Raptor, Maia tightens her hands on the controls, determined she's holding it steady so the gunner(s) don't fall out as she attempts a landing in extreme circumstances. Well the ECM takes a hit, but the pilot half of Team Blonde is taking it down anyway. "Get em!" Maia calls back, "I'm staying at controls so as soon as you give the word, we can go go go, unless you want me out helping."

Still bleeding, her black shirt starting to stick against the side of her body. Gritting her teeth as the bullets slips past her, Ceres squeezes off another round as the smoking Cent goes down. The other groups further back cause her to hiss and she gives a pause when she watches the fire come from the sky. "What the…" But then their is a brief view of a Raptor and she hesitates. "A ride?" She strains to see for certain.

"Get the medkit prepped, Centerfold, will ya?" Ygraine suggests, "And then stay in your seat. Keep the engines fired. Sera, they need cover t'move." Tell her grandma to suck eggs, but she's still going to state the obvious just in case it isn't. She's taken a kneeling position at the corner of the raptor's opening, and firing off single, carefully placed shots.

Holtz does a doubletake as he catches the Raptor's descent out of the corner of his eye. "That ain't a Raider," he breathes. "That's a motherfrakking Raptor!" Suddenly energized, he pops out of cover to squeeze off another shot with a determined cast on his features.

Sera… apparently has some unresolved anger issues when it comes to the Cylons, and given the circumstances, the Centurions seem to be a rather convenient target for what has been, until this point, a fire with nothing to burn but her own guts. Letting the woman near a machine gun may not have been the best idea, as she is not displaying the sort of forethought required to carefully choose her targets and hope for surgical strikes. On the contrary, Sera has set the thing to full auto and, at the moment, seems rather intent on mowing down anything chrome that happens to be in their way. The barbaric yawp accompanying her gunfire confirms it.

Ygraine lets out a cry of pain as a bullet snags her in the arm, and skidding back on the raptor's deck, she drops her rifle and clutches her arm. But a split second later lifts her good one to holler at the top of her lungs, "STORM! REDUX! ON THE FRAKKIN' DOUBLE!" Adrenaline gives her the means to pick up the rifle and resume shooting.

"We go now, they got gun fire…" Ceres lifts her gun and fires will running, attempting to claim another hit and be a distraction for the Major. She moves as if she hasn't been shut, crossing the open ground from her cover with speed, but pauses long enough to make sure that Holtz is coming with and likewise not having trouble. Ygraine does not need to encourage her any further.

"Done." Maia clips the word out tersely, and as soon as she gets the large craft landed, she hurriedly does what she has to before getting out of her seat to find and prepare the medkit. All that fire, someone was surely hit. No sooner are the words out then Ygraine is hit! "Frak!" She curses through gritted teeth, ready to help her up, but then she's gone and Maia watches for only a second before she's taking her seat up front again, ready to lift at a seconds notice.

Neither does Holtz need to be told twice. At the sound of Ygraine's shout, he breaks away from the tree he'd been using as cover, hobbling towards the Raptor as he tosses off a final shot at the oncoming Centurions. He's not moving as fast as he might otherwise, given the injury to his leg, but he's not wasting any time about it, either.

"Aphrodite's bastards!," Sera shouts as she jerks back from the spot she's claimed as her own, trying to dodge incoming rounds aimed at the door. Panic. She should be feeling panic. She did the first time she stared Centurions in the face, and there were far fewer of them, then. But this time? This time she's just angry. Her face flushes red as she lunges forward again, hands wrapping tightly around the grip to adjust the angle of her aim.

Holtz's last shot finds a target, but his emergence from behind the tree makes him a tempting target as well. He's about halfway to the Raptor when a shot takes him just below the shoulder; a fresh red bloom of blood appears on his battered flightsuit as the hobbled pilot is knocked to the ground with a shout.

With the Raptor so close, the shots ping off the ground in front of her and dodging to the right, she manages to keep from getting hit. She is nearly there when the shout from Storm catches her, Ceres stops, hitting her safety on the pistol and shoving it into the back of her cargos. Her hand reaches down, taking his arm and with a quick pull up, an odd, rather impressive strength bringing him to his feet as her own wound is still bleeding out. "Got you…come on. Not leaving you after all this work." SHe grits her teeth and pulls him with, that remaining distance to the Raptor and calls out, "Help me get him on!"

"Cease fire! Cease fire!" Ygraine is scrambling to her feet, and she makes a beeline for the pair. Without hesitation she gets in position on the other side of Holtz, her arm wrapping around him and bracing against Ceres' arm without hesitation. "We're lifting off as soon as our boots are on the deck!" she calls out ahead as she moves to help.

Inside the armored safety of the Raptor, Maia is just waiting at the controls, engines fired up when she sees Holtz take the hit. "Storm is down, get him!" Almost standing, but deciding to stay at her controls. When she sees Ceres helping him instead, she anxiously awaits, looking back as they approach the entrance, each second feeling like forever. "Board now!" Knowing the fire is coming their way.

What? What was that Ygraine was shouting? It was sort of hard to hear over the rapid, staccato bursts which the deckhand is firing off, each one accompanied by angry flashes. They're controlled bursts now, rather than the wild, almost random firing with which Sera began. She's figured out what she's doing, she's acclimated to the controls, and that's enough to make it so, so, so much worse for the things in her sites. "Soul-less frakkers. Isn't a pit deep enough in Tartarus for you, anyway," she hisses between clenched teeth, right as she blasts a hole through the chest-plating of one nearing the staggering trio of pilots.

Holtz makes a sound that's half-growl, half-groan as Ceres drags him back to his feet and starts pulling him towards the SAR bird. He grits his teeth, his face turning slowly ashen as he stubbornly continues on with help from Ceres and, a moment later, Ygraine. "Kurg-sucking chrome piece of motherfrakkin' shit…" he mumbles as the trio approaches the open hatch of the landed Raptor. He lets out another sharp cry of pain as he's hastily pushed into the craft, but it doesn't stop him from scrambling out of the way and throwing his battered body into one of the side seats.

Sera's continued cursing and firing is deafening, making it hard to hear anything besides the thud of her blood against her ears. She does not feel a thing, not the wound in the side of her chest either. After Holtz is one, she pulls herself in and to the side, moving to set herself down not far from Holtz and strap herself in, the belt clicking into pace before her eyes flicker up to the pilot. "Centerfold…" Oh. "Just us.."

As soon as Holtz and Ceres are on the raptor and situated, Ygraine staggers to her console to hit the controls. "Petty Officer, I'm shutting the doors. I AM SHUTTING THE DOORS." she barks, right in Sera's ear. It's probably the only way to get her to stop. Aside from the doors actually shutting. And then she calls out, "Spooling the jump drive on your mark, Centerfold!"

Blissfully, the gunfire does stop. Sera even throws the safety catch on, long enough to shout, "What?," she cries loudly to Ygraine, over the sounds of the Raptor's engines and, of course, the thick padding provided by her helmet. She doesn't pull the thing off, but she does flip the visor back up to better see the rest of those aboard.

Just waiting on her ECO.. That was the key. As soon as Milkshake gives the sign they're all on, Maia calls it. "It's a GO!" And just like that, her hands are on the controls and they're lifting, up, up, up away from the live gunfire of the Centurions that were left. "We'll be back to finish the job, frakkers," she mutters to herself. Once they are in relative safety she calls back. "Everyone alright back there?"

Holtz was a mess even before he'd been shot. The flightsuit is ripped in several places, most notably on his right leg where a bloodsoaked bandage is wrapped around the middle of his thigh. His face and clothes are caked with an ugly mixture of dirt and blood, his eyes glassy and unfocused as a hand limply reaches up to the gunshot wound he'd taken from the Centurion. For the moment he just sits where he is, chest heaving from the combination of pain and exertion.

"We're fine, we're fine. Ready for jump!" Once they blink out, Ygraine tugs off her helmet and moves over to Holtz, plucking up the medkit. "Don't pass out." she says swuiftly as she moves to size up his wounds. "I got a present for ya." She beams at him, pausing only to tug something out of one of her flight suit pockets. It'll adrenalize him more than anything she's got in the medkit. She holds it up, close so he can focus on it.

Someone took this picture recently. It's creased from being in Ygraine's flight suit, but that doesn't matter. Ygraine is sitting on Holtz's bed, smiling at the camera. Her hair is down, the way he likes it. But that's not the important part. The important part? Is that sitting next to her is Kurt's daughter. Her smile is a little solemn, but she's clearly doing her best, thinking this will be the first thing her father sees once he's safe.

Ceres is utterly quiet, but watches as Ygraine moves over to offer something to Holtz as she patches him up. The Captain studies the two a moment and then looks forward, staring at the opposite wall in thought. The slick red covering the right side of her black shirt looks like water in contrast and she doesn't seem to be in much pain. Dazed, that is what she seems and miles away. Her hands press to her legs and begin to tighten, curling into fists.

Concentrating all her focus on flying them out of the hot zone, Maia doesn't listen for just a few moments. When she realize what's going on, she glances back briefly, a silly grin on her face. Catching the blood on Ceres, she calls back to Sera. "Treat Redux, please, she's bleeding, she's hurt."

It takes a moment for the wounded Holtz's eyes to focus on the picture, but when he does, his features slacken in surprise. Ceres had mentioned his daughter was alive, but hearing it and actually seeing it are two different things. "Oh, m'gods," he whispers, a shaky hand reaching up to pluck the photo from her fingers. "… gods, Alley, oh m'gods," he repeats thickly through bloody lips as he stares at the photo, his grip on it tightening. The fury, anger, and stress he's accumulated over the past few days seem to drain away all in that single moment, and his body begins to quake, which might appear to be shock resulting of his injuries… until one sees the tears beginning to stream down his mud- and blood-stained cheeks.

Oh gods, he's crying. He's crying and really Ygraine should have expected that - he's the one who taught her not to be afraid of tears - but she actually freezes, not knowing what to do. She looks over at Ceres what do I do? at Sera what do I do? back toward Maia what the FRAK do I do?! It takes her a minute, and a nervous lick of her lips, and then she hugs him, if he lets her. Either way, she looks over to Ceres. "Thank ya. Thank ya so much for saving him."

Sera pulls her gloves off first, revealing grey-tinged fingertips which will probably be that color permanently, so long as she's at her job. And then those reach up to peel off her helmet, slowly. She blinks a few times, disoriented for two seconds, then three, as she adjusts to the influx of sounds and the lurching feeling in her stomach. Having only caught the tail end of what Maia had said, she looks first to Holtz, her expression going slack in the face of his. Some things, some moments, simply shouldn't be intruded on. This one of them. Quickly averting her eyes, they turn instead to Ceres. She doesn't bother hiding it. The Viper pilot-turned-skinjob gets the exact same hard, angry stare that the Centurions did, though it's taking a few seconds to seep back into her already flushed face.

Ceres' thoughts are broken and she blinks a few times, giving a dull nod before she glances up and over at Milkshake and Storm. She hesitates and then nods again, "Only did what any of you would do." But its that hard look from Sera that can be felt before it is seen and she turns her head to look at the technician. "PO…if you could, hand me the kit." A gaze like that does not equal good bedside manners. She's still bleeding out of the wound, her pants soaking through along her thigh and hip.

Well, normally Holtz really isn't a crier. But recent events have been somewhat overwhelming, and being presented with that photo was the drop of water that finally broke the dam. He's lost in his own thoughts and emotions as Ygraine hugs him; it takes him a moment to compose himself enough to respond, and he still can't manage coherent words, but the arm he throws around her conveys the intended message well enough.

Well, sometimes it's a relief not to be in the back with the others and now is definitely one of those times. Maia looks back in time to catch the look, but the hug seems to answer the question. Now though, the hostility is palpable. "Help Redux, please. She helped save Storm. She is a pilot and she's on my ship. Either hand her a medkit or assist her in stopping the flow of blood."

Well, admittedly Ygraine is holding Holtz for him, not for himself. He can sob himself out on her flightsuit, it's already bloody anyway. She grits her teeth though, because he's a big guy and her arm really frakking hurts. "If ya can't Sera, I will." In a minute.

"Don't," is Sera's only word to Ceres, an angry, snake-like hiss. But don't what? Don't…. ask for the medkit? Expect any sort of first-aid? Speak to her at all.? Wordlessly, she shoves herself up from the folded position into which she's contorted herself. Her fingers stretch, her wrists flex, and she takes the few short steps it takes to reach the medkit. Once unpacked, it is held out silently to Ceres, her lips pressing into a thin, white line.

Watching Sera closely, Ceres' expression remains neutral, a drop of her blood hitting the Raptor deck. The kit extended to her, Redux eyes it and then looks at the woman on the other end of it. She reaches out to take it and merely nods her head as she sets it to her lap and unsnaps it, pulling out the gauze and wrap, her face shifting to that distant look, as if her actions are on automatic pilot. Remaining silent, she wads up a bit of the cloth and presses it to the right side of her chest over the wound to help stop the blood flow, or slow it.

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