Staff Sergeant Colt Jaeger Stone
Stone4.jpeg Stone, Colt Jaeger
SSGT Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Rifleman
Age Sex
32 M
Hair Eyes
Blonde Blue


The Platoon sergeant for the Dog Platoon. Having been so since this mission started and before that having been with Collins Peak as well. Having been a marine since seventeen. Having devoted all to being a marine, so far. Known for keeping his words and having a rather straightforward life as of yet.

Major Events

  • Born Jan 1, 1973
  • Enlisting in 1990
  • Father and eldest brother dies, 1990
  • Stationed on Eos, late 1990
  • Duty moved to Collins Peak, 1994
  • Engaging in combat against the loyalist movement on Tauron, 2001
  • Joining Orion, 2003
  • Reunion with his brother Nicodemus after some years apart, February 2005

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1990 Fleet Academy CFA Picon Marine training
1990-1991 PVT CMF Eos Basics
1991-1992 PFC CMF Eos Continued learning
1992-1994 LCpl CMF Eos Small arms technician
1994-1997 Cpl CMC CAKS-33 Collins Peak Armory controllant "Poseidon's Wave"
1997-2001 SGT CMC CAKS-33 Collins Peak Weapon handler, Squad Leader "Poseidon's Wave - Charlie Squad"
2001-2003 SSGT CMC CAKS-33 Collins Peak Platoon Sergeant "Switchfoot"
2004- GySGT Battlestar Orion Platoon Sergeant "Dog Platoon"


File Image Name Position Notes
No Image Tamsin Stone Psychiatrist Mother.
No Image TBA Psychiatrist The elder of the Stone daugthers. Younger than stone. Appable
No Image TBA TBA Stone's youngest sister. Second youngest sibling. Appable
Nicodemus_icon.png ENS Nicodemus "Bats" Stone Youngling Youngest sibling and brother. I care for him as I do all siblings. I am sorry for leaving you alone with mother and our sisters. Without someone to look up to.



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