AWD# 488: STIs, Tanks, and Marines
STIs, Tanks and Marines
Summary: The leave on Picon begins with a Raptor lecture by Sgt Flynn and gunnery training in Carballas!
Date: 22/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Near Crandall
09 May 2006 AWD #488

In order to make sure that the Orion Marines weren't totally looking towards 'Marines Gone Wild', Marcus made sure everyone had their civvies in a carry on, and wore that combat blacks for the first part of the trip to Picon. While sitting on the Raptor to pass the time, the LT stands up and pulls down a makeshift screen. "For our inflight entertainment today, Sergeant Flynn will be presenting a study of STIs that can be caught through unprotected liaisons while on Picon." With that, Marcus hands out pamphlets and two condoms to every Marine. On the cover of the condom is written one of two phrases:

Think Before You Sink

Wrap before you Tap

Materials issued, he cedes the deck to the Sergeant.

Mallas has broken his own commandments and actually volunteered for something — leave on Picon being enough incentive to convince him to sign up for gunnery training, it seems. Riding along in the raptor, he's dozing when the Lieutenant gets up to speak, and only makes a token effort to listen before receiving the pamphlet and pair of condoms. "Two?" he mutters. "What are we supposed to do for other other twenty three hours and thirty minutes?"

With a quiet snicker, Kapali looks up and eyes Mallas. "In you case, Mallas, you're going to spend the rest of the time thinking about what you've done and how you could've improved your performance," amusement coloring her voice which is paired with a grin.

"Or if the beer goggles made a two a seven." Marcus adds with a little smirk as he finishes passing materials down the line.

"What you weren't told, Mallas, is that your gunnery training is at a brothel." Knox smirks over at the other Marine.

"…or how you managed to get in and out so quickly. C'mon, man…" Gray sniggers at his complaint. He looks down over the two condoms and literally smacks his forehead at the slogans. "…if you're in and out twice /that/ fast you probably didn't get your money's worth anyway."

Fischer shakes his head a little as he listens. "Kids…" he mutters, shaking his head once more. There's a hint of a grin in place, though.

Angelis looks down at the condoms and blushes. She keeps quiet in her seat, because there's going to be a lecture and well… she's a bit embarassed by the whole thing, so it's better to just keep her mouth shut.

Kapali leans toward Tabi and murmurs, with a hint of a grin but a bit of seriousness, "Remember what I said about teeth," sage wisdom there.

"Have to share with the platoon, Kapali." Marcus isn't afraid to call out the murmuring sergeant. "While Flynn's prepring her presentation, do share your sage advice."

Angelis blinks and looks over at Kapali. "Man… that's gross." She's still blushing and shoots a look over at the boys before looking away again. She takes a short breath, before replying to Pen in a voice barely above a murmer, "Besides, that's not something I have to worry about any more." Tabi grins for a moment, before tucking the condoms away into a pocket on her bag and then turning her attention to the pamphlet.

"Yeah, yeah," Mallas grumbles at Kapali's retort, but he can't help grinning at the same time. "Who wants to hang around afterward anyway?" he wonders. "What are you gonna do? Cuddle?" Hearing Angelis, he turns to her to helpfully offer, "Hey, if you're not gonna use those, I'll take them."

Leaning back again, tucking the condoms with their pithy saying into one of her pockets, Kapali calmly hooks her hands into her front pockets as she aims a brief salute at the LT. "Sorry sir. It's totally girl advice. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." This said she gives a curious glance to Tabi before nodding then glancing up at the LT again, amusement plainly stamped upon her face then sighs. "But…. as long as no one is going to confiscate my girl card. Never have sex with a partner who can't keep his or her teeth clean. Teeth are easy, after all. If your prospective partner can't do that much, what ELSE aren't they keeping clean," paired with a shrug before she leans back again.

"That is very good advice, Sergeant." Marcus says, aheming softly as he moves to settle back, before the overhead comm sounds out. "Last jump to Picon, Dog Platoon, we'll be boots on the ground in 20!" Well, so much for the inflight entertainment. "Marines!" he calls out as he stands on his feet. "Remember, leave does not begin until I dismiss you! Until then, best behaviour, most of these Marines we're going to be visiting are just now getting the chance to breathe that we've had since the war began."

Well, if he wants them… Tabi is all set to fish out the condoms, but then Marcus is calling out orders and the like, so she's saved from that embarrassment and instead pulls herself together, ready to dismount as soon as the order is given. She checks over her gear, fingers moving habitually checking fastenings and making sure everything is squared away.

Fischer looks a bit thoughtful for a few brief moments, before he tosses the condoms he was given over towards Mallas. There's a brief shrug, before he nods a little as he hears Marcus speak. "Of course," he replies to the man, with a nod.

Gray leans over to Knox and smirks. "So…what /does/ he mean by best behavior?" He can think of about ten ways to categorize 'best' behavior…and some of them are probably not in line with what Marcus has in mind. "And is it just me or did Kappa just give better advice in two sentences than we usually get in ten briefings?"

Mallas looks hopeful at first, as Angelis looks like she's going to give up her prophylactics, but then his hopes are crushed. Briefly. He grins at Fischer as the man passes his over instead. "Hey, thanks Fish!" Then the Private starts to prep for landing himself, gathering his gear.

Randy keeps all eye-rolling to zilch. She didn't ask for this duty, unless one counts her recent public dalliances as a cry for it. She stays strapped in, but attaches some extra webbing that will do nothing to save her from bouncing around inside but would prevent her from flying through the cockpit glass. She tucks her pamphlet in her back pocket as she turns and stands to the side. "So, STIs. You don't want them because they're like this." She clicks a little button in her pocket and all the sudden the whole cabin is barraged by a rapid /rapid/ succession of absolutely revolting pics of various diseases. "This is what happens when you treat your junk like it's a play toy. All these poor sods came out of some whorehouse epidemic on Picon about forty years ago." BAM BAM BAM VAGINA-BAM WARTS!-BAM BAM BAM. Depending on the person, it could be ten times more traumatizing than a dead ghost thing helping them up the stairs. Then she starts a 15 minute long first cylon war-aged video about picking a clean partner…Every once in awhile, there's some kind of ghost of an image that flashes over the frame. When she finishes, she puts up a map of the area they are going to. "So I did recon." She uses a laser pointer to indicate areas that are, "Possibly safe? I mean, I'm basing this a lot on what it was like before Warday? So take it with a grain of-oh yeah, and here they made great drinks. Great dive bar. I don't know if they're still open." This seems to be a common theme. "Just be careful and remember we all use the Head together? Whatever you bring back. I don't want it."

As the pictures rain down, Marcus listens to the briefing, the comments, all of it. As she gets to the end. Reaching into the bag at his side. "And there is one thing that Sergeant Flynn definetly doesn't want. Or any of you." Reaching into the bag, he pulls out a Wets a Lot Tracy doll and passes it towards Flynn like a Pyramid ball. "Eighteen years - and possible removal from the mission entirely." he says solidly. "Remember, the gals on Picon don't have access to shots and IUDs like we do."

<FS3> Knox rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Knox is watching the video casually. Then he blinks. Then a few seconds later he starts snickering and leans forward. He covers his mouth with his hand to help hide the laughing smile, but his eyes stay on the screen. When its over, he looks down and completely ignores the kid being passed around. Yep, that was awesome.

"Oh I almost forgot!" Randy clicks the button one more time and a hit pre-war song, 'Picon Girls' starts up, a popular song on the Caprican club circuit.

Gray's reaction to the video is a fun mix of amusement to start…followed by a bit of (well-covered) nausea. The video plays (getting him to roll his eyes as it includes a lot of painfully obvious stuff that was less useful than Kappa's interjection) and at one point he raises his hand. "Stewardess, could I get a pack of peanuts?" he asks, jokingly. The advice on where to go (or not go) gets /far/ more real attention than the video did. Then, the doll getting passed around causes him to roll his eyes…but the song getting played causes a smirk and snicker.

Well, considering Tabi didn't do any kind of clubbing. Ever. The song just goes straight over her head. She stares at the doll like it's possibly a bomb. Shakes it a couple of times, then hands it over to the next person. Knox gets a strange look though, head tilting slightly as she watches his amusement. Then looks away and stares up at the ceiling and wishes for the flight to be over more than she's ever wished for anything, ever.

"Or a vomit bag," Kapali chimes in, because.. shudder. She not only DOES NOT accept the doll being passed around she prudently tucks her hands behind her to avoid it entirely.

When Randy receives the baby, /then/ she rolls her eyes. "This is so unrealistic for me," she mumbles mostly to herself, though it's tight in the Raptor. Probably to Marcus' chagrin, she doesn't seem fazed at all, and grins widely back at him, that look saying, I'll get you for this anyways you sly bastard. He knows. Telepathy. "You get a baby instead!" Randy says as she moves back to her seat, tossing the baby (only holding it by it's arm) into Gray's lap. "Enjoy!"

"Gee, thanks…" Gray looks at the baby which landed in his lap as if it had just fallen out of the sky. Picking it up as if it were a used tissue, he looks around. He stop short of making a joke about not being able to eat it…but that lands just a little too close to home for him at the moment and he thinks better of it instead. "So, what am I supposed to do with this? Teach it to fill out paperwork?"

The first shuddering of the Raptor alerts the Marines to landing in Picon is due soon. Settling back to buckle up, Marcus glances at Randy and at the pictures all over the place. "Make sure these are all policed up and disposed before we leave to the training." he says as the ship comes to land at Crandall, and there's a deuce and a half waiting to take the Marines to the gunnery range, where four Carbella's are sitting in their berms in the wait position, hull down.

Ew. Mallas grimaces and gives the Sergeant and the Lieutenant a less-than-grateful look for the video portion of the lecture. But at least the song is a bit of a pick me up. "Hey, I remember that one from basic." The baby is duly passed off to the next person when his turn comes, without much obvious concern on Mallas' part. He's perfectly fine with someone else ending up with it.

Watching this in quiet, Fischer shakes his head a little. "And remember that there are some areas that were quite dangerous to move around it even in peacetime," he comments. "I had this old childhood friend that went to one of those places, and… you don't really want to know." It's said quietly, as he glances to the map. "Those places there used to be safe back then, at least." A brief shrug, as he stretches momentary.

"So…buddy system?" Which in this case, Gray quickly decides, has all sorts of room to go horribly wrong. He sighs as he quickly realizes he's probably stuck with the doll…and turns to it. "Well, looks like you get to learn how to shoot a tank gun this weekend, kiddo." As he says that, though, he sighs. .o0(Why didn't I just get a plush cat to take along like this?)0o.

Angelis just keeps quiet. Her gaze focused on the ceiling, fingers running idly over her gear, not for any other reason than they just don't stay still, well.

Kapali checks her gear as well, "How close are we going to be to some serious terrain?" she wonders. "I brought my climbing gear, just in case."

The skids of the Raptor bump on the tarmac, and the door lowers into the warm air of Picon, where summer is just starting, as compared to the cool fall weather of Piraeus. Those that wore winter gear may find it getting uncomfortable soon as Marcus steps off the Raptor first to gesture towards the truck. "Load up, Dog Platoon!" he calls out as he settles into place and watches his platoon fall out. "Don't forget Private Peepee Pants!"

Gray's ears actually perk up at Kappa's question as they land. Particularly since he's stuck with the damned doll, that suddenly sounds a lot more interesting than dragging Private Peepee Pants from brothel to brothel. He unstraps himself and grabs his bag (and his *ahem* new friend) and glances at Kapali. "I'm tempted…"

Angelis can't get out of the Raptor quick enough. She almost leaves that pamphlet behind, then thinks better of it, instead it gets crumpled and stuffed into a pocket on her bag, as deep down as she can push it. Tabi waits for the senior NCOs to dismount before trailing on out after them. "I just want to be lazy and lie in the sun all day." She comments, to no one in particular.

"Ah, Picon summer. How I have missed you all these years," Fischer remarks lightly, as he gets out of the Raptor, stretching a bit. As he hears the people talking about what they want to do, he grins. "As for me, I think I'll head home, to see if there's anyone around that little village anymore." Moving to take his place in the truck now.

Unhooking herself from the harness keeping her in the seat, Kapali rises with a brief wiggle of both sets of toes in her boots and shoulders the backpack carrying her civilian attire and, more importantly, her climbing gear. She aims a glance then a laugh at Gray. "Don't even thing of pawning Private peepee pants off on me," she warns before ducking through the hatch, hustling forward, the climbing up into the truck again. She takes a ballcap out of one pocket and crams it on over her head, tugging the bill down so that it shades her face and, from another pocket, a tube of sun screen/ insect repellent. AWAYS BE PREPARED.

"Don't worry…" Gray mumbles. "I'm pretty sure I've got the little shit for the rest of the trip." And then there's a pause. "Does it talk, too? Because if it talks /and/ makes a mess of things, it should /really/ be an officer." If it talks as well…then he's got Ideas.

Randy gathers her gear at her feet still in the Raptor and reaches out to offer Marcus a fistbump and a half-grin after everyone has hopped out. "See you." Then she hops out and follows the others, hauling her crap into the back of the truck along with herself, cuddling up to her rucksack like it's a teddy bear in the corner behind the wheel well with her duffel serving as lumpy padding for a nap. Pulling her standard issue cap out of the top of the rucksack, that goes on.44

Watching everyone off, Marcus smiles a little, and throws them a salute before he glances to Sergeant Knox. "Platoon Sergeant!" he calls out, straightening up. "Take charge of Dog Platoon, lead them to gunnery, and then release them for 24 hours liberty!" with that, he waits for Knox's acknowledgement before he moves to reboard the Raptor to return to Orion.

Marcus bumps Randy's fist, a 'we'll talk when you're back' look on his face, the concern easily seen by his best friend before he departs.

The Lance Corporal's joke about officers earns a laugh from Mallas. "You got that right." And then he's exiting the raptor along with the rest of the team. "See you, sir," he tells Marcus as he files past. A truck beats marching, and the Private is happy to load up and move out.

Once released, the truck rumbles from the tarmac, carrying Dog Platoon from the airfield to several miles away where the armor units of Picon are in the field. Lined up at the base of the firing range are four of the Carbella tanks from the 10th Armored Division. They are not the new out of the container tanks on Piraeus - many of them have seen combat, more than one has patches on its armor from repair work, or mismatched camoflauge painting that's been hastily repainted. Affectionate names have been painted on their barrels 'Can Crusher', 'Juggernaut', 'Can Opener' and 'Warpig'.

The truck rumbles to a halt to let out the Marines, where the tank crews are waiting, minus their gunnery officers. "Dog Platoon, 3/8th Marines?" a Captain asks as he steps forward, dressed in the fireproof Nomex of tank crews everywhere. "I'm Captain Dixon Wells, Charlie Troop, 10th Armored. These are my babies. I'm lending you my drivers and loaders, but you are in charge of these Carbellas for the next four hours. Treat them with the respect they've earned, and they'll love you back. Frak with them, and you won't hear the end of it." he explains as he looks over the group.

Kapali passes the tube of sun screen to Randy while making room for Rucksack (which ought to have a name) and Randy in the truckbed with everyone else. "Gunnery practice and then liberty. I'd almost call the gunnery practice the selling point for the whole deal. Granted. . I still want to drive a tank," she admits in a low voice as the truck starts off and holds her silence until they arrive at the firing range is located. She is possibly one of the first to leap out and by god she high-5's Randy like she just won the lotto. "Aye sir!" she calls out, while wearing a huge grin and eyes the Carbella tanks. "Can Crusher!" she calls dibs and heads forward, to meet the tank crew waiting.

Mallas doses during the truck ride, then hops down when they all dismount at the firing range. The Private is not in charge, so all he has to do is fall in and wait to hear where he needs to go. The tanks themselves get a critical eye from the rifleman, and then he muses aloud. "Riding around behind all that armor, running down Toasters? Man, I picked the wrong MOS."

Angelis flops back in the bed of the truck. She packed super-light so her duffle basically fits under her legs as she tilts her face up, eyes closing as she absorbs sunlight. She's probably solar-powered or something. Once the truck stops and they all dismount again, she gives a nod at the orders to take care of the tanks, then wanders over to one of them. She smiles a little at Kapali's obvious excitement. Though Tabi doesn't quite display the same amount of over-joyed behaviour. Instead, she greets the tank-team with a cheerful grin and begins a slow wander around, fingers idly reaching out to touch the machine, wandering over the patches and odd paint jobs.

On the ride over, Sergeant Flynn catches a few zees, the warmth of the sun and the hum of the motor making it easy to fall asleep. When they stop, she rubs her eyes and finds the sun screen being passed to her. After a quick sloppy application and a toss of it back to Kapali, she hops out of the back of the truck, leaving her gear behind in the truck after she checks with Knox that no one will be ganking their ride (note that she high fives Kapali while doing this). "Leave your gear in the truck Dogs!" Then she takes her cap off to listen to the Captain speak. "I can't believe they promoted her," she says under her breath as Kapali calls the tank she wants to be in. "Just…put me where I'm going to learn the most." Kapali can express enough enthusiasm for them both.

Gray finds himself agreeing with Kapali when she calls gunnery practice the best part of the exercise…well, at least for now. "I'm with Kappa…" He jogs in behind her towards Can Crusher as well. "You want to drive or shoot first?" he asks her as they approach the tank in question. "I'm good either way."

"Dude, it's dream come true day," Kapali calls to Randy with a laugh after exchanging a high-5 with Randy. "Drive a tank day is SO on my bucket list!! followed immediately by FIRE THE WEAPONS on a tank during drive a tank day," she exchanges hand shakes, at least one high-5, grins at Gray. "Drive," she calls promptly and rests both hands on her hips while saying it out loud, that's right. OUT LOUD. "Hello Gorgeous," in a truly appreciative tone of voice AT THE TANK.

Randy approaches the Juggernaut. She saw that beat up old broad from the moment they pulled up (and Randy opened her eyes). The Sergeant calmly walks around the thing like it's some battlehardened creature, fingers running over the dings and patches, her own eyes slightly narrowed at the damage.

The Captain watches the group, and notices Randy and Angelis at the same tank. "That's was my first sergeant's tank. She held her ground during the invasion, track blown off, and took no less than three anti-tank missiles before she finally lost her crew. Her damage was only bad enough to repair her, and get her going again. She's seen more than her fair share of battles. Her crew's new."

"Can Crusher is my tank. She was sent over from Aerilon a few weeks back and is actually the second to hold that name. Lost the last one to an IED."

Mallas wanders over toward the nearest Caballa, offering a the two tanks a quick greeting. "So what's the plan?" he wonders, looking around. And then he sees he's ended up at the same tank as Knox, and he gives the Six a smirk and a salute. "Private First Class Mallas reporting for duty, Staff Sergeant."

Angelis nods at the Captain and looks over at Randy, giving the Sergeant a grin before resuming her examination of the Juggernaut. "So… Sarn't Flynn, you wanna drive first, or shoot first?" There's a glint of mischief in Tabi's eyes a small smile playing about her mouth. She moves back from the tank, then and tucks her hands behind her back, rocking on her heels a little. So she's probably more keen for this than she's letting on, or maybe it's just the anticipation of freedom, four hours from now.

"Your pick." Randy says as she rounds the tank, spotting the woman as Tabi serendipitously looks back at her. "Actually, get on the gun. I'll drive. I think you might enjoy it," she says with a wink as she ends up next to Angelis. She knocks on the body of the tank in one of the weakest areas she knows on it so the crew can hear. "Let's get loaded up."

As the crews are set up, the drivers of the tanks walk their replacements through their position before they turn it over to their replacements. Sliding off the tank, the Captain gets on the radio. "Fire them up, Marines, and roll out when ready!" he calls out. "You'll see your targets when you enter the field. They'll pop up on the range for you to engage." That's the cue to allow the drivers to start to move their tanks out.

Gray nods to the Captain. "She's a nice tank. We'll try not to mess up the paint…" He smirks to her, climbing and getting into the gunner's seat while Kappa fires her up. Once he's in (and has his commo set up), he calls to Kapali. "Give me a steady shot and /hopefully/ I'll hit a target or two while we're out here."

Angelis gives Randy a nod, and then grins, switching from rocking on her heels to bouncing a little on her toes, "Copy that, Sarn't Flynn." The tank-crew get another grin before she heads on over to climb up into the tank, finding her position at the guns, and then gets herself ready to go. "Good thing we're not very big…" She comments, once they're both inside, "I think it could get a bit cramped in here…"

Kapali waits until Gray climbs up before she climbs as well, dropping through the hatch and almost (but not quite) refraining from a bit of a victory dance as she takes the drivers position and familiarizes herself with the controls. The tank makes a rumble as she fires up the engine, there may or may NOT be a sound of victory from Kapali as well inside the tank, "So, you don't want me to smack us into the other tanks like we're playing bumper tanks, right?" Gray can't SEE the grin but he can probably hear it loud and clear.

Randy slides down into the body of the tank to get her lesson on how to operate the machine. "Hahaha. Truth," she comments back to Angelis. It's a new crew, so she only gets a modicum of the kinks of the Juggernaut. All old machines have color, even those maintained as much as possible. She takes her place and fires the tank up. It's LOUD. Reaaaaally loud inside from the noise banging around in the metal. "ANGELIS YOU IN POSITION? READY TO GO?" She moves to bang on the closest piece of tank body. The noise only gets worse when she starts to move it.

Listens fairly attentively to the tank crew as they run them through the basics of driving the tank and firing the gun. There are a lot of details to absorb but the basics of traversing the turret, elevating the gun, and hitting the firing pedal don't seem too hard. "It's okay, I got this," the Private confidently tells his trainers as they head out, and then he straps on the tanker helmet and tests out the intercom as they get ready to roll. It's a big machine with a BIG GUN and he's clearly itching to blow something up with it. "We should get a couple of these," he says into the headset. "It beats walking."

Kapali probably can't see Gray grinning at the idea, but she can probably hear something similar in his response. "I wish!" He shouts as the engine rumbles to life. "I suspect the Captain might have a few words if we mark up /his/ tank doing that." He listens attentively as the crew walks them through the basics, doing his best to make sure that when he says he's got it, he actually /does/ have it.

As the tanks get to rolling down the range, silhouettes of large vehicles pop up along the heavily wooded trail. The drive itself is a challenging thing (Drivers: Roll Alertness - 2), and as targets come up, it's up to the gunners to catch sight of them to fire. (Gunners: Roll Alertness, if successful, roll Gunnery).

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness-2: Success.
<FS3> Gray rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Driving-2: Good Success
<FS3> Gray rolls Gunnery: Good Success.
<FS3> Angelis rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Angelis rolls Gunnery: Good Success.
<FS3> Mallas rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Mallas rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

Randy gets the Juggernaut up and running. That isn't what she has troubles with. It's the fact that she could use a booster seat to see comfortably. Granted, there must be tank drivers that succeed under such adversity. It's a good thing they aren't in battle though. It shaves off a fraction of her reaction time and Kapali out maneuvers her to go through the range first. Yes. Everything is a competition apparently. No way she can use comms inside the body of that tank, but she can shout to Angelis, "TRASHTALK! GET THEIR MORALE DOWN!….FRAK JUST KEEP YELLING OUT MISS!"

Kapali makes a single false start, just the one! the tank giving a forward lurch that she controlls then a slower roll to get the feel for it and THEN.. by golly THEN they're off! She pounds one fist on the metal hull near her, lets out another whoop of delight (yes, that's exactly what it sounds like), "Anderson and Kapali, leading the charge!" as she leads the way into the range, wearing the biggest damn grin she's ever, ever, worn.

Perhaps surprisingly, mouthy Private Mallas is taking the training half seriously. He evens seems to have been paying attention to the instruction, as he spots the first target pop up and gets the main gun's sight settled on it as the tank trundles along. *BOOM* goes the cannon, and the tracer from the round zips through the target, tossing up a spray of dirt somewhere behind. "Scratch one …"

Gray laughs and joins in the whooping-of-delight. "Hell yeah!" He does his best to enjoy the bumping along as they make their way into the range (despite a few jostles nearly making him bump his head). As they get there, he does his best to spot the targets as they pop up…and quickly enough, he sees one. "Aiming…and fire for effect." BANG! He fires the gun, the sound of which takes his breath away. "Didn't expect it to be /quite/ so loud…" he mumbles…and then he's pleasantly surprised when he sees the target go down. "Well, that's one down…"

And they're off! Tabi can only really laugh at Randy, not being quite as competitive by nature. Her shooting though, is just as good as Gray's though, so that's something. "It's kinda hard to trash talk and focus on shooting…" She remarks to Randy, "So it'd probably be better to focus on driving us and keeping us as steady as possible so I can actually hit the targets." Tabi's totally laughing though, clearly having fun as the tank rolls them around.

The first scores are taken down, and the tanks rumble down the course. The next targets pop up are obscured partially by the woods and debris in the field (Drivers: Normal rolls, Gunners: Alertness - 2, if successful Gunnery - 2)

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Angelis rolls Alertness-2: Success.
<FS3> Angelis rolls Gunnery-2: Failure.

If Randy could, she'd control everything on the tank. It's like a tiny General bursts out of her chest and takes charge only to be stuffed back in its place by something called Tabitha's Excellent Wisdom. "Frak," Randy mutters under the roar of the tank as she follows the lead tank's trail. "What? Actually hit the targets?!" she yells in good-humored sarcasm as she lines the tank up for the next section of the course. "You got this Tabs!"

Distracted by Randy's driving, Tabi's next shot completely misses the target. "Gods-frakkin'-dammit!" She grumbles, reaching back to tug on the end of her ponytail. "I'm trying!" She yells back to Randy, shaking her head as she gets ready to line up for the next round of shots.

<FS3> Mallas rolls Alertness-2: Success.
<FS3> Mallas rolls Gunnery-2: Failure.

Mallas doesn't spot the second target for a few seconds, and by the time he gets the gun pointed the right way it's a crossing shot. *BOOM* he hits the firing pedal, and the shot flies into the dirt, well short of the target. "Ah, frak." So much for a perfect record.

<FS3> Kapali rolls Driving: Great Success.

Freeing one hand from the controls long enough to angle the mic at her mouth, "BOOM BABY! Go Anderson!" she shouts into the com before both hands go BACK ON THE controls. Randy may have a little chest-bursting-general for a shoulder devil, but Kapali's personal shoulder angels are both suited up line line backers with pom poms and shouting RAAAAWR at the top of their virtual shoulder angel voices!

<FS3> Gray rolls Alertness-2: Failure.

Coming to the end of the course, there's a turn around point where the teams can switch positions, and crawl over each other, woo, before taking up their new positions. From here, Gray can see clearly the target he misses as it resets as an easy target for Kapali to shoot at. (change over! New Drivers: Alertness - 2, Gunners: Gunnery)

<FS3> Gray rolls Alertness-2: Success.
<FS3> Angelis rolls Alertness-2: Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Gunnery: Good Success.
<FS3> Mallas rolls Alertness-2: Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness-2: Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Gunnery: Great Success.
<FS3> Mallas rolls 6+2: Good Success.

"Well………" Kapali draws the sound out as she turns the tank around, with precision, and downshifts until it's standing idle, she even works out the very important braking system before she surrenders the seat and climbs up to the top of the tank, popping open the hatch once she gets there and letting out a cheer, again. Because damn it all, drive a tank day. She points to the missed target, "We're just going to say that that one was a FRIENDLY that we were supposed to miss," and climbs OUT so that Gray can climb back DOWN and into the drivers seat before she takes up the gunnery position.

At the end of the first leg, Mallas isn't really that interested in giving up the gun. But when the Staff Sergeant wants a turn, the Privates drive. "Frak," he grumbles. "You better not miss, skinny." It takes the grunt a minute to get settled into the driver's seat and remember what the Hades the instructors said before they started. Then he gets the tank in gear and eases on the throttle, sending them grinding tracks over the course. Knox's shooting looks good so far.

"Sorry!" Randy rings out when she hears Tabi curse. When they come to the end of the course, Sergeant Flynn secures the driving station before she shouts, "Switch!" Once settled into operating the main turret, she bounces slightly as she waits for the target to roll up into view. She hits the target fair and square. "Good driving Tabs! Keep it up!"

Gray engages in the mandated acrobatics in order to get into position. "I'll go with that if you're good with it…" he agrees, smiling somewhat sheepishly. "Alright, swapping position…" He makes his way awkwardly into position before letting Kapali take up her turn at the gun.

Angelis switches places and settles into the driving seat. After taking a moment to familiarize herself she manages to get them going forward, doing her best to position the tank to afford Randy the best shot.

"Best - day - ever," Kapali calls to Gray with another of those huge grins before she figures out the weapons selector and takes aim on the first target that pops up and fires off a round. The moment it hits and booms, nicely, she lets out yet another WOOP!

With the Sergeants now at the gunnery stations, the armor Captain sends out a radio call. "Make 'em move." he sends. The next set of targets that pop up are zipping along a little track line, forcing the Sergeants to fire while traversing the turret and keeping the tank on the trail for the drivers instead of chasing it - which Mallas fails at as he drives off the trail and gets the Carballa stuck in a ditch.

Drivers are at Alertness -1, Gunners: Alertness normal, Gunnery -3.

<FS3> Angelis rolls Alertness-1: Good Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Gunnery-3: Failure.
<FS3> Gray rolls Alertness-1: Good Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Gunnery-3: Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.

"Motherfrakker!" Randy tries to line up a two-fer, getting cocky, and misses both targets completely. "Not you Tabs!" she adds, keeping her on the range. "I was distracted by the offroading!" Yeah, sure. The way Randy says it suggest she never expected to get away with that excuse. She's just being cute. She may be missing her targets and cursing like an Aquarian fisherman, but she's grinning wildly.

Gray maneuvers the tank towards the next round of targets. Cue more whooping as he clearly starts to have WAY too much fun racing the tank around the range. He even does his best to pull off some aggressive turns because…frak, it's a tank, so why not?

"Right on!" Kapali shouts into the com over the noise of the tank, which is FRAKKING AWESOME, as she spots the next target, lights it up and fires off another round. The whoop of sound she makes is anything but a sterling example of adulting in a serious manner. "Both targets are in smithereens!"

Angelis laughs as she manouvers the tank over the course. She does pretty damn well too, considering she's never done this before! Even when Randy manages to miss the shots, Tabi doesn't seem to mind in the slightest, it's still more training than they'd have had on P and who knows when knowing how to drive a tank might become necessary!

After their last shots, the tanks come back to the start of the course. A Humvee is taking the driver of Mallas' tank out to recover the tank that went off course. It means that Mallas and Knox get to ride back in the truck. But this also means that the training is over and per orders, once they get a ride into town, leave can begin.

Once they are out, Randy yells entirely too loud, "Kapali! Since you're such a great driver, you drive us back!"

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