AWD #305: Stellar Cartography - Shepherds
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Summary: Major Gray briefs a volunteer Raptor crew on their mission, shepherding a civilian research vessel. In enemy space.
Date: 22/04/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Rourke Ygraine 
Ready Room
The Air Wing's Ready Room, temporarily cleared for the classified briefing.
AWD #305 - 07 Nov 2005

Lieutenants Stavros and Vashti to be ordered to report to the ready room the day after they volunteer for the unknown raptor missions. When they arrive they find the room has been cleared, save for the ship's Intelligence Officer, newly promoted Major Gray. Elias is down in front, dressed in his duty blues and peering intently at some papers on his clipboard. Unusually young for the rank, there is a certain hardness in his expression that is at odds with the otherwise boyish face. A lot of people have that look these days. At first he is focused on his papers, first two fingers absently tapping his lips as he reads. But then he notices the arrivals and straightens up, gesturing for them to come down to the bottom row of seats.

A lot of people these days are getting promotions much faster than they otherwise would due to the war. One such fresh scrubbed face arrives in uniform, her braids tucked into a neat roll at the nape of her neck. "Major Gray." Ever the thick bumpkin accent, major sounds like may-juh. Ygraine remains standing, hands behind her back while alert and attentive.

Arriving back from CAP to a message that he's needed in command for a briefing, Rourke put his helmet in his flight bag before the pilot started to make his way up towards the briefing room. Arriving shortly after Ygraine, he offers a brisk salute, if a little tired. "Major, Lieutenant Stavros reporting as ordered, sir." he offers as he drops to a loose attention stance, still well within guidelines.

"Lieutenant Vashti," Elias greets Ygraine with passing familiarity. "You're volunteering for one of these again? Trying to earn yourself another Medal of Valor?" There's a rather thin and ironic smile to go with these words, and then he looks over as Rourke enters. The Intel officer studies the new arrival as he approaches, then returns the salute with a quick, perfunctory gesture. "Lieutenant. You're a new transfer? I see you're jumping in with both feet." Even as he asks this question, Elias is getting down to business and peels two printed sheets of paper from his clipboard, though he doesn't hand them over just yet. "Before we begin, I want to stress that this missions is confidential. You're not to discuss it with any other members of the air wing or the crew. Clear?"

Ygraine's brows lift at the query, knitting together as she ponders how to answer what she hopes was a rhetorical question. And the further pursuit of the topic at hand convinces her it was. "Understood, sir." she regards Elias attentively, gaze sliding askance biefly to Rourke before she refocuses on Elias.

"Something like that. Figured it would be best to start getting my legs back under me after being atmospheric only for the last several months, sir." Rourke offers as the pilot glances over to the blonde ECO and he gives a slight nod of respect to the newly minted Lieutenant he met briefly while coming from the simulators. "Copy that, sir." he offers as well, waiting for the mission briefing to begin in earnest.

"I see," Elias says, offering a small nod for Rourke's explanation. "You won't be seeing an atmosphere on this trip. I hope." And once both of them have confirmed their understanding, he hands over a print out to each. The papers give mission outline and details, though the Major continues speaking without giving them a chance to read up, yet. "You're going to be crossing the Red Line, escorting the 'Pulse High.' It's a civilian stellar research vessel from the Caprica Institute of Deep Space Research. They are going to be charting Cylon space." He pauses briefly before adding the details. "They'll be assessing star systems from a relatively safe distance in interstellar space, not actually entering the systems themselves. Your job will be to get the jump coordinates for each station from the Pulse High, go in first to confirm it is safe, then return and give them the all clear. Then you'll accompany them to each station and serve as an early warning system. If the Cylons show any interest in your group, you and the Pulse High bug out." And finally Elias pauses, looking between the pilot and ECO. "Questions?"

Ygraine studies the mission sheet, Elias' verbal explanation bringing what may be a surprising smile to her face. At the call for questions though, she dampens it down. "Jumpin' back to report a clear still leaves a window for the Cylons to jump in. That just gonna be a matter of grabbin' ya knees and prayin' the piece of space ya was just in is gonna be th'same when ya jump back?"

"And me without a signed permission slip from home." Rourke comments as he reads over the mission parameters and glances towards Ygraine and nods his agreement. "Will we be carrying a weapons payload in case things get down and dirty and our rabbiting brings an unwanted tagalong?" he asks as the pilot turns his attention back to Elias. "Or, as the Lieutenant said, we grabbing for knees and hoping not to kiss our afts goodbye?"

"That's true," Elias concedes Ygraine's point. "That is … hopefully unlikely, but not impossible." Thus the volunteer status, no doubt. And after a wan sort of smile for Rourke's humor, the Major offers a quick shake of his head for the follow-up question. "Your loadout is your call, but I would strongly recommend sensors over weapons." And returning to the danger of jumping around in Cylon space, Elias continues. "The survey stations will be in empty space, of which there is rather a lot. There /shouldn't/ be any reason for the Cylons to be out there, and it will takes months for your jump signature or any of your transmissions to reach the star systems they're mapping. I believe the risks are as small as we can make them, but if you have suggestions, I'm all ears."

Ygraine nods a little bit. "Sounds like a necessary evil. This is the preliminary of something bigger, ain't it. If we get these areas mapped, it'll be somethin' big." She doesn't say what, but it may not surprise Elias that Ygraine knows something of the Red Line plans by virtue of association. She looks over at Rourke. "Hope ya got some books ya like. Cuz if we're lucky, it'll be long and borin'."

There's a moment of thought, before the pilot nods. "At best, yeah. No books, but I might have to make a trip planetside sooner than I thought to find some colored pencils." Rourke says with a small smile before he glances towards his mission ECO. "Sounds like this won't be your first time across that line, but I doubt it's anything you can share." he finds himself admitting. "When's the mission start, sir?"

"I'm not at liberty to confirm that," Elias says to Ygraine off-hand, "And as I said, I need you both to keep a tight lid on this. For now." A pointed look for each, and then the young Major rubs at his chin distractedly. "But yes. If all goes well, it should be routine and boring. Just don't let your guard down out there." There's a glance to Ygraine, and then Rourke, to see if they have anything else to ask or add. "The Pulse High should ready to proceed in about forty-eight hours," he tells the pilot. "I'll see that you're both off duty for the shift prior to H hour, so you can get some sleep. Anything else?"

"No, sir." Ygraine seems fitful and eager to get started. I'm glad t'have th'oppprtunity t'assist with this." She seems inclined to leave it at that for the moment.

"Nothing here either, sir. Ready to get the bird back up and shake my legs out." Rourke offers as he gives a nod towards Ygraine. "Anything else we need to know, sir?"

"Good," Elias seems relieved to be able to wrap up the briefing. "Good luck out there." Already glacing down at the next page on his clipboard, the Intel Officer looks up to answer Rourke's question with nod to the printed briefing he has given them. "That should cover it. If there is anything else you need, see me immediately. I will make it happen." One last look to check that the volunteer raptor crew is good for now, and Elias says "Dismissed."

Ygraine offers Elias a salute. "Sir." is all she says in response, and with that, she's out the door, likely heded toward Raptorville to take advantage of that rack time.

Saluting as well, "Sir." is offered before Rourke follows Ygraine out. Rack time sounds like a /grand/ idea at the moment. Even a shower can wait a little longer.

Elias flicks a quick salute in answer, then makes his own way out of the briefing room. At least until he makes it to the passageway outside, where he stops long enough to light up a cigarette. Then the Major is gone on to the next item on his list.

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