AWD #044: Start Counting
Start Counting
Summary: Talk of divorce between Luc and Maia. A time of trial starts.
Date: 19/February/2013 (OOC Date)
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The chapel is one of the few quiet places to be found on a battlestar. Even rarer still, it's one of the few places that doesn't look like it's part of a battlestar. Heavy blue curtains have been hung from the walls, obscuring the bulkheads. The lights are kept low, adding a certain mystery and gravitas to the space. The central altar is made of a pale grey wood, as are the several rows of pews which extend from it. Laid against the far right wall is a long, low table with several rows of simple white votive candles to be used as vigil lights. Centered among them is a brass plate for burnt offerings from supplicants. Several cushions rest on the floor before the table, where the faithful may kneel to offer their prayers to the Lords and Ladies of Kobol. On the left wall are several compartments which have been sectioned off for private use.
AWD #44

So! The meeting is not in the chapel proper, but in a side room used for counseling. Gen is waiting, looking a little tired but none the worse for wear. Anyone who's bothered to ask will know she has been maintaining constant vigil at the bedside of Captain Cole, recently rescued from Aerilon. There is a low table placed in the conference room, and upon it are two crossed peacock feathers; symbols of Hera, who holds dominion over marriage…and divorce.

The sound of the Maia approaching precedes her actual arrival by a good half a minute because there is muttered cursing as she tries to maneuver the crutches and herself with her newly wrapped knee. At least it's just a strain, nothing worse. Just orders from the Medic to stay off it. Having gotten this appointment finally, she tripods her way in, wearing sweats cause.. well it was easier.

Having been a bit busy earlier Luc is arriving as he spots Maia trying to make her way inside. Moving to open up the door for her and letting her go inside herself, knowing how stubborn she could be. "Getting a bit better, I hope?" A slight worry still there. Though it has eased some after yesterday, when she got injured. Once Maia is inside he will move behind her and even help her into a chair. "Chaplain."

Iphigenia gives them both a smile of welcome, though of course the reason for being here is very serious. "Hello to you both. I shan't beat around the bush, we're here because Maia has asked me about divorce proceedings under the auspices of the temple. This is something we can provide; however I do need to advise you both that you may also pursue a civil dissolution through the JAG's office."

As Luc helps her, Maia smiles, giving him a grateful look. She knows that she needed the help so she takes it. "Yes, it's feeling a lot better today. Hopefully I'll be out and about doing things in not too much longer." Not completely remembering exactly what the medic had said. When she comes in the room, she offers the Chaplain a smile, "Thank you for taking the time to see us." Though after having a seat, hearing those words, she looks at Luc. "The day we went planetside and worked on the temple," she tells him quietly.

Luc listens and nods to the chaplain. Though apparantly MAia could tell his curiousity. Nodding as she explains. "I see." Trying to put together the days. Nodding a bit. "We talked after that, right?" He asks Maia, trying to put the days in the right order. Looking between them both. "So…"

"So under the auspice of the temple, a divorce proceeding is significantly less clinical." Iphigenia explains. Our focus is not to simply execute an administrative process, but to make sure that it goes as honestly and healthfully as possible for all parties involved. I will need to ask you questions concerning your marriage; be advised anything you tell me is considered completely confidential unless it directly impinges on the safety of the ship and its crew." She looks between the pair. "Before I affirm that you both wish to proceed, I do have some questions."

Maia glances back at him but it's brief and she nods as well, "Yes." But her tone gives nothing away. Instead, she looks back to the Chaplain, offering a nod of understanding. "I can answer anything you would like for me to."

Luc nods to the chaplain as well. "I understand, and ask away." Curious though. Though he does not mind anything one way or the other. He told Maia that all of it was her choice. Now he just waits to see how it will go.

Iphigenia picks up a pad and pen so she can write notes. "Let's start with this; when were you married, and was it a civil marriage or a temple marriage? If it was a temple marriage, aside from Hera, which Lords of Kobol did you invoke as patrons, if any?"

"It was a civil thing.. despite precautions, I got pregnant towards the end of flight school. He wanted to do the right thing, we got married then I miscarried." Maia relays like it hadn

"It was a civil thing.. despite precautions, I got pregnant towards the end of flight school. He wanted to do the right thing, we got married then I miscarried." Maia relays like it hadn't been one of the biggest turning points of her life.

Luc only nods and listens. Mostly raising a brow at the tone of voice she has. But smiling and nodding some more. "Indeed. I suppose we just felt that we needed time apart after it all. We got married late in 2000." He explains. Seeming relaxed.

There's no judgement in Iphigenia's expression as the pair relay this information; she simply takes notes and listens with attentive sympathy. "When did you seperate, and what was the reason for doing so? Please be honest about it; again I stress you have confidentiality here." In other words, if adultery is an issue, Iphigenia can't bring anyone up on charges. She can't help but add another query, "What made you consider a temple dissolution when you married in a civil ceremony?"

Maia backs up what he says. "We married in 2000, separated in 2001 and the last time, until now, we saw each other was in 2003. The original reason we had for separating was we just fought about everything. We were young, the baby miscarried, we both thought we had to blame someone for it. No, there was no other reason than fighting. The legal separation says irreconcilable difference." Stopping there, she lets Luc finish the last part.

Luc nods as he listens. "Indeed. It was mostly that we started fighting. After awhile seperated we got at least along a little. Then we just forgot about any divorce or so on. Or rather not feeling like getting one." He explains. Not fully sure what to offer.

Iphigenia considers them both in silence for a moment. "But why a temple divorce and not a civil one?" she asks again, letting her pen lay at rest a moment.

Maia pipes up this time, " Because last time we went about everything all wrong, timing was off, circumstances were bad. I figure at least we could manage something right about it all."

Luc is just silent and at the question he offers a small shrug before looking to MAia with a nod. "Yes." He says and seems perhaps slightly uncertain about it all.

Iphigenia looks between the two of the now, a small smile resting on her lips. "Under the eyes of Hera, Queen of Gods," she makes a pass of her hand over the two peacock feathers, "Are you both fully committed to this course of action at this time?" This is an important question. It doesn't grant the divorce, but it does affirm whether they both are committed to pursuing it.

Is she? Had you asked her two days ago, Maia would have said yes and tried to rush things along. Though now that they had spoken candidly, it was a little harder, having heard some things that made her think. But.. then she recalls the last four years, even the last two. She runs a hand over her face, feeling like a weight was on her shoulders. "I am." Taking all she can not to glance over at Luc.

Luc hears her words and nods, "If she is then I am." He admits and smiles. They talked and he left it to her. He could no longer decide such a thing. Though he still looks quite relaxed, perhaps not surprised.

"In thirty days, I am going to ask you this question once more. If you both answer yes, we will proceed with the divorce ceremony." Iphigenia tells them, leaning back in her seat. "However, prior to this, I want you to use the time to meditate and reflect on your relationship. What it has meant. How it has changed your life. Whether this is really what you want, and what this divorce will mean from you and how it will change your life, again. Grieve for your marriage, if you feel behooved to do so, or celebrate. Talk to each other and to those you trust. Talk to me, if you wish, seperately or together. This is the will of Hera. Do you abide?"

Thirty days. What is a month after so many years apart? "I will abide by the conditions.." Maia seems almost relieved to have the reprieve from an immediate answer that affected her whole life. "Thank you, Sister."

Not on the same view as Maia perhaps. Knowing that thirty days apart was one thing. Thirty days together might be harder to deal with. "I abide." Luc offers and finally looks over to Maia for a moment before looking to the chaplain. "IT will most likely turn out alright."

"I'm sure it will." Iphigenia agrees gently. "Remember, you are both under Hera's eyes now. Act accordingly while you are considering your choices. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them for you, but otherwise you both may go under Her blessing. So say we all."

Remaining in her seat just a moment longer she looks at the Chaplain, offering a question. "And what would happen if we were to seek a civil divorce instead, during that time?"

"There is nothing to bind you from doing so." Iphigenia admits, "But I would strongly encourage you to make sacrifices to appease Hera if you make that choice. Her love is great, but so is Her wrath." In other words: it's a matter of faith.

Luc raises a brow as he looks between the two. Curious perhaps but not saying much. Until after they both go quiet at least. "I understand. WE will probably just see how it goes during the month." Looking over at Maia a bit curiously but mostly just shrugs.

Shifting a little uneasily, Maia nods. "I'll see you in thirty days, thank you for your time." Covertly glancing to Luc and grinning, yep, he had the right of it.

Iphigenia grins at them both. "That's really exactly what you're supposed to do. So I'll certainly see you both in a month, and again, if at any time either or both of you need to speak to me, I'm at your service. I'm outbound on a mission to Picon in a few days though, so if you need help while I'm gone, one of the other chaplains will be available to you."

"Picon.. Be careful out there, hear it's a hot spot." Maia picks up her crutches, making her way to her feet, wincing only once, but it's brief. "Thanks a lot," she tells the chaplain again.

Luc nods as well as he rises to his fee. "Thank you, chaplain. We'll keep that in mind and I will seek you out of there is anything." He offers and as for Picon, he looks to Maia and back to Geni. "Indeed, be careful, chaplain. Can't have you getting hurt out there." A bit back to his normal self.

"I'll do my best to remain intact." says Gen with a grin, and sees them both out.

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