AWD #097: Stand Up and Fight
Stand Up and Fight
Summary: Maia finally confronts Tasha about what happened when she tried to take her life. Luc arrives later.
Date: 13/April/2005 (OOC Date)
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The Orion's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away.
AWD #97

Early… still to early for some… Physical Fitness training won't even officially start for the crew for another hour for those on the morning shift… Still… Tasha was never one for sleep and as such she simply lays spread out on the bunk in her cell… Sure there are others in here. Ceres and Knox in a cell as well from what has happened today but mostly it's only her thats awake staring up at the ceiling…
If anyone was to notice it's evident her belt and shoe laces have been taken and Tasha hasn't been provided a blanket least she try to hang herself. She only has her clothes she has been wearing for the last two weeks to keep herself warm but that is the least of her concerns as the sounds of the ship surround her…

Enough time had passed. Or had it? Maia has finally come to the brig and it has nothing to do with the recent events with the Cylons. No, she'd been battling her own demons in the time since she'd last seen the person she used to consider her best friend. Waking early, unable to sleep yet again, she'd made the trek through the security hub, then further to the brig. When she arrives in front of the cell containing Tasha, she stands beyond arms reach, away from the bars while she regards the person inside on the cots, trying to gauge the depth of her remaining anger.

An arm folded across her eyes, Tasha breathes in and out shallowly… Her lips cracked and her features drawn as if not eating enough, the young woman's other hand remains laying flat on her stomach while her bared feet are extended out before one leg draws up slowly… A deep breath fills her lungs causing her chest to rise before the arms falls away from her face to reveal blood shot eyes that blink in the dim lighting of the cell before she finally turns her head to regaurd one of the very few poeple to actually come see her.
Without saying anything, Tasha just looks at the other woman tiredly for a time before sitting up with a tired groan. Both legs swing over the edge of the cot while her hands grip the edge. With her head lowered, the unruly mess of her hair spills about her features to conceal them partialy while she holds off on meeting the other woman's gaze for now.

Maia is in no such denial. Her blue eyes are glacial as she regards the skeletal fragments of what was once a trusted friend. The accusation in her eyes defies the icy blue by burning hot with anger. Too soon. Maybe it was too soon. Instead of making a move to leave, the bitterness that's been gathering on her tongue since her friend tried to take her life escapes with dripping venom. "You missed with the gun so now you're starving yourself to get the job done?"

A soft shudder of breath fills her lungs through cracked parted lips as Tasha's head hangs beneath that unruly fall of hair. Looking up with tired slow determination, there is no bitterness reflected back at Maia… Just a tired resignation that sits deep within her soul. " No… I've just lost my appetite…" Tired… perhaps even lame in the attempt…
Lifting a hand to brush the hair from her face, there is a tremble within Tasha's hand before she lets it fall once more to her side and then slips it within the grasp of the opposite hand to still the tension in her limbs before she brushes her bare feet across the cold floor. A rough cough escapes her causing her to look away before covering her mouth with a hand until the fit is under control.

Unable to see her like that, Maia turns her head, tearing her livid gaze away, swallowing hard as she forces herself to take a few breaths. The meal she'd had late, late last night is a heavy lump in her stomach now, threatening to make a return appearance all over the brig floor. Hands ball into fists that she shoves into her pockets to still her own trembling. "You know…" she begins, her voice a bare whisper, the pain caused by the other woman reflected in the softness, "I could almost," Holding her thumb and forefinger a scant inch apart, "almost, forgive you lying to me when you had no intention on waiting for me at all." More than anger, her voice fairly drips vitriol as she forces herself to look back at the blonde. "What I can't forgive is that you would do it all, end everything, your hopes, your dreams, your flying, your life, over a MOTHERFRAKKING CYLON!" Her voice is loud as it echoes inside the cell.

Taking it… each word flung hits her like a punch to gut as Tasha closes her eyes and visibly winces under the verabl assualt Maia throws at her… As her hand falls to the side of the bed, she uses it for support and rises to her feet on bared feet. The cold of the metal decking being felt keenly on the bare flesh as she swallows and then stands erect.
Lifting her chin to finally meet the other woman's gaze, Tasha exhales and takes the two steps across from her bunk to the bars and leans into the heavily as if most of her strength and determination has left her. " Two… and I see we have… three now…" Her gaze slides across the cell to where the three in question are sequestered for now seeimingly oblivious to what is going on at the far end of the cell block. Pressing her forehead into the hard bars of her cell, Tasha closes her eyes for a moment and just breathes trying to gather her muddled thoughts before opening her eyes ocne more. " Were frakked Maia… Whats the point anymore? " She snorts and forces a sad smile upon her drawn lips and looks down for a moment while thin fingers trace the bars of her cell and then close about one.

Oh Maia is not done yet. Not even close. Watching Tasha toddle across the floor barefoot elicits absolutely zero sympathy. If anything, her gaze hardens to blue diamond chips and her mouth settles into a grim line, lips compressed against the angry attack she wants to lash out at her. The struggle is there in the narrowing of her eyes and the way her throat works, swallowing each word back like poison until she can't hold back anymore. "Wrong." Dead calm now, her voice holds no echoes as she takes a single step forward, her booted feet on the floor making only light scuffing sound.
"You're frakked. I'm a member of the Colonial Navy, a Pilot in good standing with the will to fight and see this thing through." Each word rises in pitch until she's almost shouting again and forces herself to control it. "And what do you have? You have your standards, your beliefs, your suicide watch, bare feet and no wings." There's violence in her eyes, she just wants to punch something. Someone.. repeatedly. Taking another step forward, her hand that's no longer in her pocket clenches into a fist before she forces it to relax. "You valued your life, all our lives, so little you decided to opt out when we needed you most." Now that she's almost upon the bars, she lowers her voice even more. "Friends don't do that."

Unable to meet the other woman's gaze as she verbally assualts her, Tasha closes her eyes and leans her forehead more heavily into the bars… It's easy to just take the hate and angry words than try and say anything in her defense. In fact her only real response is to utter a single phrase, " Your right… " Opening her eyes, she inhales softly and turns to the side as her gaze sweeps back to the lone bunk… With a push from her shoulder, she lets her body fall into step and take the two steps back towards the bunk and stands with her back to you looking down at the bunk. " I don't really have anything…" The last is said to herself more than anyone else as she then eases down and sits once more on the bunk and breathes out a sigh.

With deliberate slowness, Maia turns her head to look towards where the three have been detained, as if making sure it was pointed out to Tasha as well. "And they're in the Brig. Whatever you think, even before your attempt on your own life, they were already here, insinuated among us with their own agenda. Now you've made us have one less fighting for our side and all you can sit there and say is you don't have anything." Disappointment weighs heavy on her words, accusation equally so. "You may as well have shot any one of the pilots and taken them out, it would have had the same effect." Having had her say, she steps back two paces again, her shoulders droop. "You should have waited, you promised me you would." And therein lie the crux of the anger. "I would have stopped you."

Having sat back on the bunk, Tasha falls back letting her shoulders rest against the cold steel of the cell wall before the back of her skull makes the hollow thunk of a light impact. With her eyes shifting across the floor and back up, she doesn't meet Maia's gaze and simple swallows. A type of numb acceptance to everything just settles across her while she slides both hands into her lap and clasps them lightly, " Why… you already have enough… You don't need this to." It's really to late… the damage has been done and she knows it… Inhaling slowly and blinking, she fixes her own blood shot tired gaze up on Maia and can't bring herself to even fake a smile this time. " For what it's worth… I'm sorry I hurt you… But… it doesn't matter anymore does it…" Looking to the side, she eyes where the Cylons are held and shakes her head before breathing out. " Funny… After everything… they ended up here after all… "

"On the contrary," Maia immediately disagrees, "I don't think it's funny at all." Her voice holds no inflection of tone. It's flat and deliberate. Even the coldness from before is lacking. "You shouldn't be sorry for hurting me, Tasha. Not yet. First, you should be sorry for hurting yourself. Until you reach that point, when you can look into your own eyes in a mirror again and see someone worth fighting for, I won't talk with you again. And I mean that from the depths of my soul. Frakking fight, Tasha, for you, or are you already too far gone?"

With a roll of her head against the wall, Tasha looks back at Maia and only glances into her eyes before looking away. Rolling her shoulders to help push away from the wall, she leans forward while sitting on the bunk and breathes out, " We'll see I guess… " Looking back up and breathing out, she falls on her side and lets her head hitthe pillow before drawing her knees up and holding them lightly to her chest as if knowing this conversation is done and that she probably lost her only real friend on the ship in the process…

Soon enough the hatch opens once more to let Luc slip in. Moving to the desk as usual before continuing on his way over towards Tasha's cell. Raising a brow as he spots Maia. "Cara." He offers with a nod to her before looking between them both. "Tasha."

Standing two paces back from the bars, Maia watches her with a steady gaze, her anger almost an entity all its own. "We'll see, you guess? That's your answer?" No Gods damn well this conversation is not over. "Sit the frak up, get to your feet, don't lay there on the cot like your life is over. STAND UP!" Again her voice echoes. "I will not allow you to roll into a ball of self pity while we have pilots out there fighting and dying for a good cause!" Relentless when she wants to be, she's reached the boundaries between anger and determination. Barely does she even notice the arrival of Luc and her icy gaze flickers over him briefly but again she's closing the distance to the cell, this time wrapping a hand around the bar, eyes glaring daggers into Tasha.

A shuddering breath fills her lungs as Tasha grinds her teeth while her jaw clenches… Hands tightening about her legs while the nails of each finger drag across the fabric of her pants. Pushing off from the bed and coming to her feet in a fluid rush of movement,she takes two steps to the bars and lashes out slaming the palm of her hand into the bar with a meaty slap as Luc steps in and tries to get their attenion. " WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!!" Wide flaring eyes stand out as she stands within inches of the other woman and grips the bars in both hands. " For Frak's sake… If your not going to talk to me your doing a poor job of it…" The last comes out as a tired gasp as she feels the sudden rush of adrenalin crash her already deprived system making her head swim enough to lean into the bars and her eyes close once more…

Luc watches Maia with a neutrality. Letting the gaze shift toward Tasha as well. "We want you well and out of their." Comes Luc's words. Cool and not really showing much emotion towards either. Other than stepping up to the bars next to Maia. Looking between them both. Gripping a hand around one of Tasha's hand and the other on Maia's. If they let him.

Even as Tasha storms the bars and slaps them Maia manages not to flinch nor does she step away. To see the stirrings of life from within, if even for a moment, was reward enough. Her lips even twitch into a semi-smile that lacks any warmth. The question is more of a demand from her own point of view and it does indeed demand an answer. An honest one. "I want my friend back." There, simple and to the point. Again, as Luc speaks, her gaze flickers over him, but it's only brief before her attention is riveted once more on Tasha, even when Luc grips a hand around hers, she doesn't react except to reflexively tighten hers on the bar.

Feeling drained and beat down, Tasha leans more heavily into the bars than she most likely intended… Eyes remain closed as the two speak… Unlike Maia though the girl does flinch from the first physical contact she has felt in weeks and pulls her hand back as if bitten before her eyes snap open. " Yeah well… well…" She takes a step back on shakey legs and places a hand to her head as the sudden rush of blood leaves her head spinning and vision narrowing to black. Getting up to fast… She could almost black out but simply stumbles a step and fights through it as the blood returns to her brain allowing her to see clearly once more after a few blinks that bring tears to her eyes. " It's done… I'll never fly again Maia… never…" She looks to look and exhales a shaking breath before her head falls back and both hands come up to smear at her face and try to hide the shame she is feeling there.

"Leave that for the CAG." Luc tells Tasha about not flying. Even if he can guess that to be correct. "Either way. We still want you out." He tells Tasha with his own emotional state for once completely cool. Squeezing Maia's hand a bit.

Ruthless, relentless, Maia doesn't argue the point but instead reinforces it. "Probably. But that's your own fault. You already knew that outcome before you ever tried pulling the trigger on yourself. Either way, dead or alive, that ended that day. Now you have to decide what you have to fight for. You didn't die, consider it a new lease on life. Start over. Have you forsaken us all in your attempt at protest?" Having almost forgotten the hand over hers, when Luc squeezes hers she looks back at him a moment. "Maybe she'll listen to you."

Shaking her head, Tasha sits down once more while clasping one hand over the other… Hanging her head, she looks up through the fall of her hair to watch the two and shakes her head, " The only thing I have now is a six by eight with a cot and a toilet… And as for listening to anyone… " She never finishes the sentence and simply exhales softly. " Just go… I'm not your or anyone elses problem anymore… "

"You don't get to decide if you are our problem or not. We're friends." Is all Luc tells her. Nodding a bit to Maia as well though eyes do still shift back and forth between the two. "All you have? Look at us. We're standing here for one reason and it's you." He tells Tasha. Giving a brief attempt at a smile to Maia.

"No, you're wrong, Luc." Turning her unforgiving gaze on Tasha now even as she withdraws her hand from underneath Luc's, Maia regards her with a coolness she is far from feeling. "We used to be friends. Right now, I don't have any idea who the frak she even is." With that, she turns on her heel and departs without another word.

Watching Maia leave, Tasha's eyes follow the other woman' depature till she is out of the brig… she doesn't say a word… Just watches as another chain in her life breaks free… Breathing out, she brings a hand up to her face and covers her eyes as a sudden burning fills her eyes making them water… Swallowing while trying to hide the emotion of what she is feeling but unable to do much more than hang her head to try and keep Luc from seeing her breaking down even further.

"Yeah. Because that helps. The skinjobs got arrested. She wanted away and command didn't let her. I don't agree with pulling a gun on yourself. Though I understand feeling helpless, so to speak." He says and looks to both. Watching Maia's back as she leaves. Then focusing on Tasha. "Get yourself together and reclaim." He tells her with a fixed gaze. Perhaps noticing her breaking down further. "Get back on your feet." He tells her once more and takes a step back. Not leaving just yet.

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