PWD #16: Stand Tall
Stand Tall
Summary: Lennox and Duke have a one on one meeting.
Date: 20/Dec/2012 (OOC Date)
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Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
December 20, 2004 (PWD #16)

Meeting the entire Wing tends to take time, time that Duke has been using for this very purpose. It really feels odd to be out of the rotation but with so many things to do, he has been keeping busy busy. At the moment, he is waiting for Lola Lennox, the bubbly girl with a taste for gummi bears…and there are no gummi bears here. He is wearing his Officer blues and sits on one of the chairs of the ready room, idly watching some footage while a folder rests on his lap. This folder is, potentially, related to Lennox. There are some comments written by Wisdom, some things the girl requested, these comments are read of course and they might appears during the conversation.

The hatch clunks open as Lola spins the wheel and jostles inside. She has a bright pink travel mug full of some steamy, undoubtedly caffeinated beverage in her hand, and wears her flightsuit. She's fresh off of a shuttle rotation, ferrying people to and from the surface and all that. Her blonde hair is wound into a braid left to fall over her shoulder. Her helmet isn't on her person, and was likely stashed before she made her way up to her meeting with the DCAG. Slurp. She sips from her mug and then latches the top. "Sir." This before she's even all the way inside.

The 'Sir' is what gets his attention and he turns his head to look at Lennox, and of course, the first thing he focuses on…is that travel mug, because it's so, pink. However, he doesn't say anything about it because…well…it's a mug, come on. "Convict" says Richard Duke, nodding his head at her and then looking at the seat next to him. "Take a seat, you are right on time" He clears his throat just a little and then looks at the monitors again, leaving the footage running for the time being. He opens the folder and eyes the main profile just to check a few details but looks at her again. "How are you finding your stay at the Orion?" asks the man now.

Lola has the good sense not to slurp her coffee as she walks up to Duke's place of lordly residence, aka his desk or whatever. She scoots on over to take the offered seat, dropping into it with the mild sigh. Maybe it's been a long night of shuttling. "Oh, I'm finding things mostly ok. Got lost on Deck 2 the other day, but at least I didn't end up in the firing range wearing my towel." She plunks the travel mug onto the seat between her knees, and fiddles with the pop top. "People are nice and all." Her gaze goes to the folder, but she can't really see what's inside.

Duke half smiles at the comment of getting lost and then takes a deep breath, nodding his head "Good." He looks at the files again and says "I'm not going to keep you here for long, promise. As you know, I'm currently covering for the CAG and Major Wisdom until their return, so I wanted to have a quick chat with everyone. Two reasons for this. The first one, just to let you guys know that I am going to increase training hours a bit, and we are going to run a few extra scenarios as well." He nods his head and then adds "And the second one, to hear any questions that you guys may have…I know that things happened rather fast, and I want all of us to be on the same page" You know, no bullshit type of thing. And, at the end, he agrees with her comment "People are nice, this is true…you are lucky, Convict…to find this in your first post"

Lola nods along with the reasons for meeting, and files the notifications away in her brain somewhere. Extra training, check. Not too scary. "Well…" the Ensign begins, "I don't really know too much about real life stuff in terms of shipboard life, so the transition wasn't harsh for me. I mean, Ragman seems like a stand up guy, and I hope he's down with whatever's going on, but I haven't been here that long. I'm not anxious about it." She pauses for a beat, two. Maybe three. "Should I be? I mean, no one else seems really worried." Or maybe they just don't show that side to the FNG.

Duke nods in agreement with Lola "Ragman is a pretty good guy, this is very true" And probably he feels a little nervous by acting as DCAG since he doesn't want to screw up. But, he doesn't say this, nor he shows it. He smiles a little at her words and shakes his head "No, you have nothing to be worried about, Convict." With that said, and perhaps done a little bit on purpose, he looks down and opens her file "I've been looking at your data here. I see that you've requested extra training" of this, he approves "Good, good…" About her swapping from Vipers to Raptor ECO, he makes no comment on this. All positions are important, it doesn't really matter what happened during training, it matters that each person earned their wings and place. "Well, you can of course continue doing those, not planning on taking that away."

The ensign nods along with Duke's comments about requesting extra training. That she did. Atmo work, extra shuttle rotations on the hours other pilots would rather rack out or hit the gym. It's worked out well for everyone, so far. Not too much civilian bitching about landings, either. Yet. "Well, there was one other thing." Lola turns her travel mug a quarter turn, short, manicured nails digging under the plastic spill-proof lid. "Would it be okay for me to ride CAP with one of the Captains coming up? I like to see how people fly, you know? Everybody's a little different." She pauses, and qualifies her request with a quieter, more shy, "If there's room, time, and the pilot doesn't mind." Seems all the hesitance hasn't quite shaken off yet.

When Lola mentions that there's another thing, Duke does pay attention to what she's about to say and eventually, he nods his head "I don't see that as a problem. But remember that you would still have to fly your own CAPs, so it will pretty much end up taking some of your free time. If you are willing to do that /and/ you manage to get the rest that you need, I'm good with that." He takes his pen from his pocket, it's a very old fountain pen that has 'Phineas Duke' written on the side, it's old, but it works. He takes a couple notes on this matter and offers "Perhaps pair you up with one of the Captains, that'll give you a good chance to observe, take notes if you want…" Now, he looks at her again, saving his pen. He smiles a little and nods "Yes, everyone flies different, it's a good thing to see what others do, agreed."

"Yes, of course, sir. I meant on my own time." It seems the young Ensign isn't too worried about giving up precious hours of rack/rec time. She nods as he reiterates her point about the flying, and reaches up to sweep messy bangs from her eyes. "Thank you, sir. I just…" She pops the top on her coffee, then clicks it closed again. "I want to be sure I more than meet the standards of service." That probably means she has a twin brother who gets excellent marks and she's damn tired of hearing about it. Or something.

Duke lightly narrows his eyes at her last words and he takes a deep breath, nodding his head "Convict, while I praise that you request further training, I must tell you one thing…" He nods to her flight pins "You earned that when you graduated from Flight School. Rest assured that if you have those, then you meet the standards of service and deserve to wear your uniform…" Now, he tilts his head a little bit and finally asks "What makes you…want to be sure?" Yeah, there could be some story behind that. Not that she has to tell if she doesn't want to.

The little blonde picks at a patch on the sleeve of her flightsuit. Lola looks up at Duke and then reaches up to scratch her fingernails over the tip of her nose. She's more fidgety when he looks at her directly for any period of time beyond a glance. "… Sometimes, you make a mistake and it follows you around for a long time." Like her callsign. She doesn't say that, but she does work to maintain eye contact. "This is the first time in my life I've been on my own. Not that I'm co-dependent or anything, but I'm used to having backup around. My brother's a marine."

"We all made mistakes in the past" says Duke "Heck, I'm called Bumper because of a mistake I made" He knows that there are degrees and degrees of mistakes but he follows with this "What happened in the past, its in the past and I care not about it. You earned your wings" The man nods and then takes a deep breath when she explains that she is alone for the first time. "But Convict, you are not alone, you have an entire Wing that has your back…every single Pilot, every single ECO…" The man offers a faint smile "The backup is there, Lennox…perhaps not in the form of blood relatives but, still."

Lola nods. "Yeah. I did do that." She earned her wings, almost frakked it up, but graduated anyway. At least her grades were decent. And since Duke didn't mention it, there must not be any grumpy notes from her flight instructor at the academy. Score. "Yes. I know. I suppose I'm just used to the twenty plus years of secrets binding us together in an unbreakable pact. I mean, only so many people know where I keep my stash, you know? And also how to bury a body in under an hour." That last one is most likely a joke, as is evidenced by a tentative smile.

If there are any grumpy notes, he makes no comments and doesn't seem to mind. It sucks when something like that follows you around for no reason. Frak that. Plus, the fact that she requests that further training? That's enough for Duke. "I'm an only child" says Duke as a random comment but perhaps wanting to say that he never had that. "Ah, yes…I hear burying a body in under an hour can be pretty tricky" says the man with a perfectly serious face…stone serious even. He is probably joking as well tho. Probably <.< >.> "Look forward, Lennox…don't let the past come back and bite you in the ass. I know what that's like, it can do a number and for nothing"

Lola nods, though her downcast eyes may indicate she's still thinking on it. She nods again, though, and then crosses her legs at the ankles, swinging them from her chair, feet barely skimming the deck. She's just short enough to do that. "You're right. I… can definitely try to do that."

Duke nods his head and then offers "Good. Stand tall, Convict" He takes a deep breath and closes the folder in front of him. "Any other questions?" asks Duke now, wanting to check if the blond Pilot has any other doubts before he potentially lets her go do whatever she wants/needs to be doing.

Lola shakes her head in the negative. "No, thank you, sir." She rises as the meeting comes to what sounds a lot like a close. "Thanks for the time." She pops the top on her pink mug again. "For the ear, too." Slurrrp. She shifts her weight. "Sir." But she doesn't go. Not until he dismisses her officially.

Duke rises again and offers "Thank you for coming, Convict" With that, he offers a quick salute and then says "Dismissed. Clear eyes and steady hands out there, Ensign. And remember, stand tall…" A faint smile is offered and then, the meeting is over. See? Nobody died…it's a magical moment.

Lola almost fumbles her coffee mug as the salute's thrown, and she has to transfer hands to return it. Gah. She was settling into that casual thing, so the salute comes as a bit of a shock to her caffeine starved brain. She still manages one admirably enough. If it's one thing Ensigns know how to do, it's salute people. Huzzah. "Sir."

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