AWD #022: Spoils of War
Spoils of War
Summary: The ensigns enjoy their victory meals. The D-CAG drops by to dispense some info. Cameo by Thaddeus.
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Mess Hall — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
Mon Jan 28

Ygraine is seated at one of the tables. She has blissful expression on her face. There's an empty bowl of what was clam chowder shoved to the side, and an array of what is basically sushi, along with a whole basket of seared scallops. A plate of lemon bars powdered with sugar has its own air of anticpation hanging over it like a stirling silver cover. Yggy pops a scallop in her mouth and sighs ecstatically.

Phin's chosen dinner also includes seafood. Partially. He's in line at present, and for his meal he gets four flatbread 'shells' that've been rolled and stuffed with shrimp. Or whatever passes for shrimp on Piraeus. Along with strips of lettuce and tomato, cheese, and other shell-bread fixings. Also, a healthy serving of canned peaches. Which he loves far more than any person really should. Even over and above the real ones. Once he gets that, he heads over to finish off his meal with a cup of coffee. A large cup of coffee. He stifles a yawn as he pours, so it's needed.

With cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk full of food, Ygraine beams at Phin with the force of a billion suns and gestures emphatically for him to come over to her table. Chew, chew, swallow. Her cheeks deflate. "Oh my gods Phinny, have you ever in your life?" No need to clarify, right?

Phin grins back at Ygraine when he catches her smile, and heads over to join her. "Food of the gods, darlin'," he drawls, popping a whole piece of peach into his mouth. Talking around it, "Won't listen to anyone who tells me otherwise." He plops his tray, and himself, down across from her. He does chew before talking anymore, at least. "This was pretty cool of the D-CAG, got to admit. I wasn't sure he could get some of this stuff…" He flicks a curled bit of shrimp with a finger. "…but I guess I sometimes forget we've got a whole planet under us."

Ygraine suddenly throws Phin a suspiciously look for some reason, but not enough for it to linger, and she admits, "He said he couldn't get snails for me, but that's okay. Tomorrow he's making me waffles and bacon and eggs for dinner." Breakfast for dinner? Hellz yeah! With playful cheerfulness, she plucks up a scallop and holds it up. "Open your mouth." she instructs.

"Oh, breakfast. That's a good idea. I should get pancakes for one of my things," Phin says, after gulping some coffee. How all the tastes he's assembled go together is questionable. But he seems to be enjoying them. He laughs when she plucks up a scallop for him, leaning forward across the table. "Don't hit me in the face," he teases, mostly, before opening his mouth.

Ygraine tosses the scallop - she has good aim! "And ruin it? The women of Orion would tear me to shreds." she says, and takes a moment to shove another bite in her mouth. Her mama would be so mad to see her lack of table manners.

Phin catches. With a gulp. No choking, though. He's played that game enough times to know how to keep it from becoming fatal. "Mmmumm…" Muttered as he chews. He likes. He also scoots his own tray toward her, so it's more communal. "Grab a piece if you want. The wraps are solid. Could use some hot sauce, though. I should get some from that Sandwich dude for tomorrow." But he doesn't get straight back into wolfing. He has something else on his mind. "So, speaking of the planet. Congrats to you, Miss Survival Training Officer." His grin broadens, and he raises a fist. For bumping purposes.

Ygraine bumps it back. "Oh, man. I went to the CAG's office and tried to make 'em take it back." she confesses. She doesn't take anything from his plate; her own is heaping.

"Seriously?" Phin dove directly back into his own food after the fist-bumping was concluded, so he asks that around a mouth of shrimp. Chew. Swallow. "Why?"

"Because I originally tested out with Knox to be his assistant." Ygraine explains. "I had SERE training just like everyone else, and there's what my brothers taught me, but I'm not like…an expert, or anything. You think I wanna get people killed?" She's still nervous about it.

Zachary arrives from the Fore Corridor.

"Hey." Phin reaches a hand across the table, to take hers and squeeze it. If she allows. "You'll do awesome. Because…you are awesome, at pretty much anything you try to do." It doesn't seem like an empty compliment. He's all of earnest sincerity. "I mean, I get it. It's a lot to put on a junior officer. I know I'd be majorly of freaked out in your place. But the D-CAG and Sergeant Knox obviously think you're up for it. You've obviously shown them something that makes them think you've got the skills to hack it."

Arriving in the mess hall, Zachary grabs a tray and quickly loads it with a sandwich and a drink. He usually makes his own meals, but something's got a fire under the DCAG's ass as he cuts the line to actually grab an apple and a bottle of water as well. "Sorry." he offers to the lower ranks he cuts. "WARN orders in ten." he murmurs in apologetic fashion. Pilots knows what that means, Zachary has a brass briefing and there will be a mission soon. Spying Phin and Ygraine, he weaves over there. "Mind if I crash here for a moment?" he asks, already pulling the sandwich into his mouth to tear off a chunk of it.

Ygraine is sitting at a table with Phin, their respective Dinners of Awesome <tm> spread out before them. Phin is holding her hand. "If you believe it." she says with a sigh and a sheepish grin. Clearly she can do the impossible, because Phi says so. She squeezes his hand and then lets it go, gaze flicking up to Zach. "Hey, boss." she says cheerily.

"Totally," Phin assures Ygraine, as to his belief in her ability to do the impossible. Then he starts scarfing his taco-like creation ago. He's in mid-chew when Zachary joins them. "Umm…" He at least keeps himself from talking with his mouth open in front of his CO. Gulp. "Uh. Sure, sir." He sits up a notch straighter. Trying to look the properly officer-y.

"Ammf mease." Zachary manages between gulps of food that he barely takes time to taste. It's just better that way. "Aerilon is asking for air support. We're going hunting." he confides. "I'll have the orders up shortly. Be ready Wedensday."

Ygraine grins broadly and takes a chug of her drink. "Excellent." she says. "i've been feeling a bit like my gunnery skills are underused."

Phin's expression settles into something more serious, and he nods to Zachary. "Understood, sir. Is all the cam footage the Raptors took on their recon around Aerilon available? I'd like to take a look at it, get something in my head of what we're in for."

"You'll get plenty of practice, both of you. They want us to hit an ammo dump." Zachary explains as he works on his meal. "I'll get you more details when I have the orders, but right now, looks like this is real shit, not another training exercise."

Ygraine's brows lift. "We'll smear it across the surface, you know that? D'ya think we'll be able to pick up any survivors?"

Phin tables any further questions he might have about that to just watch Zachary. He's also curious about the answer to Ygraine's query.

"We'll see how it looks. Our priority will be most likely the surpression of the AA and to hit those munitions. And the Kings Bay will be a nice fat juicy target for the Basestars. So we won't have long." Zachary admits. "Snatch and grab is only a secondary priority."

Ygraine makes a face, because she's not afraid to hide her opinion, but she nods, and doesn't verbalize it. Instead, she plucks up another scallop, holding it up inquiringly to Phin. Time for another aimed shot.

"Is there anyone on charge down on the ground we might be able to get in touch with while we're around the planet, sir?" Phin asks. "To get an idea of who's still alive, what cities are still in better shape than others. Names of survivors and stuff. Much as they know. For people who know folks on Aerilon and stuff." His own expression is pretty carefully neutral. The ensign is decent at keeping what he's thinking to himself. Though he breaks into a faint smirk when he catches Ygraine's eye. Brows arch. Seriously? In front of the boss? Not that he can help but play along. He widens his mouth open as subtly as possible. Which isn't subtle at all, really, but he tries.

Zachary lets out a little breath. This is why he hates the CAG hat. "Phin, even if this was a natural disaster… millions are dead. There is no way they will have a list that would satisfy anyone here. It's going to be eventually, get what we can and sort it out back here." he admits quietly. "I understand the sentiment, it's just impossible. Our command has been in touch with Aerilon's ground command, when they want to set up the evac, they'll let us know - right now, everyone wants to fight. But if command approves it, we'll be trying to get the children off the planet soon."

"The ones that'll go. Betcha some of 'em want to stay and fight." observes Yggy, and then, "Lords of Kobol, Phinny, I ain't tryin' to put a pyramid ball in a gopher hole."

"Understood, sir." And whether Phin does or not, he won't ask about it again. A little nod to Ygraine. "Yeah. Even if home sucks, it's still home. Even the ones who've lost their parents might not be keen on being taken somewhere with a bunch of strangers." The ECO's comment about pyramid balls and gopher holes makes him blush. Just a little. He properly slack-jaws for her.

Shaking his head at the kids, Zachary chuckles. "I'll let you two get back to this. Enjoy your time with each other." he says as he rises to his feet. "It's a blessing that I have Eden here with me, and there isn't a day I don't thank the gods for allowing me to have my love and best friend all rolled up in one here." he says as he takes the tray and sets it down, a parting wave to Ygraine and Phin given.

Ygraine tosses the scallop, but something Zach says possibly puts her aim off and Phin may get bopped on the nose. "No, no, it's not like tha - " oh nuts, he's moving off.

Thaddeus arrives from the Fore Corridor.

"Whoa…!" Phin does get nailed in the nose with a scallop. And blushes more. Though whether it's from being hit in the nose with food in front of his CO or something else entirely is unclear. "Oh. Yeah. Totally not, sir…uh. Bye." He half-raises an arm to offer Zachary a semi-wave. Then he chuckles awkwardly.

Ygraine sighs a little. "This always happens." she says with a reminding air to Phin. They have quite a spread on their table - she's got scallops and something akin to sushi, as well as an empty bowl of chowder and some uneaten lemon bars. She also is having food bliss. Phin has some kind of seafood tacos. This is definitely not standard grub.

Zachary just smirks. What did he mean by his comment to them? Only the Shadow knows. Buhhahhaa.

Zachary leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

"…what happens, yeah?" Thaddeus's voice drifts in from the corridor as the Captain backs in through the open hatch. His attention is on someone outside of the Mess Hall, whom he gives an up-nod and a, "Later, man," to before he turns to amble in toward the plain-jane, eat-what's-there-and-like-it trays of food at the front.

"Uh, nothing, sir," is Phin's reply to Thaddeus. He wipes his nose, then scarfs the scallop that fell somewhere in his vicinity on the table. Still good. He's eating a tray of some Colonial approximation of fish tacos, for his part. And canned peaches. And coffee. How it all goes together is questionable, but he seems enthused about it. The Raptor pilot is offered a polite nod that's sort of an invitation to sit with them. Should he not mind ensign-y company.

"Just as well, cuz you ain't gettin' anymore scallops, they're mine." Ygraine informs Phin, and she doesn't clarify either. She goes to finishing her fish, because hey, there are lemon bars waiting.

Thaddeus pulls a tray off the stack with a clatter of shatterproof plastic and pushes it along with little more than muscle memory. (Switch the mashed potato tray with ketchup and see how many soldiers got to their table before they realized it.) A couple sandwiches are pulled off and chucked onto the tray, along with a tumbler full of lemon wedges and hot water, before he aims himself toward Ygraine and Phin. "All hail the conquering heroes," drawls the pilot as he nears. "Eating like frakking kings." Beat. The pale eyes sharpen. "Are those real scallops?"

"Fine. Then you can't have any of my peaches," Phin says, popping another whole slice into his mouth. He looks up at Thaddeus, grinning slightly. "Paintball Marine-slayers. That's us. This was really cool of Major Sheperd. Kind of makes me want to go fishing. Thinking about all the stuff that's down on the planet."

"I don't want your icky canned peaches." Ygraine retorts, and then eyeing Thaddeus, surreptiously curls her arm around her foodbasked and tucks it closer while plucking up her fork with the other hand and holding it at the ready.

Scallops. Fork. Scallops. Ygraine's eyes. Scallops. Thaddeus gives his bottom lip a contemplative prod with his tongue before he looks across to Phin and says, "You think she'd do it?" His eyelids droop to half mast as he sli-i-ides another look at the ECO's feast.

"Girl can't handle my re-fined tastes," Phin replies to Ygraine, stressing the Scorpia drawl in his voice that he generally succeeds in moderating. He chuckles. At Thaddeus, he smirks. And offers the captain no input.

Ygraine uses her protecting hand to pluck up some scallops and shove them in her mouth. She continues to eye Thaddeus warily, and reverses her grip on the fork. "I'mma haveta stab a pilot, ain't I." she drawls.

"Sometimes there's nothin' else for it," Thaddeus agrees, pale eyes flicking between the fork, the scallops, and the potential stabber. A few more seconds hang in the air before the Captain chuckles once and pulls out a chair, sliding his plate in front of him. "Relax. Enjoy your food- you both deserved it. A whole week of it, I heard? Shee-it." He starts unwrapping his peanut butter sandwich. "Smells like he found fresh cilantro for whatever he got you," he says to Phin. "Give my frakking eyeteeth to see his wife's garden."

Phin chuckles. "Wise choice, sir. She's meaner than she looks." Though he says quickly to Ygraine, "I'm kidding, Yggs. Love you to pieces. Don't stab me." He scarfs more pseudo-taco. Around a mouthful of it he says, "Yeah, it's awesome." Gulp. "Anyway. You hear? Couldn't tell just now if the major had passed it along to everybody yet. He said we were going into Aerilon soon."

"The honor of the air wing depended on it." Ygraine says, adding, "I totally thought we were gonna lose." After a moment, she chucks a scallop onto Thaddeus' plate. She flashes Phin a sidelong grin. "You're not wrong. I am."

Aerilon. The Raptor pilot grunts wordlessly — not speaking with his mouth full of peanut butter for perhaps the first time in his military career — and then puts the sandwich down to pick up the scallop. "I owe you something real nice for this, Milkshake," he says. He pops it into his mouth, chews with eyes closed. "Something real real nice," he amends. "Yeah. Aerilon. All the places we could go first and we've prioritized farmers?" His lips purse. "Interesting call."

Phin winks at Ygraine, eating through more of his tacos. He's nearly done with them. "Maybe Command figures the resistance there has more of a chance to hold out if we can support them than other places. I don't know, sir. Word was we'll be hitting Picon soon. That ECO they plucked off the planet - Gallo? - says it's pretty bad down there."

"You're gettin' married so that's out. But if you can find me a sexy dress in time for Colonial Day…" Yes, Ygraine would plot for an event just over two months away. "Farmers keep people fed, y'know. And we don't know what sort of assets are down there or why the Cylons are interested."

"Yeah. I mean, the major said Command was in contact with the people down there," Phin says, as he eats the last of his peaches. Though he does not sound too encouraged by that, whatever else Zachary said. "Anyway. I'm going to see if I can review some of the footage from Aerilon, since I'm not stuck on Alert Five all shift. Later, Yggs. Sir." And off he goes.

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