ALT #398: Spoiler Alert
Spoiler Alert
Summary: Movie day in the Rec Room and gossip about current events.
Date: 08/02/2014 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: None specific, some vague references here and there.
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Rec Room — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recretion location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
Wed Feb 08 2006

It's a pretty typical day in the Rec Room, not too crowded, but several crew members are making use of it. A group of enlisted are playing a game of Triad at one of the tables, and a number of people are gathered around one of the flatscreens, watching one of those Caprican action movies with a lot of car chases. Phin is one of those. He's got himself a spot on one of the couches, and is drinking coffee and zoning while half-paying attention to it.

Having kept himself busy earlier in the day it isn't until now that he comes into the rec room. Seeing the people gathered. Moving towards the ones watching the movie. "This one's a good one." He offers with a grin before greeting the guys. Then looking to Phin. "Hey there Dolly." He offers and moves closer. "Mind if I join?"

"I think I've seen it like a dozen times this last year," Phin replies to Luc with a slight grin. It's not really a complaint. The media library on the ship isn't limitless, and at this point he's happy when he finds one on repeat that he likes. "Good timing. Still got like ten minutes until that bridge racing scene." He nods an affirmative to Luc at that last. Sure he can join. "How's it going, Crater?"

Luc chuckles and nods to him, "Well, yeah. But it's still a good one." He offers Moving to settle down, if allowed. "Ah, cool cool." He offers about what scene is coming on. Glancing over to Phin at the question. "Oh, you know. The usual. Duty and working out. The occasional conversation, the usual." Smirking a bit at that though.

Phin shifts to make more room on the couch for Luc, then slouches comfortably back into the curtains. A nod at that answer. "The usual, yeah. Life and times on a battlestar, dude. It's all the same except for those times it's completely and totally terrifying. The CAG says Command is planning another offensive soon. Aerilon or Libran. Can't remember which. Maybe they want to move on both, since we're holding onto Picon. Might free up some of their resistance guys to fight other places."

Holtz arrives from the Recreation Hall.

Luc grins and nods to him, studying his fellow pilot for a moment. "Yeah, I suppose you are right. Althought where's the fun without a bit of danger?" He asks with his usual smirk present.. Though about a new offensive he does nod and straighten a bit. "Yeah, whatever ends up happening I am sure we can do something good with it. Hopefully. I trust we all are quite capable after all."

Phin is sitting on one of the couches with Luc. There are a handful of other crew members gathered in that area, watching a Caprican action movie. The sort with lots of car chases. It gets replayed a lot, so most can recite choice lines and know exactly when the explosions are coming. Other areas of the room are occupied with games of Triad or just chit-chat to kill time between duty shifts. Phin gives another nod at that from Luc. "Yeah. Most of us have flown together long enough to trust each other. Ones that didn't come over from the Rubaul, or more recently from Picon, at least. Still figuring some of those guys out. Including the CAG. But, they seem to know their work. Not knocking them."

Holtz looks a bit tired as he enters the rec room in his off-duties, stifling a yawn as he crosses the threshold. There's a cup of tea in his hands, one of the mass-produced, monochromatic ceramic Fleet-issue cups that have a million identical twins all over the ship. There's a quiet grunt as his eyes flick to — and away from — the screen. Yep, seen that one. He ends up standing not far from Luc and Phin's couch, raising his cup in greeting as he idly scratches his stubbled cheek.

Toby arrives from the Recreation Hall.

Luc does just nod agreeingly with Phin, "Indeed. Most of us has flown together for a long time now, indeed. Though I am sure the new guys will do well with us in no time." He offers as well before his eyes goes to Holtz as the man steps inside, bowing his head to the man. "Hey there, mate."

Phin is drinking coffee from the ceramic 'Argentum Bay Silverstars' mug he's often seen with. He's got a decent amount of stuff with the name of his hometown Pyramid team. He turns his head when he sees something moving on his periphery, raising the mug to 'toast' when he sees Holtz. "Yo, Storm. Just in time. The big bridge race is coming up in like five minutes." He's sitting on the couch with Luc, watching a Caprican action movie. It's attracted a handful of personnel. It's one of the more popular titles of the media available on the ship, so it gets replayed often. Other areas of the room are occupied with games of Triad or just chit-chat to kill time between duty shifts.

"Hey, Bigmouth. Dolly." Holtz stops next to the couch, putting down his tea to light a cigarette. "Rubaul folks're solid," he offers his own opinion. "Wasn't sure about the CAG at first, but… she's okay." There's an odd twitch of his brows as he says it. Just okay? "Toast, too." He looks back up at the screen and snorts, shaking his head slightly. "Yeah, the spike-haired guy with the nose ring tries to run 'em off, but he gets his ass flipped over the side of the bridge instead, and the big damn hero wins by a nose." He may get a few dirty looks for that, but with as often as the thing's been shown in here, it's doubtful he's really spoiling it for anyone at this point.

With his knuckles still sore, Toby has for once passed on the option of showing one of the heavy punch bags what-for and instead been trying his hand at triad. He's not a natural, but nor has he disgraced himself when the final scores are tallied which means he heads towards the coffee pot with an amiable smile on his face. That might change of course one he tries some of the brew, but he takes the risk and pours himself a mug anyway, glancing over towards the small gaggle of pilots as a few others in the vacinity mutter and groan as the film they've all seen multiple times already is spoilt for them this time. Spotting the three he gives a brief nod as he measures up if joining them is worth the agrovation that Luc's presense is likely to cause, but in the end he decides to take the risk. "Afternoon," he offers as he takes a sip of his drink, then glances to the screen, "big bridge race?"

Luc grins as he actually falls silent for a moment as he studies the movie. Though he does listen still as he nods to the words spoken. Finally saying, "CAG's the CAG, just gonna do the best either way, right?" He offers with his trademark smirk. Glancing to Phin's mug as well. "Nice one." Is all he offers before he notices Toby's arrival, offering a grin to the man. "Why, hey there."

Phin notes Holtz's twitching. "Not sure how much faith she has in people she didn't fly with on the Rubaul," he says, apparently taking the twitching as a sign he can say this. "She was pretty quick to pull us out on Picon. I like Toast, though. Good guy." Nobody complains about Holtz spoiling the movie. Everyone watching has seen it before. "That last turn after those tylium drums explode is choice. At least you can actually tell the cars and stuff in these movies are real. Not like those cheap knock-offs where everything's green screen and computers." He looks up and over at Toby, nodding. "Yeah. It's just starting…now." His eyes flick back to the screen as the engine-revving and trash-talk lines begin. An enlisted rating from engineering promptly begins reciting the jokes along with the characters.

Holtz smirks a little at the scattered groans, but nobody's going to do much more than groan at a big Tauran wearing major's pins. He looks back at Phin, a neutral expression on his face when the younger man mentions Picon. "Maybe. Her call to make, though." He shrugs. "Always gonna be an adjustment period. Hell, I felt like a bit of a freak show when I first came aboard, yeah? All you spit-and-polish kids just comin' off the ship's first tour over P, shootin' funny looks at the overage retread. Hell, I don't think Janitor and the DCAG knew what to make of me either." He snorts at the memory as Toby comes over. "Hey there, Shackleton," he greets the deckhand before looking back to the screen at the sound of revving engines. "Dead… dead… horribly maimed… dead," he annouces cheerily, pointing at several characters on the screen. Spoiler alert.

Toby's eyes flick to the screne along with Phin's and he silently weights up if he wants to watch the film or not. For now though, the pilots have his attention and he turns back to eye Luc for a few seconds before giving him just the barest of nods. Raising his mug slightly in Holtz's direction he offers a quick, "Congratulations on the half centuary by the way," and then, since it would never do for a knuckledragger to be entirely complimetary of a pilot, "all you need to do now is bring a bird back unscratched and I reckon you've got it nailed."

Luc does nod to Phin's first words, "No idea, I am sure she will come around." He offers grinning about toast as well. "Seems like it." Laughing though about green screens and computers, "True enough. The real thing usually looks better." An amused smirk shot at Holtz as well. Listening to Toby as well, with a chuckle. "That sounds like a challenge, Storm." He offers a bit amused before continuing to watch what's left of the bridge race. "As much as I want to keep chatting with you ladies, I do need to get going." He teases them before rising to his feet. "See you around, alright?" Then starts moving.

"We could've held out long enough to call in reinforcements from ANVIL," Phin says, a little stubbornly. That's probably a very debatable point, and likely not one he'd argue in any official capacity, but he says it here. He shrugs. "But, yeah, her call. I just don't like letting the Cylons get away, and leaving all the Centurions on the ground. Feel like we should've done more." He grins a little at mention of Janitor. "I wonder how he's taking to the Rubaul, speaking of. I should write him sometime. Now that was a fun guy to have at your party." Toby's comment to Holtz gets a chuckle, though not one loud enough to interrupt the movie. Tires are squealing now and sparks flying as the two tricked-out muscle cars speed toward the bridge. He does turn to offer a, "Later, Crater" to Luc.

"Look, I ain't about to argue the merits of poppin' a few toasters," Holtz replies mildly. "But what else were we gonna frakkin' do about the chromejobs? They picked a hell of a good spot to put down, next to all that tree cover. Dispersed like that, we'd've probably killed more trees than Centurions." He goes quiet for a few moments, taking a drag from his cigarette. Toby gets a look of surprise at the half-century comment before comprehension suddenly washes over his features. "You know, I hadn't even thought about that. Thanks, though." A smirk when the deckhand mentions flying home unscathed. "Next one'll be the first, yeah?"

Toby does not seem overly upset at the idea of Luc leaving, but he does offer the man another of those almost inperceptable nods. Once he's outof sight though he turns back to the other two, shifting stance ever so slightly so he can see the film out of the corner of his eye too. He doesn't know Janitor so doesn't comment, taking the chance for a slurp of coffee instead as he listens to the talk of what happened over Picon. Holtz's reply though gets what almost qualifies to be a snort, and it's a good thing he'd finished his mouthful lets just say that. "Sure Major, I'll tell the Chief that's a promise shall I?"

"Maybe. Still felt lousy to leave them down there," Phin says. He downs some coffee, taking advantage of the excuse to watch the bridge scene. "Hope we got enough information on their positions for the Picon forces to use, at least." The long leap across the end of it, driving away from explosions, is still a thing he enjoys. He does grin some at the exchange between Toby and Holtz. "How's life on the Deck, Shackleton? I mean, the part of it we don't frak with."

"Sure, you can tell her," Holtz deadpans. "Just as so long as she ain't surprised when I break it." Another pull on the cigarette is followed with the gulping down of the last of his tea. He shrugs again, this time at Phin. "Hundred or so chromejobs ain't gonna trouble ANVIL all that much, I don't think. Bit of added nuisance, if anything. Woulda made for one hell of a bad day if one of us had had to put down or punch out over that field, though." There's a chuckle when Phin addresses Toby. "Shit, Dolly, that's an awfully small part, you know."

Toby eyes Phin over the rim of his coffee cup before asking with mock scepticism, "there's parts of deck you don't frak with?" Another slurp and a shrug follow before he answers more seriously, "not too bad. We're pretty much back on top of things again and most of the leg work from our end has been done up in the sims so we're pretty much back to full strength again." He then shoots the pair a briefly apologetic look as if to say he has nothing new to tell them on that score in anticipation of the questions likely to follow. Then back to Phin as something else occurs to him, "I took Chief Rutlii by the way, but he didn't end up asking so a lot of worry over nothing it turns out." His right hand, the one not holding his mug is slipped into his pocket as Holtz mentions the posibility, or not, of surprising the chief, and he flexes his knuckles a couple of times to keep the joints moving, "don't reckon much surprises her these days."

Phin looks skeptical about a hundred chromejobs not being a troublesome force. But he's doesn't press the matter more than that. He seems more interested in what Toby says, about the Chief and all. He nods, showing a little relief. "Good. Glad it worked out. I guess I'm glad the guy's being thorough, though I still don't love the idea of him going through my personal logs and letters and stuff." He doesn't ask Toby anymore about the investigation, but he does look up to Holtz. "Has the brass told you anything about what they're doing with the skinjobs during all this? I haven't seen Sergeant Knox around much lately. Not that I've gone looking."

Holtz frowns slightly, giving an unhappy shake of the head. "Haven't heard shit about the Six," he says, his voice taking on a venomous edge as it lowers slightly. "Course, the way the brass built him up all those months as our special skinjob friend who wouldn't hurt a fly… you think they're gonna make a big production out of it if they did clap 'im in irons and put 'im away? Bet your ass they ain't."

Toby shoots Phin a sympathetic look as the matter of the personal letters and such is mentioned, but they've been over that before so he leaves it at that, turning instead to look to see how Holtz might answer the question posed. "Ain't seen either of 'em of late," he chips in, "usually get the Eleven trotting through the bay on and off a shuttle raptor every now and again but I aim seen hide nor hair in a while." He nods to the remarks about the Six then drops his voice as well, just a bit, "if that Ensign hasn't been asking 'em some pointed questions though then I'll want to know why. I mean, Jarheads stick together, every fraker knows their loyalty is Corp then Colonies, but that'd just be taking the piss."

Phin frowns deep, a more conflicted and troubled than really angry expression. He nods along with Holtz's words, but says no more about the Six, or any of the other skinjobs known to them. The movie's winding down now, the big damn hero making out with a hot blonde starlet on the hood of his muscle car, which gets a whistle from the enlisted rating who was reciting dialogue earlier. "They're in more danger than we are if the skinjobs aren't as friendly as they seem, with the Sergeant bunking with them. I'm sure they'll do their jobs."

Holtz snorts. "If they've got half a brain cell to rub between 'em, he sure as hell ain't bunking with 'em now," he remarks. It's not entirely clear from that, though, whether he means the brass or the Marines. He's never been much a fan of either, even if he is only a step or two below being brass himself these days. He nods to Toby. "He better be. Hell of a lot likely to get anywhere by puttin' their feet to the fire instead of goin' through our frakkin' mail, yeah?"

Holtz manages to reply to Phin's comment far better than Toby could so he just moves his mug in the major's vague direction in a 'what he said' type guesture. "Damn stright," he then replies to the comment about the mail, "I mean, he told me straight he's been through my record, and folowed up on some rumours so I expect at least that on the toasters, preferably a frak sight more as well." Something amuses him faintly though and he adds quickly to Holtz, "you'll likely be okay though, he takes Tauran nature into account."

"The guy seems really thorough," Phin says again, of the Marine looking into the bombing. That seems to be as positive as he can be, and the most he wants to say on the matter. He watches as the credits start to roll, downing the last of his coffee. "I just hope they find the frakker who did it soon. Anyway. I should mosey. I'll see you guys later."

"Does he, now," Holtz replies with a sarcastic smirk. "How frakkin' kind of him." Of course, Holtz has a bit of a record himself, and a few rumors have probably followed him around the Fleet over the years, too. But the major doesn't seem overly concerned about that much, at least. He sighs, shooting a last look at the screen as the credits begin to roll. "Yeah, I should get outta here, too." He turns to the exit with a last look at Toby. "See you, Shackleton. I'll try not to bang up the deck too bad next time I go out."

"Yeah," Toby nods in agreement to Phin's use of the word thorough then just flicks a glance and a nod to Holtz. "Too kind Major, beating it back into shape with a sledge is a good work out, but does get old after a while." Raising his mug in vague salute to the pair as they make their exits he turns back to the vid screne again, waiting to see what's on next before he dicides on his next move.

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