ALT #391: Spike in the Wheel
Spike in the Wheel
Summary: A routine patrol over Picon. Yeah, right.
Date: 01/02/2014 (OOC Date)
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In and around Picon atmo.
Wed Feb 01 2006

Looking out in the space over Picon, one would be hard-pressed to even realize there's a war on. The blue-green orb of Picon sits serenely in its orbit around Helios Alpha, a bright speck against a black backdrop filled with tinier, dimmer specks.

Several Colonial warships are forming a picket in a far orbit around the planet, their guns watchfully pointed outwards from Picon. The near orbit, meanwhile, is the domain of the Raptors and Vipers of Orion's air wing. From a distance, the small craft are nearly invisible as they trace a line over the planet's atmosphere, five Vipers flying a screening formation for two Raptors.

For the past two hours, it's been nothing but quiet, the only excitement for the pilots and ECOs of those ships being the banter passing over the comm channels between them.

As far as banter goes, Bennett has been fairly non-participatory thus far, save for the occasional remark to her backseater in regards to their ongoing conversation about male nurses. Hot or not? Her brow is furrowed presently as she considers readouts on her HUD and focuses on the task of maintaining formation with the other raptor and escorting vipers.

Phin is flying off Holtz's starboard wing, trying to maintain a 'V' with his SL and Maia. He banters when bantered at, but his attention is mostly split between eyeing his instruments and eyeing the blackness of space that surrounds the blueness of Picon. His last 'quiet patrol' here wasn't so quiet, after all. So his expectations are keyed, however likely the mission briefing made contact seem.

"I still think they ought t'be called 'Murses'." says Ygraine cheerfully. She's running her boards, sitting behind Bennett and to the other woman's right. "Though it might be too easily confused with man-purses, which are also murses."

Checking his controls for a few moments, as well as looking carefully out there, Jason shrugs a little before he shakes his head, as if to clear it. "How are you doing back there?" he comments to Greg, while still looking out at the great wide open out there.

Greg is back on duty after having been blown up. He got out of the simulator, and woke up two days later looking at a nurse. Female nurse, actually, but no one cares. This is his first time in the 'air' since that, gotten his quals back, he nods, "Clear and wide open, Superstar. Give me enough time on these sensors I can find your virginity, but I see nothing for as far as I can see."

Over Picon, the quiet of the routine is not so monotonous to Maia. She's in a Viper and that in itself is exciting. It's given her time to get used to this particular craft, since she's not been flying in one Viper like her assigned Raptor. Learning the little quirks, she murmurs off com to the machine now and then while keeping an eye on the instruments and out towards the others, all while holding into her formation as directed.

"Murses?" Bennett repeats, making a bit of a face behind her helmet, and tapping the flight yoke to adjust their heading slightly. The bus's engines briefly surge as they hurry after Phin's tail, then drop back to a steady thrum once more. "I do not think it has much of a ring to it. You know, I had an ex boyfriend who carried a man purse. He swore by it."

After a tense and painful week routine patrol over his home planet is just what the doctor ordered. Warren looks almost at ease in the seat of his viper as he flies at the CAG's 5. Granted its hard to see him in his seat at the moment as he's flying inverted, enjoying a bit of the view of the planet below in between glances to his DRADIS and out at the black. He rolls his viper back over as he glances back out to the black, always nice to have a quiet little patrol to recharge your batteries so to speak.

Holtz can only snort and roll his eyes from inside his cockpit. "What, nobody ever told him what pockets were for?" He snickers under his breath as he takes a quick look at his controls. Yep, everything's five-by-five… just as it has been for the past two hours. A small sigh is stifled as he turns his attention back to the empty blackness of space.

"Ya gotta be some kinda man t'really rock a man-purse. Like runway hot." is Ygraine's opinion as she lures her DRADIS into expanding its reach with the same care as tickling a butterfly.

Unhindered by either gravity or Raiders, Franklin is in her element — an easy, even elegant flight with a wingman whose patterns and styles she knows almost as well as her own. Gods, in comparison to the past week, it's practically a vacation. Humming quietly to herself, she peeks out her canopy at the planet down below her, drinking in the sight of all that blue. Eventually, her voice crackles over the comm.

<FS3> Maia rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Warren rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> Greg rolls Ecm: Good Success.

<FS3> Jason rolls Alertness: Good Success.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Storm, Teatime. You have our little gosling in one piece back there?"

<FS3> Atalanta rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Bennett rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> Ygraine rolls Ecm: Good Success.

<FS3> Holtz rolls Alertness: Great Success.

Portside to Holtz, Maia is busy just being in control of the quick reacting Viper, liking the way every little move she makes is shown in the movement of the machine. Catching Warren, she chuckles to herself but doesn't dare try anything like that right now. Even hearing Atalanta over the com she has to smile and respond herself.

<FS3> Phin rolls Alertness: Amazing Success.

"Ah, good luck with that," Jason replies, with a brief chuckle, before he shakes his head a little bit. "Nothing is a good thing," he offers, before he glances to the systems again. Studying them for a few moments, before he looks out, blinking a few times. "Wait, did your sensors pick up something?" he asks, pausing for a few moments.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Teatime, Centerfold. Having the time of my life act… Whoa, what was that? Anyone else see that flash? In the Atmo or just above it.."

Phin blinks at something down on Picon, and promptly gets on the horn.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Centerfold, Toast. Copy that. Raptors you got a fix on whats happening down there?"

Greg leans over his instruments, working the controls, "Energy spike, ahead and below." He says as he works on the systems, focusing the Raptors sensors in that direction, looking, "Whaaaat was what?" He breathes out as he tries to clarify the energy spike and the direction it came from.

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Flight, Dolly. I saw it to, Cents. Looked like an FTL flash. Something jumping it. Couldn't tell if it was friend or foe." He checks his instruments to bring up the coordinates of that flash, and then attempts to transmit them to his fellows. "Came in about there…""

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Dolly, Butch concurs. Raptors, fall back to defensive formation."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Yeah, I saw it too." He frowns. "Don't think anything was scheduled, and I didn't see anything about a weather system in this area… Teatime, you want to check it out?""

[Into the Wireless] Ygraine says, "Milkshake, Flight. Verifyin' those flashes on DRADIS."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Toast, Teatime. Stay on my five. We'll head in and see what we can pick up with the old Mark One Eyeball."

Bennett grins, and starts to say something in response to Ygraine- when they all spot something down below them, in Picon's atmosphere. The humour's wiped off her face, and not even a trace of it remains in her voice when she speaks over her shoulder to the ECO, "Whatever it was, I am going to guess it is not friendly. Can you do a sweep for any other FTL signatures nearby?"

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Copy that. Lead the way."

[Into the Wireless] Greg says, "Flight, Coulton. Confirmed energy discharge, possible FTL."

Warren shifts in his seat a bit, getting himself out of perhapse a more relaxed position. He grabs the stick, rolling himself back and forth a moment, apparently making sure everythings working as he gets ready to follow Atia in to check things out.

Jason nods as he hears what's being said, and starts moving to keep the Raptor in that defensive formation. "I have a bad feeling about this…" he remarks, otherwise keeping silent for now.

The CAG banks sharply right, peeling off from the rest of the flight. The throttle engaged, her thrusters flare as she spirals down towards Picon. Eyes wide and bright, they flick back and forth across the surface, trusting them to pick up the flash of metal more than she trusts her instruments.

"On it, Boss." Ygraine says, her fingers skipping over the keyboard.

<FS3> Warren rolls Piloting: Good Success.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Butch copies, Coulton. Keep your eyes peeled; where there is one, there may be more."

Holtz's earlier relaxed attitude is suddenly a thing of the past as he tenses in his seat, eyes narrowing at his sensor readouts. When Atalanta breaks off with Warren in tow to check it out, his hands twitch on his controls, as if he's about to follow. After a moment's indecision, however, he holds his course, though that doesn't stop him from sending out orders of his own over the comms.

<FS3> Atalanta rolls Piloting: Great Success.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Centerfold, Dolly, pull it in and prepare to break on my command. I don't like this."

Maia awaits the direction and answer from Teatime, wondering if they were going to go and check it out. It's what patrols did, yeah? Prepared, her hand is on her stick keeping formation back and to the left of Storm with Dolly directly across from her. Hearing the command, she does as directed, it was getting real, real fast.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Storm, Centerfold. Copy, on it."

Phin tightens his his formation with Holtz, neck craning some to check Maia's position visually. He doesn't generally monitor his fellow Vipers too closely, but she doesn't usually drive V-stick.

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Storm, Dolly. Copy that. Warming weapons, in case this one's the foe-kind. Ready to break on your mark."

Greg leans in, tense as he works the controls on the sensors, trying to see what's going on, looking through to try to locate what they're going into, feverently focused.

Jason listens quietly, as he looks out there, ready to move the Raptor where it needs to be on short notice. Humming a bit under his breath, some kind of jazz tune now.

For a few moments, Atalanta and Warren's canopies are obscured with flame and wind as they break into the upper atmosphere, their ships buffeted by the sudden addition of wind resistance. It clears after a few moments, though, and the clouds of the Picon sky start to grow larger beneath them as their eyes begin to search for the sources of the mysterious flashes.

It's that vigilance that saves their lives.

A trail of blue-white KEW rounds stitches through the sky between their ships. A wisp of clouds in front of them is broken by a pair of Cylon Raiders, their red eyes bobbing angrily as they swoop through the air, knifing past them and arcing around to reacquire their targets.

That's not the only problem, though. There's a gap in the cloud cover, through which gleaming metal can be spotted; the chrome color of more Cylon ships. A lot of them. Nearly twenty, if hasty counts are accurate; a dozen Heavy Raiders escorted by almost as many of the smaller, crescent-shaped variety. A moment after the two outriders make their firing pass at Holtz and Warren, ten of them break to engage the Colonial patrol, while the remaining Heavy Raiders increase speed along their original course.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Flight, Teatime. We've got multiple contacts! Fangs out!"

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Frakin hell. Fangs out. I've got your wing Teatime, call the play."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz curses. "Centerfold, Dolly, break and attack!

<FS3> Atalanta rolls Alertness: Success.

Bennett does the only thing she can in this situation, and maintains position with Jason's raptor, flanked on both sides by vipers. Well, at least until Holtz gives the order to attack. Her hand curves more tightly around the stick with a creaking of her glove in protest, as she prepares to juke the heavy bus while Ygraine does her worst.

Ah re-entry, such a wonderful time, having your airframe shake and be all 'screw this atmostphere stuff'. But eventually you're into the sky no longer on fire, and theres clouds. Wonderful clouds…which are, in this case, punctuated by KEW fire. Warren breaks to avoid the fire before forming back up, as he glances out and gets an idea of whats infront of them. "Frak!" he says to himself as he tightens his grip as he lances through the air off Teatimes wing.

Greg widens his eyes as the images resolve and he tracks targets, focused on defenseive screenings, preventing missile locks and praying mostly. He grits his teeth, "Yeah, looks like we got a welcoming comittiee Superstar. Time to dance."

Holtz trips his afterburners, his jaw clenched as he makes reentry with all the subtlety of a rock through a glass window; luckily, Atia and Warren are still close enough that his extra speed lets him catch up before the large group of Cylons is able to open fire. He quickly picks a target and goes weapons hot.

Still rolling to avoid the sudden burst of Cylon KEW coming up through the clouds, Franklin snaps her head around, trying to catch sight of the ground and the crescent shapes below her. She grinds her teeth as green eyes survey the bogeys, doing all she can to make a quick count through the white wisps obscuring her vision. Once again, her voice crackles over the radio, calling out orders.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Dolly, Centerfold, Storm. I'm squarin' off with that big bastard goin' for the Raptors. Cover my tail."

Looking out of the window and seeing the other Raptor there, Jason keeps his own craft close, until he hears the orders to attack, and also Greg's words about a welcoming comittee. "Do your magic back there, and I'll do mine," he offers, starting to work on making sure the Raptor isn't an easy target now.

[Into the Wireless] Jason says, "Flight, Superstar. Looks like some of these Raiders have good taste. They're trying to swarm us like fans at the movie theater."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Flight, Teatime. We've got…. at least thirteen in bound, another eight hanging in reserve. All turkeys in reserve. Storm, Dolly, Centerfold, cover Butch. Toast, we're on Superstar's tail."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Way ahead of you, Teatime. …. c'mere, you fat bastard."

At first Ygraine seems intent on targeting the two primary heavies locked onto Storm and Phin, but then she catches the blip indicating that the big papa bear has his eye on her and Bennett. With Holtz on point, Ygraine's priorities have to switch, and she refocuses her targetting system scramble efforts.

The command was all Maia needed, she breaks, trying to keep the one off her six while going after the bigger one on Dolly's six. She doesn't sing out on the coms, announcing she had heard the command, but she's there with the others, thumbing that trigger, firing off kew.

Phin banks a little off Holtz when the major goes after his chosen Raider. He's chasing the one on his boss's tail. His flying takes on a zipping sort of line as he does so. He's got a couple on him, which he's trying not to think about too hard, but he'd rather not get hit.

<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Raider3 with KEW - Serious wound to Body.

<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Raider3 - Moderate wound to Right Leg.

<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Raider3 - Critical wound to Neck.

<COMBAT> Raider7 attacks Maia with KEW - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Raider4 attacks Jason with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Bossraider with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Escortraider1 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Warren attacks Raider4 with KEW - Light wound to Controls.

<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Escortraider1 with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Escortraider2 with KEW - Critical wound to Cockpit.

<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Jason with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider8 attacks Jason with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider3 attacks Jason with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Holtz with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider10 attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Raider3 with Ecm. <unsuccessful>

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Raider4 with Ecm. <unsuccessful>

<COMBAT> Escortraider2 attacks Phin with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Escortraider1 attacks Holtz with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider6 attacks Warren with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider5 attacks Phin with KEW - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Bossraider with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Bossraider attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-2930f has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Bossraider has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-5694h has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Escortraider2 has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raptor-3965b has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Jason has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Greg has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Viper-4180m has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Maia has been KO'd!

It is possibly by the grace of her ECO that Bennett manages not to get tagged by the heavy that's got a bead on them— along with the couple other raiders that have disengaged from the pack, in order to chase them. Calmly, the pilot feeds their bus a little more tylium and swings out of formation as gracefully as her airframe will allow. Tracers sling through the clouds just beneath them as their pursuers all miss their mark one by one.

Warren follows Atia's pass in on one of the pairs of of raiders heading after Jason's raptor. He narrows his eyes, and as Atia heads after the lead, Warren angles in towards its wingmate. His thumb moves to the firing nub, his KEW's peperring the raider's control surfaces but not before it gets its shots off on the Raptor. He mutters to himself before tapping the coms as he keeps on the tail of the raider he just hit.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Superstar, Toast. Sing out man."

Ygraine takes a moment to brace against her console as Bennett does the herky-jerky don't-get-hit dance. And seeing as she is still alive, Ygraine doesn't mind all that much,. Or at all. With some of the worst already destroyed, Ygraine goes back to her job.

Between Maia taking down one of his tails, and Phin's Viper acrobatics, he manages to get out of the first volley with only a graze. He prepares to straighten out his flying pattern for a more targeted attack run at the Raider he's chasing, though he gives his instruments a double-check the Raider formations.

Dropping into what are, by now, all too familiar combat formations with Warren, Franklin manages to force one of the Raiders tailing the Raptors off of Jason's six. Her shot is clean — beautiful, really, piercing the Raider several times. Damned near sheering off its head, even. Damned near, but not quite. And this isn't either horseshoes or hand-grenades. She lets out a curse as she sees it juke wildly, almost losing control, but still flying. She lets out another as she hears her wingman's call over the comms.

Twisting, turning, Jason doesn't quite manage to avoid all the incoming fire, the Raptor shaking a bit from it. "Frak! You okay back there, man?" he calls out to Greg, before he moves the ship onwards again.

With a big target, Maia is able to get in and get a good shot, effectively taking out one of the Escortraiders, but she doesn't take the time to celebrate the small victory as she takes a hit, momentarily jarring the electronics of her viper where the screen blips and cuts out only to immediately come back to life. She thanks whatever Gods brought the life back into it while she aims for one closing in on Storm's six.

Greg gets rocked hard as the Raider gets hit and suddenly there's a nasty painful sensation, and he winces, thrown off the console, "Argh, No, thanks for asking." He pulls himself back up to try to keep that from happening again, "How're you?"

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flight, Butch. I see two bogeys down. One of our raptors has taken a hit, but it looks like mostly scorch from where I am sitting."

[Into the Wireless] Jason says, "Toast, Superstar. Any particular song you want? We're okay in here, I think. That was too close for comfort, though."

Holtz's guns rip into the hull of the lead heavy raider, but at first it doesn't look like the thing was hit all that hard. At least, until it suddenly begins to lose altitude, smoke spewing from the hole he'd punched in its hull, its engine lights flickering. Meanwhile, his adroit maneuvering results in clean misses by both of his pursuers. He banks hard left, lining up a fresh target as he calls out over the wireless.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Scrag one."

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Cents, Dolly. Nice shot. You OK? They're still double-teaming Storm. Staying on my current target."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "I ain't too worried, Dolly, these two assholes couldn't hit the ground if they dropped a Pyramid ball."

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Dolly, Centerfold. "Thanks, I'm good, just a minor hit the Viper didn't like it so well. I'm good, taking the other target."

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Dolly, Storm. Just watch yourself out there." He's not about to give his SL more advice than that, but his tone is wary of that bravado. "Covering."

"Still in one piece, I think. I'll check when we're in a safer place?" Jason replies to Greg, turning all his attention to the controls again.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Superstar, Toast. Your pick, but something catchy. Working on peeling them off of you, hold on."

Greg keeps his hands flying over the controls, "works for me." He says, keeping this Raptor in this scrap.

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Raider4 with Ecm. <unsuccessful>

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Raider10 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Raider2 with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Warren attacks Raider4 with KEW - Critical wound to Cockpit.


<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Raider3 with KEW - Critical wound to Cockpit.

<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Maia with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Raider10 with KEW - Moderate wound to Body.

<COMBAT> Raider8 attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider7 attacks Maia with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider5 attacks Phin with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider3 attacks Phin with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Borkedraider with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Raider1 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Raider8 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Raider6 attacks Warren with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider4 attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Holtz with KEW - Light wound to Nose.

<COMBAT> Raider10 attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Borkedraider attacks Holtz with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Viper-3915h has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Holtz has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider-3283s has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider10 has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider-1349k has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider3 has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider-1559u has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider4 has been KO'd!

It's a furball in the upper atmosphere. Vipers and Raiders knife through dark blue skies and white clouds, lashing out with red and blue lines of KEW fire; so much for the routine, peaceful patrol. Several explosions dot the air as Raiders fall under the guns of the vengeful Colonial fighters; despite their losses, the Cylons still have the numerical advantage: eight Raiders to five Vipers and two Raptors. Puzzlingly enough, there's still a group of eight to ten Raiders that haven't engaged the Colonial patrol, instead accelerating through the clouds as Colonial patrol and Cylon escort joined battle with each other… although suddenly, two more Heavy Raiders peel off from the other group to join the fight.

Evading fire, Maia zips through like she knows what she's doing.. hopefully that is the case, but it's sure requiring her full concentration. Thumbing the firing nub, she just misses the Raider on Storm so she banks hard to come back for another shot, staying with it.

Greg works on the Raptors systems, focusing almost reflexively a pair of Raiders tracking a viper. He scrambles them with the raptors systems, scrambling their little sliding eyes with signals and false images and strange fluctuations. He concentrates, "Get off that viper…" He whispers as he tunes the interferance, lips tense.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flight, Butch. I see maybe ten.. scratch that, eight bogeys off our starboard bow, heading four eight carom niner zero niner. Two are moving to engage. Teatime, do you want us to try to track the rest?"

[Into the Wireless] Holtz frowns. "Where the hell're those others goin'… Milkshake, Storm, you ain't gettin' a radiological alarm from those heavies, are you?" And then he sees the two Heavies peel off and reverse course. "Frak. Flight, Storm, two more inbound!

Warren keeps after the pair of raiders they attacked in the first pass. He bears down on there raider, lining up the shot, waiting for the perfect moment before pulling the trigger. Steady bursts of KEW fire burns through the air, slashing through the 'head' of the raider sending it spiraling to its death. Raider down, Warrens cutting up back to Atia's wing at her 5.

Zigging, zagging, and flying in irregular patterns to try staying out of the way of the Raiders. "Good job," he calls back to Greg, while still keeping the Raptor a hard target. "Let's keep it up," he offers.

[Into the Wireless] Ygraine says, "Storm, Milkshake. Negative on the rad reads - whatever they got, it ain't nukes."

Phin spins and zips and evades for all he's worth. Which, when it comes to flying like that, is a decent amount. He still doesn't hit anything, though, and when Storm gets dinged he bites off a curse. "Frakit…"

Bennett's bus hasn't been dinged.. yet. But she's familiar enough with these sorties to know that could change in an instant. Her eyes flick between the windscreen and DRADIS, watching as the second group of raiders moves past and keeps on going. All but two, that is.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Butch, Teatime. Affirmative. If they aren't after us, I want to know where they're headed — and why."

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. You've got a few friends, going to clear your tail."

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Cents, Dolly. You've got a couple on you. Moving to cover."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Teatime, Butch copies. Initiating a slow tail. Superstar, if things get too hot for you, sing out."

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Dolly, Centerfold. "Copy that, I'm going for one of those on Storm. Thanks for having my six. How are you looking?"

Gregs hands fly over the controls, "some of the attention is on us, I'm trying to shield them from the force of your personality. wish me luck." He says, stabbing at the controls.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Scrag two."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "I'm okay, Centerfold, just took a peckin' on the nose. Keep on 'em."

The CAG's reply sounds strained, her focus momentarily on tailing that damned Raider she'd almost shot down — and the two still on her own tail. Bearing down on it, Franklin pulls the trigger, its red eye blinking out as she finally sheers off the damned thing's head. Immediately, she banks sharply left, trying to drag her dance partners out in front of Warren so that he can get a nice, clean shot.

[Into the Wireless] Jason says, "Butch, Superstar. Will do. Trying to keep them from getting in a good shot now."

Phin arcs about to try and swing around Maia and get a shot at the front of her pursuer. Easier said than done, but he'll make a go of it.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Teatime, Storm, cut in towards me, I'm gonna try and take out one of your trailers."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Hey, Butch! You sure you don't want to make a pitstop to pick up that Raider's dome for me? Could be my last half bottle of plumberry polish in it for you," she teases. And then a beat. "Copy that, Storm.""

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Borkedraider with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Raider2 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Hexenraider with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Raider8 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Raider1 with KEW - Serious wound to Body.

<COMBAT> Warren attacks Raider8 with KEW - Moderate wound to Body.

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Doomraider with KEW - Serious wound to Cockpit.

<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Maia with KEW - Serious wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Raider7 attacks Maia with KEW - Light wound to Left Wing (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Borkedraider attacks Jason with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider5 attacks Phin with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Borkedraider with KEW - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Raider8 attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider6 attacks Warren with KEW - Light wound to Tail (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Jason with KEW - Moderate wound to Controls (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider7 with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Hexenraider attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Doomraider attacks Holtz with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-6367h has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Borkedraider has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-5727i has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Doomraider has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raptor-1025h has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Jason has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Greg has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Viper-8144v has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Maia has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider-7543e has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider1 has been KO'd!

[Into the Wireless] Bennett's backwoods Virgonese drawl comes over the comm a few moments later, laced with amusement, "Plumberry polish? Well, why didn't you say so? I think we may be able to hunt it down for you."

<FS3> Ygraine rolls Ecm: Great Success.

Bennett swerves to port with little enough warning — hopefully Ygraine knows well enough by now to hold onto something when she does — and strafes neatly under Warren's viper as it races past. She noses in on the fleeing raiders like an elephant trying to stalk a pack of wolves. Which is to say, not very stealthily. But perhaps the dogfight going on around her may prove enough of a distraction. "Getting anything?" she asks Ygraine over her shoulder.

As Atia starts her attack run and cuts for him, Warren starts a nice slow barrel roll letting one of the raiders trailing her get out in front. Another steady burst of KEW lances into it, sadly it doesn't bring it down. The only problem is his roll leaves him just slow enough to take a few shots across his ass. He glances over his shoulder looking at the damage as he thumbs his coms and keeps tailing the raider.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Good hit on one of them behind you. I took a graze everythings all good back here."

After the engagement, Ygraine seems to get a bug of an idea into her head, and momentarily distracting herself from keeping Raiders under the cuff, she accesses another suite on her console, typing rapidly before triggering the comm.

[Into the Wireless] Ygraine says, "Teatime, Milkshake. I was able t'determine a landin' point on those raiders based on their flight trajectory. Submittin' the coords t'ya now. Hope ya got enough nailpolish for me, too."

And then comes the time when Jason should have zigged instead of zagging, and so one of the attacks hits the Raptor's controls, sending it spinning around for a bit. "Hold on!" he calls to Greg, as he works on getting the Raptor straightened.

Greg gets painfully jolted and lurches, "Uh.. we're kinda hit. It's time to start thinking about that." He says, hands working the controls, panting a bit. "I'm trying to keep it up."

Two of the big ones down.. seems Maia could only aim so well at the bigger targets, but the aim was true at least. She manages to not avoid a hit coming in on her left wing as the other does some serious damage to the body. "FRAK!" She curses into her own ship once more the monitors blip before reengaging after more time offline. When it seems like it's going to stay up and running, she calls out to the others.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Flight, Centerfold. Took a hard hit but it looks like everything is still green light, so I'm continuing on."

"Frak!" Phin does some swearing of his own as those Raiders close in on Maia. His shot goes wide of its target. He can't suppress a breath of some relief when Maia sings out.

[Into the Wireless] Jason says, "Flight, Superstar. The frakkers hit the controls. We're still flying, though."

Trust is a wonderful thing, and with Toast and Storm on her tail? It's certainly not lacking now. Forget going full evsaive — rather, she locks onto the turkey chasing Jason's, firing a straight line up its center. But the blasts of orange all around her have her twisting, turning in her seat before she can even see what damage she's done.

Holtz is about to yell over the comms when he sees Maia get hit, but he's preempted when she sings out instead. The g-forces press him back into his seat as he flips his fighter and pulls into a sharp turn, angling in for the Raider bearing down on Jason's beleaguered Raptor.

Bennett asks Ygraine, thoughtfully, "Any idea what is down there, at those coordinates? Anything special that might be in our databases?"

<COMBAT> Raider7 attacks Phin with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider2 with KEW - Serious wound to Controls.

<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Raider9 with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Hexenraider with Ecm. <unsuccessful>

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Raider7 with Ecm. <unsuccessful>

<COMBAT> Warren attacks Raider8 with KEW - Serious wound to Right Wing.

<COMBAT> Raider8 attacks Jason with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Holtz with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Hexenraider with KEW - Serious wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Raider8 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Raider2 with Ecm. <unsuccessful>

<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider6 attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider5 attacks Atalanta with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Hexenraider attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Raider6 with KEW - Serious wound to Body.

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-8132n has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Hexenraider has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Viper-9314r has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Phin has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider-2846h has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider2 has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider-7766b has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider6 has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider-8375k has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider8 has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Viper-6321d has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Warren has been KO'd!

Maia manages to hit another and as the explosion fills the canopy, she veers off to the right, intending to take another off one of the airwing. When she sees one taking up the six of Teatime, she falls in line behind, pressing the firing nub as soon as she has a bead on the Raider… hopefully.

Greg frowns, nodding as Raiders dissolve from his targetinf locks, and he turns his attention on the remaining forces, too concerned with that tomake too much snappy patter, clarifying a set of signals towards the raiders, tensed.

Warren keeping on the raider that he had already laid into, even as it pulls off of Atalanta. He works at it, tailing it, waiting for the right moment before he pours out fire breaking it apart in the air. He cuts hard again, moving to form back up with Atia as he he taps his coms again surveying the last few blips on his DRADIS.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Scrap one raider. Forming on your wing. Wait, I see one still trailing after you, I've got him."

Phin goes in hard on the Raider targeting Holtz, and manages to get in a pretty solid shot on its undercarriage. He's not paying much attention to dodging just then, though, and takes a hard hit of his own across the hull of his ship. He swerves and is thrown off-course for a moment, but he manages to right himself.

Bennett puts her bus through its paces with her usual quiet sort of finesse. A pair of raiders line up shots on her, and KEW slices past both wingtips as she veers not away from— but right into the path of their attack. Maia is there to do cleanup on one of them, and Bennett smiles ever so slightly to herself as they slip away unscathed again.

Well, it looks like Franklin's just making friends tonight, isn't she? Just as the Strikes clear two bogeys off of her tail, another two pop up, evidenced by both the blips on her HUD and Betty screaming in her ear about being target. "I know, I know," she murmurs to 'backseater', before being forced to break off. Her shot fires wide with a sudden break-and-bank like that, but she's still in the fight.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Milkshake, Teatime. What, you two can't —," she cuts off. "Flight, sing out!""

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Storm, Dolly. I'm good, and I think your tail's clear. Any idea where those other bandits are headed?"

Jason manages to keep the Raptor out of harm's way now. Smiling momentarily, the smile grows a bit as he hears the order over the comms to sing out. It's probably the stress doing what he's doing next…

[Into the Wireless] Jason says, "Teatime, Superstar. Once upon a time there was a tavern…"

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Teatime, Storm, frakkers ain't even touch me."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flight, Butch. We have the projected coordinates of the second squad of raiders on the ground. We are holding on pursuit."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Butch, Teatime. We'll clean this up and keep you covered. Keep your eyes on them."

"It's just a clear landing area from what I can determine." Ygraine reports back to Bennett. "If we wanna know what's goin' on, we might haveta land ourselves."

Bennett leans slightly to look out her side windscreen, as if she might be able to see what's going on down there through the dense cloud cover. No dice, of course. "Mm," is all she says to Ygraine, eyes on her HUD for a moment as they re-enter the fray. And appear to have yet another tail.

Wherever it is the Raiders are going, they seem to be in one hot hurry to get there. As the combat has progressed, the ships have been slowly moving downwards through the clouds; the last exchange of fire has carried everyone down below cloud level, the verdant expanse of Picon's surface now visible below them. Though all the Colonial ships are still flying, the sacrifice of the Cylon rear guard has at least allowed the fleeing Heavy Raiders to put some distance between them and their pursuers; they're now just silvery specks off in the distance, the flare of their afterburners a thin, bright trail behind them.

Holtz's guns chop a fourth Raider out of the sky. He flicks a glance off at the distant convoy of heavies, but there are more pressing concerns: a Raider in targeting range is worth two in the distance.

<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Raider9 with KEW - Moderate wound to Body.

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Raider9 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Raider5 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider5 attacks Atalanta with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider9 with KEW - Moderate wound to Right Wing.

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Raider5 with KEW - Moderate wound to Body.

<COMBAT> Warren attacks Raider5 with KEW - Moderate wound to Left Wing.

<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Raider7 with KEW - Serious wound to Body.

<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Raider7 - Light wound to Left Hand.

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Raider5 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Raider7 with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Raider7 attacks Holtz with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raider-3962x has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider5 has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider-2471g has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider7 has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider-8178n has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Raider9 has been KO'd!

Warren hits the RCS thrusters hard and pulls up on his stick, falling back hard before pushing the throttle up again. Farther back now he's got Atia's friend in his sights, a tap on the pedals, little stick annnnd theres the rythmic sound of his KEW's lancing out tearing through the wing as Maia lands a hard burst through its body. He hits his coms as he pours on the speed to fall back in formation with Atia once again.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Your tail is clear and I'm back on your wing. DRADIS looks clear for close contacts."

Greg works the controls on the station, looking about to the other screens, looking at the Raptors systems, and does some rerouting, keeping the bird flying more or less straight.

Gritting her teeth together, Franklin slips out of her guarded stance and goes gunning after the bogey still chasing Butch and Milkshake down to the surface. Her guns let loose in a loud blast that cuts across its belly, sending it spinning out of control and careening towards the ground. Blissfully, blisfully, Centerfold has kept her clear in the meantime. Eyes narrow. She looks up at her HUD.

Fighting with the controls every now and then, Jason manages to keep the Raptor flying, more or less as it should. "Good job back there," he offers to Greg.

Phin tracks Bennett's Raptor as it goes lower, providing it some covering fire that blends nicely enough with the CAG's. His eyes strain toward the ground, as if he could see what those Raiders down there were doing. All the squinting in the world doesn't do him much good where that's concerned, though.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Scrag three!" And then, "Flight, Teatime. Keep the Raptors clear. We're going in with them."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Storm copies. Going in."

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Copy, have your 5."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Dolly, bring it in on my 7. Centerfold, how you holdin' up over there?"

Scoring another hit, Maia veers off to avoid a direct collision with Toast, who had also scored a hit on the Raider tailing Teatime. She immediately falls in with the others going in, though with Dolly taking her position, she falls in to the five, calling out.

Greg nods as he continues, moving from ECM combat to repair work, "Yeah, I'm working on some of the damage, keeping us going, just a second." He then straightens, and nods, "Okay, that's not gonna fail. Thank you!" He says cheerfully. "Keeping a lookout for more grief."

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Storm, Centerfold. Holding up just fine, I'll take your five."

"Got it, Butch." Ygraine gets a baby of her own prepped for delivery in case they get something serious on their tail. Cry baby, cry,

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Copy that."

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Storm, Dolly. Copy that. I'm with you. Eyes on Butch's bus."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "You know it, Dolly. Let's go see what those frakkers are up to."

The ground grows beneath their ships as the Colonials follow the Raiders down to their destination. As the chrome specks slowly start to get bigger, it becomes clear that they've managed hasty landings in a large clearing surrounded by thick woods. As the Vipers and Raptors draw closer, the Cylons' purpose finally becomes apparent. Emerging from the bellies of the Heavy Raiders are smaller chrome specks, closely grouped and moving quickly: Centurions quickstepping in close-order formation. As they emerge from the cabin of the Raider that carried them, they immediately break for the cover of the nearby woods, dispersing as they do so.

As for the Raiders themselves? Well, the robot brains in those ships know their trade, or at least were well programmed. The first four ships to land and disperse their cargo are already pulling in their boarding ramps and powering up their engines, the grass beneath them swaying as they begin to push themselves up off the ground. The last five ships are still disembarking their cargo of chrome murderbots, but aren't far behind.

"What I wouldn't give for a missile rack right now." Milkshake mutters through gritted teeth. "What's so special 'bout this area that they gotta put so many tin cans down?"

Greg taps the recording indicator into life as he focuses camera and sensors into the unit dispersion, getting clear views of what's going on He broadens the scan, then tightens it in for as much detail as possible.

Phin's eyes widen once he's close enough to get some idea of what's happening on the ground. That's a lot of chrome. He keeps his fingers poised over his gunnery controls, but he gets on the wireless first.

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Flight, Dolly. Think we can strafe those things?"

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Frakin hell. Landing a gods damn batallion of chrome heads…"

"Well, frak me running," Holtz mutters, blinking as he finally gets a look at what the Raiders are doing. Yep, that's indeed a lot of murderbots. Of more immediate concern to him, however, are those nine Heavy Raiders on the ground, particularly the four that are already lifting off once more.

Glancing back for a few moments, Jason then looks to the outside again, frowning as he hears the words over the comms. "One of the times I'd have wanted to be in a Predator," he mutters.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz curses. "Dolly, Storm… I think those damn turkeys might have somethin' to say about that. Won't be able to see shit once they make it into that tree cover, anyway."

Bennett actually goes so far as to reach for her ordnance control panel before Ygraine's muttered words break through her momentary fugue. She retracts her hand, and firewalls her thrusters, sending the bus hurtling ground-ward. "Where the frak are they going?" she murmurs, presumably of the centurions. "Are you sure nothing is turning up on this area? No subterranean bunkers or anything, Milkshake?"

"Let me see what I can do. I've done sensor boostin' before, but I had Sera on hand." Ygraine, set to task, will do her best.

Phin nods short as Holtz's reply comes over the wireless. He holds his position, awaiting orders, frowning at the Raiders and their cargo of many Centurions.

There's a soft rush of air, a sharp intake of breath, at the sight of so many Heavy Raiders on the ground — a the cargo they're unloading. Quietly, Franklin begins doing a number of quick calculations in her head. Nine Raiders, half grounded, versus…

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Flight, Teatime. Damage status on all frames?"

"OH hells no.. Not on our Picon.." Maia takes it personally, as hard as everyone had worked to get it back. Quietly, she breaks her own com silence.

Greg sighs, "I'm recording everything I can. And we're.. Well, on screen six." He sends the damage reports to Superstars screen.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Flight, Centerfold. Are we going to try and take them out or are we recording coordinates for the ground crew? This is too big.. we've got to do something. My ship is good to go for now."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Teatime, Storm. Minor damage, but still combat-operable."

[Into the Wireless] Jason says, "Teatime, Superstar. Taken some hits to both body and controls here. I think we're still doing well, all things considered, though. Good Mr. Coulton back there is recording what he can too."

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Teatime, Dolly. I took some hull damage that's probably going to make the deckies no like my very much, but my systems are still running OK. Recommend someone try to get ANVIL on the wireless when able. They might have forces in the area. Nothing else, they'll want to know the toasters are using it as a landing zone."

<FS3> Ygraine rolls Ecm: Good Success.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Just a little scorched on my tail. I'm good to go."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Teatime, Butch. I report no damage on raptor two three six seven."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Flight, Teatime. Let's see what we can do about the ones in the air before the others get off the ground."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Teatime, Butch. Permission to land and attempt to gather some intel on foot while they are distracted by y'all? We should be able to find a discreet spot past the treeline."

[Into the Wireless] Ygraine says, "Flight, Milkshake. Most of my scanning is showing Centurions in diversed formations and they're heading northwest, hilly landscape. It's hard t'get past the foliage canopy. But some bit past that, looks like a heavy stagin' area."

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Copy that, lets scrap a few toasters."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Butch, Teatime. Can you even find a clear spot to set down with that many canners on the ground?"

Jason frowns, after he's reported about their damage. "Good job back there," he offers to Greg, before he sighs, "Got a few more that needs to be taken care of, it seems."

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Flight, Copy. Count me in, I'm good for recycling."

Greg tilts his head to the side, hands attacking the controls as he prepares to start scrambling his little heart out. "Thought you'd never ask, Superstar." He says, leaning in.

Holtz's eyes flick from the rapidly dispersing — and disappearing — Centurions to the four Heavy Raiders pushing off from the surface and angling up towards the Colonials, and he scowls. "Come on, you bastards," he mutters, as he flicks his weapons back to active and lines up a target.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Teatime, Butch. Belay my last. There have to be a hundred or more tincans down there. I do not think we can land in one piece. I will however contact ANVIL, with your permission."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Butch, Teatime. See if you can get ANVIL on the line, give them some warning."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Butch copies, Teatime. Superstar, let's resume defensive maneuvers and let the big guns do their work."

[Into the Wireless] Jason says, "Butch, Superstar. On it."

<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Wolfraider with KEW - Light wound to Weapon.

Aborting her run for the ground once she catches sight of the number of centurions filtering into the treeline, Bennett punches her thrusters and sends the raptor skyward once more. Exhaust trails its twin engines as the big bird swoops back into the clouds with a growl of tylium being consumed.

<COMBAT> Wolfraider attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Warren attacks Thugraider with KEW - Critical wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Thugraider attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Hereticraider with KEW - Serious wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Wolfraider with Ecm. <unsuccessful>

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Nukemraider with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Thugraider with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Nukemraider with KEW - Light wound to Right Wing (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Nukemraider attacks Warren with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Hereticraider attacks Holtz with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-7463r has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Hereticraider has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-2977f has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Nukemraider has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-4986o has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Thugraider has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-6782k has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Wolfraider has been KO'd!

Gods be good — with the Raiders just barely getting back into the air, it isn't exactly as though they have the time to get the drop on her. Or, apparently, on anyone else. Cannons aimed at the fat bastards just as they're clearing the trees, Franklin sends one crashing back down to the earth.

Warren, with the game afoot again, warren dives at the heavies. In his sights the one that seems to be attacking his wingmate the cag. He'll be damned if they scratch her so he dives in. He lines up that heavy well before he thumbs the firing nub, the rythmic drum of the KEW's fireing out slicing through the armor of the heavy. It burns through the heavy, almost cutting it in half before it explodes in a brilliant display. He pulls up on the stick falling back into formation as he does so.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Scratch one turkey. On your wing."

Phin shoots after one of the Raiders getting back in the air. His aim's true this time, and he downs the thing. He comes out sharply to avoid the wreckage of it as it shrapnels into Picon's atmosphere, and see where its friends have gotten to.

Keeping the Raptor flying. That's all Jason is caring about as he looks around rather carefully.

The first four raiders all go down easily, but their sacrifice gives the other five time to push off and accelerate to combat speed. They bear down on the Colonials, red eyes bobbing angrily as they open fire in search of revenge for the comradebots they've lost today.

The engines of Holtz's Viper scream as he skims over the treeline, his guns cutting into one of the Raiders. Normally it wouldn't be a fatal blow, but the Raider is close enough to the ground that it spirals to its death before it can correct its flight path. No time to celebrate, though, as another Heavy's got his sights on him.

Greg keeps working on jamming the crap out of the targets, turkeys for the turkeyshoot.

Missing her target completely, Maia takes a few deep breaths, steadying herself. Just seeing all those on Picon was a hit to the morale. When it explodes anyway, thanks to a well aimed hit from Toast, she sighs in relief and goes for another.

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Stabraider with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Slashraider with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Stabraider attacks Phin with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Deathraider with KEW - Moderate wound to Left Wing (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Killraider attacks Holtz with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Deathraider attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Phin attacks Killraider with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Killraider with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Holtz attacks Killraider with KEW - Serious wound to Weapon.

<COMBAT> Hateraider attacks Warren with KEW - Moderate wound to Right Wing (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Hateraider with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Deathraider with Ecm. <unsuccessful>

<COMBAT> Warren attacks Slashraider with KEW but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Slashraider attacks Atalanta with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-5258j has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Deathraider has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Viper-3915h has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Holtz has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-3554f has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Killraider has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Viper-9314r has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Phin has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Viper-6321d has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Warren has been KO'd!

Warren dives on the heavy going after his wingmate and CAG. He angles in but as he does one of the other heavies decides he's done enough damage and spews out its KEWs into his own wing. It shifts his viper off course, his fire going wide right. He grimaces and works the stick regaining control, working his way back into formation as he watches the heavies move about, readying his next attack run as he hits his coms.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. I'm hit, right wing. Still in the fight frak these bastards."

Phin's battered hull gets…more battered. He's hit by Raider fire and makes a rather scary looking dive toward the ground…until he pulls out of it. He's breathing hard as he gains altitude again, in that grateful-not-to-have-crashed sort of way.

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Flight, Dolly. I'm OK! I'm OK. I am totally OK."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Sonuva kurgsuckin' alley whore!"

Gregs hands fly over the controls, tightening down the signals strength on a single target, focusing his interferance now.

At this point, it's a matter of staying flying long enough for the vipers to do their job. Bennett's on the horn with one of Spree's men, but the advantage of hands free radio is that she can still maneuver while she talks. As her sensors ping with a weapons lock, she jukes sharply and weaves closer to Phin in the hopes of drawing it into the stick jockey's guns.

There's a low hiss from Franklin. Forget the HUD. Frak the HUD. At this point, she's got a canopy to see her own wingmates through, and that's good enough. Banged up, beat up, smoking — with a all of them swearing that they're fine, like it's some sort of mantra. And Betty screaming in her ear. "Fraaaaak," she hisses out, between clenched teeth.

Holtz curses floridly as he takes a nasty hit in the fuselage, the impact nearly forcing him down and slamming into a tree. He corrects just in time, though, saving himself from a fiery, embarrassing death. Still muttering as he pushes on the afterburners, he puts some distance between himself and his pursuer before flipping in a tight Immelmann turn and neatly putting a salvo into the Heavy's gunport; the Cylon ship bursts into flame as the magazine explodes. He pulls back on his controls in a hasty attempt to gain some altitude, but there's no one on him for the moment. Coldly staring into his sights, he swings around, lining up a fresh target.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Flight, Teatime. They already unloaded their cargo, and we don't have the weapons to take them out. Back to the barn. RTB, ASAP."

Ygraine lets out a hiss, having no idea that she's mimicking Franklin. Her fingers fly across the board as she keeps trying to snafu the enemy targetting systems.

Warren curses heavily at the order and hits the coms again.

Jason keeps on moving. "Good work, man. Like a rock star," he comments, making sure to stay out of the way of the enemies now. As he hears the prder to go back to the barn, he starts bringing the Raptor up and away.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Teatime, Storm, we can take these motherless fraks!"

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Teatime, Butch copies. We are RTB."

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Copy that. On your wing."

It's not pretty, all those hits from the enemy and Maia manages to do only marginal damage to the craft she had been aiming for. For a long moment she holds her breath until she hears each and every one of them give their status over the com.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Teatime, Centerfold. I'm with Storm.. we can take them, it's less enemy we come back to in the future. We immobilize them…"

[Into the Wireless] Jason says, "Teatime, Superstar. Back to base we go…"

Phin grits his teeth at the call to RTB. He's not happy about it. Not that he's about to argue with a commander in the heat of battle. But he sticks with Holtz. That's his wingman, so it's still more or less appropriate.

Greg switches the passing of his hands, nodding, "Okay we're still getting pictures, and thermals and everything this thign has on the movements of the Canners on the ground." He sits back, then looks to Jason. "Should be useful intel to get fresh back home."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Storm, Centerfold ." Her voice is harsh, even over the hissing of in-atmo radio systems. "That wasn't a gods-damned request."

[Into the Wireless] Holtz is silent for a moment. Perhaps a moment too long. But finally he replies. "Storm copies. RTB." There's a muffled string of Tauran cursing that ends abruptly as he cuts off the circuit.

[Into the Wireless] Maia says, "Teatime, Centerfold. Copy."

Jason nods a little as he hears that, keeping the Raptor climbing as he listens to what's being said. "Live to fight another day…" he remarks, before he adds, "And the intel is a good thing, that's true.

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Teatime, Dolly. Copy that. Heading back to the barn."

Warren doesn't seem happy as he keeps formation with Atia, but hell if that matters. Atia's ordered an RTB and he trusts her, thats what matters, plus orders are orders and he stars following her out.

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Stabraider with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Ygraine suppresses Slashraider with Ecm. <successful>

<COMBAT> Hateraider attacks Atalanta with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Greg suppresses Hateraider with Ecm. <unsuccessful>

<COMBAT> Slashraider attacks Atalanta with KEW and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Stabraider attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!

Luckily, none of the Colonial ships have taken engine damage, though a couple of them have taken hits just about everywhere else. A moment after Teatime's orders go out, afterburners begin to flare one by one as the Colonials reverse course and turn back from whence they came. The final three Heavy Raiders make only a half hearted attempt to pursue; blue KEW tracers flash past Bennett's Raptor and bracket Atalanta's Viper, but neither are hit by the sporadic fire. They don't get a second chance, as the Vipers and Raptors are soon out of range, on their way to return to Orion — and carry news of the latest Cylon incursion to their superiors.

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