AWD #236: Sparring Time
Sparring Time
Summary: Lleufer wanders into the Fitness Center to work out at the heavy bag, or find a partner to spar against.
Date: 30/08/2013 (OOC Date)
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Fitness Center, Deck 3, Battle Star Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
August 30th, 2005

From the rec room, through the rec hall, a Marine comes walking. Lleufer's carrying his boots and a small carry bag. He's bare foot, stripped hallway down to pants and sleeveless undershirt with dog tags. Each of his hands have been lightly taped in prep to use the heavy bag. New pink flesh snakes up his left arm where something nasty had ripped him up, now healing or freshly healed. As soon as he comes into the Fitness Center, the MP puts down his bag and boots to glance around and see if anyone's in here.

Warren slips in as Bennett is still sissy slapping the hell out of one of the bags. He smirks watching her a moment, "Pretending thats me eh?" He chuckles heading on over towards her, "I mean if you wanted to him me you could have just asked you know?"

Bennett finishes the jab, cross, elbow combo she'd been in the midst of when Warren walked in, and steps back from the bag to catch her breath. Palms on her thighs, bent forward slightly at the waist and panting softly, she looks up and over at the approaching viper jock and grins. "I am not sure it's considered hitting, when you hurt yourself more than your target," she opines self-deprecatingly. She then spots the marine entering, and looks his way for a few moments before dropping her gaze to the mat and trying to catch her breath.

Lleufer leaves his stuff there except to pick out a rubber ball from his bag which he takes up into his left hand. That he squeezes as he comes over, "I see I need to wait my turn at the bag. Even'n, Captain, Lieutenant. I think a few others are about to come in from the other room. Maybe we can get some sparring going?"

Warren chuckles a bit, glancing over to Lleufer, "Hey good to see you up and about" He looks back to Bennett and smirks, "So when you hit me I should say stop hitting yourself?" He glances over towards Lleufer again with a grin, "Bringing a party too? Man trying to catch up on everything you were missing while you were in that chair?"

Bennett huffs softly at Warren, and steps up to the bag again. "I would not go that far," she murmurs, though her irritation with him seems good-natured enough. She absently fixes the tape on her left palm, and then goes in for another flurry of strikes: jab, jab, jab, then both hands grasp the bag and hold it in place for a vicious slam of her knee. She's frustrated about something, but her form is wobbly. "Maybe," she tells Lleufer without looking over. Jab, jab, jab in a rhythmic pattern. "I will be finished in a moment. I do not think I am up to sparring against anyone, Sergeant; I'm afraid I would not put up much of a fight." She slants him an apologetic smile.

"Hell yeah," the Aerilon Marine answers Warren, "Been to Caprica and back since I ditched that chair. Doc put me on some good stuff." Lleu squeezes that ball in his left hand but can't get his little finger to do it, though it does move slightly. "Need to rebuild strength in my left leg and arm but I'm work'n on it." He watches Bennett trying her dangest to beat up the heavy bag and how her balance is sort of all over the place. "I'd be glad to teach you. Be good for me too, to get back on top of my game."

Warren watches Bennett a moment as he slowly circles around her, "Fair enough." He does move in and grab the bag to steady it as she pounds away at it. "Ah so you were part of all that eh? Nice. Good on ya for getting back in the saddle with that. Hell yeah for jumping in the deep end," he says to Lleufer as Bennett jabs away at the bag.

With more time on her hands now that she's not always walking around with a Viper book in her face, Maia is already dressed in her sweats and tank top combo, the hoody nowhere in sight. Her tags are tucked into her shirt so they make very little noise as she steps through the hatch of the fitness center. Seeing the group of familiar faces assembled, she walks over wearing an easy smile. "Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant." Greeting them each at a time. "Did I hear someone say spar?"

Bennett looks over to the pair at mention of Caprica, then away again. Brows furrow slightly, and she backs off from the bag to try out a few kicks. These, at least, play off her natural grace and athleticism even if she's clearly not received training beyond what was required in basic. "Yes, the Sergeant here helped to bring down President Adar," she murmurs in between a quick roundhouse, crescent kick combo that likely challenges Warren's ability to maintain his grip on the bag. She's a little distracted at the moment, and doesn't immediately greet the arriving Maia.

Lleufer did chime in about going somewhere and back again since he's been working on his recovery, but he's not really keen on talking about Caprica except to say, "Captin here got our asses back out again." Bennett didn't reply to his offer. So while she's working on the heavy bag, Lleu turns his attention to Maia when she walks in, "Lieutenant. Yeah, I was offer'n if I could find anyone to pair up with. Otherwise I'll go hit the pool instead and wait my turn at the bag."

Warren snaps his head back as one of the kicks come where he wasn't quite expecting it. He raises an eyebrow at Bennett as he works at maintaining his grip on the bag for her and not get hit. "Hey Centerfold. Yeah the Sergeant is looking for some action I think," he says even as he watches Bennett, trying not to get hit, as well as trying to figure out whats going on with her.

"Oh yeah?" Impressed with that, Maia looks between the Sergeant and the Captain. "You both had something to do with that? Nicely done you guys." Taking no offense to the absence of a greeting from Bennett, she grins at Lleu. "I'll spar with you, if you're interested?" Shifting her gaze back to the Lieutenant, she smiles. "Looks like you're getting a workout too. Nice kick, Captain."

Bennett pivots so she's facing away from the bag, and whips a savage kick at it with the heel of her foot to end her workout. And then she takes a few steps away, panting hard, and reaches up to run her fingers through her hair and tame the flyaways clinging to her sweaty skin. "No, please, I'm finished, Sergeant. It's all yours." Blue eyes cut quickly toward Lleufer, and she happens to catch sight of Maia as well. There's a smile for her squadmate, and a blush at the compliment. "Hello there, Lieutenant."

Lleufer might watch Bennett over there, picking up on her mood himself. He glances back to Maia and offers her a hint of a smile, "Sure. I'm trying to get strength and flexability back into my arm and leg. And the practice is always good, even if I wasn't." Already bare foot and down to sleeveless undershirt and pants, the Jarhead walks on out onto the matts. "Don't think I have sparred with you before, Maia. You good?" Lleu motions that she can come at him at any time, himself standing watchful to study how she moves.

Warren gets pushed back a bit with that last kick and lets out a oof. He raises an eyebrow at her again and moves away from the bag as Bennett seems to be finished. He glances over at Maia and Lleufer as they seem to get ready to spar, "Try to go easy on him Maia, looks bad when you beat up heros." He chuckles a bit even as he moves over towards Bennett as he does so he lowers his voice "You ok?"

Broadening her smile, Maia nods at the greeting from Bennett. "Looks like the bag had a good workout." At the acceptance from Lleu, she walks over to one of the lockers to don the protective gear for the spar. "It's a good way to limber up again." Lifting a single shoulder, she heads out to the mat. "I can hold my own, it's something I do as often as I can." Looking back over that same shoulder she just shrugged, she grins back at Bennet then Warren. "Sure thing, Warren. I'll go easy," she teases in return. Once on the mat, she stretches, loosening up a bit. "You throw first, Hero."

Bennett steps off the mat, and looks up as Warren approaches to speak with her. Smiling easily, she touches his arm and assures him, "Yes, I am fine. Thank you for holding the bag for me. I guess I need some practice." She isn't terrible, she's just untrained, for the most part. Once she reaches her bag, she pulls out her towel and scrubs it over her face and throat. Her tanks, too, are dotted with sweat; a purple sports bra is barely visible beneath.

"Don't call me that." He eyes them, not liking that nick name at all. "Especially not in light of the fact that a member of my team died." Other than having taped his hands, Lleu's done nothing to put on protective gear, but then he's a Marine. He'd prefer /her/ to start, but lady's choice. The Aerilon moves in and to feel her out, he tries something simple. A close with a quick double jab to see how fast Maia is and what she knows. Lleu's watchful yet, and not sure how his arm'll hold up so he's being a little cautious while he warms up.

Warren chuckles at Maia's comment a moment before looking to Bennett. He looks skeptical at what Bennett says. He glances over to the spar going on, "Go Centerfold." He glances back to Bennett a moment "Yeah…" He glances over towards the door to the pool before reaching over and tapping her on the shoulder and motioning towards the pool area before heading in that direction himself.

Eyes flicker over him in surprise. "I'm sorry, I hadn't heard." Maia is remorseful of her thoughtlessness if her expression is any indication. Still, she has her guard on. As soon as the sparring begins, she's got her knees bent, shoulders squared and arms up in preparation for defense. As soon as he double jabs, she's able to have her arm there in time to block and follows with an explorative move of her own, feinting a right hook but following through with her elbow instead. Hearing the cheering, she grins. "Thanks, Toast."

Bennett tucks the towel back into her bag and pulls out a bottle of water, which is uncapped and brought to her lips for a long drink while she studies the match that's beginning nearby. There is no cheering from the sidelines from her, though she's likely interested in seeing how her fellow bus driver will fare. Then Warren distracts her with a tap on the shoulder, and she bends to fetch her bag, and trail after him. "I hope you are not planning on a swim, Lieutenant.." can be heard from her softly as they wander off.

Warren leaves, heading toward the Pool [PL].

Bennett leaves, heading toward the Pool [PL].

Lleufer gives Maia a curt nod in acknowledgement of her apology. "It's all right. Chase was a good Marine." His jabs were blocked but he's not phased. The hook is more telegraphed than a jab. Lleu dodges it cleanly and stepping back, he snaps a frontal kick aimed for her right hip, "Got our job done, that's what counts." His pale eyes are intent upon her, mostly watching her own eyes rather than what her hands are doing. Peripherally, the Marine can also see how Maia's shoulders move which speaks of the rest of her body. Where her eyes look and what her balance is at any given moment.

"Can't say I knew who it is, but any fallen comrade is sad." Maia concentrates on what he does, watching for any movement, meeting his eyes. It seems they are almost fairly matched. When he moves, she notices the almost imperceptible movement and moves to block but isn't quick enough to avoid the hit, but she is just shifted enough so that it doesn't hurt. Her lips curve into a smile as she continues to study him. Trying to feint once more with a swing of her left hand, she kicks with her right foot instead, going for his side.

Ah, the feint is good, very good! But lifting her leg changes her whole body more than the movement of the hand and it's that he tracks on. Lleu bares his teeth in a quick, feral smile, "You are good." He twists though, the kick missing him without touching. The MP drops suddenly, taking his weight onto his right leg and tries a foot sweep with his left, his left hand going up for a jab at her gut (more for distraction than for anything else) while his right hand briefly keeps his balance. Can he trip her up and take her down?

Not good enough, Maia knows what she is doing wrong but can't seem to help it. So after her kick is blocked, she takes a moment to breathe in, centering herself while still in the defensive stance. His compliment draws soft laughter from her, but her focus is still on him. With the sweep, she manages to catch his intention in time to jump over the leg while taking the light jab to her middle. "Tricky, tricky," the smile curving her lips now is one of admiration. Since he's in an odd predicament after the leg sweep, Maia goes for a sweep of her own to his right hand that's trying to keep him balanced.

He is full of tricks. Not so much dirty ones as hopefully creative ones. His leg has no sooner swept past then Lleufer intentionally continues the motion and rolls across the floor entirely, coming back up in a long practiced motion to regain his feet. It means that arm is quickly not where Maia expected it. He straightens up out of her reach, and her out of his. He flashes a grin at her, "I like sparring with you, Lieutenant." He takes a step back in and feints with a jab with his left but Lleu's real intention is to suddenly step in /real/ close with the second step and try to place his foot /behind/ her heel, then simply shove on Maia's shoulder to put her weight off balance. If he succeeds, it's an almost guaranteed fall for her. A touch of jiu jitsu subtlety.

Suddenly the arm isn't there and it throws her off balance so when Maia completes the sweep, she's already almost falling down. Barely does she manage to get straightened before he's right upon her, close enough she could smell his brand of toothpaste if she so desired and as soon as the foot is in place behind hers, she already knows it's too late for a counter move. His push does indeed guarantee a fall for her and she goes back on her back unable to use her feet to catch herself she falls flat on her back and it knocks the breath out of her. But she's not down without a fight! While she's there she twists in an attempt to scissor her legs around his and trip him and make him fall along with her.

And damn it, no sooner than he gets the satisfaction than Maia's snagged his good leg! His right foot is tangled and pulled out from under him and Lleu's weight is suddenly on his bad leg. Dirty pool! But all's fair in love and war, or something like that. His arms go out to try and throw his balance back but it's too late. 200 lbs of Marine hits the floor, half on top of Maia! Whoa, that's not all together too bad. Now this is still fun! Sergeant Ynyr does his best to use that advantage to get firmly over her and pin Maia while he might have the chance - unless she proves wiggly and fast enough to throw him off.

When she notices he was coming down, Maia comes to the sudden crushing realization. She'd failed to aim so well and when he falls, she attempts to move out of the way only to move directly into his path. When solid man lands on her, the breath she had lost and regained earlier is gone again… for a few different reasons. Oh. Whoa. Suddenly there is a Marine above her and Maia forgets to even fight back even when he moves to pin her down. Umm.. Forcing breath into her lungs, she still doesn't try to move him off her, but she does give him an uncertain smile. "You win.." The words still breathless.

Wow, laying there with her golden hair all spilled around on the floor. Lleufer studies Maia for a long moment, then reaches a hand over to lightly pinch her nose, "There, took my reward." He then gets up carefully and offers her a hand up, "Where'd you learn to fight hand to hand like that, Lieutenant? You do a Marine MP proud."

Seeing his studying gaze doesn't alleviate her uncertainty and when he withdraws from her she breathes easier.. literally and figuratively. The pinch to her nose has her crinkling it with amusement and she takes his hand for the assistance, standing. "It's one of my favorite pastimes. I just practice a lot. Thanks though.. you're very challenging. I wonder how tough it'll be by the time you're fully healed."

Lleufer smiles, a little sweaty, "What I lack is my former strength and endurance. After my less than steller performance on Caprica hand to hand with a civie cop, I think I got a little lucky tonight. So thanks for humoring me, Lieutenant." He skims a hand through his shorn hair and turns to start walking back to the bench. The Marine starts to remove the tape from his hands, "I should hit the pool and the mess hall before rack."

"If you ever need a sparring partner, I'm around anytime." Maia assures, already removing the gloves and other protective gear. "Humoring you? Is that what you really think? I don't like losing but when I do, I only want it to be against someone superior, and that's what happened. You're talented, Sergeant." Walking towards the locker when he walks towards the bench, she deposits the gear and reaches for her towel. "I'm going to the head and skipping mess before I crash See you around, yeah?"

Lleufer huffs a breath and half turns to look back at her, "I could have used some of that talent back on Caprica, instead of having to resort to shooting that civie cop, Lieutenant. But, thanks. I'll be around. Have a good evening." Lleu digs out his swim trunks and towel - he'll need to hit the showers himself before mess. But first, a good work out in the pool for a while.

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