AWD #030: Souvenirs
Summary: A newly pinned Holtz visits Ygraine in the recovery ward, while Augie talks to his newest possession.
Date: 06/02/2013
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Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
IC Date

Today is an exciting day for Yggy. Not only are the bandages off of her arms (she's got some impressive claw scars), but the bandage on her neck has been downgraded to a lighter dressing, and she's expected to be signed out for light duty at some point before the day's over. Her morpha drip is down to its lightest dose, so she's fairly alert as she sits in her bed, an ignored magazine in her lap as she perks every time a doctor comes by, hoping they'll be the ones with her paperwork.

There's a new presence in the ward, but it's not a doctor, but rather a blue-uniformed pilot. Holtz is back in the recovery ward, and he starts making his way towards Ygraine's bed once he locates her and sees she's awake. As he draws close, provided she's not out of it from the morpha it won't likely take her long to realize he's traded his lieutenant's rank pins for those of a captain. "I don't know what they taught you in survival training," he notes dryly, "but when I went through they were still teachin' that wrestlin' with the local wildlife was a bad idea." He grins.

Ygraine's eyes go big as saucers, and she leans forward in the bed, reaching out out to try and tug the large man closer so she can inspect his pins. "They're so shiny." she says admiringly, adding, "'Captain' is way sexier than 'Lieutenant'. Pie said he'd be promoting you after we got rescued. Congratulations, Captain Holtz." It's the first time she's called him his name properly, and with rank attached.

"Oh, yer so shiny, Bobanoid." Augie says from his head, studying the head of the Centurion he used the breach shotgun last night. "Ya should be a Captain too. Captain Bobanoid Ahead." he snickers and he sticks the remains of his cigar in the Centurions blown open jaw line and gives Ygraine a grin. "I'm just frakkin with ya, Shakes. Congrats, Captain type." he offers to Storm casually.

Holtz doesn't stop Ygraine from getting grabby, a bemused expression on his face as she examines his collar. Yup, those are captain's pins all right. "You knew, did you? Might've warned me," he admonishes her, but he's not serious. That grin spreading wider across his face makes that much clear, and he bends down to kiss her. Then there are other voices, and Holtz looks over to see Augie. "Thanks." He quirks an eyebrow at the beat-up Centurion head. "Souvenir?" is asked dryly.

Ygraine actually looks genuinely surprised when Kurt kisses her, the public display of affection completely unexpected. Okay, then! "Well, you know. The docs kept me here because I'm so damn entertaining, and apparently neck wounds are the new black." She chuckles, giving Augie the finger and adding enviously, "I want one of those." Meaning the Centurion head.

Neck wounds are so in fashion right now, cause Augie is sporting the new accessory too, which means that it's probably already a fashion no no to get hit in the neck. Of course, it probably doesn't help he has the matching necklace hole in his chest and the bracelet holes in his arms to match! "Yeah, bitch got frisky with me last night. We had just broken the seal on that refinery ship and fell right into a group of Cylons. The Major and the Marines, they all start shootin. Me? I'm frakkin cray cray so I charge the damn thing with my breach rifle." he says as he holds the head up towards the love-birdeco. "We were all in foreplay and shit. After I hit him the chest with my axe, he gave me a hell of a hickey and I stuck my breach rifle in his head and blew it off. Just to prove that mine was bigger than his." he guffaws loudly. "Shit felt goooooood, man." he says, leaning back as he sets down the head again and snorts at Ygraine. "Git yer own, this one's my ashtray."

Augie sticks two fingers under his jaw and mimes pulling a trigger, rocking his own head back as an example of how that worked. Morpha, man, is there nothing it can't make better?

Holtz laughs at Augie's story. "Sorry I missed it," he deadpans, recalling the skirmish over Vesta where they'd originally found the refinery ship. It doesn't seem to dampen his mood, though, and the smile doesn't seem to be feigned or forced as he slides a chair over next to Ygraine's bed. "Yeah, I noticed," he says drolly to the blonde woman. "Hell of a way to get time off, yeah?"

Ygraine snorts. "As if I wouldn't get my own. Trust me Augie, if I was asking for it from you, I'd ask it for you direct. I'm just saying, I want my own." She then looks over at Holtz with a grin. "I'm actually glad you came to visit me now and not yesterday or the night they brought me in. You might have fainted from all the blood, or taken advantage of my blissed out morpha state to ask me all kinds of highly inappropriate questions." She extends her arms in front of her, eyeing the stitches that are soon to be scars and trying not to look like she's bothered by them. She is, a little bit. "They're not so bad, are they?"

Augie snorts. "It ain't yer arms the guys look at, Ygraine." he points out with a chuckle as he leans back on the chair. "If it had cut yer milkjugs wide open, then ya could be worried. Just wear long sleeves and a button up down the front." So helpful.

"'Cause I've never seen blood before, yeah?" Holtz touches the back of his hand to his forehead with a mock gasp. He looks down at her collection of scars. "Considering you still have both arms… " His tone briefly changes to a mild rebuke. "… they could be worse. Besides, makes you look tough." A chuckle at the DCO's words. "Well, can't rightly tell 'im he's wrong, can you?" he asks with a rueful smile.

Augie receives the benefit of another upraised middle finger from the young woman from Leonis, and she scrunches her nose at Holtz. "Suppose, but you know it's Augie." A sly look in the other man's direction, "He has such a way with words." She looks back up at Holtz, her tone gone quieter. "You and Pie talk about getting Janitor, after he gave you the pins?"

"Shit, I wish. Ducks ain't dragged me into a closet in a while." Augie mutters, and closes his eyes as he leans against the pillows. "I'm gonna try to get some shuteye. Keep the guttural cries and the caterwaulin of each other's name all lustily down to a dull roar."

"Yeah, well, so do I. Part of my charm," Holtz deadpans at Ygraine. His voice goes down a couple notches as Augie leans back in his bed across the room. "Nothin' all that specific, no. But we're gonna get him, though. Nobody's all that keen on leavin' him to the toasters' tender mercies, yeah?" Storm shakes his head. "All I know is Petra and Sheperd are tellin' me they've no intention of leaving 'im down there. As long as it happens, that's good enough for me."

Ygraine says, "Good enough for me too." Yggy says firmly. "Phinny's more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, so I'll make sure he stays calm." After a moment she adds, "You're gonna get a new viper pilot soon. They're keeping him under obs right now, but I think he'll be released soon. Petra's working on his transfer soon. He's called Agrippa. Don't know his callsign. Kinda glum, but not like, Dash levels of glum.""

Augustus is soon asleep. And in his sleep, him and Ceres are lopping through a field of wildflowers and then utterly destroying an army of Cylons, stacking them like cord-wood before he climbs on top of the pile and Ceres ejects from her Viper in a pair of crotchless panties and a peekaboo bra and landing in his arms. "Hail to the Cigar, baby." She coos, and they start making out with nukes exploding in the far distance. Awww yeah.

Holtz snorts at the reference to 'Phinny'. "Not sure what he's got to be nervous about, but please do. Last thing I need is my wingman tweaking the frak out in the cockpit." A nod. "Yeah… that the kid I saw in here the other day? Asked Petra about him, as a matter of fact. Squad's lookin' a mite thin these days. I'll take anyone I can get my hands on."

"He's friends with Janitor. But he won't tweak, promise." Ygraine hastily reassures Holtz. "He's just a fretter, is all." She looks over at Augie. "Oh, gods. If he pops a boner under the blanket, I'm gonna be traumatized for life."

No, Augie doesn't build a bivouac for six with the blanket, but he does have a rather good smile on his face. So serene and peaceful.

"Well. I'll keep an eye on 'im," Holtz says as he slowly rises to his feet. He looks to the exit, and back to Ygraine. "Time I got movin' along." Reaching down, his hand brushes against hers. "Let me know if you need anything, Shakes, yeah? And tell the docs they're gonna have to deal with me if they don't cut you loose soon." He winks down at the woman as he turns to leave.

Again, PDA. Ygraine is a little startled by it, but she doesn't fuss. "I'm supposed to be out today on light duty." She makes a face. "And I'm supposed to take it easy. They don't want me poppin' the neck stitches." Given that leaves out certain activities, it makes her slightly cranky. "Go on, get…Captain."

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