AWD #253: Sorry to Have Bothered You
Sorry to Have Bothered You
Summary: Conversation in the observation doe goes rapidly downhill.
Date: 16/Sep/2013
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Mahasti Toby 
Observation Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armoured plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
AWD #253

Mahasti is quiet, settling to curl her weight in a hair, sitting reading a medical book. Her legs curled under her ass as she quietly contemplates her readings. She writes a note down on a note pad, humming softly. Calm, faint, very elegant violin music is buzzing near her from a small CD player - borrowed likely. She seems to very much be enjoying her study time.

Freshly showered, clean and ready for whatever the day may bring, Toby swings by the observation deck before his shift. It's a place he enjoys for it's quiet and while the cd player registers as a vague annoyance as he enters, the quick glance to Mahasti, the obvious 'owner', leads him to decide to simply ignore it. As such he makes his way towards his original destination without interruption and leans one shoulder against the glass as he silently takes in the view.

Mahasti eyes Toby, turning her music off quietly. "Hello Toby." she offers, voice soft, her expression dulling as she returns to her medical book. "Did you sleep well?" she asks, voice a little weak compared to normal, as if she's only talking to him out of etiquette.

Toby ducks his head away from the view to turn and glance to Mahasti as she addresses him. With his hands in his pockets he makes no other move but replies quietly, even though the place is neigh on empty, "morning Doctor." There's a brief pause as he searches for some kind of hidden meaning behind the question but once he's decided it's harmless enough he gives a very faint nod of his head.

Mahasti doesn't have the temperament to hide meaning when going through small talk. "Eating well?" she asks, curiously, taking a moment to pull her coffee mug up to her lips to take a small dainty sip. "It is quite a day, I suppose. I heard it is nice on Piraeus today." she offers, calmly, fingers adjusting her hair carefully.

That particular question causes Toby to tilt his head a fraction. He'd skipped breakfast and momentarily wonders if that's related, but then, quickly, he figures it to just be another of the normal doctor questions that Mahasti so often asks. Apparently not feeling any need to make expansive answers he offers another short nod then glances towards the planet, managing the massively conversational, "looks like."

Mahasti frowns "You really don't like me these days, should I piss off?" she asks, voice soft and a little concerned "I just keep offending you by trying to be nice and frankly its making me feel like maybe being kind was a miscalculation." she offers, her weight standing to pick up her CD player, packing things into her background quietly.

Toby turns fully towards Mahasti at that, so he's resting his back against the armoured glass. He still has his hands in his pockets and his expression hardens just a fraction. "You don't want to offend me Doc?" he asks, it's not quite a challenge, but there are certainly hints of it in his tone. "Okay then, here's a few pointers for you. Firstly, get over the fact that your family were rich and you had a privileged upbringing. There's no shame in it, it happens, but bleating on about how it isn't true really doesn't endear you to those of us who didn't." Pausing to wet his lips his eyes don't even flinch away from her. "Secondly, do try not to insinuate that those of us who grew up with frak all did so because our parents were irresponsible with their money. Irresponsible with money is blowing everything within days of payday, it's not struggling to scrape by on two salaries, neither of which are worth more than dust. Stretching what you have to get you through day to day, let along week to week or month to month." Pushing himself up from the glass he moves a little back into the centre of the room, although if he's aiming for Mahasti or the door it's unclear. His voice is now harder, and louder, evidence that she hit one hell of a nerve yesterday, and now again this morning. "Your Dad had a good education, a good job, you got to visit a load of places, good for you. You got a good education, well done for not wasting your advantages. I mean that, truly. Trying to pretend that that's in anyway the same as everyone else?" Looking faintly exasperated he glances to the floor a moment then back to the Doc, "how many times did you go hungry Doc? How often did you end spending days kicking around in the dirt as a kid because there was nothing else to do? I'm guessing you didn't, I'm guessing that Daddy was always there to bail you out of trouble. Well, you know what, some of us never had that, some of us were shat on from every direction and when we tried to change that do you know what happened Doc? Do you?" Those last two words are almost yelled, one hand gesticulating wildly for added emphasis. "You know what they did Doc? They sen…" and then he cuts off abruptly. Dead stop. Thrusting his hand back into his pocket he drops his voice again, it's still hard, but it's normal conversational level. "Actually, you know what Lieutenant, never mind. You wouldn't understand anyway." And with that he turns on his heal and heads for the door, stating without looking back, "sorry to have bothered you."

Mahasti winces at his tone "I .. I'm sorry your life was hard and things are different. I'm very sorry for that." she offers, really, she had had an easy life and never ever had to worry about money, she didn't get spoiled with frivolous gifts and had been taught to be very careful with spending. Given Hedon had billionaires that she had attended school with, it isn't surprising she didn't consider herself well off, but she doesn't say much for now. Her hands nervously gripping the bag. "I never got into trouble." she admits, face focusing on the tile. "How could I know anything about you. You don't want me to know and I don't think prying would be appropriate." she seems a good deal worried about his hand gestures. "That isn't fair." she offers. "I never requested…" she shuts up there, trailing off, moving a hand to her face. « If I had stayed at Penrose in January none of this eternal punishment would have happened.» She mumbles to herself in Leonese, voice giving away hurt and starting for the door, not looking at Toby, not intending to hurt him any further since she obviously did previously. Her right hand is against her chest over her heart, left carrying her bag.

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