MD #127: Something Fishy Going Down
Something Fishy Going Down
Summary: Give someone a fish, and they eat that day. Teach someone how to steal the fish transport, and…
Date: 13/8/2017 (OOC Date)
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The frozen, mostly aquatic world of Aquaria.
Feb 28, 2049

The Marines are all dressed up and they definitely have somewhere to go. The fleet will be putting it first combat boots of this part of the war on Aquaria. They never landed during the second war and today there are only a few things worth noting about the planet: Its got a lot of Skath apparently fishing and there's people alive down there. Stealing a transport without a Skath carrier in orbit should be a piece of cake, right?

The two Raptors jumped into low orbit and descended, coming in towards the continent at wave-top level. It took about an hour, but it was necessary to keep things nice and unexpected. Command couldn't risk a transport taking off and hitting Marines diving or helpless in parachutes. No, the Raptors run in quickly and make their way up a canyon towards the mountain ranges. The Raptor pair ends up landing near the saddle of a mountain pass that will still place them five hours hike from the town of Heim, where the huge fishing boats seem based out of.

When the Marines step off the Raptor, the wind is whipping at 20+ knots and its biting cold against the exposed skin. Low clouds means that if they climb much higher in altitude, their visiblity will cut to about 100 feet. Luckily the coast isn't -that- far and its mostly down hill. The light snowflakes blowing across the air tell them that either more snow is coming or its just finished falling. Given the sheer amount of snow and the crag of rocks around them, its impossible to tell.

Stone is indeed doing his best to make sure that he stay warm. Being in the proper gear for this mission. As the marines all get off he will stay nearby, having done his usual check through on all his gear. Letting the others take lead with him getting to just stand watch and wait for all others to get ready to move out.

PFC Leander, the security dog handler, has also found himself assigned for the mission. The MP is decked out in cold-weather ground combat gear and carrying a rifle for this one, and his canine partner is fully kitted out as well. Prax the German Shepherd wears a padded vest and a harness, allowing the dog to carry its own provisions and some chemical warming packs. The Private is quiet on the ride over and the dog is lying at his feet with its harness secured to the seat. Once they're down the pair disembarks by the numbers, and Leander pulls his balaclava up over his lower face to keep out the cold. "I'm guessing this is why not many people ever lived on Aquaria," he remarks to no one in particular. Prax stays close to his heels, but the dog is clearly excited about the outdoor smells, even as it squints into the bitter cold wind. Leander checks over the group and locates Randy. "You want us up front, Lieutenant?" he volunteers.

Rance is enjoying this immensely. He gets to go shoot at exotic badguys in far away lands and he doesn't have to be responsible for anything except not shooting his own people. Easy. Dressed in the white gear, he's got the hoodie drawn tight and the facemask makes him hard to identify except for the black sunglasses. Boots crunch through the snow and he shivers. "Hoooo. I think I now understand the exact temperature of a witches titty." The safety on the rifle is flicked to Auto and he runs the charging bolt while his eyes survey the terrain in front of them.

Having checked his gear a few times already, Fischer gets out with the others, grimacing momentarily at the cold. Taking a few moments to cover his face properly, he shakes his head at Rance's words, but turns to watching their surroundings, keeping himself ready for any possible approaching trouble.

As soon as he comes aboard and sees his wife is piloting one of the Raptors, Lleufer Ynyr stops for a second to give Bennett a big smile with teeth and a thumbs up. "Like old times, Major." Then the Gunnery Sergeant makes his way back to park his ass and strap in for the ride. Everything else is mission business as usual, being professional. Soon as they are coming down to the LZ, Lleu tugs down his balaclava and adjusts his goggles to protect his Arpay eyes against glare and freezing wind. His Arpay ears are covered both by the balaclava and partly by his helmet. Soon as the Raptor door opens, the Gunnery Sergeant is among the first ones to strike boots to snow and secure their immediate perimeter and await Flynn's orders. Light machine gun in hand, eyes and ears sharply attentive.

Randy has been quiet the entire trip. The Aquarian hasn't set boots on the planet for something like almost thirty years, but she remembers the reports of the war torn planet, a casualty of not enough resources. She remembers too much and quickly tries to banish it from her mind as she flips on her headcam. Even being gone so many years, the terrain feels familiar to her, warm where it is harsh and uninviting to strangers. She's home. When her boot crunches down on the rocky soil, she breathes deep, feeling sting of cold rush down into her lungs, the wind rushing through her baklava. Frak it's cold. The climate puts her in her place. "Aye," she nods to Leander. "Ynyr, you with them, don't want you praying and spraying behind anyone. Rance, you're in the rear with me. Everyone else fall in." She looks at the sky, trying to read the old signs, but it's getting her nowhere. "We should get moving if we're going to make Heim." She's got snowshoes strapped to her pack.

With sun shades on that protect her eyes from wind and the glare of the sunlight, Palermo has the facemask snugged down around her head, the ends tucked down into the neck of her article combat gear. Any exposed skin is also smudged with a bit of non-reflective cammo that, in this case, doubles as an extra layer between skin and the cold air. The marine works her hands inside the gloves, keeping her hands warm as she checks over the placement of her gear one more time, the load out being a known factor, the only difference being how ridiculous cold it is. Behind the sun glasses her eyes squint, head moving then twisting slightly from side to side to get a good look around, knees flexing as she stomps her feet against the cold, rifle held ready between her hands.

Whoo! He's not on drag this time, thank you very much! Lleufer gives Randy a curt nod, "Yes, sir." And moves up to join Leander and Prax to take point, and get them moving.

Gear was checked, then rechecked on occasion as the trip goes. It was all good, but it kept him busy. So when Samuel lands with the rest of the squad, he's got a bit of energy to him. His winter gear is heavy duty, so the only thing anyone sees on the muscle bound heavy weapons specialist is his rifle, gear web, and the missile launcher on his back as he falls in with the squad. "Yes, Sir," is the only words given as he checks the surrounds himself, his rifle in-hand now.

Despite her role as the token pilot in this little heist, Major Ynyr - not to be confused with her marine counterpart - has armed herself with a standard CMC rifle in addition to her sidearm. With the arctic gear and goggles strapped on over her flight suit, helmet stowed in her rucksack for the time being, she's basically indistinguishable from the other marines. After taking a quick look around to gain the lay of the land, she flicks her gaze Lleufer's way and curves a quick smile in reciprocation. "Indeed." But on the field, they've always been businesslike, and today is no exception. She lingers only a moment, and then prepares to follow orders and move out.

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Palermo rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Knox rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Samuel rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Stone rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Leander rolls Alertness: Success.

The pass and the trip down it is, well, relatively uneventful - from the intel the Fleet gathered, it sounded like the Skath and the Aquarians were focused on the coastline and busy with fishing - like anything else is going to live in this? Whereas Colonial tourism might have had skiiers up here facing the double-diamond slopes, its pretty clear no one has been up here in a very long time. In fact, the only unnatural sign at all really is a small device stuck in the ground that Bennett and Stone pick out far enough off for the team to avoid, that on closer inspection simply seems to be an avalanche monitoring station, so the landing pads below don't have to worry about the Skath needing to evacuate anything. Considering who is probably watching it…good idea to give it a wide berth.

With that little cautionary point avoided, visibility clears up further the closer the team gets to the surrounding foothills, and provides a little better view of the area below: Short, sturdy little houses, squat and braced to insulate against the cold, clustered against the shoreline and against a wide expanse of open space being used as the fishing processing plants and off-world transportation…perhaps a dozen large, flat expanses build to support heavy cargo ships…each pad roughly 100 meters across, with a small shack-like building next to it that personnel occassionally step into or out of. Large heavy loading vehicles trail their way back and forth between the pads and a larger building at the waterfront where the massive fishing ships dock and presumably unload their cargo. Its unclear what processing might happen between there and then the cargo boxes that the loaders are taking out of the other side, and carrying onto the ships, but the Skath clearly have a very active assembly line going. Its a little hard from this distance to pick out individuals, but it at least gives a good idea of the flow of activity.

Stone does usually try to be observant. So the unknown object is indeed noticed until they can figure out what it is. Continuing along the group, trying to keep an eye out for anything that he can see. At least having another pair of eyes nearby, in Palermo. Listening to all that the group has to say, but his gaze is completely focused on the surroundings.

Randy spots the sensor only after it is pointed out to her, but as much as it is in her nature to want to go poke and prod it to figure out how to disable it, she's been a mission lead a long time too, and she knows she can't indulge herself this time. Still, she looks back over her shoulder in the direction of the device one last time before focusing down on the pattern of activity laying out in front of her and the others. She pulls out her binoculars to look at the houses to see what kind of activity may be there, who these 'Aquarians' might be and if they are familiar to her. Last she heard, no one was living on Aquaria and most of the natives had been slaughtered or brainwashed. Still, some part of her hopes to see a familiar face, even under the tyranny of the Skath. She hates herself for it, but doesn't deny it, and considers their mission objective. "We should plan our escape first. We want to know how long till that ship takes off, how frequent are the ships, and square that away. But we also need to find out if there are friendly humans, hidden armaments, or more. Why the frak would Skath give a damn about fish?" She signals them down through the houses so they can get closer, but motions for them to stay along the outskirts to reduce chances of detection not happening on their terms. "Let's go."

Rance hears his name and looks back to Randy and flashes the Lieutenant a thumbs up. Nope, he doesn't need any other instruction. The guy brings up the rear and waits for everyone to move out and he lags behind, walking backwards at odd intervals, checking for anything out of place or someone following them. While they hike, he alternates between staying beside Randy and lagging behind. When they get closer to the town, he stays close to the LT like a security detail and keeps his yap trapped. When they finally stop, he turns and looks back the way they came before taking a knee.

"They don't exterminate their human populations, Sir. I'd bet good money this is an export for the other slave worlds." Samuel replies as they start going along the town. He keeps low, and keeps stealthy.

Even though they are all dressed in white snow gear, Lleufer attempts where reasonable to forge them a path downwards that isn't obviously in the open more than strictly necessary. Areas with some stone to break the show, or even better tree cover is preferable to open spaces. It may be that nobody is going to look upslope in their direction, but no need to take the chance. Ynyr pauses frequently, if briefly, to study the landscape and the people below them. The Gunnery Sergeant maintains radio silence as he moves along, spread a little distance from Leander with the dog so they aren't bunching up. Once in a while a glance over his shoulder to keep tabs on the rest of their party and in the event Randy should want his attention by silent gesture to direct their progress. When near enough, or over the radio, he listens to what Randy says. Then Lleu frowns, "Their clerics and their loyalists all need to be fed." His baritone low and he gives a slight nod to what Samuel says before he continues heading down, being ever more careful about choosing a path to conceal their approach.

"That," Bennett comments Samuel's way in a mild tone, "or it is not fish they are after." It's mere speculation though, and she continues to gaze through her binoculars for a time, chewing on the possibilities before tucking them away and falling back into formation. She's clearly had some survival training, which shouldn't be too surprising, and does a fairly good job of keeping up with the marines. Which isn't to say she wouldn't rather be in a cockpit right about now.

Moving through the cold terrain, Palermo keeps her gaze constantly sweeping around, taking in the landscape that they're moving through and casting frequent glances up toward the sky before back around again. She moving in tandem with Sgt Stone, stopping when he does or following his line of sight to spot the odd little device that's identified as an avalanche warning thing. Avalanche. Huh. That's a new one for a city girl from Caprica.

"Yes sir," Leander answers Randy, his voice muffled by the face mask. He waits until Lleufer is ready and gives the okay to set off. "Let's go," he then tells the dog, and Prax moves ahead eagerly. Sure it's colder than Hades, but they're off the ship! All the smells! The canine's training soon overrides the distraction, and the dog trots along next to the MP, alert for danger. Leander marches along at Gunney Ynyr's pace, the leash in his left hand and his right on the stock of the rifle that hangs from his vest. He gives the monitoring device a wide berth after it's pointed out by the more alert members of the group and continues downslope. He crouches down as soon as halt is called, eyeing the distant facilities with a low whistle. "Those are some big ships." Then it's off again, keeping slow, low, and quiet as they pick their way closer to the buildings.

Frowning a little as he listens, Fischer glances around rather carefully as he listens to what's being said. Nodding both at Samuel and Bennett, he frowns again as he does. "Both are likely theories so far, I'd say…" he offers, one hand going in the direction of where he'd have a notebook, if this was quite a distance away from here, both in time and place.

Even though its relatively light out, the settlement is NOT a hub of activity…after all, its freezing outside! The light forest runs right into the start of the settlement itself. The team can easily get within a few hundred meters of the first outlying buildings without even seeing signs of movement, while still taking advantage of trees and scrappy underbrush for cover. This close, most of the squat little buildings have frosted windows that glow from lights on inside, and smoke lazily trails up from most chimneys. Considering the number of stumps they've passed in the last 30 minutes, its not TOO hard to guess what they are using for light, even if they don't see any cut wood piles yet.

The team has a choice, in a manner of speaking - stick to the edge of the settlement and go around it to the processing plant and the edge of the landing field…or make their way THROUGH the settlement and shave off some travel time, but of course, stand a good chance of getting discovered on the way.

And because it was brought up: Of the 12 or so landing pads, 9 or 10 are ALWAYS occupied with a ship - a vacated pad doesnt seem to be empty for long, and in their trek down, one might estimate that transports land then take about 6 hours to load and refuel, then leave. More or less.

"Aye, like those arses don't know how to farm?" Randy looks skeptically to Samuel and then Lleu's backs. "My money is on something in the fish, not the fish themselves, or something else they're ravaging the seas for." She was a part of one deep water research expedition herself, but it wasn't anything groundbreaking, more just contracted research for some big company or other. Randy sounds grumpy enough already that it probably won't matter what the Skath are doing; she's not going to like it. She follows Lleu's lead on the path, not driving from the back seat so to speak. Once they get down to the towns, Randy pulls out some kind of tube from her pack. It bears no marks of Colonial origin, much like their gear, but there is clearly some kind of letter or folded card inside the frosted casing. It looks kind of like a capsule. Nothing was mentioned about this in the briefing, but she's near the back of the team. Who is to say they saw anything? She tucks it into a drift of snow between two residences and then signals for them to keep on along the outskirts, not passing through. Meanwhile, she keeps looking back to the ships, keeping an eye on the ones in their various stages and mouthing out time estimations to herself as she follows along with her rifle. She makes sure to record some of that action with the transports, their size, the various Skath presence before picking up the pace.

<FS3> Bennett rolls Alertness: Good Success.

The Seven seems pretty content to hang out at the rear and keep quiet. Nothing doin for him. This is exciting! Given he's at the back with Randy, he notices her messing with the pack and some kind of tube, but nothing else. He's watching angles. While they settle in he does manage to get comfortable despite the weather. Its not like anyone is going to pay much attention to yet another white lump in a sea of white lumps. Rance is a snowman on a snowball.

<FS3> Samuel rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Going along, Samuel makes sure to keep his footprints and general signature low. With no orders otherwise, he simply keeps following behind the point man, rifle at stand by.

Fischer nods as he listens. "Always good to add some fish to the diet…" he remarks, a brief moment of lightness," while moving along with the others, rifle kept ready as he looks around.

Nope, not a further word out of the Gunnery Sergeant. Lleufer has zero interest in getting into a debate. Instead he keeps silent and focused on their mission. Command can worry about the details. It's his job to keep them out of sight and moving, real watchful for anything that looks like motion detectors, security cameras, watch towers, weapons emplacements and that sort of thing. Also tracks in the snow that might indicate where people might pop up unexpectedly who weren't in sight before. In the trees, Ynyr begins to lead them towards the landing and loading pads, stopping behind cover from time to time to listen and be watchful, planning their route, before he proceeds to a new objective a little further along.

Leander cocks an ear to the hushed conversation about what the Skath are really up to here, taking a quick moment to swap out the warming packs on the dog's harness and check its feet while they're halted. Then he waits for word to move out again, following the Lieutenants direction and Lleufer's lead as they skirt the settlement.

Bennett also seems to be making some mental calculations with regards to how long each ship is taking to load, and how many are grounded and airborne at any moment. Not to mention whether they have any armaments or other obvious means of defense. "We should formulate a plan for egress before the proverbial shit hits the fan, Flynn," she chimes up with a smile, as she wends her way between trees heaped with windblown snow to the leeward sides of their trunks. "Also, I would like to get a better look at what sort of crew complement we are dealing with aboard each boat."

Carefully peeling back the edge of one sleeve to eye the non-reflective surface of the wrist watch tightened down, Palermo makes note of the time and eyes the launch pads, sets a timer to work with then tugs the cuff back into place. This done, the marine eyes the drifting snow that's stirred up by each marine that moves, along with the snow that drifts anyway, because that's what snow does - in her limited experience.

Stone doesn't speak up nor really do much other than he's told to. Contiuing on with the rest of them. Studying whatever they can spot.

<FS3> Petra rolls 6: Good Success.

Making their way carefully around the settlement, the gusts of snow-filled wind occassionally carry louder noise from the landing pads as they get closer, a few raised voices, and the sounds of loaders shoving huge boxes around. They're maybe about halfway around the settlement, getting a good look at the edge of the processing center, when the team hears little footsteps. Not exactly being stealthy, so everyone has PLENTY of time to duck for cover before a small figure steps out from between two of the buildings. All bundled up, this has to be a teenager or REALLY tiny human, grunting to herself (himself? Hard to tell with all that padding). Clearly they don't see the team as they stalk out to a small pile of wood lumped against the side of one building, and pulling firewood from it. A couple of uncomplimentary words in Standard escape her until a louder voice erupts from back where she came, "Damnit Lara, move your ass!" Whatever she might have said gets drowned out by a transport that takes off and flies directly overhead, which she glares up at, waits a moment, then gripes, "I said Im coming! YOU come out and freeze your ass off!" then muttered, "Cranky frakker."

That wind, Demeter's tits, but it's COLD. Biting, and it's not even full on winter here yet. Lleufer stops in the lee of a tree to rest a moment. Trudging through the snow in the deeper parts is hard work. He turns his head to see how Pax is doing with the snow, and Leander's watching out for her, before his Arpay eyes slip over the rest of their group to pick them out among the trees. Then his attention goes back to the buildings and ships. That's when he hears the crunching of steps through the snow and makes a hand gesture! 'Everyone down' and he drops down into the snow himself, using the tree as partial cover as Ynyr adjusts his firearm and waits, watchful. Soon as the girl has the firewood, Lleu glances at his own chronometer to see how long it'll be until they have the cover of darkness, making the local time adjustment.

Everyone dives for cover and Rance just takes a few seconds to slowly go to a knee beside a tree while he watches. He grumbles to himself and takes off the facemask, leaving his frosty beard exposed. The camo isn't as nice, but nobody is going to question an armed Seven if they see him. The mask is stuffed into his dropbag and the sunglasses go back on while he watches from the rear.

Prax alerts at the sound of someone coming around the building even as the Gunney signals. Leander takes a knee and them goes prone, rifle at the ready. Prax is quick to copy the handler's example, the dog dropping to its belly alongside the MP. Both remain motionless, waiting for orders or any obvious sign they've been seen.

Bennett, for her part, melts behind the broadside of a large, snow-laden tree once the order to find cover goes up. Her rifle is unslung from her shoulder, Arpay-enhanced eyes peeled for the slightest indication that the firewood-collecting woman is just a decoy, and they might have other company.

"Right there with you Nyx." Yeah, this LT doesn't give a damn about calling a decorated Major by her callsign, though given the delivery, it's probably a sign of respect. Randy has strapped on those snow shoes and surprisingly, she makes quick work of it like she's getting back on a bike after twenty years. She follows after the others in much more ease, but when Lleufer gives the signal to get down, she hits the deck for cover with a little less grace and more of a quiet flop. With all the bodies in front of her, she didn't see what they are taking cover from. A big bad wolf? An evil Skath? So she holds her rifle at ready in a crouch and her brow furrows when she hears the voices that emerge. She starts to quietly try and edge her way along to get closer, hoping she doesn't crunch in the snow.

Easing carefully to one knee in the snow, Palermo angles so that her back is toward Stone, facing away from the party at large and looking back along the terrain they've traversed thus far. As much as 'clearing the terrain' is not at all like clearing the corners of a room, the same principal applies in her mind all the same. She trusts Stone to cover his half of their 360.

Without a word, Samuel simply takes cover behind a tree on his own, his rifle down as he melts into the scenery. His winter gear is still on because screw freezing temperatures! He's a bit to the side due to the missile launcher… but nothing for that.

<FS3> Randy rolls Stealth: Good Success.

The team does a remarkable job of stop and drop, and Lara does seem to be a little distracted by the person out of sight griping at her, but when she finally has an armload full of wood, she turns back angrily, kicks the pile by accident, and knocks several logs to the ground. "GODSDAMNIT!" She stands there in, well, you can't see her face but she's CLEARLY not happy, staring at the mess, until she stops and looks up. Her gaze rakes over the treeline, over the positions the Marines are scattered across, and finally comes to stop on Randy's form and stares. Does she see? "Oh frak." Yeah, she probably sees.

Overhead, following the same course the departing transport was, just in reverse, another is arriving, engines roaring as it passes. Wow, the Skath are being dicks and just flying EVERYTHING over the civvies, aint they?

None of Randy's defining Aquarian or Arpay features are visible. She's just a white blob of tactical gear with goggles and a helmet. When she gets caught dead to rights, she also has something to say about it, "Frak. She saw me." Randy lifts a hand from her rifle and waves, tentatively as the roaring engines rip through whatever she was saying next midwave. "-be prepared to leave me," comes out in the wake of one of the ships. She knows their survival might depend on maintaining their own anonymity. She briefly considerings diving behind some rough shubbery that she knows looks more inviting than it is because of the snow, but waits to see what the person does. "Stay hidden…"

Short person or kid, it doesn't matter to Leander. When he sees the kid looking their way he eases his rifle up and settles his sights on the civvie by the wood pile. But he's not going to fire without orders, and the Lieutenat says to stay hidden. So he waits. The dog at his side remains still and quiet, though its ears are up and tracking the sounds of the person once the transport has passed into the distance.

"Hey boss, you want me to walk over there and talk to that kid?" Rance whispers. He can sorta figure it out whats going on and doesn't seem terribly concerned about the kid. His eyes lift to watch the transport fly over and he winces out of the way of the flying snow before looking back. There's Lines on this planet, right? Probably.

Palermo stays hunkered down in the snow, breathing carefully so that her breath doesn't fog to give her away.

Fischer frowns as he sees what's happening, but keeps himself hidden now. Slow breaths are taken, as he watches intently, but keeps himself hidden for now.

Lleufer may have his taser on him (he ususally does, along with zip ties) but he's too far away as Randy was in the back of their group, and they are spread out somewhat, with Lleu and Leander up in the front. So, the Gunny stays put and out of sight until something happens or they have orders. Quiet, but ready.

Bennett has her attention half on their environs, and half on the settlement proper, and the ships therein being loaded up with cargo. Her gaze snaps back to the EOD as she's spotted, but she doesn't offer up any commentary; merely a tighter grip on her rifle.

Lara squeaks. Yes, squeaks at the wave and just remains frozen for a moment, then takes a step back towards where she came, then another. Her attention seems focused on Randy for the time being…maybe she doesn't even see the rest of the team? She shakes her head slightly at Randy in the negative…just what she's saying 'no' to is a little harder to figure out.

Either way, its clear she intends to get the hell out of there, still clutching her wood. Was that a sniffle? "LARA, NOW?" Thats it, she turns to run, "Coming, Papa!" Her voice is shuddering in either cold or terror.

Randy watches as Lara finally turns to run and not a split second later, she starts heading off towards a different area with equal cover, well she hopes it has equal cover, just anywhere but where they just were, saying softly over comms, "Move now," with a sense of urgency, expecting them to go in her direction. "As soon as we find cover, I want our sharp eyes on those transports. Palermo, eyes on crew vs loading complement for ships one and two left to right." AKA, tell her how many are loaders and what kind of crew. "Lleu, look for armament and ship defenses. Nyx, if you'll scan the surrounding area," with her Arpay eyes, "for any hidden SAMs or other kinds of defenses that might come alive if they've identified a stolen ship? Rance, you and Demetrov scan for possible ground response points. Fischer, Stone, Leander, I need counts for crew on the other ships and anything else you might spot."

Well, there is no sense in staying put and waiting to see if the girl comes back out with her 'Papa' to investigate. Lleufer gets himself up, makes a motion that they should move on quick, and soon as he hears from Randy, he gives Flynn a sharp nod then sets out to do just that. He still keeps within the trees, moving quietly from cover to cover but pressing on to get a good position near to the landing pads. They have a target to choose.

<FS3> Samuel rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Knox rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Palermo rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Alertness: Good Success.

With new orders, Samuel heads for Rance, taps on his shoulder, and points towards the transports. Hand signals indicate he's going to sneak over to the perimeter on one side, and requests where Rance is going to go.

<FS3> Fischer rolls Alertness: Success.

Rance looks over to Samuel and looks to the pad, then nods. A vertically chopped hand slides the building in front of them and he balls a fist at a t-junction. He's going the other way to cover the other approach at an intersection. Once identified, he moves out quickly. Rather than make himself obvious, he does stay low and tries to stay to the shadows.

<FS3> Leander rolls Alertness: Good Success.

"What are you thinking then, Flynn?" Bennett pipes up over the comms, voice smooth as silk and always with that faint hint of warm amusement. "I am partial toward number two, if only because it's slightly closer." She's already on the move, and slips in close to the larger Ynyr for a moment to murmur to him before continuing on with due haste.

Lleufer turns his head when his wife, the Major, comes up to speak low to him. Something about a slight change Flynn passes on through Bennett and onto him as to their orders. No problem, he gives the Airwing Squadron Leader a nod and whispers, "Wilco." That leaves Bennett, who is better capable, to ID ship armaments and defenses and him to look for surface to air or similar that might hamper their escape once in the air. The Gunny sets to it, slipping off from the others stealthfully to see what he can find. Binocs can assist.

<FS3> Stone rolls Alertness: Success.

You paged Palermo with 'Okay, so the ships that are scheduled to take off next (1 and 2) look like they MIGHT have a crew of 4 or 5 each. Assuming someone stays in what passes for CIC, they seem to have a couple of armed people watching the loading hatch and another is walking around with the checklist.'
You paged Lleufer with 'The place seems fairly lightly defended, but on this side of the airfield there's definitely at least one SABRE battery parked at the edge. Might be a safe assumption that there's one on the far side as well. Maybe more. And the few crew you can see all appear to be armed with pistols and rifles. The field does not seem to have a control tower.'
You paged Bennett with 'The transports appear lightly armed. They seem to have a point defense cannon and two flak batteries. Designed to potentially shoot down missiles and RUN before it gets blown up.'
You paged Knox and Samuel with 'The field seems to NOT have any tanks or walkers assigned to it - the cold might cause problems, who knows? There DO seem to be foot patrols walking the perimeter from time to time, but they are not frequent and in no hurry. Clearly not really expecting an invasion force on the GROUND of all places. Might just be there to keep the civvies in line.'
You paged Fischer, Stone, and Leander with 'From what you can see, there might be 4-8 crew per ship? Some are moving around so its hard tot ell if they are assigned to a ship or just stopping there to relay assignments or the like. There are at least three figures at each ship that stay close to that ship, so you could assume they have a minimum compliment of three people each.'

So the team might be able to manage to make it over to the edge of the processing plant and the field without TOO much more trouble…the fence is simple chain link that can easily be dealt with and gives a pretty clear view of the field. (Pages out). And important note to anyone that's actually looking at CREW - the people hanging around each ship come in two sizes. Fairly tall, and rather diminutive. The tall ones look a lot like Sixes, and the tiny ones, for those of you that have seen them before, elevens.

"Aye, LT," Palermo breathes this as much as says this and eases from the crouch she'd been in alongside Stone and starts forward, moving with as much speed as going careful and quiet will allow. Her eyes, behind the glasses, are sweeping the are forward and around, looking out for the workers that would have to be crew or maybe officer/pilot types. Not knowing what they'd look like without having had a flash card primer in advance, she looks for those moving with purpose or a distinctive 'I'm a pilot, I can fly' swagger. Once she takes up a new position from which she glasses the area then, after a few moments of observation, relays in a low voice: "LT, maybe four or five crew, by my count. Maybe one in the cockpit or whatever, and if they're smart, another one or two keeping watch inside the hatch. There's one walking around doing some sort of checklist," she pitches her voice to carry only so far as it needs to. No sense shouting the snow off of the trees and causing an avalanche.

Stone does nod to Randy's words, moving to try and do as he's told. Moving about with the others in his team. Moving slowly and trying to get them to a good spot. Looking toward the ships and their crews. "Got a count?" He asks the other two. "I can't really tell, but around half a dozen I think." Letting them confirm or deny what he sees. Not really having perfekt sight of things, and with all the moving it makes it even harder. Falling silent to let the others chime in before they offer an official statement to Randy. Glancing to Leander and Fischer.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Flynn, Ynyr. There's a SABRE on this side, parked on the edge. May be another on the other end but if so I can't see from this location without getting a higher vantage point. I see people armed with rifles and sidearms to crew'm. I don't see a control tower. Over."
[Into the Wireless] Palermo says, "Flynn, Palermo. maybe four or five crew, by my count. Maybe one in the cockpit or whatever, and if they're smart, another one or two keeping watch inside the hatch. There's one walking around doing some sort of checklist, over."

Rance keeps his rifle low, off on his own. He glances back to cover his six, then back out forward towards the perimeter. The guy breathes down into his coat, watching the figures move. The cold doesn't seem to bother him too much. Maybe the thoguth of that kid does, though. He's got his eyes on the figures though.

[Into the Wireless] Palermo says, "Flynn, Palermo. maybe four or five crew, by my count. Maybe one in the cockpit or whatever, and if they're smart, another one or two keeping watch inside the hatch. There's one walking around doing some sort of checklist, over. <Re: just in case this didn't come through>"

Hearing his name in the group with the two senior NCOs, Leander waits for Sergeants Stone and Fischer to indicate which way they're going before he moves out himself. He signals Prax with a tug on the leash and the dog is off with him, jogging along at the MP's heels. The handler and canine both take cover behind the edge of a building while Leander gets eyes on the transport ships. After taking a moment to observe, he turns his head to respond to Stone. "Looks like three crew staying with the ship four hundred meters to our ten o'clock," he points out the one as he reports. "Plus three or four more coming and going."

[Into the Wireless] Rance says, "Eltee, Hood. Two groups of two. Four count, total, on patrol, south end. All's quiet, over."
[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Those transports are fairly lightly armed. One fore point defense cannon and two flak batteries, port and starboard. That SABRE is going to be problematic though, I will say that."
[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Flynn, Demetrov. We have some small patrols around the perimeter, but nothing serious like tanks or walkers, over."

Fischer moves into position with the others, looking out there rather carefully. "Hard to be sure, with people moving between the ships, but somewhere around that half dozen, yes." A brief pause, as he looks between the others, nodding again at Leander's words.

Stone nods to what both of them say. "Good, then we all seem to be on the same pages. It's hard when we can not tell each by appearance all the time." He suggests, nodding to himself. "I'll report it in." He offers before speaking into the coms.

[Into the Wireless] Stone says, "Stone reporting in. Seems like we have around half a dozen on each. With half of that seeming a part of the permanent crew and the other half coming and going. From what we can tell. Want us to stay in position and see if we can find something else of interest?"

Go go gadget Marines! And Major! Randy hangs back as she keeps an eye out for those that are getting a little bit more daring in their recon, but doesn't pull them back. She does sneak her eyes over to the crates being loaded and tries to peer pack to their origin. Where they seem to be inspected at, if they are opened up, how they are handled. "It might be easiest to leave right under their noses and then hijack once we're out of range of the SABRE," she thinks aloud over coms. "I bet there's less defenses back where they load up ground transports to deliver to the ship transports. Rance, can you and Lleu get a little closer to where they pack these crates to see if that might be viable?" Then she looks over at the crew of the ships, checking Palermo's intel to see if she concurs about how they'll station up. She notices the skinjobs before she can even make an assessment. "Frak. Skinjobs. Sixes and Elevens. Remember, they've got cooties. Lleu, Nyx, if I've got explosives, you think we could set some charges covertly? I can time them so it gives us a good distraction while taking out the SABRE too." She works two angles at once.

[Into the Wireless] Stone says, "Stone reporting in. Seems like we have around half a dozen on each. With half of that seeming a part of the permanent crew and the other half coming and going. From what we can tell. Want us to stay in position and see if we can find something else of interest?"
[Into the Wireless] Randy says, ""It might be easiest to leave right under their noses and then hijack once we're out of range of the SABRE,"…"I bet there's less defenses back where they load up ground transports to deliver to the ship transports. Rance, can you and Lleu get a little closer to where they pack these crates to see if that might be viable?"-…-"Frak. Skinjobs. Sixes and Elevens. Remember, they've got cooties. Lleu, Nyx, if I've got explosives, you think we could set some charges covertly? I can time them so it gives us a good distraction while taking out the SABRE too.""

Bennett shoots Lleufer, for some inexplicable reason, a look when Randy talks about Sixes and Elevens, and setting charges. It's brief, and it's anyone's guess what it's meant to convey, but she nods once to Randy's question and answers crisply over her radio.

Generally speaking, the process seems to go: A ship lands, the cargo bay opens, a large panel at the side of the ship that bascially creates a loading ramp. Two loaders (basically glorified forklifts) drive over and cram shipping crates on the thing, a process that takes about 4-5 hours…the crates are large and the loaders are slow. There's a small delay there where presumably the ship gets clearance to leave, then packs up and takes off and runs and leaves atmo.

Yes, yes it's a rumor that Lleufer Ynyr used to sleep with a model Eleven before him and Bennett hooked up solid. That is, if you were a vet in the first war, you might have heard that scuttlebutt. As the Gunny is making his way back, he pauses and cocks his head as he listens to his radio. His Arpay eyes go seeking not his wife but looking to see where Rance went.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Flynn, Ynyr. Can do, though I've some experience setting sachel charges on SABRES on previous missions, if you set'm up. Where'd Rance go? Over."
[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Copy, Flynn. I can do my best. Though the sooner you can get me into the cockpit of that boat, the better. As for the SABRE.. I do not think it will be as simple as that. We will have to fly low for a few clicks before we can attempt to gain any altitude."
<Public> Lleufer better not be eyeballing those Elevens too much. Bennett is watching.

Rance hears those orders and is moving around, presumably. Getting everythign settled in his mind, he moves around back from his position and joins up with Lleu by the packing facility. He keeps his eyes up and out, tucking the sunglasses back into his gear. The snow cleaned from his beard and he looks fresh and wolfish while he waits for Lleu. Things are potentially going to explode.

[Into the Wireless] Knox says, "Ynyr, Hood. Packing facility, northeast corner, over."

With no orders himself, Samuel settles into a hidden position as he goes into standby mode.

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Nyx, Flynn. These ships aren't going to another place on planet, which means they are more likely to gain altitude and not cruise out all their fuel in the atmosphere. When they've let their guard down and gotten out of range, that's when we'd take the ship, if we go the sneaky route. We'll see."

Palermo keeps her eyes on the crew that's moving around, sorting them into pairs in her head and assigning them insulting names like Mutt & Jeff, Ren & Stimpy, etc. Just to keep herself focused.

Wolfman! Ynyr makes his way to where Rance directs him and then the pair of them can move up closer for a looksee. After a moment of watching the loaders, Lleu's gaze slips along the side of the building. He keeps his voice pitched very low so not to carry, "I think we need a peek inside. Not sure if there are any windows, but I'll look." Listening to what is going on over the radio, the Gunny grimaces and says aside to Rance, "I hope she's not thinking about getting on board in these packing containers. No way I'm being sealed up into one of those things. Frak that." A little clausterphobic, hell yes. Then he moves off to see if he can find a way to get a look inside without going into the building. Nor being seen, if he can help it.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flynn, Nyx. I agree. Although this.. sneaky route rings of being more complicated. And complicated is a good way to get killed, in my experience. Understood though, we will see."

"Oh c'mon, brother. I've always wanted to know what it feels like to be a sardine. They open it up at Libran and we're lined up with the fishies, floppin' an' shit." Rance keeps his own whispers amused and muted. He looks at Lleu's back and gear a moment, then back towards the loading system. No, he's not actually a fan of being a sardine.

<FS3> Bennett rolls Gunnery: Great Success.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Flynn, Ynyr. The thought of going into a deep flash freeze cargo hold, with crates packed tight all over and on top of us, sounds like a great way to be dead. No offense, but count me out on that one. Try'n to sneak a peek inside of the packing house. Over."

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Nyx, Flynn. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Demetrov. Can you find a good line of sight to this SABRE for a shot just in case Major Ynyr doesn't see a way for a covert approach to taking it down? Lleu, Flynn. Copy that. That plan is out. Keep your noses down and good luck. Over."
[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Flynn, Demetrov. Copy. If anyone can give me coordinates for the SABRE, I can start looking for LOS. Over."
[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flynn, Nyx. If it's the SABRE we are talking about, then my suggestion is not to even attempt it. A direct approach for neutralising it would be preferable.. or avoiding it completely if we are able."
[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Demetrov, Ynyr. Your cooridnates follow. (Lleu gives directions, it's hard to miss it) There may be another to mirror it on the other side but I do have LOS. Over."
[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Demetrov. Copy. Over and Out."

Once the crew count was established, such as it is, and the paired lines are given their in-her-head-only names, Palermo marks their relative locations then begins moving forward toward the SABRE position as quietly and cautiously as she can. Every few feet she pauses to scout around, listening to the rest of the team moving into position, then skulks forward again, eyes on the target as she moves.

As he's done speaking, Samuel starts to head over to the general area indicated, and starts to look for a clean LOS to the target.

After a few minutes, Lleufer Ynyr comes back to where Rance is located. "I can't see anything inside, without going into the building." The Gunny conveys that over the radio to Flynn, taps Rance's shoulder and motions that he's heading back to the LT to see if they want any backup on placing those charges on the SABRE.

It takes a few minutes for Samuel as well, but eventually he slides into cover near his launch position.

[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Flynn, Demetrov. In position. Let me know when to aquire and I can knock target out. Over."

Rance spends his time alone watching the groups of Lines move around the faciliy and keeping his rifle low and ready. His eyes never stop moving, back to the wall by the entrance. His little hidey place is nice, bundled up beside a trash bin in a big pile of snow. Alllll alone, enjoying the fresh air of the fish plant and dumpster, mixing with the diesel fuel pollution of the ships in harbor. Once Lleu comes back, he glances up to Lleu and pats him on the shoulder in reply, ready to move. He turns and leaves his hand there, moving with his rifle to be ready to move as a unit.

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Team, Flynn. All except Demetrov recall. Rance, if you can get over to Demetrov's position, you escort him back after the SABRE is down or you have nothing more to launch. We will hold out as long as possible. Team, regroup and form up for an ambush on ship number one, furthest from the SABRE site. Do not get touched by a skinjob. No need to wait for them to open fire on us. Any humans, wait until you are fired upon.""

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Leander rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Knox rolls Alertness: Good Success.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flynn, Nyx. Copy that. Flanking you on your three o'clock and ready to move in on your mark."
[Into the Wireless] Rance gives two mic clicks in confirming reply.

Samuel spends 1 luck points on Go go team rocket!.
<FS3> Samuel rolls Gunnery: Success.

Having checked the rifle one extra time as he waited, Fischer starts moving over as he hears the instructions. Slow movements, as he starts making his way over, making sure he's harder to see for anyone enemies nearby. Ready in position now, he reports himself being ready into the radio.

[Into the Wireless] Fischer says, "Flynn, Fischer. In place and ready."
[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Team, Demetrov. Missile away, Over."

Leander has remained on over-watch, crouched beside the corner of the building, as he waits for things to shake out. He's with Fischer and Stone, so he can leave the reporting to one of the Sergeants. He wrangles his dog and makes his way into position for the attack. Crouching in cover, the young MP eyes the ship ahead of them, then re-checks his weapon while he waits. Prax stays by his side, the dog fussing a little as it senses imminent action among the Marines. He shushes the animal under his breath and it quiets.

From where she is, eyes on the SABRE site, Palermo carefully goes to one knee, readying herself to spring into action to alter course once the word is given. Until then, she keeps an eye on it to make sure that there are no other heavy weapons or heavy ordinance surprises ready to spring out of the ground like daisies.

The team gets all settled and prepared and Samuel is given the okay to go crazy and acknowledges the order…and Randy and Leander and Rance hear the snap of a twig behind them. Its that small figure from before, with a larger figure with her, hanging way back and just WATCHING them back from the direction of the settlement. Lara is pressed back against the larger figure, and with the cold weather clothing and the distance, well, she COULD be talking, or maybe she's just leaning. Either way, they are being watched.

Of course, this relative silence is interrupted with the VERY LOUD NOISE of a High Explosive rocket hitting the side of a SABRE installation and erupting into its obligatory fireball. Its hard to say just how much damage was done since the whole thing is, well, enveloped in fire for the moment, but SURELY that got noticed. The three visible crewmembers of the closest transport the team was eyeing all freeze and look towards the explosion. for just a moment, just that one second, activity on the installation freezes.

Samuel does nothing but shift positions as be begins to reload the launcher, clicking the radio on as he does so.

[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Team, Demetrov. Waiting for confirmed kill and reloading, Over."

Lleufer is with Rance and Rance's hand is or was on his shoulder when they start to move out to go back to Randy. The Gunnery Sergeant stays low and moves fast, light machine gun in hand as they are coming back on recall. Then he hears Samuel's missile launch and hit. "Frak! Might have been nice if we knew how we were getting on board, and be there, before the fire works started!" Not yet seeing what gets Rance's attention, Ynyr adds, "Come on, let's hump it fast." A deep breath and then he starts to make a run for the transport. Not let that distraction go to waste! It'd also be nice if he knew where his wife was in this mess.

Rance has barely acknowledged the orders when people are confirming the need to fire. And Samuel is out by himself and Rance is supposed to get to him. "Not in position!" he calls, forgetting to key his mic. But what the rest of the team see's is Rance scoop his hood off and take off running at full speed towards Samuel. There's no missing that white streak running down the middle of the street. Seeing the other figures come out of the ship, Rance just looks over at them and assumes they see he's a Seven. Hopefully. As soon as he can find Samuel, he's going to grab him up and GTFO back towards Randy.

[Into the Wireless] Lleufer says, "Flynn, Ynyr. I'm head'n for that transport. Over!"

To be clear In the immediate area: There are two sixes and an eleven out in front of the transport. The sixes are armed with rifles and the eleven has a sidearm on her hip. There is a loader approaching the transport that came to a stop when the rocket went off, and appears to have a civilian at the controls sitting inside the cab, who is staring wide-eyed at the fireball. It is a safe assumption that there is probably at least one more Eleven inside the transport.

That creepy feeling of being watched. Randy thinks there might be a ghost visiting her, but looks over her shoulder anyways and spots the kid and her father. She squints to see if she can read their lips, if their lips are even exposed in this weather…Ugh, so much weather gear! The explosion from Demetrov's rocket pulls her attention back to the transport and she murmurs, "Go," into comms after Lleu reports he's headed in. "Watch the boarding party's rear if you're in the rear," she says to the team as she rushes up to aim at one of the crew. She favors one of the Sixes first.

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Go."
[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Watch the boarding party's rear if you're in the rear."

While his dog alerts on the twig snap and that causes Leander to look back and spot the kid watching them, the only thing the MP does is give her a scowl. It's a little late to go chasing after her, now that Samuel has lit up the SABRE and the party is well and truly started. "With me," he tells Prax. Turning back toward their target, the Private raises his rifle and gets ready to advance. At the order to 'Go' he opens fire on a Six.

Bennett hears the telltale thunk of the rocket being deployed, then Randy's voice over the radio, and she grits her teeth and makes a go for the fishing boat. There's no time to look for Lleufer right now; her priority is finding the pilot's seat and parking her ass in it, in one piece preferably, so she can get them the hell out of here.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Three hostiles, twelve o'clock. One more in the approaching transport at two o'clock."

Readying his rifle as he hears the others, Fischer takes a split second to aim, raising the rifle to fire at the Eleven, opening fire before he starts advancing as well.

<FS3> Leander rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Fischer rolls Firearms: Good Success.

A soon as she hears the release of the rocket, Palermo springs to her feet, angling away from where she'd hunkered down to keep an eye on the SABRE and races toward the transport as fast as her feet can carry her. The sound of her boots hitting the snow, the accompanying slight skidding in the snow make her have to slow the pace but she books it, that's for sure. Her gloved hands hold the rifle ready, snugged close to her body as she takes aim at one of the shorter of the Mutt/Jeff combinations of Lines while en route.

<FS3> Palermo rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Firearms: Great Success.
Lleufer spends 1 luck points on Pray and Spray the Sixes, baby! LMG go!.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Firearms: Success.

..and then that second is over. Rifle and LMG fire erupts from multiple locations at once as the Marines charge out of their cover to make their run for the transport. Samuel can see he's certainly blown a hole in the side ofthe SABRE unit, but its difficult to tell if its been disabled or not. Its certainly not in PIECES.

In more direct news, the Lines in front of the transport turn their attention back to the matter at hand as incoming fire streaks at them from three different vectors at once. The sixes bring their rifles up attempting to return fire, while the eleven immediately bolts for the transport. LMG rounds along with Rifle AP fire rip across her back with someone's round smacking into the back of her head, knocking her down onto the ramp with the force of the impact, where she catches herself on one hand, not QUITE out of the action. The sixes on the other hand, don't fare QUITE so well, with the LMG tearing satisfying chunks out of facial features and arms as the high powered slugs find their way home. The lead loses one knee and falls to land heavily on the other, while the other six finally focuses one one of the charging figures, spying Bennett, and starts for her, a focused look on his face. Well, save for that one round that tore across his cheek and left a bloody mess in its wake.

Samuel spends 1 luck points on Team rocket blasting holes in SABREs again!.
<FS3> Samuel rolls Gunnery: Good Success.

Stone continues to move with the others, however not able to get a clear shot. Letting the others fire while he tries to find cover, and a better spot to offer some supporting fire of his own. Following orders as he goes along.

The round that took off half the Six's face? That was probably Bennett's, judging by the steel in her eyes. She slows her charge when faced with the lunging skinjob, and sidesteps, rifle raised. Amber eyes carefully marking the distance between herself and the cleric as she fires again, and again. Whatever it takes to bring him down - and quickly.

The reloading process is simple, but takes a few seconds. He ignores the sudden firefight. One knee. Brace, shoulder mount. Aim. Target Aquisition. A second later, and everyone can hear the *THUNK* as another missile is launched at the hole from Samuel.

[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Team, Demetrov. Second payload out, waiting for confirm. Over."

<FS3> Petra rolls 6: Good Success.
<FS3> Petra rolls 6: Great Success.

Randy doesn't flinch, as if trying to look through the carnage of the familiar faces being torn apart in front of her. "Protect the Major!" she shouts as she follows her rifle along the Six that's still running and gunny, albeit without a pretty face. Her steps are sure and quick, not out of control. There's a ruthless look in her eyes as she squeezes the trigger again, barrel on the Six.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Randy rolls Firearms: Good Success.

Rising to his feet, Leander presses forward with the rest of the unit, his rifle raised and firing. Seeing the first Six go down, he shifts fire to the one still standing and sends out another burst. Prax is free to move but trained to stay by the handler's side, and so the dog does, ears back and tail down as the bullets fly.

<FS3> Leander rolls Firearms: Good Success.

The second shot is what allows Rance to pinpoint the firing heavy weapons guy. He runs through the snow as fast as a high-steppin redneck can manage and comes around the corner of a house to spot Samuel. "Friendly," he calls, sliding up in the snow behind him and grabs him by the arm. "We gotta displace! If I know where you are shooting from, so do the sentries. Gogogogogo. Pack your shit, we gotta roll, buddy." He lifts his rifle and looks back the way he came, waiting for someone to come around the corner.

Lleufer feels the light machinegun rip with a roar in his hands, that familiar rapid chatter as it spits out rounds. He keeps moving, not attempting to use it with precision as he would with a rifle. The veteran is mindful of where his own people are in relation to his line of fire and as he sees Bennett come up towards the same ramp he's charging for, Lleufer stops and grim faced, lays it onto that Six to keep that mother frakker away from his wife! By the Gods. Then he spares a little lead for the Eleven. The Gunny's face twitches though, seeing her. She /looks/ just like Naomi, Gods help him! But it's not her. They need to get up that ramp fast though and she's in the way.

Shifting her focus of fire, and seeing several other marines doing the same thing, Palermo hastily retargets yet again to any of the surviving 11's, determined to bring those down.

Frowning as he sees the enemies not giving up, Fischer fires again, this time for the Six that took the bullet to the knee, hoping to take that one out.

<FS3> Fischer rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Palermo rolls Firearms: Success.

Stone does finally find a good spot to turn and aim. Trying to get a few shots off towards the enemy. Trying to help Fischer put the kneecapped one out of the equation.

<FS3> Stone rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<OOC> Petra says, "Sorry, was working on the emit. All three are up, but may not be in a minute. The Eleven has been hit the least :)"

As the team rushes forward, th kneecapped six continues firing, spraying his rifle at the rear group….in Randy, Leander, and Rance's location, even as another few LMG rounds tear through his shoulder and one smashes through his head. The lights seem to go out at that point and the body begins to fall and lose its grip on the rifle. Bennett's New Best Friend gains the enmity of half of the team, and before he even gets within a good backhand range, maybe half a dozen rifle and LMG shells tear through his chest, and arm and face, the body crumpling to skid to a stop at her feet, where she can conveniently hurdle over it if she likes. The eleven yells "GO!" into the ship before she catches two more hits to the back of the head and slumps and stops moving, and while its FAR too late to help the situation, the transport's engines begin to power up. There's SOMEONE on board in the pilot's chair.

Samuel's second round manages to hit the hole the first one made, and THIS time, the explosion is suitably spectacular, with the mechanical housing leaping a few feet into the air with the eruption of fire before landing back on the ground again. There's no way that thing could be functional at this point.

Prioritizing the Six going after Bennett was the right strategic move, but it draws Randy's attention from the other one that sprays his rifle. One of the rounds clips in her in the shoulder just after her own fire tears through the charging Six's chest but she just lets her rifle fall into her sling in a swift motion as she reaches for her sidearm and keeps rushing in in time with the others to take out the pilot. "Pilot, possible copilot!" she warns her fellow attackers. "Careful of the instruments."

Bennett isn't really the sort to leap over the body she's helped dispatch, and continue on her merry way. But she does sidestep around it with due haste, and wastes no time in hopping on board the transport just as its engines begin powering up, and making a beeline for the pilot's cabin with a clatter of boots and jostling of gear across her back. Rifle is switched out for sidearm in these close quarters; the moment she has a line of sight on that unlucky soul? She's firing.

Yep, the Sixes look like Knox! Don't think about Cooper. Keep his focus on the mission. Lleufer comes up, sees his wife is OK, then motions up the ramp. "Our riding is trying to take off. Let's get you up there." Man and wife teamwork, here we come! The Gunny starts up that ramp as bold as a bull with the LMG to clear a hole for a new pilot! That Eleven's not getting this bird up into the air if he can help it.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flynn, Nyx. Going after the pilot. What is everyone else's ETA to board?"

Leander's rifle continues to rattle out burst after burst as he slowly advances, adding his fire to the rest of the group. He adds to the hail of bullets that take down the Six moving toward Bennett, then begins to turn his attention to the flanks in search of new targets. It's then that the Private takes a hit from the kneeling Six and staggers aside, giving a grunt of pain. Leander drops to one knee, like his trying to catch his breath, and this move causes Prax to come close alongside him and down on its belly. "Fuuuuh-rak," the MP curses as he hoists himself back to his feet to move forward again. It's a long walk home if they miss the ride. He sees the ramp ahead, and hears the Eleven yelling and the engines spooling up. "Go get 'em Prax!" he orders the dog, waving it toward the ship's entrance, "Clear and corner!"

As Rance gets close to Samuel, the first thing that he can hear is the laughter. "Let the toasters come, I've got plenty of rounds for them." He doesn't argue though, and he does starts to put the shoulder mounted launcher onto his back upon detonation of the SABRE. Rance can practically hear the smile in Samuels tone as he clicks the radio as they head for the platform.

[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Team, Demetrov. Target down, heading to transport platform. Over and out."
[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Demetrov, Flynn. ETA to transport? Is Rance with you?"

Letting out a breath as he sees the enemies go down, Fischer continues his sprint for the ship. As people already has started entering, to take out the enemy remaining inside, he lets the others get in first, prepared to follow after them right away.

[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Flynn, Demetrov. Rance is with me. ETA is one-two minutes. Over."

"Copy that, Dems. Stay on me. We're runnin for that transport at warp speed, little buddy." He no sooner finishes saying it than the long-haired contractor rises from his position in the snow and begins running back the way he came. This time he is actually clearing corners as he goes, though, since there's a Marine behind him. That might look suspicious to the evil troll-people that have taken over his family. Even with the engines spooling up on the ship, he's going as fast as he dares.

Continuing her headlong charge toward the transport, Palermo take care to kick away the weapons that are near the bodies of the downed enemy lines. Wouldn't do to race past one that looks dead, and isn't, only to have it shoot her in the back while she's running for the ramp. The sight of the dog being waved toward the transport ramp makes this marine smile briefly, isn't that a sight. She skids, ok maybe slides, to a halt near the ramp and drops to one knee again, aiming back along the same route she just blazed through the snow, rifle head ready, guarding the ramp as she keys the com.

[Into the Wireless] Palermo says, "Flynn, Palermo. Taking position at the ramp, providing cover fire, over."

Stone does continue shooting. Seemingly getting a few good shots in. Hearing the words over the coms. Moving to help as well. Speaking over the coms before moving to where he is going. Getting in position to help provide cover fire as well, on the other side of the ramp from Palermo.

[Into the Wireless] Stone says, "Palermo, Stone. I've got the other side. Keep position."

It's safe to say Randy doesn't really feel the pain yet given the way she keeps moving, but surely it will hit her right about…after she clicks off of the comms. "Frak." She moves to the back of the transport to count who is left and give them covering fire should they need it. "Copy that," she says right into Palermo's ear with a little grunt as the pain starts to make itself known. When she sees Leander making his way towards the ramp though, she kicks herself into higher gear and rushes out to help him aboard, putting herself between him and any incoming fire. "I'm not taking care of Prax. I don't even know what treats she likes," she murmurs to the young man on their little trip.

With both sixes and the eleven eliminated, there's nothing stopping the lead elements of the team from rushing forward in an effort to secure the ship. This means Bennett and Fisch and Stone and Lleu and Palermo are all storming the ramp like a legitimate invasion force, while a blur on four legs pushes past Bennett's legs. She and LLeu push forward to the pilot's compartment right about the time an angry scream tears out of there and they both catch sight of an Eleven half out of the pilot's chair with The Puppy attached to her arm, while she's trying to reach over with the wrong arm to get her sidearm out of it's holster, leaving both of them a clear line of fire if the want to take a shot (I would advise AGAINST spraying anything in the cockpit).

For Palermo and Fischer and the group coming up after them, the rest of the transport appears to be clear, but what's that? Oh right, its a warning siren going off. Well, not like this wasn't going to get noticed, right? The engines are still winding up, while the computer finishes its pre-flight checks.

Samuel doesn't stop running, but his rifle is unslung as he continues going. This is what boot camp trained him for. Anyone who gets in his way gets a shove. Unless they're a hostile Line, then they get a bullet to the skull. Rance? Samuel makes sure he keeps up, but otherwise doesn't babysit.

Yes! Prax already has hold of the Eleven by the time Lleufer and Bennett pound into the transport's cockpit. The urge is strong to move in close, grab hold of that Eleven and yank her out of the seat so Bennett can get into it. But Lleu dare not lay hands on the cleric. He's dropped his LMG to let it hang by the harness strap and pulls his sidearm. Ynyr's got to be careful not to hit the Marine K-9 but also quick, before the Eleven kills the dog! Depending on how the Eleven moves, he aims his shot for her torso, back or head but at an angle that if he misses or if it goes right through her, it won't hit the controls! BLAM!

Bennett doesn't actually turn around to see Lleufer coming up behind her, but she knows he's there. She knows, and instinctively pivots out of his line of sight to give him the clear shot, sidearm still poised just in case. Her priority? Figuring out the transport's controls, making sure there isn't anything rigged to detonate, self destruct, or do something else they're going to regret shortly. And if her husband does his job right - which she knows he will - she'll be able to take control momentarily.

Palermo counts the marines at they run for and then up the ramp, hunkering down in the snow slightly as the alarm goes off. Talk about shattering the quiet snowscape, not that blowing up the SABRE didn't rather bludgeon the quiet snowy tranquil serenity with a kaboom. She shares a nod sidelong with Stone across the ramp, listening to the com chatter from the rest of the team already inside the Transport and stands ready to plunk away at any lines that decide to try to storm the transport at this point in the game.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Firearms: Good Success.

Seeing they are many people working on securing the ship, Fischer glances around once more as he gets inside. Frowning, he lets out a bit of a breath. "Well, as long as they can take out the one in the cockpit, I think we'll be ready to go soon," he mutters, mostly meant for himself.

Moving a little slower after he was hit, Leander is in the second wave up the ramp and onto the transport. He follows the sounds of screams and growling is search of his partner, up the ramp and down the walkway toward the cockpit. But only there is room for only so many people waving guns in their, so the young MP pulls up short. He levels his rifle and thumbs the selector to single shot, just in case he is needed, but he holds his fire rather than risk hitting a friendly. Like their only pilot.

Rance hasn't even broken a sweat yet, despite the amount of gear. Not even panting. Rance is fast as hell and barely looks like he's done more than get out of a chair. "Don't godsdamned shoot!" Rance hollars as he runs down the fenceline towards the transport and the exterior guard, but the guy is actually laughing pretty hard, calling out, "Weextrot, we pilder, we filch, and sack! Maraud and embezzle and even high-jack! Drink up, me 'earties!!! Yo-HO Motherfrakkers!"

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Nyx, Flynn. We're waiting on Rance and Demetrov now. Any moment now."

A sudden grin forms on Palermo's face as she keys the com again.

[Into the Wireless] Palermo says, "Flynn, Palermo. Eyes on Rance and Demetrov, inbound. Also, not shooting the Seven, just to be clear. Over."

Prax is certainly holding on like her dinner counts on it, even when the Eleven finally does get her sidearm tugged out. Unfortunately for her, Lleufer has her pretty point blank with his own sidearm and she didn't bother to even dodge. In the confined space, the gunshot is deafeningly loud and red sprays across the front of the pilot's compartment as the slug tears through the back of her head and her neck and makes, well, a bloody mess, but also shuts her off like a switch, the body crumpling at Bennett's feet like a rag doll.

For the moment, at least, whoever might be answering that Con 1 alarm hasnt shown up yet, but then, they havent had much time to. In other news, the pilot's panel chirps a familiar signal: Engines clear.

Soon as he sees he's hit the Eleven and her head makes a bloody mess, Lleufer reaches out to release her straps and drag her out of the pilot's chair to clear it for Bennett. "All yours Major. Sorry for the mess!" Prax is surely helping but Ynyr doesn't mess with the dog. High decibel ear protection or not, that was loud enough to make his ears ring a bit. The Gunnery Sergeant starts to move back out to give Bennett room and he starts at once to go, "I'm gona look for any guns on this ship I can man for you. Make sure the others are gett'n aboard." So, he heads off to do that.

Samuel doesn't waste any time getting into the transport up the ramp. GIving the area one last visual sweep as he all but bullrushes the transport proper. Since the others are already inside, Samuel finds a nice area to sit.

[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Team, Demetrov. I'm in. Over."

"Prax! Front and center!" Leander calls off the dog after Lleufer's shot ends the Eleven's current existence. The dog releases the dead arm and trots back, tail held high. Who's a good attack dog? The handler takes a second to crouch down and give the canine some positiive reinforcement. "Good work, Marine." He sneaks a peek into the cockpit and then clicks his mic to report.

[Into the Wireless] Leander says, "Leander. Cockpit secured, pilot in the chair."

After Randy sees to Leander getting up the ramp, she steps back out to see if she can spot Demetrov and Bold. "Hurry your synthetic arse up!" she shouts goodnaturedly. "Let's go before we get more friends!" She waaaaaits for Demetrov to make it too and then calls out over comms to Bennett. She has no idea how long it will take Bennett to get this transport cooking and they might need the coverage as they lift off.

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Palermo, Flynn. Copy that………..Nyx, Flynn. Everyone's aboard. It's your show now. We'll cover the ramp until you order it closed. Over."

Bennett doesn't comment on the 'mess'. She's no stranger to the spoils of war, but it doesn't mean she has to like it, either. "Much obliged, Ynyr," she tells the big man with a ghost of a smile, and gives the seat a swipe with her gloved hand before sliding on in. Her rucksack is dropped to the floor, goggles and outer vest follow, for some mobility and visibility. With the engines powered up and ready to go, all that's left is to sort out the flight controls.

Fischer lets out a deep breath as he hears everyone being aboard. Moving into position to help covering the ramp, he focuses on that for now, rather carefully.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Flynn, Nyx. I copy. Engines are go. I have got all kinds of warnings from this beast, but I suspect most of them will not impact our trip. Please confirm that SAM site is down, over."

Randy moves and reaches to her rig to pull a tether off with a carabiner on the end and slaps it to something that looks like it might hold her weight inside. Then she weighs in over comms.

Bennett spends 1 luck points on Don't crash, pleez.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Piloting: Good Success.

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "Demetrov, Flynn. Sitrep on the SAM site? Over."
[Into the Wireless] Samuel says, "Nyx, Demetrov. SABRE site has been sent to Machine Hell. Over."

The Seven takes off his gloves and rubs his hands together, blowing on them with a grin. He takes a knee by the door and looks out towards the landing pads, then anyone approaching. He grins, laughing, and pats Palermo on the shoulder, then rising with the ship to shake Randy's hand. "Eyyy you know how to show a guy a good time, Flynn," he calls over the sound of the engines spinning up.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Demetrov, Nyx. Best news I have heard all day. Let's get the hell out of here."

Once Samuel is up the ramp, and then Rance, Palermo shares a nod with Stone and gestures him up the ramp and follows as soon as his boots hit the ramp as well. "Flynn, Palermo, we're in," said into the com as she gains the inside and turns back toward the hatch, still aiming the business end of the rifle out into the cold air.

Stone nods in return to Palermo and follows up the ramp as well. Letting Palermo contact the others as they get in. Continuing to offer support fire until they are in safety.

The hatch controls are at least relatively simple there by the hatch for those hanging in the cargo hold to handle. At least the cargo pods are sealed well and the hold doesnt reek of fish. Yet. Fully loaded, though, it IS a little cramped, with people ending up having to fit themselves in where they can, or just unceremoniously plopping their asses down in the access way between cargo and flight compartment.

Bennett takes a moment to orient herself and then the beast of a transport whines as it lifts off of the ground like a nimble little frakking butterfly, so gently people might not even get caught offguard by it. Someone clearly does, however, as a warning goes off on the pilot's compartment about the ship being painted by an attack system trying to acquire target.

Randy hits the hatch controls with a tiny balled fist. BIG RED BUTTON that says 'CLOSE'. Kind of hard to get that one wrong. When Rance approaches, she still has her gloves on, but she shakes his hand anyway. "We still gotta get out of the sky, but it's the next best thing to getting some more booze on that boat we call a home." She probably doesn't have to report back to Bennett that the hatch is closing, so she waits until it's all the way closed and they've pressurized the hold. In that time, she gingerly takes off her glove of her hurt arm. Blood is streaking down the side of her wrist, but she calls out, "Anyone injured?"

[Into the Wireless] Randy says, "…Nyx, Flynn. Hatch is closed, hold is pressurized. Tending to wounded. over."

A minute later, Lleufer comes back, "Didn't find any guns on this tub that aren't slaved to the cockpit up here." Ooh, but lookie! There's a co-pilot's chair without brain-goo and blood all over it. Well, not much. Gunny sets his ass into it and straps in as Bennett gets them lifted off. Ship's gunnery he's had a -little- bit of practice using, but mostly on Rhinos. "How do I bring up a tactical or visual for what's going to try to kill us so I can shoot it?" A quick glance at Bennett, as he tries to be careful not to touch shit he shouldn't. Firecontrol, where are you?

"Cute," murmurs Bennett to herself, at the klaxxon that goes off warning her that they've landed in the crosshairs of.. something. "Let me get right on that." Because executing balletic aerial maneuvers in a fishboat is precisely up her alley. The thing has roughly the horsepower of a lawnmower, even with the throttles applied aggressively; she does, though, try to bank it about when she spots the angle of attack on their aggressor, hoping to gain enough speed to pull them around in a tight hairpin turn and double back the way they came - toward the downed SAM. The ship's engines roar and churn up skiffs of muddy water, flattening the canopy of nearby trees as she fights with the controls to swing them away from that second SABRE.

Bennett adds for Lleu's benefit, "Panel, two to the left. There is no master arm on this lug, so just start firing."

<FS3> Bennett rolls Piloting: Good Success.

Private Leander has found a place on the floor in the access-way, with the dog sitting excitedly beside him. Now that he's just a passenger, the Marine has a chance to check out his injury. Trying to unfasten his harness and vest brings a pained grimace to his face, but he keeps at it. Slowly and gingerly. Hearing Randy's call, he answers back, "I caught one. Through the vest." He clarifies. "Don't think it's too bad." Which is to say, there's no blood pooling on the floor underneath him.

As the hatch closes, Fischer slowly moves to switch his rifle's safety, before he slowly moves himself into a sitting position. "I'm okay…" he lets out, after a few moments of pause.

"Got it, thanks." This is no Rhino and Lleufer is being very cautious. Bennett is keeping them really low and swinging back over the already destroyed SABRE they know about makes him twist his mouth into a wry half grin, "Smart." He feels out the firing controls to see how the guns on this tanker respond for seeking targets but he holds his fire - not going to risk harming any of the civies if he can help it. She's such a good pilot that it may be that nothing on the ground can come to bear on them as Bennett takes them up. But there may be something coming to intercept. The fat lady hasn't sung, yet.

Beneath them, they can hear the PLINK PLINK PLINK of someone with small arms fire raking the transport and having minimal effect - on the screen Bennett is pointing at for Lleu, he can see that there are maybe four figures on the ground trying to shoot at the transport…perhaps fortunately with nothing larger than a rifle. The system keeps them in sight as the transport banks and begins to skim off back in the direction the team originally came from. That painting warning changes to a harder, high pitched lock signal and while Lleufer might be wondering just where are the rest of the controls, the floor of the transport rumbles under their feet as the flak cannons kick in automatically and fire for several seconds. There's a much louder explosion that sets the cargo compartment to ringing, but nothing perforates, and Bennett's display will indicate the incoming rocket was successfully shot down. Barring anyone choosing to give chase, they might be in the clear…and considering the only other craft they saw were other transports, well…

"I got hit too, but I think I'm alright-" The plinks start as Randy pushes herself back up against the hull of the cargo hold and uses her good hand to apply pressure. She sinks down to the floor and the louder explosion catches her offguard, causing her ears to ring. She smiles softly at the load of crates they got, and another ship. "Damn, I should have rigged the other transports," she thinks aloud belatedly about the lost opportunity as if saying aww shucks. Because if they can't have all the fish, no one can have the fish.

Seeing as how Palermo isn't driving, guiding or guarding this particular tug boat in the sky, the marine safeties the rifle she's carrying, slings it around to her back, then peels out of her jacket to reach for her first aid kit and goes to a crouch beside Randy. "You're leaking blood, LT, I'm pretty sure you're supposed to keep the red stuff on the inside, like a contained system or something. Mind if I take a look at it?"

<FS3> Palermo rolls First Aid: Failure.

Bennett is silent for a few moments over the comms. All of her focus is going into hustling the beluga whale of a ship airborne, and out of range of that SABRE's guns. Once the warning's no longer pinging, she takes a breath and does a quick scan of the weapons systems, making a few verbal notes to Lleufer in case he has to help her use them. The shudder of the ship's initial ascent levels off to a lower decibel thrum, and she taps her mic finally to give a status update.

Palermo leads off, of course, with working the latch on the first aid kit then promptly spills all of it all over the floor beside Randy. Sigh.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Team, Nyx. We have no active weapons locks, and the transport looks to be intact. No damage reported from that missile launch. We should be clearing these mountains in a few minutes, and enroute back to rendezvous coordinates. Nyx out."

Randy grins as the first aid kit goes everywhere and points to one of the morpha injectors, "That one."

As The ship shudders, Samuel gives a grunt as he steadies himself. "Slap some good old fashioned artillery on this bucket and I'll be happy to poke more holes in their net."

"Right. I knew that," Palermo says as she scoops up the contents of the kit then snags the morpha injector, "You sure this is safe to use on you, LT?"

"You should gun in a Rhino some time. It's a blast," Randy says somewhat sarcastically to Samuel and somewhat…sincerely too. She smiles contentedly, just happy that none of their own died on this mission. "What do you mean?" she asks as she looks back to Palermo. "Are you asking if I'm too small for that dosage? Just give it here," she reaches out with her good hand, taking the pressure off her wound to make grabby hand for a moment.

Lleufer gives Bennett a nod, taking the pointers with grace. He lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding when the flak suddenly started, "Good automated point defense. Glad to have it." It feels strange to be seated in the co-pilot's chair with his wife at the controls, seated beside him. But wow, a hell of a mission to get to work with her again. He glances at her with a smile, then Lleu's busy keeping his focus to watch and make sure nothing blows their asses out of the sky. "Good thing I love to eat fish."

The transport's controls seem to be pretty functional and while she hasn't seen this particular FTL configuration before, it just takes a few minutes to suss out and get them jumped back out of the system to their staging area, giving them enough time to stablize injuries, check the ship for obvious homing beacons, and such. So cleared, they are able to send back for engineering to sweep the ship and get the cargo moved to the Fleet. And maybe get the eventual fish smell scrubbed out of this ship to reuse later.

Palermo hands over the injector without further ado and spends the next few moments fitting all the odds and ends back into the kit before angling the kit toward Randy again and frowns down at it. "Why is it that we're not supposed to use tape or glue again? all these odds and ends seem like a lot of fuss." This said the marine tugs off the sun shades and pushes back the hood of her winter gear, exhaling a breath once she's just a few degrees cooler by doing this.

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