AWD #010: Somebody New
Somebody New
Summary: Phin and Melpomene discuss the nature of hate as love, and hope for hope's sake.
Date: 15/01/2013
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Observation Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the quieter areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
15 January 2005

With the sight of Piraeus drifting through the window at the front of the room, and the relative quiet of the room, few places on the ship are more inspiring or relaxing. In one of the far-forward couches, one dark-haired crewman sits; her head is cocked at a jaunty angle, shifting the other side now and again. Tiny bits and pieces of humming and the occasional word of lyrics can be heard at the back of the lounge.

Phin is probably looking for the relative quiet when he wanders onto observation deck. In his off duties, no trappings of rank or any of that stuff. A book in one hand and a music player tucked in his pocket, though the earbuds are hanging around his neck rather than in his ears. He approaches the window, and a chair where he can sit and take in the view of the planet below them. He can hardly miss Melpomene's semi-singing. He half-turns his head at her, brow furrowing, like he's trying to place the tune. And not quite succeeding.

The nearer Phin comes to the front of the observation deck, the more clearly the song resolves itself, the melody and the lyrics…plus or minus any variations. If Phin places it, he'd realize it's a duet, but Melpomene does her best to carry the tune by herself. "I knoooow you belooooong to soooomebody new," she sings quietly. Open in her lap is a scrap of cut-corner paper, and a pencil liberated from CIC…a rough-shadowed image needs some more work there as well.

<OOC> Melpomene says, "And because I'm a multimedia kinda gal,"

"…but toniiiight you beloooong to meeee…" Phin picks up the tune. Not too loud, of course. His baritone's decent, though he probably should never have a proper singing career. He shrugs one shoulder to Melpomene, chuckling. "I always thought that song as super-depressing, actually."

Melpomene's response to that musing? She simply motions to the window. Piraeus out there, specifically, but the galaxy as a whole in general. "Can it get any more depressing out there? Cylons all over the place, who knows how many people dead, people living like rats in holes just to resist and survive. Yeah, seems pretty depressing to me." But yeah, here she is singing and…trying her damnedest to draw someone there on paper.

"You got a point," Phin says, folding himself into a chair near Melpomene. "It's bizarre, isn't it? How quiet it looks out there. When you think about what Caprica looked like. And Picon, Scorpia…frakking everywhere…except here."

"I didn't…couldn't look. Nope. Don't want to. Can't." She pauses. "Won't." Childish refusal to accept the reality of the situation? Probably. She hoists her legs up onto the couch, sans boots, leans against one arm, and goes back to making pencil marks as she talks over the top of the paper in Phin's direction. "I kinda feel crummy not writing more letters home though."

"I couldn't get around it. Over Caprica, at least," Phin says. "I've thought about asking to see some of the recon photos of home but…yeah. I don't want to, either." About letters, he shrugs. "I didn't talk to my mom in like two years. So you can't be that bad. Where was home?" A pause and he adds, "If you don't mind me asking. Not like it's any of my business."

"Hades. Literally, Hades." And in case he's not familiar with the colonies, she adds, "The one on Canceron. Though I didn't see much of a difference growing up. Both are pretty hella bad places for a kid." Melpomene shrugs, but doesn't look too concerned with it. "But…maybe it was still too damn poor for the Cylons to bother. There's that."

"Ah. Never been," Phin says. "To either Canceron or the one in the stories. I know what you mean. I was born in this shithole called Argentum Bay on Scorpia. Never wanted to see it again. Been thinking about it these last few days, all I can remember of it are the pretty parts. Some of the beaches, that the tourists hadn't turned into total wasteholes. And imagine toasters crawling all over them, or wreckage from the shipyards falling in the water or…whatever. It's weird how that works, y'know? You spend all this energy hating something and then it's gone and…you can't anymore."

You say, "You hated it, but you didn't hate it. I know how you mean. I kinda want to put a bullet in every Cylon for that, but one, that's totally impractical since I'm just one person and two, I'm not that good of a shot. I just say sweet nothings to folks over the radio and make sure nobody leaves the phone off the hook in case a call needs to come through.""

Phin nods. "Yeah, that's pretty much what I mean. Oh, yeah." The last a bit of recognition, when she mentions sweet nothings over the wireless. "You work CIC. Sorry, I didn't place it right away. It all sounds kind of different through the wireless." He grins. "You should see if you can talk the watch officer into letting you sing. It'd make CAP go by faster."

"You know…that's not the first time I've heard that. Personally, I think the wireless doesn't do enough to bring out the low tones. I'm tiny and cute, but I sing like a big fat songbird. I'm like…a sweet little sparrow inside a pigeon's body. I know, I know, it's a gift and a curse," she boasts playfully, holding up a slightly graphite-smudge palm.

Phin chuckles. "I hope you use your powers for good, instead of evil." His eyes go back to the planet out the window, smile fading. "You think they can find this place. The Cylons, I mean."

"Well, if they know about it thus far and haven't attacked…they're really toying with us, huh? What's one task force after they cut through the rest? The big brains picked this place because it was secret, and so far it seems to be. That's good enough for me right this second." She seems…less concerned than may be warranted given the situation.

"Yeah. I guess. Lucky us." Phin does sound concerned, but he at least keeps whatever brooding he's doing about that private. "If it is a secret, maybe we can bring more people back here. Like those people on that Raptor from Virgon, who jumped here when the toasters attacked. Everything's not gone." Just…most everything.

She nods once, but puts her thumb up to her mouth and gets it just the slightest bit damp. Smudging liberally onto the pencil drawing, then pressing a few more heavy pencil strokes onto the paper, and repeating. "Hey, tell me something. How does this look?" She holds up the paper, and it reveals a man's face about half finished. It's not photo-realistic, but it's pretty good. It could be something a high-schooler with some natural talent and a bit of classwork might have done.

Phin straightens up and leans over, to peek at Melpomene's drawing. "It's good. I mean, definitely better than I could do. When I was younger I knew a kid who could draw like that. Taught himself by tracing comics and out of magazines and stuff. No idea what happened to him…" He gives his head a little shake. "Who is he?" He points a finger at the half-drawn man in her sketch.

"Oh…ummm, well, you know. Just a guy I used to know." It's pretty clear that he probably isn't just a guy she used to know, though, not with the way she grins a little bit and lets her head tilt when she gets to feigning ignorance and trying to be subtle and evasive about answering. "That was forever ago though, so, it could be a stranger now, for all I know."

"The only piece of mail I sent since I've been here was to a girl I used to know on Leonis," Phin says. "I don't know if she even got it. I guess it doesn't matter now."

"Who knows! Maybe she got it and read it and was thinking about it. Maybe she still is." Another shrug from Melpomene. "It's a nice to think she got it though."

"Maybe. But probably not," Phin says. He's being a pessimist about that. "It is nice to think that, though. Maybe the guy in your drawing's still out there, too."

"Yeah, he could be!" That, at the very least, gets her to smile a little. "Hey, thanks for putting up with me. I have to drag myself down to get some rack time. Duty shift in the AM." Standing, stretching, she takes her papers in one hand and her boots in the other.

"Later. Good luck on the mic," Phin says, sinking back into his chair and popping his earbuds in. He'll be here with his book for awhile.

"I don't need luck…I've got…well, okay, luck doesn't hurt." Melpomene gives her head a little shake to clear some hair out of her eyes. Heading right for the door, she holds her head up, and goes right back to humming the tune she was carrying when Phin came in.

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