WD Event: So it Begins...
So it begins..
Summary: The crew of Orion learns that the Cylon attack has begun.
Date: 05/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Battlestar Orion - Deck 2 - Hangar Bay
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
WD #01

[Intercom] Petra says, "All stations, this is the Watch Commander. Set Condition 2 throughout the ship. I repeat, set Condition 2 throughout the ship. Medical team to the Hangar Bay. We have incoming wounded on a Raptor."

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the ship.

The deck is currently under alert status, Raptors going through the process of fueling and arming with current hot launch protocols. As has become daily routine, Damage Control Officer is running the checks on their various stations. "Make sure that we have all green lights on the fire surpression systems!" Augie calls out, running down his list of checks to make. "Damn, I hope we have enough foams, or I'm gonna have to rig something up." He makes notes in grease pencil on the side of the clipboard as he chews on the butt of the cigar sticking out between his teeth. "Clean teams, check the deck, police up all the scraps. I don't care if Lennox dropped a candy bar wrapper, make sure that shit's properly stowed." he continues to bark orders as he moves along the deck, stopping at stations now and again to check on the crew that's on standby and shares a few words with them to judge their readiness and morale. A pat on the shoulder as needed, a few grumbled words if that's what the situation calls for.

Then the alarms go off, and Augustus whips his head around to look for the Master Chief. "You heard the man, CON 2!" he yells out. "If the wounded's on the Raptor, safe bet the birds wounded too, set catch and recovery protocols, move it, move it!" He yells out across the bay, "Chief, DCO! Preparing for crash recovery if needed!"

[Intercom] Augie says, "CIC, DCO. Condition 2, Aye Aye. Preparing crash recovery protocols for wounded Raptor, over."

[Intercom] Duke says, "This is the DCAG. All Alert Vipers Pilots are to report to the Hangar Deck for emergency launch. I repeat, All Alert Vipers report to Deck for emergency Launch."

Cole, being on the Alert Ready shift, is already clanging down the stairs and clomping onto the deck. He keeps out of the way of the Deckies as they scramble for an incoming hot Raptor, weaving quickly and quietly through the throng towards his assigned Viper. Helmet under his arm, and a 'just another day on the job' expression, he's ladder bound.

The memories come flooding back to Holtz as the Condition Two alarm blares and the alert ready contingent is summoned to their ships. Old reflexes are hard to kill, and Holtz is moving about as quickly as anyone else. He's still snapping the last few fasteners on his flight suit shut as he bounds onto the deck not far behind Cole; a thin-lipped expression is plastered across his face as he grabs his helmet and dashes towards his Viper.

The sound of screeching metal on the landing deck beneath heralds the arrival of the Raptor finally and as its towed up to the elevator to bring it up to the deck, its a long wait as the platform rises and the Raptor is slowly revealed.

It's shot to hell, smoking, rended and scorced. The fact it's still flying is a miracle and the pilot inside can barely be seen past the faint spidewebbing in the front window. The door locks sound out as they go off and the bus begins to open. There is the sound of voices, many, far too many than should be expected given capacity loads on the ships.

But as soon as the door gets high enough, a figure slips out, looking disheveled, limping faintly as he calls for help and is pulling off a woman who's head is bleeding, she is completely motionless, draped in his arms.

There are more! More people, packed in like sardines and likely why the bus had so much trouble flying - part of the reason. "OH GODS! They attacked, they bombed Caprica…Cylons…" THose conscious enough are calling for help to aid others who are draped injured. A few children can be seen now being helped out as well, sliding to the deck and looking bewildered, frightening and clinging to each other by their hands. Three all together as they look up and around at the battlestar in awe with wide eyes.

It's chaos, fear, everything rolled into one as the pilot is trying to drag himself free and through those getting off the bus. He pulls off his helmet and catches his breath. "I need command!!"

"You heard the man!," Sera shouts out at her team, with a loud, ear-piercing, two-fingers-in-her-mouth, you best get your asses ready, kids kind of whistle. One of the youngest members, a crewman fresh out of A-school, gets a clap on the back and a firm, quiet, "Keep your shit together, Ramirez." And then, "Keep the plasma torches hot!"

Not to add to the carnage and disaster, there's a slightly-frumpy-looking Ambrosius Keller hanging off the railing of his assigned Raptor with an open toolbox. Obviously he was fiddling with something. He stands hanging with one gloved hand off the hatch handle, rubbernecking at the incoming — and safely /out/ of anyone's path.

Duke got the call through the intercom and now, the man is rushing towards the Hangar Deck. Instead of wearing his duty blues, he is wearing his Flight Suit and looks ready to launch….however, it is possible that he is just offering the backup in case it's needed. He marches towards the Deck and finds a couple Pilots, Cole included "Janitor!" calls out Duke towards the man, nodding at him. He sees that the other man is ready to launch as well and nods his head in acceptance. He stops in front of the other man and says "Alright, here's the deal…Incoming contact with cleared colony transponder, distress call" Now, he turns to look at this Raptor and all the people that are being offloaded, and…frak…Caprica? What the…. Duke's eyes go wide for a brief moment but his focus comes back almost instantly and the man moves towards this Pilot "I'm the Deputy CAG, Major Richard Duke" announces the Viper Pilot, taking a deep breath as he examines the other man. He is sure that there's people from CIC coming.

As soon as the Raptor hits deck and is pulls up on the elevator, fire control teams are already jockeying to tend to and move the wounded Raptor out of the way and to make room for medical teams. Augustus runs across the front of the raptor and grabs a hold of the releases on the cockpit to force it open. As the news and rumors hit his ears, Augie mumurs something under his breath, but there's no time to dwell on it, the wounded and the bird are taking his priorities. "We need all available medical to Hangar, immediately! Prep medical, we have numerous wounded."

His fingers dig underneath the damaged cockpit release and pull on it hard, trying to break the seal manually. "Come on, ya lousy tin can, open.." he asks, watching the pilot within to judge for signs of life, motion, anything. "Rutilii!" he yells out. Sera may hate him, but that doesn't matter at the moment. "Clear me a path for medical, this bird's still burning, be ready to clear out if ya need to!" With that, he goes back to work and heaves the cockpit upwards.

While he works, other damage control NCOs work on evacuating the wounded from the bird, and start applying extinguishers to any hot holes still left in her.

"MEDICAL!" Andromeda's bellow would do a drill sergeant or even Augie himself proud. The Petty Officer is pushing and shoving her way through the people, making room for the stretcher. "MEDICAL INCOMING! MAKE WAY!"

Cole pauses on the rungs of the ladder clipped to the side of his Viper, one hand on the rung and the other fisted on the lip of his helmet. He hangs there a moment, unable to stop himself from rubbernecking at the Raptor as it spills its contents like a Clown Car. Two words ring in his ears: CYLONS and BOMBED. It's enough to spur him back into action and he hops the last rung and slides into the seat of his Viper both feet at the same time. There is a quick snap of a salute at Duke's words, and then Janitor is slamming down his helmet and clicking closed the hard seal just as a Deckie clips his collar in for him.

[Intercom] Augie says, "Medical, DCO. There's numerous wounded on board. Prep all medbays, prepare for wounded. All damage control teams to your station, this is not a drill! Repeat, this is not a drill."

Keller's tall figure furrows a thick eyebrow as he stares off at the commotion, still hanging off his own Raptor. He simply shakes his head. "What kind of horseshit.." He mutters to nobody in particular, his words lost in the commotion. He also may have just realized that nobody is listening.

Phin is among those pilots hustling to the hangar deck. He's also finishing sealing himself into his flight suit, helmet still tucked off to the side while he deals with the last of the zippers. But the sight of the Raptor, the wounded coming out of it, and what those people are saying makes him freeze. "Cylons…?" He says the word like it's in some sort of foreign language he only vaguely understands.

Cassie has ran her ass down here, not sure what to expect. There has been an attempt to put her flight gear on on the run and she's still in the process of tugging her flightsuit up and onto her arms, the task made a little difficult thanks to how she has to juggle her helmet from hand to hand. "What the frak is going on," she yells at no one in particular, her voice tight with tension.

There's one moment when Rutlii pauses — when she's just staring at the words "bombed" and "Cylons" being dropped from anyone's lips. A stunned second of disbelief, before she's moving with the quick footfalls of military boots at full clip, signaling with broad gestures of her arms for all non-emergency personnel to clear the path to the Raptor. "MOVE BACK! MOVE BACK! We've got medical incomin'!," she shouts out in the ringing, authorative tone of a woman used to barking out orders over the sounds of gears grinding and engines whirring. "Move any uninjured passengers CLEAR." It's an order she's following herself, as she tries to herd the trio of children clinging to one another away from the Raptor's doors — and any potential explosion from the damaged birds.

After a long night Ariston was on the deck early that morning. Some of the crew probably thought the Master Chief never slept, but today they are probably glad that he's been around so much the last week getting the deck into full combat readiness. Still clad in his greens he's not had a chance to change into the orange jumpsuit common amongst those working here. There were a few last checks after the morning launch of the CAP, but things were well in order. In fact, it probably could be considered a very calm morning. Just as he stretches his arms out behind his back did he hear the intercom go off. Years of working in this environment triggers his attention to what is about to be said - training, routine, or otherwise.

His heart sinks as he hears the call for all of the viper pilots to the deck, the inflection and tone mean something is very wrong. The alert levels being high he assumes the worst as the rest of the message for an emergency launch comes through. His back straightens and his chest puffs out as he points to certain deck chiefs. His command voice rings, "Get it done! Now!" He doesn't run as the raptor comes down the hangar, he walks with confidence watching those he's trained execute their duties. He stands with arms crossed as the raptor comes into view, his expression becoming that of a very serious frown. He doesn't even have time to help or say anything as people jump all over the raptor as soon as it is stopped; damange control and everyone else is on the job - as to be expected, but there's something far more amiss to all of this that he can't place. A bombing? The words muddle his mind as he moves up quickly to lend a hand to those coming off the raptor to get them clear. Too many people were over here… "Get the frak away from this raptor if you're not helping!" He's pissed the situation is rolling out of control with everyone jumping on their first moments of action. "Get the frak clear and get medical in here!" Pointing to the fires he yells again, "Get those frakking fires out, then clear out of here!"

The Raptor's door is caught, it stops halfway up in that very achingly slow rise. It begins to jerk and then makes a creeking sounnd like the hydraulics are shot to hell. People are pushing at it from the inside out, trying to get free as the DCO's step forward to try to help pull people free and get the crew out, though the ECO has gotten out, the pilot is still in the front, gazing at Augie and appears to be very much alive, just wired and possibly in shock as she stares to the fore and through at the DCO.

The ECO looks to Duke, "Sir…I need to get command here, I have to report with information. The colonies have been bombed, sir…millions are dead already and we nearly lost our lives to raiders and basestars." This is of course lost in the fact that there are screaming civilians, injured, shocked, desperate. Most are claiming some sort of unbelieveable event of basestars blowing apart the fleet. Its War. Some are crying war but the one then that sticks out is that repeated word CYLONS.]

"MED INCOMING!" Andromeda shouts yet again, using her broad shoulders to shove an deckie out of the way, not taking any time to be terribly gentle about it. Behind her are several other medical personnel. "PO2 Jones, Fleet Corps. Sir." That is said to Ariston as the Corpsman gets into position, medical people behind her looking slightly shell-shocked. The sir is tacked on with a flicker of her eyes to her pins.

For her part, the medic looks calm and detached. This isn't her first rodeo. "Let's get an on-site triage started. Identify the most critically injured and get them on stretchers." She orders, even as she's pulling gloves out and getting them on. Her attitude is one of no-nonsense competency. Her eyes do flicker to the Raptor cautiously. "Lets get the non-critical that can move under their own power away from the bird." Clearly she suspects a bomb or something. It's a classic strategy. Get the emergency personnel close, and then trigger an explosion to get them.

Its about this time that Petra finally makes it down from CIC. Travel time from the moment he cleared the Raptor to land and set Condition 2 to now…right about the time it would take it to run. And considering he looks a LITTLE disheveled when he bursts through the hatch, he did indeed run full tilt the whole way. Skidding to a stop, he takes a moment to scan the crowd, glance at the destroyed raptor, and sees an unfamiliar pilot talking to Duke. Bingo! He starts running again to close the distance to the two men.

Duke listens to what the ECO is telling and he takes a deep breath, expression hardening as the other man speaks. He nods firmly and says "Command will be here shorty, you will be able to provide your report" He looks around at all the people he brought in and then looks back at the man. "We have Vipers out there already, just in case." Another nod "You have done well. Now please…allow yourself to be checked by Medical…Command will be here shortly." He now looks around, trying to see if there's actually, someone from Command there and now, he sees Petra there and nods to the man "Major! Please…" and then he looks back at the ECO.

Allright. There is some staring here on Keller's part as he idly holds a screwdriver in his hand like he's actually going to do something with it, rubbernecking from the safe distance of his safely-parked and as-of-now unused raptor. It looks like he's even about to do something useful with it. Except the screwdriver is held from the wrong end and then falls skittering to the ramp of his parked raptor from his surprised fingers.

"Make way for medical!" Augie echoes for Andromeda, as he looks down at the hatch. "Harrison, get me my cutter, I'm gonna gave to pry this pit open! Rutlii, give me a status on the unloading!" he yells out for her, as he presses his hand against the glass. "Hang in there, lass, we'll have ya outta there in no time." he promises her through the spiderweb of glass and metal.

Already, his teams, at first rushing forward are pulling back at the guidance of the Master Chief. Augie tosses the man a grateful nod as Harrison hands him the cutter so he can start to pry the cockpit open. The team assigned to the section remains in place, working their extinguishers on the fires and the hot spost and assisting in cracking the Raptor further open to help out the wounded.

Holtz manages to hear parts of Duke's semi-briefing to Cole as he boards his fighter. He's standing at the top of the ladder when the wounded Raptor is brought up to the deck. Initially focused on his preflight checklist, his attention can't help but wander when the battered bird's hatch starts to creak open, and a person crawls out. And then another, a wounded one. And then… children? Holtz stares in astonishment for a moment as several of the passengers drip blood onto the deck, his checklist momentarily forgotten. But just like that, the moment passes, and he's jolted back to reality by a deckie clumsily throwing a seal collar around his neck. He hurriedly throws on his helmet, clicks the seal shut, and returns to his launch prep.

Wherever Cole is, that is where Jess is. Wingmen 4 lyfe, etc. So at this point that would be sitting in her Viper along with the others on alert status, going through impatient - but diligent! - launch prep.

Snug as a bug in a Viper, Cole has his harness fastened and his canopy closes against the cacophony of the chaos on the deck. Sealing himself off to the cries of the woman, wounded, and children, his voice comes across the comms steady but with a steeled edge, "Barn, this is Janitor. I am green for the tubes. Repeat, Alert Viper five three seven ready for launch. Fling my ass out there, let's get this show on the road."

Phin is jarred enough by all the yelling to keep moving that he manages to keep moving. Up the steps, into a Viper, start pre-flight. He fumbles through much of it, but he's at least been drilled enough that it comes more or less when called for. He takes a deep breath, as if he just wants to make sure his lungs are still in working order, before he snaps his helmet on.

"Don't just stand there gawking, jackass!," Sera snaps at Keller as he drops his screwdriver to the floor. "Get anyone that can walk on their own past the blast doors before this lady lights up. NOW!" The children that she's been herding are left in the Lieutenant's care, complete with a direction giving by frantic pointing towards the doors. "Go, go, GO!" And then, fraaaaak muttered under her breath as she turns to dart back towards the wounded Raptor.

"If we can get everyone clear," Sera calls out to Garrido, "We can blow the ejection sequence on the passenger seat and unload the crew until that door's hacked off." It's followed by, "Stand clear. STAND CLEAR."

A rolling shrug in Keller's flightsuited shoulders as Keller slides away from his own Raptor. The big guy just wrinkles his eyebrows. "Hey, I put the panel back on the /right/ way this time." He protests aloud in a semi-indignant tone, but clearly this is more of a stress reliever than anything else. He steps away from his own Raptor and takes Sera's suggestion to make himself semi-useful, boots thumping against the deck and gesturing away from the commotion towards the refugees. "Party's this way people. Let's move!"

Did someone out there say Cylons? The thought sounds unbidden in Holtz's head as the cockpit glass slams shut around him, and he shakes it away with a vicious curse. Good thing his radio wasn't on yet. He toggles the com as the deck crew wheels him into the launch tube and closes the airlock behind him. "Control, Storm. Alert Viper six-four-five green in the tubes, slotted and ready to go."

An icy tickle runs up Cassie's spine as she catches a few stray words while paused, finally succumbing to the need to set down her helmet so she can get her flightsuit on and zipped up properly. Finally done with that she merely waits instruction, moving close to wherever those in command are so she can be in easy earshot of orders when they are given. "Lords of Kobol, protect those who are about to fly," she mouths to herself, her expression worried.

This wasn't the first rodeo for Ariston and the Master Chief wasn't happy that people were not prepared for this, not to mention everyone was taking attention to a situation that was potentially deadly to all of them. He sees Sera yelling for people to get out of here, the same thing he was though people needed to clear out farther. The hatch not opening catches his attention and he yells to those nearby, "Get the frak out of here and behind blast doors!" He points in the direction of the officers approaching the ECO nearby and shouts again, "Take your frakking conversation elsewhere!" His attention turns to the door and the medical crews coming in; he's hoping they take a cue and are doing triage back behind the blast doors like protocol dictated, but the heat of the moment could bring other results. There's no time for worrying too much about the others; the hatch needed opened as quickly as possible.

"Rutili! Get that torch over here and help me crack open the emergency release!" He puts himself to the door and gives it a hardy tug, but to no avail. Damage crews are nearby and he shouts to them, "Spring the release, now!" There's medical close at hand pulling people out, though there isn't much risk of fire spreading right now. They could spring the ejection seat, but that wasn't something he wanted on his deck - there was live ordnance and fully loaded craft not far off. He shouts, "We are not using the ejection seat, this door has to come off! We'll use frakking hydraulic jacks if we have to!"

Checklist complete and tucked away, Jess is right on the boys' heels, settling into the cockpit as she says, "Control, this is Nags. Alert Viper Seven-Eight-Four green in the tubes, ready for launch. Let's see what's going on out there."

The children look bewildered as people rush past them and they stick close together, the youngest starting to cry at the chaos that is the deck at the moment. Her wails fill the air and she is held tightly by an older boy as she cries for her mother who could very well be the one unconscious in the man's arms. He turns to Andromeda and rushes her, "Please..my wife..oh please.." He says. "The building collapsed next to us and she was struck in the head." He is shaking, staring at the PO.

The kids move with Sera, the one still crying and now they look up at Keller expectantly. One even worries over the fact its another Raptor. "No no..I don't want to go inside the ship…its going to get shot at. The cylons will get us!" But those being ordered out of the way are slow to do so, still so obviously in shock and disoriented. A few listen to the deckhand and drag at the others to get them free and clear.

The ECO turns to look at Petra and he nods his head, stepping closer to bridge the gap in that triangle. "Sir. We were on ground on Caprica when they attacked, there was little we could do as they nearly took out the ships in orbit instantly. All we could think to do was grab some civvies and a few family members and get out." A few obviously became a horde. "We nearly didn't make it, sir. Everything is…" Pause. As they are told to shift ouf of the way, he nods and moves back, quickly heading for the blast doors with out without Duke and Petra. But when they get there, he imparts some more knowledge.

Ariston's calls for order are taken and the combined groups of deck, medical and control begin to pull back to allow a few in to blast that canopy off because of the jammed door that is blocking the flood of survivors from getting free. Shifting to follow orders, those of the deck are quick and efficient once prodded into action.

"I was drowning…" Phin mutters to himself. Suddenly very aware he's about to launch into blackness at a time when people are screaming about Cylons. Another deep breath, and he manages to flip his comm switch on and go, "Uh, Control. Dolly. Systems green, in the tubes and ready to launch." At least in the tubes he can't hear the increasingly grim news from the survivors on the Raptor. It would probably not settle the ensign's jangled nerves.

"Agreed!" Augie yells towards Ariston, "Chief, Rutlii, get the wounded out of the back, I almost have this tin can opened up front!" he yells, and cuts through the release and uses his shoulder to force aside the glass canopy, where it falls down the deck and clatters, but holds together. Pulling out his knife, he leans within and works on cutting the straps to pull the woman out. "My name's Augie, sir." he says to the pilot Captain. "Welcome to Orion. Yer safe." he promises her, trying to snap her out of her thoughts and lifts her up bodily. "Alright, come on, upsie daisy. Medical, need a stretcher, she's in shock!" He starts to feel around quickly for wounds on the pilot, just to make sure.

Petra's face is on permanent frown setting at this point, but is at least situationally aware enough that when effort is made to move people to the blast doors, he does so with the ECO and Duke. There's a flickering shift in his facial expression at whatever additional information the ECO has to offer, and for a moment, Petra looks at Duke, then back to the ECO, "You did fine son. An outstanding job. We're going up to the Admiral's office and you're going to talk to him. The Major and I have a ship we need to spin up." Then to Duke, he adds, "We're going to Con 1. You need anything from me?"

Duke remains close to Petra and the ECO that is now offering those words to them. There is a slow nod from the man now and he looks at Petra for brief seconds before looking back at the ECO. The DCAG extends one hand to the ECO and sets it on the man's shoulder, nodding to him "Everyone is receiving medical attention…" But then of course, there's that last bit of info that has been set and his eyes narrow, and then he turns to look at Petra again "Where's Jameson?" asks Duke to the JTACCO, keeping a low volume to prevent others from hearing. He nods again to the ECO as he receives help and then looks back at Petra "Alert-5 Vipers are already out there, I will call out the launch the Alert-5 Raptor as well and notify my Pilots to standby for potential launch."

"Let us extract them." Andromedia is at the Deck Crews' side, even as she's projecting an aura of calm competency that she hopes is addictive. "If there's internal injuries, they need proper handling. I've stretchers and people trained in extracting wounded." The man that tries to accost her is warded off with one arm, even as she nods for medical personnel to come forward with stretchers.

"Triage behind the blast doors!" She calls to her medical people, ignoring everything except them, the situation at hand, and the wounded. The crowds? Not there. "This is just extraction! Keep an ear out for a call to disengage. If it comes, pull back. I don't care if there are wounded. Each and every one of you just became a finite, valuable resource."

"I'd like to see whoever it is out there /try/ to find us." Keller says firmly, arcing his vision down at the kid in an oddly soothing voice. "Don't worry. We've got something special. Which reminds me.." he looks at the ragged refugees and fumbles in his pocket for something. It's a plastic baggie, carrying what looks like a roll of some kind as he hands it towards him. "Hibernian biscuit. Like my gramma used to make. C'mon, let's get out of their way before the lady over there loses /her/ biscuits." He gestures towards the doors in a grand beckoning sweep and herds them off.

[Into the Wireless] Jess says, "Janitor, Dolly, Storm, this is Nags. You seeing anything out here that doesn't look the same as yesterday and last week?"

Cassie finds herself feeling like she's playing a part in a very weird, strange, utterly frakked up movie. The crying, the chaos, the children… "Wait," she calls out, finally catching enough for that to finally piece a little bit of what happened together, but that's all she can say. The ability to talk has been utterly stripped from her, leaving her standing there with no way to voice her qustions.

[Into the Wireless] Holtz says, "Nags, Storm. All I see is nothing, nothing and more nothing."

"For frak's sake, Chief!," Sera growls as Augie tosses the cracked canopy, dangerously close to shattering, down onto the deck. She flags down Ramirez, who was prepping the plasma torches, to send him in to burn up the hinges to the hatch. "STAND BACK!," she shouts through the metal walls of the Raptor, down into the fuesselage and to any passengers still stuck inside. "STAND BACK! Get out through the cockpit if you can!"

The ECO nods to Petra and gives a look to Duke. "Lead the way sir. The DRADIS went down inside, the records are all there for what we saw if you need readouts." He says, "But its going to need to be stripped and booted up again to possibly get it running." He says and then glances to the exits, moving to follow the JTACCO back to CIC.

Thats right, the instruments inside are a bit fried, but likely salvageable should the techies get inside the bird without destroying it.

The kids look up at Keller, one taking that offered food and nodding his head. They look back and then move to follow him, the one still wailing as she holds with a death grip on that hand from the older child.

Injured are being pulled out beneath that small opening of the door.

Petra nods quickly at the ECO, then looks at Duke with pursed lips, and sighs. No words escape one Major to the other, he just gives the man a single, terse nod, then turns to head for the stairwell, murmuring at the ECO, "Lets go, son." And with that, JTACCO and ECO slip off to CIC.

Lowering the pilot down onto the stretcher for the medical teams to evac, Augie glances towards the back of the bird. "FRONT CLEAR!" he calls out clearly for Sera and Ariston to hear as he finally backs off to let the damage control teams to start to bring any other small fires on the front of the ship under control.

Duke listens to those last words from the ECO and then nods his head at the man "We will do that." Another nod is offered to the man as he departs and now, Duke turns around, perhaps finally taking a more clear look at his surroundings. He starts looking for Ariston, after all, he is the man to talk to in this case. He quickly marches to where Ariston is, trying to not disturb anything in the process because people is busy as frak. "Master Chief!" calls out Duke as he approaches the Deck Boss "A quick word with you, please?"

"Get the kids to the triage setup." Andromeda's voice carries to Keller, as she spots him with the kids. She then gets to work at extracting wounded to be carried to the triage station set up behind the blast doors.

And the medical team goes into action, setting up a smooth flow of wounded from the Raptor to the triage station set up behind the blast doors, Andromeda at the head of the line, working quickly to stop obvious bloodflow and assess conditions even as people get pulled away, using a marker on hand to mark the most wounded for immediate surgery and intensive care.

People start to move and its the best that can happen Ariston rapidly thinks as he glances about. There's chatter about and attack and cylons, but that doesn't change what he has to do nor does it change what he will do. Sera is working well and shouting into the raptor just as Ramirez gets there with the torch. The crew were so quick to jump out of the Raptor the primary retrival when the door didn't work was to blow the glass, which the Damange Control Officer somehow seemed to jump in at. The only other way in would be to cut a hole and that was exactly what Ariston had in mind; it just was in this case the door was the fastest thing to cut off. He moves back to let the other deck hand up and starts to survey what was happening around the area. Seeing Augie had the pilot he waves shouting, "Get her and clear out!" Too many frakking people around for them to do their jobs.

[Intercom] Petra says, "This is the Watch Commander. Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the ship. I repeat, Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the ship."

<Intercom> Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the ship.

Sight of the JTACCO is caught out of the corner of Cassie's eye but she doesn't speak to him, Petra having a job to do as does she. Duke is approached but not spoken to but she shouldn't have to say a damn thing to convey her confusion, that being something etched into every line and crease that has found its way onto her face.

Smiling weakly, Keller continues to herd until the civilians are safely out of the way. "Listen - I'm Lt. Keller." he says to the lucky kid who got the snack. "I'll be back to check on you later. And there's more where that came from." He points to the biscuit. "Um — yeah. Just keep moving, people. I got a job to do." He looks back over towards the landing deck, muttering a simple, quiet curse under his breath.

Finishing with lowering the shocked pilot onto the stretcher, the DCO falls back into his more formal role as Augustus returns to supervising the damage teams. "Make sure ya mind the hinges when you're cutting!" he calls out, directing them to let Ariston lead as he passes off the pilot and he starts to work on making sure that what fires are left on the Raptor are extinguished.

Speaking of the medical team, in walks Dr. Cassandra Palaiologos. She takes stock of what's going on and sleeves are rolled up. Her eyes take in the steady stream of people that are getting treated, and she moves in towards those who are the most injured. She begins working to treat the worst, clearing off a table. Finding a crewman she has him go and get some scalpels and other supplies so that she can begin to get the worst of the wounded to a stable enough state that they can be moved to the sick bay safely.

[Intercom] Duke says, "This is the DCAG, all Pilots are to suit up and standby for potential Emergency Launch. Condition One has been set."

Sera's still swearing under her breath in a long, long stream of Old High Virgon — which is funny, because it's the only part of the language that the woman actually knows. The fact that it's swearing? That's totally obvious, too, even to anyone who doesn't speak the language. She shoves her shoulder into the door to support it while Ramirez is severing the hinges, destroying the hydraulics and ensuring that without a massive overhaul, they might not even be able to salvage the parts, let alone the Raptor. "STAND CLEAR!," she shouts again, because the hatch goes clattering to the deck with a heavy metal THUNK-CRASH.

Looking over to Sera he watches her and Ramirez work at getting the door to the raptor off. He's not leaving the area but he seeks Major Duke approach. Ariston is not a happy camper by any means. His anger seeps through his voice as he scowls, "Major, if you'd be so kind to remove these people from the area… Frakking now! Get Lt Garrido out of here as well; this is MY deck and MY scene. He already frakked up the recovery and there's going to be hell to pay, and that raptor is going to have to be repaired at some point." There would be time to talk to the major but for now he's back to the Raptor after the door slams to the deck. "Good work Ramirez, clear on out." He looks to Rutili and shouts, "Rutili, get in there and make sure she's not going to blow!"

"Doctor…" Augie addresses Cassandra as they get close. "This ain't the place for surgeries, lass." he comments, straight forward. "Triage who ya need to, but get them off the frakkin deck and down to medical!" With that, he hands over pilot. And then he gets yelled at and he moves back as well.

Duke looks at Ariston as he speaks but the man doesn't react to the Chief's anger, he just nods his head to him and says "I'll get them out for you, Chief" Now, he looks at the Raptor for a moment and then looks at all the people around him that should /not/ be here. "Everyone who is not supposed to be here, OUT!" As he says this of course, he walks towards the main com systems and takes the transmitter. He clicks it to say something, then hangs it afterwards and then heads towards some of his Pilots that are standing about, nodding to them "Out of the Deck, out of the Deck! There are other places that can be used, head to the Ready Room! Come on people, leave the Deck Crew do their job!"

"Yeah," Cassandra replies to Augie, actually taking a moment to think over things instead of just rushing in to do things. She frowns lightly, watching the steady stream of people going to the Triage station, and then moving back towards the Sickbay. Moving over towards the first aid station she begins to work on sorting out the casualties as well.

[Intercom] Duke says, "This is the DCAG. All Personnel that doesn't fall right under Master Chief Rembrant is to clear the Deck. I repeat, everyone that doesn't fall under direct command of Master Chief Rembrant, clear the deck NOW."

Cassie jumps when Duke barks, her face growing more pale than it had grown previously to his yelling. "Sir," she murmurs, her voice trembling. "What's going on?" The question isn't asked until she's sure he won't turn around and bite her head off or turn into some kind of fire-breathing monster who'll turn her into ash without a second thought.

As he assists with the wounded, Augie walks by Cassie and simply comments. "Cylons nuked Caprica. It's gone to shit." Simple as that, he lifts his heads up, "Damage control teams to the Chief, I need to get to my frakkin station!"

Sera climbs into the bird, coughing and sputtering in the face of all the smoke. She didn't have time to pull all of her fire control gear on; that, or she didn't bother. More likely the first one, given the way she's been swearing and cussing up a storm at everyone that wasn't following extrication procedure to the letter. What passangers that can walk are shoved towards the doors, pointed towards the exit. There's one man she literally drags out, arms wrapped around him, for the medical crew to deal with in triage.

Cassandra turns to look at Duke, her hands and wrists already bloodied, "Sir, what about the aid station here? I recommend that it stays here as well, Sir. At least until all the wounded are sorted and sent to sick bay." It doesn't technically fall under Master Chief Rembrant, but, as far as the Doctor is concerned it needs to stay here to help stabilize those who are coming in injured.

Grumbling, Ariston looks around the deck area and sees people almost clear now that the annoucement has been made. He looks to the Major and says, "Thank you, let me secure the area and once it's safe I'm all yours." He sees Sera up in the raptor and moves to the front, the fire suppression teams having hosed down the engine section to cool them off. To triage he says, "Get in there and get those people off and out." He's not moving as fast now, feeling more confident the raptor wasn't going to blow on them and everything is suppressed. More drills would be forthcoming after this…

With Sera inside the Raptor, a fire team moves in with her as well, extinguishers carried along as they move with her. One helps to assist her with the wounded still inside as they hose down the cargo area.

Duke nods to the Ariston and offers "I will stay around" And of course, there's a pending request, but first, any potential threat must be contained, it's safety after all. His attention now drifts towards Cassandra and he offers "Lieutenant, when /all/ the wounded are sent to Sick Bay, you are to /leave/ the area as well, and I suggest you hurry up, the area is not safe." He knows that another wounded is being extracted now of course and then looks back at the woman, nodding his head to her "Hurry up, Lieutenant, we can't have all the wounded here. Get them clear and go with them to Sickbay" He nods at this, turning once again to find Cassie "Come with me…" says the Major, moving away from the area to let the Crew work. He looks at her and knows full well she heard what Augie said "You heard what was said" He looks her in her eyes "I need you on Alert, Lieutenant, clear the area…head to Ready Room. We still don't have a full picture, but we are not going to be playing guessing games"

Cassandra inclines her head to Duke, "Yes, Sir," she says, before she heads back towards the aid station. "You heard the Major. Lets get these wounded on the move. Give triage in only the most neccessary casees to get them to the sickbay. Then once their gone, pack it up. We have a lot of people to treat in the sick bay," she tells the Medical crew, the Lieutenant is rushing along now, making sure that everyone is tagged and sent to where they need to go.

"You foam everythin' in sight! Every damned thing that sparks or shines or even looks dusty!," Sera's snapping at the damage control team pouring into the Raptor. "I want this old lady covered in so much white she looks like a motherfrakin' ski slope." There's a wrench, and a pry-bar, and a yank as the little knuckledragger in all her orange tries to peel away the control panel leading to the wires for firing all the ordnance. Desperately trying to stay out of their way, to not get trampled, Sera's clipping every last wire that hasn't melted yet, to make damned sure that nothing can blow. A futile gesture, perhaps, with DC unloading any and all explosives as fast as they can get their hands on them, but the girl's got to be sure.

Augie's just blunt, not cavalier. The fire team follows the PO's orders to a letter. Following with Sera, they start to hose down everything, popping storage and cargo areas, any place that they can get into. As Sera nears the front of the raptor, there is a muffled noise that comes from one of the cargo holds, and a rustling inside.

The chief a few moments later yells up to Sera, "Rutili, she's safe on the outside. If you're clear in there we need to recover the logs off of her and any other important data." Now that most were off he finally can start attending to other matters - Sera was good at what she did and he had no doubts that data would be off the raptor in a snap. To Duke he turns and shakes his head, taking a deep breath. "I'm going to need the DCO back down here to look over this raptor for the type of damage done to it Major. If what they are saying is true the scars on this bird are going to reflect all that, but I can assure you that there is a lot of credibility in what they say just looking at her." He steps away to another deck team and says, "Make sure to get as much data from that bird we can before moving her off the elevator. There are questions I'm sure the men and women up front want answers to."

"Motherfrakers, what the hell is that?," Sera mutters at the sound of rustling coming from inside the ship. "Hey!," Sera shouts at one of the DC crew, indicating for them to aim their hoses at the cargo hold while she peels the thing open. The latch, half-melted, sticks when she tries to pop it by hand, leaving the woman no choice but to hack into with a boot, a pry-bar, and a whole lot of pulling. She grunts once, then twice, and finally, there's a BANG! from inside the bird as the door pops open and comes flying off.

The fire control leader follows Sera's instructions. As the door is pried off and opened up, Sera will find a small toddler inside. She has disheveled blonde hair and looks like she was just yanked out and thrown in roughly. She's still crying, staring at her feet. She's dressed in a replica flight suit, and as she lifts her head, her mother, the pilot, made sure to mark her name and her mother's name across the child's forehead. Just in case.

Duke looks at Cassie, narrowing his eyes. "Lieutenant" snaps the man, pretty much just calling for her attention right now. "Look at me, Lieutenant" demands the DCAG now and then says "Don't….just…don't." As if understanding what's going through Cassie's mind right now "I am sure there will be time for that, but this is not it. I need you focused, Lieutenant…you can endanger yourself and others if you are not" He nods now, and he places a hand on her shoulder, looking at her "Alright?" Now, he takes a couple steps back, turning around to look at Ariston. "Master Chief.." then, he listens, takes a deep breath and nods "Yes, we need the DRADIS readouts, but…it's going to be stripped and booted up again to get the damn thing running." Now, he looks at the Raptor, I mean, really looks at it "Frak sakes, the thing took quite a beating" He shakes his head at this and then, that loud BANG! makes him look again and when the thing flies off, he takes a step backwards and lifts one arm, not knowing if Cassie is behind him but trying to cover her just in case.

Sera stops dead in her work, confronted not with more sparks and flames, but with a crying little kid. For one brief moment, something comes across her face. There's this tic in her cheek, smudged by ash and by grease, and bright red underneath that from all the heat. Yeah. Yeah. For one brief second, it looks like Rutlii is seriously considering murdering someone. It's an expression that passes quickly, as she's soon crouching down and holding her gloved hands out to the little girl. "Hey." And then again, softer. "Hey. Hey. C'mon on out of there, sweetheart. It's okay now. It's okay. I know your mama, and I'm bettin' she's down in medbay. Let's go look for her together, alright? We'll find your mama," she coos. Yeah. It's totally obvious that Sera has a baby sister she had to care for growing up; that sweet, mothering voice belongs only to women who have tended crying children before.

Cassandra is still busy working through with the wounded, but as the stream of wounded coming from the deck trickles down, she starts sending folks back to the Med Bay. Making sure that she has enough folks on hand, and that the deck is getting cleared, just like the Major asked.

The child looks up at Sera with big brown eyes, quiet for a moment, then says, "…mommy took me to work. Said she was going to show me her plane. And then told me to sit down until she got me. Said we were gonna fly. And then it got really bright." she falls quiet and reaches up with grabby hands to wrap around Sera as she offers her arms and hugs against her.

"It's okay, darlin'," Sera says, hefting the little girl up into her arms. "You just hold on real tight, okay? You hold on real tight, and you close your eyes real hard. And you keep 'em closed until I say you can open 'em, and then there won't be anythin' bad to see anymore, okay?" She's stroking the little girl's hair as she marches out of the Raptor, carefully cradling the child so that the girl has a convenient place to bury her face. Rutlii's going to keep her promise. As long as the kid keeps her eyes closed, Sera's going to make sure she doesn't see the burned up deck, or the folks in triage, or anyone wounded in medbay. "No peekin' now," Sera says. "Ramirez," she calls out, softer now. "Get the logs off the bird. You did good today."

The child wraps up around Sera and as ordered, she closes her eyes. "Do you know where my mommy is?" she asks quietly as she's carried.

The chief hears the bang and shouts "What the frak?" as he snaps to the sound inside the raptor. He sees the door fly and is shocked to see something land outside of the raptor with Sera inside. What the frak was she doing in there? He shouts up to the bird, "We good in there?" There's others still moving about but the bird was mainly secure at this point. Just a matter of taking the precautions to make sure that it wouldn't be hurting anyone further, analyzing what they did have and then clearing it out. He sees the return of the DCO and shouts, "Lt, come on over and get a look at some of these burn marks on the outside of the ship… what do you think this bird got hit with?" Then he started to put things together… attack, flashes, cylons… they couldn't have… no… His eyes grow wide, "Frak, get a full scan of this bird!"

"Get the damn thing clear of the 'vator first, Chief!" Augustus yells back up. "We have a full flight out there and will need all bays if shit comes down the pipe." he points out as he rubs his fingers over one of the scars, the metal still warm under his touch. "Aphrodite's sloppy wet seconds…" he murmurs quietly, looking up at the Chief, his eyes flashing a silent agreement.

As Sera passes by Ariston, there's just this withering stare shot at him over the top of the blonde girl's curls. Like, if looks could peel paint, the Chief would already be chipped and cracking. "No," Sera admits to the child she's cradling, heading for the door. "It's a big, big ship. It could take a little while to find her. But don't worry, sweetheart. We will, okay? Just keep your eyes closed. My name's Sera." A pause. "What's yours?," she asks, though it's clearly written on the girl. Platitudes, no doubt, to keep the stowaway calm. They fade off as Rutlii slips through the door, child in tow.

With the stream of wounded finally ceasing, Cassandra and the rest of the triage team start packing up and heading towards the sickbay to deal with the wounded.

Duke just looks at Cassie and shakes his head "Hopefully not" Now, he just nods his head and says "Out of the Deck, Lieutenant…" And that's pretty much all he says to Cassie. He looks at the Raptor again now and looks at the burn marks that Ariston is talking about. He looks at Augie now and then back at the Chief "I got all my Pilots suited up…after this, we should prepare the other Alert Levels…" Meaning, the Viper Squadrons and the Raptors that have been prepared just in case anything happens. And it just did.

Cassie nods abruptly and goes off, giving the Major a quick salute before leaving.

The other deck crew that have helped secure the Raptor are moving away now for other teams to come in and help the Master Chief get the bird to a safe location. However, the chief says to Augie, "Lt, the tapes come off now and we're going to record the condition of the ship first, something isn't right here and I want this preserved just in case something frakking comes at us we're not expecting! The vator can wait a few moments." He sees Sera and the child and lets her go, then jumps up to help Ramirez. As he pulls the tapes he fears the worst… and it's confirmed. The crew on the ground shout up to him, "Chief, there's traces of radiation in here!" He shouts back, "Frak, let medical know!" To Ramirez he tells to get on down, then takes the tapes for himself. To a deck crew after he jumps down, "Move the bird over to where we can have teams look her over; we'll be making repairs before too long." He then moves toward Major Duke, the information he has in his hands… unbelieveable.

Augie agrees with the removal of the tapes, but his eyes are following the patterns and markings of the burns and damage. He doesn't even say anything, he just glances back towards the Chief, and once the tape is clear, he hears the new info and grunts. "MOPP 3 levels for working on removal!" he calls out. "Get it over to the deck and hose her down. I want scans every 15 minutes until she's at safe levels again." And then he clears out of the way for the tractor to link up to the Raptor and pull it away. "I'll let the Doc know to get started treating her patients for rad exposure."

[Intercom] Augie says, "Medical, DCO. Radiation found on Raptor. Minimal levels for exposure. Check yer patients, be ready to treat those with a rad dose, copy."

Duke marches towards Ariston and sees the look on the man's face. Oh yes, he heard everything that has been said, knows what it means. He looks down at the tapes now and presses his lips together "I need to take those to CIC.." Then he looks up at Ariston and he takes a deep breath "Master Chief, are you going to be ok?" he nods firmly and already knows the man is pretty much made of steal, so he doesn't doubt that fact. "We'll see what these report, see what went on there…but…as you said, by the looks of it" He just shakes his head, already knowing that something very, very bad happened.

Depending on the level of radiation doseage, Ariston thinks. He replies calmly, "I'm sure I'll be fine as well as the rest of the Orion's crew; now those inside that raptor, that's another story that the medical bay will have to deal with." He takes the tapes and hands them to the Major and takes another deep breath; the full gravity and weight of what he saw was sinking in. "I'll let you do what you all do best sir, but frak… I'm going to have every bird fueled and loaded ASAP."

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