AWD #087: Snitches and Suicide
Snitches and Suicide
Summary: Team Blonde voice concerns about an incident from the mess hall the previous day, much to their own dismay it's about a fellow pilot.
Date: 03/April/2013 (OOC Date)
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Maia Ygraine Holtz 
Flight Simulators
The Air Wing has access to flight simulators to train pilots off the ground in combat maneuvers and situations that are hard to replicate with regular dogfight practicing and this is their home. A rectangular room, the hatch opens up beside the bank of computers that control the simulations and what is seen by the individuals when training sessions are in progress. The sims are actual cockpits cut out of old frames and installed here to function exactly as the real thing, right down to oxygen plugs for suits. In front of each cockpit, complete with armored glass, are LCD screens that cover most of the front view to the front and above. There are two Vipers, two Predators, and one full-cabin Raptor available.
AWD #87

Ygraine has been looking for Maia all morning, or at least since she got off her early shift Alert 5. She's checked the pool and the rec area and the library, and before she decides she's going to get some racktime she reckons she'll try one more spot, which she thinks Centerfold is most likely to be in: the sims. Stepping inside, she takes a look around to see if the other blonde is there, and barring that, checks the monitors to see if any of the units are running a program.

It's often Maia can be found in the SIMs, and today isn't any different. She's cut breakfast to get her scheduled time and her almost finished. She swipes her forearm across her forehead eyes narrowed as her other hand holds the stick. After a particularly successful maneuvering through the asteroids, she cheers. "Awwyeah!"

Ygraine lets out a soft chuckle when she hears evidence of Maia's progress. Taking a seat at a monitor, she presses a button and speaks into the sim comm. "Centerfold, Milkshake. Can I bother you for five once you're done with your run?"

It doesn't take long for her to take it back to the transport, it was the last of the flying she was doing for now and once she has, she flips everything off and steps out, a pleased and triumphant grin on her face. "Hey Shake, sure, anytime. What's up?" Strolling over, she closes the distance a warm smile, but curiosity in her eyes.

Ygraine's smile turns a little fretful, and she absently tugs on one of her milkmaid braids. "It's about the other day, in the mess. Standup, sayin' those things." she admits. "I've been rollin' it over in my head, and t'be honest, I'm havin' some conflictin' feelings. I…kinda think I should report what he said to th'squadron leader. That kinda talk, it ain't safe. Not for him, not for any ECO who flies with him."

Her expression suddenly turning serious, Maia leans against the bulkhead almost shivering at the question. "It was very serious and I agree that he has something wrong going on up here," tapping a middle finger against her head. "But is it bad enough to report?" Crossing her arms she mulls it over, so against her nature to give out names of one of their own. "You mean for a psych eval?"

"I can't make that call." Ygraine says immediately. "But he talked about runnin' his raptor into a raider. That's bad enough in a viper pilot, but a bus driver has other people with him. I don't know what the higher up would do. Make him see someone. Demand a psych eval. Somethin'. I'm torn between worryin' about th'safety of the rest of the squadron and bein' a snitch."

Maia knows she is right, she knows it and can't alter that knowledge to something more easily swallowed. "It was hypothetical, but yeah.." Gods… After another long silence, she tips her head forward and rests her hand there, massaging it briefly. When she breaks the silence, it's not about Jason at first. "Man, I wonder when I got so old." Dropping her hand, the truth is in her eyes. The acceptance. "Yeah, when it comes to the crews life we can't take any chances." The last words echo in her brain and she smirks. "Want me to come with you? We can be snitches together. 'sides, we stick together, yeah?" Her lips curl up in a brief smile.

"It wasn't hypothetical." Yggy counters. "It wasn't 'what if I do this', he actively thought about doin' it, outta his own mouth." She considers. "Buzzkill's on a Picon run. Ya think even though he's th'viper squadron leader, it'd be worth tellin' Holtz and he can pass it on? He was there too, and yeah, I'd want ya t'come with me, if ya don't mind."

"You're right, you're right," Maia finally concedes. "And I think it's best if we talk about it to someone, yeah Holtz more than likely would be our best bet." It does bother her to tell on a friend, but then her expression clears somewhat. "Maybe he'll get the help he needs from this. Something is seriously wrong with him and he need some sort of help."

Ygraine nods. "He was there. He won't see it as snitchin', and he can take it in a way that won't look like I'm tryin' t'break rank. Or ya, for that matter. Thanks, Maia."

"Yeah but.. Yeah. He was there. I think the MP would think it odd even if we didn't report it after he sounded like that. It was pretty bad, pretty incriminating. Long as he gets help, and no one gets hurt.. especially an innocent ECO." Maia agrees, shifting against the wall, bending a knee and propping her boot against the bulkhead. "So how's things going? This whole love thing. Liking it?" The question is accompanied by one of her crooked, silly grins.

"I don't wanna gush." Ygraine says with a smile. "I mean, it's pretty much th'same as before we said anythin', and I'm perfectly okay with that. How's th'viper trainin' comin' along? Man, if ya stop drivin' a bus t'go all stickjock on us, I'm gonna short-sheet your bed."

Holtz isn't scheduled for sim time, but that doesn't stop him from dropping in when he isn't. There's a part of him that regards the simulators as his own personal domain, considering he operated sims for nuggets at Nike for four years. Old habits die hard, and all. He enters just in time to hear Ygraine's answer, waving at the two Raptor drivers as he has a look over the sign-in sheet. "No worries," he calls out with a half-smile. Nope, not touching the love thing. "She'll still be a bus driver first and foremost even after cross-qual. Ya don't think we'd break up the Raptorettes, yeah?"

Maia cocks her head to the side. "The same?" Her smile slips just a little. "Well I guess so, but isn't there supposed to be like.. flowers and I don't know. Dates or something? Gods, been so long since I've done the whole romance thing. Guess it's different for everyone. What I mean though is I'm glad you're happy. Really glad." The question of the training her her gaze moving to the SIM she just vacated, "I love it. Nothing like it, I wish I could be in a real one. In time, Milkshake, in time." She chuckles at the threat, "I'll always be a bus driver first." Glancing at Holtz and giving a thumbs up. "Like he said."

Ygraine's smile turns slightly crooked, but whether it's the continued discussion of the romance thing, or the whole piloting thing - Ygraine has her own issues about piloting - it straightens into something more serious as she looks over her shoulder. "Sir," she begins, which should give Holtz a clue as to what she's about to say being a work thing, "Centerfold and I have had a talk about somethin' that concerns us with Buzzkill on a Picon run, can we take a concern regarding a pilot to ya? I reckon ya can forward it to whomever can handle it most appropriately. I just wanna get on record."

"Flowers and a date night on a frakkin' battlestar, Centers? Don't ask much, do you?" Holtz asks dryly. He gets serious, though, when Ygraine tosses out the s-word. Official business time, apparently. A slight frown comes over his face as she speaks, but when she finishes, he nods. "Sure thing, Shakes. What is it?"

Maia was about to reply when the conversation turns serious, so she drops her boot down from the wall and walks nearer to the discussion. Her own expression reflects the seriousness of the situation and she nods when Ygraine has her say. "It's about yesterday, in the mess hall." Though her voice remains soft, it's got a steel behind it, she doesn't finish though, letting Ygraine continue unless she would prefer for Maia to do it.

Ygraine has never been someone to back down from this sort of thing, even if it's ugly. "Sir, we've got concerns about th'way Standup was talkin' in th'mess. He's come off as a flight risk. I don't want t'ground anyone, but sayin' ya were thinkin' about rammin' your raptor into a raider…scary enough, but he carries a backseater. He needs help, and I don't know if he'll seek it on his own, but I don't know if I would board a raptor with him as my pilot right now, and I don't know if I'd let any other ECO, and Centerfold agrees with me."

"Yeah, I was there. I heard 'im too," Holtz reminds the pair of blondes with a soft sigh. "Hope you ain't askin' me to talk at him. I ain't no one's idea of a head shrinker." Nevertheless, he doesn't seem to object to the request. "I'll pass it up the chain, though. Pilot with a death wish…" He shudders. "Ain't good for anybody, least of all him or the poor slob he's got in back."

When Ygraine has her say, Maia remains almost stoically silent. They hadn't come to this decision lightly and it bothered her to have to report a fellow pilot, the hesitance was there in her stiff posture and in the way she narrowed her eyes slightly at the mention of flying the Raptor into the Raider. "I do agree and back the filing of this.. formal complaint?" Wow that sounded so harsh. "Safety first and if his carelessness were to cost the loss of innocent lives, there's no way I'd forgive myself knowing I should have reported it."

"It ain't so much filin' a complaint as…well. Keepin' people safe. I ain't got nothin' personal against Standup." Ygraine insists. "If a viper pilot was talkin' like that, you'd want t'know. If ya could just pass it on, that's all I'm askin'. All we're askin'." She nods to Maia, grateful for her support.

"You're right, I would." Holtz nods from his perch by the control console, waving a hand reassuringly. "I said I'd pass it along, and so I will." He straightens. "Anythin' else?"

That's a relief. Maia hadn't necessarily wanted to file anything formal either. Her shoulders slump just a little in relief. "I just want Standup to get the help he needs, no one should be that miserable. Maybe medication or.. something. Counseling?" With the words from Holtz, she flashes a grin. ""Thanks. Nothing else from me." Intent on leaving the two of them alone now. "If you'll both just 'scuse me." Giving Ygraine an exaggerated wink.

"Nope. All five by five otherwise." She looks at Maia and rolls her eyes a little. "Geez Maia, ya realize this scenario ain't high school, right? And if it was, he'd more likely be at chalkboard and I'd be wearin' a little plaid skirt." Less romance, more porn. Maybe Milkshake is trying to shock Maia out of it.

Holtz raises an eyebrow. "Bet you'd look nice in a little plaid skirt," he says innocently, looking Ygraine over with a slight quirk of the lips. A prude he certainly isn't.

Maia takes that as her cue to quietly step outside, giving Ygraine an 'I told you so' look. Certainly not high school..

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