AWD #281: Small Progress
Small Progress
Summary: Lleufer is making progress with Dr. Nadir's careful medical attention after his headshot wound. Accerlated healing is a wonderful thing but other things still take a little time.
Date: 14/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
October 14th, 2005

Yesterday was CT scanning after his apparent attack of Dr. Nadir. Today, so far, Ynyr lays quietly. He's awake more and the nurse has helped him sit up slightly in his bed by raising the one end. She's prepared some broth rather than the thicker sludge that passes for breakfast and is going to try and get the Sergeant to eat, or sip, some of it. Lleu's still not responsive verbally but he's focusing better on watching people. He's also not torn out his new IV line and is no longer on oxygen supliment. He doesn't seem interested in the soup though as the nurse quietly, patiently, tries to get him to accept the spoon. Staring at the wall seems to be preferable.

Brina was released so missed the fun of Lleufer's… misbehavior but she did hear about it, that being the kind of gossip that kind of spreads like wildfire. That is why she's here now, in her off-duty clothing, the bandages that cover her chest easily seen under her tanks. A beeline is made for his bed, her expression faintly worried. "Sarge. How are you," she asks once she's by the foot of his bed.

Ynyr's gaze tracks the movement to Brina's approach. The nurse tries again, "Come on, Sergeant. You've had nothing in your stomach for at least a week or more and you need to rebuild your strength. Just a little sip. You can do it." The older woman tries to offer Brina a smile but is getting no where with the soup as yet. "He's a stubborn one, isn't he?"

Still not officially on duty herself, Nadir is reviewing the scans and blood panels drawn in the last 12. At Brina's approach she glances up, reaches instinctively to adjust glasses she isn't wearing, flexes her left hand in annoyance, but studies the two in silence.

The doctor is noticed and given a quick upnod at the same time she reaches for the spoon the nurse has been trying to get into Lleufer's mouth. "Let me try," she offers before giving the patient a cute little smile. "I heard you made things interesting, Lleufer. Did you get it out of your system?" There's no small amount of care there, Brina not quite behaving motherly but almost. "Now, let's get you something to eat, please," she adds one the spoon is handed over to her and the first spoonful is offered to him.

The nurse allows since she's not making any progress, "You can try, dear. Maybe he'll like you better." She smiles though and steps out to log her records on the patient. Ynyr watches Brina and makes no acceptance of the spoon but he studies her. More interest there than in the nurse. A long moment of doing nothing, then he moves his right hand to lift it and try to take her wrist, not hard. He watches her but says nothing, tries to frown. The right side of his face forms the expression even if the left side … not so much.

The grip on her arm has whatever was going to be offered to him sloshing over the edge, wetting the bedding and the back of her fingers. Brina shakes her head but doesn't move save to cover his hand with her other. "I'm sorry. I wish I could do something to help." His frown is matched by hers, Brina trying not to let how she's growing upset show and maybe she's successful save for that down turn of her mouth.

Lleufer's left eyelid is droopy but he can open it. He closes them for a long moment, feeling the warmth of Brina's arm and wrist where his hand lays over her. Reopening his eyes, he tries to shift his mouth, " -eena." Lleu's fingers tighten on her arm. He tries to say something else but it's mumbled and not clear. Three syllables, "tak … te .. mee."

There he is. Even if he can't speak clearly he at least seems to know who she is and she can't help but to sigh in relief. "Hey, there you are." A chair is brought closer after Brina hooks her foot around one of its legs, causing it to scrape somewhat noisily against the deck. "Let's see. I am thinking that as soon as they let you out of here I am going to talk to the Captain, see if he won't let us get off of this ship for awhile. I'll get some camping gear and we can hit that lake." A seat is taken, now, while hopefully not moving so her hand slides away from his. "And don't you fraking think for a moment that you're getting out of helping me train the dog."

Too fast, maybe. Lleu's not tracking too well on what Brina says, blinks as he tries to digest it. He knows he knows her, finally drudged up a name, trying to pull the bits and pieces back together to make connections. Some things don't fit, float or are lost. It takes effort to speak so it's easier not to. He can grasp words though and use them, that's left side of the brain. The bullet hit him on the right side, thankfully close along the inside of the skull but still ripped through brain matter. Half of Lleu's head is shaved, the other not, much bandaged. No one has shaved his face so he's got a fair bit of beard growing in, sort of a darkish reddish gold darker than the hair on his head slightly. His eyes shift, watching her before he moves his hand idly.

Brina continues on for several moments, talking about all of what's going on. First it is news about the civilians and then the scuttlebutt she's catched up with, little bits of information of varying degrees of importance. Once done she takes his hand and, if it seems he wants to lower it back onto the bed she helps with that, otherwise it gets held. Leaning in, she whispers something into Lleufer's ear, her voice held at such a level of volume that what she does say stays just between the two of them.

Brina whispers: This doesn't change anything, just so you know. I'm not going anywhere on you. I still have your back and I always will, until the time you tell me you no longer need or want me to have it.

Still having trouble tracking, sorting what is said but it is input. He's trying, listening. Everything she says. Brina's hand he'll hold onto and whatever she says it takes him a moment or two to digest before he squeezes her fingers with his own. He lays there sometimes resting his eyes, sometimes watching her, "..og?"

"Yes. Dog…" Brina is able to get the gist of what Lleufer's trying to say easily enough to know what it is he's trying to ask. "We're going to train the military police dog. You're going to help me." There's nothing past tense about what she's saying. There's no 'was' or 'were' but is instead 'are' and 'will'. Her tone is remarkably level despite how much of an emotional roller coaster she's on. "Hey, you know, I'm not going to be back to work until tomorrow. How about I spend the day here, with you. We can hang out, watch movies and just veg." It's pretty much the kind of downtime they've been in dire need of. Too bad Lleu had to get seriously injured to get his share of it.

Funny that. He can't pull up a visual memory for what a dog is. Fail at object recognition, though Brina doesn't know that. Lleufer gives her a vaguely puzzled look but he's interested. His gaze finally slips to the bowl of broth, possibly considering whether or not he is aware of hunger. It's been quite a while since he took in any food, IV dripping away constantly to keep his body going. Yet is is possible they have tubed him while he was out of it and he'd not know. Looking back to her face, he faintly nods to some part of what she said. Tries to smile a little - only the right side of his mouth.

The glace to the bowl is seen and Brie takes the spoon with her free hand. "Would you like to try a bit?" A small amount of the clear soup is spooned at the same time she asks and it's held out, just before Lleu's mouth. "You should try, you know. The sooner you start to eat the faster you'll get better and the sooner they'll let you out of here." Whether that is taken by him is left up for him to consume. Consider it step one of the rehab process.

Very uncertain if he wants the soup. But Lleu watches her, looks at the offered spoon, then back to Brina. He finally opens his mouth. He can do that, and swallow. His sense of smell or taste may be whacked, hard to say. His expression is unreadable. Captive audience though.

That's permission in her opinion and the soup is carefully fed to him, the Sergeant allowed to set the pace so he won't choke. "I will go by the library in a bit, borrow a video player and get us some books and movies. Bet you'd like that." Not that Brina's sure what kind of movies would be good for him to watch. Perhaps asking one of the medical staff would be for the best, here. Books might be easier as it's probably less about the content and more about giving Lleufer something to listen to.

The nurse returns to peek in through the half open curtain and she is pleased by what she sees. She gives Brina a big smile and lingers long enough only to watch for a few moments without interrupting. Then she's gone again to check on other things.

Finally Brina makes progress where others weren't. Ynyr accepts the soup, one spoon at a time. Until he's had about half of it, then wants no more. But it is a start. Lleu lays his head over a little and watches her but both of his eyelids are drooping now. The left more than the right. Tired maybe. Radiation poisoning, frostbite that removed some of his toe tips or more, wounds, hunger, dehydration and all has taken it's toll. He listens to her voice, whatever Brina wishes to speak of.

The staff will suggest things that relate to the Marine Corps, any personal vids of Lleu that can be dug up to remind him of things, personal photos from his bunk or personal items, any books or tapes he's got in his locker or on his electronic tablet. Information documentaries about the Colonies, about the ship, the war, current and past events, and some of the more popular movies. Things to jostle and spark memory.

A few more spoonfuls are offered to Lleu before she passes the spoon back to yet another attentive nurse. "I'll be right back. Going to get some stuff to help…" Not bothering to stick around, Brina scoots off towards the library like she said she would, hurrying so not to keep the patient waiting.

The nurse will try but Lleu's had enough. He refuses it and would rather doze. So the nurse cleans things up, changes his IV drip and checks on things. Different nurse than before.

It takes longer than Brina expected, giving Lleufer a change to get a good nap in. When she comes back it's with a personal movie viewer in hand and a backpack slung over a shoulder. Moving quietly so she won't wake him up, Brina gets everything set out on a table borrowed from an empty bed. Books and movies are neatly piled upon it and a tablet with videos is set next to the stacks and the player is set. That too takes a little bit, adding to the time where Lleu can get some uninterrupted rest.

Lleufer has slipped off, sleeping. The noise of her setting up doesn't rouse him back to wakefulness and likely the nurse slipped him pain meds in his IV drip. Knocked him out like a light. But eventually, after a few hours, he stirs and drags his eyelids half open once more, muzzy. Brina is looked for, found, and watched once more - whatever she's doing at that time. Still not much talking.

Brina has claimed one of the books and spent the last few hours reading, one hand set close to the nearest of the other Marine. His peeking his eyes open is not caught at first but she evnetually sees him and she can not help but to smile. "Hello, sunshine. How are you doing? Bet that nap must've felt divine." The tablet is reached for and she turns it on. It isn't hers so navigating the various folders is not a quick process and for a moment it might seem like she won't find what she's looking for. "Damnati… ah! There we go." One clip is turned on, it being of the horrible combat training mission they had, the one where Brie was totally not on her game, a good learning tool for her. "Was I really that bad?"

What is she doing? The thing she touches he knows from somewhere. Having trouble placing objects in his memory but it's familiar to him for some reason, all the same. She's got his attention and then the training clip starts. It's from various camera angles, with hints of Captain Ommanney up on the catwalk above, watching. Yes, there they are… Brina, Fischer, Lleu going into the training center. A mock nuke tube control corridor, two people laying prone pretending to be dead or injured. Ynyr lays in the hospital bed as Brina cues up that tape and he watches, facinated despite himself. She gets no answer, however.

It probably is a good thing the finer points of the video elude him otherwise he just might get his ire roused again which would be bad on more than one level. "That's you," she points to the screen, not sure if he'll recognize himself, "and that's Fischer and me." The video is allowed to run its course while Brina mentions the highlights only to then wince when she makes the mistake that 'killed' them all. "I am still very sorry about that." The video doesn't really last more than a few minutes and then another is sought for. "Don't know why you didn't bust my ass more than you did, I have to admit."

Yeah, he doesn't know why either. Can't remember. Lleu watches it closely like looking at something he's never seen before, but he dimly remembers it. Maybe. His bed's not raised up much and he tries to sit up a little more, edging himself back. It takes some effort and he grimaces with one side of his face, and maybe faintly a twitch on his left side of his face too, when he jostles his left leg.

"Hey, hey. Careful." The tablet is set down on his lap and Brina rises so she can help him sit up, the bed raised slightly. Shouldn't be too much of a pain in the ass unless he does something to fight her. "You need to get upright. We need you." Lleu isn't an officer but he is pretty high in the higharchy of the MPs and he's looked upon for his leadership. Of course, when she mentions how he's needed it isn't the Marines in general she speaks of, but whatever else could be meant goes without being said.

The assitance is helpful and he gives her no trouble. Seems Ynyr has some sense of where he is now. He no longer has that startled look in his eyes though, once he sits up, Lleu stops and draws the cover down to look at his left arm. Inside the bicep. Stares at it and fingers it, but there is no jack there. His gaze comes back to Brina, listening to her. Something is working in his head again if he thought to check himself for a jack. At least some nagging worry resurfaced. He's watching her again but says nothing, which seems to be his preference yet.

Brina can't guess what has the patient so worried so she can't offer reassurance on that subject but what she does do is risk being seen when she reaches out to touch his face. "You're alive. You're here. That's the important thing. Everything else will happen in its own time." A pillow is fluffed and she busies herself, making sure that his covers are just so and that he's comfortable. "Would you like to watch more videos or would you rather I read to you instead?"

He's not up for moving around much but Lleu tries to find out why his leg's messed up. But the bandaging is too low, around his calf and he can't reach it. He raises a hand to his head instead, feeling the bandage there carefully. He stops when she reaches out to touch his face, Brina's fingers feeling more than a week of beard growth. It makes Lleu look pretty different than usual. He watches her, quiet before he gestures towards the netbook and the vids. Tiring easily, he tips his head back, paying attention.

"Yeah, you got fraked and not in a good way," Brina whispers when he feels around himself. "I was scared you wouldn't remember anyone." Still remains to be seen if he has amnesia and what he will remember if he does but it, like a lot of other recoveries, will take time to heal from. Another video is started, this one of a home video Brina has the good fortune of happening upon. Grinning, she looks at it and then over to Lleu, curious as to what his reaction will be.

Nope, absolutenly no recognition of how he got hurt or how. Sort of blank expression as he looks at her. Lleufer casts his attention to the new video she dug up when it gets playing. At first no reaction to that either. Ynyr sits there and watches it, some clip sent from home before the war of himself working with a horse and two of his siblings speaking to him. There are others in that file, from home without himself in them. One of a sister or some girl anyway, with and older woman who's likely his mother. Things like that. Lleu stares at the screen, eyes glued to it. It plays for a couple of minutes and when it's finished he's got moisture in his eyes, looks away.

Brina shakes her head and takes the tablet so it can be put away. "Was too much too soon, wasn't it," is asked quietly. Her hand is offered to him, then, her expression so very sad. "It's okay. How about we take a break. Can watch more later." Regardless of if they stop or not, Brina's planning on staying here with him.

It's very unlike him but he can't help himself, messed up as he is… Lleu grieves, tears in his eyes. He tries to wipe'm away. His breathing is up, stressed. Not even sure why he wants to cry like some Godsdamn baby. Can't even connect names with faces half the time or remember where that vid was from. Snipets of who those people were, or are, or used to be, and jumbled up. Ynyr glances to Brina but turns his face away again, not wanting her to see his upset. Can't seem to control it. So he forces his eyes shut and lies there, trying to rest. Not think.

The table gets pushed out of the way and Brina slides into the bed with him. The desire is to give Lleu as much comfort as she can and she is getting the impression that holding his hand is not going to be enough. The tubes and everything else are paid attention to so they won't get crimped or pinched off and become rendered useless. "Come here…" Once she's certain everything's okay she makes with a hug.

There's /barely/ enough room for Brina to perch a hip on to sit on the edge of the bed without Ynyr scooting over, and he isn't. He looks around, a little disoriented again and not sure what's going on. No fight in him this time, not yet. And then she's settled to gently hold him and Lleu lays his head over lightly against Brina, staring off at nothing in particular. The nurse comes by to check on things since an alarm had been set off to ping softly at Lleu's distress, but it quiets now and she only looks in on them for a moment. Eye contact with Brina, then she steps back out to draw the curtain shut more. For his part, Lleu's closed his eyes and only wants to rest.

Brina isn't sure what that look she got from the nurse means but at least there isn't any chiding or chasing her off of the bed to go with it so she just takes it as being silent permission given to continue doing what she's doing. Once he's settied in against her Brina rests her cheek against the swaddling of bandages that have been wrapped around his head, mindful not to put too much pressure on his injuries. "There… go ahead, Sarge. It's alright to cry. I won't think any less of you if you do. You'll be just as much Marine and man. No shame…"

No, whatever emotions welled up and why that nearly overcame him, Lleu seems to have managed to push it down. He lays there resting, no fuss. The left side of his head is fine as long as she doesn't mess with the right side. It's all bandaged though so hard to tell. He likely dozes, the video images forgotten or taken into dreams, hard to say. But at least all returns to quiet. Nobody comes to roust Brina out.

There's a stirring from a bed nearby, though it's gradual. The IVs are out of Kostas, though she's still bruised up a bit from the days of tape. She takes a moment to breathe in, and then out, and the slowly sits up, her feet dangling off the edge. They've got those ridiculous little hospital footies on them, with traction dealies on the bottom. Without much fanfare, she slips out of the bed and into a standing position on the floor, taking a few moments to tighten her gown's closures, and then just chilling, leaning up against the bed.

The curtain has been drawn around Lleufer's bed but someone passing by moves fast enough to stir it and give anyone looking in that direction a glimpse of the Lance Corporal holding the Sergeant. Not a compromising position to found in, it being something done to comfort rather than attempt to woo, but it might cause brows to arch just the same. "When we get you all better you'll have to tell me all about what your home was like," Brina says with a sigh. Gods, this is one of the most difficult things she's had to do.

Lleufer is dozing, his head tipped over to rest against Brina who sits on the edge of his bed. Someone has raised his bed so he could sit up somewhat. His color might be somewhat improved, the oxygen tubing now gone. He's not pulled out his new IV since yesterday. Brina has his electronic notebook off to one side that had been showing some vid clips, as well as a stack of books from the library to read to him. Ynyr stirs a little, half asleep but not deeply.

If Kostas notices, it seems as if either she doesn't care or has other things on her mind, for she doesn't spare the bed-sharing pair a second glance. Instead, she pushes off the edge of her own bed, taking a moment to get her bearings again, and the starts to take a few hesitant steps forward. Moving her shoulders, flexing her back. Testing her capabilities, pushing them. She's still got the same status tag as Ynyr does on his bed, though for the moment no staff moves to stop her. So she keeps going, a few more yards. Straightening a little more.

"Hey, sir. Look at you." Brie tries to not wake Lleufer but she might anyhow as she's speaking at a level that's just shy of conversational. "All up and about. Looking like you might feel better." The perkiness that had been robbed from her while they were stuck dirtside is starting to return, Brina's typical mood beginning to come back to the surface. "Better be careful, though. Those nurses and doctors might not like you being up too soon and might try to give you an enema as punishment." The embrace for the sleepy Sergeant doesn't end the entire time she speaks, not bothering too much with being concerned that Kostas might not approve of her doing that.

"Feel like shit, O'Connell, but waitin's not gonna improve that. Better t' get on yer feet if you gonna have t' do it soon anyway." One foot in front of the other, Kostas advances another few yards, even rolling her shoulders back a bit, losing some of the stiff habitual guarding and caution of the last few days to protect neck and chest wounds on the mend. "Ya do what ya gotta. I think they probably likin' the fact that most 'f us are off th' bedpans." She chances a roll of the neck, looking both pained—and relieved.

Someone is speaking. Lleu does open his eyes, groggy. He turns his head slightly more upright, trying to focus. He can see Kostas first, standing there and trying to move. Ynyr's gaze is tracking her, studying the woman who's slowly making stiff steps of progress. Lleu doesn't say anything but he's awake again, watching.

Brina is relieved that the Ensign is not inclined to give her a ration of shit and she relaxes the rest of the way, her muscles' untensing something the other patient will feel. "It's just good that we're able to get up at all. Was thinking the most of us were a lot worse off than we wound up being." Lleufer's looked at and given a smile. "Now, we just got to find a way to get the fight back in this one so he'll get out of bed."

"Yeah." Kostas says quietly. Whatever it is that Brina seems to be expecting, the Canceronian just doesn't have it in her today. "I think that one got plenty of fight, O'Connell. But a head injury ain't something ya fuck with." There's something in that statement that shadows her eyes, but she keeps going, finally reaching the wall, and then turning back. Not too bad, really. She's finally looking more like herself, less grey, and even walking doesn't make her sweat much. She stiff though, as if her painkillers have been cranked way down, in favor of increased mobility. Her return to her bed is faster, though not quite normal paced, and once she gets there, she puts her hands on the endrail, stretching slowly.

Ynyr is tracking Kostas, better focus. He's still not saying anything or not much as he watches her progress to the wall and turning to go back to her bed. After a moment, Lleu lifts a hand to touch his own face, feeling the beard that's been growing in the past … however long it's been. Week, two? He then touches his head bandage again, very lightly, before he turns his head a fraction to look at Brina. Lleu makes a motion with his right hand to mime drinking something. Kostas might notice that his left eyelid droops some and that side of his face seems to lack expression when he tries to speak low, " a-ter."

Stubble, as roguish looking as it might be, is something that the military is not too keen upon and the MP's noticing of it has Brina mentally adding 'bring shaving kit' to her growing list of things to bring Lleufer the next time she visits. "I never had a head injury, myself," she explains to Silvia when she rises to get Lleu something to drink. "This is new territory for me. Wish no one had to go through it… so scary." A cup is filled half-full and brought back, the fetching of the required liquid drink. It is offered to his good side.

More than stubble, it's becoming out right beard! And yes, he'd like to be rid of it if he thought about it. It's strange to have so much of it. Ah, she did understand his request. Lleu accepts the drink and aye, he /can/ use his left hand to accept it along with his right. It may only be one side of his face that is nonfunctional. With care, he sips from the cup but he dribbles some of it down his chin.

"A lot of people don't make it, or they hang on awhile but-" There's a brief pause. "Well, sometimes what's inside don't come back." Kostas says, once more quietly, but she's doing squats now, slowly, still hanging on to the end rail. That does bring a bit of a sheen to her forehead. But she seems to be intent on practicing getting down, getting up. "But if his eyes openin', it's a good sign."

Brina helps by wiping the trickle of water that wets Lleu's chin but her attention is divided now, split evenly between him and Kos. "He can kind of talk, too," as was proven when the request for water was voiced, "but I'm worried that he won't return fully to us, sir." Turning slightly, her eyes hold to Lleufer's, her own now almost filling with tears. "Get better or else."

There's something in that conversation that is exquisitely painful to Kostas, though she tries to keep her best mask on. "A head wound hurts th' brain, O'Connell. Would ya be expectin' him t' do a flip less than a week after breakin' a leg? He may not, sometimes there's a limp, just like if ya hurt some other part of yer body. He also ain't no kid, an' so he gonna take longer t' bounce back. It's also prolly true he c'n hear every word we sayin'. Hi Sarge. Sorry t' talk about ya like you ain't here."

The water is good and needed. The IV is not enough by itself. It's also a good sign that he became aware of thirst at all. Brina can wipe his chin but Lleufer doesn't care. What did Brina just say? She got his attention to look at her but, no response. He stares off at nothing until Kostas says Sarge. Flicker of recognition there? Maybe. His hearing has taken abuses of late but Lleufer clearly can hear, now studying Kostas like he's trying to place her.

Something about what Kostas just said - either what she said itself or how she said it - gets Brina to grit her teeth but whatever reaction she had passes swiftly and the flash of annoyance dissappears before it can be shown outwardly. "No, I am not saying that at all," she points out with a resigned slump of her shoulders. "But I… uh…" Shaking her head, she looks at Slivia, helplessly. "I know this is the hazards of war, sir. But I've never experienced this before War Day. And it just keeps happening…"

Kostas stands, and eases back up into her bed, stretching her legs before folding the blankets back over. "Aye," is Kostas' mild response, as she closes her eyes. "Though I imagine good progress from this 'un that I'll see once I get back from leave." Another deep breath or two, as if to ward off pain—or embrace the fact it means she's probably knitting together.

When he's had enough of the water and it is threatening to spill over from lack of his attention, Brina might want to grab it. Lleu's still watching Kostas but his eye lids are both getting droopy again, resting and listening to them both. He's laid his head over a little once more onto Brina and might fall asleep.

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