AWD #270: Sleazy Pickup Line
Sleazy Pickup Lines
Summary: Alejandro sees a hawt babe in the head he doesn't know but nothing goes as he had hoped with his pickup line.
Date: 03/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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The Head, Battlestar Orion, Deck 2
The Head is the area on the Battlestar to find showers and bathrooms and this is one of many throughout the ship. Male and female crew members share the area equally as space is at a premium on fleet ships. There are half a dozen shower stalls and enclosed toilets as well as urinals along the wall. The room, an L shape dogleg, has the entrance open into the sink area. There are four sinks on the left and four on the right sitting back to back in the middle of the room.
October 3rd, 2005

Even when the ship is on alert there has to be time made for certain things. Showers and taking care of those annoying bodily functions are two of those things. It is the former that brings Zhen here who has already been here for awhile. She's currently wearing nothing but a pair of non-issued panties in a soft green and a towel draped around her neck, it hanging so that it covers her upper body. A sink is stood before and she has a toothbrush in hand which is being used to vigorously brush her teeth before she goes to get cleaned up.

Toby has been finding that everything takes just that much longer when you can't use your dominant hand. Eating, working (what little he can), reading, dressing, showering, you name it, it's become a source of frustration over the past few days. Still, things do indeed still have to be done and now he's finished in the shower Toby has dried off and is working on redressing. Sweats, rather than fatigues, they're just so much easier.

"Double shifts are so much fun, so much fun, sooo much fun!" Sings a tenor in one of the showers, "Double shifts are sooo much fun, they makes us all run, run, son!" It's not the best singing. But you know, the head echoes and even if you had a really good voice for it and professional training, the tiles over the bulkheads make the acoustics really bad anyway. The water is cut off and Alejandro walks on out, not bothering to grab his robe or anything. He finds a towel and stands in plain sight to start drying himself off. When he's got his face and some of his arms and chest done, he then bothers to tie it around his hips. Those silly Viper Jocks lett'n it all hang out. What's he care? Salazar turns and makes his way to find a sink and see just how bad he is in need of a shave. /That/ is when he spots one hell of a fine looking ass in very non-regulation panties, nice tanned skin and whoa. Cascade of rich, dark hair with a very feminine shape. Toby is completely ignored. Alejandro smiles and changes direction to come up right behind that unfamiliar pair of legs so he can /lean/ right up against those beautiful buttocks and drawl with his best Scorpio accent, "Pardon, I think I dropped by dog tags down that sink. Do you mind to see if you can help me get'm out?"

On a good day Zhen really is not the best person to make with the cheesey comeon lines and that is especially true now, a day that has her on anything but her game. The operational tempo is worse than she ever experienced at her last duty station, even with the war, and she's tired and pretty frazzled. A quick glance is given to Toby, who she noticed in the mirror, giving him a 'can you believe this guy' kind of look regardless of if he's looking at her or not, and then she wheels around to slap the man, aware of his closeness and totally unappreciative of his line. "Frak off, man," she hisses, stil not realizing who it is.

Toby does not seem entirely displeased when the singing stops, but then there are a fair few onboard who seem to think that they can sing themselves clean and Alejandro is far from the worst of them. He keeps on with the task of dressing himself though, carefully guiding his wounded hand into the sleave of his hoodie before glancing briefly over towards the sinks. Viper jocks, really, he half hopes she'll turn round and slap him acorss the face for being so presumptous and, upon catching Zhen's look in the mirror just rolls his eyes and shrugs, mouthing back 'viper' as if that explains everything.

*SMACK* goes her hand against his scruffy face quite audiably! It /might/ even surprise him but if it does, Alejandro only raises dark brows at the beauty, "Assaulting an officer? Tsk." He hasn't a clue who she is and takes the chance that she's not a higher rank than himself. He does back off and hold his hands up without touching her with him, "Really do need that sink when you are finished, to look for my tags. Appreciate it if you don't run the water too much." Whether he's telling the truth or not, no tags are hanging over Jandro's bared chest. He smiles pleasantly enough and goes to pick up his bathkit and bring it to the sink right next to hers and pulls out a tooth brush like nothing at all happened. The pilot starts humming a sultry tune from Canceron, easy as you please and for the moment doesn't dare sneak her a look while she's likely fuming at him.

Toby gets his wish as the way overly-forward pilot gets smacked and not in the manner he might've liked as there are no kisses or anything else like that. One might have to wonder if his cheek doesn't bear a handprint but it's probably safe to assume that her hand stings like hell. Zhen silently fumes but does as he asks, the water left turned off so he can get those stupid tags of his. He's left to his own device but Toby's watched from time to time until something dawns on her. "That song…" Darting a look to Alejandro, she gruffly inquires, "Hey. What's your name, huh?" Something must be striking her as awfully familiar.

Toby can't help but look faintly satisfied at the turn of events and states for the pliot, "she's an officer too Lieutenant, be careful." He watches for a moment or two long, just to be sure that things are indeed settling down, then goes back to his own business, turning away slightly as he notices Zhen watching as he doesn't like the reminder it gives of the state of his hand.

Alejandro glances to Toby who's worked on his Viper and of course knows all the pilots. He grunts faintly, his humming interrupted as he moves over to make like he's trying to see his dog tags down the sink she left, reaching fingers in there that of course aren't long enough. "Can't even seem'n down there." He squats down to inspect the curvy pipe underneath, "If I had a big wrench…" One hand on the sink, towel around his loins, the pilot tilts his head to look back to that gal who's view is still pretty damn hawt. His lips curve into a smile, "Salazar, Lieutenant Alejandro Salazar, at /your/ service." -Is- there something familiar about her face? He's seen her somewhere too, but where? Magazine, or something years ago? Studying her /face/ instead of her other assets now, his smile begins to fail.

"Grew up on Canceron after your mother died, father raised you and your sister. She ran away as a teen and you never heard from her sense." That's all said as if Zhen knows that, there being no hint of questioning when she says all that. Toby's watched a little more before, with a sigh, she whispers to the pilot, "I am sorry, Jandro. Forgive me?" Is she asking for his forgiveness for slapping him, opting to use a shortened form of his name to do so when she does, or is she saying she is sorry for something else.

The Viper Jock is squat down to peer underneath one of the sinks and then turned his head to look at Zhen who's only dressed in skimpy panties and towel she threw over her shoulders that doesn't leave a lot to the male imagination. Alejandro /stares/ at her and then starts to stand up. Bad idea. His head KONKS the sink a pretty gook whack and he almost staggers, putting one hand to his head covered in thick, curly dark wet hair and his other hand to the sink to keep from falling on his towel wrapped ass. "Zhen?!?" Hobo's face has gone from very apprecitive hint of smile while looking at her to something considerably more shocked.

Toby seems to have lost interest in the pair over by the sinks. He deserved a slap and he got one, now it's devolved into talking and he has more pressing things to worry about. Like sorting his shoelaces one handed, that's hard, really hard, certainly trickier than gutting an ejector seat. The thunk of skull on sink draws his attention though and he glances over once more, eyebrow raised in question to the ECO, asking silently if everything is okay or if she needs help.

Just finishing a spar with a Marine, Jena makes her way to the head, a towel around her neck and a healthy serving of humble pie stuck in her teeth. Figuratively speaking, of course. Wearing sweats and a tank top, the enlisted heads for her locker, taking note of the others in the room. A couple she doesn't really know, but one deckie she does. "Crewman," she slants a grin to Toby, keeping to their whole lack of using names game they've stuck to since meeting. Nodding to the other two.. stifling laughter when the Viper pilot bumps his head over the almost naked one. Tossing her towel in with the dirty clothes, she begins undressing, tank top first, sweats next.

Zhen moves like she might hug Alejandro but stops short when she remembers they're both not really dressed and she stops herself, her arms falling to her side. "Hm… hi. How have you been?" Clearing her throat, she notices Jena, someone she met last night, and she's given a nod but the conversation on her part is over. With a tilt of her head, Hobo is invited to come talk to her while she showers after her kit is gathered and she's inside the stall, her privacy once more afforded to her as she closes whatever counts as a privacy curtain or door behind her.

The Viper Jock's behavior has radically changed, fast. He blinks and stares at the woman he'd been coming onto and then has a distracted glance to Jena. Whoa, very pretty blond. He drags his eyes off of her with an effort and leaves his bathroom kit at the sink to follow Zhen obediantly. Alejandro stands outside of her shower stall as she starts up the water and clears his throat awkwardly, raising his voice, "So eh… haven't seen you in years, sis! What the hell happened?" He scrapes both hands through his wet hair, completely off balance, "I thought … you surely fell into … I dunno, drugs, prostitu - …" flick of his dark eyes to the others in here and he changes gears real fast, "I mean, you joined the Fleet!"

With everything seemingly okay with the officers, Toby turns to give Jena a quick upnod in acknowledgement as he hears her greeting. He does his best to return her grin with a smile, but it's a weak one and not likely the most convincing. Tucking his right arm across his stomach he sets to work on his laces again, seeing as thats all his still needs to conqure before he can head out once more.

OH right! ECO's sure look different with their clothes OFF! The voice is more familiar though. A quick cough and another nod is given once she recognizes the woman, though she tries not to look at whatever is unfolding. Oh she does so very much try. "Rainbow," she murmurs.. getting back to her undressing. Her hair is already damp from her hard workout and she tosses the rest of her clothing away and wraps a towel around her after reaching for her kit from her locker. The one that has her razor, shampoo and conditioner in one and soap and her toothbrush. Catching his look to her, Jena assumes he has his hands full with the one he's got. That is until.. What?! Another cough follows when she hears him call her.. sis!? Whoa. Toby. Safe Toby. Seeing the weak smile, her demeanor changes, concern flooding her features. "Hey," she says gently, tucking the towel around her as she takes a seat. "Let me help you." The medic in her.. or maybe Toby's just a good friend and she wants to help. "How are you feeling?"

Yes, Jandro. Let's not go there and say how you thought your sister fell into a life as a hooker in front of others, thank you. The knobs are turned and soon steam billows from Zhen's shower stall and that pair of light green undergarments get hung up so she can wash off without them getting wet. "I just… couldn't handle it anymore. You were off doing your thing and Dad… he tried but I don't think he really was ready to try and raise a girl by himself." The scent of sandalwood soon wafts through the air, that being from the body wash she uses. "So I left and then got a job and my GED and signed up as soon as I was 18." And got married. But that can wait for when they're alone before it gets brought up. "What about you, huh?"

Alejandro does sneak another look Jena's way and would be /more/ distracted by her if his own sister wasn't /RIGHT THERE/ in the next shower stall. Hobo is dressed only in a towel and double checks it's not about to fall off, "I was out hustling, you mean. Work'n the street. Admit it. It wasn't like Dad was bringing in enough to feed us and shit." He rubs his face and eyes those panties, then very pointedly looks anywhere else. Sister panties, ugh. "Ehm, what -kind- of job?" Maybe he shouldn't ask, "I got busted a few times, for little stuff. Almost got into some real heat, but saw a way out. Guess I eventually managed what you did. Joined the Fleet to escape the slums." Alejandro lowers his tenor some, grimaces, "I eh, got shot down though. Right after the war started. I been in a Cylon slave camp most of the past year. On Picon."

Toby has no particular desire to be the stupid kid who can't manage his own laces, so he stubbornly shakes his head in responce to Jena's offer and struggles on for several more moments until the frustration gets to him. Muttering something in Tauran under his breath he leans upright again, giving her room as he answers flatly, "pretty damn useless all told." His let hand reaches for his discarded towel which he uses to dry his face once more before drapping it round his neck, eyes shifting back to the officers a moment to see if they're still keeping themselves busy over by the showers.

Hearing the Viper's life story makes Jena realize they have a few things in common. Her lips quirk, but she doesn't look up from what she's doing at the moment and that's watching Toby. When he finally gives in, she reaches for the strings and deftly begins lacing them, avoiding his gaze as she does. "No you're not, Toby. You forget.." Finally, she lifts her eyes to meet his. "I was there. You were shot and still manning a door gun while your pilot was crash landing onto Picon. It's a miracle either one of you are alive. You'll heal." Playfully, she makes a cross over her heart. "Cross my heart you will." She's trying to be encouraging but Taurans were stubborn! Tying it off, another smile curves her lips. "Good as new. Need me to change that bandage after my shower? I've got a kit in my locker.. if you wouldn't mind waiting." For all the world she's trying to pretend she doesn't hear the conversation. Ohh, but she hears it!

"Waitressing, you sicko pervert. Your sister worked in a diner slinging shit food for two years until I could enlist, alright? Sheesh." Shampoo, conditioner… it all happens quickly, Jandro's sister used to taking military showers although she never was one to take long ones. Water usage costs money, as their father loved to point out, it putting Zhen in the habit of washing off quickly from a pretty young age. The water gets turned off now that she's done and the bottles are put back into the kit bag. Now it's a matter of a fast towel off and she's out, Zhen perhaps setting a new record for the colonies' shortest shower, ever, modesty protected by the length of terry cloth.

Toby watches the two aircrew as Jena sees him right, then turns back to the PJ once she's done. "Until it does though?" he asks, not looking at the hand on question at all, "what am I supposed to do? We're finally here, killing toasters and I'm left doing what? Making the coffee? I mean it's my dominant hand, they can't even give me paperwork to do, let alone my own job." Yeah, he's getting frustrated by that and just shakes his head at her offer of a fresh bandage as well. "I should be hitting my bunk, I've got reading to do, and since it's about the only thing I can do right now I may as well make a start on it." He knows that if she really feels it needs it then she can find him there easily enough.

Hobo bites his knuckle. Good thing he doesn't say what he was think'n that he'd pay to do her, if she weren't his sister. Shit. Can't believe this is happening. He chews his fingernail instead while he listens to her, "You could live off do'n that?" He sounds a little incredulous, "How'd you ever swing rent somewhere? They feed you?" Hand comes from his mouth and he makes sure Zhen's got plenty of room to step out without his crowding her now. Ale's gaze goes to the other two over there, Crewman and whoever that blond might be. He pushes off of the wall to follow Zhen, then decides to pick up his carry bag with his clothes in it to bring it over to the sing. His dog tags fall out onto the floor with a soft chink.

"Until it does," Jena offers quietly, "You rest. You take it easy and you give yourself time to heal. Take the break and just give yourself time to breathe, you know?" With a wry twist of her lips, she finally concedes with a nod. "I'll catch up with you in the berthings then. I'd really like to change the bandage and I've got this little exercise ball you can work it out with once the stitches come out. Deal?" Her smile is hopeful as she stands and holds the towel in place and scoops up her kit. "I'm going to shower now, see you in a bit." Turning from the lockers, she heads for the shower, passing the dogtags along with the Viper before manners take hold. She bends her knees and very carefully picks up the dogtags, "Lieutenant," offering him a nod after reading the rank on there. Her own are still around her neck and have her name and rank on there. She glances towards the sister and gives her a quick smile before dipping into a shower if Alejandro takes his tags.

"How are those survivors doing, Cruz? They're going to be okay?" That's asked in reference to those they picked up last night, people Zhen only know as being people whom she helped get loaded into their Raptor and ready for takeoff. She doesn't know any of their names or ranks or anything like that. The towel is kept in place while a fresh pair of unders are slipped on and then it is removed without thought as she gets dressed the rest of the way. "We'll talk, Jandro. Perhaps we can find something to drink, huh?"

Alejandro stops in his tracks when Jena bends down close by and stands back up to offer him his dog tags that slipped free of his bag. An effort /not/ to look at his sister and he accepts them with a smile, "Yeah, thanks." Hobo squints to try and read her tags "Cruz." His attention follows her as Jena steps into the shower before he turns his head back to his sister. The tags he slips back into his bag as discreetly as he might in the hope Zhen doesn't notice. He goes to the sink and puts his bag down to put toothpaste on his brush. A glance to Toby before replies, "Yeah, if there's anything left on board to drink." Jandro starts to brush his teeth.

Toby gives Jena a quick upnod to say that he's heard then starts towards the hatch. A brief, "I'll see you there then," is offered to her comment about the bandage and then, spotting the tags, he just shakes his head at Alejandro before he off back to the relative solitude of his bunk.

Toby leaves, heading toward the Aft Corridor [AC].

Catching the smile from the Viper, it's returned with a warm and friendly one. "Sure thing." Stepping inside, and grateful to be inside the shower and unable to see facial expressions, Jena makes quick work of her own shower… the shampoo and conditioner combo is first.. Wash, rinse, repeat. Along with the tendrils of steam, the smell of some sort of very light fragrance drifts out of the stall. Shower gel is next and ah.. that razor she'd brought with her. Much like Rainbow, she takes a very quick shower, routine, not bothering to linger beneath the warm spray.. Pretty soon, she's stepping out and wrapping the towel around her. "So far they're doing good, thank you. You did an awesome job last night, Rainbow."

Zhen did notice but isn't saying anything although she does make a mental note to mention his horrible pick up lines along with plans to help him out with the thing with women if only to keep him from being slapped again. She then sighs and looks at him, Zhen looking a bit sad. "So you don't hate me, right? You're not waiting till we're alone and then gonna tell me to fraking go to Hell or something?" She forgot they're not alone so when Jenna comes back out she blushes faintly. Thankfully the PJ said something, giving her a chance to forget her embarrassment. "Thanks. You did well also. Very impressive."

Hobo's brushing his teeth so it takes him a minute to reply. Quick glance to his sister, spit. Rinse, repeat. Wipes his mouth, "You only just got here. Why'd I tell you to go back?" Maybe he'll even shave. Er… well, maybe not. He'll think about it. Jandro scrapes a hand through his drying hair and turns instead to dig out his clothes to start dressing. Undwear first might be a good idea, briefs. Then towel aside, pants next. "I'm ehm…" There's Cruz again. Hobo watches her, "No, actually, we have lots of catching up to do." Ale cranks his head around to his sister again, "What the hell do you do in the service anyway? I'm a Viper Pilot."

Now that Jena is out of the shower, there's not much hiding she can do. Taking her kit to the sink, she pulls out her toothbrush and smears some paste on it. "Thanks, Rainbow. Um, you can call me Jena, if you prefer." Or Cruz. Anything! Feeling kind of weird saying Rainbow, but Pilots all had their callsigns. Brushing her teeth, she watches the two in the mirror, but the question has her rinsing out her mouth. "Petty Officer, Second Class." Her rank. What does she do? "I'm Navy. Pararescue." Rinsing off her brush, she puts it away. "Sounds like you both have a lot of catching up to do." A crooked smile slants across her lips.

Is he ogling while she can see? That's kind of uncomfortable for Jandro's sister and Zhen has no qualms letting him know that via a swat towards his arm. "If you're going to talk to me then look at me. Shit, keep staring at Jena like that and your eyes are going to fall out of your fraking head." Jena's given an apologetic look. "Jena's a nice name. You can call me Zhen when we're not needing to worry about regs, okay?"

Or worrying about brothers. Alejandro got swat! "What?!" He pulls his shirt on next and tries to slip his tags on and tuck them under quietly. He's putting his uniform blues on and sits down to put on socks, boots, and stands up to shrug on his jacket and button that. /Almost/ looks respectable if he had shaved a bit and had a hair trim. He /was/ asking what his SISTER did in the service but hey, Jena answering is a bonus. Jando smiles and says, "Hobo's my callsign." You know, incase either one of them didn't know that already. At least he picks up after himself, "Well, I got to run and fly CAP. Can't stay. I'll /find/ you later, sis. You find us something to drink, won't you?" He hefts his bag and starts to head out but turns at the door, "And I managed to get hold of a guitar." Salazar's tenor softens, watching Zhen, "I'll play for ye." Like he used to do. And then he's gone out the hatch. In all fairness, Jandro probably hasn't had a gal since the war started. POW and all that.

The toothbrush and paste go back into the bag and Jena heads for her locker to get dressed and brush her hair. She laughs to herself when the Viper pilot gets smacked by his sister. "Thanks.. Zhen. That's a unique name. It's pretty." A nod of acknowledgement given when she mentions calling them that when able. Oops.. SO Jena had misunderstood who he was asking, but she's blissfully unaware of that. "Rainbow and Hobo. I like it." While they talk, she dresses so that she's dressed and ready to go in no time. "Pleasure meeting you guys."

"I am an ECO." Which probably means he'll worry about her every damn time Zhen goes out to fly but that is something they'll have to deal with when the time comes. The Raptor bunny gets dressed and her stuff together, Jena's compliment gaining the pararescue jumper a thanks. "Alright. So the brother figure has to go fly and I should get some grub before my next round of CAP. See you both later."

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