AWD #233: Skinjobs at Charlies
Skinjobs at Charlies
Summary: What is art? This is the discussion Knox and Naomi are having when Lleufer walks into Check Point Charlie's on Piraeus. Lleu tells them a bit about the President Adar assassination and the loss of Corporal Chase Baca.
Date: 27/08/2013 (OOC Date)
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Check Point Charlie's, Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
August 27th, 2005

There is always time for family, or so the saying goes. Regardess, Naomi seems to have made time for Knox, or perhaps it's the other way around. There's a basket of something fried that's being shared between them that may or may not be the Piraeus equivalent of calamari. Knox is drinking whatever he's drinking, and Naomi is drinking something reddish-pink, in a curved glass outlined with sugar on the rim. She has her journal with her, though for the moment it's closed. " - you see?" she's saying excitedly. "When you draw, it's not a perfect rendition of the object you can recollect perfectly. That makes it art, doesn't it?"

Poor Knox. Oh, he's drinking whiskey because seriously, its a day like that already. He's in his uniform but the radio pack and the rifle are settled next to his chair. He's off duty but like most Marines, he just hasn't gotten around to checking in his gear yet. Or maybe he just sleeps with it. "Okay, look, just because you draw a squiggle, doesn't make it art. Art has to be original. Sure, the fact that it doesn't exactly match you memory helps but- its." He shakes his head. "Its like porn, Mi. You can't define what makes it different from art, but you know damned well what it is when you see it. Or, well, humanity does. In general. Except when they're making excuses." He sips from the glass. At least she isn't rubbing the fuz on his head. "So I'm telling you, your line isn't art. There's gotta be effort at creativity. I think."

Lleufer arrives, now cleaned up and back in his more usual uniform. He's walking without the cane, if a bit stiff and sore. Man's got a gash ovder one brow where something blunt hit him but it's been cleaned up. The Aerilon Leatherneck comes on in and goes to the bar, not paying a great deal of attention to who's here at this hour. "Hey," he tells the barkeep, "I don't want a beer today. Give me a double whiskey. Don't care much which kind." Hopefully they have something slightly aged left over, not just the locally made stuff.

Naomi's nose twitches, her mouth scrunching to the side. Ohhh, Knox. Little sister is a little pissed. But she reaches for her journal and opens it to a page, pointing at something there - a sketch. "Is that a squiggle?" It's a shriekmunk. Page flip. "Or that?" A direwolf. Another page flip. "How about that?" Lleufer, crouching over a pair of direwolf puppies, and near it a more direct facing portrait of him, like he posed for it. Naomi has raw talent but is very untrained. "Is that art or squiggles?" Her chin lifts, her eyebrow rasises and SO THERE.

Coop looks over towards Lleufer and leans back, gesturing for him to join them. "Sergeant. Please. I could use some help, here. Lend a devil dog some fire support? …You alright?" But as the Eleven begins messing with her notebook, Coop looks back to her and sighs. He's waiting for more squiggles. But the sketches get a lofted brow. "Okay, well that's different! I'm not saying that's squiggles. But I think art is also subjective. Like- okay." He waves a hand around as if to try and dismiss the air around him. "Draw me 'anger'. Or 'joy'. Or one meeting the other. Draw me what it looks like." Ah HA! Challenge issued!

The MP pays for his drink, giving his thanks for it. Lleu takes a cautious taste and winces. Serves him right for not being specific. It's raw and harsh Piraeus distilled and probably not a month in any cask. But, what did he expect? Caprica uplands peaty Scotch? He pays for his drink, then knocks about half of it back. Let it burn.

The voice raised with ire turns his head like a loadstone. Ynyr knows Naomi's tone. His attention is then snagged by Knox. No comment to Knox's question, but he does walk over to join them. "Are you debating art?"

"We're not talking about random art, we're talking about my art." Naomi points out to Knox, but already her fingers are twitching toward her pencil. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, BRO. "Let me think about it a bit and I'll get back to you." she tells him and then turns her face upward and flashes a smile. Dimples appear as if summoned. "Oh, please sit with us, Lleufer. Cooper never takes me seriously, but you do." A benign grin is flashed at Knox.

"I don't take you seriously when you treat my head like a wishing rock. I am not a genie." Coop sips the whiskey and kicks the chair out for Lleufer to sit. Sure, there's nothing awkward about having a drink with a couple of skinjobs debating the philosophy of art. Nah. "Naomi believes herself an artist, or maybe she fashions herself aspiring to the …art." Whatever. "I'm trying to explain that art isn't so easily defined. Squiggles and dots look like Tauran to me. Not art. Other people may think its art. Hell, I saw something hanging in a gallery that supposedly said something about the duality of man and the debate of dark versus light. It was a godsdamned pair of geometric shapes sitting in the middle of a room. Snooty fashionistas and my buddy's date thought it was brilliant. I looked like a frakkin snowcone machine and a dishwasher painted black and white." He rolls his eyes. "So what's happenin? Saw you walkin up from when Spree was callin for volunteers. What was that about?"

"That," says Lleu low as he takes a seat and rubs his left thigh, "Is because Knox knows you better than I do." Those dimples sure are someth'n. Just like his kid sister's, damn it. His voice was a bit rough after knocking back half his drink. For the moment, Ynyr sets it on the table and idly turns the glass. There's no savouring paint stripper like that but he won't waste it either. Awkward? Well, what's awkward compared to his past few days? Lleu doesn't care. "Art's supposed to be about intent of the maker. But really, I think it has more to do how the individual viewer perceives it. What's artful to me, might be crap to somebody else. It's an old debate." What Knox recounts is amusing and makes the MP smile thinly. He shrugs, "Don't suppose it's secret now." Nobody's said keep it classfied, have they? "Three of us went to Caprica to nail Adar. Corporal Baca didn't make it back."

"Look, we'd only just met and I'd never seen you bald before." Naomi says with expasperation. "And you know I still hadn't quite learned about boundaries." Has she ever learned about boundaries, really? Well, in theory. More seriously to Lleufer, "I'm very sorry to hear about your friend but I hope she didn't sacrifice in vain. Was the mission a success? If you'd rather not talk about it, I understand." Oh look, Knox! Naomi'st trying to empathetic! How adorbs.

Knox gestures to Lleufer about taking Naomi seriously. "Like I said. Give her time. This gal is smarter than she lets on, but its a lot of innocent questions mixed in. I just try to be patient." Try. Its an effort. Sometimes its a labor of love, but not always. "Oh c'mon. You- I- Boundaries are important." Sigh. He looks like he might bang his head on the table. Instead? He sips the drink and listens to the MP's explanation. At first he doesn't react at all. There's a little bit of disbelief on his face, but it slowly settles in that Lleufer might be serious. "Wait. What? Chase is dead?" Not Adar, he's asking about Chase first. That's a family member.

Lleufer looks between them, a little subdued. "Yeah, mission was a success. But the only reason Lance Corporal Jast and I got out at all was partly because of Chase. She did her best to lure'm off, a distraction. She stole a police car but the toasters blew her to bits eventually." He knocks back the other half of his double and it's almost as bad as the first shot, but not quite. After a moment Ynyr adds low, "Captain Saint Clair showed up and got our asses out. Probably none of us would have gotten half as far as we did if the Caprican's themselves hadn't started to cut loose. Sparked a little fight in some of them. Helpful chaos to confuse everybody." The Sergeant doesn't bat an eye saying 'toasters' with acid while sitting with these two.

Naomi looks gently exasperated at Knox. "I'm extremely intelligent; you know that." She leaves it at that though, studying the two men. She feels bad. "I'm sorry," she admits, almost shamefully, "I didn't know her." So beyond initial sympathy, Naomi doesn't really have any emotional investment at all.

Knox listens and turns his eyes back down towards the table. No tears, but there is a slow nod of appreciation for what he's hearing. "She died a Marine," he says quietly. He sips his own whiskey and lets off a loooong sigh. "Make sure you put her in for something, man. Someone's going to have to carry that coin, too." He settles back in the chair and looks to Naomi, then back to Lleu. "So no shit, you guys got Adar? How sure are you that he's dead?" He doesn't seem to take any offense to the term, though. Coop was declared a citizen and a Marine by a tribunal. Doesn't bother him any. He looks back to Naomi and nods. "You are. You're worth protecting. Knowledge is power and you recognize that in a more finite way than most do. Its alright about the Marine, though. That's family for us. Consider the implications of Adar being dead. Think the rest of the skins might try and cover it up?"

The Sergeant doesn't respond. Not right off. Ynyr's gaze flicks to Naomi, then he listens to Knox. A faint nod. Lleu shifts his jaw, "Yeah, she did well." He rubs his left hand over his face, his two outer fingers taped together. "Jast got him. My shot and Chase's missed, but Jast was using an S-18 Solothurn Major Jankovic lent to us. Blew him to hell in the middle of a parade infront of all the cameras. I'm sure there'll be plenty of illegal broadcasts even if the Cylons try to supress it. It was being broadcast live at the time." After a moment, Lleu adds, "I didn't know Chase real well. Not sure who knew her best. I'll ask around."

"I'll pray for her." Naomi murmurs, and at least she means it, as it's all she can offer. Something Knox says makes her mouth quirk, and then she'd distracted by the question. "Possibly. Depends on how many eye witnesses there were, whether or not it was broadcasted. If there's a One in charge, he'll make an effort to suppress the incident, and use whatever technological means are at his disposal to promote the idea that Adar's alive. Whether anyone believes him at this point is anybody's guess." She shrugs. "Father always lies."

"She's got a daughter down here on P. She was married to Fischer, I think, at one point." Knox sighs and looks at the glass. But the details of the shoot have him look back at Lleufer. "No shit. You shot the sumbitch on live television? …with an eighteen mil." Not really a question. "Oh. Yeah. He's toast. That's gonna play highlight reels for weeks." But his attention goes to Naomi and he nods slowly. "I suspect you're right. The Ones might play this up as a pirate broadcast of their own. Something inserted into the live feeds that didnt actually happen." Knox looks away for a moment.

Well, /that/ part of the conversation Naomi chips in with gets his attention. Lleufer watches her, leaning his head against the knuckles of his good hand. He hasn't ordered another drink. Two shots in quick succession is enough to get him slightly more mellowed. Even so, the barkeep's heard something and wanders over to top up the Sergeant's glass. That, or he just knows the look and has seen it enough times to know. There's a 'Thanks' offered before Lleu looks back to his table companions. "There were tons of people there, lined up for the parade. Lots of cameras." He nods to Knox, "Yeah. When we got to Picon to report to Colonel Spree, we got to see the time delayed broadcast live over there."

"Then he'll have a hell of a time containing it." There's a grim satisfaction in Naomi's voice. "And he knows that if he tries to suppress it, especially if he tries to do so violently, he'll only reaffirm it as being true. You managed to put One in a very difficult position. That's excellent, really. But…" she trails off for a moment, and then says more quietly, "He doesn't like to lose. Do you know the term 'scorched ground'?" Of course they both do, they're marines.

"No shit, you got to see your handiwork performed live." Knox has taken lives before. He doesn't grin. He doesn't celebrate. He just nods. "Well, that's gotta be somethin' in itself. I imagine I'd probably feel a little satisfaction at seeing that worm out of the picture." Looking back at Naomi, the JTAC listens. "Aye. But I don't think him throwing a teper tantrum and nuking everything is going ot happen. If it were, why let us get this far? Why allow Picon to continue to fight when its been a losing battle for months now? There's something else at play. I wish Ceres were here." He taps a finger on the table.

Lleufer's mouth hardens, a muscle in his jaw to tighten, "Yes. Thought already crossed my mind that if they think they'll loose Caprica, they will likely burn her to glass. But, I don't /think/ they'll give up their investments so easily without a fight, first. Of course, I don't know how they think half as well as you two probably do. We might be able to manage making them worried more about other things." Gods can hope. Ynyr knocks back his third shot, not a double this time. He grimaces, then moves to stand, "Anyway, I'm going to take a walk. Enjoy yourselves."

Wait, what did Knox say? Lleufer stops and looks at the fella, "Chase spoke to a Nine. One working with Major Jankovic's people. She gave us the intel that helped us set up the hit and get the hell out after. She claimed to be a 'Sister' of Ceres and said she's out there, somewhere." Lleu doesn't stay just now to talk more about it. He wants to have quiet, think.

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