While FS3 is utilized at BSO, we have some house rules provide checks and balances for skills. Check here when doing CG, putting in skill raises via +requests, or if you just need some guidance on what some skills mean for RP purposes.

If there is anything already existing on the grid in someone's +sheet that contradicts what is below, it is grandfathered in as it was granted prior to the corresponding rule.1

General Rules

  • All skills have a soft cap at 8; to go beyond this requires going through some extra hoops2
  • Arpay have an exception to the soft cap. See Arpay Enhancements
  • For skills that a job/MOS hinges upon, characters who do not hold that job/MOS cannot go above 33

MOS/Job-Related Skills

Some skills are highly restricted, some do not have readily apparent meaning, and some are reserved for particular things. See each individual skill for details.
Highly restricted. EODs only. Typically rolled for the obvious, but also for things like EOD oriented investigation.
Not restricted. This skill covers general computer usage. Not programming or computer networking or electronics to do with computers. This skill might be taken for doing things like using existing software and systems really well. Maybe your character has a general knack for that.
AKA Software Engineering. This is used in writing new software or fixing existing software. Proficiency in this skill beyond 1-2 requires a higher learning degree or the equivalent focus over a prolonged period of time and is not recommended as a skill picked up on camera unless your character's job is highly aligned with it.4

Character Building Restricted Skills

Character building skills are skills that will never be rolled by a Staff ST in a scene. You may not use them in contested rolls against other players, but you can use them to model your character's skills and generally let other players know OOCly what your character is good at. Rolling these skills will not get you extra knowledge from Staffers. They exist for personal purposes only.5
Intel Analysis
Analyzing and processing intel.
Combat Tactics
Does what it says.

Banned Skills

Lines Enhancements

If you play a Line, then it's good to know how to +roll them. Generally, a skinjob doesn't just break every teacup they hold or hand they shake even though they are incredibly strong. This means that a skinjob can spar with a human at human level strength or activate their skinjob strength. Below are +roll/+combat mod guidelines for when it is activated.

While skill enhancements for Lines are generally straightforward, their powers are not and so are covered elsewhere.

+roll Melee+Body | +combat/mod <name>=+<Body value>
+roll Body+<Body value times 2> |+combat/mod <name>=<Body value times 2>

Arpay Enhancements

There are two general categories when it comes to the Arpay. Those that were modded in that they had their eyes and ears printed/grown and transplanted, and those that were born Arpay or born to a modded Arpay. All of these characters have baseline sensory enhancements in terms of sight and hearing.

While skills are fairly straightforward for both categories of Arpay, powers are not and so are covered elsewhere.

Automatically had +3 added to their Alertness at time of surgery to account for increased sight and hearing.
All recommended Alertness levels for standard humans in CG documentation can be bumped by the enhancement (+3).
All - Alertness Softcap
To account for increased sight and hearing when compared to humans, the general skill soft cap is raised by the enhancement modifier for Alertness alone (8+3=11).
All - Other Senses
If the +roll is for Alertness on senses such as touch or smell and the character has greater than the soft cap (8) in Alertness, apply a -3 modifier (ex: +roll Alertness-3). However, if the character's Alertness is still under the soft cap (8), +roll without any negative modifiers (ex: +roll Alertness).

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