AWD #339: Six the Hard Way
Six the Hard Way
Summary: Major Gray investigates a trio of unknown Sixes who have surrendered to Resistance Command on Picon.
Date: 25/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Elias Dropkickst 
ANVIL, Picon
The Resistance Command redoubt burrowed into the mountains of Picon.
Sun Dec 11 2005 (AWD #339)

Picon. Site ANVIL. Nobody messes around at this location. It has come a long way, too. All the tunnels have been reinforced and there are signs on the walls. There is a distinct lack of pain in the air, too. Spree seems to have developed the mountain base to be a real location. Even as Elias passes by the Command Post, he can glance in past the two Marine guards and see an actual war room. Maps are everywhere on the walls and a layman map table has small holograms. But heading down to the holding facility takes him a few more minutes. There are gates to be passed. Each one has a shaped charge on it, too. When he finally gets down there, he can see the Nines have already been released. There are three 6's in cells but they are spread out, gicing Elias the ability to speak to just one.

Has it only been a few months since he was serving here? No heat, short rations, and no real hope. Elias is gratified to see conditions have improved, but more relieved to see even small changes in attitude. Even if it's illusionary, these people need hope to keep going. He follows the Marine guards down the familiar tunnels to the holding cells, then takes a moment to survey the three Sixes. The young Major in is rumpled blues lights up a smoke, then selects a subject at random. Strolling up to the cell, he studies the skinjob behind the bars and simply waits to see what reaction he gets.

The random one he approached seem to have some sort of automatic reaction — but the strangest part is that it actually looks natural. It's like watching Knox, but not quite. Something very important is missing. The guy stands from his bunk and holds his hands by his side. "Sir," he greets easily. "Wish the Sergeant could be here to report, Major. Thank you for coming." It's the distinct impression that he isn't speaking to the same person- but possibly their brother. Someone who spoke intimately to them about another person they knew. "We requested asylum, sir. Sorry to waste your time. We don't care. We want official people to talk to so we can coordinate. We've seen what Sergeant Knox has been through. We've deduced the truth. We've picked a side, sir."

Elias inspects the Six, the way he stands and moves, the way he speaks. The Intel officer may be cursing himself for not having spent more time with Knox now, but the familiarity is definitely there. "I see." He puffs on his smoke, and says simply, "If all that is true, you're not wasting my time. Do you have a name, or would you prefer I call you Six?"

"I have not decided on a name yet, sir. I'm still working through that. For the time being you can just call me 'Six' and I won't take offense. I am what I am." even behind the bars, he doesn't try to approach. he just stands at parade rest like any other Marine. "Look sir, to be frank, if I may, I'm not here for some cryptic bullshit. Having the Sergeant's memories? I don't want to go there. The point is that some of us know. Us three came in because we wanted someone from command to look us in the eye. We're done. The war was the wrong one. We know it. It's just going to grow to that point. Our line will keep going. That's all we wanted you to know, sir."

"I could certainly do with less cryptic bullshit," Elias agrees dryly, then takes a drag on his cigarette. He nods to acknowledge what the Six says, then thinks about it for a second. "And you're prepared to fight against your own kind to stop the war?" He seems to be assuming that is a yes, but asks anyway. "You mentioned coordination. Has your line formed a plan of its own?"

The Six nods slowly. "Aye, sir. We've already started working. Our biggest concern is being discovered by One. It's only a matter of time. But we want to free as many as we can. We've talked to several Nines and died again to get it across. The Colonel's mission worked." He scratches his nose like any other normal person might. "Sergeant Knox is forming a company of ours on Caprica. Beyond that, I can't say what the plans are. I believe he means to supplement the MCCS there and provide additional protection. For now? That's all I really have, sir. Will you allow us to get back into the fight?"

The mention of the Ones causes Elias' lips to press together. "Mmm." He understands the issue, or at least some of the implications. There's a flicker of interest for the news about Knox being on Caprica, and then a slow nod to the request to get back into the fight. "That will be my recommendation. That and possibly having the Sixes form their own units and focus their efforts under one of our commands. To reduce complications. If your people will agree to that?"

The Six considers it for a moment before giving a slow nod. "Aye, Major. I think that would be acceptable to us. We need a defined command and control structure. For the moment, Sergeant Knox works, but we'll need a higher level. Right now, we are getting our instructions from him. I can't say what we are doing or where just yet. We need to appoint leadership, but I believe the idea works, sir, yes." The guy looks quite confident. It might be weird to look him in the face. A Six, without the scars or tat's Knox had. Someone new. But somewhere out there the original is organizing troops. Potentially already hitting targets. "If you'll free us, there's a ship near enough that we can bring down the orders to the rest, Major. Just shoot me first, and then my men, and we will transfer. We'll make sure we get it done. We'll have Knox report in when he can, sir." He states it easily, nodding at the end. Like it's nothing.

General agreement is good enough for the Intel officer. He's not going to be the one shuffling the paperwork to organize a skinjob battalion, thankfully. "Very well," Elias says, looking closely again at the Knox-not-Knox. The suggestion that he kill the three Sixes causes the young Major to hesitate, and he frowns to himself. He spends a moment taking a long drag on his smoke, then exhaling slowly. "Before we get to that," he says, "I have a job that only someone with Sergeant Knox's memories can do. Would one of you be willing to volunteer? I can have you downloaded anywhere in the Colonies afterwards." Another puff of smoke. "I have another member of your family who's … questioning."

The Six hesitates a moment. It wasn't something he was expecting. "We've all got his memories, sir. But we aren't him. If you have someone else who wants to talk to him we can't spoof him, Major. They would be able to tell right away. But we can answer questions. But any of us would volunteer, sir. We came here as individuals."

"No," Elias corrects the misunderstanding, "I don't want you pretend to be him. Only to speak for your line and explain Sergeant Knox's situation." There's a nod for their willingness. "I'm afraid you'd need to be tranquilized for transport, as you can't pass for Sergeant Knox. If you're still willing, I'll make the arrangements."

The Six doesn't seem to quite understand what the need is, or why, but he slowly nods. "I guess that's not a problem, sir?" He looks uncomfortable for a moment but gets back there. Knox overriding. "If that's the case, no need to shoot the other two. I'll go back. I can work from there with your direction, Major. I'm fine to be drugged or whatnot. Just let the others kick out, if you'd please?" An easy request. There's nothing hevy with it.

Seeing the Six's reticence, Elias explains briefly. "It's primarily so that our personnel don't feel you're a threat, and do something foolish." And then he nods to the request. "I'll see about releasing your men, and arranging for transport."

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