AWD #631: Situation Report 20060929
AWD #631: Situation Report 20060929
Summary: The TACCO Announces an impending cease fire with the Cylons.
Date: 13/03/2017 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: None.
Message broadcast to Colonial, Line, and Arpay forces.
SEP 29 2006 (AWD #631)

All hands, this is the Tactical Officer with a situation update.

Three days ago we faced the Cylons second assault on the Colonies. Enemy landing groups attacked Caprica, Picon, and Aerilon. With the assistance of Arpay Carrier Strike Group Nineteen, we met this attack head on and destroyed every single one of the 40 landing ships and 19 of 22 Basestars. This was no easy victory, but it was a decisive one. Let us hope those we lost in this fight can rest easier, knowing they may very well have put an end to the war.

Immediately after defeating the Cylon attack, Fleet Command requested that CSG-19 strike at the Cylon home worlds before the enemy could regroup. Admiral Fencer reports that his group achieved tactical surprise and swept the skies over Twin Rocks. 9 Basestars were destroyed, along with 3 dry docks and 1 refueling facility, all under construction. They proceeded to bombard both planets from orbit, destroying all major communications and power hubs, as well as a number of mining sites. Before CSG-19 departed the system the Cylons were broadcasting in the clear to request a cease fire.

This cease fire will go into effect zero-zero-one hours, 1 October 2006 Colonial Standard Time. Centurions and Raiders still in the colonies will stand down and will not initiate further hostilities. The APF will be ordered to lay down their arms. All supply caches under Cylon control will be turned over to Colonial Forces. Assuming these steps are taken as agreed, negotiations for a formal treaty to end the war will follow.

Remain on your guard. The cease fire may be the first step toward ending the war, but its not over yet. Resistance from some elements of the APF is considered likely.

Rules of engagement during the cease fire are: Passive Centurions and Raiders are not to be fired upon or approached closer than five meters. Armed APF and active Centurions or Raiders are to be given a warning before opening fire. Any APF approaching Colonial forces should be treated with all due caution. APF who lay down their arms must either return to the Cylons for eventual evacuation or surrender to Colonial Forces to become prisoners of war.

Updates to follow as the situation develops.

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