AWD #584: Situation Report 20060813
AWD #584: Situation Report 20060813
Summary: The acting Tactical Officer updates Colonial and allied forces on the course of the war.
Date: 26/01/2017 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: None
Recorded message shared with the Colonial and Line fleets.
AUG 13 2006 (AWD #584)

"To all personnel of the Colonial Fleet, Colonial Marine Corps, and the allied Lines forces, this Major Gray, acting Tactical Officer. Today is day five hundred and eighty-four of the war. Through great personal sacrifice by the Fleet, the Marines, and the Lines, we have smashed two of the Cylon home worlds and driven them from the skies over our Colonies. Major combat operations on Leonis are winding down, with only small scale resistance from the remaining APF and Cylon forces. Food and medical supplies are flowing to Scorpia, thanks to the Lines. Fighting on Aerilon has reached a stalemate and largely stopped. Libran and Caprica remain under Cylon occupation, though both with re-invigorated resistance movements.

And as some of you may have heard, we have human visitors from beyond the Twelve Colonies. They are the Arpay, a people separated from us thousands of years before our ancestors arrived on Kobol. We now know there are billions of other humans out among the stars, and we are in discussions with the Arpay toward a possible alliance. However, they are engaged in a wider war, far beyond our Colonies. A war between humanity and The Machines, an ancient robotic race created long, long ago. And while this threat is not one we expect to face in the immediate future, it is one we must prepare ourselves and our descendants to face one day.

For our immediate future, we have the chance to focus on life. There are millions of refugees to be resettled, and billions to be fed and cared for. Civil order must be restored. There are farms, fishing fleets, schools and factories to rebuild. We will do our part in restoring life to the Colonies while we remain on guard against further Cylon aggression. This is a task that will take many decades to fully accomplish, but today we take our first steps.

Believe in yourselves, believe in each other, and believe in our shared future. So say we all."

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