ALT #389: Situation Briefing, January 30
Situation Briefing, January 30
Summary: Atalanta gives a briefing on the current situation and upcoming missions for members of the air wing and others. Haddon announces the opening of the MPs' investigation into the simulator bombings.
Date: 30/01/2014
Related Logs: References the events of Burning Wings
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Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
AWD #389

Ah the ready room, where Warren's been spending an increasingly larger amount time in since the sims. Currently he's sitting in his favorite place, front row center…because he's that guy. He's got his coffee, paperwork, and notepad all ready. He does however have his head leaned back and his eyes closed waiting for things to start one might assume, or perhaps just extra early and taking a nap, hard to tell really.

Opposite Warren, Maia sits near the back by the door. Legs extended and crossed at the ankle, she looks about as relaxed as she can be, though her expression holds a wariness as she looks around the room at the electronics, not wishing for a repeat of an explosion. On the small portion of desk, she has a notepad and a pen, waiting patiently for the meeting to commence.

Phin arrives on time and goes to take his usual seat. Which is second row, roughly center, so it puts him just behind Warren. He offers a polite "Hey" to the pilots he passes but he gets straight into flipping through a notepad of past briefing scribbles. None of them look very thrilling, but it gives him something to occupy himself with.

Placing himself not too far from the door as well, Jason offers a brief grin in Maia's direction, before dropping into his seat. Notepad coming out as well, as he leans back in his seat, trying to find the best position to stretch out a bit now. If he's wary about any explosive repeats, it doesn't show, at least. "Back to school," he comments a bit lightly now.

The CAG strides in without a word — her steps purposeful, yes, but also slow. Stiff, even. It's no doubt the result of having a large chunk of metal buried into her thigh only a few days earlier, followed shortly by the deft fingers of a few of the medical staff trying to pull it back out. There is, however, a certain cold pride in the way she holds her chin aloft, refusing to dignify her awkward limp with even the slightest attention.

Warren shifts as people start coming in and opens his eyes, sitting up straighter in his chair and looking about. He straightens his uniform a moment before grabbing his coffee cup and taking a long draw from that. He gives a nod towards Phin and glances to Atia as she makes her way to the front.

Holtz also has a second row seat, near Phin on one side and close to the aisle on the other. He's clad in his duty blues, finishing off a cigarette before the briefing starts. He also has a small, thick notepad, battered and weathered from heavy use, perched on one knee. His eyes occasionally flick to the door; when he spots the CAG enter the room, he leisurely stamps the cigarette out, his gaze lingering slightly on her limp for a moment before he rises to his feet. "Attention on deck!" he calls out, squaring his shoulders and looking straight ahead.

Right. Attention. Warren doesn't quite snap to it, but he does rise and stand to, nice and straight.

Maia glances up as Jason walks in, smiling in return before looking towards the CAG as she follows almost immediately behind. "School.." The pilot muses to Jason, blue eyes flickering to him again briefly. "Sir," she greets Atalanta, though she looks around the room to see who all else is present. A nod to Warren, Dolly, Storm. Then there is the call for attention and she rises and stands at full attention, snapping to it.

Antonius, until now busy studying the ceiling, comes out of his seat and rises to stand at the position of attention.

Phin stands at the order to attention, posture ramrod straight. And there he'll remain until released from it. He's gotten good enough at jumping up and down like that that he was able to subtly put his notebook aside before he sprang. It's a learned skill.

And he was just finding a comfortable seating position too. But at the call to attention, Jason hurries to get to attention, standing there quite still until word is given not to.

As you were," Franklin says curtly as she shifts behind the podium. There's a few files to be settled, the projector to flick to life, her notes to lay out before her. All the usual dull affairs of prepping a meeting. "We have several topics to discuss tonight, but I will try to keep the meeting brief and the need for commentary to a minimum." The screen brightens and, as a map of the Cyrannus star system comes to life behind her, she flips the lights, shrouding the assembled in darkness. "As many of you know, Picon was a resounding success — moreso than many of us expected. However, small pockets of resistance — which we believe to be primarily Centurion parties — remain. Although the forces which are currently planetside have come into new resources, there is still the question of seeing these airframes made fully operational and piloted by an organized force. As such, we will be providing additional support to Commander Spree's forces in the form of regular patrols over Picon airpsace and, if necessary, over areas of suspected threat. This will primarily affect the Viper squadrons, but ECM support will be needed from the Raptor squadrons as well."

Warren sinks back down into his seat and finishes off his coffee. Coffee cup down he turns his attentions back up to the podium and Atia there. He grabs his pad starting to jot down notes as she starts talking about operations on picon.

Taking a seat, Maia looks down at her pad of paper before glancing towards the others, briefly. As Atalanta begins speaking again, she turns her attention towards her, taking notes on what was said about Picon and Spree.

Dropping into his seat again, and taking a few moments to find that comfortable position from before, Jason nods a little at what's being said now. He doesn't take any notes yet, just listening carefully for the moment. Glancing towards the other pilots, every now and then.

Phin sits when given leave sit, picking up his notepad again. He does some writing, but mostly at the beginning he's listening. He's a sedate enough young man that he doesn't visibly perk too much when patrols over Picon are mentioned, but he does look pleased with the idea.

"These patrols will begin this Saturday and will continue for the foreseeable future. Expect to have trips to the Helios Alpha system added to your regular roster of duties in the coming weeks." As she says this, she zooms in on the area of the Cyrannus star system where Helios Delta and Helios Gamma form their binary system. "In the meantime, as we have isolated Libran and Aerilon as potential targets for the next wave of our assault, I am ordering full recons of their respective systems. I should remind you that these areas have remained largely unoccupied by Fleet forces and our last intelligence on these areas is approximately six months old. The Raptor crews which I will be assigning these recons to are not intended to make contact; these missions are for information gathering purposes only. Stealth will remain an important factor throughout. Volunteering is, as always, encouraged," Franklin says with a gesture towards the door — and presumbaly to her office, right down the hall.

Bennett filters in a bit late, as she's often wont to do, slim fingertips wrestling with the top button of her duty blues like she just threw them on ten minutes ago. Which, judging by her neat but still-damp braid, she probably did. Blue eyes flick to the woman at the podium, then away again as she weaves toward an empty seat.

Holtz falls back into his seat, his notebook in hand. He flips it open, but doesn't start writing just yet, his attention focused instead on the podium and the CAG speaking from behind it.

Warren glances back as Bennett slips in, giving the woman a nod before returning his attention front and scribbling down more notes on his pad. He pauses a moment to circle something on his pad as he listens.

"I am also ordering, after discussion with both intel and command, further recon of Cylon space." Franklin pauses for a moment, allowing the weight of that statement to sink in. Her eyes sweep over the room, picking out the outlines of familiar figures in the darkness. "Although both Major Holtz and Lieutenant McBride are working on narrowing down areas of particular focus, I should remind you that with the exception of the planets which were ceded to the Cylons during the Armstice, Cylon space is almost entirely unknown to us. There is no guarantee that our ships will not jump into the center of a moon, or pulsar, or the airspace occupied by the heart of the Cylon fleet. As such, these missions will be strictly volunteer only. Weigh your decision carefully before putting your name is, as it unlikely we will be able to send any rescuing force after you."

Elias has been pacing in the passageway outside, finishing off his cigarette and listening to the CAG's brief from there. He doesn't enter himself until he sees some newly-arrived Air personnel entering as well, and he piggy-backs on their 'interruption', crushing out his smoke and slipping in behind them. The Intel Officer scoots off to one side, finding a spot to stand in the back.

Ygraine's brows furrow as she considers these new missions. Ygraine has taken her seat quietly, and she lacks her usual fidgetyness.

Bennett's nostrils flare just slightly as the scent of fumarella wafts in with one of the newer arrivals. She, however, has eyes only for the CAG at the moment, and lifts her chin a notch when the recon beyond the armistice line is mentioned. She doesn't look surprised, but then this probably isn't news to her.

Jason makes a few quick notes, especially to the part about Libran and Aerilon, before he hears the part about Cylon space. Coming to a stop, he looks up now, glancing between the others rather carefully for the moment, gaze lingering on the other Raptor people a bit longer than the rest. Nodding a little to himself as he looks to the front again.

In the process of taking notes, Maia looks up at the last part. She'd volunteered for dangerous missions before, when she'd actually had something to lose. By the looks of her, she's so in.

Warren raises an eyebrow at more trips past the armestice line without any intel first. He hmmms a moment making a few more notes there, another circle, few more notes, underlining.

Holtz doesn't look terribly surprised at that announcement either, but he does shoot a quick, oh-so-neutral glance in Phin's direction before finally scribbling something down in a spidery hand on the open sheet of his notepad before turning his gaze back to the podium.

"Quite frankly, gentlemen, I'm tired of watching those gods-forsaken canners crawl all over our homeworlds, and I'd like to take a part of this fight to them," the woman mumbles, perhaps unthinkingly. It is, after all, entirely unlike the CAG's usual stiff demeanor. But there's a tick in her jaw now and a flicker in her eyes. Unfortunately, 'mumbling' doesn't really work with a mic clipped to the front of her flight-suit, now does it? As the comment filters through the room's speakers, she smiles thinly and contiues on. "In light of this intention, we will be returning to the four asteroid belts of the Cyrannus system, which remain largely unsurveyed. As I've been informed by the Chief that the sims will be down for some time both for investigation and repair, consider the mission parameters two-fold — it's been two quiet months since the worst of Picon, and asteroids will make excellent target practice."

Ygraine's expression remains neutral. Focused intently on Atia, there is a subtle tightening and relaxation of her fists as she mentions the simulators.

Phin catches that look from Holtz, giving him a slight nod. Mention of the simulators gets his attention firmly back on the front of the room. Even peripherally, it makes him tense. He makes some vague note about asteroid target practice on his notepad.

Elias keeps half an ear on the briefing, though it seems he's more interested in watching the Air Wing and how they are reacting to the news. And perhaps assessing the overall mood following the explosions in the sims. It's Atalanta's mumbling that brings his attention back to her, and Elias studies the CAG closely for a few moments as he listens.

Bennett wasn't present during the carnage in the simulators, but she's certainly heard enough about it second-hand in recent days. She sends Ygraine a brief glance that's subsequently relinquished, and scribbles something quietly on her notepad.

And the inevitable mention of the sims finally happens. Warren shifts in his seat uncomfortably, tensing a bit. He makes another note on his pad again before scratching it out before looking up at Atia.

"Furthermore, after reviewing all of your files, I have decided that all of you will be required to renew your firearms qualifications. As it seems Lieutenant Vashti currently holds the highest score," Franklin simply barrels on, even as she tries to pick out the blonde in the rows of seats. (Congratulations, Lieutenant. You've been volun-told.) "She will be responsible for ensuring that all of you are prepared for the test." A beat. Having found what she believes to be Ygraine among the packed room, she addresses that figure directly — or as directly as she can manage, given that it's a guess. "Lieutenant, due to their comparable scores, you may expect assistance from Major Holtz and —," she stops, flipping through some of her notes for a name. "Petty Officer Cruz, as their other duties permit."

Nodding a bit as he spots Maia's expression, Jason makes a few more notes in his notebook, before looking to the front again. Just keeping his attention there at the mention of the sims, although it's with a visible effort that he doesn't go shifting around again, or anything like it. Letting out a breath at the mention of the firearms qualifications, he takes a few more notes now.

Phin looks over at Ygraine and makes a soft "Huh" sound. Not that he looks exactly surprised. He, very subtly, makes a little finger-gun in her direction. Because he's mature like that.

The not-so-FNG, Darius, is listening and furiously writing notes on his own pad. His excitement at the possibility of some behind-the-lines scouting, where the danger level is beyond calculation gets his blood moving at hyper speed. Even what happened in the sims and the order to get qualified better on firearms only increases his excitement level, only dimmed somewhat because of what happened in the sims.

"Additionally, you will all be receiving refresher courses in emergency protocols, fire suppression, and damage control." One brown brow arches mildly as the CAG continues on with the list of hazards she's expecting them all to prepare for, without giving the slightest hint of a reason or an explanation. As if the reasoning wasn't already obvious. "I have no doubt," she says, with a heavy tone — one which suggests she welcomes neither argument nor abuse. "That you will all show proper appreciation of the efforts of both Engineering and the Deck to provide you with valuable, potentially life-saving instruction."

It's like someone snapped a towel in her face. Ygraine visibly flinches when she's addressed directly, but her reply of, "Yes, sir." is firm and certain. Her glance slides this way and that, once to Phin (and alots him a twitch of a smile), and then Holtz (a small nod). "On it, sir." she says to Atalanta, and settles silent once more.

Maia glances towards Jason, giving him a rueful smile, writing firearms recert, underlining it before writing Shake by the side of it, followed by Storm. Looking back up, she pens down the remainder of the refresher courses required she undergo.

Warren theres another bit of tensing from Warren about the wonders of refreshers on things like fire suppression and damage control. He makes another few notes there and he shifts again before reaching for his coffee cup and confirming that yes he drank it all earlier.

Holtz's expression hardens at the mention of the sims and the repairs needed, and his lip curls slightly in… anger? Frustration? Whatever it is, he keeps it mostly bottled up, though apparently only with significant effort. He shifts slightly in his seat, rolling his shoulder on the side of his body he'd taken those shrapnel wounds. When the CAG mentions sidearm recertifications, he looks over in Ygraine's direction, returning her nod before scribbling something else on his notepad.

"Finally, the MPs are currently investigating Saturday's explosion in the sims. I assure you that I have not yet received any findings from them, but that the matter is being addressed." By some miracle of miracles, the CAG's already stick-straight spine somehow manages to stiffen, her shoulders to straighten, as though she were being presented to no less than (the late) Admiral Nagala himself. "I need not remind you that each of you is expected to fully cooperate throughout the course of the investigation and all related interviews, so that a conclusion can be reached swiftly and all due justice served."

A very horribly scarred Marine steps next to Atalanta and the man's ice cold blue eyes glance over at everyone. He clears his throat and says, "My name is Ensign Haddon, and I am in charge of the investigation into the events that occurred in the simulator room several days ago. I will need to interview each and everyone of you at some point and I may need to request access to your personal logs, and communications for the purposes of finding who and what did this."

He moves to an at ease position and continues, "I know you all have had a huge blow, with the loss of two of your comrades and the injury of several others. Rest assured that my MPs and I will vigourously pursue this investigation and find everyone responsible and see to it that they are punished to the fullest extent of military justice. If you have any information, no matter how insignificant, please speak to myself or your commanding officers as I am assured they will cooperate fully… am I right Colonel?" His eyes move to Atalanta.

Elias continues to spectate at the briefing until the Marine Ensign appears front and center. The young Captain's mouth tightens as he sees the MP's face, and Elias hurriedly lifts his clipboard to make his first notes, jotting down Haddon's name, and a few of his own notes besides.

Warren raises an eyebrow at Haddon's little speach but doesn't look particularly impressed at it. He's already declared his whole thoughts on the matter in sickbay so his lack of being impressed by it shouldn't be all that shocking. So instead he just makes a note or two on his pad before striking it out again.

Writing down a few more things, Jason pauses as the Marine moves over, studying the man for a few moments, before he takes a few more notes. Listening to what's being said now, shrugging momentarily to himself.

Darius, for his part, looks somewhat perplexed, what could he tell the MP. He wasn't even there, having been one of the few on patrol that night while the rest of the squadron were off rotation.

Phin mouths the word 'personal logs' with a touch of skepticism, but he's not about to object. He sits quietly, making a few more notes.

"Of course, Ensign," Franklin replies tersely, her expression briefly all too reminiscent of the one which she wore when announcing the fleet of ghost ships that had been discovered at Hebe. A notorious expression, that one. And then she raises her voice along with her brows, asking in brighter tones than the lines of her face ought to allow, "Are there any questions?"

Holtz likewise has his own opinions on who the lion's share of any suspicion should rest, and if the discussion in sickbay a couple days ago was any indication he's not afraid to share them, but having the MPs on the case won't hurt any. However, he doesn't seem to look any happier than Phin at the mention of personal logs. Another scribble goes down on the notepad and then he looks back up silently. No questions from him, at least for the moment.

As the floor opens up for questions Warren tenses again as if trying to decide about asking anything. He doesn't say anything as he scribble anything down though, though rather sternly underlines it.

Jason listens a bit thoughtfuly, looking a bit unsure as he hears the part about questions. Shaking his head now, after a few more moments of pause.

Bennett spends a few moments taking stock of Haddon as the marine speaks up. A little flick of her eyes from head to toe and back again, with a ghost of a smile that's banished a moment later. Of course she'll cooperate. She might even refrain from flirting with him. "None presently, sir," she offers mildly to Atalanta's request, and flips her notepad shut. "Though I will need to coordinate with you regarding some of the finer points of the missions you have outlined."

Franklin gives a sharp nod to Captain St. Clair, then, before her eyes sweep one last time over the assembled. "In that case, you're dismissed." Her folder flips closed, concealing its contents once more.

With the meeting concluded Warren puts the pen of vicious underlining down. While he's been spending more time here, and was here well ahead of time it seems now the Captain is rather intent on getting out of the ready room as he gathers his things up and starting to stand slowly.

Bennett is already halfway to her feet by the time the dismissal is given. She touches her fingertips to her temple in a brief salute to the CAG, shoots Warren a sidelong glance, and sidles for the hatch before the stampede begins.

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