AWD #092: Sister Sister
Sister Sister
Summary: Sera and Ellie Rutlii are reunited after the prison rescue
Date: 08/April/2013 (OOC Date)
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Hangar Bay
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #92

With all the excitment of the past few days there's been many a deckie's shift spent patching holes and hammering dents out of Raptors. The odd viper too mind, but for Toby it seems have been all about the Raptors. His timing is as good as ever it seems for he finishes one with just enough time to go sort out the paperwork before the end of his shift and so that's where he's headed, to teh desk office to hand over the forms, clipboard under one arm and pen behind his ear.

One of those viper pilots does show up though. Seemingly recently come off duty as Luc is still wearing his flight suit even. Passing by where Toby is. "Recruit." Comes his greeting. As usual not seeming to be one to hold grudges. Glancing in the direction he is heading. "Do you know where I might be able to find that PO I was asking about?" He asks over the gap between the two. Himself coming to a stop a bit away from where Toby is walking.

One of the recent refugees from Picon, Electra Rutlii was having a hard time actually believing she was finally, finally on the Orion. Now that she has been directed to the right place to find someone very special to her, Ellie steps into the hangar bay, looking for the only family she has left, so anxious to see her sister again.

Sera, meanwhile, has wiggled herself so far up some poor Viper's nose, she might as well be a bright orange, boot-wearing booger. Sometimes, there's advantages to being small on deck. After all, it means she's one of the few people that can squirm all the way up into those things, so there's nothing but her hips, legs, and booted feet hanging out. Sometimes there's disadvantages to being small on deck. Like looking utterly ridiculous while doing her job. There's a few people on one of the mechanical teams standing around, ostensibly "helping" her. Mostly, though, it seems like she's drawn a cluster of three people intent on standing around and snickering quietly, while occasionally handing her something. Sure, she's swearing up a storm, but it's muffled by the metal that's encasing her, which means they're all safe from getting beaned by a flying socket wrench…. right?

Toby had been quite content to ignore Luc as the pilot passed him, better than re-arranging his face and all that, but as the question is asked he figures he probably should at least acknowledge the man. Pausing his progress he turns to eye Luc for a moment before asking, in his best 'I'm busy make this quick tone' "Which PO Lieutenant? We have several around the place." Electra he doesn't notice yet, what with having turned so he's looking at Luc, but then he wouldn't have recognised her anyway.

"Well. I think her nam Rutlii or something like that?" Most likely it sound just a little off from how it should sound. Hopefully still close enough to know who it is. "If you know then I will get out of your hair as soon as I can." Luc offers as he keeps his eyes in the recruit for a moment longer. Anyone else that is arriving are only met with a nod for now. The orange booger most likely noticed but not sure who it is.

Rutlii.. That gets her attention and Ellie walks over with somewhat tentative steps. "I'm a Rutlii." Having heard her name butchered through school, she knows about every variation there is of it. "Does anyone know where to find Seraphina Rutlii?" Hearing muffled curses, her gaze continues to be drawn there, having an idea it may be her sister but not entirely sure. It had been awhile since she had seen her.

There's some wiggling, and some wriggling, and an "OW!" that comes from inside that Viper. Wearing a helmet up there, despite being required by regs, is not really an option given the allotted space. So Sera must not have hers on. And she must have forgotten that, and whacked her head on something. A series of snickers comes from her crew, before one of them finally dares to ask, "….You okay in there, sir?"

Retrieving the clipboard from under his arm, Toby uses it to point in the direction of the vipers that are being worked on, "Over there," he takes a look as he points but can't immediately make her out, "might have to ask one of the lads over there for more specifics." Now he's looking, he can see the legs, but he isn't about to tell Luc that. Ellie's arrival into the conversation gets more of a smile in response, "looks like she's the popular one today, the Lieutenant here is looking for her as well." He does pause, just for a moment, to wonder if the lass has the authorisation to be on the deck, but since the officer present seems to be saying nothing about it he lets it lie. There's another moments thought before he nods briefly in the direction of the vipers again, "come on then, lets see if we can find her."

Luc nods and is about to head over as he hear the woman ask for her as well. Trying to place her face. "Hi. Luc Raynor." He offers with a hand to Electra before moving towards the people. "Escuse me. Do you fine people know where PO Rutlii might be?" Not able to identify her from her legs. Grinning over at Toby as well with a nod. "Seems so."

When Toby motions over to the Viper again, Ellie can't help but smile. Surely it was her sister after all! Following the man as they trek the Hangar, she slips her hand into that of Luc, "Ellie Rutlii. It's a pleasure to meet you." Ahh ranks! She was terrible at them, what the stripes and pins meant. So, she just opts not to repeat his name at all, but certain she wouldn't remember it next time. With him asking about Sera, she remains silent, just watching the dangling legs with a grin.

One of them, his coveralls labelled "Rodriguez", obviously finds his boss's predicament hilarious. He shoots Luc this shit-eating grin and jerks a thumb towards the Viper that they're currently trying to fix up without tearing half the thing down. "Yes, sir," he says, trying to choke down his chuckles in the face of an officer's inquiry. "She's the pair of legs." A meaty hand pounds on the metal plating of the Viper's nose, trying to get Sera's attention. "SIR!," he shouts, hoping he can hear her over the overwhelming noise of the machinery running on deck. "One of the pilots wants to speak with you."

It takes a few seconds, but Sera eventually does manage to extract herself from her current… position? Predicament? She comes sliding down out of the bird with a dull thud as her boots hit the deck, one hand immediately reaching up to rub at what will no doubt be a lump on her head for the next few hours. Her usual neat ponytail is now a dishevelled mess and there's grease all over her upper half, face and all. "What?," she demands of the cluster of deckhands, irritation written all over her face as she eyeballs Rodriguez, oblivious to everything else.

Toby gives the deckies surrounding the viper a brief nod, then Rodriguez one of acknowledgement when he ferrets out the PO in quesiton for them. He can't help but grin a little as Sera emerges then tilts his head towards Luc, "The Lieutenant wants a word about something, and then this one," a tilt to Electra, "claims she's one of your's." Or same name at least, so he's assuming that's the connection.

"Ah, I take it that you are related then." Luc offers as he continues to wander in the direction of the viper. "Ah, I see." As the one in the viper is confirmed as Sera. "PO Rutlii. I was just coming off from duty. Thought I deserved to offer an apology about the mess hall before." Is all he offers before falling silent. A small smile upon his lips.

And that's the first view Ellie gets of Sera after all this time and she's so endearingly familiar she just wants to throw herself into a big, big hug. But this was military stuff and Ellie wasn't really up on the protocol. The pilot was here first so she remains quietly back, waiting her turn. Yes.. For all of five seconds. Then impatience has her closing the distance between them with quick and light steps, her flip flops making little sound on the Hangar floor. "Sera!"

Sera spends all of those five seconds staring blankly at Luc, her expression inscrutable. It'd be easy to mistake her for a statue, if not for the fact that she keeps blinking at him. Her mouth drops open, about to say something, when her dark eyes drift over to the left, spotting Ellie. Her reaction is immediate, visceral, and obvious. Confusion and doubt write themselves all over her face. She stares mutely, her lashes fluttering rapidly, as though she must be hallucinating. And then, gods help them all…. is Sera crying?

There's no crying on deck. (There's no crying in baseball, either.) But that doesn't seem to be stopping her. It doesn't even seem to be slowing her down. Her eyes have welled up with tears that are threatening to spill onto her cheeks any second now, and she draws in this loud, shaking sob. The deckhands? They might as well have thought bubbles filled with exclamation marks over their heads. One of them takes one look at Sera, utters an eloquent "Uhhhh…..," at the sight of Rutlii, of all people, turning into a sobbing mess, and oh, hey! Look! Someone needs to go pound the dents out of that Raptor. Over there. Not here. Very convenient, that.

Toby figures he was probably about right with his ID on Electra then glances to the other deckies. He could follow, but eh, his shift is about done, so he contents himself instead with leaning against teh nose of the next Raptor along, looking along the line, ready to divert anyone who might decide that they had some pressing business with the PO or such.

Seeing as their is a reunion Luc only smiles and moves out of their way. Having offered his apology. "I should continue on my way. See you lovely folks later." He offers and bows before starting off from the area.

Only when her sister looks back at her does it become real. Her sister, this was her Sera, who had sacrificed so much for her and whom she loved more than any other in any of the colonies. Ellie sees the confusion, the doubt and it breaks her heart. "I can't believe you're really here, Sera.. I've been trying and trying to get to you but I didn't know how to." Unbeknownst to her, matching tears are flowing down her own cheeks as she reaches her sister and wraps her arms around her as tightly as Sera will allow. "I missed you… you just don't know how much.." the words come out more broken than she had intended as she tries to choke back the sobs that demand release.

Some women manage to look noble as they cry — eyes defiant, jaws set, a single stream of tears rolling down their pale white cheeks. Sera, it seems, is not one of them. Her eyes turn red, and her face gets splotchy, and if she's at it too long, her nose swells up and starts to vaguely resemble a potato. (Fortunately, she hasn't gotten to that last part. Yet.) She barely manages to drop the tools she was carrying down onto the deck with a loud clang before she throws her arms around poor Ellie, without any regard whatsoever for the other girl's clothes, or hair, or need to, y'know, breathe. She's saying something, that much is obvious. What she's saying? The Lords of Kobol probably couldn't decipher the incoherent babble that's streaming out of her between sobs.

Understanding the words wasn't necessary, it was enough that Ellie was with her sister, her only family, all she can manage to say is her sisters name over and over, hardly daring to believe it wasn't just a dream this time… though it may be a plea to breathe, instead. Doubtful, for she is holding her sister just as tightly as if she's never going to let go. The rest of the Hangar is forgotten, her clothes are of little concern as she holds on tight, reassuring herself her sister was alive and well.

Toby does, for a brief moment glance over his shoulder to check all is well, but with the departure of Luc and the other deckies it's mostly just precautionary. His attention is then stolen again as a he has to quietly turn round a Specalist who was looking for advice on some sticky issue or other and suggest to the man that now might not be the best time and to try and find maybe Ajax instead.

"Don't you ever do that again, Ellie. Ever," Sera manages to squeak out between gulping gasps for air. Like War Day pretty much consisted of Ellie scrambling up to the top of a tree, into branches that might not be able to hold her, and refused to come down. Or wandered off into the dusty grasses on the edge of the desert, and disappeared from Sera's watchful sight when there could be rattler's nests to stumble into. Sera's even busted out that mothering tone, the one she learned from all those times she was left home to watch her younger siblings so that her parents could take on yet another shift in the hopes of paying down last month's bills.

The scolding was expected, but Ellie doesn't take it too harshly, the relief inside her too great to be upset. "We went off planet.. to Picon to celebrate. I didn't want you to worry about," lowering her voice, she looks around, "money or anything. My friends paid and then the attacks came and I was on Picon with no way to get word to you. I'm so sorry, Sera. Mom.. she was home." Those words hold a wealth of meaning, though she doesn't clarify.

"I know," she says thickly. "I know. I pulled the footage off the recon Raptor myself." As though that explanation means much of anything to Ellie at all. There's no offer to show it to her, though, which speaks volumes in and of itself. She pulls back, forgetting about the grease on her fingers, and tries wiping off Ellie's cheeks with her sleeve — like she's still that little kid whose eyes Sera used to dry. "It's goin' to be okay, Ellie. It's goin' to be okay. I promise." There's a weight to those words. Sera does not take promises lightly. Come Hades or high waters, Sera's going to make it alright. It's there in the thickness of her voice, which washes away those shaking sobs.

The explanation almost speaks for itself, footage and recon. It sounds so very grim but Ellie had ninety days to learn to accept it. As long as she had Sera she wasn't lost. When her sister pulls back, she reaches out to touch her sister's cheek with a featherlight touch. "It's going to be okay, because we're together now. I'm going to join and stay here on Orion with you. I thought about it while on Picon and it's the best way we can stay together so you don't have to worry anymore."

"They'll put you down planet, on Piraeus," Sera says, nodding along her agreement. "It's not exactly a resort, but it's safe. The Cylons haven't hit the planet yet, an' with more an' more civilians pourin' in every week, the settlement down there is gettin' bigger an' bigger. It ain't a mine. Not even close. I'm sorry I had to tell you that, I am. I really am. But the secret's pretty much out now, an' the little town we were buildin'? Sheridan? It ain't such a bad place to be. They'll put you to work, an' you'll get fed, an' without enough doctors to go around, people will take care of you."

"I don't want to be down planet, Sera. I want to stay here with you on the Orion. I'm going to stay and join the Navy too, as a nurse. It's why you sent me to school, it's why you've been working so hard for me to go to school. Piraeus sounds like it's a nice place and all of the others rescued will have a good home down there, but I really want to be with you here. I can help here, if you'll understand and let me," Ellie says in that pleading voice she'd always done when trying to cajole her sister into seeing things her way.

With the sobbing seemingly over, for now at least, Toby can't help but overhear some snatches of the conversation over the general noise of the deck, even though it does seem to be oddly quiet in this particular area at the moment. His first thought is to move a viper further down the line, so he can still deflect the incoming but won't be evesdropping, then he remembers the paperwork under his arm and the Deck Chief who's expecting it. Standing up straight again he glances to the pair again and clears his throat a moment before saying briefly, "I should get these back to the officer, you two want me to grab you a coffee or anything while I'm there?" Ah, deck coffee, possibly the worst coffee in the universe, strong, black and flavoured by oil and fuel, but still, offers there."

Sera blinks a few times, her expression clouding over as Ellie's words sink in. She opens her mouth to say something, ready to contradict the request, when Toby makes his offer. Salvation, in the form of black dishwater passed off as something they ought to drink. There's a nod, and then a pause, "Yeah. Yeah, Shacks, thanks." And then, a convenient excuse to worry and fuss and avoid the topic all at the same time. "When did you get here? Have you eaten yet? The food's awful, but it is food. At least, that's what they tell us."

This was the reaction Ellie had feared from her sister, and when an answer isn't forthcoming yet, she looks back to the man who had escorted her to her sister and offers him a cheerful smile. "No coffee for me, but thank you for the offer, Sir." Whether he was a sir or not wasn't something she knew, but at least in Civilian life it was polite! Turning her gaze back to her sister as the questions come, she chuckles softly. "I got here after the prison rescue but I wasn't sure where to find you. They have fed me and let me shower. I'm afraid this is about all I have with me anymore, the bags were lost somewhere between where I was on Picon and the Prison." Not one to let things go, least of all things important to her she tries again. "Please can I? I don't want to go against your wishes, but I can be with you this way."

Toby nods to Sera to acknowledge her response and then to her sister to back up the comment about the meals, "stay clear of anything claiming to be seafood, it's just not right it ain't." With Electra's order, or lack of it noted, he slips away down the line of vipers towards the officer to hand in the forms, give the Chief a quiet heads up and brave the coffee.

"Ellie," Sera begins, frowning. "Mama an' Daddy an' Luke an' me all worked as hard as we did so you wouldn't ever have to do somethin' like this. So you wouldn't have to crawl down into those gods-damned mines or enlist just to pay the mortgage an' put food on the table. We've been lucky, aboard the Orion. There's been some accidents, an' some combat losses an'….," she trails off, before she touches on the subject of the shootings. Her head shakes, making her mess of a ponytail sway. "I know workin' in a hospital ain't exactly pristine, but you belong somewhere clean an' somewhere safe, not tryin' to stitch people back together while you've got missiles rockin' a ship an' Cylons shootin' at you. Piraeus ain't far at all. I'm down there all the time." And then… and then Ellie's words sink in, and her brows furrow, and she says, "Prison?". A hard edge fills her voice now.

The words are like nails in a coffin, sealing her in that predetermined life they had wanted her to have and her expression turns bleak. "I don't want to seem ungrateful, Sera.. for everything you and Mama and Daddy and Luke all sacrificed. For me. This is the Orion, this is where you live. Where else would I be safer? I'm a nurse, I do physical therapy. I do the reconditioning after they have already seen the Doctor so there's no reason for me to stitch people up with missiles flying at me. I'll be safely here waiting for the Doctor to heal them before my role is even played. I want to be with you, Sera, here with you." As soon as Sera says the word, Ellie lifts her shoulders. "It's where we were rescued."

Sera knows how this goes. Sooner or later, through begging or big eyes or sneaking around and doing it anyway, Ellie's going to get what she wants. One hand reaches up to brush her own bang back, rubbing at her forehead as the conversation continues. "Why were you in a prison? Are they holin' up in them down on Picon? I guess it'd make sense. With all the security an' everything, it'd be easier to keep those damned tin-cans out than it would be in just about any other building." Her mouth pinches together, sort of puckering really. "Hestia's heart, I'm sorry. If I'd known you were there, I would've had them pull you out sooner. I would've ridden along an' brought you back out here an' gotten you out before lettin' you sleep in a cell."

"I wasn't there long, maybe three days? Nothing bad happened, was just put in a cell and forgotten about like the rest of those saved." Ellie plays light of it, though in truth she is so glad to be out of the dank, dark, smelly enclosed place. Free thanks to the Pilots and Marines who had brought them home. "We were making our way back to Colonel Spree's camp, taking some who were injured." Lifting her hands, she tucks her hair behind both her ears, slowly dropping her hands back to her sides. "We were all safe though and I wanted to let you know I was on Picon, but I didn't know how. Please can I join here? You could take me to the medical area and talk with whoever is in charge with me."

"You were a prisoner?," she chokes out, a flash of anger cutting across her normally pretty face with all the ferocity and suddeness of a thunder-clap. Sera hates the Cylons. Hates them. That much is readily obvious in her expression, confirmed by the tension that snaps her spine into a ramrod straight posture and the ice that creeps into her voice. "Was it the Centurions? Or was it the ones that look like people?"

"It wasn't like that, mostly, I was just.. kind of, we were all there together, it was almost like an enforced refugee camp but the things were Centurions. I was working with people, first aid mostly, until the doctors could help. I'm lucky I was there though or else I wouldn't have been brought here after the rescue. Oh Sera, try and not think about it, it's over now and I am here. I don't want to leave you again." Cylons.. Ellie hates them too for killing their mother. This part of Sera she's not seen so much and it's a little scary and a lot intimidating. "Sera, it's okay," still trying to reassure her.

Sera works on the inside of her cheek for a moment, chewing at it thoughtfully as she tries to process the reality of her little sister locked up in a prison camp. Her expression is not a pleasant one and, no, it is probably not one which Ellie has ever seen before. There's no question about it. It's there in her eyes. "I…," she starts, her voice hard. And then she jams her tongue into that very same cheek, forcing it free from the grip of her molars. "Don't you worry. Neither of us is goin' anywhere. C'mon. I've turned you into a total mess. We need to get you cleaned up and fed and see if we can find you somewhere to sleep."

Ellie can see the internal war in her sister as almost a palpable thing from the movements of her tongue against her cheek, the expression on her face, the look in her eyes, her hard voice. It hurts her to be the cause of such emotions from the one person she would never willingly hurt for anything. "Oh Sera," she releases a pent up breath she hadn't even been aware of holding. "I don't want to leave you." Sounding almost helpless she adds the last, "You're all I have." Wherever Sera goes, Ellie will follow, so grateful to have her sister again.

Sera wraps her arms around her sister again, pulling her close. It's a firm hug. Solid. Substantial. Real. "Don't you be sorry for this. Don't. This wasn't your fault, or mine, or anyone's, except for those gods-shunned things. Neither of us is goin' anywhere, an' I'm not goin' to give you up. We're goin' to make a home again, you an' me, an' nobody's goin' to take that away again. Nobody, alright? Mama always said so long as we had a hearth to share, we'd have a home. We don't need the rest. It's just extra."

This time when Sera hugs her, Ellie buries her face against her sister to breathe in her familiar smell and hold her tight. A taste of home. "I don't like to worry you, you have so much to worry about without me adding to it." As much as she wants to be strong on her own, it takes Sera's reassurances to strengthen her. "Nobody, because I'm never going to be away from you anymore. I want to be here for you now like you've always been here for me."

"C'mon," Sera whispers. "The smell up here must be givin' you a killer headache. It's the tylium fuel. Smells like the mines, doesn't it? It's a wonder it doesn't peel the paint off the walls." One hand, stained almost permanently grey from too many years working on engines, brushes Ellie's hair back. "I was ready for three years out here, so I've still got some nice soap an' stuff in my locker, instead of that gritty stuff they probably gave you when you got here. The head's co-ed, but you get used to it after awhile, an' if you catch anybody starin' at you, you just tell them who you are an' that if they lay a hand on you, they'll lose it. You'll feel better after a shower an' some fresh clothes. I don't know what we're goin' to do about them shoes, though."

"I haven't even noticed the smell in here, I was just happy to see you again." Ellie has found her smile again and it seems to be a permanent one as she listens to her sisters voice. "Coed showers?" There's a quick laugh at the thought. "Do you know how completely different that is from college? They make sure to keep all things gender separate. I've barely had a chance to even look at men." Rolling her eyes playfully, she looks at her sister right after, waiting for the 'talk' if it would be coming. "I guess when I get recruited, I get military issued shoes, don't I?"

"If you sign up," Sera says, nothing the difference between 'if' and 'when'. "You'd get shoes, yes. Probably the standard issue boots, in which case, you ought to keep these as showers shoes. You never know what kind of rank the boys from the CMC will have growin' between their grubby toes." She keeps one arm around Ellie as she guides her back towards the door, carefully dodging and skirting around the operations of the deck. They're required to wear safety boots for a reason, after all. "But sweetie, I really think you ought to think this over before you go signin' your name to anything. Piraeus is right down below us, just one Raptor ride away. If you enlist, you're givin' over your whole life. It doesn't matter if you were trained in physical therapy, workin' with people after they've already been stitched up. Command will stick you wherever they need you, whether you like it or not. You'd be seein' people comin' in with fresh wounds — from explosions, fires, battles. I've had friends I thought were goin' to make die a few days later an' people I loved that I thought were the walkin' dead tell me not to worry, that was somebody else's blood an' brains all over their jacket. Orders are orders an' you have to follow them, even when they seem stupid or dangerous. You don't get detention for mouthin' off to the person in charge. They stick you in a cell until you calm down an', if you're lucky, the worst they come up with for you is cleanin' toilets. They tell you how to talk an' what to wear an' when to sleep an' who you can frak an' what you can drink an' where you can go. You sign up, they own you, all the way through. An' there's no musterin' out in the middle of a war. Period."

At first the 'if' was going to be argued until Ellie listens to everything that will be required as she walks at her sisters side. "Only when she comes to the end of it does she turn a grin to her. "Even who to frak?" Certain her sister was exaggerating, she laughs at the idea. "I did see a lot of fresh wounds recently anyway, and I didn't mind it. I like helping people, it's why you sent me to school, I do like helping people no matter how bad they are hurt. My whole life has been doing what I had to do, whether Mama or Daddy told me, or college instructors. I'm good at following directions. I've been thinking about it for awhile now and I think I can manage it. If I do. I'd like for you to be there. Someone told me I have to speak with a Nadir, whoever he is, but I want you there."

"She. Nadir is one of the doctor's on board, workin' in the medbay. A Captain, if I recall, an' not especially fond of the fact that I tend to come in covered in overall deck mess. As far as I can tell, she's a little, uhhhh, weird. When it comes to germs, I mean," Sera advises her, wearing the sort of lopsided smile that suggests she finds the entire thing a bit funny, and may get a perverse delight out of pretending to touch things she shouldn't in the hospital area. "An' yes, even who to frak. It's called frat, short for fraternization. They don't want you "fraternizin'" with certain people. In your case, since you'd be enlisted, it'd mostly be officers an' anybody that you report to or who reports to you."

Enlisted Barracks
The hallways are the standardized thoroughfares found on nearly every ship in the Colonial Fleet. Tall enough to accommodate heavy equipment, their half-diamond arches rise almost twelve feet off the decking. About a quarter of the overhead bulbs are Vitamin D lamps, smoothing out the harsh edges of standard-issue fluorescent bulbs. Wired phones are posted every hundred yards and in adjoining halls as well. Heavy bulkhead doors section off the ship into different areas, and each hatch is clearly labeled no matter how large or small.
AWD #92

"She.. Ohh, I didn't realize." Ellie says, looking at the area while they talk, trying to get a layout of the huge battlestar. A real true Battlestar and she was on it with her sister! Almost giddy, she has a spring in her step and an eager smile on her face. "Weird when it comes to germs? It sounds fun, I'd love to meet her while just coming from the prison. Do you think we could shock her any?" Her eyes always drift back to her sister even as much as she wants to look around, just to reassure herself she was real and still there. When the talk turns back to frakking, and it's explained, heat steals into her cheeks. "I don't plan on frakking anyone either officers or not."

Sera just gives Ellie a sidelong look at that and says, "Okay. Whatever you say." Yes, dear. Okay, dear. Whatever you say, dear. In short, it's unlikely Sera's buying that line. Or at least that she doesn't expect it to stay that way for long. "These are the barracks. The enlisted barracks, anyway. We're pretty lucky in that they're right near the deck, an' not too far from the mess or the rec hall, so if you stick to those for now, you shouldn't have a hard time findin' your way away. This is all Deck 3. The downside is that the largest he — bathroom — an' the laundry are on Deck 2. You can get to them usin' the stairs in the aft corridor. That means the back. If you stay on Deck 2 an' Deck 3, you should be okay. I don't think there's anythin' you need on the other decks right now, away."

Ellie gets the 'look' and can interpret it fairly well. She wrinkles her nose and lifts her shoulders in an innocent shrug. "I don't know anyone anyway and if I were working I'd be too busy." Besides there was that whole shy around guys thing. "You sleep in here? What's the difference between enlisted barracks and any other ones? Am I free to just roam around at will then, on these two decks? I'll explore for sure and see what it's like." Looking at the bunks, she grins. "Looks like a college dorm. Thank you, you know. For.. everything." Turning suddenly serious. "All the sacrifices you made, working so hard. I've been working hard to try and make you proud too."

"We're family, Ellie. You don't thank me for that," Sera says, as she guides them into the naval side of the barracks. "The enlisted barracks are for enliste crew members. Naval enlisted is on this side. The Marines are on the other. Officer sleep separately in the officer's barracks on Deck 2, save for members of the Air Wing. Pilots and their ECOs have their own separate quarters, near their ready room. Part of it is for cohesion among units, part of it is to emphasize the difference between officers an' enlisted, an' part of it is to keep people near their duty stations in case an emergency call goes out. If they spot Cylon Raiders in our airspace an' the call goes out for Alert Vipers, you don't want pilots scramblin' to get to their units from way on the other side of the ship. She's too big, an' that'd waste time."

Sera's bunk is one at the far end of the first row, tucked into the corner, away from the door. She sleeps in the upper bunk, which is clearly labelled with her name on both it and the accompanying locker — Rutlii, S. "You won't have free roam of the ship, given that we've had some incidents, but there's MPs — that's the Marine's police unit — posted at doors. They won't let you go places you shouldn't, like SecHub or the CIC, neither of which you have any business pokin' in. Same with the arms lockers, the nuclear tubes, stuff like that. But you should be fine in the mess hall, the rec rooms, maybe the gym, an' in here. If you need somethin' from my locker, just take it. They give you grief, tell them you're my sister. It ain't like there aren't enough pictures of you up there to prove." Sera lifts her chin to indicate the walls of her bunk, before she goes fishing around in her locker for her towel and her toiletries.

Ellie takes the time to look at the photographs, having lost all of hers. "We look enough alike too," she observes thoughtfully. "I didn't realize how much." Poking her hands into her back pockets, she faces her sister and smiles. "I don't go anywhere but those places you mentioned. First off, I think a shower would be good. I don't want to offend the doctor by the way I look or smell. I don't have anything else to wear after though."

"I brought some clothes. Three years out here, you know, an' the seasons change down planetside, just like they did on the Colonies. Not a lot, mind you. We're not supposed to wear civilian clothes on board, just when we have shore leave. But some. Even a couple of dresses. They're mostly down in my trunk in stowage, though. We'll find you somethin'," Sera mumbles, eyeing her clothes thoughtfully. They are, after all, about the same size, save for an inch or two difference in height. As long as Ellie doesn't mind her pants bunching a bit near her ankles…
Sweatpants. Sera has some issued sweatpants she doesn't need to wear on deck. And one of her tank tops — it's red, which means it didn't come from the Fleet. "These should fit." She holds them up as evidence, before handing them and the shower supplies over to Ellie, so she doesn't get grease on them. That'd ruin the point. "I've got my favorite sweater in there, too, if you get cold. Lords know I do. There's hot food, too, an' once we get you settled in a little bit, we can worry about everything else." And cry. And talk. And look at pictures. And miss their mama. But practical things first. Sera can always be trusted, for that.

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