PWD #29: Sim Night
Sim Night
Summary: A mandatory Sim Night for the Air Wing.
Date: 06/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Flight Simulators — Deck 2
The Air Wing has access to flight simulators to train pilots off the ground in combat maneuvers and situations that are hard to replicate with regular dogfight practicing and this is their home. A rectangular room, the hatch opens up beside the bank of computers that control the simulations and what is seen by the individuals when training sessions are in progress. The sims are actual cockpits cut out of old frames and installed here to function exactly as the real thing, right down to oxygen plugs for suits. In front of each cockpit, complete with armored glass, are LCD screens that cover most of the front view to the front and above. There are two Vipers, two Predators, and one full-cabin Raptor available.
December 06 2004 PWD #29

As was stated in the morning briefing at 18:00 this evening the sims would be open for special training. The room itself is clean and clear, a few of the sims already running with their respective pilots inside. Standing out, and away from the sims, with a clipboard in hand, is the DCAG, pen clicked to life and quick marks being made. Dark eyes watch the hatch, before he is looking on back on his papers. So far, a quiet evening.

Theo shows up promptly and a little early, even. His pale grey-green eyes sparkle with excitement as he slips in, waiting to see who all shows. "Hello, Sir!" He greets Wisdom, rubbing at his nose a bit. Which is shiny with a touch of pink glitter. It gets /everywhere/.

Duke of course received the notification about today's session and so, here he is. The man steps inside the simulators about a minute or two after 1800, already wearing his flight suit and holding his helmet under his right arm. "Wisdom" says Duke to the DCAG, offering a nod and quick salute to the man. Now? He just looks at the sims that are already running, taking a deep breath and clearing his throat "Shall we do this then?" asks the pilot now, walking further inside.

As Theo and Duke come in there's a brief glance before he is turning one of the pages over, letting it dangle from the end of his clipboard. "Gentlemen." comes the DCAG's deep bass, before he's motioning over towards the simulators. There is a brief look at Theo, as his hand motions to his nose-as if to let the Ensign know there is something right there. "I already have elements of both Squardons running the paces, so as to keep CAP functional." And with that he turning and walking closer to the whirling machines. "Follow me.." and there's a look over his shoulder. "You will both be participating in a bombing run-the target is a supposed Cylon Air strip. For those of you who know our history, this is an exercise that was done before the battle of Caprica-in which we had to clear out air resistance on the planet. Your job will be to destroy the strip, and the raiders parked there." A glance is passed back to the others. "Cylon technology will be with what we know of right now- as opposed to some of the early models of shit we faced. Understood? Questions?" The DCAG asks, before pointing to a simulator. "Get in number five. You will be in a Predator, and the sims have been prepared accordingly."

Theo's eyebrows rise up. Predator work? Not his best. "No sir. Ready, sir." Theo clicks his heels in an attention, just shy of a salute. And his eyes cross onto his nose. He flushes with a rueful grin and rubs the glitter off his nose. Into the Predator's rear he hops, a little clumsy in the unfamiliar cockpit.

Duke turns his attention towards the Predator and nods his head, still looking at it. "Yeah, I'm familiar with it" says the Viper Pilot afterwards, looking back at both DCAG and Raptor ECO. With this said, he marches towards the signalled sim and gets in the front seat, where all the flight controls are. He shifts to get himself comfortable, locks the security belts and starts running the regular pre-flight check that needs to take place even in a simulator session.

Lennox slips in the back just on the tail end of Wisdom's instruction. He might even have her back to her when she does. The little blonde is slightly damp, long hair pulled up into a braided twist to keep it off of the collar of her flightsuit.

"Apostolos, you will be the Captain's backs eater, as such you will need to keep a handle on the fire control, bombing the actual target and electronic counter measures…" And with that he pauses, and turns, Eyes looking back over towards Lennox as she slips in-there is a nod and a motion over to her, to join them. "Ensign, come on." And he is pointing her towards Sim Six. "Can you handle trying out something for me?" he asks as eyes watch the young blonde. "I wanna see if you can backseat, You will be with me. That good for you?" If not, likely he will come up with something else. "The path we will take, will take us down the Meridian valley, north of Caprica City. to where the strip is outside of Gup's point. Once there we will come in for the bombing run and hit them will all of our ordinance." A glance to the other two. "Once in, Duke I need you to put in code: 3756, and we'll start there. You will fly lead. I will follow, AI has our baddies." And with that Wisdom is moving over to six, already going to clamber into the front.

For his part, Duke continues his examination of the panels as all lights go green, clearing them for Simulator start. "Peacock, I hope you don't feel like puking" Because the Predators go /fast/ yo, very fast, they are faster than the Vipers and that's saying something already. Of course, they are horrible for dogfights so, yeah. "Code 3756" repeats Duke as he punches the program number in the console. "Alright Peacock, let's see if you can land those bombs…" And if he can dodge whatever the Cylons throw at them.

Ensign Lola Lennox, in mid sidle, pause as she's addressed directly by Wisdom. Er. Her mouth opens, probably to sir or something, and he assigns her to his raptor. "Sir…" One can almost see the little wheels inside her head churning at top speed — how long has it been since she last poked the countermeasures console? Is the important button on the left or right? Which keyboard strokes make for variable jamming? Is there any way she could frak up the mission from the back bench? "Yes, sir." Whatever your CO asks, always say yes. This makes her mouth move, and she zip-zips her flightsuit up to the neck, down to the sternum, up to the neck, down to the sternum, like a nervous teenager.

"Don't worry, Bumper." Theo says cheerfully, his rich baritone coming over the radio smooth and cool. It's like his voice was made for radio traffic. "Okay, systems are up and in the green. As long as you don't bump me around too much I'll do my best." Pause. "Preparing jamming protocols. Ready when you are." He spares a quick glance at Lennox, sympathetic. Poor thing. She's /really/ out of her element.

Wisdom begins going through a very rapid check over. Likely on purpose. His predator controls showing the various warnings and pre flight lights. A glance is given to Lennox for a moment, before his thumb is hooking back towards the backseat in their sim cockpit. "Train ain't gonna wait in the station, Ensign." Already his little hatch is pulled down, causing more shadow to show-and the lights on the various panels shining bright.

The simulated engines on Theo and Duke's Predator are starting to heat up, jets getting ready for the take-off procedure and just a few moments later, Duke says "Alright Wisdom, I'll see you outside in a bit" Of course the scenario in front of them is a launch tube so, when Duke hits the engage button, Theo will be able to feel the G forces pushing the frak out of him against the chair. Oh yes, that thing is moving pretty fast and soon enough, it's in open space, looking down at a Simulated Caprica. "Alright, preparing for re-entry"

There's a grimace on the ECO's face that he manages to keep from his voice. He is /not/ use to fast and hard. At least, not in the cockpit. Except that one time, but we won't go there. "Jamming protocol online and ready to adapt when we've got DRADIS contact." He pauses, "What's our ETA?"

Lola stops frakking around with her flightsuit zipper, and hoofs it to the rear of the sim, thumping past Wisdom just before the hatch is pulled. She drops into the ECO spot, amber eyes slightly widened as she surveys the controls at her backseat station. "Ready back here, sir." There's a faint, fuzzy inkling of what most of the buttons do. Surely, it'll all come back to her.

Once both predators are in and the sim has started, the flight-at least on Duke and Wisdom's end. Wisdom's own bird coming to flank at the wing of Duke's ship. The skies are mostly free of clouds, making it easy to spy any incoming bogeys from the front and sides. All seems quiet as the predators continue on their path, coming closer and closer to Enemy airspace.

Bumper, Ragman. Our ETA to the target is five minutes. Come in at a North North East Approach, Copy

The crackle of the shared channel relays the message to Convict, Bumper, and Peacock. Still as the valley gives way, and the winding path ceases-what is left is a few rolling hills, and plenty of flat, open land.

<OOC> Wisdom says, "ECO's roll Alertness"
<FS3> Theo rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Lennox rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Duke looks to the side when Wisdom reaches formation with him and then waggles his wings. He looks at the scenery outside and offers "Going supersonic, ETA, 5 minutes" Because the program itself lands them pretty close to where they are going so, it is all good. "Let's do some bombing" adds the man now, knowing full well that Theo is the one that will be doing that part. "Ragman, Bumper, Supersonic on 3…2…1…" And the man pushes the thruster enough to reach that speed, knowing full well that the thing can go faster. The shockwave caused by the aircraft is now a white halo of condensed water.

<FS3> Theo rolls Alertness: Success.

The ECO in the back seat continues to grimace at the speed Duke is going, although not a hint of any of his discomfort touches his cool, rich delivery. "Bumper, Peacock. I've got DRADIS contact on the 7." Pause, "Approaching quick; I'm not showing any kind of missile lock. Initializing a general jamming protocol in on my mark. Three… Two…" He fiddles with his controls, countdown delivered in a calm and assured tone. "Mark."

<FS3> Theo rolls ECM: Success.

Gloved hands settle on the console in the back of Wisdom's raptor. Lola sits perched on the edge of her seat. Her attention flicks to DRADIS as two spots blip. She touches the screen and leans in a little. "DRADIS contacts. Two bogies rolling in to our starboard, four o'clock." She taps in a few buttons, checking readings to attempt to confirm the contacts as enemy (or otherwise). She preps to jam in the instance that they're confirmed bad guys, fingers hovering over the controls.

<FS3> Duke rolls Piloting: Good Success.

Bumper, Ragman. Copy that.

The DCAG rattles off, as he readies to increase the speed-However as Convict speaks up, the Major quickly moves to break formation, all the while keeping the same heading. These boys aren't built so much for dog fighting, but they can run, rabbit, run. "Roger that Convict. Set us up a package to keep from a lock being formed." And with that He's gripping the stick. Speed is adjusted. "Hold onto your butts.."

<FS3> AI rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> AI rolls Piloting: Success.
<FS3> AI rolls Piloting: Great Success.
<FS3> Wisdom rolls Piloting: Great Success.

For his part, Duke is checking on the Cylon Raiders on his own DRADIS console, seeing how one of them wants to play hotrod racing with them "This one here seems like he wants to race" Very well then, the pilot just pushes the throttle even further, speeding up the Predator to another level, working to shake that thing off. "Peacock, Bumper. Worry not kid, just keep doing what you are doing"

"Copy from Peacock." The ECO says with that confidence and cheer still in his voice. He pauses, "Adapting the jamming protocols; Cycling through to find their frequency. They might get a lock if I go too far." That warning delivers, he calmly begins his work with a certain detatchment, as if there wasn't a bogey barreling down on him.

<FS3> Theo rolls ECM: Great Success.

Convict keys in a sequence and takes a breath. Though this is simulated training, it would super suck to screw the pooch in front of everyone else. Even if this isn't her usual station. "Here goes nothing," she mutters under her breath, keying in the sequence for delivery.

<FS3> Lennox rolls Ecm: Great Success.

As Bumper kicks it into overdrive, so does the Raider, which is making the best attempt to try and keep on the predators tail. However as Theo's package runs again, the lock that was close to hitting them is disrupted and it's weapons are effectively jammed.

For Lennox and Wisdom, their struggling Raiders, have trouble keeping up. And were they close enough for a lock to be relevant, it'd be jammed instantly.

Shaking their tail, Wisdom quickly moves to try and ready their predator for the bombing run. Eyes flick down to his DRADIS as his voice comes over the comms: 'Convict, Ragman. I'm going to try and bring us in for approach. Line up your target.." And there, with a light gesture on the stick, Ragman tries to bring in the speeding bullet in on descent.

"Peacock, Bumper…nicely done kid, that Raider is probably still wondering what went wrong" says the Viper Pilot as he keeps the speed on the Predator that is moving fast towards the target. However, there seems to be something off "What the frak…" The lights on the entire pod start flickering and eventually the shut down, leaving the simulator in darkness "Well…that went well" says the man now. "Peacock, I guess we are done for the day…"

"Frak it." Theo swears, getting out of the sim. "Well, at least I got a good jamming package in." He rolls his eyes, though, cheerfulness back. "Well, hopefully they'll get it back up soon."

"Mellow yellow, Gentlemen." Convict (Lola) chirps, sharing the good news with boisterous glee. "Our simulated sinister stalkers are face down in the dirt, eating our exhaust. Nice moves, Peacock." She keeps her eyes glued to the DRADIS, tapping the keys beside it to ready the next action. Trust the Ensign to give kudos to her fellow backseater instead of giving up some props for the drivers. She peers toward the front viewport. "Bummer, guys." That's said as the other raptor's pulled out of the game.

"Frakkin' bugs. You think we'd have this shit sorted by now." Wisdom grumps in the coms before he's taking the bird in for the run. The stick jerks a little, as the gyros add in the g's. Wisdom readts by slowing the speed a notch down, before he's gripping a little harder. "Ready for delivery, and we'll end this, Convict? I'll be over the Target in Five. Four.." And so the pilot continues on the countdown, as he lines up for the shot.

"Yes, sir," the Ensign replies, settling in a little more comfortably to her impromptu service as the Major's backseater. "Locked and loaded." Convict's reply comes lightly, even as she leans over the readouts to be sure everything's in order. Triple checking never hurt anyone. She sneaks a hand down the gap in her flightsuit to adjust her undergarments. Hey, no one's looking and something's twisty. That's what comes of nearly falling out of the shower and dressing at the speed of light to make it to sims on time.

The Bomb is dropped and is on target, but not perfect. The payload delivered, The simulation ends, as Wisdom pulls off and out. The light;s coming up as a read out is printed outside. With the locks to the doors coming undone-allowing the pilots to get out. There's a glance to the already abandoned and broken sim- as the DCAG is reaching for his clipboard. "Well done, Convict." John says as he finally comes free from the sims. "You ever back seated before?" A raise of his brow there.

Convict's reply comes as she hops up out of the seat. "Fooled around in the backseat a few times." She steps through the hatch and hops to the deck, booted steps heavy for such a small frame. "I mean… not professionally or anything." She clears her throat. "But we used to do these drinking nights where the guy who got us blown up first had to buy the first two rounds."

"I don't care who you were goosing or frakking.." Wisdom says as he pulls the readout there. A brief look over the paper, as it's collected and then added to the papers on the clipboard. A faint nod is given before he is looking back to the smaller pilot. "So you would all take turns riding ECO?" and there he's clicking at his pen. Notation made and the Major stares evenly at the young pilot before he is nodding. "And how do you like piloting, Lennox?"

Lola thinks back on what she said. She frowns faintly, perhaps trying to line up Wisdom's reply with — oh. Right. "That's…" not exactly what she was referring to. A blush blooms up her cheeks, but she doesn't correct the frak/grope sort of misunderstanding, just talks right through it. "Just enough to get the basics down. Didn't have a lot of free time, but anything to make somebody else pay for the drinks. Cost me a lot of pay for a long time, you know?" Her fingers find the zipper of her flight suit again, and she drags it up. She finally takes her eyes off of the patches on Wisdom's flightsuit, her gaze finding his. Takes her a while to get up the nerve after the frakking comment, maybe. "Piloting's my first love, since I." She stops speaking, and re-directs her sentence. "Uh. Yeah, I like it."

The Major keeps his eyes leveled on the Ensign for a moment. "Right." He says before he is looking back down and writing out a few things. " got you down." He says with a look up. "Just things I wish to hear. If you got things you need to get rolling, then you're free to go Convict. You did a wonderful job.." he adds with a half grin. "You got any questions?" A raise of his brow there, leaving that hanging before he dismisses.

Lola considers the question for a moment after breathing that she probably thinks is a subtle sigh of relief. The ensign zips her flightsuit down again, and drops her hands behind her back, a self-admonishment to stop fidgeting. She clasps her hands and says, "Thank you for thinking of me, sir," as if he's asked her to a dinner party today, not a simulated training exercise. "Do you think I could grab a few rotations," perhaps extra ones, she must mean, "Shuttling to the surface and back? I could use more practice with atmo."

Wisdom looks up, a half smile nestled there on his face. "Yes, you can Convict. If you wanna run anything here, you can. But I'll be sure to assign you to the ferry." And there he looks back to the younger pilot. "Dismissed, Ensign." And with that he's making for the hatch himself.

Lola nods. "Sir," is said by way of goodbye/acknowledgement. She turns back toward the simulator and gives it a look. "Thank you, sir!" She calls, finally, as he hits the hatch to exit. She digs into her pocket, comes up with a handful of gummy candy, and shoves it into her mouth. "Mrgreg Merrn," she says to the raptor sim pod, before advancing on it once more.


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