PWD #13: Sim and Pictures Time
Sim and Pictures Time
Summary: Duke takes Kelsey to the Simulators for a run with a Predator. Pictures are taken too!
Date: 22/December/2012 (OOC Date)
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Duke Kelsey 
Simulator Room
December 22, 2004 (PWD #13)

As promised, Duke separated some time in the simulators to give Kelsey the chance to test one of the Predators. He also prepared a couple more surprises for the girl because in his book, he deserves that and more…much more. In addition, Duke advised that she should be wearing her off-duty uniform, no particular additions. This might come as a normal request but in truth, there is something behind it, something that he hopes won't give Kelsey a heart attack because..well…that would be sad, really sad. The man stands in front of the main controls, browsing through the programs, making a few selections to get everything ready. The room is, well, it's not as lit as it it usually is, there are some spots that were left in the dark but, overall, all pods are visible.

After being ordered to bunk out and not return until tomorrow by her supervisor, Kelsey may or may not have been a hazard in her tired state. So after a solid seven hours of sleep, a relaxing shower, and a meal, she heads into the sims in her off-duty tanks and everything. The backpack is on again and she has a mug of hot cocoa with her as she walks inside. Her smile explodes on her face, nearly making her giggle,as she looks around. "Eeee!" she squee's. "Ohmigods, this is awwwwesome," she whispers loudly to herself as she dances a little, legs pumping up and down. But past the door, she continues moving slowly in towards the controls.

Program set, all variables selected…yes, Duke seems pleased with the outcome of what's going to take place in the simulator. He looks up to find Kelsey there and offers a faint smile to the girl, walking around the console towards her. "Welcome, Petty Officer" offers the man with a curt nod, all official like and stuff. He clicks his tongue as he narrows his eyes and then shakes his head, serious expression on his face. "No…no…this outfit won't do, Petty Officer…" he takes a deep breath and turns around, walking back towards the controls "Off-duty greens? Who gave you that idea?" He looks back at her, presses his lips together and shakes his head. "Anyway…easy fix. I believe you should be wearing something else, something a little more proper" A curt nod is offered and then he turns to look at a place that is currently, well, dark. He takes a small remote from the controls and looks back at her "I think, that if you are going to fly…" He clicks one button and in the distance, if she is looking at that place he nodded at, the lights of a Pilot helmet will ignite, showing as if the helmet is floating. But soon enough, he twists a small control in that remote and the lights start coming up, going more intense. In front of Kelsey, a Flight Suit will be revealed, a full flight suit, ready to be used and hey…her size. In the left right shoulder, the Battlestar Orion patch, in the right shoulder, the Raptor Crew patch.

At hearing the official tone, Kelsey straightens in her approach. The mug of coffee is held down low at her side and she salutes, despite of being out of uniform. "Reporting as ordered, sir." The whole movement is sharp like she spent all morning practicing it. It drops as he steps away. But she's suddenly worried as he downs on the off-duty garb. Uh oh. She stares straight ahead,standing at attention until the lights come on and the young woman's eyes slowly flick over. Helmet? She get's a helmet? …And there's a flightsuit. Staring. Staring. Staring. Its about all she can do for a few seconds before her brains starts working again. "Sir? I- You got me a flightsuit?" she squeeks out. "To wear for this?" Nearly breathless, she seems almost afraid to get any closer lest it all vanish like a daydream. Its a miracle the mug of cocoa doesn't get dropped on the floor. This is pretty plainly the highlight of her year. By a VERY wide margin.

Duke's fake frown disappears and he smiles once again, nodding his head at her. "Well, go over, take a look at it" He nods once again, as if reassuring her that it's /ok/, that it's a flight suit for /her/. And of course, from a close distance, she'll see all the patches and awesome things that a real flight suit has. Yep, it's the real deal ladies and gentlemen and it's brand new. He even might save that flight suit in a safe location, in case she ever goes to the Air-Wing. But of course, he won't say this. "There is a small changing room over there" says Duke, nodding at the corner of the room. "You can change there, I'll wait here." The changing room of course offers full privacy. "When you come back, we'll hook up the air system" Oh yes, full simulation is /on/

She verrry slowly steps over at his urging, setting her mug down on the floor. Careful steps over and she stares, wide-eyed, at the suit. Its her size. She carefully takes it up and touches the helmet, unsure until he says they will be using the air. Still, she says nothing. She just freezes for a moment, looks at him, looks to the helmet, then there is a flurry of activity. She grabs it up, takes the suit over her shoulder, and dashes for the changing room. Woooooo!!! Sadly, though, Duke gave her a room and she has a mirror in her bag. So when she finally comes out a few minutes later, she's touched up a little lip gloss and some blush. Not exactly military regs color for the lipgloss, but she looks ready for a professional dinner-date. Stepping out, the uniform is adjusted,z ipped, and she has her helmet under her arm. Ponytail twisted into a bun, Kelsey looks very much like a pilot. Underage, but the gear fits and she has the beaming pride of a new academy grad. She even has just a hint of swagger to her hips. Stopping at him, she goes to parade rest. She will not squee. Much. Yet. …Maybe a little, but not at the moment.

Duke turns back to the controls when she goes to change, giving her the privacy she needs while he double checks the program he has prepared for this evening. Hmmm, well, everything looks to his satisfaction. The man is of course, also wearing his flight suit and the helmet already rests on the Pilot seat of one of the Predator sim pods. When she reappears, he turns around and nods to her "Ready?" and when she comes closer, he spots the make-up. He arches one eyebrow and can't help to offer a gentle smile "I see that you are now fully prepared, good" He takes a deep breath and then says "We'll be flying over Picon, our flight will start in an Airbase called Hermes, it is where I used to offer Viper Instruction." Now, he marches towards her and takes her helmet, lifting it over her head "Ok, careful…" and, he starts lowering it over her head, with her help of course.

"Iiiiiii am a little nervous, sir, truth be told!" she prims. "And by a little, I mean 'a lot'. But I'm as ready as I'm going to be, I think." She takes a shaky breath and eyes to sims before looking back. When he takes the helmet, its offered without any problem. She peers up to it as it comes down over her head. She's trying really hard not to dance. Most twenty year old women would get this excited about wearing a thousand cubit necklace. She gets excited over a thousand cubit helmet. But Kelsey does her best not to move while its fit over her head. Hands lift to help him find the fitment around the seal. She's helped pilots before.

When the helmet is locked, he smiles at her and then says "I'm going to start the air, just breathe normally" And with that, he opens the valve and air starts flowing into the helmet, giving her something to breathe. Not like she won't be able to breathe in the sim, but he wants to give her an experience that is /as close/ as possible to the real deal. Now, he takes a couple steps back and gets his helmet, putting it on, tilting his head from side to side before he starts his air flow. Now, he turns around, smiles and marches towards the pod, opening and tapping on the ECO's seat "In you go then, come on" He smiles just a little more at this, shaking his head "I can tell you one thing that I promise is true, all us were very nervous during our first Simulator run"

She nods inside the helmet, following the instructions. As the air starts, the fog on the inside vanishes. Its just like she'd seem hundreds of times before, just never from this side. The wondrous enthusiasm on her face is plastered there. It might even require surgery to remove. She watches him move off and when he taps the ECO seat, there isn't even time to /blink/. She hurries over and moves to start climbing in. "I don't believe you, sir," Kelsey laughs. "I bet you tell all your students you were nervous." A finger taps her helmet. "But I know the truth. You have a cape! People with capes don't get nervous cause they are heroes." She nods happily inside the helmet and settles down into the old, worn, and disarmed ejection seat. "Do I strap in, sir?"

The man half chuckles and says "Heroes or not…I can promise you. /Everyone/, myself included" Hey, it is true, he was pretty nervous even if he already was a Pilot by then. Now, at her last question, he nods his head and says "Yes, go ahead and get yourself strapped in." And with that said, he climbs inside the pod, taking the Pilot's seat. He proceeds to strap himself and then starts a couple of the Simulator systems. All the hardware modules will come to life, including the ones on her side. DRADIS, ECO Systems…pretty much a perfect copy of the real deal. The pod closes itself and the 360 degree screen comes to life, showing them indeed, at the CAFB Hermes in Picon. "Alright, let's see…" says Duke, doing the full thing for her. "Area is clear. Comms are up. Tacan/TacNav Up. Canopy Lock, Armed. Escape Pod, Armed. Engine Spool Up…." and now she'll sense the fake Predator vibrate a little and the jet engines coming online with that distinctive sound "Engines ready. Weapons. Master Safety Active" He now talks to her, knowing that she is fully capable of running diagnosis on her side "How does it look there?"

Right. Kelsey refuses to believe Duke has ever been nervous about anything. Her smile reflects the belief as he turns away. She goes through the motions she knows well, strapping herself down to the seat. It takes her a moment to find all the hooks and everything from this perspective, but she's strapped in by the time the canopies fall. When that happens, she just -stops- for a minute and basks in that feeling. Sealed /in/! WOOOO!!! Finding the air hose, she plugs that into the system on the sim and inhales the cool air happily. By the time Duke is calling out to her she's just managing to look back inside the cockpit. Oh wow. Uhhh. "Everything looks good, I guess, sir!" Please don't let this be a test. She reaches up and tentatively pushes a button and is rewarded when it brings her over to the DRADIS readout. "Yesssss. Works like an ECO station," she whispers. Kelsey probably doesn't realize she's talking over an open mic.

"It does work like an ECO station" says Duke, smiling at the fact that he was able to hear that. "Alright then, if all systems are on green." And with that, he releases the security locks and the bird climbs a few feet off the ground now. "Retracting landing pods…" says the man and she'll hear, and feel the mechanical action that takes place in order to do this. He pushes the throttle a little bit, and the good thing about these pods is that they are advanced enough to provide a very real like feel. He pulls the control to handle the pitch and pushes the throttle a little more now, or a lot, /a lot/ and a g-blast takes place, potentially pushing Kelsey back against her seat as the craft takes altitude, leaving the airbase behind.

"Oh! Hi!" she laughs as he replies unexpectedly. She teehees a little as she looks around the pit and the whole thing rattles and shakes under her rump. She's just settling back and getting herself to recognize everything when those throttles get pushed up. The whole thing rocks back to let gravity work and she laughs as they zoom out at speed, laughing. "Woooooooooo!!" she laughs. "Oh GODS! This is so FREAKING AWESOME!!!" Her head turns in the seatback to look at the virtual terrain whizzing by. "This is magic," her voice whispers almost unexpectedly.

Duke works the yaw and the roll to create a loooooong arc towards the left, keeping the plane perfectly controlled and giving her a view to what's down there. After doing a almost complete 360, he balances the aircraft again and tilts the nose down, pushing on the throttle a little harder and now speeding furiously towards the floor. They pretty much appear in the middle of one of Queenstown, the tallest buildings appear around them as he keeps pushing the bird down. About 60 feet above ground (where she can see all the simulated cars going by) he pulls up and levels the Predator again, going at almost supersonic speed and working the roll to flip the craft sideways to pass right between two buildings. On a real scenario, glass would be exploding, cars would be flipping over…yeah, simulations allow for more fun.

Kelsey leans her head a bit, her eyes starting to get her body to believe what its seeing. Sort of. Its a bit insane to try and deal with. Over the radio, Duke can hear her breathing get deeper and very, very regular. Someone could keep a tune by it. She's probably trying to remind herself to do it. Probably not uncommon for first-time students. As they dive towards the ground, there's a little bit of a whimper from the backseat, but the pullout has her laugh. "BUMPER! This is SO COOL, SIR!!" Blasting past buildings and cars, she slams her body forward in the harness and tries to watch the buildings disappear behind them. Face pressed against the helmet, she looks every bit the excited kid back there.

While they fly, Kelsey will be able to notice something very particular. There are two flashes of light, coming right behind them and if she tilts her head, she'll see the edge of something…metallic, closing in. And in her DRADIS? Well, the system beeps and shows two red dots, and immediately marks them as Cylon Raiders. Duke knows they are there, he programmed them in but he lets Kelsey do what she needs to do of course. When they are away from those two buildings, he tilts the nose up and leaves the city behind, or, underneath them.

Light? Kelsey blinks and presses her head farther against the helmet as she strains to get a better look. Through the maneuvering, its tough to get a solid spot, but Duke can probably see in his mirrors that she's following them and has seen them. "Sir? I think I see-" Beepbeep. Kelsey knows that sound and she looks back to the DRADIS she pulled up. It takes her a moment. Or two. "Sir, there's two badguys!" A highly technical pilot term, to be sure. Her voice pitch lifts with the excitement and her adrenaline dumps. Her face presses back against the glass to try and find them again. "I see them! They're at.. 1,2-" she whispers. "7 oclock and closer to the ground!" Her voice comes back suddenly.

Duke tilts his head towards the direction she mentions and then nods his head "I see them, let's try to shake them" says the Pilot as he tilts the nose a little more, a little more, a little more. The thrusters are pushed once again and now the Predator is speeding towards the clear skies, a perfect vertical line. A white halo forms around them as reach the point of breaking the barrier of sound and this is when then Cylon Raiders open fire. KEW flies past them with angry determination as Duke shakes and twists the craft, offering Kelsey quite a ride that will have her shaking all over the backseat.

Shake them? Her eyes go wide as she tries to stare around the seat divider at Duke, but she quickly plasters herself back against the glass. As the ground disappears around them, Kelsey jumps at the sudden appearance of a vapor cone. "Wha-" Annnd then they are firing. Kelshas fallen into it, body reacting impulsively to the visual and auditory stimuli. Arms contract in around her chest and she sits back to her seat as the rounds fly all over the sky around them. The sim rolls and beats her around in the back and she may not even know she's doing it, but she has the happiest grin on her face ever seen. A mile wide. "What should I do?" she ask quickly. "Should I shut up? Scold them?" At least she's mostly keeping her wits about her.

This whole action is because of something, Duke prepared another surprise for her that he thinks she will enjoy. As he shakes and twists the Predator to avoid the incoming fire, he remains calm but focused and he then speaks to Kelsey "Don't worry, help is coming" The two Cylon Raiders don't know this but they are about to meet DOOM. "I want you to look to your right, right above us…" says the man an as he continues working those controls, he looks as well. Now, there's another distinctive flash of light and Kelsey will be able to see a Raptor appear right there, and it's most definitely not one of the new ones, it's a Raptor used during the First Cylon war. Not only that, it's a Raptor-F, so it's fully decked with the Missile Racks. The Raptor twists as soon as the Predator flies past them and moves to tail them, unloading the entire rack of Missiles on these two Cylon Raiders. It goes without saying that every missile hits the mark and soon enough, both enemies are turning into a ball of fire and soon leaving them alone. "See…a Wing always has eachother's backs" offers Duke, later saying "Let's greet them" And with that, he does another arc, slows down and forms up with the Raptor that now calmly flies next to them. Kelsey will definitely see the simulated Pilot and the ECO, both of them working within the program but perhaps that's not the important thing to look now. If she looks closely (and Duke does get closer) She'll see that the Raptor holds the logo of Kelsey's Grandmother's station during the Cylon War. It's one of her Raptors. Even in a simulated run, she's saving their asses.

Remain calm. Right. That means STFU, Kelsey. But she follows his directions and looks up and to the right, towards the horizon. She blinks at the jump flash, never having actually /seen/ one from something like this. "Holy cow! Another one-! Wait-!" No, he was expecting this. But when she see's what it is, her faceplate clunks against the cockpit glass to crane her neck and watch. When the Raiders get blown away she laughs and cheers. "WOW!! DID YOU SEE THAT?!" She laughs happily as they level out and come up in formation. Her gaze drifts over the Raptor and she sighs, watching it fly next to them. It takes a few moments, but she eventually catches the station on the side of the Raptor. She sags against her straps, body leaning towards the Raptor as her mouth hangs inside her helmet.

The remaining flying it's pretty calm, and instead of going back to the Airbase, they go up, up, breaking atmosphere. Kelsey will see the stars from perhaps an angle she has never seen. The Raptor remains next to them and Duke waggles his wing to it, only to see the Raptor do the same in a simulated greeting. These programs are aaaaawesome man. "Look at that" says Duke and Kelsey will imediately see what he is talking about, because the Battlestar Athena is there, another old girl from the First Cylon war, ready to receive them. The pods are open and both Raptor and Predator move in, both of them landing on separate elevators. "This concludes our run today…" says Richard Duke, smiling a little. "Did you enjoy it?" asks the man now.

Kelsey sits back into the seat and just relaxes, eventually letting her gaze drift off towards the stars. She sits in silence, just staring out the canopy. Its all simulated, but the feeling is still surreal. After a few minutes she looks down and Duke can probably see that she's no longer looking up and out. Her arms are moving back there and her eyes are intent. Pacing through the different displays, she's pushing buttons while she can to try and mentally map out where things are. She may not get back in here. Its not until Duke points out the Battlestar that she looks up towards him, then out. "Wooooow," she breathes. And that is exactly the last sounds she makes before the approach and landing. Not until he asks the last does she say anymore. "I wanna be air wing," she laughs. "You guys have the coolest jobs, sir. Enjoy it?" Her arms flop into her lap as she stares at the rear seat controls. "I'd marry it. …One day I want to fly something for real. Even if its a motorcycle with wings."

Duke smiles as he hears her say that last and he says "Remember what we spoke a while back" He nods his head at this and then adds "We can always hit the farm and I'll teach you. You'll fly" One way or another, she will fly dammit. Now, he starts shutting down the systems and the Canopy opens itself, once again revealing the Simulator Room. "We have one last thing to do, however…do you have a few more minutes?" asks Richard Duke now, starting to unhook himself from the seat. Cramped places! He stands up and leans back against his seat, arching his back a little to then jump from the pod, unhooking his helmet afterwards and taking it off.

"Yessir," she says quietly. "One Day." Those two words seem to just be her motto. Its not a fairytale time. Its a real point in her future every time she says it. A date made with fate. There's no motion to move until she notes the sim starting to shut down. "Yeah, I've got all night, sir." There's a bit of a struggle with her straps but she fights them off after a moment, HAHA!'ing in victory. She slowly climbs out, and undoes her helmet. Even in the sim, she worked up a little sweat. Standing there by the Predator, she hangs the helmet in one hand and ruffles her bun of hair in the other. Its a practice for alomst any female pilot after a flight and she doesn't even realize it when she does it herself. Maybe her Gramma was right. Maybe it is just in the blood.

Indeed, maybe it's just in the blood, and the test of fire is about to take place. Duke smiles a little at how she fixes her hair and then moves to the consoles, shutting everything down and even pulling the recordings, saving them on his pocket. "Alright…" says the man. Now, he takes something that has been resting on top of the central console, it's a black box. "Come with me" offers the man, making his way towards the door and nodding with his head in a way that asks to follow him.

The PO3 nods, sliding her backpack over towards the consoles as he works. The hot cocoa, now cold, is left with the bag. She doesn't dare put the helmet down anywhere, though. She just waits in silence, looking over the other sims. When he's finally ready, she follows him. …But she's about to walk out the door in this suit! People are going to see her! There's a brief flood of panic on her face as she fumbles in her pocket for her rank pins in case she gets in trouble.

Duke shakes his head and says "Don't worry, no need to panic" having noticed her expression. He knows that perhaps, her coworkers down at the hangar bay might tease her a lot and while he does know there's nothing to feel ashamed about, he opts for some privacy. Instead, he goes to Deck 4, where the Factory is. "Ok, I figure that…" says Duke now, turning around to look at her as she walks. "With the spirit of Saturnalia and all, you might want to send something to your family…besides, the next mail Raptor leaves in a couple days." He's not making much sense now but, instead of going into the factory, he moves to a closed hatch, twists it open and pushes it. Inside, it'll be like candy land perhaps because, there they are, six Raptors that are brand new, one parked right next to the other in that perfect line. He nods for her to step inside and says "Why don't we take a picture of you with one of these bad boys? Or girls…up to your preference"

"Just nervous, sir. I don't want to get in trouble. People on the Deck see me in this, I'll never live it down. I think the pilots would be the only people to take me seriously, Major." She walks along, just behind him. "But thats okay. I catch hell from some people because I behave like an adult. Some people called me 'Yesmom' before Sera pinned 'Jailbait' on me." A shrug. But when they step inside she isn't quite sure what to make of the Raptors. She walks over towards one and stops as she turns to hear his suggestion. "WOOP!" she hollars. "Yanno? I wanted to be all dolled up for this? But damnit I'm sweaty and salty and I just went through a sim and scratchy the girly, sir!" Makeup isnt so perfect anymore. Lips mildly glossy. Kinda. But she's happy as hell. The young woman moves to lean a hip against the canopy glass of a Raptor. The helmet dangles under her and her other hand comes up to rest on her hip. "Just tell me if you think I should smile or not. Or whatever. Or if you want me someplace. WHATEVER YOU WANT, SIR." She laughs out the last.

And then, it's a good thing that nobody is there to see her and that he made sure to avoid contact with people…for privacy and because he doesn't want people bugging her. He pats his suit for a moment, looking for something but he remembers it doesn't have any pockets. "Do you want to touch up a little? You have a mirror right?" Perhaps not the best solution but at least something. Now, he opens that box he brought with him and pulls out a camera, a Polaroid like camera as a matter of fact. Now, he chuckles softly at her last and says "It's whatever /you/ want in this case, Kelsey." He nods and says "Just…avoid showing the Orion patch, that's for sure" Because things need to remain secret of course. The good thing about the Raptors is that they don't have anything stamped on them that could give info away.

Kelsey shakes her head. "Nope. No mirror, sir. Thanks. I think we can just take this like it is. Its one thing to put on a suit and take a picture. I got to sit in the sims." Which is probably a rawner morning for most pilots but no this lady. "No sir, just grab a picture for my parents, another for my gramma, and another for me. Can be the same picture. I'm good with this." She peers around her shoulder and tucks the Orion patch back and slips the Raptor one around a little more. Good and anonymous. She takes up a winning smile on her face that finally shows a little cockiness to it. She hasn't done much, but there's real pride there. Whatever she has to tell him on that real ride? Its deeply personal.

Duke smiles gently and nods his head "Very well" Then he nods once again when she mentions who's going to get pictures and he says "I'll take a few, you'll have to choose from, don't worry" And with that, he takes a couple steps back and lifts the camera to eye level, smiling as he sees her pose through the camera. There's actually enough light there so no need for flash and Duke snaps a picture, then another…then moves a little to his left and takes another, then gets closer and takes another, moves to the right, another pic. Every time the camera 'spits out' a picture, he takes it in his hand and starts shaking it to get a proper look at how it came out. Her smile of pride turns in a smile of pride coming from him, because yes, he is proud of her. Now, Duke walks towards Kelsey and hands the pictures to her "What do you think?"

She's not camera shy. Kelsey holds her semi-srs face for a few photos, them smiles brighter for others, then finally looks away from the camera with a more serious face for her own version of a 'hero pose'. Yep, she's sooooakin this up. When he approaches with the photos, she looks them over and she just smiles all day long. "I love them all. Can I have all of these, sir?" she asks hopefully. "It'd mean everything. I can send one to my only friend back home. He was beggin me for a photo before I left and I didn't have any and I felt terrible." She sighs, glancing up and then back down. "Gosh, lookit that. Kelsey Wescott. Air Wing." Her voice trails as she dreams on it. "Well, maybe next life. This one had other plans." The young woman looks up to him and slides an easy smile. "Thank you, sir. Changin lives and warming souls, one day at a time."

While Kelsey looks at the pictures, Duke looks at them as well, just making sure that none of them is showing things that should not be seen. Once he is pleased with all of them and well knowing that they will be checked by mail room either way, he nods his head and offers "You can have all of them, no problem" When she says Air-Wing, he smiles a little more and says "We'll have to find you a callsign" Which could very well be, something different than Jailbait. Because really, at some point, you kinda outgrow the nickname. When she says 'next life' he shakes his head "Kelsey, you /will/ learn how to fly, in this life, you will fly…at a minimum, an old cropduster, but you /will/ fly." Damn right she will. At her last, he smiles warmly and he opens his mouth but….says nothing, just smiling a little and saying "Thank you"

Kelsey laughs. "Jailbait is fine. Or whatever. The name is growing on me and seems oddly appropriate, sir. Buncha officers hangin out with some super-junior enlisted girl who can't even go out boozin yet." She laughs a little, still looking at the photos. "Yeah, I'll learn to fly. I'll do it. I just meant maybe, like, I could Fly Navy next life. Now that I got a little glimpse I think I want it all." A long sigh leaves her. "Next life." It sounds like the way she promises herself 'one day'. "But I'll follow your example, sir." Kelsey looks back to him. "Some kid, hard luck, tryin really hard? Not messin around? I'll teach 'em one day, sir. I'll find someone else and pass it on. Your legacy for me and I'll do what I can to make you proud." That sounds like a promise.

Duke nods once again, still smiling "Alright, alright…Jailbait" Well, it works for a callsign. When she mentions that she will pass it on to someone else, he nods and smiles at this "See that you do. All that it's needed is a push in the right direction." The man takes a deep breath and chuckles "You already have, made me proud, Kelsey" And it's truth, perhaps it's hard to explain but her drive, the way she responds to his teachings, it does make him proud, very much so. "Alright, let's get out of here" says the man, smiling still…and with that, he takes a couple steps backwards towards the hatch.

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