PWD #01: Silence is Golden
Silence is Golden
Summary: Augustus and Ceres have a discussion about their relationship… in dance.
Date: 04/01/2013 (OOC Date)
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Deck 2 Hallway - Battlestar Orion
Generic Battlestar Hallway
PWD #01

Absorbed in a clipboard set with a thick stack of hexagonal cut papers, Ceres is humming that weird song that Augie has been plucking at lately. Dark hair is let loose, obviously been in a braid with how it waves and kinks around her shoulders and face. Her flightsuit is tied by its arms around her waist, dog tags turning and smacking against her bare skin above her chest. She even sways her hips a moment, falling back a step and gracefully rolling forward in a sort of salsa move. She twists about, rolls into the next move with her foot sliding forward, she laughs faintly and then looks back down, plucking at her lips as she becomes more absorbed and the dancing sort of fades and becomes vaguely second fiddle to her attention on her readouts.

It's been a long day for the DCO. Everytime it seemed he had one thing under control, something else caught his attention or there was another radio chirp for him. Repairs, fire barrier checks, pipe checks, drills, and on top of that, he still has to go planetside to help the doctors at 994A-C. He lets out a slow breath, looking like he's ready to just finally enjoy a little time off duty and crash his bunk for a couple of hours of shuteye when he comes out of command. As he passes by the barracks, though, he hears a familiar voice and a more familiar tune.

Augie pauses and makes his way to the doorway, noticing Ceres as she twist and turns and moves, and makes that flight suit look more alluring that the seven veils dress. He leans against the door frame, quiet, his blue eyes drinking her in and getting intoxicated off of her dance.

A few more rolling graceful steps that bring her hips swaying forward in successive movement - girl can dance - though she may no be able to hold a tune quite so well. She slows though, stepping off to the side and leaning into the wall as she looks over the papers, pausing as her brows furrow and the song dies. She bites her lip, wiggling where she stands and gets comfortable with her shoulder settled in. A soft sigh and she curls and edge in to mark her place. She begins to hum a bit slower.

Augie almost approaches. Almost breaks her concentration. When she falters, that left foot shifts to move towards her. Instead, he slows, listening to her, letting her reset. It's not being creepy, he just.. has never seen his dear Ceres like this before. It's a step up from catching her on the crapper, right? He knows he can't dance worth a damn, so he'll just watch her do it.

Sighing again, she rolls her shoulders and cracks her neck by tilting it swiftly back and forth. Pushing away from the wall finally she looks up to check her path and then lightly, if faintly moving in those latin moves. It's easy, simple and just comes naturally. With the hall all but abandoned because of the hour, she doesn't mind her little break in her normal composure in public.

He wants to light up a cigar. Something. As she twirls and slides and moves along the floor, Augie is mesmerized by the dance that she carries with such ease of style and grace, a smile coming to his face. It's not a lecherous smile, or one of his usual smirks. It's more natural. More caring. The hall is not the only thing she's trying to dance into. He sucks in a small breath, and tries to fight back that feeling.

The cigar would clue her in that he is watching and that would end the dancing soon enough. In fact, she swears at the paperwork in a peppered interlude before she lets it drop and she hums that song, lifting it to another key to make it less haunting. She turns about, her dark hair flaring away from her exotic mocha features, head tilting. Her eyes are closed as her hand lifts, arching over her head in a graceful move, leaning into the twirl as she elegantly places her feet. There is a smile that grows, flashing her white teeth in genuine enjoyment.

Augie starts to feel like he's interrupting on some private, deeply personal moment. The DCO considers her, and shoves down that lump in his throat. He's going to turn to leave, but as he does so, there's a small clatter as his knee smacks against one of the panels and he winces, before looking over his shoulder quickly to see if Ceres heard him.

Dark eyes meet his from over her shoulder as she stops mid turn and looks at him. Dark hair bunches up, curling it about her features, giving her a wild free look that is not always her first appearance. She breathes deeply, just starting to have worked herself up. Silence. She just looks at him, the way he realizes he may be caught. Her hand slowly comes back down to her side and there is a visible darkening of her cheeks.

Her darks meet those stormy blues of his. He smiles at her, a gentle one, one that bids her continue. His lips start to part open to offer an apology to the woman, but he stops himself, not sure exactly what to say. Sorry for staring at a beautiful woman dance? That's nuts. Instead, he straightens up, and steps towards her.

She watches him approach, a faint smile on her lips as she pulls her clipboard to her chest. Ceres doesn't say anything for him but instead tilts her head in an unspoken question. Dark hair frames her face, a few strands falling into it as she draws closer to him as well, considering, pausing a few feet off to let him cross the distance if he wants.

They meet somewhere in the middle. Reaching up, he says no words, instead, plucking that clipboard from her, and sets it aside on the nearest flat surface he can find. His eyes search hers questioningly and then he holds down his hands to her in invitation, trying to find the best way to settle on to her to allow her to lead.

Glancing from the clipboard back to him, a brow raises curiously until he steps closer and takes her hand. As he draws into her, she parts her lips in slight surprise before a smile starts to tug at the corners of her mouth. She rolls her shoulders back and settles before him, taking a moment so clear her throat and then pushes her right foot forward into his to move him. Its a slow process. Then she steps to the side and tries to draw him with, all sliding footwork, fluid and slow to help him catch up.

Settling those large paws of his on her sides, he smiles right back down at her, not yet daring to claim her lips with his. Instead, his eyes narrow in concentration, his lower lip drawn between his teeth as she gives him that first nudge. It's not much different than moving in the boxing ring, he realizes. He lets her lead, following her as close as he can step for step with her as he stumbles only slightly on occasion.

Ceres beings to pick up the pace, one step two, really there are only three to keep them in a tight circle moving about and around. But once he starts to grasp, her hips begin to roll in a tantalizing way, glancing down to his feet and then looking up at his face. She urges him to keep his eyes on her, to trust her in how she moves. Each step, each roll of hips moves them about, faster, and faster to some unknown music til those hips take on a sort of tantalizing never ending rotation.

As they move and swivel, Augustus keeps his eyes locked on hers, only glancing down at their feet on occasion as he tries to get used to the motion. As her hips roll against his, his smile only warms. But the steps seem so familiar, so simple. They dance, and a gentle hum rises in his throat. It's not given words, instead it's a very familiar to them now five chord hum that has become part of their lives. It repeats a few times, and he doesn't even realize that the song is coming from him.

Her smile grows as he picks up the steps easily enough. Its a wash, rinse repeat that flows seamlessly, becomes easily forgettable and becomes instinct given time. Ceres tries to help move his hips as well, letting them swing as she bumps hers and presses into his. It is a dance of wills and she joins those notes and lifting her chin, her body becomes an elegant line, both parts sensual and innocent. Her hips suggesting so much while her touch his light and graceful.

His hips move with hers, encouraged by her light prodding and touches, as they move across the deck floor. His heavy lines are a stark contrast to her elegant darkness as he grins down at her, blue eyes warm and sensual as his hand trails up her back, threatening to pull it free from her tied off jumpsuit as he leans down, their noses touching, his lips grazing against hers, hinting at a kiss to come but not quite sealing the deal.

That brush of noses, that brush of lips and Ceres catches her breath, her smile cracking a bit wider and as they step in her direction, she slips away, her hips swaying and rolling, punctuating her steps which bring her about, hand arching out to the air behind her and then up over her head before her chin lofts, bringing the long line of neck to its height, giving her body its full regal look before she lets that undulation of her arm come down and then spread along that line, breaking the clean length of it into something primal and sensual before she spins back in, her hand finding his that originally held it and pressing her body into his. Her right leg lifts at the same time, bending to press the inside of her leg to his hip and thigh. Her head slowly watches back from his as her hand brushes his cheek and he is given a glance of cleavage and that long neck once more. Her head draws back to his again, swiftly and to the point that her forehead presses to his and he can hear the rapid breathing as her hand trails down his chest. Yes, this is still the dance. Will he grab her thigh of the leg that's lifted and hold her there?

Augustus blinks as Ceres is suddenly pulling back and spinning and twirling and totally mixing all of his emotions into a blender with her motions. He manages to get his hand up just in time to handle the spinning and turning as she moves. As she captures his hip with her leg lift and presses in, she can probably feel the direct reaction all of this is having on her. Maybe he saw it in a movie once or something, because his hand does drop down, securing her leg as his other hand dips to the small of her back and lifts her against him tightly and turns about.

That sudden turn and grasp from him catches her unaware and surprises her. Ceres makes a soft sound but her lips curl up more brightly, her arm slinging around his shoulders as she lets her body arch back from his, leaving her chest presented to the air, her hair trailing down towards the floor, one hand on his neck and the other brush along the edge of one side of her body, down to his hand to then move forward and press against his arm and climb it before she pulls back up. Dark hair washes over his chest, brushes his face and her nose presses to his, open lisp barely touching his own as she gasps and soon wads her hand up into his shirt, keeping a tight hold.

Spinning around, getting tangled up in each other as he finally starts to pull her down along the length of his body, keeping her pressed and closed before she climbs back up. His hands fall to her hips and take hold as they stare in each other's eyes, and at that light press of lips to lips, his head tilts to capture her in a warm and deepening kiss, lips parted against her mouth as he starts to lower her back down along his frame to place her on the ground. He only breaks their shared breath for a moment to stare back down into her eyes.

Oh Gods. Ceres is caught up in the exchange, the feel of lips upon lips, his body. The dance has her dizzy, turning still in her mind and her heart races. Her foot that was raised finds the floor and she manages to take her weight but she leans into him despite it all, pressing close. Her hand presses to the back of his neck and the viper pilot draws her eyes open to look into his eyes in turn. A slow working smile spreads, splitting her lips slowly.

His heart leaps and pounds in his chest. It demands more. It's an empty and hollow demand, but his eyes remain locked on hers, and her smile bears new life into his, as he pulls gently on her shirt, returning the earlier favor. His lips part, about to say something, but fall back into silence.

Are there any words that could bridge what just happened? Ceres smiles at his silence and a gentle hand touches his cheek before she offers a soft kiss to his lips. Its warm, not sensual like the earlier ones. Instead she smooths her hand down his neck and smiles up at him, lingering before she takes a step back if allowed and then another before she turns, heading for that clipboard and the readouts, dark hair bouncing around her shoulders and back.

Letting her go, he watches her start back towards her clipboard as he considers everything that just happened. Augustus takes a moment and then shrugs as he picks up his tool bag, a grin as he follows behind her and quickly catches up, offering his hand to hers.

Her head turns looking down to his hand and finally taking it, the other already holding the clipboard up against her chest once more. She shakes back her wild mane of dark hair and then continues down the hall with him in that weird, unabridged silence.

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