MD #244: Signed in Triplicate
Signed in Triplicate
Summary: Atticus renounces his kinghthood, and joins the CMC
Date: 09/12/2017 (OOC Date)
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Petra Atticus Lleufer 
XO Stateroom - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The XO's Stateroom is not nearly the size of the Admiral's, but the allowance of personal space is not taken for granted. There is a small couch that has been pushed against the wall by the bed at the rear of the room. To the side are several lockers next to the entrance to the personal head and on the other is a desk against the wall.

There's supposed to be an assembly later this evening, which means Petra's gotten himself excused from the rest of his usual duties in CIC so he can focus on things like…making sure the paperwork and awards are done. Making sure his speech sounds competent. Making sure he remembers where the frak his greys are. Details. So at the moment, he's standing up behind his desk with his greys hanigng up behind him, a brush in hand while he looks disapprovingly at the material. Datapad is still open on his desk and is reciting in a monotone reader voice "..hope these individuals will be held up in our memory…" The hatch is open and the usual phalax of MPS stand guard over his and Robin's stateroom hatches. He sighs, "Stop playback." then in a lower voice, "…I gotta do something about that."

Atticus has been meeting with one of the JAG officers for most of the week, while various bits of paperwork have been push around, drawn up, altered, signed, witnessed and who the frak knows what else. He'd tried to keep up with the process, and said officer had had a valient go at explaining as they went along, but if anyone asked him to explain in detail just what was going on they would likely get a garbled explaination. The important bit though, the bit that lets him move on and get on with his new life, that much he's understood. It's a mottly band that approaches Petra's door with him at the assigned time. Emily is there, todays two MPs, and Lleufer of course. It's one of the MPs who knocks and then the party falls quiet as they wait for a reply.

Lleufer shows up, having had to finish eating in the Mess then hit the head and shower, change, and hustle to make it to the meeting in time. The Master-at-Arms still has a few hours before the Memorial for their recent dead on Golf-51. He stops attentive and waiting, "Commander, sir. Ommanney, Benning." Ynyr stands at parade rest off to one side with his hands loosely overlapped behind his back, back in his regular MP uniform.

Petra glances back towards the hatch at the knock, taking a moment to digest the numerous faces that have suddenly appeared. He blinks once and finally lowers his hands, "Come in, folks. None of you look upset, so I'll take it this is a social or a procedural call, and something catastrophic hasn't happened?" The lint brush is set aside and he turns to drop himself into his chair, reaching for the mug he left sitting on the desk, "Should be enough chairs scattered around for everyone, or make do with any vertical surface. A place to park your butt is a place to park your butt."

Once he's through the hatch Atticus glances briefly to Lleufer, half to check the MaA is with them, half for reassurance before he turns back to Petra. He keeps his feet, but does approach the XO's desk. A thin folder with a few pieces of paperwork in it is produced and offered across. "Paperwork from the JAG's office," he explains after a deep breath, "I'm told it's all in order, just needs a signiture from you or the Admiral." His hand isn't shaking has it holds the folder, but he's having to work hard to make sure of that. "I mean, if you've the time, since it's ready? If you're happy with it, after that, I'd like to do what we discussed. Formally renounce my knighthood, then swear to the fleet."

The Master-at-Arms watches Atticus step forward to produce the paperwork in it's file folder. "We've come by for that, Commander. We thought .. if we could catch you for just a moment or two before this evening's ceremony, if Ommanney is permitted to sign on with the CMC, I could take him by stores and get him something he can wear for tonight's Memorial Service. -If- you think that's acceptable to you and the Admiral, sir."

Petra sits up and takes the folder, listening to the explanation as he opens it and thumbs through the documentation it contains. He glances up at Atticus, then Lleufer, while he reaches for a pen. "I'm pretty sure Robin's really the one that should be signing all of this, but either one of us probably counts since the XO is supposed to be making the personnel decisions anyway." He takes a moment to apply his barely readable signature to the bottom of the forms JAG is insisting on, considering for a moment before offering, "As long as the legal folks said you're in the clear, I don't see any reason why we should hold anything up. I mean, after all, things are about to get really frakking busy around here, and you'll probably want a little extra time to get used to things before it goes nuts.

Atticus subconciously squares his shoudlers a little as Petra puts pen to paper. "I was born a Colonial citizen," he notes by way of explaination, "and never renounced it. There were a few things to clear up, but on a base level I'm told it wasn't too complicated." Possibly becuase they'd already run Emily through a very similar process. Glancing back to Lleu again, he seems uncertain for a moment, then asks of both of them, "how do we do this?" The theory is fine, but he has no idea on the practicalities.

Ynyr watches. The Gunny looks from Petra's signing the JAG papers to Atticus, "Normally, we host a little signing ceremony with a few other Marines presant as witnesses. But we'd have to schedule that. I imagine, if you are willing, we can do something inpromptu right here and now. I've brought the paperwork with me, we have Commander Petra as witness as well as MP's for Fleet witnesses. Technically all -I- need is for you to sign the paperwork, then we can send you to Medical later to start your physical, your psych evaluations, and get you slated to begin Basic training. Then push you into Rifleman training, which will take about 6 weeks for the crash course at our current pace."

Petra nods slowly at Atticus, but waits until the gunnery sergeant pipes up. Finishing the last of the papers, he closes the folder and offers it back to Atticus, "I hear you, but I learned a long time ago that if the lawyers say we have to do something, we have to do something. My commission, like it or not, exists at the behest of the civilians, and even if I think what I do is in their best interests, we usually have to do what they say…with some exceptions." He just isn't going to talk about what he might or might not have ordered done on Caprica during the Second War, "Either way, the end result gets you in uniform doing what you want to do, so…" With that said, he glances at Lleufer and nods, "Im fine being a witness if it makes the Corps happy, and he's fine attending tonight either way."

Atticus takes the papers back from Petra and gives Lleu a nod in understanding. They'd spoken previously about specalising later after all, so he knows that process. Passing the newly signed papers to one of the MPs to hold for a moment he turns back to Petra and steadies himself with a deep breath. "Lets do this then," he says, clearly working to psych himself up for a few moments before he shifts to stand to a rough approximation of attention and says a little shakily, "Commander, in your role as XO of this boat, I wish it to be formally known to you, and through you the fleet as a whole, that I, Atticus Hektor Ommanney, of my own free will, do renounce any and all titles and benefits bestowed upon me by those hostile forces against which you currently fight. I deny any claim they have on my loyalty, and reject any claim they have upon my person."

Lleufer looks like he might have added one last thing, a suggestion, but Atticus gets right on with the formal renounciation. So, Yynr holds his tongue and lets Ommanney do that. If anything, he shifts to stand at attenion in a more spectful pose as he witnesses the event.

Petra turns his attention back to Atticus when the man steadies himself, and rises back to his feet, idly tugging his vest a little straighter. Keeping his attention focused on Atticus until the man finishes, then nods slightly and gives Lleufer a questioning look, as if he's not entirely sure that's all JAG said he had to do. He does, however, offer Atticus a hand, "Welcome back to the Colonies, Atticus. I'm sure your father would be very happy to see you here at this moment. Considering things that seem to happen with our people, I wouldnt be entirely convinced he ISNT here watching this right now."

"I second that thought." Lleufer steps up to offer Atticus his hand as well, "Welcome, Atticus Ommanney. Indeed, your father would be pleased and so am I. There's much to do ahead and we'll be glad to have you." Lleu gestures to one of the MP's that came with him. She steps forward and hands Lleufer the folder she was carrying, which the Gunny lays on Petra's desk. "Here are the CMC's enlistment papers." Lleu produces a pen from his own shirt pocket and starts marking where Atticus needs to sign, "I believe you have already looked these papers over, but feel free to skim them now. On the last three pages are spaces for witness signatures for myself, Commander Petra, and Sergeant Bradly here." Three apparently being a magic number in the military. Redunancy is good. Redundancy is good. Redudancy in triplicate is good. "Get you started in training right away, even if we don't have another group ready to go."

Atticus takes the hand offered and shakes it in relief more than anything else. It's clearly a weight off his shoudlers even just having said those words. "Thank you Marcus," he replies as he breathes out, then smiles, "it's good to be back." The mention of his Dad perhaps watching brings mixed emotions and he drops his head just slightly. "I know it's been less than a year here, but for me it's been twenty. I… " he struggles for words for a moment, but is then saved by Lleu's approach. Turning slightly he shakes the MaA's hand too, flashes Emily a smile, then takes the offered pen. He does scan the pages, but only momentarilly, then starts signing everywhere Lleufer indicated. Once he's done he passes the pen to whichever of the witnesses wants it first and says with a smile to Petra, "I did considered asking you if you had a position open for ship's librarian, but apparently there's a war on or somesuch?"

Petra smirks a little at the commentary and nods, "Just a little. Humanity under subjugation, opposition forces all but wiped out, only a thin rag tag badn fo defenders, defiantly thumbing their noses at the odds and trying to win the whole shooting match? Not like we haven't heard THAT before, right?" He smiles brilliantly at that in contrast with that head full of scars and ink, "Though someone that's willing to keep a documented history wouldn't be unappreciated, in the midst of everything else going on, if you have the time and dedication to do that while you're busy on other things. After all, someone has to remember us after we're all too old to put up a fight anymore…"

Lleufer grins a little at what Atticus says, and more so perhaps at what Petra follows up with, if only briefly. "Yes, sir. I believe we have been here before." The Gunny though looses his smile pretty quickly, reminded how desperate their situation is despite all their efforts. Again. But, he accepts the pen after Marcus has signed and he too puts his signature to the three places on Atticus's enlistment papers. Then beckons Sergeant Bradly to come forward and sign them as well, as the final witness required. Once that's done, Lleu collects his pen, the MP goes back to stand by the hatch, and the Master-at-Arms collects the Enlistment papers to put them back into the folder. "Thank you both, gentleman." Then he offers his hand once more to Atticus, "At the risk of being redundant, which you'll learn to appreciate when it comes to concerns about safety and backup systems on board a ship, let me also welcome you to the Colonial Marine Corps, Recruit Atticus Ommanney."

"Can I finish scanning in your books first?" Atticus asks of Petra, "but in theory, yes, I would be willing. I suspect I might not have time for a while though." Six weeks for boot Lleufer had said, and somehow he doesn't see himself getting the afternoons off to scan books. He steps aside half a pace to give those signing a bit of extra room, then smiles back to Lleu as he offers his more formal welcome. "Thank you, Gunnery Sergeant," he replies, hoping he got the form right, then as he watches the paperwork all vanish away again he asks, "what now?"

Petra nods slowly, "Of course. Im sure somewhere on this ship are others that will appreciate the new reading material anyway." He winks once at that and takes in a deep breath, taking a moment to suck down a portion of his coffee, before he adds, "Well, I don't know about you gentlemen, but I'm expected, in the greys hanging behind me, out on the Observation Deck in less than an hour, so Im afraid I have to kick both of your butts out so I can finish my speech and get ready. As far as the metaphorical 'where do we go from here', Im sure the Gunnery Sergeant has a long list of things waiting for you…"

Said Gunnery Sergeant gives a curt nod, "For now, let's run you by stores real fast and get you some freshly issued clothing, Ommanney. Time for you to hit the head and change, and I need to get into greys as well. You'll still have an MP escort for a while but henseforth I'm reducing from two to one MP's as you begin to learn your way around the ship. Still be some restricted areas for you until you are through Basic." Lleufer gestures for them to head on out, "Thank you, Commander, for your time sir."

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