AWD #135: Sign on the Dotted Line, Part 1
Sign on the Dotted Line, Part 1
Summary: Naomi needs some signatures in order to join CIDSR.
Date: 21/05/2013
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Naomi Petra 
The Ward Room
The Ward Room's centerpiece is a finely crafted oak table built into a rectangle with sweeping curves towards each corner, matching chairs lining it like a ring. The far end of the room are the flags of each of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial flag at the left end and the Fleet's flag at the right to flank. At the other end is a countertop built into the wall that has fresh coffee brewed in a pot, and another for ice water, when Command Staff is present.
AWD #135

Petra actually took a single day of leave…which of course means when he comes back, there's a huge pile of things waiting for him. He doesn't actually have Watch duty today, so instead he's taken over the Ward Room. Abbenshire or whoever is on duty knows that anyone asking for him? Just needs to be pointed here instead. At the moment, there is a pot of very strong coffee half-empty in the machine, and a mug of the same stuff on the table within arm's reach of the chair he's commandeered. Papers are loosely stacked to his left, and a notebook full of scribbles sits in front of him. Currently he's jotting down another note, absorbed in his writing.

There's a knock at his door, perhaps a sure sign that the person on the other side of the hatch isn't really familiar with military protocol. But at least whoever is on the other side waits until she hears a beckon before entering. And it is of course Naomi, in her stereotypical red dress and clunky workboots.

Petra doesn't react at first, assuming whoever is doing so is simply walking in as usual, but when they don't, he puts his pen down and half-turns in the chair to look at the hatch. With a curious lilt to his voice, he calls out, "Its not locked. Come in?"

Naomi steps inside with a chipper smile, clutching a few sheafs of paper. "Hullo, Colonel." she says, slipping inside and letting the hatch close behind her. "I was wondering if you could do something for me. It won't take more than a few minutes of your very precious time."

Petra raises both brows when he sees who it is, "Dr. Tamsin. Well, if its something I can do, certainly. You have as much of my time as you need." He glances at the papers in her hands, then back up to her face, the curious look persisting, "What is on your mind?"

"I've submitted an application for CIDSR." Naomi explains, stepping forward and presenting the paperwork like a student offering a teacher an apple. "And my application will be accepted so long as I have approving signatures from yourself and Dr. Nadir."

Petra sits up a little, leaning forward to take the papers while he asks, "You're still hoping to work on life sciences? I'm sorry if I get the division wrong, but basically you want to work on the plant and animal life down there?" With that question asked, he finally turns back to the table so he can look over the paperwork, idly grabbing for his pen.

"I do, but I'm mindful of my obligations and am full committed to the research being undertaken with Dr. Nadir." Naomi assures. "And it would help if we had more direct access to CIDSR resources, wouldn't it?"

Petra mutters under his breath, "It would help if we had CIDSR scientists that didn't keep disappearing on us…" Pursing his lips a little, he glances over at her and murmurs, "You didn't hear me say that." He licks at the corner of his mouth and flips to the last page, then finally signs and dates the papers, going back and initialing the corners to indicate he read them all. With that done, he turns back, but doesn't immediately hand the papers back, "I need to warn you also, the new arrivals we had last week. Eventually Medical will have them all out of Quarantine, and when they do, their personnel will be down on Piraeus and probably around the fleet. I know for a fact that the Blackjack group had a very negative experience with a couple fo Sixes that threw grenades into their berthings…I dont know what they've had happen with Elevens. I've warned their commanding officer about you and Ceres and Cooper, but as I'm sure you've seen many times already, humans tend to hold grudges when something personal has happened to them. I need you to be careful for a while. Im not so much worried about you…Cooper has made it rather clear you are very capable of defending yourself from a human who thinks he's going to 'hurt a little girl'. Just keep an eye on uniform patches and try to stay away from non-Orion ones for a while, for me?"

"I think I can manage that." says Naomi with a small, disapointed side. "Mind, it's not as if I spend a great deal of time socializing."

Petra offers a wan smile at the response, almost looking apologetic, "I'm sorry I have to ask this of you. I know you like meeting new people and new things…I imagine its like putting you in an ice cream shop with 31 flavors and tell you you cant have anything but vanilla for two weeks." He hands the papers back, "The fact of the matter is…I can't trust them to always be the better person. I don't know them. And if there's an incident, I can't…un-do it. If it helps you at all, thank you for being here, and persevering through all of this, and working so hard with Dr. Nadir. Like I told Cooper before, I hope, if it ever came down to it, I would be able to summon up the kind of courage you both have shown."

She shakes her head. "I don't feel terribly brave. I just want to be able to do what I love, but then I think that's what everyone desires, isn't it? Thank you though, for signing the paperwork. Now I just need Dr. Nadir's and I'll be able to turn it in."

Petra nods slightly, "I highly doubt she will have any problems. Let me know if you have any trouble integrating into CIDSR. Is there anything else I can do for you, Naomi?"

"That was all I needed, Colonel. I had best get back to my workspace." Naomi flashes dimples as her mouth curves upwards, offering Petra a smile as she departs.

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