MD #224: Side Effects
Side Effects
Summary: Atticus has visitors. Lleufer and Miri hear about his 'side effects'. Ghosts and Deck 3 access are discussed.
Date: 18/11/2017 (OOC Date)
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Brig, Security Hub, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
The battlestar's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away. Each cell has had their bars specifically reinforced to prevent a Line member from being able to gain access or escape. Brig rules are posted behind the desk on a white panel with blocked black lettering.
Tue Jun 05 16:15:04 2049

Atticus has survived his first night back in the brig, but from the reports of the MPs he didn't manage his usual deep sleep. He's only picked at his breakfast and his face clearly shows that he's tired, and shaken. Not that the MPs noticed anything going on mind, other than his tossing and turning, and later on in the night just sitting on his bunk and staring at the wall opposite. Which, coincidentally, is precisely what he's doing right now. It's not time yet for a trip to the library, and many hours til gym time, so he's just sat there, knees up to his chest, arms round his shins, watching that patch of wall.

Miri enters the brig, checks in with the MP, and heads to Atticus' cell. "Omanney. How are you doing today?" She's in her off-duty tanks and fatigues, and she has no medical machinery with her. She sees him sitting, so she crouches down to his level.

Atticus hears Miri checking herself in but doesn't actually divert his gaze until the footsteps stop outside his cell. His eye sflick across to her briefly, then back to the wall, before he sides cautiously off his bunk and moves so he can lean on the wall by the bars. Something has clearly shaken him, and he's clearly not sure how to bring it up, but after a few moments he crounches to put them back on height parity once more, and so he can speak quietly. "I.. I think there's something wrong with my head," he confesses in not much more than a whisper, "I've been seeing things."

Miri stands up and nods to the MP, who opens the cell. "May I come in?" he asks. She holds her hands out to show they are empty.

Atticus stands up as Miri does, wathcing the MP briefly, but mostly moving back to his bunk to make it clear this isn't some form of ploy before he does something stupid. Miri's question earns her a nod to say 'yes' and then he mimics her gesture with his own hands on the basis that it's better to do so and it not be expected, then to not and for it to be.

On the heels of Miri's arrival, someone else enters through the brig corridor's hatch. You can't see the MP desk from the cells too easily as the angle is too extreme. But Lleufer Ynyr's baritone greets the MP, noting the Corporal's position down the corridor down by one of the cells. "Everything all right in here?" The Corporal nods, "Lieutenant JG Zahav is here to see the prisoner, Gunny." Lleu signs himself in and comes on down, "You can return to your desk. I'll keep an eye on things here."

One MP is exchanged for the other. Lleu produces his key card but before he swipes it or punches in the cell code, he pauses to look in. "Hey, Miri. Atticus. Do you mind another, Lieutenant, or shall I come back in a few? Don't mean to interrupt."

"It's entirely up to Atticus. He was about to tell me about some odd side-effects he's been having. Would you mind grabbing some chairs, Gunny?" Miri asks. She steps into the cell and pulls something out of her pocket. It's a small square of chocolate, wrapped in silver paper. Very rare these days. "A little treat for you. Just chocolate. Nothing else."

Atticus has no objection to Lleu joining them and indicates as such with a slight upnod towards the marine. Most of his attention though is on Miri. There's appears to be a slight relaxation as she mentions side-effects, as if that's something to be expected, expected is good if still somewhat disconcerting. Sitting down on his bunk he folds his legs infront of him the reaches out for the offered chocolate, unsure if he should eat it now, or wait til later. In the end he settles for waiting though, and merely places it on his pillow. "It was last night," he explains, I don't know what time, but I couldn't sleep, and then I saw someone over there." He points to the section of wall, by the far back corner, that he'd been watching earlier, "no one had come in or out, I'm sure. The guards will confirm that."

Lleufer swipes his key card and inputs the cell's code to open it as he speaks low into his coms mike, "Ynyr here. Gordon, bring a folding chair into cell B of the brig, over." A moment later as he's closing the cell door, his baritone rumbles low, "Thanks. Much appreciated." It'll take a couple of minutes but a third MP arrives with a single chair and hands it over to Lleufer, then goes back to the Security Hub once the cell door is secured. The Gunny unfolds it for Miri but chooses to stand himself. Bulkheads are good for leaning against.

Their conversation is listened to. Lleufer listens, glances to Miri and then back to Atticus. He gives a nod, "I know. I was reviewing the brig tapes this morning after something was brought to my attention. It was a pilot, wasn't it? I think I had a visitor yesterday myself, in my office." Think he had, as if maybe Ynyr isn't entirely certain.

Miri takes a seat, hands resting on her thighs. "Take a deep breath, and tell me what you saw." Her shorn hair is now long enough to curl, and she looks somewhat ridiculous, with the curls and the burn scars on the right side of her face and neck. Her unnaturally green gaze is fixed on Atticus, giving him her full attention.

Miri has about 90% of Atticus' attention, Lleu a fraction of whats left, but the rest is still on that wall, which his gaze drifts to every now and again. "A pilot, yeah, I think," he says, confirming what Lleu did, and a little spooked that the MaA knew that, or managed to guess. "She looked like Capt… Lieutenant Wescott, only younger. Claimed to be her mum, who I'm told is dead. We, we spoke for a while and she knew stuff I haven't told anyone. There was also some stuff that made no sense, and then she just faded out again. Once I was sure she was gone I got up and checked, but there was no sign anyone had been there, and the door was still locked."

Atticus gets a slow nod, "Kelsey. I wondered if it was her, or some other pilot we lost." The Gunnery Sergeant lifts a hand and rubs the back of his head, "I know this is going to sound absolutely unbelievable, but we do get visits from our dead. Ghosts, Atticus. I know you aren't going to believe me, but I've seen quite a few of them. You probably think you are loosing your mind. Don't sweat it. I walked into my office yesterday and it smelled strongly of Cognac. That's a particular kind of brandy and as far as I know, the only person on board this ship that ever drank it, was your father. Amos loved it. So, maybe he's around. Sure made me think of him." Lleufer looks to Miri because he doesn't know if she's ever had one of these 'visits' before herself, or might be giving the Master-at-Arms a funny look.

"This is probably a lot to take in right now, on top of everything else. So no, you're not having a new side effect. You just met a ghost. I haven't met any, myself, but it's an established phenomenon, both on this ship and down on Piraeus." Miri gives Atticus a sympathetic look. "Sorry to dump another vat of strangeness on you."

"She didn't give her name," Atticus notes distractedly to Lleufer, "just that her daughter had been in the next cell." That and the obvious familial similarity had apparently been enough for him. The rest of what the marine says is listened too, and there is a faint nod when Amos' love of cognac is brought up, but most of his focus is still on Miri for now. "Ghosts?" he replies, using the term they both had, although he doesn't sound like his fears are entirely removed, "dead people don't… they can't… they're dead…" He does furrow his brows slightly as Miri mentions Piraeus though, and he gives careful consideration to something before shaying, "she mentioned Piraeus. About a temple on a hill, where people had sheltered from the Machines, but had all died."

"Yes, I've been there. It was where myself and the rest of a mission tracking a missing member of our crew first ran into the ghosts on Piraeus. We hadn't really been seeing them before then, or not as much." Lleufer draws a slow, deep breath and lets it out slowly, "It was … like … well, it seemed very real. When they showed us their final stand and all the destruction." Best not to mention how much like a projection is like by a skinjob. Ynyr licks his lips, "They can, Atticus. If they want to /badly/ enough. Those ruins we found were something like three thousand years old and much riddled with signs of war, where the Piraens made their last stand. There's a lot in the ship's files about them. You can't access that data yet but I expect you will be allowed to do so in time."

Miri leans forward a little. "So other than ghosts, is everything else okay? I might ask the ship psychiatrist to come in and do an eval, but physically, you seem to be doing fine. I know there's a lot do process here."

As the details that Lleu filled in start to line up with the ones he'd left out Atticus draws back just a little. Not that he can go far mind, not when there's the cell wall right behind him, but he's starting to run out of options other than believe them, and that's amost worse than the alternative. "Ghosts," he says again, a slight tremble in his voice as there's a rush of dead faces in his mind and he suddenly starts to wonder how many will be visiting after dark from now on. Some might be welcome, others, less so. "Could I, maybe see the temple? A picture of it or something?" he asks, half hoping Lleu says no so he can still try and convince himself this is all just in his head. He turns his head back to Miri when she speaks though, then nods a couple of times. "Otherwise I'm okay," he confirms, then asks both of them really. "What happens next? After the psychiatrsit I mean? She," Kelsey, "said something about a question that was coming."

The pointy eared Gunnery Sergeant nods, "I don't imagine why not. It's not classifed material, especially now we lost Piraeus to the Skath - again. Captain al Yamoha, she's their leader we've spoken with the most, who's helped us. A great deal." Lleufer looks to Miri from where he leans against the bulkhead and leaves all the medical stuff to her to answer. Trusting her to know better than he.

"What happens next is entirely up to you, Atticus. After your surgery, I made sure there were no residual nonsense in your mind. Your mind is yours. We are not interested in or able to keep you as a perpetual prisoner, so you really have two choices: You can join the military or you can join the civilian fleet. We'd help you get settled there, if that's your decision. I'm not the one who makes any of these calls, though. I'm just calling it like I see it." Miri leans back again, pulling one ankle up to rest on her opposite knee.

The name Lleu gives for the leader of the Ghosts clearly means something to Atticus as he whips his head round to look at the marine as he says it. "al Yamoha, she was a Line, what you call the Clerics?" It's not some much a question, more that he's just seeking confirmation of somehting he apparently already knows. Miri's words draw his attention away though, slowly, but he does eventually manage to focus on her instead of Lleu. He gives her words what looks to be careful consideration, before replying slowly, "she said that there was a balance, that you cannot gain without loss, and that I need to know who I am and where I am from. That we're all heading towards a question, and that I needed to keep those things in mind, to understand them." Clearly right now he doesn't understand, but hopefully one of them will be able to shed some light for him.

Lleufer listens to what Miri says and gives another slow nod to agree with her. Then he lifts a brow at Atticus, "Seems you already know something about her. Shame there wasn't enough audio from Kelsey's visit to you for me to be able to clean up the audio and hear what she said to you." He lifts a hand to rub the stubble along his jaw, "Yeah, al Yamoha's what we call a Model Five. What you'd call a Cleric, fiesty, strong willed, dark brown skinned woman, standing about 5 and a half feet tall, maybe late twenties. If you've ever seen one of those as a Skath Cleric." Atticus' words about what Kelsey said to him has Ynyr's focused attention acutely. "Towards … a question?"

"Cryptic ghost bullshit," Miri mumbles, shuffling around a bit so that she's now sitting on that leg. "Whatever that question is, it seems like it's not here yet. So it's probably best to focus on your decisions and choices right now instead of… that."

"She told me," Atticus replies to Lleu, meaning Kelsey gave him the info on al-Yamoha. He tenses slightly at the description, which should make it clear enough that yes, that does sound like a Cleric he's met. "Five?" he asks, tilting his head slightly, "you number them? How many are there?" Miri's suggestion gets a nod and then he's turning back to Lleu. "Towards, yes. She said she could see time, and .." he tries to remmeber the word.. "potentials? But that she didn't know which path we'd take, but that many of them were leading us to a question we must ask ourselves. But then she said it wouldn't be asked, just witnessed, so I'm not sure …" Cryptic indeed, but at least now he seems to be starting to believe it was a real encounter, and be less freaked out by it.

Miri gets a lopsided grin out of Lleufer, "They always seem to talk like that. They can't help being cryptic, I think. She's right though. It'll do us little good to fret over it. Maybe it's enough you have passed this onto us so we can be watchful and try not to /miss/ that moment and ignore what we should not." He looks back to Atticus, "There are Twelve model lines. They each know one another by their numbers, One through Twelve. They are mixed, some men and some woman, and each are 'modeled' on a specific attribute. Such as Wisdom, Strength, Honor, Faith, Justice, Curiousity, Mercy, Boldness, Logic, Perseverance, and Creativity." Lleufer pauses to see if he remembered them all and counts them off on his fingers and adds two more, "Yeah, that's all of them. But we have never been on good terms with any of the Ones. All of /them/ are hostile to us."

"Gunny, can we see about getting Atticus a notebook to write things down? Both so we preserve Kelsey's message, and to sort out his own thoughts," Miri says, standing. "I'm glad to see you doing as well as you are. I would understand if you disliked or mistrusted me. I want to apologize for misleading you in an attempt to save you. I know that's a tricky area." She folds the chair up. "I have to get ready for my rounds. Would you mind me visiting again?"

Hmmms, at the details of the Lines. He remmebers distinctly more than twelve Clerics, but now Lleu has mentioned it he's never really seen the faces of that many… Ghosts, Lines, it's a lot to take in before lunch and his brain is starting to get a little frazzled. As Miri mentions a notebook he notes, "I have the tablet. I could try and write down what I remember on that?" He's not entirely sure exactly how he feels about the whole deception though, so he politely ignores those remakrs for now and instead merely nods when she asks if he minds her stopping by again. "Please do, I don't have many people to talk to here," and he hasn't yet restarted his trips to the gym or library.

"He has a tablet." Lleufer notes to Miri, "Which he may also take to the Library to get print outs made. For security reasons I can't yet give him pens or pencils until his POW status is changed by the Admiral or Commander Petra." The Gunnery Sergeant taps his chin with a finger, then holds it up, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Atticus, you are being granted limited access to Deck 3 with MP escort starting now. You may now go to the forward sections of Deck 3, more or less everything except the Firing Range and the Berthings. This includes the Mess Hall, Observation Deck, Chapel, and all of the Recreational section. Sickbay, Recovery Ward and the Security Hub will still be semi-restricted but you are allowed to pass through them as your MP escorts deem appropriate." Lleufer fishes in one of his pants cargo pockets for a folded up paper which he hands over to Atticus, "This lists the details, areas you are now allowed to go, under what condition (Condition 3 only), which duty shifts, etc. That'll let you start interacting a little bit with our crew, but your MP escort are still going to try to enforce no close physical contact. Some … of our crew may not be friendly towards you, so that's also for your protection."

"Understood. I suggested a notebook in case he wasn't quite up to speed with his tablet, but that doesn't seem to be an issue." Miri picks up the chair. "I'll take care of this, Gunny. And I'll see you soon, Atticus."

"I used them as a kid," Atticus replies to Miri, indicating the tablet so it's clear what he's talking about. "Even before.. "she went messing with his head "I could remember how to use them once give it, just not all the details of when I learnt." Memory can be such an interesting thing. Taking the paper from Lleu he tiles his head in question and asks, "is this Deck 3?" Given the list of places reeled off, some of which he's been to, he guesses it is, but he's clearly not certain. "Thank you," he says as she scan it, then sets it to one side so he can read it once the visitors have gone, then Miri gets another nod and a "goodbye Lieutenant Zahav."

Lleufer nods and pushes off from the bulkhead, "Yes, this is Deck 3 on board our ship, the Battlestar Orion. I thought it might do you some good to be able to get out of this brig cell more, move around a bit more freely. Give your mind more things to explore than to be stuck in here brooding about … the past. Remember, if you get to feeling especially down, we are here and want to help you, Atticus. Also, you have given your word to not attempt escape nor harm to our ship or crew and I'm still holding you to that oath." It looks like the Master-at-Arms intends to depart as well in a moment.

"I understand," Atticus replies to Lleu, "I will harm no one, unless they harm me first." There'd been a self defence clause in before, so he assumes it's still there now, even with the two MPS he gets to keep. He still doesn't look like a man who's got violence on his mind, mostly right now it's more like he's trying to stop his brain melting out of his ears with all the new concepts he's been introduced to in the last few hours. Just before the pair of them leave though he pluck up the courage to ask a quick favour. "Is it possible," he starts, looking a little self-concious for a moment, "I mean, would it be too much of a hassle to change cells?" He glances pointedly to the corner where Kelsey was sat, "it's just… I don't know how well I'll sleep.."

A nod for Amos' son, "Right. Unless somebody else lays hands to you with intent to harm. That's also why you have MP's though. They'll do their job to keep you safe." Until such time as Atticus no longer /has/ an MP escort anyway. Lleufer starts to head out but pauses at the door, calls to the MP on watch at the desk to come let them out. Much easier to do from the outside than the inside, even with his key card and input codes. Ynyr looks back to Atticus, "Yeah, we can move you back to the other cell you had if you like, or another one. I'll authorize it." With that, they head on out and the cell door is resecured while the Gunny sees about arranging the cell change.

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