AWD #031: Shower Talk
Shower Talk
Summary: Zachary is taking a shower. Cassie decides to use it as a chance to chatter at him. Or is it the other way around?
Date: 07/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Zachary Cassie 
Head - Battlestar Orion
It's the showers, man.
07 February 2005

There is nothing like a very hot shower after several days of not having one. Getting shot down over Piraeus, wounded, sore, and having to be on medical meant no time to just crawl into the water and relax. Zachary's back is to the world, that wonderful ink out to be seen as he just takes it all in. Where his uniform sits is a packed shaving kit, waiting to be used. And then street clothes. Blue jeans, button up shirt - apparently he has a date.

Someone else is in need of a hot shower, that being Cassie who shuffles in, looking like she's sore. Either she had one hell of a work out earlier or at some point slept the wrong way and it's just now catching up with her. A quick glance is given to Zach and she blushes, her gaze darting to the opposite side of the head. "Hey, sir. How's it hangi… er, how are you doing?"

Whether or not he caught on the slip of her lips may never be known as he straightens a little under the spray and Zachary glances over his shoulder. "Cassiopeia, afternoon." he offers her a smile, "Pull up a stall, if you want." He's showered with thousands of people in his career, what's one more, after all? "Did you give any thought to what we talked about the other day?"

Oh yes, there are plans for a shower. But first Cassie needs to get undressed which she does once her stuff's set down on not too far from Zachary's stuff. Her towel and clean sweats are put down before the baggy tee and loose nylon jogging shorts are chucked off, each item allowed to stay in a pile to be gathered later. "You mean the thing about helping with Cole's rescue," she asks before, with nothing on but what the Lords graced her on the day of her birth, she pads over to a shower with her shower kit.

"Yeah. That and what we talked about you being more active in the squadron. I know that promotions may be a bit hard to come by with all the changes, but that does not mean I do not notice when someone has impressed me." Zachary offers as he reaches up to the caddy he hung over the shower head, stretching out to pull down an honest to goodness loofa sponge. The beauties of having a horticulturist for a wife. Lathering it up he starts to work on the balls of his feet, taking them out of the shower shoes first to scrub and wash off before he rinses out the sponge and starts to scrub his face first, paying attention to his ears as he continues to talk to her. "For a lot of us, we're the only family we have left. Though I have been told more than once that I cannot empathize since my own family is alive and well on the surface."

Cassie's own shower gear is a bit less impressive; a washcloth, a tube of shower gel and a bottle of all-in-one shampoo that comes with the conditioner in it are pulled out of the mesh bag and set aside, the body wash and washcloth being what she uses first. As she pours the former onto the latter the scent of lavender wafts on the plumes of steam that the hot water creates. "Promotions seem a bit silly to me now, sir," she confesses while she soaps up, leaving little trails of suds to run down her body only to get washed down the drain. "But I do understand what you mean, Pie." Hmmm. Ouch. How did she wind up with a knot there? Her hand works over her shoulder while she winces, the tension in that muscle slow to go away. "I did say I'd be more active and look into helping with the pyramid teams although you might not remember that. You were pretty frakking stoned off of morpha, after all."

"No, no, I remember." Zachary says, his own soaps and shampoos are a rich, earthy scent. Sandalwood mixes with patchouli as he leans back and his back makes a satisfactory pop as he nods. "And you were going to look into the art as well. There is still a need for rank and a chain of command. After all, if I was not CAG, who would take all of the burden for work and let you plan on a pyramid team?" he says, casting her a wink. "I know the rec room has a pyramid area, but so does the planet - perhaps down there would be better to get more people involved?" he asks her as he turns to consider her.

There's a step out from under the water to get her back rinsed and then she turns, making sure her front gets as unsoaped as her read did just seconds ago. "I think playing down on the planet would be nice, sir. Get us out in the sun and fresh air, at least." A soft sigh is issued from her once she is finally fully relaxed, that one painful spot on her back finally gone. "It might encourage people to join. Especially if we can do something fun like BBQ or have a picnic." Is that even possible? Cassie really doesn't think so but hey. Nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking, right?

"You missed the hellacious fun we had with the paintball and camp out afterwards, and we would have to hunt down the food, but the wing part was very awesome, Cassiopeia." Zachary says, a faint pull on his lips, as he realizes how much she's not been around for. Must fix that. Taking down a mirror, he sets it up on the tile and starts to lather up for a shave. Eden likes him all nice and clean for her. "I'll see what it's like when I'm down there tonight, Eden and I are going to spend some downtime together."

"I am sorry about missing all that." Cassie does sound truly apologetic, the way she kind of drew into herself and missed out on so much by doing so in the process. Finally able to consider herself good and clean, Cassie rinses out the washcloth and grabs the shampoo only to drop the bottle by mistake. The erstwhile container rolls into Zach's stall, much to her displeasure. "Frak! Sir, can you grab that for me, please?" All of what she was wanting to say is temporarily forgotten.

"Well, I'm hoping to do another one again in a couple of months. We have to keep up the morale. But if you wanted sooner.." Zachary says, stooping down to pick up the dropped item, and scoops it up with his hand before stepping back over to hand it back to her, his face still all foamed up as he holds his razor in his other hand. "..if you can catch Tiptoft, set up for a game between us and the Marines next month?" he suggests. "We can have a big BBQ after all, and just get to know each other better."

Cassie takes the bottle while muttering a quick 'thanks', it disappearing back into the proper stall where it is used to wash her hair. "Will do, sir." There's quiet from her for a little bit before, with a slight giggle, the pilot asks of her superior officer, "Sir, can I ask you a question?"

"Shoot." Zachary says as he works on shaving his face, tilting his chin up to work on his throat and neck first.

There's another pause before a meekly poised, "Why do you call me Cassiopeia and not Cassie, sir," is voiced. It's almost like Cassie's afraid that he'll be upset by her asking that.

"If you'd perfer Cassie, that's fine." Zachary says as he works on shaving, hmming to himself. "As for my reasons, it's two fold. One, your mother gave you the name, and if she wanted you to be Cassie, she would have just named you that. Secondly, I find the name rather attractive." he says with a smile as he continues to shave.

The dark-haired woman considers that, a bit surprised at the answer she received. Not every day she gets told that about her name and it's especially rare for such a compliment to come from the DCAG. "I don't mind if you do," Cassie eventually says, "please feel free to continue." Thank goodness the partitions are not seethrough otherwise she'd be caught doing a silent little squee, complete with a pivoting at the waist.

"Very well, Cassiopeia." Zachary offers easily and finishes shaving, stepping back under the water to wash away the stubble and lets out a long sigh. "There's no showers planetside, but they have these wonderful hot springs.." he sighs longingly. "I'm going to hike with Eden to them, we're going to camp out for the weekend." he says, going on about the time he will have, then pauses with a sigh. "My apologies." he murmurs. He catches so much grief for even mentioning Eden, to talk to her so personally…

What is he apologizing for? To be truthful Cassie doesn't mind and the way Zach feels like he has to apologize for talking about his wife is apalling. "Stop saying you're sorry for that," she chides, her tone perhaps a bit harsher than she meant for it to be. Yes, she did catch on to what he is apologizing, perhaps piecing it together with his earlier statement about what others had said about him. "I like hearing about your wife and your life off this boat."

The water turns off, and Zachary grabs his towel to start to work on drying himself off, rifling the fabric through his hair as he heads to where his clothes are set neatly near her pile. He gives her pile a smile and a chuckle, before he continues to work on his own drying off and getting dressed. He doesn't say anything on her commentary, just back to being quiet for a moment.

A quick glance is given to the DCAG when he gets dressed only to end quickly, Cassie's shoulders lifting and falling in a silent sigh. "Alright. How about we make a rule, just for us? You and I can talk about anything with each other save whatever might feel like TMI or something?" Not exactly the kind of offer a subordinate should make to a higher ranking officer, but hell. As Zach has said, they're more family than anything else at this point.

"It's fine." Zachary laughs. "You have your own things you need to work out, the last thing you need to hear is me going on about mine."

"Are you serious?" Cassie finishes drying off and tosses her towel on the bench and her sweat pants are pulled on first.

Zachary smiles as he slips on his flight suit over his clothes. "Make sure you plan that pyramid game soon, okay?" he asks her as he packs up his gear. "I will see you around, Cassiopeia." he promises her. And with that, he heads out the door, turning to make his way to catch the shuttle to Piraeus.

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