AWD #042: Shower Duets
Shower Duets
Summary: Singing in the shower is just one way to celebrate a successful mission.
Date: 17/02/2013
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Holtz Ygraine Agrippa 
The Head
The Head is the area on the Battlestar to find showers and bathrooms and this is one of many throughout the ship. Male and female crew members share the area equally as space is at a premium on fleet ships. There are half a dozen shower stalls and enclosed toilets as well as urinals along the wall. The room, an L shape dogleg, has the entrance open into the sink area. There are four sinks on the left and four on the right sitting back to back in the middle of the room.
AWD #42

There is one thing about her job Ygraine hates: how gross she feels after hours of sweating in her flightsuit. So now she's in one of the showers, getting herself clean, conditioning her hair and enjoying the echo chamber as she sings loudly, "I'm bulletproof, nothing to lose/Fire away, fire away/Ricochet, you take your aim/Fire away, fire away/You shoot me down but I won't fall/I am titanium…"

Having tossed his own sweaty and used flight suit into the laundry in Viper Country, Agrippa grabbed his own showering kit as he wanted to clean up after the msision. Showers would feel better after CAPs and this one was a combat mission, full of adrenaline and intense moments when fighting with live ammunition. So after chasing down Kelsey and talking with the Petty Officer, the Ensign is now here in the shower. Stepping in, Agrippa can't help but laugh after hearing the familiar voice singing rather loudly, echos and all.

Holtz isn't quite as bothered by his own post-flight state, but that doesn't mean he wants to wallow in his own sweaty things either. Seems as though he's beaten the rush to the showers… mostly. He's a few steps behind Agrippa, a towel over his shoulder, and he too can make out the voice coming from one of the shower stalls. There's a bemused snort as he steps into the shower stall next to the one being used by the singing Yggy.

"I know I ain't gonna win Caprica Idol, but I ain't that bad!" she calls out from her stall.

Finding a random shower stall which ends up not being too far from the Raptor ECO and Strikes Squadron Leader, Agrippa begins to put his kit on the shelves before turning the warm water on full blast. Hearing the words from Ygraine, there is a laugh in response from Punchdrunk, "You're right, it wasn't that bad, Shake. Better than some." Most likely himself included as you won't be catching Agrippa singing anywhere unless he is full of alcohol.

"Nobody said you were, Shakes," Holtz replies from the stall next to hers. His discarded flight suit is hung on the peg outside the door, along with several other random bits of clothing, and he turns on the water. There's a long, audible sigh as the hot water cascades down his frame and slowly starts working away all the pent-up tension from the mission. "That ain't one I've heard, though." Which seems to suggest that, unlike Agrippa, Holtz has been known to do the same from time to time.

Ygraine hrms. One on one side, one on the other. "It's my lady-jam." she declares cheerily as she starts rinsing out her hair. "What do you guys sing, then?"

"I don't." Comes the answer from Agrippa, "At least not sober which my friends could have attested to." He then becomes quiet for a moment as the water sprays onto his face and head, his hands coming up to run through his hair. When the water is out of his face, he adds, "I was born to be a pilot, not be in a boy band."

A caustic laugh echoes out of Holtz' stall. "Frak's sake, Grip. Here I thought I was the squadron's resident crusty old man." The water splashes around him as he turns in place. He doesn't answer Yggy's question, exactly. Though she does get a response a few moments later, when a baritone voice beside her erupts into song as well. "I just took a ride/In a silver machine/And I'm still feeling mean/Do you want to ride/see yourself going by/other side of the sky?" It's an old Tauron rock song, dating back to the 70s. Yeah, Holtz just dated himself a bit with that one.

Ygraine snorts at Agrippa's reply, and without turning her shower off, moves to the back of it while Holtz sings, tugging her curtain to the side, leaning around, and tugging open Kurt's curtain so she can watch him sing. Right. To watch him sing.

"Awww, c'mon Holtz, just cuz I don't sing doesn't mean I'm a crusty old man." Agrippa voices in his own defense, "Singing is suppose to sound good, that's why I don't try." Then the Ensign falls silent as the Viper Squadron Leader decides to grace them with his baritone voice, Punchdrunk can't help but grin. He does get busy working with the shampoo and also the soap afterwards.

"Well I got a silver machine/It flies sideways through time/It's an electric line/To your zodiac sign…" Holtz is getting a little caught up in the moment, it seems. He's singing with gusto, now, and seemingly unaware of his sudden audience. To be fair, he's got his back mostly turned to the curtain. "Ain't the point, Grip," he interrupts himself long enough to say with a grin. "It flies out of a dream/It's anti-septically clean/You're gonna know where I've been/In my silver machine…" And then he finally turns, soap in hand, undoubtedly giving the peeping Ygraine a full frontal view. The singing trails off as he looks at her in surprise. It passes quickly, though, and he puts his hands on his hips with an insouciant grin. "Well, now. See anything y' like?"

She grins at him, "Course I do." she says, but her eyes dart sidelong to the shower opposite with hers, and with a too-bad-so-sad playful look, she ducks back from behind his curtain and slips back into hers. "Too bad, Grippy. Ladies like a man who can sing." she calls out.

"Well frak me running," Agrippa says in return as he finishes lathering himself with soap and turns the water back on to begin spraying himself clean. "Guess I'll have to take lessons sometimes in between my duties and training then." The words spoken in a good natured manner though he may be half serious about it.

There's a muted snicker from Holtz' stall, barely audible under the hiss of the water. "If you're lookin' for a godsdamn vocal coach you're barkin' up the wrong tree," he says sardonically. "That's one subject I ain't qualified to teach, even if I was inclined." Sure, he can teach nuggets how not to kill themselves in a Viper, but not how to sing. Go figure. He waggles his brows silently at Ygraine as she moves back to her own stall.

"Hey, it ain't like we don't got music 'round here." She elects instead to stick her arm out of her shower, push past Holtz's curtain, and give him a beckoning finger.

Soon the soapy suds are washed off of Agrippa and he gives himself one more warm rinse of the water before turning it off. "Point taken, Shake." There are other priorities on the Viper pilot's list but he'll tack this one on as well. Grabbing the large towel he brought with him, Punchdrunk begins to dry himself off, his intent is to do a cursory job before he would wrap it around his lower body.

The only sound coming from Holtz' stall for the moment is the hiss of the water, accompanied by what sounds like him humming the refrain of the song he'd been singing earlier. He sees that finger twitch in his direction out of the corner of his eye, and with a slight twitch of his lips, follows it back to its source.

Ygraine lets out a laugh, and calls out as Holtz follows the aforementioned finger, "C'mon, Agrippa, give us a song. We won't tell if you're terrible, who's gonna know?" Holtz get shoved under the shower.

With his towel wrapped around his waist, Agrippa grabs his washing kit and puts it away in the carrying basket. He then opens his own stall and steps outside to head to the sink, missing the sneaky transfer that Holtz had just accomplished. "Another time, Shake. Though I am sure you two can get a nice duet going." Stopping at the sink, he leans in towards the mirror to get a good look at himself before getting ready to disappear outside to head back to the Viper berths.

Hey, Holtz might be a tough old bird, but he's not immune to a little friendly suggestion. The shower stalls weren't really meant for two, but he makes it work somehow. "Or will we?" Storm chimes in, an evil grin spreading across his face. He shrugs, though it's not like anyone outside the stall can see it. "Suit yourself." At Agrippa's comment about a duet, he looks silently at Ygraine with a different kind of grin entirely.

"See ya later, Grippy." Ygraine calls out from the shower. She has to put her hand to her mouth to keep from giggling, looking at Holtz with her hand clamped over her mouth, and then quietly murmurs, "Good flying today. Thanks for having Phinny's back."

Holtz just shrugs. "He's my wingman," the big pilot replies, as if it really were just that simple. "I know he's got mine too. 'S what we do." He turns slightly to the side. "Hell, I oughta thank you for helpin' bring Janitor back. Whole squad needed that one."

"Like you said," she reaches up and very gingerly rests her fingers on his jaw, to try and gently tug his face back to her. "Took the whole team. But you all lit up the sky, it was pretty spectacular." And comments for the vipers? Are rare from her.

Holtz doesn't shrug off her touch, grey eyes meeting blue as his face is turned to hers. Silence reigns for a moment as he simply looks at her, the significance of her comments seemingly not lost on him. "Well," he manages finally. "Hell of a lot better than the first go-round back there, anyway. I ain't complainin'." A slight smile. "Guess the chrome bastards finally caught us on a good day."

"Gosh, Kurt, I was wonderin' if ya forgot how to smile today." she laughs, nudging the corners of his mouth upwards as if she's trying to teach him how to do so.

Holtz makes a raspberry sound, and ducks his head away as he lightly slaps her hands aside. He's still smiling as he does it, though. "Frak all, what've I been doing, then?" There's a snort. "Besides, how the frak am I supposed to forget with you here to remind me?" That's either extremely sarcastic or extremely genuine. Or, knowing him, possibly a bit of both.

"I'm glad." she says, the shower coming down on her to flatten her hair against her cheeks. "I know you ain't had a whole lot to smile 'bout. I've been…glad t'be a reason." She grins across at him.

"Pretty high up there, most days," he replies. Her grin proves infectious, and repeats itself on his own face. "I mean, it ain't all been bad, and I'm not exactly a wreck, you know? But…" he admits, his eyes going distant for a moment before refocusing on her. "I'd be worse off without you around." Impulsively, he ducks forward to kiss her.

He is constantly surprising her. Not the kiss so much, but the frankness about what's going on inside that big Tauron brain. Kissing him back is the natural and undoubtedly welcome response.

The kiss continues as Holtz' big hands begin to wander. Finally, though, he breaks away slowly, looking to the curtain as he brushes a stray burst of water from his eyes. "Wanna get outta here?" he murmurs huskily as he moves to shut off the faucet.

There's a spot just under his jaw she tends to like to get her teeth around that she takes working on right now; Holtz is going to have quite the hickey come the morrow. "Yeah." she says, adding with the chuckle, "You wanna pick the spot?"

Yeah, that'll definitely leave a mark, but Holtz doesn't seem to be bothered by it as he reaches out of the stall to grab a towel. "Well, if bunks are out of the question," he replies with a mischievious grin, "there's this linen closet on deck 2 some girl showed me once, the sheets are warm and the door stays locked…"

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