PWD #21: Show And Tell
Show And Tell
Summary: Ella visits Noble at his bunk, the two have a heart-to-heart.
Date: 14/12/2012 (OOC Date/)
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Marine Enlisted Berthings
Housing for a whole company of Marines plus headquarters support staff requires more than one hundred bunks for the Marines' enlisted personnel. Divided into two primary bunkhouses, each one holds sixty bunks, one bunk stacked over another against the wall with a table between each row and a thin bulkhead between the sections. Rather than the blue curtains of the naval enlisted, each bunk has a dark green barrier with the crest of the CMC done in black. The lockers for the Marines are triple the size of the Navy's allowances, each locker holding a Marine's personal bodyarmor and several different sets of uniforms plus combat webbing and helmet. The space physically provided in the lockers might be larger, but the allowance for personal space is less, though the drawers beneath each bunk help alleviate the problem somewhat.
Dec 14, 2004

It's never daytime or nighttime on a Battlestar, especially in the bunks where odd people come and go in a series of neverending shifts. Instead, the Battlestar Orion is a series of tunnels with ants clambering through them at all hours of the clock, and every porthole that views outside is granted with a three hundred and sixty view of nighttime sky. The marine berthings are a meager sight, with no portholes and oversized body armor lockers lining the rows of bunks, and activity ranging from marines playing Triad to bunks with the curtains closed to allow marines to sleep through even the loudest of distractions.

In the corner of the room, which some would assume to be the place where he would be, Noble rests on his bunk in his off-duties with his feet reclined and a pair of earbuds in his ears. Rock music lightly hums up from the speakers and his legs are stretched out, crossed at the ankle while he reads an old beat-up magazine. His curtain is open to reveal his rather lived-in bunk, a very used environment from over eighteen months straight of use.

Ella is officially berthed over in the Navy section, being in the medical department, but here she is in the marine berthings, coming down to hang out with the guys (and gals). She steps back to give way to one of the other marines who's leaving as she walks in, and then spies Noble down the way. She heads over to say hi, and then just pauses, tilting her head with a rather bemused expression when she sees the pictures adorning his bunk. Assuming he doesn't notice her over the rim of his magazine, she steps closer and knock-knocks on his topmost boot.

It's the tap-tap to his boot that gets him, and immediately Noble's green eyes shoot up from his magazine. Two important things happen next. One, he realizes that it's not a higher-ranked marine tagging him for work, which is a relief, and secondly that it's Ella, which causes a small smile to creep at the corner of his lip. Tugging the earbuds free, he reaches to the music player and taps at one of the buttons. The loud, screaming music grinds to a sudden halt.

"Well hello there, Ella. Here let me…" He leans out pushing open the rest of the curtain and then motioning for her to have a seat on the other side of his bunk. To make more room, he draws his legs in; one folded before him and the other dangling towards the floor. "…clean up the place a little for you. What's up? Just in the neighborhood?"

"Yeah, y'know, just hanging out. Come to see the marines in their natural habitat," Ella says with a light chuckle. She sits on the cleared out part of the bunk, tucking both legs up under her Indian-style. "What were you listening to?" She surveys the pictures on his bunk, eyebrows going up at a few up them.

"Wrecking Crew. There's a band out of Leonis, kind of one of those anti-society bands. Heard of them?" Noble asks while he wraps the earbuds around the music unit and sets it on the empty mattress space between the two of them. He glances up and out to the bunks, seeing that she's come alone and hasn't brought anyone with her, and so he turns his attention back to her. Catching her reaction to some of the pictures that could only have come from old girlfriends, he lets out a little chuckle and dips his head, scratching the back of his ear.

"Yeah, come to rattle the apes in their cage, eh? You know I'm glad you dropped by. I know I told you that I was going to come back to the gym, and I swear I was planning on it, but I got nabbed to help out with something at the last moment." Simon raises his head back up to even height. "Everything going okay for you?"

Ella shakes her head, "No, never heard of them. Though I'll listen to just about anything. I like jazz the best, I think, but anything with a beat will usually pass muster." Shaking her head to dismiss his apology, she says, "Hey, don't worry about it. Had a nice conversation with the botanist lady… though frak, I can't remember her name now." Ella chews on that for a moment with a thoughtful frown, but still can't come up with it. She catches his reaction out of the corner of her eye and slants him an amused smirk. "That's quite an… eclectic… collection you've got there. But just what in hades is /that/ one?" She asks, pointing at the strange guys in robot suits. "Frat party gone awry?"

Disarmed, Noble can't help but crack a devilish grin at the mention of the red picture of two people in clunky cardboard cut-out robot suits. The picture is at an angle, vicariously hanging next to a picture of some docks and images of a brunette that is wearing far too much clothing to be a model. He reaches out, tapping the robot on the left. "That one's me. No, I didn't make it to frat, never went to college but I did do some frat parties. A bunch of my friends went on to university." He plants one hand over his ankle and leans on it, his arm becoming a solid bar while he looks over his pictures with her. "One of the classes he was taking was on robotics and he was giving a presentation one day, so my buddy Karen and I bombed the class as robots coming to defend robot-dom from his ludicrous claims." He cringes just a little while he tests the water on how she'll react. "Yeah…I was that guy."

"Yeah, me either," Ella mentions off-hand when he says he didn't go to college. Her eyes gloss over the brunette, but she does study the docks for a moment before looking over to listen to the story. She chuckles, seeming genuinely amused. "So you're the prankster, huh? How'd your friend take it?"

"He was pissed. The moment we walked into the lecture hall he was all frakkin Simon get out of here, to which we…" Simon comes complete with blocky, robotic arm motions. "…informed him that we knew no Simon and that if we knew a Simon we were sure that he'd have more respect for robotic rights than he. We never let up on the joke, even while we were getting escorted off of the property. He didn't forgive us for a month. I think the only thing that made it possible to reconcile was the fact that he still got a pretty good grade."

Noble's smile eases up, though there's still laughter in his eyes as he folds his arms across his chest and leans against the outside corner of his bunk to watch Ella. He nods his head towards his pictures. "Do you have a big wall like that in your bunk?" He tilts his head a little. "You can learn a lot about someone by how they dress their bunk."

Ella grins. "I can't believe you did that. Robotic rights - hah. Did they have to call security on you?" She shakes her head a little. "I can just imagine the reactions - two cardboard robots being dragged out of the classroom." She glances back to the wall when he asks. "Mine's not nearly as impressive. Actually I'd say it's downright barren in comparison. But you'll have to come by and put your detective skills to work sometime. See what deep dark secrets you can glean."

"Yeah, it wasn't my first time getting escorted off of campus. I'm not proud of this, mind you, it's just…I guess I couldn't resist the urge at the time." Simon replies, eyebrow softly tilting as she invites him over to the Naval Berthings. He's been seen there recently hanging out with one of his friends from the Deck crew, Sera, watching movies. "I just might have to do that." He says with a little smile cast towards her, which he then directs back towards his wall. He lowers his voice and leans in. "Dare I say what sort of impression you get from this bunk?"

"You? A troublemaker? Now that I find difficult to believe." For once Ella doesn't sound flippant at all - she really means that. She smiles at the question, looking back over the wall again, thoughtfully. "I get the impression of a fellow who has a lot of stories. I think a lot of these pictures has a tale like the robot rights activist." She smiles, and teases, "Well, maybe not Swimsuit Model there… that one might be obvious, but the rest…"

"Yeah, well, you know." Noble gives a dip of his head when she points out the swimsuit picture on the wall. The tone of his words are in line of saying I -had- to post that one. Laughing slightly, he brushes a hand through his hair and then looks back to her. "I wasn't too much trouble. Stories? Yeah, I've got plenty of those, but I wasn't the angry rebel kind of guy. I was never angry enough about anything to go that route." He peels his gaze from her towards the wall, pointing out some of his family members. "That's my dad, my mom, my dad's dog, Otis. Gods, Otis is the best. I think after this next eighteen I'm gonna go back and rescue a dog or something…"

Ella smiles faintly as he talks about his family. "Rescue a dog from a shelter you mean?" she wonders idly. She studies the pictures with a more-than-casual interest.

"Well, yeah, so long as I don't walk past any burning buildings." Noble smiles, his voice teasing her just a little. "I mean, if there's a burning building I'll literally rescue a dog, but if there aren't any then I'll visit one of those shelters and figure it out. I'm going to need a late night movie marathon buddy down the road."

"You know," Noble starts, a perceptive look falling onto his features. "I feel like you're some sort of security agent and you're getting my life story, but I don't know much about you other than that you're totally okay with calling me Leo." He pauses, eyebrows lifting just a bit. "Who's this Ella girl I see before me?"

Ella chuckles, and says in mock disappointment. "Here I was thinking you were going to go crusading around the city in your Free The Robots costume, looking for endangered puppies." She smirks and deadpans, "Damn, you've totally busted my secret security agent cover. My CO will be pissed." Hitching a shoulder in a shrug, she says, "I guess I don't think I'm all that interesting. What do you want to know?"

"I'd hate to disappoint you, Ella, but CMC wouldn't let me stow the costume. However, if you happen to find five or six well-sized cardboard boxes, I'm sure I can arrange something. I know a guy that can get me some foil." Noble winks and then sits up a little bit straighter. One eye narrows as he looks to the side, considering her question. "I don't know, whatever you're willing to share? I'll pry if you really want it though, let me think…" He trails off. "…so if I were to suggest you and I get together sometime in the Rec and throw a movie in, what kind of movie would you choose?"

Ella snaps her fingers. "Well so much for that idea. Guess we'll just have to build a new one." She considers his question with a theatric look of consideration before answering. "You're gonna laugh, but I love those old style romantic comedies. Always a happy ending, and a few laughs along the way. But I've learned that on shipboard life, it doesn't pay to be choosy. So I'll watch just about anything." She hmms. "Other than that… mmm… let's see…I'm a Saggie, born and bred. Never made it off world till I joined the fleet."

"Romantic comedies…" The words sound a little bit foreign to Simon, though he doesn't seem to be pained to say them. He knows quite well what they are. "…oh you're one of those." He teases, reaching to the corner of his bunk. He grabs a soft version of a pyramid ball and rolls it over to her side of the bunk. "So did you join the fleet to get away, or did you join the fleet to go somewhere? I've met a few from Saggitaron over the years and it's usually half-and-half."

Ella picks up the ball and just studies it for a moment. "I am one of those. A chick who likes chick flicks. I know, it's scandalous. She tosses the ball at the back picture wall so it bounces toward Noble on a gentle bank shot. "Half and half, actually." She mixes the metaphor. "Wanted to get away /and/ get a ride to college."

The ball k-thunks back towards Noble and bounces off of his knee. Reaching back out, his lips part into a happy little grin. He bounces it softly off of the wall back towards her for a game of catch. "Oh so that's why they're called chick flicks? Scandalous for sure." He pauses. "My dad told me it was either I get a job, enlist, or move out. I chose enlist." He leans back to rest on one arm, opening one hand towards her and flexes his fingers in a rather feed me the ball bit of hand language. "What do you want to go to college for?"

"Sounds like your dad kinda got the better end of the deal, though, since you enlistead /and/ moved out to a job," Ella points out wryly. She contentdly plays along with the game of catch, catching the ball and then tossing it back to him. Without really answering the question, she asks, "Didn't you ever want to go?"

"I don't know. I feel like a loser saying that, but it's true. After high school all of my friends moved on, got an education. The fact that I really didn't wrecked havoc on a bunch of stuff, which is why my dad threw down that ultimatum. It was driving him up the wall." The ball is spun around in Simon's hands before it is lofted back towards her. "I don't know what I'd go in for. Maybe after this leg is done I'll have a better idea, but I've never looked into anything about it."

"Seriously, though, what do you wanna be?" He asks again, the second time with a tone that screams I really am interested to know.

Ella shakes her head. "I don't think that makes you a loser. I think being a loser would be wasting a whole bunch of money on college to get a degree in - I don't know - basketweaving or whatever - just so you could go and work at the QuickMart." She hedges a little at his persistent question, but then caves. "So… it's kind of a pipe dream, which is how come I don't usually get into it." Her tone is one making an exception, speaking in an almost conspiratorial low tone, "I want to be a doctor." She seems to brace herself for the laugh that inevitably follows that.

Noble blinks a few times, taking note of her hushed tones and her hesitation to share the detail. He lets a few seconds pass and then flashes a lopsided grin. "I think you should go for it. BALL." He nods towards the ball and gets ready to catch. "We'll be making enough off of this tour that you should be able to afford that, but don't think that it's dumb. If my major plan is to just collect all of this cash and take a three month vacation, get a car, get a dog, and try to find a job that isn't demeaning and that isn't ridiculous, then you working at becoming a doctor is downright noble." His eyes shift to the side. Noble. He scowls. "No pun intended. I don't do that on purpose ever. I swear. I'm not that guy." He laughs, rolling his eyes at himself. "But seriously. I think that's awesome. You should go for it."

It takes Ella a full minute to realize that he's not just holding back the laugh, that he really /isn't/ going to scoff at the idea. Then she looks relieved. "Actually I was figuring on trying for the fleet medical scholarship. I know, it's super competitive and everything, but it's a full ride to med school plus a commission." She shrugs a little, giving an embarrassed smile, and says, "I'm glad you don't think it's stupid. Thanks. Though if it doesn't work out, a three month vacation sounds like a fun plan too. So are you planning to muster out after this, then?"

Ella also does throw the ball back in response to his request.

"Yeah, don't get me wrong the tour's been swell for me, but I'm just not a career military guy. I really only signed up so that I wouldn't have the next leg of my life shoved onto me, and I got lucky that I'm going to be heading home with plenty of cash." Simon reaches out after catching the ball, tapping his index finger against a series of pictures, some of them male, some of them female. "I've got friends back home I miss. I got my folks. I'll get it figured out, but standing in front of fences with a rifle isn't gonna last me forever."

He sets the ball down in the corner of his bunk. Without asking, he reaches out and grabs her arm and starts dragging her out of his bunk with a laugh. "Cmon, Doc. I can't help you study because I'm dumb as bricks, but I can help you keep up your strength. I heard the mess has pie."

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