MD #258: Shore Leave Chat
Shore Leave Chat
Summary: Two deckies, a corpsman, and and officer chat on various topics.
Date: 22/12/2017
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Michael Toby McConnachie Adeliza 
Edge of the new town

So after the recent action back on the Colonies, Michael has volunteered to help get folks settled on Ostia, which means he's be assigned to the medical detail. There's lots of people getting settled, work teams being set up to work on new buildings, people finding their places. At the moment, Michael has been told to take a break, which means he's found the corner of someone's porch to plant his fatigue-wearing corpsman's butt with a canteen of cold water, watching Raptors land and offload people and equipment.

Toby was not invited to the shindig on Picon, wing and marines only apparently, he just had to work on fixing all the stuff the flyboys managed to break. Still, that done it's time for shore leave and he's opting for Ostia rather than Mother this time. The shuttle raptor raide was painless and now he's dirtside, squinting a little in the natural light, and taking in the progress since they were last here. There's someone he wants to stop in on later, but while he knew where their tent was, he has no idea now they've all moved to homes. For now though, it's very much a case of stretching his legs.

McConnachie follows out of the shuttle, blinking at the light when she steps planetside and wiping her brow with one grubby sleeve. Shore leave it might be, but she's still got lumps and bumps in cargo pockets of her trousers which make clicking noises as she moves. One might reasonably assume a number of smaller tools, if her usual appearance on deck is anything to go by. "Huh," is her single stated reaction to seeing how the work is going down here, followed by a deeper shove of hands into pockets.

Michael at least recognizes Toby when the man gets off the Raptor, and offers a faint smile and even lifts his hand to wave, though that seems to include Mac as well. He even clears his throat and offers, "Escaped all the damage the Wing came back with already? They hardly sent anyone to sickbay, so I got sent down here to work on people stubbing their

With no immediate plans to head anywhere else Toby accepts the invitation to be social and heads over to where Michael sits. "Hey," he greets simply, then nods once at the questions about the wing. "Vipers got the worst of it, and most of my work is with the raptors, so I got off light." There's just so many more systems in the bigger birds. "I heard the marines gave you a bit more business though… saw Dalton washing blood out of one of their birds when it got back." Figuring he may as well make himself comfortable he slumps down close to the corpsman and stretches his legs out in the dirt, "how are they down here. It's been six months for them I heard?" Ah, time dilation, wonderful isn't it. Turning up to Mac he asks, "you planning on walking or working by the way? Cos Flynn here likely knows where people need help if you brought your gear for practical reasons, rather than just not wanting to leave it unsupervised new Granger."

"Working? What do you take me for? Why would I suddenly break the habit of a lifetime and start doing that?" McConnachie queries, quirking a small grin. One hand comes out of a hip pocket and digs about in a cargo pocket for a moment. "It's not that I don't trust Granger, but… well, have you ever had anything back from her when you lend it out? Exactly. All right, mate," she adds amiably towards Michael.

In a red long-sleeved t-shirt, with a pair of jeans, Adeliza wanders onto the road, coming from a section of the town that leads out to the 'wilderness'. She pauses and leans her head forward, her hair falling over her face so that she can pick at something tangled in her hair. Pulling it out, she tucks her hair back behind her ear again, then looks a little more closely at whatever it is that she found before she tosses it away, wipes her hand on her jeans, and continues her way into town. She looks around the new town, the work going on, and then she spots fellow Orion shipmates and makes her way in their direction.

Michael smirks at the commentary and murmurs at Toby, "Funny. Me knowing what's going on? Tell me another." He does, however, flash a bright grin at Mac, with those odd eyes and ears of his, "If you're really down here to work, they're still hammering away at the new places at the end of this row, and I distinctly heard swearing in about four languages half an hour ago, so SOMETHING isn't working right. I'm just here in case that swearing results in a pained scream." Teeth are shown with his grin, before he spots the Tactical officer and oos, "Lookie. Officer Lady."

"Once or twice," Toby confirms to Mac with a grim expression, "and I have no idea how she does it either. Maybe she coats her gloves in acid or something." Michael is given a faint grin as he shrugsd back, "you've been down here at least five minutes longer than I have, congratulations, you're now the local guide, where do we find the nearest inn where we can buy supplies?" At the warning of an officer approaching he glances along the road and spots Adeliza. She gets a nod in greeting, but he isn't getting up to say hello, he only just sat down, "lieutenant," he greets when she's in range, "been out for a walk?"

McConnachie hurriedly removes her hand from the pocket, wiping it down her trousers instead of retrieving whatever she'd been going for. "I'll go see where I can lend a hand in a bit," she promises, wrinkling her nose. "Somebody really ought to show them how to build things down here. They need an expert. But if we can't find one, I guess I'll have to do."

"Shackleton," Adeliza greets, and nods her head back over her shoulder. "That river is begging me to crush it," she replies. "I think next time we raid one of the occupied territories, we need to raid a river outfitter and bring back some rafts and kayaks. A few PFDs wouldn't be amiss, either." She looks to the others and nods, not placing them, since neither of them have tried to dislocate her jaw.

Michael considers, "Well, from what I can tell, Moore's place right over there is the trading post. They don't really take credits though, so you might have to find out what they want and go get it to bring it back to trade." He pauses to point at the second 'house' down the row, with a simple placard hanging off the eaves that, indeed, declares 'Moore', as if that explained everything, "He's got a lot out back for folks that are trading animals for other stuff, so if you want a pet sheep, well, there you go." With that, he flashes a grin and perks his brows at Liza, "Hey. I could enjoy some rafting. Im sure we got rapids SOMEWHERE on this godsforsaken ball, right?"

Toby pulls a face at Mac as she mentions experts, but she beats him to the pun herself so he just grins a little. "You said it kid." He's old, everyone here is a kid, that's how this works. He pulls a different face as Liza mentions the river though, one that indicates he won't be joining her on that particular adventure. "Rafts? Really? You'd do that for fun? I always knew officers were weird…" and then of course Michael joins in too and he has to correct himself, "and children of officers, apparently." He does seem amused at the idea of a pet sheep though and glances up to Mac, "what do you reckon? Deck mascot? We could make some gold pins for it and pretend it's a pilot. No one will be able to tell the difference."

"Do they make sheep with heads big enough that it'd pass?" Mac queries, taking the suggestion quite seriously apparently. She settles herself comfortably on the edge of the porch, tools in her pockets clinking together again. "What's the obsession with throwing yourself down a river, though? I mean, if you really want to drown yourself, we could just get a paddling pool and hold you under. Rivers are cold. And wet. Mostly wet. It's sort of the defining feature, I guess."

Liza's eyes light up towards Michael when he talks of rapids. "There's a series of little wave trains along the curve over that way, not many hydraulics, though," she tells him. "But, I bet if we were able to do a low flyover, we could find some good ones somewhere." She flops herself cross legged near the trio and laughs to the deckies. "Grew up on the Loyalhanna on Aerilon," she replies. "I could paddle by the time I was in school. It's how we got our extra money as kids. Well, teen kids," she ammends. "I'm not sure that makes it an officer thing, though." She clears her throat and leans back on her palms, chuckling as she turns her attention to Mac. "Yes, wet is definitely a defining quality of rivers. I'm Wynn. I'm afraid I don't recognize the two of you. I know Shackleton because we used to try and knock each other out. Makes him a good teacher."

Michael snorts in amusement at the banter about the pilots, then holds up his hands, "Hey. I just patch people together when they get hurt. As for rapids, its fun! You get soaking wet and bounce around like a roller coaster, but it's a different ride every time!" Well, and you might get killed, but Mikey isn't harping on that. When Liza makes introductions, he looks sheepish, "Michael Flynn. Yeah, that one." He even manages to slightly wiggle those obscene ears…talk about useless talents, "Well, if you do go out on a mapping run, let me know what you find. I'm not much of an explorer, but I like the water."

Toby points to Michael but looks to Mac, "fun. He calls that fun. You see the kind of people we're stuck with?" He shakes his head slowly, apparently fine to let his fellow knuckledragger introduce herself rather than do it for her. As for the sheep he has to ponder a moment, "can't say I'm an expert I'm afraid. Maybe? We could look for one with a particularly large head? Or maybe just upgrade to a cow, they don't quite have the same brainless quality, but do produce about the same amount of shit as your average flyboy." He assumes the Loyalhanna is a river, his knowledge of geography doesn't really extend beyond the Churchill's on Tauron, the tunnels of Minos, and Sheridan. None of which are particularly useful any more. By circuitous routes though it does lead to him thinking of something that he can bug the intel officer about though, since she's here. "Hey, Lt. With all the flights to Picon at the moment, is there a chance of a scout raptor going to check Minos? It was either forgotten or discounted last time, but is mineral rich so the Skath might have kept people alive to mine." It's also the last refuge of most of the surviving Taurans, so he has special interests in it.

"Spend enough time with Shackleton and anyone would want to knock him out," Mac agrees easily, giving her fellow deckie a nudge. "McConnachie. Zoe. Mac. Also frequently known as 'Oi you', 'dickhead' and any number of other witty epithets." She's quick enough to pipe down, though, when the question of Minos comes up, drawing her knees up to her chest and resting her chin on them as she watches the officer keenly for a response.

Adeliza chuckles to Mac's response about Toby, but gives a doubtful twist to her lips to Michael. "I doubt the Commander would ever let me do something as fun as a mapping run," she tells him. "Just getting him to let me off my leash this far was a chore. I'm not sure the man was created to walk on anything that isn't covered in metal deck plating." The smile with the comment is respectful teasing of the XO. "Although Pollux and I used to do aerial surveys back when he had retired to civilian life and I was a college kid home on break." As Toby talks about Minos, she chews her lip, her gaze distancing a little, but then she sits forward. "What kind of minerals do you mine on Minos?" she asks, her brows drawing together in concentration.

Michael mmms at Mac, "I've figured out that 'who's a dickhead' on the ship usually depends on who you're asking. So I just stay outta it." They talk about Minos and he looks more curious, "I…well, I rarely made it off Piraeus. I don't think I've had much chance to see other Colonies, cept when we've been getting shot at, and there isn't much sightseeing then. Do you really think there are still folks there?"

"Love you too frakhead," Toby replies with a smirk to Mac, then turns to focus his attention on Liza. He doesn't like her immediate reaction, it doesn't inspire him with confidence, and he leans in a little closer. "A mix of stuff," he says slowly, "metals, tylium, pretty much you name it, we got it. Unless it's some of the really rare shit." He turns his head briefly to Michael and shrugs, "they survived after being abandoned by the fleet in the last war, no reason to suspect they won't still be holding out now, assuming they weren't just nuked to frak twenty years ago. Lots of resources there though, and we know those metalheads love to mine. Still, right now we don't know, cos someone up there either didn't remember to look, or didn't care enough to. I mean, all it takes it five minutes detour on a Picon run, jump in system, have a look. We're not asking for a landing party or anything. Just for someone to give enough of a shit to look."

"It's like love, only… that other thing," Mac corrects, before pulling herself to her feet. "Look, if there's a run to Minos, count me in. There's a lot of tunnels to tuck yourself away in, no matter who it is wanting to blow you up this time. Can't hurt to check. 'scuse me, fellas, I'd better get to work." A moment to straighten her clothes, hitch up her trousers, a nod to the gathered three, and then she's away towards the muffled sound of banging and scraping that indicates fabrication work.

"I wouldn't discount anything as far as people surviving," Adeliza replies to Michael, and looks down to her left knee, her tongue pushing at her left upper lip for a moment. She directs a bland look at Toby for a moment, not rising to his bait to get into a verbal debate about the compassion of command, or lack thereof. Then she lifts a shoulder and shifts her weight from her left palm to her right palm. "They do like to mine, and it's something I can certainly bring up to the Commander, but as far as telling you definitely we will or will not do something, you know that's not in my hands."

Michael mmms, "Well, I tend to get shot a lot every time I go out, so I dunno that I'd be any good scouting. But if there are people alive there, I'm happy to help out however they'll let me. I guess we wait and see, huh?" He offers a light shrug of his shoulder and picks up his canteen to take a long drink of water, then offers it to the other twi.

Toby nods once to Mac as she departs, then turns back to Liza, who is looking more and more shifty as the conversation progresses. He doesn't interrupt her as she speaks though, just listens, then pushes himself to his feet to reply. "As I said, not looking for throwing boots at it, just parity with the other colonies. See if there are any Taurans left any more. Piconese know, Aerlians know, even Caprians knows, but we don't." Yeah, he's bitter about it, they've probably noticed, and with that he figures it's time to go walk, let them talk about rivers and other crazy things. "Catch the pair of you around," he says, before stuffing his hands deep into his pockets and heading off.

"Thank you," Liza says to Michael, accepting his canteen for a swallow. "I tend to get shrapnelled, whether I go anywhere or not," she tells him. She nods to Toby as he pushes a little more, and watches him get up. After he's walked out a few steps she turns to Michael. "Appreciate the offer. I'm sure plenty of people will care enough to volunteer if we put out the call." She grins, and might have put a barely perceptible emphasis on the word care.

Michael takes a moment to recap his canteen, shooting a look down the row, "Well, I guess I better go see who's hammered a thumb or stubbed a toe. My '15 minute break' was over about a half hour ago." He grins and wrinkles his nose at both and offers a mock salute to Liza, "Sir." then winks at Toby, "Sir." and starts trundling off, whistling under his breath.

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